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ST. martin's lane. 



I. Description of the Manuscript 

II. The Author of the Martyrology 


III. The Language of the Martyrology 

IV. The Metre of the Martyrology .. 

V. The Contents of the Martyrology 

{a) Biblical saints ... 
(d) Continental saints 

(c) Anglo-Saxon saints 

(d) British and Armorican saints 

(e) Irish saints 

VI. The Glosses 

VII. Remarks on the present edition 
The Martyrology (Text and Translation). 
Lexicographical glosses 

List of Abbreviations 

Glossarial Index 

Index of Places ... 

Index of Persons 
Additional Notes 

and the Place of its com 




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.. 328 

•• 403 


Facsimile of two pages of the manuscript copy of the Martyrology of 

Gorman in the Royal Library, Brussels /o/ace the title page. 


The metrical martyrology, now for the first time printed, was 
composed in the latter part of the twelfth century by an Irish 
abbot, and is contained in a single manuscript transcribed in or 
about the year 1630 by one of the Four Masters, Michael 
O'Clery, to whose industrious and accurate pen we owe the 
preservation of much of the ecclesiastical and historical litera- 
ture of Celtic Ireland. 

I propose in this preface, first, to describe the manuscript in 
which the martyrology is contained ; secondly, to notice the 
.author of the poem, and the place in which it was composed ; 
thirdly, to consider some of the characteristics of its language ; 
fourthly, to explain the metre in which it is written ; fifthly, to 
give some account of its contents ; sixthly, to notice the glosses 
•on the text ; and lastly, to say a word or two on the present 

I. Description of the Manuscript, 

This is a paper manuscript in the Bibliotheque Royale, 
Brussels, marked 5100-4. It is bound in vellum with a piece of 
•calfskin stitched on the back, which is inscribed thus : Martyr- 
•ologia et Carmina hibernica. On the left cover is the 
following note in a seventeenth century hand : Continens mar- 
tyrologia S. ^ngussij Mariani Gormani et Tamlactense et genea- 
logias Sanctorum et plura alia opuscula. It is a thin quarto, 
almost wholly in the hand of Michael O'Clery ; and contains 
214 leaves. Of these the first five are foliated : the book is then 
paginated from i to 67 ; and the rest of the book is foliated in 
pencil, from 68 to 244. 

Fo. I a Tabula sequentium usque ad Martyrologium Maoil 
muire ui Gormain, i.e., the martyrology now printed. 

Fos. ib-2b are blank. 

Fo. 3'\ Sgiathluirech Choluim cille. Begins : Sgiath De do 
nimh thoram ' the shield of God of heaven over me.' A 
bad copy of the poem entitled Lorica Coluim cille, and 
mentioned infra, p. viii, line 32. 

viii PREFACE. 

Fo. 4k Itinerarium na fairrge o Choluim cille in onoir chresa 
mo Bhi (' Colomb cille's sea-journey in honour of my Bf's 
girdle '). Six quatrains of which the third is incomplete. 
Begins : Crios an cluig ar mo chnes ar ndul damh a luing. 
(' The girdle of the bell on my skin after I have gone on 
board the vessel.') 

Fo. 5'"^ and fo. 5^ are blank. 

P. I. Mac Coissi cecinit. Begins: Abair damsa re derbail^ 
tagair re hinghin Taidg tuaidh. At the end : Slicht an 
Liubair Ruaidh innsin, ' that is the recension of the Red 

De uerbis Colmain macoBonae .i. de uitiis^ latentibus 
umbra bonorum operum. Begins : Is dual duit ni thorgoe- 
that na duailchi i fail na sualach. There is another copy 
in the Brussels MS. 2324-2340, fo. 6^^. 

P. 2, 1. 6. Short prose tale, beginning : [C]ailleach dorad a mac 
do Moling, Finnat a hainm ('An old woman named 
Findat gave her son to St. Moling '). Also in LL. 284^* 

1. 26. Another prose tale, beginning : Mac raith mac mzc 
Lomainig .i. fer gradha do Domhnall o Bn'ain, tanic iarna 
marbhadh do accall«z;;/ a anmcarat do erail a eccnairce 
fair ('Mac Raith, son of Mac Lomainig, one of Domnall 
6 Briain's men of trust, came after he had been killed, to 
speak with his soul-friend, and enjoin him to sing his 
requiem.') Also in the Bodleian MS., Laud 610, fo. 14^ 
P. 3. Three quatrains on the interval between the Creation and 
the sin of the angel (Lucifer), the time that Adam and 
Eve were in Paradise, and the eating of the forbidden fruit. 
Begins : Lethuair is tri huaire decc (' Half an hour and 
thirteen hours '). 
1. 7. Lorica Coluim cille incipit. A poem in the metre 
rin7iard. Thirty-three quatrains. Begins thus : 

Sciath De do nim umum. ar bith ce cdin dradh 

tairsed iar ngail ngnimhrad. aingel De dom snadhadh. 

(' The shield of God of heaven around me ; on the 
present world a fair ladder : after valorous deeds may 
God's angel come to protect me ! ') 

Also in LB. 262b y^i^ in the Bodleian MS. Laud 615, p. 
27, and in the Brussels MS. 2324-40, fo. 6^^. 
P. 4, 11. 22-27. Four disconnected quatrains. The first is Meisi 
Beccan, buan mo bladh | t;'uagh a Decclan gan mo dul. 
da fichit dec bliadhain buan | ar biror ar bri'ian tur (' I am 
Beccan, lasting is my fame — sad O Decclan, that I do not 

' MS. di uitius. 


go [to heaven], — fifty lengthy years have I Hved on cress 
and on dry fragments '). 
]. 28. Four lines beginning : Cedbriat/zra Bice vaaic De 
iarna gein (no breit[h]_) iodietovc X. dia mboi each acca^ 
radha ' as becc in noidhe.' (' First words of Becc mac 
De immediately after his birth, when everyone was 
saying 'small {becc) is the babe.') Also in LB. 260^ 52, 
and the Brussels MS., 2324-40. fo. 68a-. 

P. 5, 11. 1-4. Four disconnected quatrains of which the^first is: 
Mo Cudo oc iasccairecht doibh | do scoil Einne co 
n-onoir | Ciaran ^as tioradh ro thecht ] ocus Ailbe occ 
aistirecht (For Enda's honourable school my Cutu did 
the fishing, Ciaran had the drying of corn, and Ailbe the 
doorkeeping or bellringing). 
1. 5. Celtair dichil Diarm^ta hinnsi Clothrann incipit. 
Diarmait of Inis Clothrann's Celtair dicJiill. Begins : 
Beit 'gom snadhad ar gach ngabadh ('they will be 
protecting me against every peril '). Also in LB. 261^ 
27, and Brussels MS., 2324-40, fo. 68^. 

P. 6, 1. 17. De confe[s]sione sancte Ciarane {sic). Begins : Pec- 
caui et multiplicata sunt peccata mea siipex num^^-um 
harene maris. 
1. 22. De confe[s]sione [hjexametrum. Begins : 
Omne malum feci coram te crimina nostri. 
1. 25. Oratio ante confe[s]sionem. Begins : A Athair, a 
Mheic, a Sp/rat [noib], dilgu[i]d dam (' O Father, O Son, 
O Holy Ghost, forgive me!'). Also in Laud 610, fo. 
5t> 2, and in Brussels MS., 2324-40, fo. 69a. 

P. 9, col. 3. The prayer of Colgu the Wise. Begins : Ateoch 
frit, a Lu noemh do chethri suiscelaig ro scribsat do 
sosceii coimdheta .i. Matha et Mairc, Lucas et lohain. 
(' I appeal to thee, thou holy Jesus, by the four evangelists 
who wrote thy dominical gospels, even Matthew and Mark, 
Luke and John '). Also in the Yellow Book of Lecan 
(H. 2. 16), col. 336. 

P. 12, col. 2, 1. 8. Aurnaigthi Cholgan h?/z Duinecda .1. ier 
leighinn Cluana m<^zc Nois insin .i. scuap crabaidh (' The 
prayer of Colgu hua Duinechda, lector of Clonmacnois, to 
wit, the Besom of Devotion'). Also in Brussels MS. 
2324-40, fo. 71=^. This Colgu is commemorated by 
Gorman at Feb. 20. 

P. 13. A legend of St. Brenainn, son of Findlug. Begins: 

Bator da apstal decc na \\-Y.xenn hi cCluain Iraird ica 

foglaim oc Findian, co ndema. Findian fleidh dona hapst- 

olaibh et do naemhaibh Krenn archena. (' The twelve 

' leg. cAch acca. 


apostles of Ireland were at Clonard studying with Findian, 
so Findian made a feast for the Apostles and the rest of 
the saints of Ireland'). They see a wonderful flower 
from the Land of Promise (one of the names for the 
Irish Elysium), and this is the cause of Brenainn's voyage 
thither. We have also the story of the islandlike whale, 
on whose back the saint celebrated Easter (see Lismore 
Lives, p. 107), the picture of Hell (ibid. p. 108-9), and the 
saint's interview with Judas Iscariot. There is another 
copy in Brussels MS., 2324-40, fif. 72^-74^ 

P. 16. The metrical Rule of Echtgus hua Cuanain, of the com- 
munity of Roscrea. Eighty-four quatrains beginning 
thus : — A dhuine, nach creit[i] far coir | in fleidh caithe 'con 
altoir (' O man that dost not rightly believe in the feast 
of which thou partakest at the altar '). 

P. 18. Scribe's note, stating that the contents of this quaternion 
{gack a bhfuil 'san ccaternae so) were transcribed in a 
convent in Thomond, on 30 June, 1634, from the Red 
Book written by Murchad o Cuinnlis, 
1. 18. Story of the birth of Aed Slaine. Begins: Temair na 
righ is 1 ba domhnas diles da cech righ no geibhedh 'Erinn 
(' Tara of the Kings, 'tis it that was the domain of every 
king that would take Ireland'). Another copy in Brussels 
MS., 2324-40, fo. 74a. Edited from LU. 53^, and LL. 145^, 
by Prof. Windisch in the BericJite der pJdlol.-Jiistor. Classe 
der Konigl. Sachs. GesellscJiaft der WissenscJiaften, 1 884, p. 
192. At the end of the tale is another note signed viisian 
brdtJiair Michel, '■ I am the brother Michael [O'Clery],' and 
stating that this story also was copied from the Red Book. 

Pp. 21 and 20 are blank. 

P. 23. Incipit Regula Choluim chille. Edited by Reeves, Colton's 
Visitation, pp. 109- 112. Also in Rawl. B. 512, fo. 40^ 2. 

P. 24, 1. 13. The metrical Rule of Ailbe of Imbliuch, instruc- 
ting Eogan, son of Saran of Cluain Coelain. Begins : 
Appair damh fri mac Sarain | is trom an toire gebes. 
(' Say for me to Sdran's son, that heavy is the burden 
which he assumes '). There are several glosses on this 
poem, which contains 69 quatrains. 

P. 29, 1. 22. The metrical Rule of Cormac mac Culennain. 
Fourteen quatrains. Begins : 

Samad buan briat[h]ar isel | fofuar madme foglesed. 

P. 31. The metrical Rule of Comgall of Bennchor. Thirty-six 
quatrains. Begins : 

Comha riaghail in Coimded | is and ni foigbe baegal 
(' Keep the Rule of the Lord : therein thou findest no 


P. 33, 1. 21. Poem ascribed to S. Brigit, beginning: Ropadh 
maith lem cormlind mor | do righ na righ, (' I should 
like a great ale-pool for the King of the kings.') Printed 
with a translation in O'Curry's Lectures on MS. Materials, 
p. 6i6. This curious poem, in which God is regarded as a 
soma-quaffing Indra, is followed, p. 34, by a scribe's note 
stating (inter alia) that it was transcribed in Dublin on 
I Aug., 1627, from an old vellum book belonging to Flann 
mag Craith. 

P. 34. Poem in twelve quatrains ascribed to Columb cille, 
beginning : 

Mellach lem bith ind ucht ailiuin | for beind cairrge, 
(' Pleasant I deem it to be on the bosom of an 
island, on the peak of a crag.') 

P. 35. Poem in twenty-four quatrains, ascribed to the same 
saint, beginning : 

Oibind beith ar Beind Edair | re ndul tar fairrge find- 
find. ('Delightful to be on Howth, before going over the 
whitehaired sea.') Printed, without any indication of the 
MS., in Reeves' Coluviba, pp. 285-289. Four of the 
quatrains are in the Bodleian MS. Rawl. B. 512, fo. 126a- 2. 
The fifth is in LU. 5^ and in other copies of the preface 
to the Amra Choluimb chille. 

P. "ijj. Poem in thirteen quatrains, ascribed to Columb cille 
when leaving Durrow for the last time. Begins : 

Nocha tathair diar senad, | nocan fell, nocha mebhal. 

P. 38, 1. II. Metrical dialogue in Hi between Columb 
Cille and Cormac hua Liathain, after the latter had 
escaped from Corryvreckan, and explored the boundless 
ocean until he reached the frigid zone {ind uarda). 
Begins : 

Dia do betha, a Corbm«zc cain | darsin fairrgi forda.- 
laigh. (' Hail to thee, O comely Cormac, over the multi- 
tudinous sea.') Followed by a scribe's note (p. 39) stating 
that this poem was transcribed at Drowes on Dec. 22, 1630. 
Printed in Reeves' Columba, pp. 264-264. Another copy 
in the Bodleian MS. Laud 615, pp. 34, 35. 

P. 40. Poem in 16 quatrains, ascribed to Columb cille and 
beginning : Corbmac hua Liathain H glan | gerait nime 
ocus talman. (' Cormac, Liathan's descendant, pure colour 
— a champion of heaven and earth.') 

Printed with a translation in Reeves' Columba, p. 270. 
Also found in Laud 615, p. 107. 

P. 41, 1. 8. A prophecy of Adamnan, ascribed to Columb cille. 
1. 14. Poem in ten quatrains, ascribed to Columb cille. 
Begins : 


Doba[d] mellach | a mic mo Dhe | aidble remend, 
turgnam tar tuind | tibri[g] ndilenn | co hiath v\Y.xcn7i. 

(' It were pleasant, O Son of my God — vastness of 

courses — to voyage [?] over the flood's crested wave to 

the land of Erin.') 

Printed with a translation in Reeves' Cobimba^ p. 274. 
P. 42, 1. II. Poem in about 30 quatrains, ascribed to Columb 
cille, beginning : 

Fir usgi | maith a ciald, mait[h] a \.tisz\. 
P. 44, 1. 20. Poem in 16 quatrains, ascribed to Cormac [mac] 
Culennain, beginning : Eirigh a ingen an righ — na biodh 
[t]haiccn^<^h in-imsniomh. ('Arise, O daughter of the 
king, let not thy mind be in trouble.') Followed (p. 45, 
last line) by a scribe's note : Ag Drobhaois ^amh aniu 
[' at Drowes am I to-day'], 27 Febru. 1630. 
P. 46. Poem in eleven quatrains, also ascribed to Cormac. 
Begins : 

Da ccomhailtis reim ndlig?"<^ | rig is e'pscozp is filidh 

nobiad talam cin adar | fo thoirtibh, fo trom toradh. 

('If kings and bishops and poets would fulfil a right 

course, the earth would be without frost, under 

fruits, under heavy produce.') 
1. 23. Poem in 13 quatrains, ascribed to Cormac, and 

beginning : Mithz^ te^//t tar mo timna | cian hus indsa 

me i mbaeghal. 
P. 47, 1, 21. Poem in 9 stanzas, ascribed to Cormac, and 
beginning : 

IS imdha eccla ar mh' anmain (' Abundant is fear on 
my soul.') 
P. 48, 1. II. Metrical dialogue (five quatrains) between SS, 
Patrick and Brigit. Begins : 

A Brighit, a naemhingen, a bhreo an dona Deisibh. 

(' O Brigit, O holy maiden, O bright flame of the 
The first two quatrains occur also on the upper margins 

of a MS. in the Vatican Library, Palatine, No. 830, 

whence they have been edited in the Grammatica 

Celtica, 961. The whole poem is edited, with a 

translation, in Kuhn's ZeitscJirift, xxxi, 252-3. 
P. 48, 1. 22. Four quatrains ascribed to St. Patrick, beginning : 

Torramha do naemhaingel | a Christ x-aaic De bi. 
(' The watching of a holy angel, O Christ, Son of living 
God '), and followed (p. 49) by a scribe's note stating that 
the poems in pp. 34-48 were transcribed out of the book 
of Maurice, son of Lugaid O'Clery, in the convent of 
Donegal, on the 27th P^eb., 1630. 


P. 49, 1. 10. Six lines on the four prophets of the Gaels 
(Columbcille, Moling, Brenainn of Birr, and Berchan), and 
the four servants of God (Comhgall, Caemgein, Fechine, 
and . . ?). 
1. 13. Poem ascribed to St. Patrick, beginning: 

Gumma lem etz> cen co tias il-Laighnib. (' That I go 
not into Leinster is indeed alike to me.') 
P. 50, 1. 5. Two poems ascribed to Moling. The first contains 
18 quatrains, and begins thus : Tainic rath forettarsa | 
oxom. o rig na ruaime. (' Grace, I know, came on me from 
the King of the graveyard.') 
P. 51, 1. 12. The second contains 14 quatrains, and begins : 

Glend na n-aingel n-ainglide ('The valley of the angelic 
P. 52, 1. II. Poem in 18 quatrains, ascribed to Moling. Begins: 
Gair na Gairbhe glebinne | gleeas re tosach tuinne. 
('The voice of the clear melodious Garv, which gleams (?) 
at the wave's beginning.') 

With this marginal note in an Italian hand: Fluvius 
qui transit per Baile atha Fir dia^ in Comitatu Luthensi 
vocatur an GJiairbJi? 
P. 53, 1. 19. Scribe's note : Tuiccther asin rand sin 7 as an da 
dhan gurab e Suibhne dorinne iad ge gurab ar Moling 
chuires an seinleabhar iad .1. leahar Murchada mzc 
Briain. (' From this quatrain and from the two poems, 
it is understood that Suibne composed them, although 
the old book, that is, the book of Murchad mac Briain, 
attributes them to Moling.') 
P. 53, 1. 21. Poem in 12 quatrains, beginning: 

Cros an Coimdhedh cumachtaigh | dart chond is dart 
cael. (' The cross of the mighty Lord over thy head and 
over thy neck.') 
P. 54, 1. 17. Poem in 24 stanzas, attributed to Moling and 
beginning : A bhen graig is grace da sain | na cualaisi 
graic do guin. 
P. 56, 1. 9, to end. Three short poems ascribed to Mael-Isa. 
The first begins thus: Buaidhcrabuidh,buaidh n-ailithre | , 
buaidhn-aitricche dom anmain j A Crist gan cuid 
cairighthe | erni damh huile amhlaidh ('Palm of devo- 
tion, palm of pilgrimage, palm of repentance to my 
soul, O Christ without a whit of reproaching, grant to 
me all in this wise.') 

1 i.e., the town of Ardee, co. of Louth. 

* This seems the Irish equivalent of the Welsh o^arw, meaning a 


The second begins : 

Etzr min is mor | do each cin co fir 

a De dilgaidh dun | etz> lir is cri'n. 
The third begins : 

A Coimdhe baidh | a Ri na rig | a Athair ionmain | 
airchis dim. (' O dear Lord, O King of the kings, O 
beloved Father, spare me ! ') 
P. 57. Four quatrains ascribed to Moling and beginning : 

Daigh mac Cairill ticfa im dail j is Ulltan o Ard 
Brecain. (' Daig son of Carell will come to meet me, 
and Ultan of Ard Breccain.') 
1. 9. Three quatrains beginning : 

A Mulling na mill mo tuata | na mo mathra. 
1, 15. Three quatrains entitled: Angelus Dei et Mulling 

dixit, and beginning : Gabhal do sruth Ortanain dot-ria 

dar secht secht muire. (' A fork of the river Jordan will 

come to thee over seven times seven seas.') 
1. 22. Seven quatrains ascribed to Mulling and be- 
ginning : Mo muilendsa is geb dedail. acht ni eirigh ni 

tuit aigi. 
Pp. 58-65. Thirteen poems ascribed to Mulling. The first 
(5 quatrains) begins : 

Cellan cille daimcinn duir. 
The second (3 quatrains) begins : 

Tangas cuccam o choin Cruachan | dom chill do cuin- 
gidh mo bidh | cett damh n-allta ra ced n-ellti | ni cor 
caillti risin righ. 
The third (3 quatrains) begins : 

Cech righdamhna Raigne | caithfes mo biad buidh- 
P. 59. The fourth (3 quatrains) begins : Cech fer cloinne 

The fifth (5 quatrains) begins : 

Bennac//t lem do Chiarraighibh | each be da lin. 
The sixth (8 quatrains) begins : 

Is feta in t-airiughadh | is adobra in rad. 
p. 60, 1. 9. The seventh (3 quatrains) begins : 

Feocaine mac Brain | go mbail is go mblat[h] 

bennacht Finain caim | for a cloind co brath. 
1. 16. The eighth (3 quatrains) begins : 

A Mic Maire it foirccl/rt'he. 
1. 23. The ninth (4 quatrains) begins : 

Bennacht in Coimdedh do nimh | for ua Fergusa co 
P. 61, 1. 3. The tenth (6 quatrains) begins : 

Hua Briuin occum riaruccz/^ | etir mnai ozcus fer. 


1. 17. The eleventh (24 quatrains) begins: 

Hui Degadh Osraighe ain | is hui Degadh Laighen lain 

inand cenel ocus eland | cidh imchian a ferand. 
P. ^^i^^ 1. 12. The twelfth (21 quatrains) begins: 

Uamhain Gall tainic Mulling | da raibe tes in a chill 

go roraind a liubra a tri | da tesarccain fo caemhli. 

(' Fear of foreigners came to Mulling when he was 

south in his church, so he parted his books into three 

to preserve them.') 
P. 65. The thirteenth (4 quatrains) begins : 

Disert mBrecain sunn ist[s]leiph | ionmain locan builidh 

blaith. (* Breccan's hermitage on the mountain, a dear 

little place, blooming, smooth.') 
1. 9. Poem (in five three-lined stanzas) ascribed to Columb 

cille. Begins : 

Tegh Mulling mic Faolain mic Feradaigh find. 
1. 25 — P. 6j, 1. 8. Poem (in 18 quatrains) ascribed to 

Columb cille. Begins : 

A meic madatt buan | ni mad cin do cri. 

The rest of p. 6j, and the whole of the verso are 

The remainder of the book is foliated in pencil. 
ff. 68^-69^. Preface to the Felire Oengusso or Martyrology of 
Oengus the culdee. Begins : Cethardai condagar du each 
elathain .i. locc 7 aimsior ocus p^rsu oais tuccait scribhind 
no fath airicc (' Four things are required by every work 
of art, to wit, a Place, and a Time and an Author, and a 
Reason of writing or Cause of invention.') 
ff. 70^- 85^. Prose scholia on the Felire Oengusso, with a pre- 
fatory note beginning : An S. Aengussius ipse an unus 
vel plures eius s[c]holiastae scripserint sequentia glosse- 
mata in eius Festilogium non sat compertum est. This 
is followed by an index. 
ff. 86^-923- contain a large number of Irish verses extracted 
from a commentary on the Felire Oengusso. There is a 
similar collection in Brussels MS. 5057-5059, pp. 49-53. 
In f 86^ is the poem on Constantine's leprosy, also in 
L.B. 80, right margin. In f 89^" is the poem on the 
impregnation of the mother of Baithi'n son of Fin- 
dach, edited in Fel. Oeng. p. Ixxxix. 
f. 92^, 1. 17, a note on the number of quatrains in the Felire 
Oengusso, and a copy of the poem about Oengus the 
culdee Aibind suidhe sund tinne. (' Pleasant to sit here 
thus') : also in L.B. 106^. 
f. 92^', 1. 21. Incipit feleire Adamnain dia mathazV hie. Six 
quatrains in rinnard beginning thus : 

.;cvi PREFACE. 

Noimh na cceithre raithe | dutracht lim a nguidhe. 
rom-saerat ar phiana — noimh na bliadhna huile. 
(' The saints of the four quarters (of the year), it is my 
longing to entreat them ; may they free me from punish- 
ments, the saints of the whole year ! ') 

Then a scribe's note (f. 93=1) dated 9th Feb., 1630, 
stating that the book from which the body of the Felire 
(Oengusso) was transcribed had been written by Siod- 
rach ua Maelconaire in the year 1533. 

ff. 94^-1 1 9^'. Felire Oengusso, \h& Marty rology of Oengus the 
culdee, edited from three other MSS., by the present 
writer, in 1880. This copy is, as usual, copiously glossed, 
and yields some good various readings. It is followed by 
an Irish note, at the foot of f. 119'^, stating (inter alia) 
that this Oengus was the author of the Saltair na Rann. 

f. 120^ is blank, f. 120^'. Notes on Cell Bharra and Cell 

f. 121^ is blank, f. 121^. Names of some saints mentioned in 
the Martyrology of Gorman, as to whose nationality the 
writer (Colgan ? ) was in doubt. (M[arianus] Gormanus. 
Sancti de quibus dubito an sint Hiberni an alij, quia non 
reperiuntur in alijs martyrologijs ijs quibus denotantur 

ff. I22t'-i23t> are blank. 

ff. 124^-197^. The unique copy of the Martyrology of Gorman, 
preceded by a testimony dated 18 Aug., 1633, and a 
preface, and followed by four quatrains in rinnard. The 
martyrology is not only foliated in pencil, but paginated 
in ink from i to 141. 

The collotype prefixed to this book, will give an accurate 
idea of the size of the pages, the number of lines in each, the 
handwriting and arrangement of the poem and its glosses. 
Marks of punctuation are rare. The single comma alone is 
used. Marks of length diVidi puncta delefitia are often omitted. 

As to forms of letters : both u and v are used indifferently 
for the vowel 71 and semivowel v ; R and \i for r ; s and \ for s ; 
ae for the diphthong ae. Initial capitals seldom occur, save at 
the beginning of each stanza. 

Contractions are rare : kl. for callainn : a flat stroke for ;/ or 
er ; a curved stroke (-^) for in. ; a waving stroke for tir ; 3 for 
us ; g' for gri ; q' for qui ; eps for epscop ; d for con, mc for 

The article, possessive pronouns, prepositions and other pro- 
clitics are, as a rule, written with the words to which they relate. 

At Feb. 1 1 a space sufficient for five lines is left vacant, as if 


the MS. from which O'Clery transcribed was here illegible or 
mutilated. Including these five, the total number of lines in 
the martyrology and epilogue is 2796. 

ff. 198^-207^ are either blank or contain unimportant entries. 

f, 207^'. Some words of St. Francis rendered into six Irish 
quatrains by Fr. Hugo Cawell. 

f. 2o8at)_ w\ sunt sancti qui erant unius moris et vitae, ut 
dicunt. A list of Irish saints compared with apostles and 
early foreign saints. Printed in pp. 69-70 of Todd's Zz"^<?r 
Hyvinoruui, and in pp. xli, xlii of Kelly's Calendar of IrisJi 
Saints, Dublin, 1857, and probably transcribed from LL. 

f. 209^ — 224b The Martyrology of Tallaght. Edited with gross 
inaccuracy in Kelly's Catalogue of Irish Saints, pp. x — 
xl. There is here, as in the older copy in LL. 355 — 365, 
a gap from Nov. i to Dec. 16, both inclusive. 

f. 225-^, col. I : Comainmniughudh noem Erenn innso. The 
commencement of an alphabetical list of Irish saints with 
the same name. Probably transcribed from LL. 3666. 

f. 2253^. col. 2 — 226^" col. 2. Lists of Irish bishops, priests and 
deacons, probably transcribed from LL. 365"^ — 366'^l 

f. 227a is blank, f 227^. Authores Regularum. Regula S. 
Declani, Vita ipsius, c. 21, Coemgeni, Vita eius c. 48. 
Moluani, Yita eius cap. . Usser. ad an. 608. 

f. 228^^ is blank, f 229a. The beginning of a list of certain 
saints mentioned in the Martyrology of Cashel, now lost. 
In yi^xtyj'olo^io Cassel^/wz habentur sequentes 1017. 
Gormgal a n Aird Oilen, 5 Aug. 

f. 229^^ is blank. 

ff. 2303- — 238'^ A copy of the NaoiniJi'sencJias jiaoniJi Innsi Fail, 
metrical pedigrees of the chief saints of Ireland, which 
Colgan ascribes to Selbach,^ secretary to the king-bishop 
Cormac mac Culennain, and constantly cites as Meno- 
logiuni Genealogicuni. It is preceded by three attes- 
tations (two in Latin and one in Irish), and a list of 
some of the saints therein mentioned. The first of these 
attestations (fo. 230=^) has been printed in the Proceedings 
of the Royal Irish Academy III., 489-490. Other copies 
of this mnemonic poem are contained in the Book of 
Ballymote, p. 229*' — 233^, and the Book of Lecan, fo. 58'^ 
Its substance will be found in prose in the Book of 
Leinster, pp. 347-353- 

' Acta Sanctorum Hiberniac, p. 5, col. ?., O'Reilly, Irish Writers, Ixi 
O'Curry, Lectures 163, ascribes it to Oengus the culdee. 


xviii PRE I' ACE. 

f. 338^. Scribe's note stating that Michael O'Clery transcribed 
the above copy of tlie Naoimhsenchas in the convent of 
Donegal on April 25, 1636, from a parchment book 
belonging to Muiris mac Torna ua Mael Conairi. 
r 238'''. Four quatrains ascribed to Oengus the culdee, begin- 
ning : Hiii Neill uile ar cul Coluim, ni sccath muine j 
iar ccul Findein Muighe bile Ulaidh uile. Columbcille is 
the patron of the Hui Neill, Findian (of Mag bile), of the 
Ulaid, Ciaran, of the clans of Connaught, Comgall, of 
Dalaradia, Brigit, of Leinster, Ailbe, of Munster, Patrick, 
of all. Followed by a scribe's note stating that they had 
been copied in Drogheda from an extremely old and 
obscure book {as seinlcahar ciandosta dorcha) on Aug. 6, 
ff. 238^ — 238^^. The first three and the last quatrains of Cuimi'n 
of Condere's poem on the saints of Ireland, their 
favourite penances and other characteristics. This poem, 
minus one of the quatrains, is printed, from a very inac- 
curate copy, in Kelly's Calendar of Iris Ji Saints, pp. 160- 
170. Many of its quatrains are inserted in the Marly- 
rology of Donegal. A complete copy is in Brussels MS. 
2324-2340, fo. 44=^. 
f 238^, 1. 8. Irish note stating that S. Cuimine, bishop of 

Noendruim, died A.D. 658. 
ff. 239* — 244c. Another copy of the Naoimhsenchas, followed 
by a note dated April 28, 1636, stating that the scribe, 
Michael O'Clery, had transcribed it without any altera- 
tion from the Book of Lecan (nir' chuir athruccadh suidh- 
ighte na comaoin sgribhneorachta, acht amc?z7 fuair 'san 
ccoip asar' sgriobh). There is a third copy, annotated, in 
the Brussels MS. 2542-3, ff. 2-^-20^ 

II. The Author of the Martyrology, and the Place 
IN which it was composed. 

The author of the Martyrology now published was IVIael- 
Maire hua Gormain, otherwise called Marianus Gorman, abbot 
of Cnoc na n-Apstol ' the Hill of the Apostles,' a monastery of 
Canons Regular of St. Augustine' at Knock close to the town of 
Louth. All that is really known of him is derived from the 
preface to his Martyrology, which uses the first person 
{rodherbsainar^fuaraniar, tnccsamar) when referring to the author, 

' Gorman would naturally regard with special veneration the saint to whom 
the Augustinian Rule was ascribed. We find accordingly St. Augustine's 
natalis commemorated on Aug. 28, his octave on Sept. 14, and his trans- 
lation on Oct. 1 1. 


and may well have been written by Gorman himself, though 
Colgan ascribes it to an ancient scholiast. 

Hence it appears that Gorman was abbot of Cnoc na n-Apstol 
(otherwise called Cnoc na sengan, ' the Hill of the Pismires '), 
and that he composed his Martyrology while Ruaidre hua Con- 
chobair was King of Ireland, while Gelasius or Gilla mac Liac 
was archbishop of Armagh, and while Aed hua Caillaidhi 
was bishop of Oriel, i.e., -the present counties of Louth, Armagh, 
and Monaghan. Ruaidre began to reign as monarch of 
Ireland about the year \\6& and retired in 1183 to the 
monastery of Cong, where he died in 1199. Gilla mac Liac 
was archbishop of Armagh from 11 37 to 1173, when he died.- 
Aed hua Caillaidhi was bishop of Oriel from 1139 to 11 82.'^ 
The result is, if the statements in the preface are true, that 
Gorman must have composed his Martyrology at some time 
between 1166 and 1174, 'circa annum 1167,' says Colgan.^ 

It must, however, be admitted that the Martyrology com- 
memorates two saints — Gilla mac Liacc at March 27, and Gilla 
mo Chaidbeo at March 31, of whom the former died in 1 173, the 
latter in 1174. We are therefore driven to one of two hypo- 
theses — either the statements in the preface are not true, and 
the Martyrology was composed after 1 174, or the commemor- 
ations just mentioned were added after the completion of the 
poem. The latter hypothesis seems the more probable. The 
tradition of the Irish literati agrees with the preface, and the 
commemorations in question are at the ends of the stanzas in 
which they respectively occur, and may well have been inserted 
in accordance with the suggestion in the preface : ' If defects are 
found therein, let the erudite . . . add ; but let them not 
spoil the course of the poem.' Who made these insertions 
does not appear. In 1181, according to the Four Masters, 
Maelmuire Hua Dunain, Abbot of Cnoc na Sengan in Louth, 
died. Of him Colgan, Acta Sajictorwn Hiberniae, p. 737, 
says : ' Hie videtur esse B. Marianus Gormanus, author Martyr- 
ologii, a nobis laudatus, quem constat anno 1172 fuisse eiusdem 
monasterii Abbatem, ut praefatio eius Martyrologio prefixa, 
tradit' If Colgan's conjecture be right — ^and Lanigan^ agrees 
with him — the insertions may have been made by Gorman 
himself But I know of no sure instance of an Irishman being 

' See the Annals of the Four Masters, ed. O'Donovan, II, p. 1161. The 
Annals of Inisfallen and the Annals of Boyle agree in this. 

^ 1 173 according to the Four Masters, 1174 according to the Annals of 
Loch Ce. 

■^ Annals of Loch Ce, I, 163. 

■' Acta Sanctoriun Hiber7iiae, p. 5, col. i. 

^ Ecclesiastical History of Ireland^ iv. 451. 

b 2 


called at one time after his paternal, at another after his 
maternal, grandfather. 

Gorman is commemorated in the Martyrology of Donegal at 
July 3. He was probably canonised, not by the Apostolic See, 
but by his metropolitan, the archbishop of Armagh, just as in 
1 153, St. Gaultier, Abbot of Pontoise, was canonised by the 
archbishop of Rouen. 

The monastery of Cnoc na nApstol, or Cnoc na Sengan, in 
which Gorman probably wrote, was founded by Donnchad hua 
Cerbaill, King of Airgeill (Oriel), in honour of SS. Paul and 
Peter. The best evidence of these statements is an Irish entry, 
dated Jan. i, 1170, in an antiphonary formerly belonging to the 
cathedral church of Armagh, but now in the library of Trinity 
College, Dublin, Class B, Tab. I. No. i. This entry is printed 
in Petrie's work on the Round Towers, p. 391, with the following 
translation : — 

Kalend. Janiiar. V. feria bin. X. A iino Domini MCLXX. A 
prayer for Donnchadh O'Carrol, supreme King of Airgiall, by 
whom were made the book of Cnoc na nApstal at Louth and 
the chief books of the order of the year, and the chief books of 
the Mass. It was this great king^ who founded the entire 
monastery both [as to] stone and wood, and gave territory and 
land to it, for the prosperity of his soul in honour of [SS.] 
Paul and Peter. By him the church throughout the land of 
Oirghiall was reformed, and a regular bishopric was made, and 
the church was placed under the jurisdiction of the bishop. In 
his time tithes were received, and the marriage [ceremony] was 
assented to, and churches were founded, and temples and 
cloictheacJis^ were made, and monasteries of monks and canons 
and nuns were re-edified, and nemJieds^ were made. These are 
especially the works which he performed for the prosperity [of 
his soul] and reign, in the land of Airghiall, namely, the 
monastery of monks on the bank of the Boyne [both as to] 
stone and wooden furniture* and book,* and territory and land, 
in which [monastery] there are one hundred monks and three 
hundred conventuals, and the monastery of canons of Tennaufi 
Fcichiii,-' and the monastery of nuns, and the great church of 
Terviann Fheicin, and the cliurch of Lepadh Feichin" and the 
church of * * *. 

' Literally : It is the same illustrious king. 
"- ' bellhouses,' round towers. 

=• In the Annals of the Four Masters 1148, ncinihcadh'xs j^lossed hy talamk 
ccclusta, ecclesiastical land ; and this perhaps is the meaning here. 

* Rec/ius, stone and wood, (church-) implements and books. 
^ Feichin's sanctuai*)'. 

* Feichin's bed. 


So the Four Masters at the year 1 148 : ' The church of Cnoc 
na Sengan was finished by the bishop Ua Caellaidhe and 
Donnchadh ua Cearbhaill, and was consecrated by Ua Morgair, 
a successor of Patrick ; and a neimeadh, i.e., ecclesiastical land, 
was assigned to it in Lughmadh.' 

The meagre annals of this monastery are contained in 
Archdall's Monasticon Hibernicinn, Dublin, 1786, pp. 466-469. 
In the year 1342 its temporalities are said to be insufficient for 
the support of the canons and their servants. In 141 7 the 
abbot pays a fine of \'}^s. A^d. for receiving a mere Irishman into 
the profession of the house. In the 31st of Henry VIII (1540) 
the abbot surrenders the priory and, apparently, all its posses- 
sions in the county of Louth. In 1603 James (I) grants the priory 
and all its possessions in the same county to Sir John King, 
Knt., at the yearly rents of ^s. for the prioiy and 16/. ^s. ^d. for 
the lands, tithes, etc, 

III. On the language of the Martyrologv. 

Irish manuscripts of the fourteenth to the seventeenth 
centuries generally exhibit a mixed language, the scribe 
sometimes modernising and sometimes leaving intact the 
spelling and grammatical forms of the book which he tran- 
scribed ; but though the manuscript of the Martyrology and 
Gorman is only about 260 years old, it may be taken to 
represent, save in a very few instances,^ the spelling and gram- 
mar of Middle-Irish in the latter half of the twelfth century. 
This is owing partly to the stringency of the metrical rules to 
which the author was subject, and which rendered his work less 
likely to be altered by successive copyists, but chiefly to the care 
and learning of the scribe, Michael O'Clery. Here follows a list 
of the principal characteristics of the language of the Martyro- 
logy as contrasted with the older Irish of the Glosses, the 
Hymns and the Book of Armagh. 

I. PJionetics. 

First as to phonetics. No distinction is made between final e, 
i and iu. Short a is often put for o. In organ (borrowed 
from orgdmivi) the length of the a is due to the analogy of the 
numerous native words ending in -an. Pretonic and posttonic e 

' Thus O'Clery sometimes, though rarely, puts ao or aoi for the older ae 
or dij ea for the older e : io for ij cc iox g ; diox t {ropdar, June 9) ; and 
biox p {epscoib). O'Clery has also, as a rule, marked with a dot the infected 
(or as native grammarians say, aspirated) g, d, b, and in. As this represents 
the tradition current in the seventeenth century, I have here followed him, 
merely replacing the dot by h. At Aug. 3, 1. 4, and in gl. 5, the dot over 
the/of_/f^?/and Fachtna means that the/ is ' eclipsed,' i.e., pronounced like v. 

xxii PREFACE. 

become a in Darerca ( = Der-crce). The diphthongs ae {di) and 
oe ipi) are confounded. E is put for 6e in Ebnat, cbznn^ and in 
chaerein, caere, ae is written for ai (the umlauted a). For the 
prefix air-, er- we often have tir- (e.g., twgna, Jan. 20, Feb. 4). 
Infected (^i is replaced by infected in, in 7iaem = O.Ir. /?Jz'<^, and 
the prefix neiii- = O.Ir. ned-. The w in ffomtha, Jan. 15 = Lat. 
probatiis, dates from the Old Irish period. 

Aphaeresis of the initial vowels of proclitics is frequent. Thus 
sin, Jan. i, for the older isin, con for the older ocon, and na for 
the older inna. 

Irrational or svarabhakti vowels appear : Pet-a-r = Petrus, 
Jan. \\, Patroc-ii-lus = Patroclus,]zx\. 21, Ser-ei-g ■= Sergiiis, 
Sep. 9 : cf Sericdn (gl. Sergiolus), Sg. 45^^ 

Assimilation of n to /, as in colla, June 7, Nov. 16, for Old- Irish 
^i?/;w, of ^ to «, as in slonncmin, Aug. 26 = O.Ir. slondein. 

Dissimilation, as in lonininan, loninan, Ap. 4, Nov. 10 = O.Ir. 

Metathesis, as in basted, Jan. 6 = O.Ir. batsed, Fedliniid, 
-^ug. 3 = O.Ir. Fedelviid, and airdric, July 21 = O.Ir. airdirc. 

Aspiration of initials is used to express the relative in the 
pres. indie, of verbs : see infra p. 261, s. v. cJiaerem. 

Permanent infection of initials appears, as in riii {friii) 
July 27, Oct. 24, frouitha {phrointha), Jan. 15. 

Eclipsis : not ccet (pronounced gcf), Mar. 4. 

Prothetic f, as \x\ f-uageb, June 22, and f-oirbe, Jan. 5. 

Contraction : Thus breo^ dedc, Duach, 6c, 61, and ua are 
always monosyllables, though in Old-Irish they are disyllabic. 
So dias. Mar. 27, and triar or triiw, July i, 2, Nov. 27. But 
laa, Oct. 3, is still disyllabic, and so are biaid, gliaid, Oct. 26, 
bias, gtiias, in the epilogue (p. 250), soid, Oct. 26, and the names 
Doe, Sep. 25, lair, Oct. 26, Liac, Dec. 17, T'zV/, June 24, and 
Trea, July 8, At Oct. 2 Diurcn is a trisyllable. 

2. Declension. 

Next as to declension. Here the principal variations from 
Old-Irish paradigms arise (l) from the above mentioned con- 
fusion of -e, -i, and -in, and (2) from the almost total disap- 
pearance of peculiar forms of the neuter gender.^ In the vocalic 
declension, stems in still exhibit the //-umlaut in the dat. 
sg., {drting, June 2, deninn, Feb. 15, 7ilc, May 7, 16, Jan. 6, Sep. 
30, trcmnnd, Sep. 8, deriud June 30, July 31), and the //-ending 
in the ace. pi. {cisu May 9, crndii June 16). The transported 

• a't (= Lat. centum) still makes its nom. pi. ccf, Aug. 24, 29. The ;/ in 
iid n-ocht cdt, June 22, is a relic of the neuter form of the numeral 2 ; and the 
transported // in gach n-aiffrciin, Sept. 5, points to a neuter aiffrenn borrowed 
from Lat. offcrcndum. 


n {jn before b) is also apparent after the ace. sg. and gen. pi. (fri 
cech //-acbeil «-athlam, Ap. 30, ar in w-arnaid ;/-engach, March 
13, Arsein na ;/der ;^dichra, July 19, lith ingen wban ;//Baite, 
Mar. 29). But there is shifting from the ii- to the 0- declension in 
the genitives sg. Ferguis, May 24 (Old-Ir. Fergnssd) and Oengois, 
Feb. 23 (Old-Ir. dengussd). 

The consonantal declension is well preserved. We have c-stems 
like cathair, dat. cathraig, Sep. 30, and the names Cnana, gen. 
CiianncJi, Feb. 19, Eochaid, gen. Echach, Feb. 17, Fiachra, Sep. 28, 
ace. Fiachraich, Aug. 30, dat Fiachraig, Sep. 4, Lugaid, gen. 
Lugdach, Feb. i. In Mac liacc, P'eb. 8, we have the gen. sg. of 
a stem in nc. Stems in g are represented by r/, dat. rig, 
Sep. 30, ace. rig{n), Nov. 12, gen. pi. rigiii), Nov. 27. 

Stems in t are exemplified by bethu (ace. bethaid, Oct. 17), «// 
(ace. cinaid, July 9, Sep. 12, pi. dat. cintaib, Jan. 29), a>/^, gen. 
cinged, Feb. 27, coiindiu, gen. coimded, Aug. 24, ace. coiinde, Nov. i : 
<:wr (gen. pi. c//ra<^, Sep. 22), w//, n. pi. milid, Oct. 19, j-;// (gen. 
suad, Oct. 11), /«z> (pi. nom. turid, A'p. 13) and oenta, May 10. 

A solitary d-steva is ^/n//, pi. n. druid, Jan. 6. 

Stems in n. Alba (dat. Albain, Sep. 23), ^rwm (ace. anmain, 
Mar. 13, gen. pi. «;z7//rt;/«, Jan. 31), (^/?/« (gen- diten,]\xxi& 10), 
Dobor-chu (gen. doborcJwn, Feb. 19), vicnme (dat. Jiiemnavi, 
Mar. 8), z/^^^zV^; (gen. pi. naeden, July 15), 5^u', Jan. 9 (pi. gen. 
Saxan, May 26), talavi (gen. talinan, June 25). 

Stems in ;/« : ^ci^'^ M., May 11, ^r?^, gen. Amnd, March 21. 
//■/r/?/, F. dat. H&inn,Se-g>- 23, and the following which in Old-Irish 
are neuter : aimn, Aug. 11, ccimvi, Jan. \2, feidiii, gen. fednia, 
Sep. i-}),gairm, Mar. 4, /^/^;//, May 27, ace. pi. tedinann, Feb. 7. 

Stems in ;z^: cara, Feb. 18, gen. i^\. carat, June 8. Nuada, 
Feb. 19, ace. Nuadait, Dec. 2, and the numerals _/?^//^ (dat. 
fichit, Aug. 8, Sep. 14, gen. dual da fichet, Mar. 14), tricJia, 
Oct. 21 (dat. trichait, Jan. 26), cethracha, Feb. 25, May 4, 
Oct. 19, 25, <:c^<:a [coecae, July 19, n. pi. coecait. May 9), j-^j-<:^, 
Mar. I, June 17, Aug. 10, Sep. 22, Nov. 25, sechtnioga, May 6, 
Dec. 3, nocha, Aug. 19. 

The only .y-stems in Gorman's Martyrology are neni (gen. 
niine, Sep. 10, Oct. 31, Nov. i,dat. niin, Ap. 14, ace. ;z^;/^ Ap. 13), 
tech (dat. /z^, Mar. 19, ace. /^^rZ;, Nov. 24), and tir, which here 
occurs only in the ace. sg. Sep. 25. The solitary stem in ns is 
mi, gen. jnis, Sep. 30. 

Stems in r are atJiair, Sep. 10, and brdtJiair, Oct. 31, which 
makes its gen. pi. brdthar, July 10, instead of Old-Irish brdthre. 

3. Diminutives. 
Besides truagdn or /r^^^Vz ' misellus,' March 6, Dec. 4, domndn, 
*a paltry world,' Oct. 17, and 7/w<r«'/z ' puerulus,' June 16, the 

xxiv PREFA CE. 

proper names in Gorman's Martyrology supply a rich store of 
diminutives. They end in -an, -cm, -en, -cue, -in, -ine, -nan, -Jiat, 
-natdn, -ne, -net, -6c, and -iicdn. Those in -nat and -net are con- 
fined to females, those in -/// are both masc. and fem. The 
following list is not exhaustive. 

-an : Abban, Accobran, Aedan, Aileran, Anfadan, Baetan, 
Banban, Beccan Beoan, Berchan, Berran, Blaan, Boethan, 
Bolcan, Breccan, Brocran, Brolchan, Camman, Cassan, Cathchan, 
Cattan, Columban, Comman, and many others. 

-cin : Commein, Cillein, Cummein, Fechein, Lachtein, Lochein, 
Manchein, Ossein, Segein, Sesein, Tommein. 

-en : Cillen, Cuilen, Diuren, Ernen, Finden, Fuillen, Lassren, 
Libren, Luanen. Oeblen, Russen, Segen, Taden, Temnen, 
Torben, and perhaps Goibnen. 

-cne : Cammene, Di'blene, Dorbene, Eltene, Gabthene. 

-in : Alti'n, Baethin (Boithin), Bricci'n, Callin, Cassi'n, Conin, 
Cirici'n, Coemi'n, Cummin, Elti'n, Erni'n, Fechi'n, Manchi'n, Meti'n, 
Mucci'n, Oissiii, Sancti'n, Scuithi'n, Segi'n, Uidn'n. 

-/ne : Dairi'ne, Rechti'ne. 

-nan : Adamnan, Caernan, Caramnan, Caurnan, Columnan, 
Dadnan, Liadnan. 

-nat: Aednat, Banbnat, Breccnat, Coccnat, Comnat, Coemnat, 
Craebnat, Cuachnat, Damnat, Ebnat, Ercnat, Erednat, Fi'adnat, 
Gobnat, Midnat, Muadnat, Odarnat, Ossnat, Ratnat, Sarnat, 

-natdn : Si'lnatan. 

-ne : mo Chonne, Cinne, Crodne, mo Ninne, perhaps also 
Roibne, Roigne, Subne. 

-net: Coennet. 

-6e : m'Aedoc, Beccoc, Beoc, Cainneoc, Cammoc, Commoc, 
Conoc, Celloc, Ci'aroc, Coemoc, Critoc, Cruadoc, Cuoc, Dimmoc, 
Domnoc, Ernoc, Fi'noc, Genoc, Goroc, Grelloc, larnoc, Ronoc, 
Senoc, Siloc. 

-iicdn : Moenucan (m'Oenucan ?). July i8. 

4. Adjectives. 

In declining adjectives Gorman varies from the Old-Irish 
paradigm, first in the nom. pi. of 0- stems, by replacing the masc. 
b}' the fem.,^ and, secondly, in the dat. pi. by dropping the labial 
ending. Thus Aquil, Scnir sacj-a: idna, Jan. 23, Aug. 1, mora, 
Jan. 23, March 5, Ap. 2. Jia/a, Oct. 12. s6e7-a, Feb. 25, Jul)- 7. 

' Except in the penultimate line of the epilogue (p. 250), where ^^f^r (better 
soi'r) is nom. p\. masc. 


diia, May 19. naenia, June 12. oga, June 12. Paul, Felic nit 
fanna, June 20. epscoip tenna, July 21. VVe have, however, 
buidig, Jan. i. na crdbdeig, Ap. 17. na findvioh', July 25. Ex- 
amples of the dat. pi. are dona cuirib calnia, Jan. i, fri demnaib 
dicra, Ap. 5, dona minnaib mora, July 11 ; but the old ending 
is still in inSraib, Aug. 2. 

Comparison. The only comparatives in the martyrology are 
ferr, Sep. 18, and lugn, June 16, both, apparently, used as super- 
latives. No real superlative occurs, and it is probable that, 
when Gorman wrote, the superlative forms in -am. -em had been 
lost by the language, except as archaisms. 

5. Adverbs. 

Adverbs such as in biucc 'paulatim,' and iiid oindid ' singu- 
lariter ' are not found in this martyrology. Most of Gorman's 
adverbs are formed by prefixing co{f) to adjectives. Thus col- 
Idn, Feb. 9, co degmin, Jan. 11, co soraid, June 19, 22, co deimin^ 
Aug. 15, CO gicglan, Nov. 24, Dec. 23, co follan firdriiit, Dec. 12, 
CO fedil, Dec. 22, co hathlam, Ap. 22„co h/binn, Sep. 23. We have 
also /a// 'there,' Feb. 8, Ap. 21, and 'therein,' July 23, adhi 'hence,' 
Dec. 31, sund, sunn, sunna, sonjia 'here,' Sep. 3, Jan. 2, Aug. 8, 
Jan. 4, Feb. 9, Sep. 22, Aug. 13, tair 'in the east,' March 14, 
suas 'up,' June 30, Sep. 25, and choidche ' for ever,' Ap. 28, lit. 
'till night ' : cf. cliaidche, LL. 260^' 21. 

6. Pronouns. 

Absolute personal pronouns are sg. i, mc, Oct. 31, pi- i, inn, 
June 3, and with prefixed s, sinn, sind, sinne : sg. 3, Ju\ Sep. 
18, pi. 3, iat, Ap. 29, where the -at (like the -no in Ital. eglino) 
seems taken from the person-ending of the verb. 

Pronominal infixation is still in use — see the Glossarial Index 
s. vv. ar7i, m, ;?, nam, nar, ran, ron, and s. But the forms mc 
beraid'yo. will bear me,' Oct. 31, bcrdait inn 'they will bear us,' 
June 3, prove that in Gorman's time the absolute were beginning 
to supplant the infixed pronouns. The infixed pronoun of the 
first pi. ar{n) in n-arn-anaig ' protects us,' etc., is peculiar to 
Middle-Irish. The corresponding pronoun of the second pi. 
bar{n) occurs in this martyrology as a suffixed pronoun in bar, 
Jan. 21, which probably stands for ad-bar 'ye are ': zi.adib, idib, 
G.C. 488, for ad-sib, id-sib. In corba-m ' ut sim,' Feb. 17, Ap. 6, ;// 
is the suffixed pron. of the first sg. A rare suffixed personal pro- 
noun is -ait in bcrd-ait, June T„g/bt-ait, Feb. 9, and also, probably^ 
fcg-ait, Feb. ii. The demonstrative on is employed as a 
suffix in vio-ciien-Sn, din-on, fir-Sn, mor-on : see infra p. 286, 
and compare the Old-Irish ed-on 'id est.' And the strange use 

xxvi PREFACE. 

of the demonstrative suffix -sa, -sea without the article is noticed 
infra p. 288. 

7. The Article. 

Here in the gen. sg. fern, the apocopated na is always found 
for the ancient inna, as in na lujinse, Feb. 6. In the nom. pi. 
the fern, na supplants the masc. ind, in, {na crdbdeig, Ap. 17, na 
Jindnioir, July 25). In the gen. pi. the apocopated na{n) replaces 
the Old -Irish inna{n): na ndcr ndichra, July 19, 7ia sdirbretJi, 
Jan. 9, na niiled,]z.x\. 21, nal-ldnbreth, Feb. 3, where the n is 
assimilated. In the dat. pi. the old labial ending is lost : dona 
aiirib, Jan. i, dona minnaib, July 1 1. 

8. Numerals. 

Here one notes that the feminine forms of the numerals 2 
{di), 3 {tcoir, teora), and 4 {cetheoir, celheora) do not occur. In the 
case of 2 they have been supplanted by the masc. da. Thus da 
Brigitt, Mar. 9, da kErein, May 5 ; da dig, July 7, 10; dd mile, 
Aug. 9. Ceithre 'four' occurs with a fem. subst, Oct. 12. 
Numerals exceeding 100 are 160 sescaarc^t, Aug. 10: 230 tricJia 
dd chef Oct. 21 : 260 sesca dd cct, March i, June 17: 270 secht 
ndeicJi dd cct, Ap. 3, Oct. 16: 300 tri cct, Aug. 24, or sc coecait, 
May 9 : 660 sesca se cct, Nov. 25 : 900 fioi ccct, Mar. 4, wc*^ ^rr'A 
Aug. 29: 22<^o dd mile dd cct n 6c ha, Aug. 19: 5,000 coic mile, 
Feb. 16 ; 6,666 j-^j-<r« j/ cct (curad) ar sc niilib, Sep. 22 : 10,203 
persons triur dd cct ar deich milib, July 9 : 11,000 oenmili diac, 
Oct. 21. 

The numeral substantives for persons s^redias, Jan. 27, Mar. 27, 
Aug. 20, Oct. 22 ; triar, Feb. 25, or triur, July 2 ; cethrar, 
July 10 ; cSiciiir, May 23 (nom. dual da coiccinr, July 2) ; j-^j-^r 
(dat. sg. sesiur, Jan. 26, Sep. 22, nom. dual dd sesser, Dec. 23) ; 
luorscisser, March 14 ; {in t-)ochtor, June 8 ; nonbar, Oct. 19 ; 
■decJicnbar, Ap. 23, -/7^r, May 6, -/;«;-, June i. ¥or triar, in Feb. 27 
the numeral subst. for three things, trcde, is corruptly used. 

9. The Verb. 

The salient points of difference between the verbal system of 
■Gorman, and that of Old-Irish are five. First, the distinctions be- 
tween the three conjugations are hardly recognisable. Secondly, 
there is much uncertainty in the use of the absolute and con- 
joined forms. Thirdly, the enclitic more and more supplant the 
orthotonic forms of compound verbs. Fourthly, the relative 
endings of the present and future of simple verbs, the perfect, 
the /- preterite and the .f-future and jr-conjunctive rarely occur. 
Fifthly, the old deponcntial forms are almost all discarded. On 


the other hand, a new termination in -ann, -enn appears in the 
3d sg. of the pres. indie, act. : in the same tense relativity is 
expressed by aspirating the initial ; and a deponential r is found 
in the ist sg. of the a- conjunctive of active verbs. The rule 
that the initial of the pret. pass, shall not be aspirated is fully 

Traces of the o- conjugation (the Latin third) are in the pres. 
indie, act. sg. 3 (narn-) anaig, June i, (nar) cossain, Sep. 8. 

The root-vowel of <^-verbs (the Latin first) has no umlaut. 
Thus iiiolaiiii, Feb. 28. pi. i labravnn, Jan. 31. 

In the /-conjugation (the Latin fourth) we have a solitary 
example of the orthotonic form of the ist sg., pres. ind. in at- 
chiu ' I see,' Dec. 31 = atchinnii, June 11. Other such verbs, 
v/ith umlaut of their root-vowel, are luaidiiiun, guidiinin, lai- 

Absolute forms rightly used are dhneit, bdgvieit, luaidiueit, 
July 3, celir, March 20, cartJiair, Aug. 20, violtair, Nov. 22, 
cardair^ Jan. 29. 

Absolute forms are wrongly used (z>., used where in Old- 
Irish we should have had conjoined forms), in the following 
instances: pi. i, dirine, Jan. 11, Feb. 8, July 20, drmeit, Jan. 7, 
drniit, Ap. 2^, frismbenmait, Dec. 13, 31, 'mo Xi-iadmait, Dec. 28. 
PI. 2, co[2i'\sa7gt/u, Dec. 21. PI. 3, crgit, April 23, forbait, Feb. 
28. So in the passive, sg. 3, nach laniair Jan. 19, Aug. ii, nach 
laimthir, March 23, tuirvitJiir, Feb. 9, tuilltir, March 19. 

Conjoined forms are rightly used in the present indicative 
active, sg. 3, VL-3.xv\.-anaig, Jan. 19, r\-as cossain, Sep. 8, pi. i, dia 
lenamm, Jan. 11, dia n-adramin, dia labrainm, tabrainm, Jan. 31, 
non-dleinm, Feb. i, iv\sdin-ddlainin, March 21, mon-ladajnin. 
Mar. 3, nO'Charamm, May 21, pi. 2, indfethid, Feb. 2. In the 
Muture, sg. i, dia lenub, Sep. 15, sg. 3 ticfa, June 11, pi. i, 
df'rfem, ni faicfem, Ap. 24. In the reduplicated future: sg. i, 
fogeb, Jan. 14, pi. i, codi ragain, Sep. 12. In the present passive : 
sg 3 nach laimtJier, Aug. 20, na lajiiar, Dec. 10. 

Conjoined forms are wrongly used: bcraid, Oct. T,i,dlegar, 
June 4, Nov. 2, 27, 

Enclitic supplant orthotonic forms in tecclaim, May 12, rnar 
tharla, Jan. i, tuirmtJiir, Feb. 2, ticfa, ]\xnQ ii, tJiocbaim^focraim, 
June 2^,fcxci, Aug, 15. 

The only instances of the relative forms are anges, March 31 ; 
gnias, Ep. 14 ; and_ bias, Ep. i, 16. 

The only sure instance of the perfect act. is dodechaid, Oct. 17 
Fuair, Jan. 4, Oct. 18, Dec. 15, may be another. Its pi. i, 
fuaramar occurs twice in the preface. The perfect passive is repre- 
sented by the solitary (nar) niaeded, Dec. 1 8. The frith of the pre- 
face may be another example of this tense. In glanta, Aug. 3, 

xxviii PREFACE. 

and faenitha, Sep. 24, the old pret. passive seems replaced by 
the perf. participle. 

Examples of preterites active with vocalic ending in sg. 3, arc 
mv-fe/la, Jan. 4, mr-felia, June 5, where -a is = O.Ir. -ai. 

Of the /-preterite there is only one example, viz., ro siacht, 
Jan. 29, which is cognate with eUw, ikco ' I come.' 

The J- future and ^-conjunctive are almost as rare. We have 
only sg. 2 xo-fesser, Dec. 23, sg. 3, co //, May i9,Aug. 19, 
xow-fSre, July 7, Dec. 9, na rom-^/r-sea, Aug. 19, tara, Dec. 9, 
and the pi. 3 ad-d-r^^-^/, Ap. 22. An unnatural union of the 
stem of the reduplicated ^--future and termination of the (^-future 
isfoeldb, March 31. 

The only old deponential forms in the Martyrology are ro 
fesser ' thou wilt or wouldst know,' Dec. 23, and the 3d pi. 
ropdar, June 9. But a new r-ending is found in the ist sg. of 
the conjunctive : corop . \ anar, Jan, 3, co /ag[d]ar, Jan. 3, and 
cona Jidgur, March 16. 

A new ending in -aim, -eftn^ appears in the 3d sg. of the pres 
indie, act. : nar benann, May 21, nar laedend, March 3.^ 

The initial of the pret. pass, is never aspirated : ar-ro-<;eled, 
Feb. 19, ro ^ummad, May 29, nir traded, Oct. 30, ro/romad, Sep. 
12, do-/orbad, Jan. 6. nar /oemad, Ap. 18. The forms nar 
macded, Dec. 8, (O.Ir. na-ro-uiaeded, with the stress on the ro), 
or gonad. Mar. 15, (O.Ir. 6 ro-gonad), nir-crdded, Oct. 30, (O.Ir. 
ni ro crdded),cor-bam, Feb. 17, Ap. 6, (O. \r.cor6-ba), prove that 
in Gorman's time the stress was transferred from the verbal, 
particle ro to the first syllable of the verb. 

These remarks on the verbal system of the Martyrology would 
be incomplete without some further notice of the /^-future active, 
and without a collection of the forms of the verb substantive. 
The normal ending of the ist sg. of the ^-future is -ub, -tub; 
e.g., lemib, Feb. \c^,fetnb, June 15, inolub, Oct. 28, dlmb, Jan. 21, 
But Gorman makes it not only -ab, -eb, and -ob,h\.\'^ also -db and 
-cb. Whether this lengthening of the vowel is due to dialect or, 
as I conjecture, to the needs of rime, is not easy to sa}-. The 
following examples occur : 

-db : frismbenab, Nov. 4. -molab, Ang. 5, Oct. 10. 

-eb : -celeb, Dec. 10, -saeleb, Dec. 8, -dleb, Feb. 4, July 8, 

Oct. 30, -Inadeb, March 29, Oct. 3, 19, -fnaigeb, March 29, 

June 22, Oct. 3. 
-ob : violob, Dec. 4. 
-ab: Dioldb, Feb. 13, Aug. 3, Aug. 16, Oct. 24, -niordb, Aug. 3, 

Nov. II, Dec. 24, frisnddldb, Jan. 8, Oct. 22, -riardb, 

' See Thurneysen's explanation of this ending in Indogermanische 
Forsihti7igcii, \. 329. 


Sep. 9, -lendb, Aug. 7, Oct. 10, -foejndb,faevidb, March 16, 
31, June 18, July 29, -fodvidb, June 15. -foeldb, March 31. 
-cb : saigeb, April 7, where it rimes with alien. 

The Verb Substantive. 

Here follow the forms of the verb substantive found in the 
Martyrology : — 

^/es: Sg. 3, is (at), Nov. 20, as, Jan. 6, Dec. 13, relative as 
Feb. 12, March 14, 15, May 31. 
PI. 3, n-it, June 20, Nov. 16, ad, March 22, n-ad, April 16, 
relative at, March 4, Sep. 14, Oct. 19. 
^yi•. cid, ' quamvis est,' Jan. 13, July 31. 

\/bu, bd, be: conjunctive, sg. i, cor-ba-m, Feb. 17, April 6: 
copula: sg. 3, rop, Aug. 17, Sep. 2, 9, r(?<^, 
March 5, Aug. 23, co-ro-p, Jan. 3, Nov. 3, 
<:^;^ cop, Jan. 6, coraib, April 14, ciarb, 
June 7. 
imperative, sg. 3, Z^/,;/, Aug. 14. 

perfect, sg. 3, i'o-b6i. May 13, ro-biii, Ep. i, 16, rai-be, 
July 6: copula: rc-(:5(?, May 30, July 17, 
ndr-bo, Jan. 12, July 14, Dec. 23, nir-bo. 
May 29, /^(7, Feb. 5, 26, March 15, May 14 
(where the nom. is plural), July 16, ro-ba, 
July 24, Sep. 27, Nov. 14, ra-/<3:. May 24. 
pi. 3, bat, April 28, July 31 : copula: ropdar, 
June 9. 
future, sg. I. biaJH, Ap. 28, sg. 3, biaid, Oct. 26: rcl. <^/«i-, 
Ep. 1,16: copula, bid, Jan. 2, March 16, 
June 3, Aug. 26, Oct. 19. 
pi. I, coni-bevi, Ap. 21, June 2 : pi. 3, ^tvV, April 
verbal noun : beith, June 6. 
y/vel: sg. I, failiinni, Aug. 22. fiiilinun, Nov. 21. 
pi. 3, fuilet, Sep. 11. 

10. A^^zt:; suffixes. 

Two suffixes occur in Gorman's Martyrology, which have not 
been found in Old-Irish documents. They are -nech, which 
appears in three adjectives, and -sccJi, which appears in the names 
of nine female saints. 

-nech : cddnecJi, degnech, grddlinecJi, et v. infra, p. 284. 

-sec]i : Bicsech, Briuinsech, Comscch, Coemsech, Cronsech, 
Dunsech, Findsech, Gubsech, Luigsech. 

The nech- suffix seems taken from words like cnininech, where 
the n belongs to the root. The sech- suffix is probably a ' weiter- 


bildung' of the fem. ending in -cs (in aitJiches, Idic/ics, innjicJies, 
&c.), borrowed from Welsh -es, and this from Lat. -issa, Gr. 
-laaa. Claiiiisech ' lepress ' and gaillsecJi ' a foreign woman,' are 
Middle-Irish examples of this suffix. It still lives (as -seacli) 
in geirseach 'girl.' 

1 1 . Syntax. 

So much for the grammatical forms in our Martyrology. It 
contains four relics of very early syntax. The first is in the 
phrase is Feradaig ingen 'and Feradach's daughter,' March 23, 
where the genitive precedes, instead of following, the govern- 
ing noun. So at Dec. i, for December kalaind. For other 
examples of this archaism in Irish and Welsh see Rcviie celtiqiie^ v. 
350-351. The second is the occurrence (Sep. 4, 22), of the datives 
(or rather perhaps the instrumentals) FiacJiraig, seisiur, without a 
preposition. Many instances of this construction will be found 
in Rev. celt. v. 349-350. The third is the occasional position of 
the noun before the governing verb. Thus FccJicin . . . cSraig, 
Aug. 2. Escrge Crist cuiuuiig, March 27 ; Colmdn cuimnig, 
Sep. 3 ; Genten giiidinini, Sep. 2 ; Corcan ele drvieit, Jan. 7 ; 
Mael-Odran raitJi riannait, Jan. 10 ; in cldrenecJi carainini, 
Jan. 17 ; in cinuiiidse cobrat. May ii ; in sluag tennso tecclaivi^ 
May 12; Fiadna\{]t fcgaini simna, Nov. 29. The fourth is the 
occasional position of the adjective before the noun with which 
it agrees. 'Wvw's, glan glcrc, May 28, scivi Saerghos,^2LY '^o. On 
the other hand, the government of the dative by the prepositions 
CO ' usque ad,'^ fri"^ and etit^' is distinctly modern, these pre- 
positions, in Old-Irish, always governing the accusative. 

IV. The Metre of the Martyrology. 

Rinnard^ is the metre in which the Martyrology of Oengus is 
com.posed. Rinnard Mor, ' Great Rinnard,' is the name of the 
metre of the Martyrology of Gorman. It differs from Rinnard 
in three respects : first, its stanzas may consist of 4, 6, 8, 10, 
12, or 14 lines, whereas those of Rinnard consist invariably of 
four: secondly, in Great Rinnard, there nmst be an alliteration 
in each line ; in Rinnard, alliteration is only an optional and 
occasional ornament : thirdl}', in Great Rinnard there must be 
an internal assonance in the last two lines of each stanza : in 
Rinnard this assonance is optional and occasional. 

The laws of Great Rinnard may be stated as follows : 

I . Every line must contain six syllables. 

' CO a n-craib, May 14, and perhaps co aing/il>, Jan. 19. 
"/;-/ diglaib, Mar. 9, June 2, and fourteen other instances ; //'/ also occurs 
with the ace. in/r/ ccch ?i-i)iincd, May 8, and six other instances. 

3 ctir ainglib. May 26. ^ See Re%nic Cc/tiqiu; v. 352, vii. 87. 


This rule requires no illustration. But two remarks seem 

First, in pronouncing foreign names, the groups ea, eo, ia, tan, 
ie, io, iu, ua, form, as a rule, only one syllable. Conse- 
quently Andreas, Teodoit, Simeon, Leonill, Lucia, Abdia, 
Ltician, Ciprian, Daniel, Gerion, Leucitis, Marias, and Capua are 
to be counted as disyllables, Sarabia, Doniitian, Martinian, 
Prilidian, Ananias and Satiriaji, as trisyllables, and Anas- 
tassia as a quadrisyllable.^' So, as Zeuss remarks (G. C.^ 94i)» 
St. Augustine, in his hymn against the Donatists, pronounces 
abimdantia, evangeliuni as quadrisyllables, diabolo as a .tri- 
syllable, alios as a disyllabic ; and this pronunciation is frequent 
in the Hiberno-Latin hymns. 

Secondly, where two unaccented vowels come together, there 
is elision or synizesis. 

Thus in the month of January we have : 

Jan. 2. ron-bera in drong drongel. 

6. Bastedh Isu in oenl5. 

9. Isu in Egipt fegaim. 

26. CO nderna in drem chaidhse. 

27. Paula 6 Bhethil buadhaigh. 
31. Forba in mis do Mhaedhdcc, 

So where the first vowel is accented and the second 
toneless : 

Feb. 15. Blauius ba gle in glanfer. 

Ap. 14. ri'u i clarnim ar comdal. 

May 19. CO ti in gasrad gleglan. 

Aug. 6. non-berat leo is Lugid. 

19. CO ti a ndrong im dhailsea. 

Sep. 20. Priuait breo asambagimm. 

' There is an exception to this rule at Jan. 23, where E-me-rent-i-a-7ia 
must be regarded as hexasyllabic. So Leo, July 3, Neon, Jan. 17, Pion, 
Feb. I, are disyllables : Teogi?i, Jan. 26, Dionis, Feb. 8, Mathias, Jan. 30, 
Feb. 24, Leander Feb. 27, are trisyllables : Dofof/iea, Feb. 6, Juliana, 
Feb. 16, Gaudentia, hug. 30, Uinccntitis, Jan. 22, and Painpiliiis, Feb. 16, are 
quadrisyllables ; and Potentiana, May 19, is a pentasyllable. 

xxxii PREFACE. 

But where the second of the vowels is accented there is no 
elision or synizesis.^ Thus : 

Jan. 3. corop accu anar.- 

6. druidh uaisle dia adhrad. 

7. Corcan ele armeit. 

inna angreit amnois. 
16. larloga an ogda^. 

21. Paul epscop o Athein. 

22. la hAmalgaid aebda. 
28. Feil aili do Agna. 

mo I'nill ar forran. 
31. do erail ar n-anmann. 

2. T]ic last luord of each line must be accented 07i the penult. 

This, in Irish verse, is almost equivalent to saying that the last 
word of each line must be disyllabic. But in Gorman's Marty- 
rology about 33 lines end in trisyllables, e.g. : — 

Jan. 6. Macra caid mpchenon. 
Feb. 2. Apronian indfethid. 

Two end in quadrisyllables : 

Jan. I. Hermit, Eufrasi'na. 
July 22. Maire Magdalena. 

Three end in pentasyllables : 

May 19. is Potentiana. 
July 23. and Appollinaris. 
Aug. 23. ard Appollinaris. 

And one is composed of a hexasyllable : 
Jan. 23. Emerentiana. 

It seems to follow from this that trisyllabic improper com- 
pounds, such as Cend-fdclad, Ap. 8, Crom-dithruib, May 20, 
Dcrb-dara, June 29, Cu-locha, July ii, viacu-Baird, Nov. 27, 
are accented on the second syllable.'' It is not clear why inoche- 
non, Jan. 6, is paroxytone. Perhaps the mo- was mistaken, in 
popular speech, for mo ' my ' the atonic possessive pronoun. 

> The first line of the stanza for July 12 seems to contravene this rule. 
But there Anadc/a is a scribal error for Anaclet. 

- In this and the following thirty lines the acute accent denotes stress 
and not, as usual, length. 

■' So in disyllabic improper compounds the accent is on the last syllable : 
Nad-/r6ich, /^unech, Dec. 11. In trisyllabic improper compounds it is on the 
penult : maccu-Baird, Nov. 27 (cf. mac uNecte, Jan. 19, gl. 3) ; in quadrisyl- 
labic, on the antepenult : macii-Beonnae, Jan. 22, gl. 5, macu-Oidaib, Feb. i, 
gl. 4, macu-Arti, June 7, gl. 3, macu-Ncsse, June 9, gl. 5. 


3. Every line must contain an alliteration. In other words, in 
each hne at least two syllables — in the case of native words, two 
stressed syllables — must begin with the same letter, all vowels 
(and in foreign words the semi-vowel jy- being for this purpose 
deemed to be the same, and h and infected f being disregarded. 
Needless to quote lines in which both the alliterating letters are 
initials. In the following instances I have italicised these letters, 
and inserted hyphens to show where the syllables in question 

Maci-(^onius </egh- 

Te-<7dora fbdiach. 

Lon-^nus or' ^onad. 

Mairc, Quar-/illa 


Ar-chippus ^aidh. 

Lu-^ella, 6blumba (or 

Zucella, Co-/umba T). 


Macha-(5eus ^agfer. 

Teo-(^osia ^elbda. 

Celes-^inus /end- 


E-i-ippus coa .yaigeb. 

Dom-wina cen //zerg- 

Ani-retus <;oemfer. 

Per-yectus nar' /be- 

Aga-/itis /rimda, 

Anas-^asius ^oedlech. 

Ui-/alis fri /ogla. 

Ercen-2/aldus, f/ictor, 

Hiere-wias w^orda. 

Archi-/aus /uaidim. 

Domi-/illa in /endog. 

Pan-(;ratius 'sin ^om- 

Bas-j-illa acus Lilian. 

Dios-^orus is ^'olman. 

Jan. I. 

oc-/aua mar /harla. 
Para-^oda in ^lan- 



Mar-/ina 'sin /uirim. 



papa An-^er[os] ^ond- 

Geno-z/efa <5arrglan.^ 



Teles-^orus /apa. 


Eleu-j-ip coa ^aig- 



oc-z'auus do /hu-.- 



Lau-rt^amair <^ruin 






Fructu-^sus, H^r- 





Poli-rarpus <faidfer. 
Ma-/'hias /end eirbe. 


Feb. 6. 

Doro-/hea /hogaimm. 
Ana-/holian, T^eo- 



Ans-^ertus bdsv (5alla. 



Ermen-^ilda ^lanog. 
Fe-/icula /andes. 



Poli-(:arpas credlach. 

May I. 


Dios-(;oir ^enn^ cox&. 



Le-«nder la hlz^lian. 



Man-j-uetus, mo vShi- 


larch 7. 

Felici-/as /rebar. 



Inno-^entius rara. 


' Cf. Ailia cUbarr. Oct. 7, /i:thair /oain, Nov. 5, /oain «pstoil, and /acoib 
/mslain, Dec. 17. 

^ Here, as the adj. barrglan agrees with a fern, noun, its initial is ' aspirated,' 
z>., pronounced like v. Or the v of Gcnovcfa is regarded as b. 

•■* Hence we see that s and infected s may alliterate. 


May 24. 


June 2, 





July 2. 




Aue. I. 

Mana-hm, lo-h^nna. 
Eu-^''enius ^lorda, 
Auc-/^ertus cen b\\- 

Petro-wella ;ziamglan 
Blan-i^ina fri <figlaib. 
E-rasmus cor-i?acheil. 
Pergen-Zinus /end- 

Gil-<^ardus nar' ^ai- 

A-(^undus asm-Mg- 

Sos-/enes /end cabair. 
Fe-/icula in /anraith. 
Iu-/itan na /uigfind. 
Tran-^'uillin 'sin 

Edel-(7'rida ^/iamair. 
Simpo-rosa rathmar. 
Plu-/archus 'sin t\x- 

Mone-^ndiss ^lanor. 
Pan-/enus fri /roge. 
Gun-rt'enes co nrf'egh- 

lusta [/]riu, Ru^ina. 
Uan-<^regisil rt^elbda. 
Panta-/eo nach /aim- 

meic Mo-diaba ^uim- 

Aris-Zarcus i^enn-Poil. 
[S]ma-ragdus nar 


Auer. 18. 


Sep. 5. 

Oct. 2. 



Nov. 13. 



Dec. I. 






He-/ena^ nach /ai- 

Za-rheus co caen- 

Pa-/ricius /end /o 

Gau-^entia a'l'non. 
Ar-rontius nail ^om- 

E-/euther /eo Ziad- 

Ethel-(^urga ^ithog. 
Edel-<^rida (^ronban. 
Tri-ybnia /liair galar. 
Pe-/agia nos- /uadeb. 
Edel-_/leda /"irog. 
Ma-nna nar rodal. 
Aldi-^ndis ^lanmor. 
feil Mo-diuti ^hialla. 
Eu-dierius, C'urcach. 
Ma-/rona /enn /ennal. 
Lu-^retia ^aem <:har- 

Fe-/icitas, Zucia. 
Cata-rina rogda. 
Ui-/alis cen /emel. 
for De-^ember ^a- 

Po-/amia/end /redain. 
Aga-/ho cen /obeim. 
Eu-/alia na /amar. 
Misa-el cen f//ba. 
ui-^lia na^'"ene. 
Eu-^enia ^lan delb- 

Man-j-uetus la 5eueir. 

The foregoing examples are all of lines containing foreign or 
hiberniciscd foreign, proper names or common nouns. But the 
rule is the same in the case of lines composed of genuine Irish 
words, thus : — 

Jan. 12. nam-^uirther i 

cxo- Feb. 1 1 . 

Coccnat /;an 


' Accented on the penult like 'EXei/7. So in the case of Anteros ('Avrepwr} 
Jan. 3, and Sostenes {Ecoa-divrjs), June 11. 


Ap. 22. ad-(^reset na ^egfir. Oct. 17. in ^egog ron ^idna. 

July 25. j5anbnat asro-(^agis. Nov. 4. aram<5aigfrism-(^enab. 

Aug. 10. 6 Dhruim (56 at-^ei- Dec. i. ra n^di fo-^ebainn. 
rid. 31. reid at-<:hiu mar ^hin- 

Sep. 9. De-rercce nos riarab. gimm. 

The rule of syllable-division deducible from the above exam- 
ples agrees in almost every respect, with the rules in Latin as 
stated by Seelmann^ and Lindsay.^ Where it differs, namely, in 
the treatment of the groups sc, st, sp, sb and ct, it agrees remark- 
ably with Spanish, in which language we have, for instance, ues- 
ciente, mies-tro, a-postol, hues-ped, es-bozo, elec-to, and not ne-scientey 
nue-stro, apostol, hue-sped, e-sbozo, ele-cto. It is hard to ascertain 
the rule in modern Irish. The subject is ignored by all the gram- 
marians except O'Molloy and MacCurtin. The former writes in his 
Grammatica Latino-Jiibernica, Romae, 1677, p. 81 : In polisyllabis 
autem syllabizandis, consona sequens ultimam vocalem prioris 
syllabae enumeranda est tamquam attinens ad primam syllabam 
subsequentem, immo licet plures sint consonae ut in iasgaireacht, 
latine piscatio, sic fit, nam sg attinent ad secundam syllabam." 
The latter writes : " Note that in words of more than one 
syllable, compounds excepted, all the middle consonants do 
commonly belong to the precedent vowel, as talamh thus tal-amh,^ 
' the earth.' The double consonant must entirely follow the 
precedent vowel, as geall-adh^ 'promise.'" {The English-Irish 
Dictionary, Paris, 1732, p. 717.) It will be seen that these gram- 
marians agree neither with Gorman nor with each other. Nor, 
as regards the group sg, do they agree with the Scottish High- 
landers, who (as I am assured by Mr. MacBain) zd^y ias-gaircacJit, 
not (as O'Molloy said), ia-sgaireacJit, nor (etymologically) iasg- 

Exceptions to the rule that every line must contain an alliter- 
ation are only these eight : the first lines of the stanzas for March 
14, Aug. 3, Sept. I and Oct. i, the third line of the stanza for May 
19, the seventh of the stanza for June 9, the ninth of the stanza 
for Aug. I, the fifth of the stanza for Aug. 10, the fourth of the 
stanza for Dec. 4. The second line of the stanza for Dec. 6, 
should probably be amended to Leontia [fial] findog. In June 23, 
1. %, fiadhain is a scribal error iox fiadJiain, which alliterates with 
erail ; in June 29, 1. 4, Faeldobair'vs, a scribal oxxox {ox Aeldobair, 
which alliterates with _/z///zW; in Sep, 11, 1. 7, /rm«m should 

1 Die Aussprache des Laiein, 1885, p. 139. 

2 The Latin Language, Oxford, 1894, §§ 139, 140, and see The Academy 
for March 2, 1895, p. 103, and the Revue Celtiqiie, xvi, 125. 

^ O'Molloy and Gorman would have divided thus : ta-lamh. 
■» Gorman would have divided thus : gel-lad : cf. his Dom-wina cen 
wergnim, Ap. 14, Bas-J-illa acus Lilian, May 17. 

C 2 

xxxvi PREFACE. 

he phrivineni, alliterating withfuilet, and in Dec, 15, 1. \,pianad 
should hephianad, alliterating \\nth.fuai)'. So injuly ig^rhi should 
he friu, alliterating with (Ru)/ina, and in Nov. 19, 1. 2,feraibh 
is a scribal error for feraibJi, which alliterates with Exupeir. So 
we should re^id firflatth, March 12 ; fodlach, March 13 ; findtig, 
March 19 : Ferguis, May 14 ; fuba, June 24 ; farrad, June 27 ; 
focraim, June 28 ; Finmain,Sep. 27 \fegaiin, Dec. i. On the whole, 
there being only eight exceptions in nearly 3,000 lines, it may be 
said that in Gorman's Martyrology, as in the old Teutonic 
poetry, alliteration is " ein eigentliches Lebenselement." 

Gorman's practice as to alliterating groups of consonants is as 
follows : 

hi and br alliterate with b, bl and br. 
cl, en and cr alliterate with r, en, el and er. 
dl and dr alliterate with d, dl and dr. 
fi and fr alliterate with./, jfl and/r. 
g/, gn and gr alliterate with g, gn, gl and gr. 
pr alliterates with/ and/r : papa. primda, Jan. 16. 
se alliterates with s (and se) : 5<:olastica, Lilian, Feb. 10. 
6"enic, ^Scandal, June 27 — a noticeable deviation from 
the rule that se can alliterate only with se. 
ser alliterates with se (and se;-) : serihnid seel, Oct. 8. 

5nllitan seriham, July 17. 
s/ and sr alliterate with s, si and sr : sm .yluagach, Ap. 20. 
jniith i-en-Phol. Jan. 10. j-;aiith j/uagfer, July 15, 
^eigein j-ruithfer j-omi'n, Nov. 12. vSiluester, i-;'uith 
jloinnimm, Dec. 31. 
sn alliterates with s (and sn^: jinne snadnd, Feb. 18. 
spy alliterates with s (and spr) : Spi'oc .rardrech, June 30. 
St {z) alliterates with s (and st) : Zachair, 5enan, June 2 : 
^"/iallain junna, Oct. 27. 
4. In every four-lined stanza the final words of Ivies 2 and 4. 
must assonate} In every six-lined stanza the final' zvords of lines 
2 and 6 nmst assonate? In evejy eight-lined stanza the final 
words of lines 3, 6 and 8 must assonate.'^ In eveiy ten-lined 
stanza the final words of lines '^,^,'^ and 10 must assonate.'^ In 
every twelve-lined stanza the final woj-ds of lines 3, 6, 8, 10 and 
12 must assonate.^ In every fourteen-lined stanza the final zvords 
of lines 3, 6, 8, 10, 12 ajid 14 must assonate S' 

Thus at Feb. 20 we have trebar, credal : at Jan. ^,diandg, Ciardn : 

■ See Feb. 20, 21, Ap. 12, and the epilogue, p. 250. 

2 See Jan. 5, 14, 20, etc. 

•■' See Jan. 2, 3, 4, etc. 

■* See Jan. i, 7, 15, 16, 17, Ap. 22, May i, 9, 13, 15, etc. 

* See May 3, Aug. i, Nov. i (the second stanza), Nov. 3, 12. 

** See Jan. 31, March 31, Aug. 11, Dec. 23. 


at Jan. 2, glancheil, Manchcin, garcheim : at Jan. i, tJiarla, cadla, 
aiura, calina : at May 3, amra, cadla, -cabra, calma, fagla : and at 
Jan. 31, anigand, adraimn, dagrand, labranini, tabrani, amnann. 

5. In the last two lines of every stanza there must be an 
internal assonance, that is to say, a monosyllable, or two 
syllables, in the penultimate line must assonate with a mono- 
syllable or two syllables in the interior of the last line. Thus in 
the stanzas for Jan. i, .buidin assonates with cuiribh and 
{Enfra)sind^ with {Mar)tina, and in the stanza for Jan. 5, fial 
assonates with Ciar. 

Similar rimes are found in early Italian poetry f and in 
modern English the following stanza by Mr. Robert Bridges, 
affords a still closer parallel : 

' Now dewy nights again and rain in gentle shower 
At root of tree and flower have quenched the winter's drouth. 
On high the hot sun smiles, and banks of ^r/^z^c/ uptower 
In bulging heads that crowd {or miles the dazzling south.' 

6. No syllable ending in a consonant can associate with a 
syllable ending in a vowel. To this rule there are no exceptions 
in the end-rimes. But in the case of internal assonances we have 
two or three instances such as t^rnam, g/^glan, Nov. 24 ; erglan, 
glegar, Jan. 25 ; Ca?n:\ech, r^breth, March 28 ; athfzV, math/, 
April 16; FcTic, ergil, Ap. 2^; forlonn, rodrong, July 31; so- 
gradh,y(?Han, Colman, Aug. 8. 

7. The assonating vowels must be the same} The assonating 
consonants must belong to the same class. 

For the purposes of this rule a periphonic (or umlauted) vowel 
is deemed to be the same as the primary vowel,'* the diphthongs 
ae and oe are identical with long ^,^ and the consonants are 
divided into the following four classes : 

I. c, t, p, g, d, b.^ 

II. ch, th,ph,f. 

III. gh, dh, bh, I, II, mh, vim, n, nn, {nd) r, rr, ngJ 

IV. s. 

^ 1 Here, as in Sofia from 2o(f)La, the stress-accent has replaced the pitch- 
accent (Ev(f)po(rvvr)), with the result of lengthening the accented vowel. 

^ See, for instance, Guido de le Colonne's verses in Jiz7ne di diversi antichi 
aiitori Toscafti, Vinegia, 1532, p. 113. 

■Mn June 10, Echach rimes with Rethech, which must be read Retheach. 
In June 14, Belaigh rimes with dlegar, a scribal error for dlegair. 

■» Thus caVdgel assonates with cl<?rnimh, Ap. 14, xoi?, with dfss, Sep. 26, 
c?«rib with t«rid, Ap. 13. 

5 Thus tdidlech assonates with ncindrech, Sep. i, and ebhin7i {i.e. oebhinn) 
with Herind, Sep. 23. 

^ O'Molloy, and his copyist O'Donovan {Grafuviar, p. 415) divide this 
class into two, one consisting of the surds c, t, p, the other of the sonants 
g, d, b. 

' O'Molloy and O'Donovan divide this class into two, viz. five strong, 
//, m, nn, ng, rr, and seven light, bh, dh, gh, mh, I, 71, r. 

xxxviii PREFACE. 

Infected f and s are disregarded. 

In the case of groups of consonants it is enough if one of each 
group be the same or belong to the same class. Thus cer/fir, 
Sep/im, Ap. i8 : A/reil, acbcil, Ap. 30: fer/aib, Nech/ain, 
Nov. 22 : organ, Co;///^ghan, Feb. 27 : organ, QobJixkv\, July 19 : 
organ, 0^/^ran, Oct. 2. 

Examples of class I : e^raib, ce/aib, May 14 : Feli^r, ergi/, Ap. 23. 
comraf, cobra/', May 11 : Lo//an, Gobban, March 26. Combined 
with other letters: for/ail, Corraig, July 12: okaib, for/ail, Dec. 
23 : la^, -dibb, Aug. 12 : for^il, oxddxa, bor^^-aig, Jan. 29. 

Class II. sor/^air, mo^/^aig, Feb. 2. Condmac//, tromra///, July 
9 : Loic//ein, cr6///ein, Jan. 12 : Be//nl, gre/il, Jan. 27 : cumZ/^aig, 
Fur///air, Aug. 20. Combined with other letters : coidr/^e, 
soir///e, Ap. 28 : cren/aind, Re^/^raind, June 16 : A^raic, fa^//raic, 
July 10. 

Class III. Examples passim. Only the rarer consonantal 
assonances are here given : Findlu^/^, immru// (MS. immrul), 
Jan. 3 : bri^/^dha, Di;«;//a, df^/da, Jan. 6 : si'rban, Di;//;/^an, Jan. 10: 
aeMdha, Cae«;/a, Nov. 5 : tochei;//;;/, crophei;/, Jan. 12 : \oinm- 
chaidh, Bro/chain, Jan. 16: low7/^an, co7/7//lan, Nov. 10, 13: gor;//- 
nem, dro;zghel, Jan. 2 : Colwan, cow/zlan, Ap. 9, June i 
tobheiw;//, romeiw, Dec. 7 : glancheiw;//, Manchei/?, Dec. 29 
te;/;zbhrigh, Erni'n, de^//righ, Jan. 26 : cui;/(^mid, dui/gibh, Feb. 3 
borrslat, cow//rac, Dec. 13 : ai;/^libh, sairt7/bhir, ai;/mhibh, Jan. 
19: Mi(^//ran, fiw^/bhan, Dec. 5 : Tua;;/wa, ua<77^a, Sep. 5. 

Class IV. ciVu, li-u. May 9: lemmj-a, cennj-a, Jan. 14 : maj-^i, lajji, 
Ap. 19: Oi"J"ein, fro.ffein, May 2 : thai-j-ib, Bajjril, June 14: cnej-- 
buicc, epj-cuip, Sep. 27. 

That f and s are disregarded appears from the assonances 
craebhfal, Aedhan, Oct. 9: findfal, Sillan, Dec. 21: pn'mfer, 
ci'mer, Jan. 21 : felfer, nemed, July 29 : sainfer, Cainer, Nov. 5 : 
ogseng, forend, Aug. 12: oen.sleg, oebgel, Aug. 19: fi'rseing, 
ri'meim, Sep. 26: borrslat, comrac, Dec. 13: soerslat, coemmac, 
Ap. 5 : Cuain, diisaim, Ap. 26 : caemslat, Aednat, Nov. 9 : 
coelseng, oebell, July 17. 

V. The Contents of the Martvrology. 

Though Gorman's Martyrology is now for the first time 
printed, and though it is preserved in only one copy, un- 
discovered till the year 1847, in the first half of the seventeenth 
century it was so well known and admired that Colgan writes of 
it as follows : — 

B. Marianus (alijs Malmurius O Gorman), Abbas Lughmagh- 
densis in Vltonia, composuit metro Hibernico perraro quidem et 
elcganti stylo, Martyrologium tempore Gelasij Archiepiscopi 
Ardmachani circa annum 1 167, quod in summo prctio habetur 


et habendum est, turn propter summam operis fidem, turn 
propter singularem styli elegantiam. Collegit pleraque ex 
Martyrologio Tamlactensi, ut in praefatione ad ipsius Martyro- 
logium vetustus scholiastes attestatur ; et refert promiscue cum 
Hiberniae, tum aliarum gentium praecipuos sanctos. {Acta 
Sanctorwii HibernicE, Lovanii, 1645, p. 5). 

O'Clery, moreover, " made great use of this work in the 
compilation of the Martyrology of Donegal, [circ. 1630.] All 
the names which he gives without a local designation are from 
O'Gorman, as well as those which have short local notices ; of 
these last many, if not all, are taken from the scholia " (Todd, 
Martyrology of Donegal, p. xvii). 

The poem (so-called) is a collection of mnemonic stanzas — 
two for each of the five days, Jan. i, 6, Sep. 30, Nov. i, 10, and 
one for each of the other days of the year — commemorating over 
three thousand biblical, continental, Anglo-Saxon, British, and 
Irish saints, from Abel down to Gilla mo Chaidbeo. Unlike 
the martyrologies of Jerome and Tallaght, which commence 
with the Nativity (Dec. 25), Gorman's martyrology begins with 
the Circumcision (Jan. i). It is followed by an epilogue in four 
quatrains. From beginning to end it is unbrightened by a single 
flash of poetic fire, by a single glimpse of nature or human life. 
The epithets with which it abounds are chosen, not because they 
are appropriate to the person described, but because they fill up 
the line, or enable the writer to comply with the rules as to as- 
sonance and alliteration. As Wordsworth somewhere says of the 
English verse of the eighteenth century, the language of Gorman is 
the language of a man ' composing without his eye on the object.' 
Only thrice^ are his strings of names and epithets enlivened by 
a reference to a legend or tradition ; and Irish beliefs, manners 
and customs are but scantily illustrated by phrases such as 
rath tend for a thassib, 'strong grace on his relics,' June 14, 
cathair na caenfled ' the city of the bright feasts ' (i.e. Heaven), 
Dec. 18, coszn coibleid ceolaig 'to the melodious banquet' (another 
kenning for Heaven), July 27, in doss diten ' the bush of pro- 
tection,' June 10, ar cJirudu ni crenfaind ' for herds I could not 
buy them,' June 16. 

In what, then, lies the value of Gorman's work ? I answer, 
first, it is an almost uncorrupted specimen of Gaelic as written 
between the years 1166 and 11 74, and dated trustworthy texts 
are indispensable to the scientific study of the Gaelic literature 
and language ; secondly, it is an example of the elaborate metres 
in which the Irish song-smiths delighted, and which influenced 

» See March 1 5 (the legend of Longinus), May 6 (S. John's escape from 
the boihng oil), and July 3 (the translation of S. Thomas). We may 
perhaps add the mention, at July 19, of the tears of Arsenius. 


the poetry of Norway and Iceland^ ; thirdly, it helps to fill the 
gap (Nov. i-Dec. i6) in the Martyrology of Tallaght ; fourthly 
it enables us to verify the statements and correct the errors 
of the Martyrology of Donegal ; and, lastly, it is an historical 
document showing what soldiers of Christ the medieeval 
Irish Church especially revered. The linguistic importance 
of our Martyrology is sufficiently exhibited in the Glossarial 
Index, and in section III of this preface. Its metre is explained 
in section IV. The holy persons whom it commemorates 
will here be noticed under the following five heads : — [a) Biblical, 
{b) Continental, {c) Anglo-Saxon, {d) British (including Armor- 
ican), and {e) Irish. But first as to the forms in which their 
names are presented. 

The names of non-Irish saints are, as a rule, given by Gorman 
in their hibernicised forms. These are sometimes as unlike the 
original as the Chinese representations of Sanskrit words in the 
Memoirs of Hiouen Thsang. Who,for instance, could by the light 
of nature recognise Hieronymus in Cirine, PorpJiyrius in Fur- 
fuir, Ptolomaeus in Toluivi, StepJianus in Zefan, or Nazarius 
in Nastair ? It will therefore be useful, before noticing these 
saints, to lay down a few rules for identifying the names in 

First, the Irish reflexes of Latin names ending in -us are, almost 
always, formed from the gen. sg. Thus Amaind comes, not from 
Amandus, but from Amandi, Antioig from Antiochi, Audomair 
from Audomari, Augiiist from Augusti. So with masc. and fem. 
stems in a : Agricoil from Agricolae, Agaip from Agapae. So 
with stems in ac : Audaic from Audacis. This, no doubt, is due 
to the fact that in the ancient Latin martyrologies the names of 
saints are in the gen. sg., governed by the word festuvi under- 
stood.- Names in -his, -ia, -eius, and -es are hibernicised by 
dropping the termination and umlauting the preceding vowel 
when it is a, e, ooru. Thus Agaip from Agapius, AlmaicJi from 
Almachius, Aviaint (Amantius), Anastais (Anastasius), Reineid 
(Remedius), Areid (Aredius), Arseiti (Arsenius), Appolloin 
(Apollonius), Procoip (Procopius), Apiiil (Apuleius), Diogen 
(Diogenes). Stems in ii exhibit the nasal: Arion, Bauon, 
Rodo?i, Trudon, Miisvn, Nason. But the Latin nominatives 
AgatJio, Plato occur. Names in -anus, -ana simply drop the -us, 
-a, e.g. Seruilian, Donatian, Doniitian, Damian, Flavian. 

' See Paul and Braune's Beitraege zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache 
U7id Literahcr, 1878, ss. 583, 584. 

^ The practice extended to names other than those of saints. Thus Cdic, 
Neptuin, Oirc, Patrocuil, Satuirn, the Irish reflexes of Cacus, Neptunus, 
Orcus, Patroclus, Satumus, are formed from the genitives singxilar of those 


As to the vowels : a is elided in Branwald (Branvvalatr), 
inserted in Petar (Petrus), and assimilated in Ervwgoir 
(Hermagoras) : pretonic e is assimilated in Nicofoir {NcK7}(j)6po<i), 
and becomes a in Patrocus, Leodagair, Garalt, Uarburga, and 
the Irish Dar-crca. In Zoa (TiCdrf) final e becomes a owing, 
probably, to the shifting of the stress to the first syllable : / is 
broken in Helair (Hilarius), elided in Teodoirc (Theodoricus), 
inserted in Gillibert (Gilbertus), Sereig (Sergius), expressed by 
y in Ypolit: o becomes '« in Carpofair (Carpophorus), and u 
in Furfuir (Porphyrins) : // is inserted in Patroculus (Patroclus): 
y is generally represented by i or ai (C/prian, Cmac, Czrill, 
Didz'm, Dionz's, Sz'agrius, Polz'carpus, Eutrtz'c), but also by e 
(Zeph^rin), and u (Sat?^r, Furfz/ir). 

As to the diphthongs : ae and oe are regularly represented by e, 
as in Cesar, Eviil, Einilian, Preiectus, Pretextait, Pantenus, 
Celestinus, Febe : au becomes 6 in Pol, ii. in Usaille and, probably, 
Pulich (leg. Pt'dicJi) : eo is represented by eu in Neuther 
(Neoterus) and, conversely, eu by eo in Teoseit (Theuseta). 

As to the semi-vowels: /, (j/) is dropt in Enair (Jenarius), and 
w (v) in Edildld (Ethelwald). In Drothoib (Droctoveus) v is 
represented by (aspirated) b. The Anglo-Saxon p (w) is 
expressed by u or uu. 

The consonants exhibit some noteworthy alterations. Thus 
c becomes t in Bonefait, Patian: while it is doubled in Atticc, 
Maurice, Medericc, Tarsicc, and Ursaicc, and sinks to g in 
Paragoda (Paracodes). In Auseint (Auxentius) and Usaille 
(Auxilius), X {ks) is simplified to s. 

The velar guttural q seems represented by c in Cartus, Cirin, 
and possibly by/ in Pincto. In LStJi (L5tos) and Sother (Soter), 
vowel-flanked t is ' aspirated ' more hibernico. P is either kept, 
or dropt, as in Toluiiu (Ptolemaeus), or doubled, as in Appolli- 
naris, or changed to f, as in Friimis (Primus), Furfuir (Porphy- 
rins), or V as in Euolan. In Eleusip and Melasip, double / is 
singled. Ph is represented by / {Paron, Ampian, Painpil, 
Siiuproin), hy f {Febe, Eufrais, Trifon, Ti'ifonia, Zefan), or by 
if {Effrenim). 

The medials g, d, b, are provected respectively to c, t, p, in 
Radicuind (Radigundis), Meiteit (Medeteus), Estras (Esdras), 
Methoit (Methodius), and Puplius (Publius). In Esippus 
(Hegesippus), intervocalic^ disappears. In Teothota (Theodota) 
and Tatha (Thaddaeus) d and dd are represented by th, here 
probably the sonant dental spirant, just as in Hiruatk (Herodes) 
and epJiotJi (ephodus), it is the corresponding surd. In Baluina 
(Balbina) and U\r\uan (Urbanus) the groups lb, rb have 
respectively become Iv, rv, as they would do in the mouths 
of the British teachers, from whom the Irish probably learnt 


these names. British phonetics also explain the tJi in the river- 
name Orthanetn (Jordan) = Welsh lorddonen. 

The aspirated guttural cJi becomes c in Cionia, Crisaint, 
Crissogoin^ Crist, Acilleus, Pacomius, Scolastica, but is kept in 
auslaut in Epairck (Eparchius), and EpimaicJi (Epimachus). 
In Antioig (Antiochus), it represents the zV/^-sound. TitJiic 
(Tychicus) is probably a scribal error for TicJiic. 

Except in Hicronyvius, the initial // of foreign words seems 
to have been silent to Irish ears. Hence h is dropt in Aticbertus, 
Ermogin, Ermogoir, Esippus (Hegesippus), Ipolit, Ypolit, and 
prefixed in JiAbimid, JiEreiti, hirein, hUiltbritli. But in Ciririe 
(Hieronymus) it is represented by c. Internal Ji becomes cJi in 
Manadien (Manahen), and ^ in Erniengilda (Eormenhild). Final 
Ji becomes g in Uaj'burga (Werburh), and Elfegns (Eliheah). 

The dental aspirate regularly becomes /. Thus in anlaut Tatha, 
Teodoil, Teodoir, Tirsus, in inldiUX. Ant ivi, Catarina, Citinus, Sos- 
tenes, and in auslaut lacint. In Timoith it is preserved intact. 

As to the liquid and nasal consonants; r is dropt in auslaut, in 
Brmiivald (Branwalatr) : it is lost in Birstan (Byrnstan), and 
becomes ;;/ in Sereim (Serenus) : conversely in becomes n in 
Filoron (Philoromus) and Trophin (Trophimus) : / is doubled in 
GUlibej't (Gilbertus) : in is doubled in the place-name, Rodanim 

The dental spirant s when flanked by vowels is regularly 
doubled. Thus Bassil (Basileus), Bassilis (Basilissa), Crissogoin 
(Chrysogonus), Sissinnius. Final s is dropt in Paragoda (Para- 
codes) and Parmena (Parmenas). Double s is singled in auslaut 
\n Bassilis. In J/cirrt^f^z^j- (Smaragdus) the initial j is dropt. In 
Carist (Charisius) it is strengthened by t. Nicoscrait (Nicostratus), 
if not a scribal error for Nicostrait, is an instance of the change 
of st to sc so common in Manx. Initial st is expressed by s: in 
Zefan (Stephanus), and perhaps in Zacheiis (Stacteus?), Sep. 28. 
The soft spirant s is generally represented by -c {Zachair, 
Zenon, Zeferin, Zod) ; but once by s {Senob), and twice by st, 
{Stejion, Nastair). In the place-name Nazaint (Nazianzus) nz 
(= nst^ has become nt. 

{a) Biblical Saints. 

The Old-Testament personages commemorated by Gorman 
are Abel, Ap. 22, Abraham, Oct. 9, Isaac, Ap. 26, Rachel, June 3, 
Mosc-s, Sep. 4, Aaron, July i, Joshua and Gideon (Sep. i), 
David, Dec. 29, the prophets Samuel and Elisha (Helisaeus) 
Jeremias, May i, Isaias, July 16, E/xchiel, Ap. 10, Daniel, 
July 21, Joel and Esdras, July 13, Zacharias, Sep. 6, Oseas and 
Aggaeus, July 4 ; Habacuc, Michaeas, Jan. 15, Amos, March 31, 


Job, May lO, the three Children, Dec. i6, and the Maccabees, 
Aug. I. 

The New Testament personages are our Lord, the B. V. Mary, 
her spouse Joseph, John the Baptist, his father Zacharias, the 
Apostles, the Evangelists Mark and Luke ; the Holy Innocents, 
Jan. 4, the protomartyr Stephen, Gamaliel, Simeon, Longinus, 
(i.e. the soldier that pierced our Lord's side), Dionysius the 
Areopagite ; Joseph Barsabas ; Mary Magdalen ; Lazarus and 
Martha ; Johanna, Simeon ; Ananias (Acts ix. 17) ; Onesimus ; 
Anna the prophetess (Sep. i), Agabus, Feb. 13, Manaen, May 
.24, Aquila and Priscilla, July 8, Nicodemus, Aug. 3, Aristarchus, 
Aug. 4, Phoebe, Sep. 3, and Trophimus, Nov. 28. 

In these commemorations Gorman, as a rule, agrees with the 
western martyrologies. The following deserve special notice. 
The Circumcision commemorated with the octave of the Nativity, 
Jan. I. The three commemorations, at Jan. 6, of our Lord's 
baptism, the adoration of the Magi, and the conversion of water 
into wine. The two commemorations, at Jan. 7, of the departure 
■of Christ from Egypt, and the beginning of His fast in the wilder- 
ness. His victory over the Devil, Feb. 15. His Conception and 
His Crucifixion commemorated on the same day, March 25. 
His Resurrection fixed on March 27, and His Ascension on May 
5. The report at Rome of the Assumption of the B. V. Mary, 
■commemorated with the Cathedra s. Petri on Jan. 18, her 
Nativity, Sep. 8, her Conception, Dec. 8. The three findings 
of the head of John the Baptist at Feb. 24, Feb. 27, and May 
25 — the third finding, apparently, from a Greek source ; his 
nativity at June 24, his conception, Sep. 24. This last festival 
is frequent in Anglo-Saxon calendars : it is given in two of the 
codices of the Hieronymian Martyrology ; but it does not occur 
in the Roman missal. The commemoration of Longinus at 
March 15. The mission of the Apostles, July 15. Mary 
Magdalen, July 22. The simultaneous commemoration of S. 
John and S. James on Dec. 27, which seems attributable to 
Galilean influence.-^ Noticeable also are the feasts of Germanus 
of Auxerre on July 31 and Aug. i : the holding of the first 
synod of Nicaea (June 19) ; and, lastly, (on April 25) what 
seems to be the fast of the Greater Litany. 

{b^ Continental Saints. 

Of Gorman's commemorations of continental saints it may be 
said, as Mr. Warren has said of the Leofric Kalendar, that "the 
greater number of these Festivals are the common property of 

1 See Warren, Stowe Missal, 273, note 5. So the Drummond Kalendar 
at Dec. 27, commemorates S. John's natale and S. James' ordinatio 

xliv PREFACE. 

early Christendom, and commemorate martyrs in the early 
heathen, especially in the Decian and Diocletian persecutions." 
These saints are of all nationalities, although as might be ex- 
pected in a western Martyrology, western names predominate. 
The later saints are those that throw light on the character of 
any Martyrology or Kalendar ; and in the present case it may 
be said that, with ten exceptions,^ every saint here commemo- 
rated, who died after A.D. 500, is connected with France, Bel- 
gium, Spain, Great Britain or Ireland. 

The French and Belgian saints referred to are : — 

Jan. 3. Genovefa ; 15, Mauir (Maurus) ; 19, Laudomarus ; 30, 

Aldeguind (Aldegundis), 
Feb. 5. Avit (Avitus) ; 6, Amaint (Amandus), Uedaist 

(Vedastus) ; 1 1, Desider (Desiderius) ; 27, Baldomer ; 

18, Gertrudis. 

March 28. Guntramnus ; 29, Eustais. 

Ap. 4. Nicet (Nicetius) ; 12, Constantin (Constantinus) ; 

19, Ursmair (Ursmarus). 
May 23. Desider (Desiderius ; 28, Germanus. 
June 8. Medard (Medardus) ; 16, Auit (Avitus), Gundulf; 

21, Leofridus. 
July 18. Arnulfus ; 20, Ulmair (Vulmarus) ; 22, Uandregisil 

(now Vandrille). 
Aug. 13. Radicuind (Radegundis) ; 16, Arnulfus; 22, Bernard, 

24, Gildard, Audoen ; 27, Siagrius (Syagrius) ; 29, 

Medericc ; 30. Agil (Agilus). 
Sep. I. Egid (Egidius), Lupus, Victor(ius) ; 5, Bertinus ; 

7, Clodoald ; 9, Audomair (Audomarus) : 13, Amait 

(Amatus) ; 17, Lambeirt (Lambertus) ; 21, Laudus. 
Oct. I. Bavo ; 2, Leodagair (Leodegarus) ; 25, Helair? 
Nov. 6. Maelan, leg. Melan (Melanius), Leonard (Leonardus) ; 

19, Aldigundis ; 23, Trudon. 

Dec. I. Elig (Eligius) ; 13, Autbeirt (Autpertus) ; 15, Maxi- 
min ; 19, Grigoir (Gregorius). 

The Spanish saints are : — Feb. 27, Leander ; Ap. 13, Her- 
menigild ; Aug. 20, 27, Leovigilt, Felic ; Sep. 27, Adulf ; Oct. 14, 

{c) Anglo-Saxon Saints. 

The Anglo-Saxon saints commemorated by Gorman are : — 
Feb. 3. Uarburga (Werburh) ; 13, Ermengilda (Eormcnhild). 

' St. Benedict (Mar. 21), his sister, St. Scholastica (Feb. 10), the Persian 
martyr, Anastasius (Jan. 22), and six popes, namely, St. Gregory (March 12). 
Benedict II (May 7), Bonefacius IV (IVIay 13) Eugenius I (May 24). 
Johannes I (May 28), and Sergius (Sep. 9). 


March 12. Elfegus (^Ifheah) ; i8, Eduard (Eadward) ; 20, 

Cutbeirt (Cuthberht). 
Ap. 19. Elfegus; 21, Edilald (^thelwald) ; 24, hUiltbrith 

(Wilfrith), Ecbricht (Ecgbyrht) ; Ercenualdus. 
May 5. Euchbrict ; 19, Dunstan (Dunstan) ; 23, Suidbrect ; 
25, Aldeilm (Aldhelm) ; 26, Augustin, Beda ; 27, 
June 5. Bonifait (Wilfrith) and Eoban(Eobba); i5,Eadburga 

(Eadburh) ; 23, Edeldrida (^^itheldryth). 
July 2. Suuithun (Swithun) ; 7, Ethelburga (^Ethelburh), 
Hedda (Haeddi, Hedde) : 8, Grimbald ; 1 5, Suuithun ; 
17, Cenelmus (Cenhelm) ; 18, Eadburga. 
Aug. 2. Atheluald (Athelwold) ; 5, Osuald (Oswald) ; 19, 

Sep. 4. Birin (Byrinus), Buichbirt (Suicbirt). 
Oct. 3. two Ewalds ; 7, Osgidha ; 8. Ceolfrid ; 10, Paulinus ; 
II, Ethelburga ; 12, Uu[i]lfrid ; 17, Edeldrida ; 24, 
Caeti (Ceddi ? ). 
Nov. 4. Birstan (Byrnstan) ; 7, Uuel[i]frod (Willibrord) ; 15, 
Uinfrid (Winfrith) ; 18, Hilda (Hild) ; 20, Eadmund. 
Dec. 3. Birin ; 6, Beretchert ; 8, Ichtbritt (Ecgbyrht). 
Mr. Dewick has noticed the number of Winchester saints 
included in the above list — Elfegus, Swithun, Hedda, Grimbald, 
Athelwald, Birin — to whom he adds the Breton saints ludoc and 
Branualator, whose names appear in the Winchester Kalendar 
printed by Hampson, Medii JEvi Kalendarium, i. 422. The 
reason may perhaps be found in the connexion between St. 
Swithun's (Winchester), and Glastonbury,^ a favourite resort of 
Irish pilgrims, perhaps^ in the use by Gorman of a copy of the 
kalendar just referred to. 

{d) British and Arniorican Saints. 

The British and Armorican saints here commemorated are: — 
Jan. 9, ludoc; 19, Branwald (Branwalatr) ; March i, David ; 2, 
Fergna, a Briton ; 1 1, Constantin Britt ; Apr. 25, Matoc ; May 16, 
Carnech ; June 4, Patrocus ; 16, Similian ; 22, Alban ; July 13, 
Taurian ; 25, ludoich ; 28, Samson ; Aug. 29, Unniucc ; Oct. 24, 
Martan ; Nov. 6, Uinnocus; 14, Mochutus ; Dec. 13, ludaich; 
26, mo Genoc ; 29, Finnian (Vinniavus). 

Gorman's authorities for these non- Irish saints were almost 

> See Liber Vita of New Minster and Hyde Abbey, Winchester. Ed. by 
W. de Gray Birch for the Hampshire Record Society, 1892, p. 49, n. 

- See Fel. Oeiig. p. cxxxii. : ' Glastingibeira na nCaedel . . . Scoti 
enim prius in perigrinatione ibi habitabant.' 



certainly the Martyrology ascribed to S. Jerome,^ the lesser 
Roman Martyrology,^ and the Martyrologies of Ado,' Usuard,* 
and Baeda.^ As to the Kalendars which he says that he used, 
it is impossible to speak with any confidence. He may have 
had copies of the Leofric Kalendar,'' and of one or other of the 
Kalendars in the three Cotton MSS. (Galba, A. xviii.,' Vitellius, 
L. xviii. and Titus, D. xxvii.) published by Hampson in his Medii 
Aevi Kalendariuvi, i. 397-446. But this is mere conjecture. 

Octaves and Vigils. 

The western custom of keeping octaves is recognised by 
Gorman only in the case of biblical personages and SS. Laurence, 

Augustine, and Martin of Tours. 


Jan. I. of the Nativity. 

2. of S. Stephen. 

3. of S. John. 

4. of the Holy Inno- Sep. 

13. of the Epiphany. 
July I. of S. John the Bap- 
6. of SS. Peter and 

Thus we have the octaves- 
July 29. of Mary Magdalen. 
17. of S. Laurence, 
of the Assumption, 
of S. Augustine, 
of the Nativity of the 
Blessed Virgin. 
Nov. 18. of S. Martin of 

Dec. 7. of S. Andrew. 




Vigils are of rare occurrence in the oldest kalendars, and only 
the following eight are found in Gorman's Martyrology, namely, 
the vigils — 

Jan. 5. of the Epiphany. 
June 28. of SS. Peter and 

Aug. 9. of S. Laurence. 

14. of the Assumption. 







of S. Matthew, 
of S. Severinus. 
of SS. Simon 

of All Saints, 
of S. Andrew. 


From his use of the term dene to denote a vigil, it would 
seem that in Gorman's time, vigils were observed by fasting. 

Neither octaves nor vigils are found in the case of the Irish 
saints, whom we now proceed to notice. 

I Migne, Patrologia Lati?m^ xxx, 451-502. The new edition of this- 
Martyrology, by De Rossi and Duchesne, reached me too late to be used 
in the present work. 

" Prefixed to Ado in Migne, Patr. Laf., cxxiii, 146-178. 

3 Ibid., 202-419. " Ibid., 602-987, cxxiv, 10-858. 

* Venerabilis Bcda Opera, ed. Giles, iv, 16-172. 

" Tlie Leofric Missal, ed. Warren, pp. 23-34. 

' This hexametrical kalendar was certainly the work of an Irish Celt. See 
The Academy for June 22, 1895. 


{e) Irish Saints. 

The Irish saints before A.D. 666, the year of the great mor- 
tality, are divided by an author who wrote not later than A.D. 
750,^ into three orders. The first was composed of S. Patrick and 
350 other bishops, who had the same mass, Easter and tonsure. 
They were also ministered to by subintroductse, (rweiaaKToi or, 
as the Irish called them, siair, ' quia supra petram Christum 
fundati, ventum tentationis non timebant.' This order included 
Britons, Franks, Scots (i.e. Irish) and ' Romans,' i.e., subjects of 
the Roman empire. It lasted till A.D. 543, or according to the 
Four Masters, 538. The second order appears to have been 
founded by the British Church after a more or less complete apos- 
tacy of the Irish.- It was composed of few bishops and many pres- 
byters, in number 300. They received a mass (liturgy?) from 
SS. David, Gildas, and Cadoc, but dissented in this respect 
{diversas missas celebrabanf), and had different ' rules ' or 
monastic regulations. They shunned the consortia and services 
of women, and excluded them from their monasteries. This 
order lasted till 599 or thereabouts. The third order was only a 
hundred in number, mostly presbyters. They were hermits, 
living on herbs and water, and despised private property {propria 
contemnebant). They had different rules, masses, tonsures and 
Easters. The last eight of them were swept away by the Yellow 
Plague in the year 666. 

Of the saints celebrated by Gorman, the following (arranged 
alphabetically) belong to the first of these orders : 

Ailbe, Sep. 12; two Ailills, Jan. 13, July i; Auxilius or 
Usaille, Feb. 7 ; Benen, Nov. 9 ; Beo-aed, Mar. 8 ; Bron, June 8 ; 
Buite mac Bronaig, Dec. 7 ; two Cairnechs, March 28, May 16 ; 
Cianan, Nov. 24 ; Conlaed, May 3 ; Cormac, Feb, 17 ; Enda of 
Aran, March 21 ; Ere, Nov. 2 ; Fortchern, Oct. 11 ; larlaithe 
of Armagh, Feb. 1 1 f Ibar, Ap. 23 ; Laeban, June i ; Lom- 
man of Ath Truim, Oct. 11 ; Mac caille, Ap. 25 ; Mac cairthinn, 
March 24 ; Mel, Feb. 6; Mocta, March 24, Aug. 19; Sechnall, 
Nov. 27 ; Sen-Phatric, Aug. 24 ; Tassach, Ap. 14. 

1 His tractate is printed by Ussher ( Works, vi. 477), Fleming [Collect. 
430), O'Conor {Rer. Bib. Scriptt. ii. 162), Haddan and Stubbs {Councils, ii. 
292}, and De Smedt and De Backer [Acta Sanctorum Hiberniae, coll. 

2 Another relapse into paganism took place about A.D. 857, when the 
viking inroads led many of the Irish to regard Thor as stronger than Christ, 
see Three Fragine?its of Irish Annals, p. 138. That the Picts, also, 
apostatised and were reconverted appears from the Life of S. Kentigern, 
chap. 27. 

2 Oddly enough, Gorman makes no mention of larlaithe of Tuam, one of 
the second order of saints, whose day is Dec. 26. 

xlviii PREFACE. 

The following belong to the second order : 

Aed mac Bricc, May 4 : one of the Barrfinds ; Becc mac De, 
Oct. 12 ; mo Bi clarenech (Berchan), Oct. 12 ; Boethi'n, June 9 ; 
Brenainn of Birr, Nov. 29 ; Brenainn of Clonfert, May 16 ; 
Cainnech, Oct. 1 1 ; Cairlan, March 24 ; Cathub, Ap. 6 ; Ciaran 
mac in tsair, Sep. 9 ; Coeman, June 12 ; Coemgin, June 3 ; 
Colman mac Lenin, Nov. 24 ; Colum cille, June 29 ; Colum mac 
Cremthainn, Dec. 13 ; Comgall, May 10 ; one of the Commans, 
May 10 ; Conandil, March i ; Cormac hua Liathain, June 21 ; 
Daig, son of Cairell, Aug. 18 ; Enda, son of Nuadan, Sep. 18 ; 
Fergus, March 30 ; Findian of Clonard, Dec. 12 ; Findian of Mag 
bile, Feb. 1 1 and Sep. 10 ; Fintan of Dun Blesci, Jan. 3 ; Finntan 
of Clonenagh, Feb. 17 ; mo Laisse (Lasrian) of Daminis, Sep. 12 ; 
Lasren of Mena-drochet, Sep. 16 ; Mac-nise, June 13 ; mo Lua 
of Clonfert, Aug. 4 ; mo Luoc, June 25 ; Moenenn, March i ; 
Natchoime, May i ; Nessan, July 24 ; Ninnid Laebderc, Jan. 16 ; 
Odrdn, Oct. 26 ; Senach, Aug. 21 ; Ruadan, Ap. 15 ; Sinchell the 
Elder, March 26 ; Sinell of Cloen-inis, Nov. 12 ; Tigernach, 
Ap. 4- 

The twelve ' apostles of Ireland,' mentioned supra, pp. ix-x, 
are included in the second order. They were the two Findians, 
the two Colombs, Ciaran, Cainnech, Comgall, the two Bre- 
nainns, Ruadan, Ninnid and my BiV 

To the third order belong : Aedlug, Feb. 26, Aileran, Dec. 29, 
Beogna, Aug. 2, Berach, Ap. 21, Boethi'n, June 9, Coeman Brecc, 
Sep. 14, Coemgen, June 3, mo Choemoc, Mar. 13, Colman mac 
Duach, Feb. 3, Colman maccu Telduib, Feb. 8, Colman Ela, 
Sep. 26, Colman Stellain, May 26, Columbanus, Nov. 21, 
Critan, May 17, Cronan, Nov. ii, Cronan Becc, Jan. 7, Cronan 
of Mag bile, Aug. 7, mo Chua of Tech mo Chua, Dec. 24, mo 
Chua of Balla, Mar. 30, Cuanna, Feb. 4, mo Chutu, May 14, 
Cummi'ne, bishop of Noendruim, July i, Cummi'ne fota, Nov. 12, 
Dagan, Sep. 13, Daniel, Feb. 18, Dimma Dub, Jan. 6, Domongin, 
Ap. 29, Eochaid, Ap. 17, Fechi'n, Feb. 14, Fi'nan, Jan. 8, Finntain 
(or Munnu), Oct. 21, Gobban, March 17, Lachtain, March 19, 
Laidgenn, Jan. 12, Lassren (mo Laisse), Ap. 18, mo Liba, Jan. 8, 
Liber, March 8, Lommdn of Loch Uair, Feb. 7, Macdoc of Ferns, 
Jan. 31, Mac Lasre, abbot of Bennchor, May 16, Mac Lasre, abbot 
of Armagh, Sep. 12, mo Lua, Aug. 4, Manchan, Jan. 24, Muirgen, 
Jan. 27, Nem maccu Birn, June 14, 0.ssein, May i, Ronan, Nov. 
18, Saran, Jan. 20, Segi'n, Sep. 10, Senach Garb, Sept. 10, Silldn, 
abbot of Bennchor, Feb. 28, Sillan, bishop of Daminis, May 17, 
Sillan of Mag bile, Aug. 25, Srafan, May 23, Suibne, Jan, 11, 
Tommein, Jan. 10, and Ultan, Sep. 4. 

' See FcL Ocng. p. cxviii., and Lisuiorc Lives, 1. 4119. 


With regard to the other Irish saints and their names men- 
tioned in the Martyrology it will be enough to notice : — 

Firstly, the large number of holy women commemorated by 
Gorman, and the contrast in this respect which his work offers 
to the lists of Cymric saints.^ 

Secondly, the fondness of Gorman and his glossator for groups 
of three and seven. Thus we have 'three daughters of Eltin,' 
March 15, three sons of Eogan, May 19, three sons of Dimma, 
Nov. I, three sons of Ere, Nov. 12: seven bishops of Druim 
Airbelaig, Jan. 15, of Tech na comairce, May 28, in Aelmag, 
Aug. 23, of Cluain Caa, Oct. 3, of Cell (Druim) Tidil, Nov. i : 
seven sons of Ednius, May 22, of Stiallan, Oct. 27, of Aed, Dec. 
20, of Dretell, Dec. 22 : seven daughters of Fergus, May 24. A 
similar fondness for grouping churches in sevens is shown in the 
Tripartite Life of S. Patrick, pp. 154, 160, 168. But this may 
have been suggested by the seven apocalyptic churches in Asia. 

Thirdly, the paucity of names beginning with ccle, dub, zxx^gilla. 

Fourthly, the number of names (improper compounds) of 
which the first element is cu ' hound,' der (proclitic dm-) 
' daughter,' fer^ ' man,' mac ' son,' mael ' tonsured, ' ' servant ' 
(W. mod), and the second a name or noun in the gen. sg. 

Fifthly, the occurrence of two-stemmed names like Deg-itge 
'good prayer,' 6^£'/-<:/^/// 'bright fame,' Loinm-chu ' h-dx& hound,' 
Ltig-tJiigern ' little lord,' Mid-gus, Necht-lecc, Sdr-bUc, Soer-gus, 
where the former stem is adjectival, and Ldm-ruad, Mael-dub, 
Mael-odar, Tel-dub, where the latter element is an adjective." 

Sixthly, the occurrence of names such as Der erce ' daughter of 
the sun,' Mac liacc ' son of a stone,' Mac caerthaimi ' son of a 
mountain-ash,' which seem to have been handed down from 
primeval savagery. So Circe was daughter of Helios, the 
Oneidas and Dacotahs claim descent from stones, and the 
Dryopes were a race of men born of ash-trees. 

Seventhly, the vast number of pet-names, Kosenanicn, formed 
either from substantives and adjectives, either by the diminutival 
suffixes, mentioned supra, p. xxiv, or from the original names, 
by prefixing the possessive pronouns meaning my and thy. Both 
these classes of names will be found infra in the Index of Persons. 

As to Gorman's authorities for the Irish saints whom he com- 
memorates, we may safely aver that he used the Fdirc of Oengus, 
the Martyrology of Tallaght, and the tenth-century NSebsenchar 

' See, for example, the list in Lives of the Cambro-British Saints, p. 265, 
where out of 60 saints only four — Eurgen, Gurnerth, Madrun, Eingen — are 

- See Kick's Die GyiecJiischen PcrsonennaDien, 1874, I.xvi, et seq., for 
examples of both classes in Old Celtic. 

^ See above p. xvii. 


or, as Colgan calls it, Menologhini Genealogicuui. The lost 
Martyrology of Cashel (circ. 1030) can hardly have been one 
of the ' ancient books of the Gaels ' to which he refers in his 

VI. The Glosses. 

So much for the text and contents of the Martyrology. Most 
of the glosses are (i) lexicographical, (2) genealogical, or (3) topo- 
graphical. The lexicographical glosses are collected infra in 
p. 252. The glossator's mistakes as to the meanings of cadla, 
murmaig, athbath, and crSbdii prove that he wrote a considerable 
time after the text was composed. The genealogical and topo- 
graphical glosses have been largely utilised by Colgan, and many 
have been transferred to the Martyrology of Donegal. When 
and by whom they were written does not appear. Perhaps when 
the history of the Irish language is better known, their date may 
be fixed approximately (i) by the survival of the w-umlaut in 
the dat. sg. {deiriudh, Nov. i, gl. 14, ciunn, Nov. 17, gl. 3, deiscchirt, 
Dec. II, gl. i) : (2) by the survival of the fem. numeral teora 
{teora cail/echa, May 22, gl. 6 ; but tri cealla, Dec, ii, gl. 6) : 
(3) by the pres. ind. sg. 2, dinn/ie, Jan. 15, gl. 7 : (4) by the pret. 
pass. pi. 3, coro niarbait, Ap. 17, gl. 3: (5) by the pronominal 
compound 6-)i-a ' from his,' June 3, gl. 2, where the n is borrowed 
from the organic forms con-a, laru-a, rian-a, and, lastly, by the 
prepositions fri and seek with the dative (/;-/ ddmhaibh, Ap. 15, 
gl. 3, secJi demhnaibh, May 31, gl. 5). 

At Jan. I, gl. 4, Feb. 8, gl. 6, Ap. 17, gl. 3, Ap. 23, gl. i. May 
3, gl. I, June 3. gl. 2, Aug. 11, gl. 3, and Aug. 24, gl. i, the 
glossator has recorded traditions relating to the lives of eight of 
the saints commemorated in our Martyrology. His mention of 
holy lepers, at Jan. 28, gl. 5, March 16. gl. 4, and May 21, gl. 6, 
exemplifies the devotion paid to those unhappy persons in the 
Middle Ages — a devotion probably due to the belief that our 
Lord Himself was a leper. Sec the Tripartite Life, p. cxcvi. 

All the interlinear, and most of the marginal, glosses are in the 
handwriting of the scribe of the text, namely, Michael O'Clery. 
The glosses preceded in the present edition by vion. rec. are all, 
I think, by John (Colgan, the Franciscan hagiologist. 

VII. Remarks on the Present Edition. 

In the present edition the text and glosses have been punc- 
tuated : contractions have been extended, but the extensions 
are always expressed by italics : proper names have been spelt 
with initial capitals : omitted letters have been supplied in 
brackets : hyphens separate the transported n and t from words 


beginning with vowels : an apostrophe has often (but not always) 
been put where a vowel has been lost at the beginning of a 
word ; and, lastly, the proclitics have been severed from the 
words to which, in the manuscript, they are respectively pre- 
fixed. Wherever I have corrected the scribal corruptions men- 
tioned above (p. xxi, note i), T have given in a footnote the lection 
of the MS. The dotted g, d, b, and in, are represented respec- 
tively by g/i, dh, bh, and Jilli. 

So much for the text and glosses. 

The translation makes no pretension to literary merit. It 
does not attempt to reproduce the metre, alliterations, and 
assonances, which Gorman handles like a master. It is, in 
fact, a mere tentative ' crib,' intended to facilitate the under- 
standing of the original, and sometimes falling short of the 
intention. The vocabulary of Middle-Irish prose is now fairly 
well known. But the signification of many of the words and 
phrases used by the Middle-Irish poets is still far from being ascer- 
tained. Celtologists will probably differ as to the meanings I have 
ventured to assign to aitJineuuit, at/ibat/i, bar, hesaid, brigrus, 
cialla, cijner, coviad, coiiiaig, crobdn, cuidmid, ddibill, dathrath, 
doibil, elgna, engach, fodlacJi, ga/igda, glegar, gribda, inicrerid, 
nam. roind, tairbirt, tarbech, tinniu, todil, tuillimxh and urlaim. 
For light on these obscure words, most of which are, so far as 
I know, (XTraf Xe'^ofieva, Celtic scholars will be duly grateful. 

The glossarial index contains (including compounds) about 
iioo words. It is meant to be a supplement to the only 
trustworthy Middle-Irish dictionary which has yet been pub- 
lished — the Worterbuch of Prof Windisch. Words found in 
that dictionary have therefore, as a rule, been omitted. 

The identifications in the index of places have, for the most 
part, been compiled from the voluminous works of O'Donovan, 
Reeves, and Hennessy. This index comprises Q47 places, and 
may perhaps be useful to students of Irish ecclesiastical topo- 
graphy. For those who are interested in the legends connected 
with most localities in Ireland, I have inserted references to 
the prose tales of the Uindsenchas, recently published in the 
Revue Celtiqiie. But those who believe that they can discover in 
Irish place-names traces of a pre-Celtic population will find 
nothing here to support their theories. 

In forming the index of persons — about 3450 in number — I 
have often been painfully aware of my ignorance of hagiology. 
But I have used to the best of my ability, the Latin marty- 
rologies and kalendars mentioned supra, p. xlvi, the Alarty- 
rologiuui Romamim, Mr. Warren's edition of the Leofric 
Kalendar, the Irish Martyrologies of Oengus, Tallaght, and 
Donegal, and the Annals published by O'Donovan and Hen- 


nessy. I have also given references to the Irish hves of saints in 
the Book of Lismore and to the fine collection of such lives 
preserved in the Bibliotheque Royale, Brussels. The situs of 
their Latin lives, which abound in matter for students of Irish 
folklore, topography and philology, are sufficiently known from 
the Peres De Smedt and De Backer's edition of the Codex 
Salmanticensis, from the late Bishop Reeves' account of the 
Codex Kilkenniensis, and from the Rev. W. D. Macray's des- 
cription of the Bodleian MSS. Rawl. B. 485, and Rawl. B. 505. 

In conclusion, I perform the pleasant duty of acknowledging 
help of various kinds and degrees from the Rev. E. S. Dewick, 
Prof Strachan, Prof. Kuno Meyer, Father Edmund Hogan, S.J., 
and the Rev. W. D. Macray. The courtesy of the officials in the 
Bibliotheque Royale also deserves acknowledgment. 

W. S. 

15 Grcnvillc Place, Londo/i, S.IV- 





A Tamaold ag denamh fiadhnaise ^nr leghamar na senleabhair 
asar' sccn'obh an brathoirbor/^/ (Michel 6 Cler/]^h)an feliresi 
ui Ghormain, 7 go bhfuil a sliocht go hiomlan edir chorp«^(5'h 7 
urlaiinrt/Z'h (an m// h\\<fAX\ns re Gaoidhelcc diobh) isin ccoip do 
sccn'obh an brathoir cc'/na asna senleabhraibh remhraitte, 7 nach 
ffacam^^r leabar da sort as h'onmz^/re 7 as iomlaine inas. Da 
derhaah sin do chuireamwr ar lamha air. I cconuent Dhiiin na 
iigall. 18. Auguist 1633. 

Fearfcasa o Maoilc^;/;/zre 
Cu coigcriche, o Cler/^h. 


A X rE are bearing witness that we have read the old books out 
of which the Poor Brother Michael O'Clery has written 
this martyrology of O'Gorman, and that their recension, both in 
texts and accompaniments/ is, so far as regards the Gaelic thereof, 
completely (reproduced) in the copy which the same Brother 
has written out of the old books aforesaid, and that we have 
nev^er seen a book of its kind fuller and completer than it is. 
To certify this we have set our hands upon it. In the Convent 
of Donegal, the i8th of August, 1633. 

Fearfasa O'Mulconry. 
Cucogry O'Clery. 

' i.e. preface, glosses and epilogue. 

fAljee hui gormain. 


T S he inad i ndernad in felerese, Cnoc na nApstol il-Lugh- 
^ mhudh. Ruaidhri Ua Conchobhair ropo ri Herenn, Gilasius^ 
ropo comharpa Patraic," Aedh Ua Caillaidhe rop epscop Air- 
ghiall i n-aimsir a dhenmha. Macl-Maire Ua Gormain abb in 
Chnuic remhraite dos-rone. Ocns iss edh ro ghreis he mo 
dhenamh ri taebh nimhi d'iarraidh do fein ocus do gach aen no 
gebhad he thriit, ara lagat do naemhaibh Erend tucc Aenghas ina 
felere, 2.cus ara met do naemaib in domhain archena diar'chumm 
ind ecclas ord ac//^ offrenn rofaccaib, z.ciis moran dia tuc dibh 
leis nach isna laithibh chelebras in ecclas a fele ros-coraigsium. 
Ocus iss edh foderadosom sin co deimhin (amhail rodherbsamar) 
ara fagbail amhlaidhsin im-martiroloig Thamhlachta Mhael- 
riiain asin-derna a felere. 

Ar Dhia uilichumachtach ociis arna naemhaibh dia ndernadh 
in gres tabar onoir do, ocus scn'bthar.^ Gabhat na sin he fri lebh- 
raibh,* octis gresset na hoccu mo mebrug//</. 

Di'a fagbaiter dno mill oais esbadha ann certaighet eolaigh 
iat ocus tuillet, acht na millet reim in"' dana. 

Finnad each dno conidh i senlebhraibh'^ na nGoedel fein 
fuaramar fis fele na noemh nGoedhelach tuccsammar isin ngres, 
conid i martirologib immorro 7 i kalendaribh fuaramar fis na 
noemh archena. Act frith mor saethair 7 [r]rith[g]namha ica 
siriudh uili. 

Rindard mor dno ainm na haisti ara ndernad in feleresea. 

' man. rec. Gelasius .1. Giolla mac liacc wiT^. - MS. Padraic. 

^ MS. scriobhtar. ■* MS. leabhraibh. * MS. an. 

" MS. senle.'ibhraibh. 



' I ^ H I S is the place wherein this martyrology was composed, 
-^ Cnoc na n-Apstol, ' The Hill of the Apostles,' in Louth. At 
the time of its composition Rory O'Conor was king- of Ireland, 
GelasiusHvas (saint) Patrick's successor, (and) Aed O'Caillaidhe 
was bishop of Oriel. Mael-Maire O'Gorman, abbot of the 
aforesaid Hill, composed it. And besides the seeking of heaven 
for himself and for everyone who should sing it through, 'tis this 
that impelled him to make it, the fewness of the saints of 
Ireland whom Oengus brought into his martyrology, and the 
multitude of the saints of the rest of the world for whom the 
Church has appointed festival and mass (but whom) Oengus has 
left out, and (lastly, because) a great number of those whom he 
brought in were not arranged on the days on which the Church 
celebrates their festivals. And this was surely, as we have 
ascertained, the reason why Oengus did so, because it was 
thus in the Martyrology of Tallaght, out of which he composed 
his Felire. 

For sake of Almighty God and for sake of the Saints for 
whom this work of art was made, let honour be paid to it, and 
let it be transcribed. Let the old recite it from books and Let 
them induce the young to commit it to memory. 

If errors and defects are found therein, let the erudite correct 
them and add (what may be needed) ; but let them not spoil th^e 
course of the poem. 

Now let every one know that 'tis in the ancient books of the 
Gaels themselves that we have found the knowledge of the 
festivals of the Gaelic Saints whom we have brought into the 
work of art, and that 'tis in martyrologies and in kalendars 
that we have found the knowledge of the rest of the Saints. 
But much labour and attention was spent- in searching for them 

Now ' Great Rindard ' is the name of the metre in which this 
martyrology has been composed.^ 

' Gelasius, i.e., Gilla mac liac 1073 (the date of his death) 

'■^ literally, found. 

* See infra at Feb. 9. 

F A LIRE HCI G or ma in. 




I. a. 

T7OR kalaind aird Enair 
•^ fo recht Isu ergna 

octaua mar tharla. 
da-Beoc^ beo, Brocan,- 
Fainche'' chomhlan chunnla, 

Ossein/ Colman-'^ cadla/ 
Paragoda in glanraith, 

Fuilgeint, Almaich amra. 
Priscus beos co mbuidin 

dona cuiribh calma. 

"Cpor in kf-rlaind cetna 
^ Ermedach' narn-anaig, 

Seethe,- Comnat^ cluinid. 
Colman^'* aebda, Aedhan^^ 
ua Fi[ach]na fer fedil, 

raac Decill fri duiligh: 
da Fintan^- la hEchaigh/^ 

dia mbret[h]aib bar buidig 
Hermit, Eufrasina, 

Martina sin tuirim. 

' Beo-aedh Locha Geircc. " .i. m^c Enda. ^ .1. Fainche 

Garbh o Loch Eirne, ogh, isidhe o Ros Airthir. * .i. mac Ceal- 

Jaigh Chiana moir Fer n-Arda. •' Cohnan Muihnn 6 Dhaire 

Chaochain i nUail Ri'ada. I muilind d:\.no nobidh ic umhaloid dona 
braithribh. ^ .i. catolacdha. 

'' abb Craoibhe Laisre. * ogh. ^ banab Cille dara. 

'' .i. mac Echdhach. ^^ .i. Aodhan mac Deiccill 6 Chluain cain 

Fionnabrach 7 o Chill Ilin leith atuaidh do Fochaird. '■ .i. Fintan 

mac Toict[h]igh 7 Fintan mac Echdhach. 

2. b. 

Octauae sunn Stefain. 
Narcis, Argeus ollcaidh, 
Marceill gaeth co nglancheil, 
Esudir in t-epscop, 
Anpthin,^ Lochait- lomc[h]oir, 

Scuit[h]in/ Machair, Manchein'* 
ron-bcra in drong drongcl 

co gormneni, bid garchcim. 

' .i. ogh. 

- abb Maighe bile. •' Sleibhe Maircce il- 

^ QccnaidW' 6 Dhisert maic Ciluirnn il-Laiuhis 

MS. Eacluudh. 

Manchcni sapientis, Mart. Tanil. 




I. A. 

On January's high calends wise Jesus submitted to the Law 
as the octave (of His Nativity) came to pass. Thy Beoc" the 
Hving, Broccan- : complete, prudent Fainche,^ Ossein,'' Colman,^ 
the comely" : Paragoda of the pure grace, Fulgentius, wonderful 
Almachius. Friscus, also, with a troop of the valiant hosts (of 

On the same calends Ermedach^ who protects us. Seethe,* 
Comnat,^ hear ye ! Beautiful Colman,^° Aedan^^ son of Decell, 
Fiachna's descendant, a steadfast man against difficulty : two 
Fintans/^ with Eochaid, for their judgments ye are^ thankful. 
Hermes, Euphrosina, Martina in the numbering. 

^ Beo-aedh of Loch Geirg. ^ i_g_ gon of Enna. ^ i.e. Fainche 

the Rough from Loch Erne, a virgin, 'tis she is from Ross Airthir. 
* i.e. son of Cellach of Cluain Mor Far n-Arda. ^ Colman of the 

INIill, from Daire Caechain in Dalriada. In the mill he used to perform 
humble service (footwashing) to the brethren. ^ i.e. catholic. 

'' abbot of Craeb Laisre. ^ a virgin. ^ abbess of Kildare. 

^° i.e. son of Eochaid. ^^ i.e. Aedan son of Decell from Cluain cain 

Finnabrach and from Cell Ilin on the northern side of Fochard. 
'" i.e. Fintan son of Toicthech and Fintan son of Eochaid. 

2. B. 

Here is the octave of Stephen. Narcissus: exceeding 
chaste Argeus : Marcellus wise with pure reason. Isidorus the 
bishop. "^Anpthin,^ Lochait' the very just : Scuithin,'^ Macarius, 
Manchein.* May the firm-white troop bear us to blue heaven ! 
— 'tis a short step. 

^ i.e. a virgin. ^ abbot of Mag bile. ' of Sliab Mairge in 

Leinster. * a sage, from Disert maic Ciluirnn in Laigis of 


^ Perhaps ' be ye.' See the glossary. ^ Amphitinae uirginis, Mart. Taml. 

8 FELIRE HCI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

3- c. 

/^ctavae do lohain, 
^"-^papa Anter tondgel, 

rofegh cen nach n-im[m]rul. 
Rodon, Frimhus, Floreint, 
Genouefa barrglan, 

Cillin/ Fintan,- Findlugh,^ 
corop accu anar 

CO fagh[b]ar a findbrug.^ 

^ abb Faithne Mura .i. Cilli'n ua Colla. - Fintan o Dun 

Blescce a MunK?/;/. ^ Findlugh 6 Thamhlachta Fionnlogha i 

cCi'annachta Glinne Geimhin. 

4. d. 

/^ctavae na n-ennac, 
^-^Gemin, Martian minna, 

Titus, Teodoit sunna, 
On'xn'ius tend is Trifon. 
'^Fiadnat/ ^Aed^ nar-fella, 

Maclan^ caem,d mo-Cu[m]ma,'* 
la hAqmlin, Eughan,^ 

fuair ternam iar tru[m]ma. 

' ogh. - epsrd^/. 3 Maolan Enaigh. * Uhroma 

Ailche i nDart^-aighe. ^ written man. rec. in place of erglan, 

7vhich is glossed by .i. uasalghlan, but cancelled. In niarg. Eugenti. 


" I ^elesporus papa, 
-^ Airennan tuir thren6g, 

Simeon druin fri dianag : 
dond epipliain aine : 
Macc-oge^ fial firen, 

Joseph,^ Ciar,'' is Ciaran."* 

' mac Echd<7di 6 Loch Meilghe. - eps^f^^ Tamhlachta Maoile 

Riiain. ^ Ciar dcch o Chill Chere i Muscm/^he ocus i Maigh 

Ascaidh ata. * .i. mac Aodha. 

* MS. ffionnbru^r. i> Fiadnatan, Mart. Tamh 

"^ Aedini (gen. sg.) ibid. '' MS. Maolan caom. 



The octave of John (the Apostle). Pope Anteros the 
bright-skinned, who saw without any error. Rhodon, Primus, 
Florentius : Genovefa the pure-crowned : Cilh'n/ Fintan,^ Findlug,^ 
— may I stay with them so that I may gain their white city ! 

' abbot of Faithne Mura, to wit, CiUi'n descendant of Colla. 
^ Fintan from Diin Blesce in Munster. ^ Findhig of Tamlachta 

Findloga in the Ciannachta of Glenn Gemin. 

4. D. 

The octave of the (Holy) Innocents. Geminus, Martianus, 
diadems : Titus, Theodotus, here : Quintus the rigid and Trypho. 
Fiadnat,^ Aed,^ who doth not betray us: dear Maelan,'^ my 
Cumma^: with Aquilinus (is) Eugan, who found escape after 

^ a virgin. - a bishop. ^ Maelan of Enach. ^ of 

Druim Ailche in Dartraige. 

5. E. 

Pope Telesphorus. Airennan a strong, virginal tower. Simeon 
(Stylites), skilled ^against the violent battle : the vigil of the 
Epiphany.^ Mac Og^" (' son of virginity '), modest, righteous. 
Joseph,^ Ciar'^ and Ciaran."* 

^ son of Echaid, of Loch Meilge. ^ bishop of Mael-Riiain's 

Tamlacht. ^ Ciar a virgin, of Cell Chere (' Ciar's Church') in 

Muscraige, and in Mag Ascaid it stands. ^ i.e. son of Aed. 

^ vigilia Epiphaniae Domini, Mart. Rom. 

F^LIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

6. f. 

"Dastedh Isu in oenlo, 
-■--'druidh uaisle dia adhrad, 

fin d' uiscce co herlam, 
cencop inann^ aimser. 
fedhil mar doforbhad, 

as dcmhin co ndernadh. 


or in losin Lassar,^ 
Caurnan,^ Cerclach, Digde,^ 
Nadfroich banclann'' brigda, 
Lugidon'^ mor, Muadnat.^ 
Talulla" find aebda, 

Osnat/ Diarmait," Dimma,^ 
Macra chaid, mo-chenon 
in degogh fri dighla. 

^ Achaidh foda. ^ Becc. ^ inghena Nadfraoich. 

* .i. vaao. Decclain, epsr^?/. ^ ogh. Caille ainm a baile i cCairprt 

Droma cliabh. ^ ogh. banabb Chille dara. ' ogh. Miiadh- 

nat, TaluUa ocus Osnat tri deirbhsethra do Molaisi Daimhinnsi fad. 
^ esp^^ v^ac Eacdtft'h o Airiudh Indaich. ^ Dinima Dubh, esp*?^ 


Origh,^ da-Loe,- Lucian, 
-L'Cronan,^ Corcan* coimdes. 

Elitir^ nar anbfois/ 
Donnan'' leir, moLoca.^ 
Crist a hEgipt'-' amdis : 

tosscch coir a charghois.'^ 
Corcan ele armeit 

inna^" angreit amnois. 
inghena fos Fergna, 

Emhin delbhdha dagdois." 

' Choirpre. ^ ,i. da-Lua Diiin Tighe Bretan. ' Becc .i. 

epS(r(?/ Naond/'oma. * Q.\>%cop. * abb. ® .i. nar anbfois 

no utmall. '' sacart 6 Inis Aingi'n [or Loch Ribh, tuiderneath 

Donnan is sacczrt. ^ 6 Lifecair. * in marg., man. rcc. reditus 

ex Aegypto. '" q. inna ngreit fertaig. in marg., man. rec. Vide an 

sit Inas rex Angliae de q//o 6 feb. " .i. niaithe na doiss didin iad. 

" MS. ionann. ^ Digcli chcrcl(ach), Mart. Tanil. 

•^ MS. chargais. 


6. F. 

On one day, though the time was not the same, Jesu's 
Baptism (took place), noble druids (came) to adore Him, (and) 
wine (was) promptly (made) of water. As it was completed 
steadily it is certain that it was done. 

Upon that day Lassar,^ Caurnan,^ Cerclach, Digde, Nad- 
fraech's vigorous female children,^ great Lugidon,* Muadnat,^ 
Talulla,*' fair, beautiful. Ossnat,'' Diarmait,** Dimma'-* : chaste 
Macra, welcome is the good virgin against vengeances. 

^ of Achad Fota. - the Little. ^ Nadfraech's daughters. 

* i.e. son of Declan, a bishop. ^ a virgin : Caille (was) the name of 

her place, in Cairpre Droma Cliab. ^ a virgin, abbess of 

Kildare. ' a virgin. Muadnat, TaluUa, and Ossnat, three sisters they, 

of Molaisi of Dam-inis. * a bishop : son of Eochaid, of Airiud 

Indaich. ** Dimma the Black, bishop of Condere. 

7. G. 

Bn'g,^ thy Loe," Lucianus : Cronan,'^ Corcan,* the handsome : 
Ailithir,^ who was not unsteady'^' : diligent Donnan/ my Loca.'' 
Christ out of unlovely Egypt^ : the just beginning of His Lent.-'^ 
Another Corcan we reckon as a noble hardy champion. Also 
Fergna's daughters (and) shapely Emin, goodly bushes (to protect 

^ of Coirpre. ^ i.e. thy Lua of Diin Tige Bretan * the Fort of the 
Britons' house.' ^ Becc ' little,' i.e. bishop of Ndindruim. 

* a bishop. ^ an abbot. ^ i.e. who was not unsteady or restless. 

'' a priest from Inis Aingin on Loch Rib. * from Lifechar. 

^ (His) return out of Egypt.'* "' i.e. good are the bushes of pro- 

tection that they are. 

"^ i.e. His forty days' fast in the wilderness, Matth. iv, 2 : jejunium Christi 
cum Diabolo tentaretur, Dritmm. Kal. 

^ The reversio pueri Christi de Egypto is commemorated in Dn/nini. 
Kal. on Jan. 11. 


5. a. 

Mo sacru/ ocus Ercnat,^ 
Cillein,'* Cuaca* ch[o]emiial : 
Seuerin, la Saran,^ 
Fi'nan^ leo, mo-Liba/ 
Lucian, Nectain^ noebog, 

moin dlectain fris ndalab.^ 

^ m(zc Bennain. - 6 Dun da en i fiodhbaidh Dail hjcaidht. 

^ abb. ■* ogh o Chill Chuacca i cCoirpre Ua cCiardha. 

^ Ciiile cremha. '^ .i. vaaz Rinihedha. eps^c?/. ' esp^*^, o 

Ghlionn da locha. ^ o Dluin Geimhin i cCiannachta Glinne 

Geimhin. ^ d'iarraidh impidhe forra ara moladh 7 ara ccuimh- 



Guaire/ Firmus, ^Faelan,^ 
translait ludoic alimm,'* 
Isu i bn-Egipt* iegaim, 
Bassilis og, lulian, 
Su[ai]bhsech,^ Lommchu'^ luaidim, 

Ciaran/ Boithin, Brenainn, 
Fi'nin Sax na sairbreth, 

in'^ craibhdech, nis celaind. 

^ Becc Achaidh Dubhthaigh i Maigh Li for brii Banna. - Cluana 
Moescna i Feraib Tulach. ^ aitchim. •* i7i marg. man. rec. aduen- 
tus in Aegyptum. ^ ogh i tTi'r Aedha. " o Chill Lomchon i 

n-Ultoibh. '' Ruis Chumalca. 

10. c. 

IV T icanor sruith, sen-Phol, 
-^ ^ Melci'aidd maith in morlec, 

Maelodran raith riarmait, 
in papa uais ^Ignait,^ 
Senoc si'rbdn soergreit, 

Tomein,- Uimman/'' Diarmait.* 

' in marg. man. rec. potius Agait nenipe Agatho ([iii hodie colitur, 
sed carmen postulat (\uo(!i sit Ignait. '" com?/rba Patraicc. ^ Insi 
Cain. ■* Inse Clothrann for Loch Ribh. eps<rr;/ es/d^he. 

^ MS. Faolan. Fclan, Mart. Chr.CJi. '' MS. nEccipt. 

" MS. an. '^ Melciadis, Mart. Tainl. 

* leg. Iginus. \g\m,Mart. Chr. C/i. 


8. A. 

My Sacru^ and Ercnat,^ Cillein,^ dear modest Cuaca* : 
Severinus with Saran^: with them Finan," my Li'ba/ Lucianus, 
Nechtain,^ a holy virgin : for their debt (to me) I shall meet 

^ son of Bennan. - of Diin da En (' Fort of two Birds ') in a 

forest of Dal Araide. ^ an abbot. ^ a virgin, from Cell 

Chuaca in Corpre Ua Ciarda. '" of Ciiil Crema. ^ i.e. son 

of Rimid, a bishop. '' a bishop, from Glenn da locha. * from 

Diin Gemin in Ciannachta of Glenn Gemin.^ ^ to entreat them to 

intercede (for me) for praising them and for commemorating them. 

9. B. 

Guaire,^ Firmus [leg. Firminus }\ Faelan •} the translation of 
(the relics of) Judoc I beseech.^ Jesus in Egypt I see. 
Basilissa the virgin and Julianus. Suaibsech,^ Lommchu," I 
mention. Ciaran,^ Boithin, Brenainn. Finan the Saxon of the 
great judgments, the pious one : I should not conceal him. 

^ Becc ' little,' of Achad Dubthaig in Mag Li on the brink of the 
(river) Eann. " of Cluain Moescna in Fir Tulach. ^ I 

entreat. " a virgin, in Tir Aeda. ^ of Cell Lommchon in 

Ulaid. '' of Ross Cumalca. 

10. C. 

Venerable Nicanor : old Paul (the Hermit), Melchias — 
good the great stone : gracious Mael-Odrain we satisfy : the lofty 
pope Ignatius [leg. Hyginus] : Senoc ever-fair, a noble champion 
Tommein," Di'mman,^ Diarmait.* 

' a successor of (Saint) Patrick. ' of Inis Cain. * of 

Inis Clothrann on Loch Ribh : a bishop, he. 

=• But according to Drumin. Kal Nectan migrauit ad Christum in 

14 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

II. d. 

TDetar, Subhne/ Seuer, 
-■- Ronan in^ t-arcc ordha, 

bEltene- ard airme, 
L[e]ucius leir dial-lenamm. 
cobhair di'an ar di'ghla, 

cAmphadan^ fial, Failbhe, 
^Orthinis,* da Ernici/ 

CO deghmin 'nar ndailne. 

' abb lae Choluimchille .i. Suibhne in^c Cuirtri. - .i. m<?c 

Maolain 6 Senchiii. ^ eps^c^ Glinne da locha. ^ eps^^/. 

^ .i. Ernain Chl//a«a Deochra, ocus Ernain m«c Caemhain. 

12. e. 

A rcaid, Laigne^ lemsa, 
-^^-la Ciriac mbuan mblaithfial, 

nam-cuirther ic ropein. 
Castuil, Modeist, Musceint, 
Cuimmein,- Conan,^ Baetin,"* 

Sinell, ^Laidgenn,^ Loichein, 
Sat«;-, Fuillan feithmech, 

nar'bo teicht[h]ech tocheimm.^ 

' nirtc Garbain. ^ mac Duibh o Druim Druith. ^ Aego. 

* mac Nemhnainn. ^ 6 Cluain ferta mo-Lua, 7 is ann rohadnacht 

somh .i. Laidcenn mac Edith. '^ .i. ceim toi. 

13- f- 
13 emig, Elair, Ailill/ 
-^^Ronan, Mainchin" mindban, 

Cc^na Chuairne'' comlan, 
Saran* sder, Siluester, 
Deoraith so[m]ma sengnoebh : 

mo-Chonna,'' da Colman.*^ 
octauus do thuilliudh/ 

cid fuilliudh ni forlan. 

' eps^-^/ Arda macha. - mac CoUain. ^ .i.tuilledh 

anma, 6 Inis Patraicc do. ■• eps^v^. " 6 Lemhcaill, o.^'s.cop. 

' Colman Cerr d Sailbhicc andara Colman. ' /// marg., man. fee. 

i octauum his addere esto sit augmentum, non est h^c sup^z-fluum. 

•* MS. Ronan an. ^ Alteni (gen. s.), Mart. Tavil. 

"- Anfudain (gen. s.), il)id. ^ Carthinisii episcopi, ibid. 

* MS. Laidcccnn : Ladchend, Dt-umni. Kal. : Laidcend, Mart. Tavil. 


IT. D. 

Petrus (the Martyr), Subne,' Severus, Ronan the golden ark: 
high Eltene^ we reckon : diligent Leucius whom we follow. A 
swift help against vengeances, modest ^Amphadan,^ Failbe : 
Orthinis/ two Erni'ns/ (be) very gently in our company ! 

^ an abbot of (Saint) Colomb cilia's I (lona), to wit, Subne son of 
Curtre. ^ son of Maelan from Senchua. ' a bishop of Glenn 

da locha. * a bishop. * to wit, Erniin of Cliiain Deochra 

and Ernain son of Coeman. 

12. E. 

Arcadius, Laigne^ (be) on my side, and Cyriacus the lasting, 
soft-modest — let me not be put with great pain ! Castulus, 
Modestus, Muscentius. Cummein,^ Conan,^ Baethi'n,* Sinell, 
Laidgenn,^ Loichein, Satyrus, Fuillen the watchful whose way- 
faring'' was not fugitive. 

^ son of Garban. ' son of Dub, of Druim Druith. ' of 

Aeg. '' son of Nemnann. ^ of Cluain ferta mo-Lua, and 'tis 

there he was buried, to wit, Laidgenn son of Baeth. ^ i.e. a silent 

{tbi) step {ceini). 

13- F. 

Remigius, Hilarlus, AililV Ronan, Mainchin^ the fair- 
diademed : Conna Cuairne^ the complete: noble Sdran,'' Silvester, 
Deoraith the wealthy, slender-holy : my Conna,^ two Colmans.*' 
To add the octave^ (of the Epiphany), though it be an augmen- 
tation is not superfluous. 

^ bishop of Ard Macha. "^ son of Collan. ^ i.e. an addition 

of a name. From Inis Patraic is he. * a bishop. * from 

Lemchaill : a bishop. ® Colman Cerr from Sailbecc, the second 


* leg. Anfuddn ? ^ octauas Epiphaniae, Leofric Kal. 

i6 F Alike hui gormain. [Ianuarius. 

14- g- 

Baetan^ mor m«c Lugei, 
Itharnais^ fri hamsi, 
la Latharnais lem[m]sa, 
Di'bleni, Fland,^ Felic, 
Lugbe in fer feig, finnsa, 
fogeb conc\iVQ\x cennsa. 

^ .i. epsrr?/ Insi moire. ~ Itharnais 7 Latharnais 6 Achad 

ferta. ^ .i. Flann fiond 6 Chuillinn i ffail Qoxcaig\\Q.. 

15. a. 

Abbacuc maith, Michias, 
Ita,^ ^Diarmait^ diadha, 

Machair, Mauir com-mine/ 
Brecc Fele fer fromtha, 
Airectach* non-ale/ 

la Robhartach" rimhe/ 
meic^ Find-critan'' certa : 

Darerca don dine^*^ : 
techt ingen caidh Choirpre 

i ndail foirbe^^ fire. 

' ogh. Ite ogh 6 Cliiain Credhail, Mi'de ainm oile dhi. ^ saccart. 
■' .i. go mine \(yr min/^e]. ^ Airectach i n-Inis moir. ^ 7 a itche. 

^ o Inis moir beos. "^ airmhe. '^ secht w-ty^'&coip Droma 

Airbhelaig. ** Crebicce.^ ^^ na naemh. ^' m marg. foirbe 

no forba ferann. 

16 b. 

'T^itian, Fursa/ Foillan, 
-■- Marceill papa primdha. 

Cillein, Ninnidh^ naemdha, 
Honorait in t-epscop, 
larloga^ an, ogdha, 

meic Ailella'* aebda, 
Lit[h]gen/ Diarmaitt," Dianach/ 

Monoa* miadach, maerda, 
Mael-Isu Icir, lom[in]chaid, 

ua Brolchain ccn baegla. 

' abb, do Chonaillibh Murtemne. - Laebderc, o Inis Maighe 

samh. ^ Lis moir .i. epsr^ 7 abb. ^ Droma bairr. 

^ C\i'^ana moir, '^ nirt-c Mechair 6 Airther-maighe iTiiaith ratha. 

c[)St:oJ> es/Ve. ' Dianach espoc Dhomhnf?4'h moir Maighe Ene. 

*• 6g 6 Mhaigh nfadh i Tuaith Ratha. 

" MS. Diarmaid. ^ Findchritan Craibigc, JlLir/. Taml. 


14. G. 

Great Baetan/ son of Lugeus, Itharnais^ against temptations, 
with Lathaniais on my behalf. Diblene, Fland;'' Felix, Lugbe 
this keen fair man : I shall find a noble, merciful band. 

^ i.e. bishop of Inis Mor. ' " Itharnais and Latharnais from 

Achad Ferta. ^ i.e. Fland the Fair from Cuillenn near Corcach. 

15. A. 

Good Habacuc, Michaeas, Ita,^ godly Di'armait," Macarius, 
Maurus with meekness : Brecc Fele, a tried man, Airechtach* 
whom thou entreatest," with Robartach" thou numberest" : the just 
sons'* of Find-chritan^ : Darerca of the generation^" (of saints) 
The going of Cairpre's chaste daughters into the assembly of the 
Land of Truth.^ 

' a virgin. I'te a virgin, of Cluain Credail. Mi'de (' my Ite ') was 
another name of hers. - a priest. ^ Airechtach in Inis Mor. 

•^ and his prayer. ^ also from Inis Mor. '^ thou reckonest. 

^ seven bishops of Druim Airbelaig. ^ of Craibech. '" of 

.he saints. ^^ foirbe ox forba 'a land.' 

16. B. 

Titianus, bFursa,^ (his brother) Foillan,^ Marcellus a principal 
pope. Cillein, holy Ninnid.^ Honoratus the bishop, larloga'^ 
splendid, virginal : AilillV beautiful sons. Lithgen,^ Diarmait," 
Dianach' : Monoa^ honourable, grave, Mael-Isu diligent, very 
chaste, grandson of Brolchan without perils. 

1 an abbot, of Conailli Murthemni. ' Squint-eyed, from Inis 

Maige Sam. '^ of Less mor, a bishop and abbot. * ot 

Druimm bairr. " of Cluain mor. " son of Mechar, of 

Airther maige in Tuath Ratha, a bishop, he. ' Dianach bishop of 

Domnach mor Maige Ene. " a virgin, from Mag Niad in 1 uath 


^ Dormitatio . . . filiarum Cairpre, Marl. Tainl. 
^ Dormitatio Fursei, ibid. " fratri suo Fullano, Beda, Hist. Led., 

lib. Ill, c. xix. 



i8 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

17. C. 

Speusippus lem, Leonill, 
Eleusip coa saigimm, 

Melasip tend tagaim, 
Sulpic, lonill, Ultan,^ 
Ernain,^ Mica molaim, 

in clarenech^ caraimm. 
Anton mind na maissi, 

mo-Lassi* nach lamhaim, 
Neone mor ammine, 

cor-rigi^ cia ragaind. 

^ inrt'c Etechtaicch 6 Chuil corra. - o Tigh Ernain. 

'^ Droma Bidg. * Cille mo-Lasse i nDeisibh Muma«. ^ righe 


18. d. 

a A edammair^ chaidh, Coppa,^ 
-^^Scoth,^ Femmor* nit feloig^ 

Blath,^ Ana*' co n-onoir, 
mo-Chua, Rotan" rathmar, 
tascc Maire daig degfeil, 

Prisca chaid co coroin, 
ordned Petair primda 

ir-Roimh righda romoir. 

' dgh, \ngen Aodha. - ogh inghen Baetain. * ogh. in 

inarg. Scoth, Femmor, Blath, Ana, cet>^rar banogh o Cliiain Grencha. 
* dcch. ^ 6gh. ^ dgh. ' tuilled anma. 

19. e. 

Tl^achtna,^ Marius, Martha, 
•^ Laudamair druin delbglan, 

Pontian, Suibnc- saidbir, 
Germanic is Gero;zt, 
retla'^ Brawuald bladmar, 

Octide CO a[i]nglib, 
^mo-Lasse'' nach lamhair 

narn-anaig ar ainmib. 

• eps<r<?/ on Niia com^iaX. ~ mac Eoghain. " ' mac liNecte. 

" MS. Eadammair. '' leg. fellaig? 

•= MS. either rctba or retha. But cf. Ft'/. Oeng. Feb. 10. 
'' MS. mollasse. 


17. c. 

Speusippus (be) on my side, Leonilla. Eleusippus unto whom 
I proceed. Meleusippus the strict I choose. Sulpicius, lonilla, 
Ultan/ Ernain,- Mica I praise, the Table-face^ I love. Antonius 
the diadem of beauty, my Laisse* whom I dare not. Neone — 
great (will be) her gentleness if I should go to the Kingdom."' 

1 son of Etechtach, of Ciiil Corra. ^ of Tech Ernain, 

■■' of Druimm Bidg. * of Cell mo-Laisse in the Desi of Munster. 

■^ the kingdom of heaven. 

18. D. 

Chaste Aedammair/ Coppa,^ Scoth,^ Femmor,*— they are not 
treacherous (?) — Blath,^ Ana" with honour. My Cua, gracious 
Rotan.'' The sharp report (of the death) of Mary,a a goodly 
vigil : chaste Prisca with a crown : the enthronement of pre- 
eminent Peter in royal vast Rome. 

1 a virgin, daughter of Aed. ^ a virgin, daughter of Baetan. 

^ a virgin. Scoth, Femmor, Blath, Ana, a tetrad of virgins from Cluain 
Grencha. * a virgin. * a virgin. ® a virgin. '' an 

addition of a name. 

19. E. 

Fachtna,^ Marius and Martha,^ Laudamair [leg. Laudomarus? 
Laudomarcus ?] skilful, pure -shaped. Pontianus, wealthy 
Suibne," Germanicus and Gerontius : famous Branwalatr, a star: 
Ochtide along with angels. My Lasse,-^ who is not dared, protects 
us from blemishes. 

' a bishop, from the Nua-chongbail (Navan). ^ son of Eogan. 

^ son of Hiia Necte. 

^ Annuntiatio quoque assumptionis beatissimae Dei genetricis Mariae 
semper virginis fidelibus Romanis, Driiiiiui. Kal. 

^ So in Drumm. Kal. and the Rawl. copy of Fel. Oeng. Other copies 
here commemorate Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus. 

C 2 

20 F&LIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

20. f. 

Fechin/ Fabian papa, 
Leoint, Felic ferda, 
Ferg//j',- Lochein," Lugna,'' 
Saran, Clemeint, Ciriac. 
Sebaist co[e]mdos calma, 

Cronan, Oenghos"' urgna. 

^ Fobhair. abb. ^ abb. ^ vciac Duibhdlig/d^h. /;/ marg. 

Lochein .i. moLaga i Tulaig mi'n moLaga i Muinhain 7 il-Laind Bhechane 
i Fini ghall. ^ sacart o Cill tarsna. ° o.^zcop. 

21. g. 

Agna, Flann^ is Fainche,^ 
Pupli?/j-, Augoir, Eulog, 
Segin'' credal ci'mer, 
Fructuos?^^-, Hermeit, 
Eglinna^ og aliub, 

Patroculus primfer, 
Paul eps<:t?/ 6 Athein 

do matheib na miled. 

' e'^uop i Findglaiss. ■ Chluana cai i n-Eogan^r//A In marg. 

Fainche 7 Eglinna i Cluain cai i n-Eoghanacht Chaisil atat 'na ndis. 
■' i Cill Segin. 

22. a. 

T Tinccntius, Uictor, 

^-^ Colina noemog niamhda, 

Boga/ Lassi- li'gda, 
Anastais mor manach, 
la hAmalgaid aebda, 

Lonan,'' Guairc* gnbda, 
Colman,"' Timoith togaini 
fri dodhaing, fri digla. 

' 6gh. - 6gh. ' find. ■* Guaire mor o Achadh 

Dubtaigh for brii Banna iochtaraicche. '" mo-Colmoc Lis moir iwac 

u Beonnae. 


20. F. 

Fechi'n/ pope Fabianus, Leontius, manly Felix, Fergus,^ 
Lochein,^ Lugna,^ Saran, Clemens, Cyriacus, Sebastianus, a 
dear, strong bush, Cronan, Oengus'^ the wise. 

' of Fobar, an abbot. ~ an abbot. ' son of Dub-dliged. 

Lochein .i. my Laca in Tulach mi'n mo-Laca in Munster and in Land 
Bechairi in Fingal. ^ a priest, from Cell Tarsna. * a bishop. 

21. G. 

Agnes, Flann^ and Fainche,^ Publius, Augurius, Eulogius : 
pious, splendid Segi'n;'' Fructuosus, Hermes, Eglinna a virgin 
whom I will entreat, Patroclus a chief man. Paul a bishoiD from 
Athens, (one) of the nobles of the soldiers (of Christ). 

' a bishop in Findglass. ^ of Cluain Cai in Eoganacht. 

Fainche and Eglinna, in Cluain Cai in Eoganacht Caisil the twain are. 
^ in Cell Segin. 

22. A. 

Vincentius, Victor, Colma a shining holy virgin, Boga,^ Lassi^ 
the beautiful, great Anastasius a monk, with comely Amalgaid. 
Lonan,'^ glorious (.') Guaire,'* Colman,^ Timotheus I choose against 
hardship, against vengeances. 

' a virgin, ^ a virgin. ' fair. " Guaire Mdr (' great ') 

of Achad Dubthaig on the brink of the lower Bann. ^ my Col- 

moc of Less mor, great-grandson Beonnae. 

F£LIRE hCI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

23. b. 

"]\ /r o-Chuppa, mo-Chelloc,^ 
•^'-^Aquil, Seuir saera, 

Ascla, Lucan- lana, 
Uit/zi-, Y\ox\us, Felic, 
Cainnech, Machair mora, 

Parmena caidh cubaid, 

deochain bunaid bagfa. 

' 6 Tholaigh Ualann. - Tamhnaighi. 

24. c. 

"jl^pscop Cuasacht^ cunnail, 
-•-^Muson, Meteill minseng, 

Buatan/ Eugen armimm, 
Euolan is Urban, 
Manc[h]a;z^ ieo mar luaidimm, 

Mardoin 'sin" breo Babill, 
Prilidian 6c inmhain 

in cech inbaidh alim. 

' rtirtC Milchon nirt/c Biiain i nGranard. - i n-Ethais Cruini 

•■■■ Manchan Leth m«c Indaig. 

25. d. 

Comhshodh Foil aird apstoil 
CO Crist, ba cuairt chomaig. 
Ananias ron-anaig. 
Mochiia, Finchcll,^ Findche.- 
Preiect?w soer, Seueir, 

MoChonnc'' coemh cabair, 
Aedh' ard erglan 
o Lis glegar Gabail.* 

' Slebe Guaird. " dgh. ^ MoChonna Ernaide moChua. 

for Loch Erne. 

» MS. san. 


23. B. 

My Cuppa, my Celloc^ ; Aquila (and) Severianus, the noble 
ones ; Ascla (and) Lucan,^ the full ones ; Vitus, Florus, Felix : 
Cainnech (and) Macarius the great ones : Emerentiana: Parmena.s 
chaste, harmonious, an original warlike deacon.^ 

of Tulach Ualainn. " of Tamnach. 

24. C. 

Bishop Cuasacht^ the wise, Mausonius, smooth - slender 
Metellus, Buatan,^ Eugenius I reckon, Epulonius and Urbanus, 
Manchan'^ with them as I mention, Mardonius and the flame 
Babylas, Prilidianus young (and) dear: at every time I suppli- 

^ son of Milchu son of Buan in Granard. ^ In Ethais (Ethas ?) 

Cromm. ^ Manchan of Liath (Manchain), son of Indach. 

25. D. 

The conversion of high Paul the Apostle to Christ — 'twas a 
protective (?) visitation. (Saint) Ananias who defends us,my Cua, 
Finchell,^ Findche.^ noble Praejectus, Severus, my Conne'' 
a dear help. Aed a bishop lofty, very pure, from the noise of 
Less Gabail.* 

' of Sliab Guairi. - a virgin. ^ my Conna of Ernaide 

moChua. * on Loch Erne. 

^ i.e., one of the seven deacons ordained by the Apostles, Acts vi. 5. 


F^LIRE HLI GOKMAIN. [Ianuarius. 

26. e. 

PoHcarp?/j' caidhfer 
da fer deac co ndagmein, 
Teogin co tennbrig, 
sesiur tend ar trichait, 
Cruimthir Calb^ na comdail, 

epscop idan Ernin, 
CO nderna in drem chaidhse 

mo dhailse rem dheghrigh.a 

^ 6 Tholaig Carpait i n-Uibh Meith Macha. 

27. f. 

Muirgen,^ Eoin epscop, 
Findbeo,- Croni'^ in chrabhaid, 
Noele* CO nuabail,^ 
Lucan/' Noe/ noemdias, 
fri tress grefil gabaid : 

Paula o Bhethil buadhaigh. 

^ abb Glinne hUissen. ^ Inbhir Mheilge. ^ dgh, 6 Chill 

Crone. * Inbhir Noaile. in marg. Naile Inbhir Naile, <?(://j- abb Chille 
Naile, <7r?/^ Dairnhinnsi iaiLtain. ^ .i. co mbail niia. * sacc^rt. 

■^ Findglaisi. 

28. g. 

Feil aili do Agna, 
Leuic, Tirsus tendaeb, 
Eochaid/ ^^Aedlug^ ollan, 
Accobran'' is Eoin, 
Gallon ic saer sengog, 

Cainer* chaem is Comman,® 
Julian caid is Cirill, 
mo inill ar forran. 

^ eps<r^^ Tamhlachta, " Eiridh Chassain. ^ 6 Cill rois i 

ttermonn Insi Cathaigh. * xngcn Cruithnechain i cCill cuilinn i 

cCairbre. * lobhar, mac Laighne. 

MS. dhdghrigb. '^ MS. Aodlug. 


26. E. 

Poly carpus a chaste man, and twelve men with good desire.* 
Theogenes with rigid vigour, and thirty-six bold comrades. 
Presbyter Calbh^ in their convention, the pure bishop Erni'n. 
May this chaste band effect my meeting with my good King 
(Christ) ! 

' from Tulach Carpait (' Hill of the chariot ') in Hui Meith 

27. F. 

Muirgen,^ bishop John (Chrysostom), Findbeo,^ Crone^ of the 
devotion, Noele^ with noble speech,^ Lucan*' and Noe,'' a holy 
pair, against a conflict of a dangerous breach : Paula from 
victorious Bethlehem. 

' abbot of Glenn Uissen. ^ of Inber Meilge. ^ a virgin, 

froni Cell Crone. * of Inber Noele. Iti marg. Naile of 

Inber Naile, and (he was) abbot of Cell Naile and afterwards of Dam- 
inis. * with a noble speech. ^ a priest. "' of Findglas. 

28. G. 

Another festival for Agnest- : Leucius, Thyrsus austere (and) 
beautiful : Eochaid,^ Aedlug^ the great (and) full. Accobran^ 
and Eoin, Galenicus the noble, slender-perfect, dear Cainer* and 
Comman'^ : holy Julianus, and Cyrillus, my safeguard from 

^ bishop of Tamlachtu. - of Eired Cassain. ' from 

Cell Rois in the sanctuary of Inis Cathaig. * daughter of 

Cruithnechan in Cell Cuilinn in Carbre. ' a leper, son of 

^ His twelve companions in martyrdom. 

^ In Fd. Oerig. she is commemorated on 21 and 27 Jan. 

26 FJiLIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Ianuarius. 



29. a. 

oChenna/ Blath^ bulid, 
Cronan cian 6 chintaib, 
Dalian^ mac fial Forgail, 
Papias, Maurus milidh,=^ 
tri clarenich cardair: 

Ualeir co n-aeib ordain, 
Segein ro siacht toethir,^ 

la Boet[hJin nar' borbaig.^ 
ogh. " ogh. ^ o Maighin. ^ .i. ti'r toi nimhe. ' na di?rna b?/rba. 

30. b. 

'polit uais/ Enan,^ 
Aldeguind 6^ amra, 
Mathias tend eirbe, 
Alexander aitchimm, 
Bathild dagfial delbda, 

la Flauian co feidle: 
Barrfind,'^ T^frnoc"* thuirmthir, 
Cronan, cruimthir Eilbe. 
' uasal. " Enan mrrc Gemmain ir-Ros mor i n-Uibh Dega i 

n-Uibh Censek/^h. ^ Insi Doimhle. * Uarain. 

31. c. 

Forba in mi's do Mhaedocc/ 
dom-Chumma^ cain comraind, 
do "^Mhaelanfaidh^ amgand, 
doc Chainnech,'' do Chairnan, 
do Lug-aed'"' fial amlond, 

do Ebnaif' dia n-adhramm, 
do Metran mhor mholta 

dan dolta 'sin dagrand, 
do Satwrnin sarmaith 

in lanraith dia labramm, 
do Sillan" seng saerocc, 

do da-Thaedoc** tabram, 
A noemh uilc Enair 

do crail ar n-anmann. 
1 Ferna, esp<9^ cs/d?e, Aodh a cedainm. - epsr^/.- in inaro. 

DoCummi Nocndz-oma m«c an tsaoir Thuama Inbhir. ^ •' abb 

Dairinsi oc Lios mor moChuda. ■• saccrtrt, m^c UiChil. 

^ mac Echdhach o Thi'r da craobh. " o Ros Enche. ' Cille 

Delge. * Achaidh Dumha. Da-Thaodhocc mac Colgan 6 Achadh 


^ MS, milidh. ^ MS. Mhaolanfaidh. " MS. chainneach. 


29. A. 

My Cenna,^ blooming Blath,^ Cronan far from crimes, Dalian," 
Forgall's modest son: Papias (and) Maurus the soldiers. ^ Three 
Clarenechs ('table-faced ones') are loved : Valerius with beauty 
of dignity, Segein, who reached the silent land,* with Boethi'n 
who wrought no rudeness.^ 

^ a virgin. " a virgin. ^ from Maigen. ^ i.e. heaven's silent land. 
^ who did nothing haughty. 

30. B. 

Noble Hippolytus, Enan- : Aldegundis, a marvellous virgin : 
Matthias, a strong fence ; Alexander, I beseech. Bathildis, ex- 
cellently modest, shapely, with Flavianus the steadfast : Barrfind,'' 
Ternoc* (thy Ernoc) who is reckoned, Cronan, presbyter Eilbe. 

^ Enan, son of Gemman in Ross mor in Hiii Dega in Hiii Cennse- 
lais;. ^ of Inis Doimli. ^ of Uaran. 

31. C. 

The completion of the month let us give to Maedoc,^ to my 
Gumma- — a fair participation — to Mael-Anfaid'^ the generous, 
to Cainnech,'* to Caernan, to modest, gentle Lug-aed,^ to Ebnait'' 
whom we worship, to Metranus the great (and) lauded — a poem 
told (?) in the good stanza — to Saturninus, excellently good, 
the fully gracious, of whom we speak, to Si Han' the slender, a 
noble warrior, to thy Taedoc,^ Every saint of January to direct 
our souls ! 

^ of Ferna, a bishop was he : Aed was his first name.^ - a 

bishop. Thy Cumme of Noendruim son of the wright of Tuaim 
Inbir. ^ abbot of Dairinis at Less Mor moChuta. * a priest, 

son of Hua Chil. ^ son of Eochaid of Ti'r da craeb. ^ from 

Ross Enche. '' of Cell Delga. ^ of Achad Duma. lh\- 

Taeddc, son of Colgu of Achad Duma. 

^ Natalis sanctorum Papie et Mauri militum, Mnrf. Chr. CJi. 

^ He is commemorated as 'Aed' in Fel. Oenj^.,a.s 'Edanus' in Mart. Chr. CIi. 

28 FELIRE IlC'I GORMAIN. [Februarius. 


I. d. 

TI7OR VaXahid ^x\6. Febru 
-*- Brigit ard-ogh Erenn, 

Derlugdach^ leo radem[m] 
Pion, Ignait, Effremm, 
Beoin,^ Cinne^ chaemhfind, 

Airennan* non-alem[m], 
Cattan^ trednach tennocc, 

Mo-Cell6c in cadhseng. 

^ banabb Chille dara in ^t^aidh Brighde. " ogh. ^ ogh. 

^ m«c li Oidaib. ° aitte Blaain. 

2. e. 

Cetbreith Christ i tempul 
ri Muire, reimm raithfir. 

Cornil caidh cend sochair, 
Fortunait is Finnech/ 
Apronian iildfethid,- 

Uictor, Mauir nar mothaigh, 
Illathan'^ sruith sardrech, 

Ait[h]met* crabdech^ Clochair, 
Felician, Firm romaind, 

fri dodhaing cech dochair. 

' epscop. Finneach Duirn Chilli Findchi 6 Ath Duirn i n-Osraigibh. 
Dornbuidhe '\a\morro ainm telcha i Maigh Raighne. " diar coimhet. 

^ on disert. * eps^(y/. 

3. f. 

T Tarburga ban, Blasswj, 
^ Celerin co coemrath, 

Coelfind,^ t.(;;uanan- crabdech, 
Trifon, Ignait, Uuan, 
Remcid, Tigrid t6cdlec[h], 

Laurentin nal-Ianbhrcth, 
mac Duach din ar duilgibh, 

Colman'' cuindmid cadhnech.'' 

' ogh. * glinne, abb Maighe bile. ^ ainm mheic Duach 

o Chill vcxaic Duaich. ^ in marg. man. rec. Colmanus hospitalis 

et Tutelaris. 

^ MS. craibdcch. *> Cuanna, Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 



I. D. 

On February's white calends Brigit the chief virgin of 
Ireland (and) Der-lugdach^ : let us mention with them Pionius, 
Ignatius, Ephrem, Beoin,^ dear-white Cinne,^ Airennan"* whom we 
supplicate, Cattan^ the abstinent, stern warrior, (and) my Celloc 
the holy-slender. 

^ abbess of Kildare after Brigit. - a virgin. ^ a virgin. 

* Oidab's (leg. Fodub's ?) great-grandson.^ * Blaan's tutor. 

2. E. 

The first taking of Christ into the Temple, with Mary^ — a 
gracious man's course. Cornelius the chaste, a profitable chief, 
Fortunatus and Finnech.^ Apronianus bear ye in mind,^ Victor, 
Maurus, who perceives us, Illathan,'^ venerable, great-faced, 
Aithmet'' the devout, of Clochar, Felicianus and Firmus, before 
us, against the danger of every mischief. 

^ a bishop. Finnech Duirn of Cell Findchi of Ath Duirn in 
Ossory. Now Dorn-buide was the name of a hill in Mag Raigne. 
^ to protect us. ^ from the hermitage. ■* a bishop. 

3. F. 
Werburga the fair, Blasius, Celerinus with dear grace, 
Coelfind,^ devout Cuanan,^ Trypho, Ignatius, Uuan (Avia- 
nus ?), Remedius, radiant Tigris, Laurentinus of the full judg- 
ments, mac Duach — a defence against difficulties, — Colman," 
hospitable, holy. 

' a virgin. - of the valley, abbot of Mag Bile. ' Mac 

fJuach's name : from Cell meic Duach. 

"* h. Foduili, Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 

"^ Purificatio sancte Marie semper virginis, Drit?/iin. Kal. 

30 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Februarius. 

4- g- 

Fuidbech,^ Core- is Chota, 
la hAquilin aleb, 

Gelais fri cech ngabud,^ 
Gemin mor is Magnus. 
Donait tagai[m]ni trenfer 

fri baraind, fri badud. 
Pheleas, Eueint urgna, 

di'as chunnla co crabud. 
Cuanna;'' Ciaran* Glinne,^ 

sinne for a snadhud ! 

- xwao. Cillin.^' " 6 Dhruim Lomman. ^ man. rec. Mart. 

TamlacYiX.. o Druinn. * ab Lis moir. ^ Tamhlachta Gliadh i 

nGlinn Righe. 

5- a. 

Agatha og airderc, 
Cera^ ar corp ba cachtach : 
Baetan,- Fingen^ fertach, 
Saturnin ard, Auit, 
Liadnan^ leir nar' lochtach, 

Dubtach^ eim is Echtach." 

^ d^h. ^ mac Colmain. ^ mac Odrdin febla. ^ abb 

Fobhair, * saccart. " dcch. 

6. b. 

Uedaist amra, Amaint/ 
Fustais ni chel charaim, 

epsff?/ cMel- nos-molaimm, 
Anatholian, Teophil, 
feil Dura'' bhain bladhuill. 

Branduibh chaid is Cholaim[m],'* 
dom breith don flaith lea 

Dorothea thogaimm, 
Finnian' abb na hinnse 

'sind rindse mo roraind. 

^ seems altered from KmdiXiX. : in marg. man. rec. Amait — Amaind .i. 
Amandus qui hodie pon////r. - e\)?>cop Ard-acha/V/ i Tethba, descipal 

Patraicc es/r/e. * Q\)Uop. mac Coluim o Dliruim chremha. ^ Bran 

7 Colum 6 Loch Munremhuir. '' Mael find lain abb Insi Patraic. 

■■• MS. ngabad. '' mac Illadon, Mart. Taiul. ed. Kelly 

"^ Sic in the Rawl. and Laud copies of tlie FJlirc Ocug. In L.B. Moel, 
perperam. MS. san. 


4. G. 

Fuidbech,^ Corc^ and Cota with Aquilinus, I will beseech. 
Gelasius against every peril, great Geminus and Magnus. Dona- 
tus I choose (as my) champion against hostility, against drown- 
ing. Phileas, wise Eventius, a sage, devout pair. Cuanna'^ and 
Ciaran^ of Glenn (Rige),^ may we be under their safeguard ! 

^ son of Cillin. - from Druim Lomman. ^ from Druinn, 

faccordins: to the) Martyrology of Tallaght. * Abbot of Less Mor. 

' of Tamlachta Gliad in Glenn Rige. 

5. A. 

Agatha, a famous virgin, Cera,^ who was abstinent as to her 
body, Baetan,- miraculous Fingen,^ lofty Saturninus and Avitus, 
Liadnan* the industrious, who was not faultful, active Dubthach,^ 
and Echtach.'^ 

' a virgin. ■ son of Colman. ^ son of Odran Febla. 

^ abbot of Fobar. ^ a priest. ^ a virgin. 

6. B. 

Wonderful Vedastus, (bishop) Amandus, Fausta (?), I will 
not conceal whom I love : bishop Mel,^ I praise him, Anatho- 
lianus, Theophilus, the festival of fair, great-famed Dura,^ of 
Brandub the chaste and Colomb.* 'Tis Dorothea I choose 
to take me with her to the kingdom (of heaven). Findian,^ 
abbot of the Island, in this end of the stanza (is) my great 

- bishop of Ard-achad in Tethba, a disciple of Patrick he. ^ a 

bishop, son of Colomb, of Druim Crema. * Bran and Colomb 

from Loch Munremuir. ^ Mael-Findiain, abbot of Inis-Patraic. 

32 FELIRE HIJI CORMAIN. [Februarius. 


Tri meicc delbda Dare/ 
Fintan^ lend is Lomman,' 
tJsailli tend tennal, 
Brigif* chaid is Colman,^ 
fri tedmann, fri trommar, 

Aed," Mocnacan," Mellan,^ 
Auguil, Moiseit molaimm, 

romaind fri cech rennagh. 

^ .i. Lonan, Critan, Maelan Mona Maolain tri meic Dhare. 
- sacrtfrt QXuand. Cain, ^ Locha Uair. * inghen Domma. 

^ &i^%cop. " epsr^/ Slebhti. ' Atha Liacc. ** [Inse] 

mac lii Cuinn for Loch Orbsen. 


8. d. 

acc-b'acc,^ Cera,^ Colman,^ 
^Ruithche,* Sebaist soerda, 

T^rnoc,^ Emil airme, 
Salomon mor martir, 
Dionis fri digla, 

Onchu,'^ Fiachra," Failbe,^ 
Con'ntha uais ergna, 

tall CO nderna ar ndailne. 

^ epsr^/ Liath droma. - ogh. ^ mac lii Thelduibh epsr.7). 

eg. ^ anchoreta fri Berba aniar. '^ Onchu vc\ac ind ecis do 

Ccv/nachtaibh. IS e ro thinoil mor do thaisib noemh Er(7/;/ co 
Cluain moir Moedhocc. ' abb 6 Chongl)hail Glinne Siiilige i 

Cenel ConviA\ 7 ba habb-sidhe beos i cCluain Eraird. ® .i. Failbe 


9. e. 

Appollonia, Ammon, 
Au.sbr;'t//j ban balla, 
gcbtait col-Ian linni, 
Ronan/ Cuaran,^ Caircch,^ 
Tomas tuirmthir sunna, 

bColman/ Cruimthir Finni/ 

' eps(r<7/ Lis moir. * ind eccna. Cuaran in eccna i nDeisibh 

Mumrt«. As do rob ainm Cronan mr?c Nethsemon. ^ Cairech 

Dergain dgh o Cluain Bairenn i n-Uibh Maine. * Cl//a;/a hEraird. 

° Droma licce. 

' Ruidchc, Mart. Tanil. cd. Kelly. 

^ MoCoImoc cluana Iraird, Mart. Taml. 


7. c. 

Dare's three shapely sons/ for us (be) Fintan- and Lomman.^ 
Auxilius, a strong firebrand : chaste Brigit^ and Cohnan,^ against 
diseases, against heavy slaughter : Aed/ Moenacan,' Mellan,* 
Augulus, Moyses I praise ; (let them go) before us against every 

' i.e. Lonan, Critan, Maelan of Mdin Maelain, Dare's three sons. 
" a priest, of Cluain Cain. ^ of Loch Uair. * daughter of 

Domma. '" a bishop. ® bishop of Slebte. ' of Ath 

Liacc. * of Inis Maccu Cuinn on Loch Orbsen. 

8. D. 

Mac-liacc/ Cera,^ Colman,'' Ruithche,* noble Sebastianus, 
thy Ernoc;' Aemilianus we reckon, great Salomon, a martyr ; 
Dionysius against vengeances : Onchu,^ Fiachra,'' h'ailbe.* 
Wise, noble Corintha, may she cause our meeting there (in 
heaven) ! 

^ bishop of Liath-druim. - a virgin. ' a bishop, great- 

grandson of Teldub. * a virgin. ^ an anchorite to the west of 

(the river) Berba. ^ Onchu, son^ of the sage, of Connaught. 'Tis 
he that gathered to Cluain Mor Maeddic much of the relics of the 
saints of Ireland.'' ' an abbot, from Congbail Glinne Suilige in Cenel 
Conaill, and he was also abbot in Cluain Eraird. ^ that is Failbe 

of Erdam. 

9. E. 
Apollonia, Ammon, white, lofty Ausbertus, they will com- 
pletely take our side. Ronan,^ Cuaran,^ Cairech.'^ Thomas is here 
numbered. Colman,'* presbyter Finni.^ 

^ bishop of Less-mor. - of the wisdom : Cuaran of the wisdom'^ 

in Desi of Munster. 'Tis to him was the name Cronan, son of Nia- 
semon. ^ Cairech Dergain, a virgin from Cluain Bairenn in Hiii 

Maine. * of Cluain Eraird. ^ of Druim Licce. 

"^ He is described as *• Jiua (grandson) of the sage,' in Fcl. Oeng. and in 
Mart. Tajnl. ^ So Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly : Hua ind egais qui 

congregavit reliquias sanctorum. "- Mocuaroc ind ecnai, Fe.l. Oeirg. 

Mochuaroc vir sanctus et sapientissimus, Drumm. Kal. 


34 FELIRE Hi I GORMAIN. [Februaru's. 

lO. f. 
Ocolastica, Sillan/ 

f\^%cop Glinne da locha. 

II. g. 

Gobnat/ Etchen,- Eufrais, 
Lappan/ Luc[h]ta'' luaidimm, 

Seuerin abb alimm, 
Finnia,'' Duban'' dcgdias, 
Senac[h]'' an mar oebill, 

Coccnat^ ban as mbagimm, 
ainm larlaide^ findaird 

isin rindaird^ raidimm, 
Desider fos fegait, 

Inna gerait gradfind. 

^ dgh. ifi marg. Gobnat ogh i Mdin Moir i ndesc^rt Erenn ata a 

ceall. " e'p'&cop (Z\i/a7i^. Foda i Feraibh Bile i Midhe. ^ vaac 

Ciarain. * Atha Ferna. ^ epscop Maighe Bile. * sac^rt. 

saccizrt 6 Cheallaibh lia Maigheach. * dcch 6 Ernaidhe. " .i. 

ainm na haistesea. 

12. a. 

^OiadaV Finan,- 
*^Cinnmein/ Cc 

'on in/' Cronan, 
Forondan,'"' Aed," Acdan,"* 
Beologo'-' ard, Eulail, 
Leo la Lugaid'" lanfial 

a.s cubaidh 'sin caemhfal. 

' epscop, mac Luaith, 6 Ath cliath. - m^c Erendain.'^ 

•■' c.omi/rha. Patraicc cenn creidme na nOaoid^'/. * /// marg. 

Cummein Glinne mona. ' epsrcy!-. " abb C\//a/ia Eraird. ' mac 
YGradhaig/i. * o Cluain Dartada. " sacart o Cluain Dariada 

beos. '" Guile Riiscach i mBreifne. 

* ladailhi, MarL Tainl. cd. Kelly. ^ Siatal ibid. "^ Airennain, ibid. 


lo. F. 
(The holy virgin) Scholastica, Sillan.^ .... 

bishop of Glenn da locha. 

II. G. 

Gobnat/ Etchen,^ Eufrasia (leg. Euphrosyna), Lappan,^ 
Luchta,'' I mention ; abbot Severinus, I beseech ; Finnia^ and 
Duban," a goodly pair ; Senach/ bright like a spark : fair Coccnat*' 
whom I declare ; the name of larlaithe, the fair and high, in the 
(metre called) rindard'^ I utter. Desiderius, also, keen (and) 
pleasant : Ina, a lovable, white champion. 

^ a virgin. Gobnat a virgin. In Moin Mor in the south oflreland 
stands her church. - bishop of Cluain Fota in Fir Bile in Meath. 

^ son of Ciaran. * of Ath Ferna. ^ bishop of Mag Bile. 

^ a priest. '' a priest from Cella Hua Maigech. ** a virgin, from 

Ernaide. ^ the name of this metre. 

12. A. 

Siadal/ Flnan,^ Fethgna,'' Cummein,* Coni'n,^ Cronan, Foron- 
dan,^' Aed,^ Aedan,^ high Beo-logo,'' (the holy virgin) Eulalia. 
Leo, with full-modest Lugaid,^° who is harmonious in the dear 

^ a bishop, son of Luath, from Ath Cliath. ^ son of Erennan. 

^ a successor of Patrick : head of the belief of the Gaels. ^ Gum- 

main of Glenn Mona ^ a bishop. ^ abbot of Cluain Eraird. 

' son of Feradach. ^ from Cluain Dartada. ^ a priest : also 

from Cluain Dartada. ^° of Cuil Riiscach in Brefne. 

" i.e., the rampart or fence composed of the saints enmnerated in this 

D 2 

36 F&LIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Februarius. 

13. b. 
A gabz/j- faith fire, 
■^~*-^Ermengilda^ glanog, 

Domonghin^ caid, Conan, 
Filoron is Finan, 
Cuac[h]nat^ in^i raith romhoir 
la Grigoir maith molab. 

' ogh. - mo-Domhnoc d Thioprait Fachtna i n-iarthar Osr^z^e. 

^ ogh oc Ross raithe.' 

14. c. 

Coemhan, Manchein Moethla, 
Felicula landes, 

Baiss, Cirion in chadhfis, 
Anton, Marceill, Maxim, 
Zenon, Sinach^ sirfois, 

Ualentin, Uitalis, 
on drung duit, a duine, 
na huile roahs, 
^ Sratha.'J 

15. d. 
"T^austin, Q/'/inid,'^ Craton, 
-^ Daghilla tend trebar, 

Fergas^ lemm di'a lenub, 
Forondan- beo, Berach," 
Blauius ba gle in glanfer, 

buaid meic De do Demun/ 

' m(7C Otngusz.. ~ mac Aoda. ^ Cluana Coirpthe i 



16. e. 

Uh'ana, lulian, 
la Faustin fial ferdha, 
coic mile cliar coibne, 
Pampili?/^', Paulus, 
Aed Glas^ dathglan dclbda, 

gOengus^ rat[h]mhar, Roibne,' 
Honesim caid cocmgel, 
for soernem co soirbe. 

^ Aodh Glas e\-)SCOp Ratha na n-Epscop. ' eps^^/. ^ abb. 

" scae. eormcnhilde, Lcofr. Kal. *' MS. an. 

" Cruachnat oc Ros Fachtna, Mart. Tavil. according to Todd, ATari. 
Don. p. 48, note. '' sratha Irenn, Mart. Tainl. cd. Kelly. 

' A would-be corrector inserts t after «. ^ buaid maicc Dd dia 

n.-tmait, Fd. Oeug. " MS. Oengas. 


13- B. 
Agabus, a prophet of truths : Ermengilda/ a pure virgin: 
Chaste ^Domongin,t> Conan, Philoromus and Fi'nan. Cuachnaf'' 
of the exceeding grace, with good Gregorius, I will praise. 

^ a virgin. ~ my Domnoe from Tipra Fachtna in the west of 

Ossory. ^ a virgin at Ross Raithe. 

14. C. 
Coeman, Manchein of Moethail, Felicula, full-lovely : Bassus, 
Cyrion of the holy knowledge: Antonius, Marcellus, Maximus, 
Zeno, Sinach^ the ever-stable : Valentinus, Vitalis : unto thee, 
O man, thou hast entreated the whole of the troop. 

1 ofSrath. 

15. D. 

Faustinus, Ouinidius, Craton, strong, firm Dagilla. On my 
side be Fergus,^ to whom I shall cleave : lively Forondan,^ 
Berach': Blavius, bright was the pure man. The victory of God's 
Son over the Devil.^ 

^ son of Oengus. " son of Aed. ^ of Cluain Coirpthe in 


16. E. 
Juliana, Julianus, with modest, manly Faustinus : five thou- 
sand, a kindred band. Pamphilus Paulus. Aed Glas,^ pure- 
coloured, shapely : gracious Oengus,- Roibne,^ holy, dear-white 
Onesimus,^ in noble heaven with prosperity. 

^ Aed Glas, bishop of Raith na n-Epscop. " a bishop. ^ an abbot. 

" See Acts xi. 28 and xxi. 10. 

^ An alias for the mo-Domnoc of Fel. Oeitg. and Druinm. Kal. 
'^ Victoria Christi de Diabolo per ternas temptationes ab eodem Christo 
superatas, Drunim. Kal. Diabolus recessit a Domino, Leofric Kal. 
'^ Natalis sancti Onesimi Apostoli {sic), Mart. Chr. Ch. 

38 FELIRE HOi GORMAJN. [Februarius. 

17. f. 

"T^intan^ fial ua hEchach 
^ do-Chonna^ tenn treorach, 

Donait gemm co nglerat[h], 
Roibne'^ mor la Midu,'* 
Cormacc' Ian, is Lurech,'"' 

Ossan'' ban is Brelach/ 
lem a n-itche uile 

corbam duine derach. 

^ abb Cluaiia hEidhn/^h il-Laighis. ^ mac Odrain. ' eps- 

cop. ^ mrt-c Factna. * epsrt'/ At[h]a Truiin ocus com?/'/-ba 

Patrrz/c. " mac Ciianach. ' epsifi^/, o Raith Osain fri hAlh 

Truim ani'ar. * .i. mac Fithchellaisfh. 

"\Tem,^ Oengus.a is Udrin,' 
^ ^ Rutuil, Siluan sengdruin, 

Simeon cara in Coimded, 
^mo-Liba'' leir, Legoint, 
Colman, Lassair^ lommglan, 

Maxim, DanieF dondghel, 
sinne for a snadud 

ar thragud, ar thoirnem. 

' eps^r^/" Droma Bertach. ^ Droma Dresa. ^ i n-Uibh 

Eachach \]\ad\\ i n-Eanach Elte dosonr«/^h. * ogh, 6 Ghlinn 

Medhoin. * epsi:^/ Cinn Garad. 

19. a. 

^Ooethin' mor xx\ac Cuanach, 
-"-^Pupliz/s, Gabi'n glorda, 

Feichin,- Odran oebhda, 
lulianus, lulius, 
Nuadha'' deghlainn diadha,"* 

Daig'' mac^ Nemnaill noemda, 
Moel Dobhorcon'^ degfer 

ar ro celed coemna. 

' o Tigh Baoithin i n-iarthar Midhe. - i?i marg. Feichin mac 

ua Cainche 6 Lenimaig. ^ ^\>%cop. * in 7narg. man. rec. 

(leglainn diadha .i. protectoris deuoti. ^ e\)Uop. * epsa;/ Cille dara. 

•■' MS. Oengas. '' molipa, Dnmun. Kal. 

•^ sancti confcssoris Baithini, Mart. Chr. Cli. ^' MS. meic. 


17. F. 

Chaste Fintan,^ descendant of Eochaid, thy Conna,* firm, 
leading, Donatus, a gem with bright grace. Roibne,'' the great, 
with Midu,* full Cormac^ and Lurech,^ fair Ossan' and Brelach,*^ 
be the prayer of them all on my behalf that I may repent with 

^ abbot of Cluain Eidnech in Laigis. ■ son of Odran. ^ a 

bishop. * son of Fachtna. ^ bishop of Ath Truim, and a 

successor of Patrick. " son of Cuana. ' a bishop : from 

Raith Ossain to the west of Ath Truim. ^ son of Fidchellach. 

18. G. 

Nem,^ Oengus and Udri'n^ : Rutulus. slender-shrewd Sil- 
vanus : Simeon, the relative of the Lordt" : my Liba'* the indus- 
trious : Legontius,c Colman, very pure Lassair* : Maximus, 
Daniel"* the princely-fair, may we be under their safeguard 
against exhaustion, against oppression ! 

' bishop of Druim Bertach. - of Druim Dresa. '* in Hiii 

Echach of Ulster, in Enach Elte (to speak) precisely. * a virgin, 

from Glenn Medoin. * bishop of Cenn Garad. 

19. A. 

Great Boethi'n,^ son of Cuana, Publius, glorious Gabinius, 
Feichin,- beautiful Odran, Julianus, Julius: Nuada," good and 
godly protector^ : Daig,^ son of saintly Nemnall, Mael-Dobor- 
chon," an excellent man (from whom) comfort (?) was taken 

^ from Tech Boethin in the western part of Meath. ' Fechin, 

descendant of Cainche, from Lem-mag. ^ a bishop. ^ of good 

godly protection, i.e., of a devout protector. ^ a bishop. 

" bishop of Cell Dara. 

'* literally, that I may be a tearful person. 

'^ propinquus Salvatoris secundum carnem. Mart. CJir. Ch. 

" Leguntius, Martyr. Rom. Feb. 19. 

40 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Februariu"^. 

20. b. 

'T^irann?/^- seim, Siluan, 
-^ Nil, Senob^ tren trebar, 
•=Bolcan- ognar, idan, 

Colcu,^ Cronan credal. 

' Nil, Senob is ivritte7i over what seems la tenob. ^ epsr^/. 

' mac lia Duinechda. 

21. c. 

Uerulus fial, Felic, 
Secundin co sograd, 
Cronan^ daig diar ndegdin, 
Fintan- caid, is Colman.'' 

'' Cille Bicce. ' Fionntan Corach &-^scoJ> Cluana. Ferta Bre- 

nainn. Oats i cCluain Eidhn/^h ata bheos. ^ hi marg. Colinau 

Arda Bo for brii Locha Eachach i n-Ultoibh. 

22. d. 

IN-Antuaig aird uasail, 
oirdned Petair phrimda, 

ind fir ettail oebda. 
Papias, Abil, Arist, 
Fechin/ Moelan- morda, 

la Coeman'* diar coemna, 
Midabair* chaid chi'mer, 

Gurnim'^ minghel moerda, 
mac Dornan caemh cinte, 

Macl-brigte'J ccn bacghla.^ 

' sacart. ^ Achaidh Gobra. ^ Mhaighe m«/c Dodon. 

" o Rind Dz-oichit. ^ higen Chon-gaela.*' 

"" eps. olcan, Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 
'■ MS. maolbrigde. " MS. baoghla. 

'' Guirminni inghon Conghaili, Mart. Taml. ed. Kell>'. Gurnin, inghen 
Conghaela, Mart. Don. 


20. B. 

Tyrannius, the spare ; Silvanus, Nilus, strong (and) prudent^^ 
Zenobius : Bolcan,^ virgin-bashful, pure : Colcu,^ religious 

^ a bishop. ^ great-grandson of Duinechda. 

21. C. 

Verulus the modest, Felix, Secundinus, with tender love : 
Cronan,^ quick to guard us well, holy Fintan,- and Colman.^ 

^ of Cell Becc. - Fintan Corach, bishop of Cluain Fevta 

Brenainn, and in Cluain Eidnech he is also, ^ Colman, of Ard 

Bo on the brink of Loch n-Echach, in Ulster. 

22. D. 

In high, noble Antioch, the enthronement of pre-eminent 
Peter,'' the pure, beautiful man. Papias, Abilius, Ariston.c 
Fechi'n/ majestic Moelan^ with Coeman'^ to defend us : Mida- 
bair,* holy, radiant (?) : Gurnim/ smooth-white, noble. Mac-Dor- 
nan dear, determined : Mael-Brigte without dangers. 

^ a priest. ^ of Achad Gobra. ^ of Mag maic Dodon. 

from Rind Droichit. ^ daughters of Cii-gaela. 

^ sic Mart. Rom Tenobius, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

^ apud Antiochiam cathedra sancti Petri, Drunim. Kal. 

" Aristion qui unus fuit de Ixxii discipulis Christi, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

42 FELINE Htl GOKMAlN. [Februarius, 

23. e. 

Cethracha sunn, Serei'm, 
Policarpas credhlach, 
la Findchadan^ fodlach, 
Mannan tenn,- is Tian,'' 
Columnan cain caindlech, 

Ernin,* Cruimthir Conrach,^ 
inghena and Oengois," 

na coemhdois co comdath. 

' .i. Fioncadan n-Arda.^ • /;/ marg. Manran tenn .i. strenuus 

pugn(ator). ^ Mannan 7 Tiaan Airidh huird.^ * Cas Leith- 

glinne. ^ in marg. Cruimtir Conrac 7 Findcadhan n-Arda.** 

'■ in marg. man. rec. Fech an iad ingena. Aonguis maic Natfraoich qui 
dicitur 12 filias sanctas habuisse. Forte filiae Aengusii, regis Momoniae, 
qui 12 dicitur habuisse filias sanctas. 

24. f. 

Apstol mor Mathias, 
fo deoaid in degbuaid, 
cenn Eoin do fagbail, 
Heise,^ Cuimmein,- Ciaran,'^ 
Sergiwi" ard co n-ilmain,^ 
a theist is ard anbail. 

Airidh Foda. - abb lae. ^ Uamha. 

25- g- 

Uictorin is Uictor, 
Papias, Seraip soera, 
Dioscoir conn core, 
Nicofoir caid Claudian, 
Triar soersa coa sine, 

Cianan,^ Coemsa,^ Cronc.^ 

abb. - occh. ^ deh, o Tamhlachta. 

" leg. na hArda, as in Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 

'' leg. .Shuird? Co Airid Suird, Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 

" MS. niohnain. 


23. E. 

Forty (martyrs) here, Serenus, trustful Polycarpus, with dis- 
cerning Findchadan^ : strict Mannan and Tian,^ Cokimnan, fair, 
lustrous: Ernen,'* presbyter Conrach^ : Oengus'*^ daughters there, 
the dear bushes with equal colour. 

' Finchadan, of Ard. ^ Mannan and Tian, of Aired Uird. 

* Cas, of I.ethglinn. ^ Presbyter Conrach and Findchadan of 

Ard. * See if they are the daughters of Oengus, son of Natfraech, 

who is said to have had twelve holy daughters. Perhap;? they are the 
daughters of Oengus, King of Munster, who is said to have had twelve 
holy daughters. 

24. F. 

The great apostle Mathias^ : the goodly victory at last, 
John (Baptist's) head was found."^ Heise,^ Cummein,^ Ciaran" : 
lofty Sergius, with many a treasure, high and vast is the testi- 
mony concerning him. 

^ of Aired Fota. " abbot oflona. ^ of Uam. 

25. G. 

Victorinus and Victor, Papias, Serapion, the noble ones. 
Dioscorus, head of justice, holy Nicephorus, Claudianus. These 
three noble ones, to whom thou stretchest (.''), Cianan,^ Coemsa,' 

' an abbot. - a virgin. ' a virgin from Tam- 


^ Mathias or, as the Irish called him, Madian, is commemorated by 
Oengus on Feb. 23. 

^ Inventio capitis sanct loannis Baptistae, Mart. Rom. and so Menolog 
Grace. Inventio capitis prec rsoris Domini, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

44 FELIRE HLI GORMAIN. [Februarius. 

26. a. 

MoEnna, Etne, Aedlug/ 
Nestoir druin co «degrath, 
Salomon tuir tharbach, 
Alexander epscop. 
Cronan^ ba cend cuimnech, 

Becan^ tenn, is Talmach, 

' Aodhlugh mac Cammain abb (ZVian^ Vi\aic Nois. ^ Glinne 

Aosa. ^ Dall, Cinn saile. 

27. b. 

Fagbail chinn in chinged 
lohain^ uasail imslain, 
Baldomer bind organ, 
Leander la hlulian, 
trede^ follan findmhor, 

Eunus, Comman,- Comgan.^ 

1 in mar^. decollatio s. }ohan}iv~,. ~ moc ua Themhne. 

^ Ghlinne hUissen. 

28. c. 

Mansuet?^j", mo-Sinu, 
Ternoc, Dic[h]uilP delbda, 
Uictor, Roman, Roigne, 
4 Sillan,- Ernin ergna. 

Rufin, Machair maithe, 

forbhait flaithe febra," 
a thinol mor molaim, 

fri doading na ndemhna. 

^ mac Maelduibh i n-Eiriud Muilt oc Loch Erne. ' maighistir 

mac Cummin, ab Benncair Ul«^h, ocus comarba Comhgaill. 

MS. febru. 


26. A. 

My Enna, Ethne, Aedlug^ : Nestor, shrewd, with good grace. 
Salomo, a profitable tower : Alexander, bishop (of Alexandria) : 
Cronan,^ who was a mindful chief: strict Becan-^ and Talmach. 

^ Aedlug, son of Camman, abbot of Cluain mac Nois. ^ of 

Glenn Aesa. ^ the Blind, of Cenn saile. 

27. B. 

The finding of the head of the champion,=^ John,^ noble, 
quite whole. Baldomer, a melodious organ, Leander with Juli- 
anus. A triad sound, white-great (are) Eunus, Comman,^ (and) 

^ the decollation of St. John. " great-grandson of Temne. 

of Glenn Uissen. 

28. C 

Mansuetus, my Sinu, thy Ernoc, shapely Dichuill,^ Victor, 
Romanus, Roigne, Sillan,^ wise Ernin, Rufinus, Macarius, the 
nobles, complete February's lords. Their great assembly I 
praise : (may it guard me) from the hardship of the devils ! 

' son of Mael-duib in Eriud Muilt at Loch Erne. "^ a master : 

son of Cummin, abbot of Bennchor Ulad, and a successor of Com- 

^ Here Gorman follows Oengus, who at Feb. 27 has airec cinn lohanms. 
The finding of S. Paul's head is omitted, though this event is commemorated 
in Drumm. Kal. at Feb. 25. 



I. d. 

TI^OR \^a\aznd moir Martai 
-*- Dauid,^ Senan,^ Saran,'^ 

Cassin mace noem Neman, 
Banfota min, Moenenn,* 
Baetan,^ Colum" caemfial, 

m^c Nisi og, Enan/ 
sescca da ced^ cadla^ 

ir-Roimh tarla a trenar. 

^ e\>?,ccp Cille muine. ^ e]i?,cop Insi Cathaigh. ^ eps^<?/. 

* epsr^/ iZ\uan3. f^rta Brenainn. * abb Cluaria raaic Nois eisiumh 

.i. Baettan nirtc ua Corbmaic. ^ Cinn garadh. ' Mrrc Nissi 

in marg. man. rec. 260 marty[resj Romae. " .i. cathalacda. 

2. e. 

Simplic sruith in papa 
louin, Bassil bladholl, 
feil Cuain^ is Conaill, 
Finnian, ^Fergna- la, 
Lugaid'' lor dial-lenaimm, 

la Montan* mor molaimm. 

' Cain. - Brit, abb lae Choluimchille, 7 epsr^/ beos. 

%z.czar\. * saccart. 

3- f. 

Mo-§accra^ caid, Conna,^ 
Ereclach mon-i'adanim, 
Conill, Ciilein-'cacmseng, 
mo-Dimm6ct> jj-, degdos, 
deochain Reat rigfind, 

mo-Chua,'* Fachtna,^ Faelend, 
epscop Conchraidh, Cele,** 
al-lere nar lacdend/ 

^ ab Cl//rt';/a hEidhn/i,'h il-Laighis. /// 7uarg. Mo acra 1 Tigh Sacru 
i fail Tamhlachta t7^?<;5 i Fionnmaigh 1 Fothartaibh. - dcch. ^ Insi 
Doimhle. * Cl//«//a Pobt[h];i. '' d Crebhicc. " ,i. 

Cele Cr/>t eps<r^/ o Chill Cele Qx'ist in-Uibh Dunca</ha il-Laighnibh. 
' nar gresenn. 

^ MS. Ferccna. ^ MS. Diommoc. 



I. D. 

On the great calends of March David, ^ Senan,^ Saran,'' 
Cassin, the holy son of Neman : gentle Banfota : Moenenn* : 
Baetan,'^ Colomb'^' the dear-modest, Enan,'' virginal son of Nise. 
Sixty (and) two hundred^ ' beautiful (martyrs), in Rome their 
savage slaughter came to pass. 

^ bishop of Cell muine.'* " bishop of Inis Cathaig. ^ a 

bishop. * bishop of Cluain ferta Brenainn. ^ abbot of 

Cluain maic Nois he, to wit, Baetan, great-grandson of Cormac. ^' of 

Cenn Garad. ' son of Nisse. * 260 martyrs at Rome. " cadiolic. 

2. E. 

Venerable Simplicius, the pope. Jovinus, Basileus, the greatly 
famous. The festival of Cuan^ and Conall : Finnian, Fergna^ of 
lona, Lugaid^ the sufficient, whom I follow ; with great Montan* 
I praise. 

^ the Fair. " a Briton, abbot of Colombcille's lona, and also 

a bishop. ^ a priest. '' a priest. 

3- F. 

My holy Sacru,^ Conna,^ Ereclach round whom we close : 
Conill, dear-slender Cillein,^ my Dimmoc, the goodly bush. 
Deacon Reat, royal-fair: my Cua,* Fachtna^ : Faelenn, bishop 
Conchraid, Cele/' their piety incites us.'' 

^ abbot of Cluain Eidnig in Laigis. my Sacru in Tech Sacru 
near Tamlachta, and in Findmag in Fotharta. ' a virgin. 

''' of Inis Doimli. * of Cluain Dobtha. ^ from Craebech. 

^ Cele Crist, a bishop, from Cell Cell Christ in Hiii Dunchada in 
Leinster. '' eggs us on. 

"" archiepiscopus Britannic, Dnimm. Kal., sci. devvi episc. conf., Lcofr. 

4.8 FELIRE HUI GOKMAIN. [Martius. 

Lucius leir in papa, 
Gaius, arthenn oebda, 
noiccet ir-R6imh^ rigda, 
Palatinus, Pilip,- 
epscoip ra ngairm nglorda, 

Cluana Bainb at bri'gda 
Mucci'n mor 6 Maighin, 
na daighfir fri digla. 

in marg. nongenti Roniae. " t^scop Cluana Bainb. 

5. a. 

Ciaran^ Saigre sluagach, 
Cart[h]ach dalta in deghfir,^ 
Colman, mora a molta, 
Euseib, Foca fedil, 
in coicciur raith righsa 

dom di'nsa rob demhin. 

^ ep^r.7/ 7 ^^«fessor. • Carthach dalta Ciarain Saighre .i. mac 

Oengh/^5-a righ Eoganachta Caisil e. I cCoirD/-/ Ua cCiardha ata a 
bhaile .i. D?-uim Fertain 7 Inis Uachtairfor loch Silenn. 

6. b. 

"\Tert inghen leir Lenin/ 
^ ^ Corpre Crom^ fri cruadag, 
Uictor, Odran, lulian, 

Maelruain;' Maeldub,-* Muadan/ 
a tinol^ tenn teclat 

is tecbat in triiaghan. 

^ 6 Chill Inghen Lenin i n-Uibh Bn'uin Cualann, ifi marg. man rec. 
Filiae Lenini ni Tamlacht. * ^^%cop Cli/a?ia. maic Nois, cenn 

cmhuiWh ermhoir Ertv/;; ina re. '* Uroma Raithe. * mac 

Berrain. * ep&co/>, o Carn Furbaide. 

" MS. tionol. 


4. G. 

Industrious Lucius the pope: Gaius, the very strict, beauti- 
ful. Nine hundred (martyrs) in royal ^Rome.^ Palatinus^ 
Pilip,^ bishops of Cluain Bainb, with their glorious cry, who are 
vigorous : great Muccm from Maigen, the good men against 

^ nine hundred at Rome. - a bishop of Cluain Bainb 

5- A. 

Hostful Ciaran of Saigir^ : the excellent man's fosterling, 
Carthach^ : Colman, great are the praises of him: Eusebius, en- 
during Phocas, these five gracious kings may they be sure to 
protect me ! 

^ bishop and confessor. - Carthach, fosterling of Ciaran, of 

Saigir, to wit, son of Oengus, king of the Eoganacht of Cashel he. In 
Coirpre hua Ciarda stands his stead, i.e., Druim Fertain and Inis 
Uacbtair on Loch Silenn, 

6. B. 

The virtue of Lenin's active daughters.^ Corpre the Bowed^ 
against hard battle. Victor, Odran, Julianus, Mael-Ruain," 
Mael-dub,* Muadan,"' let their strong assembly muster and uplift 
the poor wretch (who commemorates them) ! 

^ From Cell Ingen Lenin (' the church of Lenin's daughters ') in 
Hiii Briuin Cualann. ' bishop of Cluain mac Nois, head of 

devotion of the greater part of Ireland in his time. ^ of 

Druim Raithe. * son of Berran. ^ a bishop, from Carn Furbaidi. 

* Rome, via Appia, martyrum nongentorum, D?-umj)i. Kal. Scoruni. 
dccc. mart., Leofr. Kal. 

'' an epithet for Gaius, which Gorman treats as the name of a separate 
saint. So Richard Whytford : ' saynt Gay and saynt Palatyne.' The 
Martiloge (March 4). 


50 F^LIRE H(U GORMAIN. [Martius. 

7. c. 

"P^rpetua primda 

-'- fri martra mor monur, 

Felicitas trebar, 
Mo Celloc naemh, Nestor, 
Mettan^ main^ nos-molub, 

Cairitan^ cain credal. 

^ ogh, o Tuaim Atha. * in marg. inan. rec. Vide Main. 

^ Droma Lara. 

8. d. 

Senan, Siadal/ Beoaedh,^ 
ConandiF caid, Ciaran,* 

da Chonna' im ^Chronan,* 
moChua, Libran, 'LiherJ 
Curcach naemh is Neman,® 

Molaissi'' ocn o'ljban.t' 
cRlgniad^" druin, Derchairthinn/'^ 

no maidfinn fri morgad,'^ 
Ponti//j' din ar demnaib, 

fom menm.ain a morgrad.^ 

' Cind Locha. ^ o Ard Carna i cConnachtrr/Z^h, epsr<?/ 

esii/he. ^ Eassa Ruaidh. * Foighdhi. * mo 

Chonna Doire 7 mo Conna [Essa] mac [njEirc. " Cronan 

Ai'rdne. ' Liber abb Achaidh bo Cainnigh. ^ * Dairinsi, 

epsr^;/. ^ mac Aodha. '" naemh. ^^ 6 Uachtar Aird. 

9. e. 

Lugaid/ Setna,^ Setna,' 
Grigoir, Patian primglan, 
da l^rigitf* co mbrigblaid, 
Sebaist, Humil, luHan. 
Cirill crinna caemdruin, 

la Dimma fri dighlaibh. 

' Cille Cule. * Droma m/c Ublai.^ ^ Cille Aine. 

Brighil. Mona Miolain an dara dhe. 

* MS chronan. ^^ MS. ogban. 

•= Ailgniad, Mart. TamL cd. Kelly. 

'' MS. morgad. " MS. morgrad. 

' Droma mic Blae, Mar/. Taml. ed. Kelly. Read Dromma vtaccu Blai? 



Pre-eminent Perpetua at martyrdom — great the deed — 
prudent Felicitas, my holy Celloc, Nestor, Mettan^ a treasure,^ 
I will praise her : Cairitan^ fair, religious. 

' a virgin, from Tuaim Atha. ' see Main.^ ^ of Druim Lara. 

8. D. 

Senan, Siadal,^ ^ggo-aed,^ holy Conandil,^ Ciaran.* Two 
Connas^ with Cronan,*' my Cua, Libran, Liber/ pious Curcach 
and Neman.^ Molaissi'-* unique, perfect and fair : shrewd 
Elgniad^^ (and) Der-chairthinn,^^ I would boast of against a great 
danger. Pontius a safeguard from devils, under my mind be 
his g-reat love ! 

^ of Cenn Locha. * from Ard Carna in Connaught : a bishop 

he. ^ of Ess Ruaid. * of Foigde. ^ my Conna 

of Doire and my Conna of Ess mac n-Eire. ^ Cronan of 

Airdne. ' Liber, abbot of Achad Bo Cainnig. ^ of Dairinis, 

a bishop. ^ son of Aed, " a saint. ^^ from Uachtar Aird. 


Lugaid,^ Setna,'' Setna,^ Gregorius, prime, pure Pacianus, 
two Brigits* with vigorous fame. Sebastus, Humilis, Julianus, 
Cyrillus sage, dear-acute, with Di'mma against vengeances. 

1 of Cell Cule. ' of Druim mic Ublai. » of Cell Aine. 

* Brigit of Moin Milain is one of the twain. 

* The marginal glossator takes main to be a proper name ; but see 
below at April 13, and compare the use of dna at April 16. 
^ Aed, Druinm. Kal. 

E 2 


fAlire hui gormain. 


lO. f. 

A lexander, Agaib, 
-^~*-cethracha maith molaim, 

Failbe,^ Gaius guidimm, 
Colman o Cluain Tibrind, 
Quadrait sen coa saigimm, 

la Setni- Fer fugill, 
Attail, Drothoib donnban, 

is Torman^ din turind.* 

^ ab la. - eps(r(?^. 

do cruithnecht na naemh. 

^ meic Tormain \x\eic Cruaidhen. 

II. g. 

Candidus cain, Cirion, 
Constantin Britt^ buanraith, 
Libren,^ Cuanna^ craibdech, 
^Oengus^ ard ua h[0]eblen, 
Libran,^ Senoc*^ saerdrech, 

Findchan geloc gra[i]dnech, 
Uindicianb ci\di cain[d]lech, 

breo lain[d]rech na lainbreth. 

^ Constantin m^'c Fearg/zi'a do Chruithnechaibh no Brit iar n-araile. 
abb Raithne mo Chuda. ^ - Chluana foda. ^ Dall.<= 

* epsr(9/. ^ abb lae QoXuim cille. ® mo Senoc Eetech. 

^ 6 Faithin. 

12. a. 

Grigoir papa pn'mfer, 
Innocenti//j' cara, 
papa airdirc aile. 
Muru^ mor, doChualen,^ 
Gorgoin, Cillein^ cride, 

Mael corgais gem glaine, 
Elfegus in firflaith, 

Dagan* brig maith blaide. 

- da Chuailen [mac Guairi]. 


* MS. Oengas. 
ed. Kelly. 

'' MS. uindi cfan. 

cuannae c[a]eci, Mart. Taml. 


10. F. 

Alexander, Agapa, forty noble (martyrs) whom I praise : 
Failbe,^ Gaius whom I beseech : Colman from Cluain Tibrinn, old 
Quadratus to whom I go : with Setna^ Per fugill (' a man of 
judgment '), Attalus, princely-fair Droctoveus, and Torman'^ of 
the wheat.* 

^ an abbot of lona. ^ a bishop. ^ the sons of Torman 

son of Cruaiden. * of the wheat of the saints. =* 

II. G. 

Fair Candidus, Cyrion : the Briton^ Constanti'n of lasting 
grace, Libren,^ devout Cuanna,^ high Oengus* grandson of 
Oeblen, Libran,^ noble-faced Senoc,'' Findchan fair-young, 
loveable (?) : Vindicianus, holy, shining, the bright flame of the 
full judgments. 

^ Constanti'n son of Fergus of the Picts, or, according to others, a 
Briton : abbot of Raithen mo Chuta. ^ of Cluain Fota. Mhe 

BHnd. * a bishop. * abbot of Colomb cille's Hi. 

my Senoc Bethech.'* 

12. A. 

Pope Gregorius, a chief man.^ Innocentius, a friend, another 
famous pope. Great Muru.^ Thy Cualen,^ Gorgonius, cordial 
Cillein^ : Mael-corgais, a gem of purity. Elfegus [Aelfheah?] 
the true prince, Dagan,'* good vigour of fame. 

^ from Fathan. - thy Cuailen, son of Guaire. ^ of Lilcach. 

* a bishop. 

^ sancti Dei triticum sunt, note on Fel. Oettg. May 21. 
^ Gorman's Librdn and Senoc are Libren and Senan in Fel. Oeng. and 
Driinun. Kal. 

" Teacher and Apostle of the Enghsh, Drumm. Kal. 

54 F&LIRE hCi GORMAIN. [Martius. 

13- b. 

^1\ /To Choemoc^ is Cuangus,^ 
IVl]\/[a(;idoni//j- deghnech,t> 

Garalt,^ Conc[h]end credlach, 
Patricia min, Modeist, 
Teodora fodlach, 

Mairc is Teoseit tredhnach, 
coro ancet m'anmain 

ar in n-arnaid n-engach. 

' Leith moir, abb. ^ mac dall : o Leith mdir fos. 

^ Maighe Eo na Saxan, abb 7 eps^ri?/. 

14. c. 

1\ /r orseisser da fichet^ 
-'■'^drem as doig diar ndinon,^ 

tair ir-R6imh na raenar. 
Petar, Eufrais, Ultan,^ 
Talmach tuillmeach trenog, 

Flannan,^ Cuimnech, Caeman, 
ar demhnaib cen dolma 

maith diar comga in caemfal. 

in inarg. man. rec. martyres 47. ^ Maighnidhe,^ ^ Cille Aird. 

15. d. 

T onginus or gonad 

-'—'Crist i croich do chruadgha, 

ba col ce« a choemna, 
nert ingen og Eltin.^ 
fri cech tressar trogda 

tri meicc Nessan- noemda, 
Matrona as buan beobladh 

acus Eoghan oebhda.® 

' tri hinghena Elti'n. in niarg. tnan. rec. filiae Eltini. - 6 Inis 

Faithlenn .1. Munissa, Nesslug 7 Diiichaill (leg. Diuchaill ?) Dercc.*' 

* MS. Machaomoc. ^ MS. dcghneach. 

'^ MS. dionon. ^ Ultani h. Aignig, Mart. Taml. 

« MS. dobhda. 

^ In Mart. Taml. (LL. 357*^) the names of Nessan's sons are given (in 
the gen. sg.) as moNissu, Scssloga, and Diucaill. Delrg is the epithet of 
the following saint Trcncch. 


13- B. 

My Coemoc^ and Cuangus,^ Macedonius, an excellent one. 
Garalt,^ religious Conchenn, smooth Patricia, Modesta, discerning 
Theodora, Marcus and Theuseta the abstinent — may they 
protect my soul from the cruel dangerous (fiend) ! 

of Liath mor, an abbot. " a blind boy : also from Liath 

^ of Mayo of the Saxons, an abbot and bishop.*^ 

14. C. 

Seven and two ^score^ (martyrs), a band that is meet to safe- 
guard us, east in Rome of the triumphant slaughters. Petrus, 
Eufrasius, Ultan^ meritorious, strong-virginal Talmach, Flannan,'' 
Cuimnech, Coeman, against active devils, good is the dear fence 
to protect us. 

^ forty-seven martyrs. " of Maignide. ' of Cell Ard. 

15. D. 

Longinus by whose cruel spear Christ was wounded on 
the Crossc : 'twas a sin without (any) defence thereof. The 
virtue of Elti'n's^ virginal daughters. Against every miserable 
slaughterous conflict be Nessan's^ three saintly sons. Matrona 
whose fame is lasting (and) living, and beautiful Eogan. 

^ Eltin's three daughters. - from Inis Faithlenn i.e., my Nissa, 

Nesslug, and Diiichaili (leg. Diuchaill ?) the Red. 

"^ His day in Mart. Taml. (LL. -^^T) is March 12, and see the Annals of 
Ulster., 1 119. ^ forty-eight, Driimm. Kal. 

" Here Gorman follows Usuard. Ado and Afart. Chr. Ch. com- 
memorate Longinus on Sept. i, and Oengus does so on Oct. 23. 


1 6. e. 

Curitan^ is Ciriac, 
Elair, Felic fi'rsoer,^ 
Tatian fos nos-faemhab, 
Dionis leo Largus. 
Barrfind/ tiFeithmech,^ Finan,* 

Denecc,^ Abban,'^ cAedhan," 
damh bidh din ar gabud 
con^L hagur aenagh. 

' eps^<?^ 7 abb Ruiss Mein;z. ' &\)'=,cop. ^ d Cill 

Tuam[m]a. * Finan Lobhar oc Surd, 7 i cCluain Moir il-Laighnibh 

ocus i ninis Faithlenn ior Loch Lein. ^ Insi Setna. ® mac 

lia Corbmaic i Maigh Arnaidhe i n-Uibh Censek/^/; 7 i cCill Abbain i 
n-Uibh Muiredhfl-/^//. ' espi?^ Lis moir. 

17. f. 

Pat;aicc apstol Herend, 
cend creitme na nGoidhel,'^ 
la Failtigern^ failid, 
Tigernach^ noemh, Nessan,'' 
feil Becain^ bain bagaig 

is Gobbain' chaid caimfir. 

' 6gh. - sacc^rt. '^ Corcaige. * Riiimin;/. 

•■^ mac Naisc.^ 

18. g. 

A lexandcr, Eduard, 
•*- *-Gertrudis eimh finnfial, 

uain fein fri cech forran 
Erberichf mor Moedoc/ 
To[m]man- torann trommor, 
Coeman, Conall,"' Comman.'' 

* Cl//a//a Escrach. • epsf:^/. ^ epsa^. ^ ^^%cop. 

' MS. fiorsoer. ^ MS. Feithmeach. " MS. Aodhan. ^ MS. 

ngaoidheal. "= Nasci, Mart. Taiiil. ' Ericbert saxo, Mart. Taml. 


16. E. 

Curltan^ and Cyrlacus. Hilarius, truly-noble Felix. Tatianus 
also, I will accept him, Dionysius with them (and) Largus. 
Barriind,^ Feithmech,^ Fi'nan,'' Denecc,^ Abban,*^ Aedan,'' let him 
be to me a safeguard against danger so that I may not fear a 
sinsfle battle. 

^ bishop and abbot of Ross Meinn. ' a bishop. ^ from 

Cell Tuama. ^ Finan the Leper^ at Sord, and in Cliiain Mor 

in Leinster and in Inis Faithlenn on Loch Lein. ^ of Inis Setna. 

•^ great-grandson of Cormac, in Mag Arnaide in Hiii Cennselaig and m 
Cell Abbain in Hui Muiredaig. '' bishop of Less mdr. 

i;. F. 

Patrick, apostle of Ireland, head of the belief of the Gaels, 
with Failtigern^ the joyous ; holy Tigernach,- Nessan.^ The 
festival of Becan* the fair, warlike, and of chaste Gobban,^ the 

^ a virgin. ^ ^ a priest. ^ of Corcach. * of Ruimenn. 

^ son of Naise. 

18. G. 

Alexander, Edward,^^ Gertrudis, active, fair-chaste, from 
ourselves against every oppression, great Hereberht, Maedoc,^ 
Tomman/ heavy-great thunder, Coeman, Conall,^ Comman.* 

^ of Cluain Escrach. - a bishop. ^ a bishop 


^ leprosus Finan, Drumin. Kal. 

'' Natalis sancti Eadwardi regis et martiris, Mai't. Chr. Ch. and LcoTr. 




19. a. 

^T achtain/ lohain, Auxil,t> 
-'--'loseph tuir fri tentaib, 

caemhaiti Crist cintigh, 
Coloceir mor, Mella,^ 
Mairc, Quartilla tui[l]ltir, 

moCua,^ 0\xvc\\.us, Ouintil, 
aitchet Isu idhan 

'mo mh' inad 'na findtig. 

^ mfl'C Torben. Achaidh liir in Osraighibh 7 6 Bhealach Feabhrat. 
Cluana Hi. ^ Ainsnai.° 

20. b. 

A rchipp^/j- caidh, Cutbeirt,d 
-^~^ Conan/ Aedan- enig, 
Pol, Cathc[h]an^ aeb foraib, 

Eugeni/zi- caem celir, 
loseib, Domhn?/i- deghnert, 

Herbert ocus Elim. 

^ mfl'c Corre. - Cluana Maolain. 

thaigi — Mart. Taml.^ 

epscop [Ratha Dir- 

21. c. 

B^/zedict breo' biiadach, 
Serapion tuir trenoll, 
in druin fris a ndalamm, 
Lupicinus, Lucell,^ 
moManna^ mor minfind, 
is Enda'* o^ Arand. 

^ tene. " m^'c ua Ciarain. 

Deirg o Clochar 7 i n-Arainn ata. 


* mac Conaill 

* Lachtain, Fi'/. Oeng. Lactin, Drunnn. Kal. 

*> Auxaile, Dj-tnmn. Kal. " Arasnai, J/arf. Taml. 

^ Cutbricti saxonis .1. Insi Menoc, ibid. 


19. A. 

Lachtain,^ Johannes, Auxaile : Joseph, a tower against 
burnings,^ the dear fosterer of appointed Christ: great Colocerus, 
Mella,^ Marcus, Quartilla are added : my Cua,^ Quintus, Ouin- 
tilla : let them entreat pure Jesus concerning my place in His 
white mansion. 

' son of Torben : of Achad Uir in Ossory, and from Belach Febrat. 
^ of Cluain Hi. ^ of Airisnae. 

20. B. 

Holy Archippus, Cuthbert, Conan,^ hospitable Aedan,^ 
Paulus, beautiful Cathchan,^ upon them : dear Eugenius is 
hidden^ : Josephus, Domnus, an excellent virtue, Herbert, and 

^ son of Corre. ^ of Cluain Maelain. ^ a bishop. 

21. C. 

(Abbot) Benedictus, a victorious fire,^ Serapion, a strong- 
great tower : the firm ones, with whom we meet. Lupicinus, 
Lucell,- my Manna,'^ great, smooth and fair, and virginal Enna'* 
of Aran. 

' fire. * great-grandson of Ciaran. ' a virgin. * son of 

Conall the Red, from Clochar, and in Aran he is. 

Does the poet allude to one of the uses of the Irish round towers.'' 
see Coloss. iii 3. 




22. d. 

a"r^arerca' og uasal, 
-L^mo Loca- nach laimimm, 

Dimma, Treno[c],^ toguimm, 
Deg-itche* 6g, Illin,^ 
Failbe,^ im dhail ad dirim, 

comarba caid Coluim[b]. 

^ siiir Patraicc. in inarg. 7nan. rec. .i. 6gh .i. sanctimonialis. - mac 
Colmain Finn. ^ mac Deith, 6 Chill Elge. * ainm diks. 

* abb lae, com?/;-ba Q\\o\uimo cille. 

23. e. 

Uictorian flaith, Frumeint, 
mo Cholla chaemh chruthgel, 
Lasar/ lulian athlam, 
mo-Medoc fos, Fergus,^ 
Mainchein leo nach laimhthir, 

Baetan- beo ni brathblad, 
is Feradaig inghen^ 

for rindnem co rathmar. 

^ \xs.geti Finntain. 
Fergussii (sic.) 

- Menu. 

^ in mars', man. rec. filiae 

' o Clochar. 
' Lugbaidh. 
^ Insi Celtra. 

24. f. 

Epscop^ mor m^zc Cairthind, 
Domonghorf' raith rogein, 
Moc[h]ta''' maith a monar, 
•^Scire,* Caimin,^ Cairlan,*^ 
is Lugaid'' nac[h] lamar, 
is cubaid a comhad, 
ePigmen cundail coemhgel, 
ar soernem co sogar. 

^ mac Echdach 6 Raith Murbuilcc i nDal Riada. 

* 6gh. in marg. Scire 6gh 6 Chill Scire i Midhe. 

^ (t\i?>cop Arda Macha. ' mac Echda<;h o Cliiaiu 

^ Dercrcae, Mart. Tainl. 

" MS. fcrgas. ^ MS. Sciri. 

*' Ilinni, Mart Taml. 

" Pingmenius, Mart. Chr. Ch. 


22. D. 

Darerca,^ a noble virgin, my Loca,^ whom I dare not : Dimma, 
Trenoc,'' I choose: Deg-itgC* a virgin, Illin, Falbe^ — in my com- 
pany they are a troop — a holy successor of Colomb (cille). 

^ a sister of (Saint) Patrick, in. marg. a virgin, i.e. a nun. - son 

of Colman the Fair. ^ son of Deth, from Cell Elge. * a proper 

name. * an abbot of lona, a successor of Colomb Cille. 

2Z. E. 

Victorianus, the prince, Frumentius, my Colla, dear, white- 
formed : Lassar,^ dexterous Julianus, my Maedoc also, Fergus, 
with them Mainchein, who is not dared : lively Baetan^ — no 
deceptive fame — and Feradach's daughter on the starry heaven 

^ daughter of Finntan. - of Monu. 

24. F. 

A great bishop,^ Mac-Cairthinn^ : gracious Domongort,^ a 
great birth^: Mochta,^ good (was) his work: Scire,* Coemin,^ 
Cairlan,*' and Lugaid,'' whom I should not dare : harmonious is 
their assembly (?): Pigmenius, firm, dear-white, for noble heaven 
with goodly gain. 

* from Clochar. ^ son of Echaid, from Raith Murbuilg in 

Dal Riada. ^ of Lugbad (Louth). * a virgin. Scire, a 

virgin from Cell Scire in Meath. ^ of Inis Celtra. * bishop of 

Armagh. '' son of Eochaid from Cliiain Ldigh. 

' Commemorated again, as Per d^ chrfch, infra, at Aug. 15. 
^ sanctus confessor et presbyter Domhangart nobili atavorum germine 
regum natus, Dr~umm. Kal. 

62 f£LIRE Hdl GORMAIN. [Martius. 

25- g- 

Compert Isu' ar ocnlo 
'sa crochadh' cen chadas,^ 
in dochar ba di'mus. 
Lucella, Columba;^ 
la liEnan* soer sirfois 

hErein caem, Cin'nus. 

1 in jnarg. man. rec. Conceptio Christi, ^ in marg. man. rec. cru- 
cifixio Christi. ^ mgen Baite.'' * m^c Muadain : in viarg. 

man. rec. s. Enanus Comgalli discip?//«^ v. c. 26. 

26. a. 

Carthach/ Cillein,- Corbmac, 
Montan, Sinc[h]ell'' segmor, 
Cenannan druin dagnar, 
Maxima, Moloca, 
Teodoir, Loppan lomnoeb, 

IVlocta,* Gobban/ Garban.^ 

' epsr^/. mrtc Erberte. ' mac Tolodrain'^ inDeisib ]VIum(7« 

■' abb Cille Achaidh. * Insi Mochta. ^ abb Airdne Dairinsi. 

abb Achaid Aball. 

27. b. 

E serge Christ^ cuimnig, 
la Suarlech^ soerfind, 
Eucheir, Eohain alemm, 
mo-C[h]onnaf 'na comdail, 
di'as 'sin f indfal fi'roll, 

Fintan,* Sillan sarseng, 
Gelasiz/j-^ gemm amra, 

cenn Banba asa mbagem. 

' in marg. man. rec. resurrectio Christi. - epsr^?/ Fobhair. 

^ Maighe ed. * bel na psahii. '-' .i. Gilla xnaz Liag comharba 


' Dominus noster lesus Christus crucifixus est et conceptus est, et 
mundus factus est, Mart. Tafnl. ^ Buti, Mari. Taml. 

" Tulodrain, ib. 


25. G. 

Jesu's Conception^ on the same day as His crucifixion^ 
without respect. The mischief was pride. Lucella, Columba,^ 
with noble steadfast Enan,^ dear Irenaeus, Cyrinus 

' daughter of Baite. * son of Muadan. in. marg. Saint Enan 

a disciple of Comgall : see chap. 26. 

26. A. 

Carthach/ Cillein,^ Cormac, Montanus, mighty SinchelP : 
Cenannan shrewd, good and bashful : Maxima, Moloca, Theo- 
dorus, very holy Loppan : Mochta,'* Gobban,^ Garban.*' 

^ a bishop : son of Erhert. ^ son of Tolodran in the Deisi of 

Munster. ^ abbot of Cell Achaid. * of Inis Mochta. 

* abbot of Airdne Dairinse, ® abbot of Achad Aball. 

27. B. 

Mindful Christ's Resurrection,^ with noble-fair Suarlech.- 
Eucherius, Johannes, let us beseech, my Conna' in their company. 
A pair in the truly-great fair fence, Fintan,** meagre Sillan,^ 
Gelasius,^ a wonderful gem, Banba's® head, whom we pro- 

^ bishop of Fobar. ^ of Mayo. * the mouth of the psalms.'' 

* Gilla mac Liac, a successor of Patrick. 

* Annuntiatio dominica, Mart. Chr. Ch. Annunciatio Beatissimae Mariae 
Virginis, Afart. Ro/n., and so Metiolog. Graec. 

^ Sic Drmmn. Kal. 

'^ Sic Fel. Oeng.^Drumm. Kal. and Leofr. Kal. As to commemorating our 
Lord's Resurrection on 27 March, see Warren's Lcofric Missal, ^'^'i'Zi 
pp. xlvii and 25. See also Durandus' Rationale., lib. vi, cap. 86, sect. 11. 

'' adventus reliquiarum Sillain, Mart. Tanil. 

• i.e., Ireland's. ^ os psalmorum, Mart. Tainl. 


28. c. 

Castor caidh diar cobair, 
Guntramnus^ x'^ rogemm.^ 
Priscus, Malchus molamm, 
in papa soer Sixtus, 
siii na rabreth romund, 

Cassan,- Carnech/ Conall.* 

1 geam maith. - 6 Imduail. ^ &^%cop. * e^jscop. 

29. d. 

A rmogaist ard, Eustais,^ 
-^~*-Archinim 6g, Aedan,^ 

^mac Lubnain^ nos-luadeb, 
lith ingen mban mBaite,^ 
Fulartach* fiu firor, 

Lassar° friu nos-fuaigeb, 
^Fergus" Eirne oebghel 

for noemnem in nuafrem. 

^ Doire Bruchaisi. " li'aigh. ^ in marg. Eithne ocus Soidelbh 

di inghin Baiti, i ttaebh Suird Choluim cille. * mac Bnc. espc^ C\i/o>i3. 
Eraird 7 6 Dhisert Fulart^r/^'- in Uibh Failge. ^ ogh alghasach. 

^ mrtc Enna 6 Inis cain for Loch Erne. 

30. e. 

Cin'n, mo Chua^ Ballai, 
Gobban, Tola^ tendmor, 
Fergus*^ caid is Colman,' 
Fer da chric[h] saer, Satul, 
la Fiac[h]na sold scngmi'n, 
is Liber* coir comlan. 

' 6 Balla i cConnachtaibh i cCeara do%or\xaid\\, Cronan a ainm, 7 
rob abb e. * epsrcy!-. d Disert Tola i n-Uachtar Dal cCais. 

^ Linne Uachaille'' for brii Chasain Linni i x\-\J\iaibh.. * Let[h]- 


'^ depositio Gunteranni regis Francorum rcligiosi, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

''MS. rig. 

' Depositio abbatis Eustasii, discipuli sancti Columbani, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

^ mac Lumnain liaich, Mart. Taml. " MS. Fergas. 

^ leg. Duachaille ? Duachail .1. nomcn demonis, Mart. Taml. 


28. c. 

Holy Castor to aid us, Gontramnus, a king, a goodly gem.^ 
Priscus, Malchus, let us praise : the noble pope Sixtus the 
sage of the great judgments before us: Cassan,"-^ Carnech'* 

^ a good gem. ^ from Imdual. ^ a bishop. * a 


29. D. 

Lofty Armogastus, Eustachius, virginal Archinimus, Aedan,^ 
Mac Lubnain,^ I will mention them. The festival of Baite's^ 
fair daughters^: Fulartach,* worthy, true gold, I will knit 
Lassar^ to them: beautiful white Fergus,** of (Loch) Erne, the 
fresh (noble ?) root on holy heaven. 

' of Doire Bruchaisi. ^ a leech. ^ Ethne and Sodelb, 

Baite's two daughters, beside Cclomb cille's Sord. ^ son of 

Brecc, bishop of Cluain Eraird, and from Disert Fulartaig in Hui Failgi. 
^ an importunate virgin. ^ son of Enna from Inis Cain on Loch 


30. E. 

Ouirinus, my Cua^ of Balla, Cobban, Fola,^ austere and 
great : holy Fergus and Colman,''' noble Fer da Chri'ch (' Man of 
two districts '), Satul (?), with Fiachna, a slender-smooth sage, and 
Liber* just, complete. 

1 from Balla in Connaught, in Cera (to speak) precisely. Cronan his 
name, and he was an abbot. ^ a bishop, from Disert Tola in Upper 

Dal Cais. '^ of Linn Uachaille, on the brink of Gassan Linne, in 

Ulster. * of Lethduma. 

^ Ingena Baiti quae nutriebant Christum, il/ar/. Tai7il. Christus uenit in 
forma infantis esse in sinu earum et osculabantur eum, et ille bauptizauit 
eas. Note on Felire Octigtcsa, March 29. 


66 F£.LIRE HOI GORMAIN. [Martius. 

31. f. 

Tl^orbait mathe Marta 
-^ Amos, Aniss=^ aliub, 

Eufemia dia foemab, 
Felic, Paulus, Pr^ptid, 
Baluina^ find firog, 

Colman,^ Fethaid, Faelan, 
Mac Aedab dil dagdes 

anges ar cech n-6enag.c 
na sin maithe a Murmaig^ 

fri hurbaid in t-6enfal.d 
Machabeus^ bagfer^ 

cen arem ni foelab, 
sind sa tin61<^ togaimm 

bid romhaind cech roenar. 

' in marg. ?fian. rec. Balbina. "^ Cam-achaid. ^ miir Maighe 

mell. * .i. Gilla mo-Chaidbeo, abb mainistrech Poil 7 Pedair i 

nArdmacha, tuir craba/^h ocus cobhsaidhechta, eccna 7 eolais, lubhra 
7 trebaire a aimsire. ^ fer bagach 'mon ecclfl/5. 

•'' Annissius, Drumm. Kal. ^ MS. Aoda. '^ MS. naenag, 

^ MS. antdenfal. ^ MS. tionol. 


31. F. 

They complete the nobles of March, Amos, Anesius, (whom) 
I will entreat, Euphemia to whom I will incline, Felix, 
Paulus, Protadius, Balbina white, a true virgin, Colman,^ Fethaid, 
Faelan, Mac Aeda, dear, • good and comely, who protects 
against every single battle. Those good seniors from Miirmag,^ 
the only fence against harm. Maccabeus* the warrior^ I will not 
endure not to recite (him). We and their assembly which I 
choose, before us will be every triumphant slaughter.^ 

- of Camm-achad. ^ the rampart of the Pleasant Plain '' 

* Gilla mo-Chaidbeo, abbot of the monastery of Paul and Peter in 
Armagh. The tower of piety and firmness, wisdom and knowledge, 
labour and prudence of his time. * a man warlike concerning 

the Church. 

* i.e. with the aid of the saints commemorated in this stanza, we shall 
rout our foes in every battle. 

^ See Apoc. xxi. 12. et habebat murum magnum et altum. Mag mell, 
usually applied to fairyland, here denotes heaven. 

F 2 

68 FiLIRE HOi GORMAIN. [Aprilis. 


TI^OR V'oXaind ain Apreil 
-'- Teodoir^ gaeth guidim, 

Aedan^ laech na laimim, 
Zefan, Uenaint, Ualer, 
meicc Gerain na glanfind, 

Tuan^ m«c cpir Cairill, 
Gobban, Cellach,^ coemthenn, 

inb soerchcnn coa saighim. 

' 6 Chill Aodain.i rirUltoibh. "^ 6 Thamhlachta i mBoirche. 

^ come^rba Patraicc. 

-2. a. 

A gathobius, lulian, 
-^"^Marcill, Marcis mora, 

Saturnin ron-soera, 
Nicet, Ampian, Eustais, 
Nica/ Bronach- beoda, 

Conall'^ mor raac Aeda, 
Teodosia^ delbda 

frisna demna d^era. 

' eps^<?/. ^ ogh, 6 Ghlinn Sechis. ^ o Cluain Dallain i 

bfail Snamha Ech .i. an Cuan laimh risan Caol i n-Uibh Eachach 
Ul^ih. ^ ogh. 


Secht ndeich da cet cinged 
Pancratius tuir thendog, 
la hEuagair ollan/ 
Agapis 6^ uasal, 
beit 'mom dail cen dimbaig, 
Cionia chaid, Comman.^ 

' Ian € CO holl do maith. ^ m«'c Domhunghin." 

* Theodorae, Mart. Rom. Teothosie, Druvini. Kal. Theodosie, Mart. 
Chr. Ch. ^ MS. an. ' Domongin, Mart. Taiiil. 



I. G. 

On April's radiant kalends wise Theodora I beseech, Aedan^ 
a warrior whom I dare not ; Stephanus, Venantius, Valericus : 
Geran's sons the pure-white : Cairill's just son Tuan.^ Gobban, 
Cellach'^ the dear and strong, the noble chief to whom I fare. 

^ from Cell Aedain in Ulster. ^ from Tamlachta in Boirche. 

a successor of (Saint) Patrick. 

2. A. 

Agathobius, JuHanus, great Marcellus and Marcis (?) May 
Saturninus save us ! Nicetas, Amphianus, Eustasius, Nicatius,' 
vivacious Bronach,^ great ConalP son of Aed : shapely Theo- 
dosia'* (help us) against the base devils ! 

' a bishop. ^ a virgin, from Glenn Sechis. ^ from Cluain 

Dallain, near Snam Ech ('The Horses' Swimming-place '), i.e. the Ciian 
' haven ' beside Gael (' the Narrow-water ') in Hiii Echach of Ulaid. 

^ a virgm. 


Two hundred and seventy champions, Pancratius, a strong- 
virginal tower, with Euagrius greatly fulP : Agape a noble virgin. 
May holy Chionia and Comman^ be in my company without 
sorrow ! 

full is he greatly of good. ^ son of Domungen. 

70 fALIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Aprilis. 

4. c. 

'T^igernach^ ard epscop, 
-'- Gallus- gel co nglanbuaid, 

Ambrois mar ler lommnan, 
Ultan,^ Coema,'' Cronsech, 
Aithbi cen olc d'imrad, 

Cruimthir Core' is Colman/' 

' Cluana Eoais, espi?^. " Locha Techet. ^ mac Caiti. 

* 6gh o Chill Choemhe.'' '^ Chille moire lia Niallain. ^ Find. 

5. d. 

"]\ /Tarcian noem, Nicandrz/J, 
^^ Fatuel degdruin diada, 

Clauid fri demnaib dura, 
Appolloin, Herenis, 
Ampianb soerslat sida, 

Becan^ coemmac Cula.^ 

* i nimlinch Fiaich i Feraibh Ciil Bregh. Fia ainm tioprat. 
niarg. Ciila ainm a mhdXhar, do Cremhtannaibh do. 

6. e. 

Sixt?/i" soer in papa, 
Modeist, Moise m6rmait[h], 
Doigin maith morgreit, 
German, Yirvcxiis, Floreint,^ 
Timoith, Aedech ogboc, 

epscop Cathub,^ Cronbec,'* 
sin buidin as mbagaimm, 
corbam dlainn orlec.'^ 

* in piarg. Celsus epscop Arda macha. ^ mac Fergh?/sa, epsr^/* 

Achaid cihnn. ^ in man:. Crdnbec'' abb CVia?iZi mac Nois. 

^ Coine Cille Coine, Afart. Taml. ^ Ampliani, Drumm. Kal.^ Am- 

philiani, Mart. Chr. Ch. ; but Amphiani, Mart. Rom. 
" Mart. Taml. has at this day Ordinatio Patricii. 
"^ gen. Cronbice, Mart. Taml. 


4- C. 

Tigernach^ the lofty bishop, white Gallus^ with pure vic- 
tory, Ambrosius Hke a brimful sea, Ultan,^ Coema,* Cronsech, 
Aithbe, who thought no evil : presbyter Cord and Colman.^ 

1 of Cluain Eoais, a bishop. ' of Loch Techet. ^ son of 

Caite. ^ a virgin, from Cell Choeme. ' of Cell Mor Ua 

Niallain. ® the Fair. 

5. D. 

Holy Marcianus, Nicandrus, Fatuel (?), good-shrewd, godly : 
Claudi[an]us, against dour devils, Apollonius, Irene, Amphianus, 
a noble scion of peace, Becan/ dear son of Cula.^ 

^ in Imbliuch Fiach in Fir Cul Breg. Fi'a is the name of a well. 
' Cilia is his mother's name : of the Cremthanns was he. 

6. E. 

Noble Sixtus, the pope. Modestus, Moses, the greatly good 
Diogenes, a good, great champion : Germanus, Firmus, Floren- 
tius,^ Timotheus, virginal-tender Aedech : bishop Cathub,^ Cron- 
bec,^ in that band for which I contend may I be a beautiful 
golden stone ! 

1 Celsus, bishop of Armagh. ' son of Fergus, (and) bishop of 

Achad Cinn. ^ Cr6nbec, abbot of Clonmacnois. 


7- f- 

Celestinus tendchaid, 
papa rathmar ramhor, 
Esipp?/^ CO a saigeb, 
Mace liacc^ leo la Fi'nan/ 
Russen^ saer is Senan* 

ocus Aedh ond Ailein. 

' 6 Daire. ^ Cam, o Chinn Eitigh 7 o Sliabh Bladma, do Corco 

Dnibne do. in niarg. Fionan Cam .i. claon a rose* ^ Insi Picht.'' 

* epsr^/. 

8. g. 

"Perpetuus primfer, 

^ Cathub,^ Ronan- rigda, 

Di'onis 'nar ndailne, 
Tigernanc ard Airid,^ 
Aedan^ aebglan ogda 

Cendfaeladh^ is Failbe.^ 

' epsr^. 

^ ma'C Fergh?/^a. 
abb Bendchair. 

^ Locha Con. 

mac ua 

9. a. 

Maire thodiuir thrednach 
Egeptacdha firgrind, 
Procoir, Aedach^ armemm, 
buaid sec[h]t naemog^ niamda, 
Senan, Colman ciuinbind, 

Broccan comlan cddgemm. 

' m<7C lia Elich. 

2 in marg. man. rec. festum 7 Virginum. 

■' in oculis eius fuit ista obliquitas, Mart. Taml. 
Pich, ibid. " Tigernach, ibid 

Ruissinc Insi 


7. F. 

Celestinus, austere, holy, a gracious very great pope : Ege- 
sippus, to whom I will fare : with them Mac Liacc,^ and 
Fi'nan^ : Russen,'^ the noble, and Senan,"* and Aed from the 

' from Daire. ^ crooked eyed ; from Cenn Etig, and from 

Sliab Bladma : of Corco Duibne was he. ^ of Inis Picht. 

* a bishop. 

8. G. 

Perpetuus, a leading man, Cathub,^ royal Ronan,^ Dionysius 
in our company, lofty Tigernan of Aired'^ : Aedan,'* beautiful, 
pure, virginal : Cennfailad^ and Falbe.*^ 

^ a bishop. ^ ^^^ Qf Fergus. ^ of Loch Con. 

* son of Hiia Duibni. * abbot of Bennchor. ^ of Erdam. 

9. A. 

Miserable and abstinent Maria, the truly lovely Egyptian^ : 
Procorius, Aedach,^ let us reckon : the victory of seven shining 
holy virgins.^ Senan, gentle-melodious Colman, Broccan, the 
complete, a holy gem. 

^ great-grandson of Elech. ^ feast of seven virgins. 

"" transitus sancte Marie Egyptiace, Mart. Chr. CJi. and Lcofr. Kal. In 
the Roman Martyrology, the feast of S. Maria Aegyptiaca is Apri 2. 


10. b. 

"Pzechiel in t-ardfhaith, 
-'-'Appolloin toi thogaimm, 

s^Cuanna^ rochloi cholaind, 
hErednat domm erail, 
Berc[h]an- raith coa rigimm, 

la Midgus maith molaimm> 

' 6gh, 6 Ros Eo i Maigh Locha i n-Airthiur Breg. * Aego. 

II, c. 

T eo papa, Pilip, 
-■-^Moedoc^ Dadnan^ delbda, 

Senoir,^ Ailill'* amra, 
D6m[n]ion seng, da Senan, 
Frossach/ Aedh*' co ;/-idna 

la Scellan caemh cadla. 

^ QXuand. moir m'Aedhoc. Aedh a ainm. ' epsr^/ Cille 

Cunga. ^ Senoir vcxao. Maoil da-Lua priomaidh Arda macha. 

* in. marg. Ailill Mucnamha, darb' ainm Helias, abb mainistre naemh 
Martain i cColoin, ocus do muintir Mucnamha do. * anchore. 

" Ech[fjaraid.'= 

12. d. 

T Ulius ard in papa, 
■^ Constantin cain clerech, 
^Conna^ tennmi'n treorach, 
Stenon, Ernin^ emech. 

abb Daire da-Chonna la hUltoibh. ' Q:^%cop. 

^ Cuanda, Drtimvi. Kal. "" MS. moluimm. "^ Acdain Echdromma 

7 Echforaid, ^/«r/. Taml. ^ Connathi, i)/ar/. Z^w/. 


10. B. 

Ezechiel the high prophet : silent Apollonius whom I choose. 
Cuanna/ who quelled the flesh, Erednat to direct me : gracious 
Berchan,^ to whom I stretch, with good Midgus I praise. 

' a virgin, from Ross 60 in Mag Locha in the eastern part of Bregia. 
of Aeg. 

II. C. 

Pope Leo, Philippus (of Gortyna), Maedoc,^ shapely Dadnan,^ 
Senoir,-^ wonderful Ailill'* : slender Domnio, two Senans, Fros- 
sach/ faithful Aed,'' with Scellan, dear and beautiful. 

^ of Cluain nior mAedocc. Aed was his name. ^ bishop of 

Cell Cunga. ^ Senoir, son of Mael da-Lua, primate of Armagh. 

^ Ailill, of Mucnam, whose name was Helias, abbot of the monastery 
of St. Martin in Cologne, and of the family of Mucnam was he. ^ an 
anchorite. ^ of Echfarad. 

12. D. 

Lofty Julius the pope : Constantinus a fair cleric : Gonna,' 
strong-gentle, guiding : Zeno : opportune Erni'n.^ 

' abbot of Daire da-Chonna in Ulster. - a bishop. 

76 F^LIRE Hill GORMAIN. [ 

13. e. 

papirz(!j- caid, Carp?/j-, 
-*- Eufemi'a main molaid, 

mo-C[h]amm6c^ cain turim 
Bassa,^ Enair, lulius, 
lustin, Riachuill'' rogein, 

meicc Therchuir''^ na turid, 
Hermenigild oebghel, 

i coemnem co cuirib. 

^ Insi Cain. * ogh. ^ mac ua Buachalla.* * Locha 

mac Nen.'' 

14. [f.] 

T Talerian tend, Tibuirt, 
^ Maxim, Fronton forlan, 
Dommina^ cen mergnim, 

Tassach,^ Cillein,^ Colman, 
coraib, a Christ caidgil, 

n'u i clarnimh ar comdal ! 

^ mati. rec. Domnina vel m. * in inarg. Tassach epsr^?/ o Raith 

Colptha il-Leith Cathail i n-Ultoibh. Asse an Tassach so doratt corp 
Qxist do naemh Patraic ria n-ecc i mainistir Sabhaill. ^ mac Lubnain. 

15- g- 

Uictorin ard, Eutaic, 
OHmpiad cend caemog, 
Sarnat^ tend na truagan, 
Maxim?/J", meicc- Draigin, 
Dubda dathglan damfial,-^ 

Grellan'* rat[h]mar, Ruadan.* 

' Dairinse Cdtne. - o Chill R6[a]. ^ .i. fial fri ddmh- 

aibh. * mac Retain. * abb Lot[h]ra. 

^ Riaguil mac Biiachalla, Mart. Tavil. ^ mate Tairchair Locha 

Mac Ndna, ibid. 


13. E. 

Holy Papinus, Carpus, Euphemia, the treasure praise ye : 
my good Cammoc/ I reckon : Bassa,^ Januarius, Julius, Jus- 
tinus, Riachuill,^ a great birth : the sons of Terchor,* the 
pillars : bright-beautiful Hermenigildis, with troops into dear 

' of Inis Cain. ^ a virgin. ^ the son of Ua Buachalla. 

* of Loch mac Nen. 

14. F. 

Austere Valerianus, Tiburtius, Maximus, plentiful Fronto. 
Domnina^ without a foolish deed. Tassach,^ Cillein,'^ Colman : 
O holy white Christ, may our meeting be with them on the plain 
of heaven ! 

^ Domnina or m (for the first ;/.) ^ Tassach, a bishop, from 

Raith Colptha ('Raholp') in Leth Cathail (' Lecale ') in Ulster. 'Tis 
this Tassach that gave Christ's Body to Saint Patrick before his death, ^ 
in the monastery of Saball. ^ son of Lubnan. 

15. G. 

Lofty Victorinus, Eutyches, Olympias, chief of beautiful 
virgins : austere Sarnat,^ (one) of the wretchocks : Maximus, 
Draigen's sons,^ Dubda, pure-coloured, troop-generous^ : gracious 
Grellan,^ (and) Ruadan.^ 

^ of Dairinis Cetne. * from Cell Roa. ^ i.e. generous to 

troops (of poets, etc.). * son of Rotan. ^ abbot of Lothra. 

^ So Oengus : In rigepscop Tassach dobert 6 don-anic corp Crist .... 
do Ph^tric. " The royal bishop Tassach gave when he came Christ's Booy 
unto Patrick." 

78 F£,LIRE HUI GORMAiN. [Aprims 

1 6. a. 

A nicetus=^ coemfer, 
-^^sruithfer dat[h]glan diadha, 

papa rathmar R6ma, 
Calixt/'/i' cain, Carist, 
Tetgalb Ultan ana/ 

Failbe, Milan Mona, 
sect noem deac, nad athfir, 

deni, mathi,^ mora. 

^ fertach. 

17. b. 

TTermogin, Helias, 
-■- ^la Petar i primnem, 

Lochein/ Echaid- armeid, 
Mapalicis, Marcian, 
Lugaid vaac Eire oebgel, 

Paulus, Garbhan gradgein, 
Donnan mor 'sa manaig^ 

diar cabair na crabdeig. 

^ Cunga. ^ ab Lis moir. ^ ado for caeccait lion a 

coimhtion6il, co tangatar pioraiti na fairgi don oilen ina rabatar coro 
marbait uile. Ego ainm in oilein isin. 

18. c. 

T^leuther is Anthia, 
•^--'Appolloin ind fored, 

Vei-{Qiz\.us nar-foemad, 
breo Lethglinne Lasren/ 
Lassar- 6^ is Eugan,^ 

la Ninnio diar noebad ^ 
nert Coigitois certfir,* 

la Septim diar soeradh. 

^ .1. mo Laise Lethglinne, abb. * Lassair ogh, wgen 'Eoghain^ 
Maighne. ' &^?,cop. * ind fir cheirt.^ 

' MS. Annicetus. '' Tetgall mac Colbraind, J/rt'r/. Taml. '^ MS. 

matilDh. ^' MS. naemad, " Eccain, Mart. Taml. ' Cogitosi 

sapientis, ibid. 


16. A. 

The dear man Anicetus, a venerable man, pure-coloured, 
godly ; a gracious pope of Rome, fair Calixtus ; Carisius, Tet- 
gal, Ultan, a treasure^ : Failbe, Milan of Moin (and) seven- 
teen^ saints, which is no blame, pure, good, great. 

' wonder-working. 

17. B. 

Hermogenes, Helias with (deacon) Peter into the chief heaven ; 
Lochein,^ Echaid^ we reckon : Mappalicus, Marcianus : beau- 
tiful bright Lugaid, son of Ere : Paulus, Garban a lovable birth : 
great Donnan and his monks,'' the devout ones, to help us ! 

^ of Cunga. * abbot of Lismore. ' Two and fifty 

was the full number of their congregation, and the pirates of the sea 
came to the island wherein they dwelt, and they were all killed.^ Eig 
is the name of that island. 

18. C 

Eleutherius and (his mother) Anthia Apollonius the 
helpful."^ Perfectus who would accept us : Lassren^ the flame of 
Lethglenn : virginal Lassar^ and Eugan,^ with Ninnio to hallow 
us : the virtue of Cogitosus a right man,* with Septimius to 
set us free. 

^ my Laisse of Lethglenn, an abbot. * Lassair, a virgin, 

daughter of Eogan of Maigen. ' a bishop. * of the 

right man, 

* eighteen according to Usuard. 

^ See their names in the Book of Leinster, p. 359. Their tragical death 
is related in a note to the Felire of Oengus, April 17. 
"= literally, ' of the help^ or '■relief.'' 

8o , FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. \ [Aprilis. 

19. d. 

TlJ^rmogin tend, Timon, 
-'--'Ursmair lor a loissi, 

Elfeg/zj-a nior massi, 
Uinceint caid nar' cloadh. 
meic Erca^ tenn-tresse, 

Cillen lemm iss Lassi.^ 

* o Dermaigh.'' ^ ogh, Cluana mind. 

20. e. 

Uictor papa poiplech, 
Sulpic, Marceill miadach, 
Seruilian breo brigach, 
Mael-ochtraigc in t-ardnoem, 
Sobarthain^ sui sluagach, 

Fland, Sedrach^ is Si'nach,'* 
na<i ron-dedla Demhon 

frisin senodh sidach ! 

eps^<?/. ' epsr^/. ^ 6 Inis Clot//rann. 

21. f. 

Papa Sother, Simeon, 
Siluius, Felic ferda, 
CO cethirnn chaeimh chunnla, 
Maelruba' naem, Nandid,- 
Edilald og ergna, 

Ninnid,^ Kerach,* Bugna/ 
CO mbem, a Crist comgil, 
tall 'na coblid chumra ! 

^ abb Benncair, do Chenel Eog^^/« dos/^he, 7 robliendrt4''h i n-Apur 
Crossan i n-AIbain. ^ Cruaiche. ^ Cluana Cai. * ab 

Benncair. ^ i tti'r Bretan. 

* sci. jrlpheagi archieplsc. et mart., Leofr. Kal. *' m^c Cerca 6 

Dermaig, Mart Taml ' MS. Maoloctraig. ^ MS. ni. 


19. D. 

Austere Hermogenes, Timon, Ursmarus — sufficient his flame 
— Elphegus of great beauty : holy Vincentius who was not 
vanquished. Erc's sons/ a rigid strength : Cillen and Lasse^ be 
on my behalf! 

' from Dermag. ' a virgin, of Cluain Mind. 

20. E. 

Victor a popular^ pope, Sulpicius, noble Marcellus : Servil- 
ianus a vigorous flame: Mael-ochtraig the high saint. Sobarthain^ 
a hostful sage. Flann, Sedrach^ and Si'nach.^ May the Devil 
not sever us from the peaceful synod ! 

^ a bishop. ^ a bishop. ' from Inis Clothrann. 

21. F. 

Pope Soterus, Simeon, Silvius, manly Felix, with a dear sage 
band: holy bMael-Rubai,^ Nandid^: Ethelwald virginal and 
wise, Ninnid,^ Berach,* Bugna^ — may we be, O white Christ, 
there at their fragrant banquet ! 

^ abbot of Bennchor : of the Kindred of Eogan was he, and he 
blessed (a church) at Apor Crossan in Scotland. ^ of Cruach. 

=> of Cluain Cai, " abbot of Bennchor. * in the land of 


"^ or perhaps ' a pope devoted to the people.' 
'^ in Britannia : sancti confessoris Maelrubai, Marl. Chr. Ch. 




22. g. 

Gaius^ gaet[h] in papa, 
Rufin/ Tom[m]at' trenfir, 

Abel mormac Adaim, 
Nectain,^ SaighneP sruthi, 
Lachain, Cullend* cimer, 

Cellac[h]an in crabhaidh, 
Agapitus primda, 

papa brigda as mbagaid, 
addreset na degfir 

CO demin 'mor ndalaib. 

' eps^T;?/ Glinne da Locha 7 Bennchoir. 
^ in marg. I^ucan 7 Saignel Anmaige.'^ 

^ mrtc ua Baird.'' 
eps^t?/ Lemhc[h]aille. 

23. b. [leg. a.] 

T^pscop Ibar/ Aichech, 
-■-^la Suarlech^ sargreit, 

Georgi//j' leo in lerglic, 
Macc-oge'' mor, Meithchern, 
Miannach,* Achill'^ ^rmit, 

Furtunait is Felic, 
dec[h]enbar righ rat[h]mar 

lenn co hathlam ergit. 

' ceit//re hXxadti?^ ar .cccc. fod a saoghail. As 1 a chell Becc-ere .i. 
inis fil for muir amuigh la hUibh Ceinnselaigh. - ind Edhnen, 

7 ab Linne Duachaille. ^ ind Eidhnein. * ind Eidhnein. 

^ Achilleus. 

24. c. [leg. b.] 

T ugaid," Coipp,^ is Coennet, 
-^Ecbricht," Huiltbrith'^ airfemm,* 

Sechtan^ fn'u fer firt[h]enn, 
meic Baethan cen baethe, 
meicc Caelbad na caidchind, 

Ecnech," Fuilen/ Fincell,'' 
ni faicfem mar iarmait 

oc Diarmait'-' ar ndi'chell. 

' saccart. ^ inghen Chairnan Cluana Cichmaighi, 6gh. 

^ Y.^er\.us in mart>'r^/<?j/o Romr7«o. ■* airemhat. '" sectmisid.^ 

* m«c Con-cat/zrach. '' Dromaata. ® dgh. ^ &^%cop. 

^ sci. gagi papae, Lcofr. Kal. '^ Tomniae Bcnnclniir, Mai't. Tavil. 

"^ Nechtan mac hui in Ikiird, ibid. '' MS. dn maige. " Uldbrith., 

Mart. Tainl. ' In Mar/. TaviI. this is given as a proper name. 

April.] MARTYR0L0G\ OF GORMAN. 83 

22. G. 

Wise Gaius the pope : Rufinus^ (and) Tomma, champions : 
Abel, Adam's great son: Nechtan^ (and) Saignel,^ elders^^: 
Lachain, shining Cullenn* : Cellachan of the devotion : primary 
Agapitus, a vigorous pope whom ye proclaim : the good men 
will surely upraise themselves around our assemblies. 

^ bishop of Glenn dd Locha and Bennchor. ' great-grandson 

of Bard. ^ Lucan and Saignel of Anmag. * bishop of 


23. A. 

Bishop Ibar/ Aichech, with Suarlech^ the mighty champion : 
together with them Georgius the very acute : the great Macc- 
oge,^ Meithchern : Miannach* (and) Achilleus^ we reckon, For- 
tunatus and Felix, a decade of gracious kings, let them quickly 
arise along with us ! 

' four hundred and four years was the length of his age. His 
church is Becc-Ere, an island out on the sea in Hiii-Ceinnselaig. 
- of the Ednen (?), and abbot of Linn Duachaille. ^ of the Ednen. 
* of the Ednen. ^ Achilles. 

24. B. 

Lugaid,^ Coipp- and Coinnet. Egbert^ (and) Wilfred we will 
reckon.* Sechtan^ to them — a truly austere man : Baethan's 
sons without folly : Caelba's sons, the holy chiefs : Ecnech,^ 
Fuilen,'' Fincheli* : we shall not see, (even) if we seek, Diarmait^ 
neglecting us.t" 

^ a priest. ^ daughter of Caernan of Cluain Cichmaige, a 

virgin. ^ Egbertus in the Roman Martyrology. ^ we 

will reckon. * a seven-months child. ® son of Cii-cath- 

rach. ^ of Druimm fata. ^ a virgin. ^ a bishop. 

^ or 'venerable ones.' "^ literally, 'neglect of us with 

{apud) Diarmait.' 

G 2 




25. c. 

Mairc molbthach, Mace caille/ 
oene in gangda gabaid, 
Elithir- inn enig, 
Digde,'^ Lugna'* lenne, 
Matoc'^ caem diar cobair, 

adeoc[h]ain Nenn* naem nemid. 

* ^-^-icop. Ociis i cCruachan Brigh Ele i n-Uibh Failghe ata a cell. 
Cl//r7;/a Geissi. ^ dgh. * Letz-ach. * elil[h]ir. 

Cluana Arathair. 


26. d. 

Marcillin mor papa, 
Isac, Clauid is Cronan, 
Domnall, Senan sir-og, 
Cass Benncair is Beccdn,^ 
Dimmocc,^ Conan caemfial, 

Cletus papa prim-or, 
nert inghen caid Ciiain, 

ar dusaim, is din-6n. 

' Cluana cain. 

27. e. 

A nastasius toedlech, 
-^~^cend na Roma in rindsa. 

Ultan,^ Leccdn^ lem[m]sa, 
Antimus cdin, Castor, 
feil Assain bain bindsea : 

beit 'mom dc-iil in drem[m]sa. 

brathair Fursa. 


Dechoncn, Mart. Tanil 



25. c. 


Praiseworthy Mark (the Evangelist),^ Macc-caille^ : the vigil 
of the perilous fraud'^ : hospitable Elithir- : Digne,^ Lugna* 
(be) on our behalf; dear Matoc^ to help us, ho-ly deacon Nenn,'* 
— nobles. 

^ a bishop. And in Cruachan of Bri Ele in Hiii Failgi stands his 
church. * of Cluain Geise. ^ a virgin. * of Lettir. 

* a pilgrim. ^ of Cluain Arathair. 

26. D. 

Great MarcelHnus the pope : Isaac, Claudius and Crohan. 
Domnall, ever-virginal Senan, Cass of Bennchor and Beccan."- 
Di'mmocc," Conan the dear and modest : pope Cletus — purest 
gold ! the virtue of Cuan's holy daughters (save us) from unrest — 
that is a safeguard. 

' of Cluain. 

of Cluain Caia 

27. R 

Radiant Anastasius,^ the chief of Rome is this star. Ultan^ 
(and) Leccan^ be on my behalf: fair Anthimus, Castor : the feast 
of this Assan white, melodious : may this troop be around my 
assembly ! 

* a brother of Fursa. 

a bishop. 

^ In the Lcflfric Missal S. Mark is commemorated on May 18. 
^ Perhaps the ' magna persecutio ' mentioned by Ado and Usuard at 
April 26. 

'^ Alexander, according to Oengus. 

86 FALIRE Htl GORMAIN. [Aprilis. 

28. f. 

Augustin, Coip,^ Cronan,^ 
Uitalis fri togla, 
na Conchind bat cuibde, 
Ursicin is Agaip, 
Didim, Caiman'^ coibne, 

Lugtigern'* soer, Suibne^ : 
cia senad di'an soirthe, 

biam coidche 'na cuimne. 

' m^en Dimmae. ^ Rois ere. ^ Cluana Eich. * mac 

lia Trad. * Scelic. 

29. g. 

Coningen^ tend, Tithic.^ 
Torpeit, Failbe finn-oeb,^ 
Dichu,^ Fiachna follan, 
Secundin^ ard, Enan,* 
Breccan,'' Lucrid/ lommog, 
Domongin^ is Donnan,^ 
din I'at dona huilibh 

na tuiridh ar trommagh. 

^ As isz'^e Ciiach Cille Fionnmaighe in Uibh Feneclais i Forthua- 
thaibh haige/i. ^ aebh alainn. ^ o Sabhall. * e\:)ScoJ>. 

'' insi Aego. ^ epscoJ> Maighi Bili. '' o Chill Lucridh, abb 

Cluana mei'c Nois. ^ epsco/>, o Thuaim Muscrai^he. * sac- 

30. a. 

Tl^orbait Apreil alainn 

^ lacob, Marian mait[h]ghein, 

Euproib, Dagair dathglan, 
Ercenualdus, Uictor, 
Faelchu,^ Ciaran^ cruthgel, 

Luif is Ronan* rathmar, 
findsluag uili Apreil 

fri cech n-acbeil^ n-athlam. 

' eps^<?/. ^ CMana Sosta. ^ 6gh Droma Airbreach.*' 

' Ronan Liathruis i cConaillibh Murthemhne. 

^ leg. Tichic ? ^ MS. naicbdil. "^ Dromma Dairbrcch, Afari. 



28. F. 

Augustinus, Coip,^ Cronan.^ Vitalis against destructions : 
the Conchennsa who are harmonious, Ursicinus and Agapius. 
Didymus, Caernan,^ a family : noble Lug-tigern,* Suibne,^ though 
(it is) a vehement, ennobled synod, may I be ever in their 
remembrance ! 

^ daughter of Dimma. - of Ross Cre. ' of Cluain 

Eich. * great-grandson of Trat. * of Scelec (Michil). 

29. G. 

Austere Coningen,^ Tychicus, Torpes, white-beautifuP Failbe. 
Dichu,'' Fiachna, the sound, high Secundinus,* Enan,^ Breccan," 
very |virginal Lucrid,'' Domongin^ and Donnan,''' these towers 
are a safeguard to all from the serious battle. 

^ She is Cuach of Cell Findmaige in Hui Feneclais in the Fortuatha 
of Leinster. ^ beautiful, delightful. ^ from vSaball. * a 

bishop. ^ of Inis Aego. ^ bishop of Mag Bill. ' from 

Cell Lucrid, abbot of Cluain mac Nois. * a bishop : from Tuaim 

Muscraige. ^ a priest. 

30. A. 

They complete delightful April, Jacob, Marianus, a good 
birth, Euprobus, pure-coloured Dagair, Ercenwaldus, Victor, 
Faelchu^ : bright-shaped Ciaran,^ Luit'' and gracious Ronan* : 
the whole of April's white host against every one terrible and 

^ a bishop. ^ of Cluain Sosta. ^ a virgin : of Druim 

Dairbrech. * Ronan of Liathross'^ in Conailii Murthemni. 

^ Conchind Cilli Achid, Mart . Taml. 

^ Rona7i Liath-roiss it nine ' Ronan of green Liathross,' Fcl. Ocng. (Laud 
610), Ap. 30, sancti confessoris Ronani, Maft. Chr. Ch. 





1. b. 

*OR ^a\aind Mai miadaig 
lacob, Pilip primda, 
Hieremias morda, 
^Natchoime^ cain, Cellan,- 
Diucoll,"* Mancein maerda, 

Breccan,'* Goibnen glorda, 
Luadrenn, Ultan,^ Aedhgen/ 
Ronan saerghel slogda, 
Andeoil, Banban' bagaimm, 
Ossein alaind ogda. 
^ abb Tire da glas 7 brat[h]air do Chaoimhghin e. - .i. Ceal- 

lan ua Fiachrach. ^ Clilana B^-aoin. " e])scop. '" mac 

Maele-sneachtaJ^ ^ eps^:^/ 7 abb Fobhair. '' saccart. 

2. c. 
N t-Athanas airdeirc, 
Neapolis nuagel, 

Sat/^rnin diar soerad, 
Colman naemh, is Nechtain,^ 
Enan iartha in t-6gfer, 

la Fiachra^ diar foemad. 
^ descip?// Vixraic 6 Chill Uinche i cConaillibh Mz/rthernhne 7 6 
Findabhair aba for bru Boinne, mac Liamhna da«(? seathar PatrazV, 
he. - abb, 6 Erard ua nDrdna. 

3- d._ 
'agbail croiche in Coimdedh, 
papa fossud ferda, 
Alexander amra, 
Teodoil, cConlaed/ Clothach, 
Scandal,- Eueint ergna, 

Neccan, Cairprc^ cadla,* 
Dairchell,'' Sarnat'' somma, 
mo Chonna ron-cabra. 
luuenail frem fuillid, 

Nem'' na chuinnid calma, 
nert ingen og Oss(^in** 

fri cech frosfhein fagla. 

^ e\iScop Cille dara, 7 ba hesidhe cerd Brigde. ^ Cille Co- 

brainne. ^ c\)?,cop Maighi Bile. ^ catolocdha. * eps- 

cop, 6 (Ihlinn da Locha. " inghen Maolain, banab. " epsr^/ 

i nDruim Dalkiin. ^ inghena Oisein ic Raith Eich i Raichnich. 

■' Nethchoimi F^l. Oeng. (Rawl. B. 505), mo Choimi, mo Choemi, ibid. 

(Laud 610, L.15.) Mochocmi (gen. sg.), Driniwi. Kal. '' In Mart. 

Taml. the son of Maelsnechtai is Osene (= Ossein supra). ^ Roncend 
prius, Mart. Tatnl. 




I. B. 

On noble May's calends (the apostles) James (and) dis- 
tinguished Philip, majestic Hieremias : fair Natchoime,^ Cellan,^ 
Diucoll,^ grave Manchein, Breccdn,'* glorious Goibnen, Luadrenn, 
Ultan,^ Aedgen,*^ noble-white, hostful Ronan : Andeoil, Banban^ 
I proclaim, beautiful, virginal Ossein. 

^ abbot of Tir dd glas, and he was a brother of Coemgen's. 
^ Cellan, descendant ofFiachra. ^ of Cluain Braein. * a bishop. 
* son of Mael-snechta. ^ bishop and abbot of Fobar. ' a priest. 

2. C. 

The conspicuous (bishop) Athanasius, fresh-white Neopolus, 
Saturninus to save us : holy Colman and Nechtain,^ Enan the 
perfect man, the searched-for : with Fiachra,^ to receive us. 

^ Patrick's disciple, from Cell Uinche in Conailli Murthemni and 
from Findabair Aba on the brink of the Boyne : he was also a son of 
Liamain, Patrick's sister. * an abbot, from Erard ua nDrona. 

3. D. 

The finding of the Lord's Cross.^ A pope, constant, manly, 
Alexander the good. Theodorus, Conlaed,^ Clothach, Scandal,^ 
wise Eventius, Neccan, beautiful* Cairbre,^ Dairchell,^ wealthy 
Sarnat'^ : may my Conna help us ! Juvenalis. root of addition : 
Nem' as a valiant warrior : the virtue of Ossen's virginal daugh- 
ters^ be against every dark, plundering soldier ! 

^ bishop of Kildare, and 'tis he was Brigit's craftsman. ^ of 

Cell Cobrainne. ^ bishop of Mag Bile. * catholic, ' a bishop 
from Glenn da Locha. ^ Maelan's daughter, an abbess. '' a bishop 
in Druim Dallain. ^ Ossen's daughters at Raith Eich in Raichnech. 

^ Crucis Christ! in'uentio, Mart. Tainl. Primairec craind croiche, F^I. 
Oeng. HierosolimiF, inventio sancte crucis ab Helena sancta regina sub 
Constantino imperatore, Drumm. Kal. et sic Mart. Chr. Ch. Hence this 
clay is called ftHl iia croiche z?t tsainJuaidh (the feast of the Cross of the 
summer) in the Annals of Ulster, 1254. 

90 F&LIRE Hi) I GO R MA IN. [Ma.ius. 

4. e. 

"T^pscop smith Siluarius, 
-L-' Justus, Felic, Florian, 

Maria/ Romuil, Roman, 
cethracha mor mairtir, 
Aed^ is Ciriac caemog, 

mac Cuinnine Cronan,^ 
Antonia fiu flathfir, 

6g romathig moran. 

' in marg. man. rec. pro Maria forte Monica. ' mac Brie, but 

in marg. man. rec. ni he sin Aodh rxvac Bnc, ata an .x. la do nou/;;/b^r. 
* m«c Cuinnine 6 Sleibh EibhHnne i Muma/^.'^ 

5. f. 

TTilarius, Eutimus, 
^ -^Archilaus luaidim, 

fresgabailb Crist chaemseing,^ 
Felic, Galla, Grigoir, 
Ni'ceit, louian alim, 

da hErein ris n-aenim, 
Senan fos is Faelan.d 

Euchbrict^ aebnar aebind. 

in marg. man. rec. Edbrict ep. Lindis (i.e. Lindisfarne). 



Ternam lohain apstoil 
slan ond ola fic[h]thcch, 
Euoid, Lucius logt[h]ech, 
sechtmoga mor martir, 
am-medar nir maithmech 

Colman^ trebar tort[h]ech. 

Locha Echim.® 

* Mochua mac Cummine .i. i Slcib Eblinne, Mart. Tanil. ^ MS. 

fresccabail. Asccnsio prima Domini nostri Jcsu Christ!, Mart. Tanil. 

"MS. chaemseincc. '^ Faelan Find Cilli Colmai, Mart. Taml. 

" Echin. Mart. Taml. 


4. E. 

The reverend bishop^ Silvanus Justus, Felix, Florianus,Maria,^ 
Romulus, Romanus, forty great martyrs. Aed,^ and dear-virginal 
Cyriacus : Cunnine's son Cronan,^ Antonia, worthy of a princely 
husband, a virgin that forgave many. 

^ for Maria read perhaps Monica. ^ son of Brecc, but, in the 

margin, in a later hand, that is not Aed mac Brie ; he is on the 
loth day of November. ^ son of Cuinnine from Sliab Eiblinne in 


5. F. 

Hilarius, Euthymius, Archelaus I mention : the Ascension^ 
of dear-slender Christ: Felix, Galla, Gregorius : Nicctius, 
Jovianus I entreat : two Irenes on whom I fast : Senan also and 
Faelan ; Eadbert^ beautiful-modest, delightful. 

Edbrict, bishop of Lindisfarne. 

6. G. 

The escape of John the Apostle safe from the boiling oil^ : 
Evodius, indulgent Lucius : seventy great martyrs — their fore- 
warning was not slack : Colman^ prudent, fruitful. 

^ of Loch Echim. 

* Oengus makes him a deacon. 

^ laithe li'tha frisrocaib ar fiada, the day of the festival on which our God 
asceiidcd iXo heaven), Fel. CiV/^., May 5. Asccnsio domini, Lcojr. Kal. See 
note on 27 March. ^ ante portam latinam, Leofr. Kal. 

92 FALIRE Htl GORMAIN. [Maius. 


7. a. 

|omitilla in tendog, 
Flauius flait[h] co nglaine, 
Breccan^ maith cen mine, 
Aug^/i-tin is Auguist, 
la Lasair is Luga, 

Ciarocc^ cobhsaid cride,'' 
B^/zedict raith ri'gda, 

papa, brigda in bile. 

' Echdroma. ^ in marg. Mo Chiaroc is Breccan 6 Echd^-uim 

Breccain i ccoicrich Dal hxaidht 7 Dail Ri'ada. No is i Maigh 
Mucraimhe i n-iart/?«r Connacht aca Doire Eachdroma hi failet. ^ in 
nuxrg. man. rec. mansuetus at amabilis. 

8. b. 

Uictor, Marcian, Maxim, 
la Donait nar daibill, 
Uictor aili armimm, 
Stefan, Marian, Milit, 
Felic follan firgrind, 

Brenaind, Comman^ cadbind,^ 
Flauia firglan findben 

fri cech n-imned alim[m]. 

' 6 Thigh me/c Findcain.'' 

9. c. 

Grigoir niamda Nazaint, 
dechenbor drong dimor, 

se coecait, ni cammrad, 
Sanctan,^ Hermen,^ Andreas, 
Cen[n]mar, Lamruad lommnoeb, 

da Briccin,d mo Banban,'* 
translait Nicoil noimfir 

nar' doibil acht daghnar, 
Cetfaid nar' char ci'su 

bind re hlsu*^ a amran. 

^ e^scop 6 Chill da les. ^ egnaid. 

" MS. cadbind. ^ Findchon, Mart. Taml. " leg. Hermeit? 

'' da Breccoc Tuamma Drecon, Afari. Taml. " MS. hisa. 


7. A. 

Domitilla the austere virgin. Flavius, a prince with purity : 
good Breccan^ without smallness. Augustinus and Augustus, 
with Las'sair and Luga,^ ^Cjaroc,- steadfast, righteous: Benedict, 
of royal grace, a pope, vigorous (is) the ancient tree. 

' of Echdruim. ^ my Ciaroc and Breccan from Echdruim 

Breccain in the confine of Dal Araidi and Dal Ri'ada. Or in Mag 
Mucraime in the western part of Connaught is Daire Echdroma wherein 
they (i.e. their relics) are. 

8. B. 

Victor, Marcianus, Maximus, with Donatus, who was not 
bad (and) poor. Another Victor I reckon. Stephanus, Marianus, 
Miletus, healthy, right pleasant Felix : Brenainn, holy-melo- 
dious Comman,^ Flavia, a truly-pure, fair woman, I entreat 
against every tribulation. 

^ from Tech m/c Findcain. 

9. C. 

Splendid Gregory of Nazianzus : ten men, a vast troop : six 
fifties'^ (of martyrs) — no crooked speech — Sanctan,^ Hermes, 
Andrew (the Apostle), Cennmar, Lamruad, very holy, thy Briccin, 
my Banban- : the translation of Nicolaus, a holy man, who was 
not foul-mouthed, but excellently modest. Cetfaid, who loved 
not tributes, his song seemed sweet to Jesus. 

^ a bishop : from Cell da les. - a sage. 

^ We should perhaps correct to Lugaid, but no saint of that name is 
commemorated on May 7. 

'° Sic \vl Driimni. Kal. Mo-Chiaroc, Fel. Oeng. (Rawl.B. 505). In Laud 
610 and Lebar V>recc Afo-C/iiearoc. sanctorum confessorum Ciaroc et Bretani 
(leg. Brecani), Marf. Chr. Ch. 

" In Persidia ; natale sanctorum martyrum treccntorum .x., Druutm. 

94 F&LIRE Htri GORMAIN. [Maius. 

lo. d. 

Oeodha in gerait Gordian, 
-'-'Epimaich uain amgand, 

in craibdech cruaid Comgall,^ 
mo Sinoc^ caid, Connla,^ 
vaac Corbmrt/c Aed* amlond, 

Palmait, lob ollbarr, 
oenta[id] in druing dindgil 

i findnim co fogbamm. 

^ abb B^/mcair \j\nd)\. • Ch/a/ia. Cainchne.* ' epscoJ>, 

mac Lenine. * mac Corbma/c. 

1 1, e. 

A ntimus maith, Mammert, 
-^~*-elgnab 6g in findlec. 

in cimmidse cobrat 
Finding, Lassair/ Lugair,- 
Senach^ goba glangreit, 

Caemgein,* ^Critan,^ Corbmacc,^ 
la Findtan'' mor mesta, 

lor is cnesta a comrac. 

' 6j.h. - lobor. ' mac Etchen 6 Airiudh Brosca for 

Loch Erne. ^ abb. ^ macllladon. /;? w^'r^. Critan m<7c Illodon 7 
Corbmczc sacart ind Achad Findich for brii Dothra i nUibh Dunch^^a. 
^ ssLcart i nAchadh Finnich.'^ '' Cluana Caoin. 

12. f. 

Ac\\\e?/s noem, Nereus, 
Pancratius sin comdhail, 
Dionis co ndegmein, 
Ere nasca^ Ico Lugaeth,- 
la Dim ma' co ndegbaigh, 
Ailithir* is Ern[e]in : 
in sluag tennso tecclaim 
ctrainn ocus elbeim. 

' 6 Thelaigh Lis i n-Uibh Eachd^jfA Vladh. - mac Congh?('xa, 

socart, o Thigh Luta i l<'othartrt//'h mora. ' mac Cais. ■* Muic- 

innsi for Loch D^rgdeirc. 

"■ mo-Sinoc .1. Cluana Caichni, Mart. Tavil. 

'' MS. elccna. ' mo-Chritoc Fdl. Ocng. Critoc, Driimm. Kal. 

'' in Achud Findnaigi, Mart. Taml, 


10. D. 

Vig-orous was the champion Gordianus, Hberal Epi'machus 
from us : the devout, hardy ^ComgalP : my holy Sinoc,^ Connla^ : 
gentle Aed,* son of Cormac : Palmatius, great-crowned Job : 
union with this delightful, fair troop may we find in fair heaven ! 

^ abbot of Bennchor Ulad (Bangor in Ulster). ' of Cluain 

Cainchne. ^ a bishop : son of Lenine. * son of Cormac. 

II. E. 

Good Anthimus, Mammertus, noble and virginal was the 
white stone. This captive*^ let Findlug, Lassair^ and Lugair^ 
help. Senach^ the smith, a pure champion, Coemgein,* Critan,'' 
Cormac,*' with Findtan'' great, respected ; sufficient and modest 
is their meeting. 

^ a virgin. ^ the infirm.'' ' son of Etchen, from Aired 

Brosca on Lough Erne. * an abbot. ^ son of Iliad. Critan 

son of lUod, and Cormac the priest in Achad Findich on the brink of 
the Dodder in Hui Dunchada. ® a priest in Achad Findich. ' of 
Cluain Cain. 

12. F. 

Holy Achilleus, Nereus, Pancratius in the assembly. Diony- 
sius with a good mind. Ere Nasca^ with them, Lugaed" : with 
Di'mma" of the good fight, Ailithir^ and Ernein — this is the 
strong army that I muster between us and offence. 

^ from Telach Lis in Hiii Echach of Ulster. * son of Congus, 

a priest, from Tech Luta in the Great Fotharts. ^ son of Cass. 

* of Mucc-inis on Lough Derg. 

^ In Hybernia; natalissanctiComgalliabbatisetconfessoris, vT/rtr/.C//r. Ch. 
'^ i.e. Hua Gormdin himself. '^ infirmus, Mart. Ta?ftl. 



13- g- 
'empal ergna erdeirc, 
roboi do deibh domhoin 
ir-R6im rigda rebaig 
Bonefait ros-bendaig 
do Maire buain bladaig, 

col-lin sluaigh a senaid. 
Mael doid^ nar domma, 

feil mo Chonna^ credail, 
tam Tigernaigh Boirchich 
ind fir toirt[h]ig trebair. 
^ Mucnamha. ^ Doire. 

14. a. 

Pontiwi", Pacomius, 
Di'a CO tend ros-tocaib, 
mo Chuttu^ CO cetaib, 
Lassar, Garban gargnoeb,^ 
a ferainn ro facaib 

Mael caemfertach Cetair,^ 
Uictor caid, Corona, 

ba hoga co a n-ecaib. 
1 Lis moir, darbh' ainm Cartach, roboi ina abb ir-Raithin, ocus ina 
esp<9r il-Lios mor. ■ mac Ronain vixeiz righ Ul«^li i cCill Meilche- 

[tair] for brii in mara in Cnoc mBrenainn aniar. 

15. b. 

^ct n-epscoip a hEspain, 
'Muiredhach' gcmm glanoll, 
al-lurech thenn torunn, 
do Chonna,'-^ Columba,'' 
Duiblitir* in dagfind, 

Comman,^ Cdinneoc, Colu[m]m,'' 
Colman/ Saran'^ soirbe 

CO coibne na crobung, 
in spirat uais fagdeim 

for in radreim romund. 
^ ua Dubbtaigh. ^ epsr^;-/ Condere. ' m^'c Faelgasa. 

" ab Findglaisi Caindigh ace Ath cHath. ^ m^c Dimma, Aricuil.*' 

" Locha Innse Cre.<= '' mac ua Laighsi. '^ mac Archair,'' 6 

1 nis Moir i n-Uibh Liathain i n-Uibh Weic Cailli. 

" MS. garccnoem. 

^ Perhaps this word should be a g-loss on C&in7iefic : cf. Mart. Taml. 
Cainnech Airecuil. Cominan mac Dimma. "= Columb Insi Locha Cre, 

Mart. Taml. ^ Airechair, Mart. Taml 


13. G. 

A temple, noted, renowned, which had belonged to the gods 
of the (heathen) world, in royal, featful Rome, Bonifacius, with 
the full number of the host of his synod, consecrated^- it to 
Mary the lasting, famous.^ , Mael-doid^ who was not poor : the 
feast of my Conna^ the religious : the death of Tigernach of 
Boirche, the fruitful, prudent man. 

* of Mucnam. ^ of Doire. 

14. A. 
Pontius, Pachomius, God upraised them strongly. My 
Cuttu^ with hundreds (of martyrs): Lassar, Garban, harsh saint of 
his land which he left. Mael-Cetair- of the beautiful miracles. 
Holy Victor (and) Corona, they were virgins till their death. 

^ of Lismore, whose name was Carthach.'^ He was an abbot in 
Rathen and a bishop in Lismore. ^ son of Ronan, son of the King 

of Ulster : in Cell Maeil-Chetair on the brink of the sea, to the west of 
Cnoc Brenainn (Brandon Hill). 

15. B. 

Seven bishops out of Spain : Muiredach^ a pure-great gem : 
may their strong corslet be over us ! Thy Conna,^ Columba,^ 
dDublitir* the good and fair, Comman,^ Cainneoc, Columb,'"' 
Colman,'' Saran,^ the happy ones with the kindred in their 
cluster : I entreat the noble Spirit on the mighty multitude 
before us. 

' descendant of Dubthach. "^ bishop of Condere. ^ ^ son 

of Faelgus. * abbot of Cainnech's Findglas near Ath cliath 

(Dublin). 5 son of Dimma, of x^ricul. ® of Loch Lise Cre. 

■^ great-grandson of Laigse. * son of Archar, from Inis Mdr in 

Hui Liathain in Hiii Maic Cailli. 

^ literally, blessed. ^ Natale sancte Marie ad martyrcs, Drumm. Kal. 
Dedicatio aecclesiae scae. mariae, Lcofr. Kal. "^ so Oengus, May 14 

(fdil cdin Carthaig Rathin), and DriiDini. Kal. 

^ Dublitrech (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 


98 FELIRE hOi GORMAIN. [Maius. 

1 6. c. 

Aquilin is Odran,^ 
Duthracht,- apindchad^ falid, 
bBrenainn* ce« band uabhair, 
Mace Laisre^ ard, Ernan,* 
Carnech" coemhc[h]end crabaid, 
in soert[h]enn ua Suanaig.* 

^ saccart. "^ Liathdroma, i?i 7uarg. man. rec. loco Liathdroma 

forte scribendum Aondroma, nam s. Durthach filius Trichenij colitur 
Aentromae, iuxta menologium %fx\ealogicum c 19. ^ eps^^/. * mac 
Findloga, abb Cluana Ferta. ^ abb Bennc[h]air. ^ mac Aodha. 

'' Tuilein. do Breathnaibh do. ** Fidmuine ainm lii Siianaigh 

Ancoire Raithne, ocus o Inis Baoithin i n-iarthar [leg. airther] 

17. d. 

T Tictor tend is Torpet, 

^ Paulus, Findchan,^ Finnen, 

Bassilla acus Sillan/ 
meic ua-Slainge^ uasle, 
Critan* sin lucht lommog, 

6 cech ulc dom imman, 
Lith ingen glan Garban 

a dagradh ni dimbag. 

^ eps^Ti?/ Droma Eanaigh 7 Droma Fess.*^ - f^%cop Daimhinsi. 

^ 6 Chliiain Airbh.'' •* eps<r^/ Aendroma. 

18. e. 

"T^ioscorus is Colman/ 
■•-^Felic mor cen merg^^j-, 

Agna 6^ co n-irgnus, 
Fer da crich, Bran,- Bresal,^ 
Domnoc* degoc degdos 

mo M[a]edoc" is Midgus.*' 

^ fpscop. ~ Becc, 6 Claonadh i n-Uibh Faelain i Maigh Laighen. 
' 6 Dherthaigh.*' ^ Tip;-at Fachtna. '" epscop Fedha duin i 

n-Osraicch/M. ^ mac Eire, Cille Tailten. 

^ Finnguin (gen. sg.), Dru))im. Kal. 

^ Brendini (gen. sg.), Dnanm. Kal. Brendan!, Maff. CJn: C/i. 

'^ Dromma Feisc, Mart. Taml. "^ Mac Guaslaingi o Chluanaib, ibid. 

" o Durthach, ibid. 


16. c. 

Aquilinus and Odran/ Duthracht,^ joyous Findchad,' Bre- 
nainn* without a deed of pride : lofty Mac-Laisre,^ Ernan," 
Carnech/ dear head of devotion, (Fidmuine) Suanach's noble- 
stroncr descendant.* 

' a priest. - of Liathdruim. iti marg. In lieu of Liathdroma we 
should perhaps write Aentroma, for St. Durthacht, son of Trichen, is 
venerated at Aentruim, according to the Menologium Ge?iealogicum, 
chap. 19. ^ a bishop. * son of Finding, abbot of Cluain Ferta= 

' abbot of Bennchor. " son of Aed. "' of Tuilen : of the 

Britons was he. ® Fidmuine was the name of Hua Suanaig, the 

anchorite of Rathen, and from Inis Baithin in the western [leg. eastern] 
part of Leinster (was he). 

17. D. 

Austere Victor and Torpes, Paulus, Findchan/ Finden, 
Basilla and Sillan,^ the noble sons of Hua-Slaingi.'^ Critan* and 
the very virginal folk to drive me from every evil ; Lith, Garban's 
pure daughter, to speak her well is no sorrow. 

^ bishop of Druim Enaig and Druim Fess. * bishop of Daim- 

inis. ^ from Cluain Airb. * bishop of Oendruim. 

18. E. 

Dioscorus and Colman,^ great Felix, without a wanton 
desire, virgin Agna with noble habits : Fer da chri'ch (' Man of 
two Districts '), Bran,^ Bresal'' : DomnoC* a good warrior, a good 
bush (of protection), my Maedoc,^ and Midgus.*^ 

' a bishop. ^ the Little, from Claenad^ in Hiii Faelain in Mag 

Laigen. ^ from Derthach. * of Tipra Fachtna ' F.'s Well.' 

* bishop of Fid Duin in Ossory. ® son of Ere of Cell Tailten. 

' fell Brain Bice o Chloenad, Fc'l. Ceug. (Rawl. B. 505.) 

H 2 



19. f. 

"Darthen, Ciaran/ Cummein,^ 
-L Diuir,^ Dunstan diada, 

is Potentiana, 
Caradic, mo Chonne,* 
Richell/ Brittan*^ beoda, 

tri meic Eogain ana, 
CO ti vcv^ ghasrad gleglan 

do dhenam mo dala. 

' mrtc Colgan. 


mrtc Baetain. 
^ Ratha. 

^ Enaigh Eir.^ 


' Doire moir. 
Inis craind.'^ 

20. g. 

Basilla, Baudelus, 
Aurea chaem is Colman,^ 
Faust;/j-, DanieP derbog, 
mac Laithbe'* leir, Laidcend, 
Crom-dithruib* ar domnan 
ni'r dichuid^ act degmor. 

- Tulca. 
nir bhecc. 

^ DomnczVh moir. 

21. a. 

Polan^ mor is Moinni, 
Findbarr, Cummin- comseng, 
Mael-deid^ naemh nemfann, 
Ronan, Barrfind,^ Brigit,^ 
Colman Cron nocharamm, 

o cech bron nar-benann, 
Colman" loigtech lobor 
ara logod lenamm. 

^ Chille Mdna. " mac Lughdach, Inse Mheic ua Dartaclha. 

' Lis moir. ■* Droma Cuilinn. in marg. Baifrfionn c\)%a)p 7 ab'' 

6 Druim Cuilinn 7 6 Chill Bhairrfinn fri liEss-ruaidh atuaidh. Do 
chcnel Cf;?aill GuXhain meic Neili do. ^ mgen Dim[m]ain. ^ lobor. 
i Maigh E6 i nDall cCais. 

» MS. an. ^ Ccir, Mart. Tavil. "= leg. cruind.'' 

wordb 7 ab are inserted by a later hand. 



19. F. 

Parthenius, Ciaran,^ Cummein,- Diuir,^ godly Dunstan, and 
Potentiana,^ Caradic (?), my Conne,'* Richell/ vigorous Brittan." 
Eogan's three splendid sons, may the bright-pure youths come to 
compose my assembly. 

' son of Colgu. ^ son of Baetan. ' of Enach Eir. * of 

Cell Comarthae. * a virgin. * of Raith. 

20. G. 

Basillab Baudelius, dear Aurea and Colman.^ Faustus, 
DanieP a sure virgin, industrious Mac Laithbi,"' Laidcenn, 
Crom-di'thruib* on (this) wretched world was not petty,'' but good 
and great. 

> of Doire Mor. - of Tulach. ^ of Domnach Mor. 

from Inis crainn. ^ i.e. he was not small. 

21. A. 

Great Polan^ and Moinni, Findbarr, meagre Cummin,^ Mael- 
deid^ holy, unweak, Ronan, cBarrfind,* Brigit,'' Colman Cron 
whom we love, strikes us from every sorrow. Colman,^ the 
indulgent leper, let us follow (him) for his forgiveness. 

^ of Cell M6na. - son of Lugaid, of Inis Maccu Dartada. 

•' of Less mor. * of Druim Cuilinn. Barrfind, bishop and abbot, 

from Druim Cuilinn and from Cell Barrfind to the north of Ess 
Ruaid. He was of the kindred of Conall Gulban, son of Niall. 
' Dimman's daughter. ^ the Leper : in Mag Eo in Dal Caiss. 

Scae. potentianae uirginis (et depositio dunstaniarchiepisc), Lcofr. kal. 
Sci. basilli, Leoj7: Kal. " Barrinni (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 


22. b. 

"D onan Find^ caid, Cast?/i", 
-■-^Emil, lulia ogfind, 

meic Edniusa'^ armi[m]m, 
Baethin mor,^ meicc Echdhach, 
Ca[s]sin* sarga sinimm, 

Conall,^ Agna*^ alimm, 
o Dhruim da Dhart ogdha, 

Luigsech lordha langrinn. 

^ 6 Laind Ronain Finn i n-Uibh Eachach \]\adh. ' secht meic 

Eidniusa, 6 Maighin. ^ m^'C Findaich, 6 Inis Baithfn i n-airthiur 

Eaighen. * ogh. * abb Insi Caoil i cCenel ConsaW. 

^ in marg. Aghna, Cassin oais Luighsech teora cailleaclia iadsidhe, ocks 
6 Druim da Dhart doibh. 

23. c. 

T^pectitus, Astoin, 
-'-'Desider gret grinnfir, 

nocha becc ro bruinnedh. 
Pincto, Comman, Cremthann/ 
Suidbrect, Srafan- sonnim, 

inmain coiciur cuinged. 
Goibnenn^ cain co caemchk'i, 

Nectlic,* Faelchu fuilled. 

' Maighe Dumha. ^ Cluana moir. ^ i Tigh Scuithin. 

* eps<:(?/. 

24. d. 

Manachen,^ lohanna, 
Siluan, Felic firoig, 
bAidbe/ Sillan, Segein,® 
Ultan^ bi'thi, Berchan,'' 
Colman nar' char chlacnuail 
ropa glan a glemein : 
bancland Ferguis^ ale, 

na cade cen cl^r^im.c 
Eugeni?/s glorda, 

papa lordha lereim.^ 

' e'gscop 7 abb Tire da glas. " epsrr;/ Arda Macha. ' mac 

Aedhgein. * 6 Cluain Cai. ^ secht n-inghena Ferg?^/s 6 Tigh 

Inghen Ferghasa. 

•' The c and the final « are cancelled by a later hand. '' Athbi (gen. 

sg.)) Dricmm. Kal. " MS. clereim. "^ MS. lerem. 


22. B. 

Holy Ronan Find,^ Castus, Aemilius, virginal-fair Julia : the 
sons of Ednius^ I number : great Baithi'n,^ the sons of Eochaid : 
Cassin,"* a great spear which I stretch forth : Conall,^ Agna,^ from 
virginal Druim da dart I beseech, (and) Luigsech, ample, very- 

^ from Land Ronain Find in Hui Echach of Ulster. - Seven 

sons of Ednius, from Maigen. ^ son of Findach,* from Inis 

Baithin in the eastern part of Leinster. * a virgin. '" abbot 

of Inis Gael in Cenel Conaill. ^ Agna, Cassin and Luigsech, these 

were three nuns, and from Druim da Dart were they. 

23. C. 
Epectitus, Astonius, Desiderius a lovable-true champion, 
greatly tried by fire was he. Pincto, Comman, Cremthann.^ 
Suidberct (and) Srafan^ I sound forth : dear the pentad of 
warriors. Beautiful Goibnenn'^ with fair fame, Nechtlic,* Faelchu 
an addition. 

' of Mag Duma. - of Cluain Mor. ^ in Tech Scuithin. 

a bishop. 

24. D. 
Manahen, Johanna, Silvanus, Felix, true virgins. Aidbe,^ 
Sillan, Segein^ : womanly Ultan,^ Berchan/ Colman who loved 
not wrongful pride ; pure was his bright mind. Fergus' girl- 
children^ I beseech, the chaste ones without an evil course. 
Glorious Eugenius, a pope sufficient, conspicuously active. 

' bishop and abbot of Ti'r da glas. ' bishop of Armagh. 

^ son of Aedgen. * from Cluain Cai. " Fergus' seven 

daughters, from Tech Ingen Fergusa. 

^ He is called by Oengus {Fcl. May 22) Baethine (or Baididne) mac 
Findach. Sancti Boetheni abbatis et confessoris, Mart. Chr. Ch. 


25. e. 

"C* 'G'Jther is Urban, 
•^-^papae Romae, renna,^ 

Dionis nar domma, 
Leo, Aldeilm, lohain, 
Duncad- lae soer sunna, 

cruimthir Coel,^ mo Cholla.* 

^ solasta iad. ^ ab lae Co\uim cille, do Chenel CohzlxW. 

^ Cille moire. * \ngen Dimmae. 

26. f. 

Quadrait, Colman Stella[i]n,^ 
la hAugWJ'tin inmhain, 
epscop Saxan saidbir, 
Beda, Beccan^ bulid, 
don tsreith caemfind caindlig, 
aebind etir a[i]nglib. 

' i tTir da gins. ^ i cCluain Aird mo Bhecdcc i Muscnw^^ie 

Breoghain. No ac Tigh Conaill i n-Uibh Briuin Ciialann. 

27. g. 

"C^pscop Cillin,^ Comaig,^ 
-L-'la hEchfritan aithnim,^- 

epscop idan Etliirn,'^ 
Ragnulf, lulius, Eutruip, 
ar doidnge 'sar dhotheidm, 

ar coimge don cethirn. 

^ 6 Thigh Talain i n-Oirghiall(7/7>'h. * ogh. ^ Dhomhnaigh 

Moir mac Laithbe i Mughdornaibh. 

28. a. 

"Oapa amra lohain, 

-■■ Priaim, Lucian lorgem, 

epsc^/ German gradbind, 
Furudran^ is Foelan, 
Felic fedil firgrinn, 

Eugan,^ Emil armim, 
secht n-epscoip"' glanglere, 

al-lere fo lanrind. 

' i Lainn Turu. ^ eccnaidh. ^ 6 Thigh na comairce. 

■"* MS. aichnim. 


25. E. 

Eleutherius and Urbanus, popes of Rome, stars.^ Dionysius 
who was not poor : Leo, Aldhelm, Johannes : noble ^Dunchad^ 
of lona here, presbyter Coel,'' my Colla.* 

' shining were they. - abbot of Colomb cille's Hi, of the 

kindred of Conall. ^ of Cell Mor. * daughter of Dimma. 

26. F. 

Quadratus, Colman Stellain,^ with dear Augustinus the 
wealthy bishop of the Saxons'^ : Beda^ : blooming Beccan,^ of 
the lovable, fair, shining series, delightful among angels. 

' in Ti'r da glas. - in Cluain Ard mo-Becc6c in Muscraige 

Breogain. Or at Tech Conaill in Hiii Briiiin Ciialann. 

27. G. 

Bishop Cilli'n,^ Comaig,^ with Echfritan I recognise : the 
sincere bishop Ethirn,'^ Ragnulf, Julius, Eutropius : to safe- 
guard us from difficulty, and from pestilence (belongs) to the 
band (aforesaid). 

' from Tech Talain in Oriel. ' a virgin. ^ of Domnach 

Mor \\\ac Laithbe in Mugduirn. 

28. A. 

The excellent Pope Johannes, Priamus, Lucianus, an ample 
gem : love-melodious bishop Germanus, Furudran^ and Faelan ; 
steadfast, amiable Felix, Eugan,^ Aemilius I reckon : seven 
bishops,^ pure abundance : their piety under a full star. 

^ in Lann Turu. " a sage. ^ from Tech na Comairce. 

"" Duncada (gen. sg.), Drumyn. Kal. '^ sci. augustini archiepisc, Leofr. 
Kal. "" Depositio sancti venerabilis Bede presbyteri, Druiuvi. Kal. die 

quo ipse petiit, hoc est, in ascensione Dominica, Mart. Chr. C/i. 




29. b. 

Conon 'sa mac mi'ngar 
fri martra mor n-ingair, 
nirbo coir ro cummad. 
mo Becce/ mo Du[i]ne, 
Mael-tuile soer sonnim. 

Briuinsech^ cael is Cumman. 

^ i tTrelec. ^ ogh, mghen Criomhtainn 6 Maigh Trea. 

^ ogh 6 Dhoire, \nghen Allien i nAird \}\ad]\ no i nDal Buinne i 

30. c. 

T N papa fial Felic, 

■■- Aucbert//i" cen brigrus, 

robo Cuanna in coemdos, 
Gabinus caid, Crispoil, 
Gobban^ leir dom lanles, 

maraen sin seim-Saerghos.- 

abb Airdne. 

2 Droma. 

31. d. 

Forbait Mai na maithi, 
Petronella^ niamhglan,^ 
Cantiz/J as buan beoblad, 
Fer da crich is Cresceint,^ 
Maelodran^ mor milid, 

Ernin^ og is Eogan,'^ 
sluag Mai roind do rinn-nim* 
sech erinnib^ na nsjleoerhal. 

^ Slane. 
nemh na renn. 

■ Cremh-caille. 

abb Maicrhe Bile. 

.1. CO 

.i. sech demhnaibh. 

^ Petronille (gen. sg.), Driimm. Kal. 
Dnnnin. Kal. 

Crescentiani (gen. sg.), 


29. B. 

Conon with his gentle-pious son at martyrdom — much 
torment — it was unjust that he was lacerated. My Becce,^ my 
Dune, noble IVTael-tuile I sound forth, slender Briunsech- and 

^ in Trelec. ' a virgin : daughter of Crimthann from Mag 

Trea. ^ a virgin : from Doire : daughter of Allien in Ard Ulad 

or in Dal Buinne in Ulster. 

30. C. 

The modest pope Felix, Hucbertus without fault of anger. 
Cuanna was the dear bush (of protection) : holy Gabinus, 
Crispolus : pious Gobban^ to my full benefit, along with the 
slender Soergus." 

^ abbot of Airdne. ^ of Druim. 

31. D. 

The nobles complete May — Petronella the radiant and 
pure, Cantius whose living fame is lasting : Fer da chri'ch and 
Crescentius. Mael-Odrain^ a great soldier (of Christ) : virginal 
Ernin- and Eogan.^ Let May's host (fare) before us (?) to starry 
heaven* past the bands^ of the warblasts. 

' of Slane. - of Cremchaill. ^ abbot of Mag bile. * i.e. to 
the heaven of the stars. * i.e. past devils. 



I. e. 

TI7OR Va\.aind\v\x\ alaind 
-*- Caprais, Pampil primda, 

la Nicomeid naemda, 
Stellan, Cronan,^ Cummein, 
Marceill, Laeban- luamda, 

Pol, Seuerian saerda, 
dechenbur coir comlan, 

la Colman diar caemna. 

' abb Lis moir Mochuda. ^ Atha Eguis. 


2. f. 
annid/ Senan. Zachair, 

Blandina fri di'glaib, 

Forondan- is Femdid, 
Petar, Aedan,'^ Algeis, 
Luran* acco drmid, 

feil Marcillin mergil, 
CO mbem co ndrung dathglan 

CO rathmar ir-redhnim. 

' Ckiana hUinnsenn. - Luae. ^ Cluana Domhail. 

mi:7c Conain.'^ 

b/^~^aemgen/ mo Chua chaerem, 
^^-'Glunsalach^ beo bitheim. 

Erasmus cor-Racheil, 
ua Trianlugo thogaim, 
Brandub,'"^ Sillen* sochoir, 

moNinne 6^^ Affein,"'* 
berdait inn sech imned, 

CO rindnem, bid rachc[i]m. 

' abb Glinne da Locha. " .i. diberccach oirdt'rc robhoi for 

slighidh Midhliiachra fri re ci'an oc denumh gach uilc, 7 rosc/-iid ina 
menma/« tionntudh ona ulc, co «deachrt/</h docum Chaoimhghein, 7 
dorad a choibhsiona do, 7 ro an imaille fris mxumh go a ^cc, go ro 
naomff^h 7 ro hadhnacht ag Caoimhghin ina chill e, co fidechatd 
dochum nimhe ar med a foghnamha do Dia. ^ c\iSCop. * Q^scop. 
^ i fail Glinne da Locha, 7 Cill Affein ainm a cille. 

•' MS. conai'n. ^ natalis sancti Coemgini abbatis et confessoris, Mart. 
C/ir. Ch. 



I. E. 

On June's beautiful calends Caprasius, primary Pamphilus, 
with hallowed Nicomedes, Stellan, Crondn/ Cummein, Mar- 
cellus, abbatial Laeban,^ Paulus, noble Severianus, a just (and) 
complete decad, with Colman to safeguard us. 

' abbot of Less m6r mo-Chuta. - of Ath Eguis. 

2. F. 

Nandid/ Senan, Zacharias, Blandina against vengeances. 
Forondan^ and Femdid, Petrus (the exorcist), Aedan,^ Algeis, 
Luran* with them we reckon : the feast of Marcellinus the 
white-fingered, may we be with a pure-coloured troop gra- 
ciously in level heaven ! 

^ of Cliiain Uincenn. • of Lua. ^ of Cliiain Domail. 

^ son of Conan, 

Coemgen/ my excellent (?) Cua, Glunsalach^ lively, ever 
active : Erasmus with Rachel, Trianlug's descendant I choose : 
Brandub/ profitable (.?) Sillen,'' my virginal Ninne, Affein,^ 
they will bear us past tribulation to starry heaven — 'tis a great 

^ abbot of Glenn da Locha. ^ i.e., a famous brigand who was on 

the road of Mid-luachair for a long time perpetrating every evil, and he 
bethought him of turning from his misdoing, so he went unto Coim- 
gin and confessed to him, and afterwards remained with him till his 
death, so that he was hallowed. And he was buried by C6imgm in his 
church, and he went to heaven by reason of the greatness of his service 
to God. ^ a bishop. * a bishop. ^ near Glenn da locha, 

and her church's name is Cell Affein. 

10 F A LI RE II Ol GORMAIN. [luNius. 

4. a. 

Cirin, Eutic, Attal, 
Colman, Cassan^ comt[h]end, 
Patrocwj- fial flaithc[h]enn, 
cruimthir Colum^ cridi, 
mo Chua Cichech clothbarr,^ 

mo Lua, Findchan, Faithlenn,^ 
P^rgentinus tendmin 

is Erni'n^ di'ar n-aithnem[m].^ 

1 sacc^irt. " sacrtrt Domhnaigh mhoir maighi Imclair. 

mac Aedha Damhain. * Cliiana, 

5- b. 

T^a Bonifait buadha, 

^-^ Quhin, Castuil comhchoir, 

Ni'adh^ noemda nemthar, 
Lucian, Marcus, Muric, 
Eoban, Lean- lomchael, 

Findlug-,^ Broccan,* Berchan, 
sind ra[n]grinne nglangel 

CO dagnem I'ar ndegthdm.^ 

^ /;/ marg. Niad oa/s Berchan 6 Cluain Aedha Aithmet i Luighne. 
- 6 Chill Gobhail. ^ 6 Cluain meic Feicc. * 6 Cluain meic 

[F]eic beos. ^ .i. iar ndegh maith (leg. iar n-ec maith). 

6. c. 

Pilip uasal, arthenn, 
Lonan, Cocca charaimm, 
Faelan, Medran molaimm, 
Clareinech^ is Colman,^ 
Macl-aithchen^ saer saighim, 

mo beith ra taebh togaimm. 

1 Cliiana Cain. * eps^r;/. ^ 6 Tigh Mael-aithghen i 

cCoirpr/ ua cCiardha, no i moigh Lacha i n-iart?^?- Bregh. 

=" MS. clothbair. ^ The z inserted man. rec. 


4. A. 

Ouirinus, Euticius, Attalus, Colman, austere Cassan^ : Pe- 
trocus, a chaste, princely chief, presbyter Columb- the cordial, 
my Cua the Breasted, the famous head : my Lua, Findchan, 
Faithlenn,^ Pergentinus strong and gentle, and Erni'n'* to whom 
we commend ourselves. 

^ a priest. - priest of Dcmnach Mor Maige Imchlair. ' son 

of Aed Damain. * of Cluain. 

5. B 

Two victorious Bonifacii, Quirinus, Castulus the just. Ni'ad^ 
hallowed, unevil : Lucianus, Marcus, Mauricius, Eobanus, meagre 
Lean,- Finding,^ Broccan,* Berchan : (may they bring) us with 
their pure-white band to holy heaven after a holy death !^ 

^ Niad and Berchan from Cluain Aedha Aithniet in Luigne. 
"• from Cell Gobhail. ^ from Cluain maic Feicc. * also from 

Cluain maic Feicc. ^ after a good death. 

6. C. 

Philip (the deacon) high, austere, Lonan, Cocca whom I love ; 
Faelan, Medran I laud, Clar-einech^ and Colmdn.^ Noble Mael- 
aithchen^ I seek : by his side I choose to be. 

^ of Cluain Cain. ^ a bishop. ^ from Tech Mael- 

aithgen in Coirpre hua Ciarda, or in Mag Locha in the western part of 


7. d. 

T)ol e^iscop ciarb' esbach 
J- a othar nir' fella/'^ 

iar crochad a cholla : 
da Cholum^ im Choeman, 
'sin ngormrot^ iar ngrinne, 

mo-Cholmoc/ mo-Chonna. 

^ Colum gobha 7 Colum manach. ^ .i. i slighidh nimhe. 

' Dhromma A16ir. in marg. Columban?^^- (.i. esp*?^) mac li Arti 6 
Dhruim mor mo-Colmoc i n-Uibh Eachach Ula^h. 

8. e. 

Medard, t>Murchu,^ Mucian, 
epscop Bron^ buaid clerig, 
Ermedach'^ abb samaid, 
Luadrenn* chraibdech Chorainn, 
Gildardus nar' daibil, 

Abundus as mbagaid, 
in t-ochtor caid carat 

rom-gabat 'na ngradaib. 

' mrtc ua Mactein. ' 6 Chaisiol lorroe lia Fiachrach Muaidhe. 

^ abb Cunga. * ogh 6 Chill Luaithrenn i cCorann. 

9. f. 

Colum caemog cille/ 
Boethin^ in breo brigda, 
Amalgaid'^ ard oebda, 
Felician fos, Primus, 
mo Thoria'* naem niamda, 

mac ua Nesse^ noemda, 
m«c Declan, Dafinna," 

ropdar minna moerda. 

^ abb manach ndubh i nDoire Choluim chille, ocus in Hi in Albain. 
- mac Brenainn mtvc Fergasa, abb lae iar cColuim chille. ^ mac 

Echdach. ■* Droma cliab. ^ Cruimter mac u Nesse. 

" ainm diles. 

leg. nar fella, as in Jan. 4 ? '^ murchon (gen. sg.), Driunm. Kal. 


7. D. 

Bishop Paul, though he be absent, his labour doth not betray 
us,a after crucifixion of his flesh : two Colombs^ with Coeman, 
my Colmoc'' and my Conna, (went) after death into the azure 

^ Colomb the Smith and Colomb the Monk. ^ i.e., into the road 

of heaven. ^ of Druim M6r. Columbanus (a bishop) maccu Arti 

from Druim M6r mo-Cliolmdic in Hiii Echach of Ulster. 

8. E. 

Medardus, Murchu,' Mucian, bishop Bron,^ a gifted cleric : 
Ermedach,^ abbot of a religious community, devout Luathrenn* 
of Corann, Gildardus who was not evil-mouthed, Abundus 
proclaim ye him ! may the holy octad of friends receive me into 
their ranks ! 

^ maccu Machtein. ^ from Caisel Irr6e of the Hiii Fiachrach 

Muaide. . ^ abbot of Cunga. * a virgin, from Cell Luaithrenn 

in Corann. 

9. F. 

Dear and virginal Colomb cille^ : ^goethin^ the vigorous 
flame. Amalgaid,'' lofty, delightful. Felicianus also (and) 
Primus. ^MyXoria^ holy, radiant ; Maccu-Nesse'^ the hallowed: 
Dafinna'' son of Declan, were wondrous (?) diadems. 

^ abbot of Black Monks in Doire Coluimb-chille and in Hi in Scot- 
land. ^ son of Brenann, son of Fergus, abbot of Hi (next) after 
Colomb cille. ''' son of Eochaid. ^ of Druim cliab. 
* Cruimther ( =. presbyter) maccu Nesse. ® a proper name. 

^ i.e., he still labours honestly for us in heaven. 

^ Baithini successoris ejus, Driimm. Kal. natalis sanctorum abbatum 
Columbe et Boethini successoris ejus, Mart. CJir. Ch. 
'^ Mothorie (gen. sg.) Dru/ntn. Kal. at Juno 12. 




lO. g. 

A inmire^ seng, Sanctan,^ 
■^~*-Forcellach^ feigh feithmech, 

Illadan ua hEchach,* 
Mael-duin in^ doss di'ten, 
Senberech^ s6im sochrach, 

Ferdomnach''' reid, bRethach/ 

^ 6 Ailigh. " espucc. ^ Fobhair. ^ loUadhan lia 

Eachaid, epsr^/, 6 Raith Liphten i Feraibh Cell i Midhe. ^ Cuile 

Urebhni. ^ Tuama da ualann. '' mfic Coemhain. 

^ Bennchuir. 
62;h, 6 Chonmacne. 

II. a. 

Barnaibb apstol atchimm, 
Reguil/ Felic febda, 
Furtunait fri fagla, 
ingena leo Lasren,^ 
cMac tail^ in coemh cunla, 
^^Tochomra^ oen amra, 
Sostenes tend-cabair 

ticfa in-agaid m'anma. 

^ i Caill chola. ^ 

t^%cop Cille Cuilinn. 

12. b. 

Bassiiid cain, Cirin, 
Naboir, Nastair naema, 
Caeman,^ Cronan cruaide,^ 
^Tarannan"' leo, Lochein, 
na hailethrig oga 

Locha alainn Uaine. 
Murchu, DicuU'' degfer, 

cen temel, cen truaighe, 
Cristan® sodh*' ro scchain 
ar bethaid co mbuaine. 

' Airde Caemain i fail Locha Carman. ^ .i. cruaidh iat 'na 

crabudh. ^ abb B^;mcair ocus 6 Thul^^''^ Foirtceirn il-Laighnibh 

ocus o Dmim Cliabh i cCairpre. '' Achaidh na cro. * Gilla 

Crist lia morghair. "^ .i. soirbhe dia cholainn. 

••^ MS. an. 

" gen. iMec-tail, Ma7-f. On: Ch. 
Kelly. * Torannan, Fd. Ocng. 

MS. rethech. 

^ Tochomracht, Mart. Taml. ed. 


10. G. 

Slender Ainmire,^ Sanctan,^ Forcellach'' keen, meditative. 
Illadan, descendant of Eochaid,^ Mael-duin a bush of protec- 
tion. Senberech,^ fine, profitable : smooth Ferdomnach*^ and 

^ from Ailech. ^ a bishop. ^ of Fobar. * Illadan 

descendant of Eochaid, a bishop, from Raith Liphthen'in Fir Cell in 
Meath. ^ of Ciiil Drebni. ^ of Tuaim da lialann. ' son 

of Coeman. 

II. A. 

Barnabas the apostle'^ I entreat Reguil,^ excellent Felix. 
Fortunatus against plunderings : with them Laisren's 
daughters" : the dear, prudent Mac-tail,^ Tochomracht,* unique, 
wonderful. Sosthenes, a strong help, will come to meet my 

' of Bennchor. ^ in Caill Cola. ^ bishop of Cell Cuilinn. 

* a virgin, from Conmacne. 

12. B. 

Bright Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, Nazarius the holy ones ; 
rigorous^ Coeman^ and Cronan : with them Torannan'' and 
Lochein. The virginal pilgrims of delightful Loch Uaine. 
Murchu, Dicull'' a good man, without gloom, without misery. 
Cristan'^ who shunned ease'' for sake of lasting life (in heaven). 

^ of Ard Caemdin near Loch Carman. ' i.e., rigorous were they in 
their devotion. ^ abbot of Bennchor, and from Tulach Fortceirn 

in Leinster and from Druim Cliab in Cairpre. ^ of Achad na cr6. 

'" Gilla Crist descendant of Morgar. ® i.e., ease to his flesh. 

"" Commemorated by Oengus on June 10. RIeic-thail (gen. sg.), 
Druinni. Kal, 

I 2 




13. C. 

Damnat^ bithbeo buadach, 
Mac nissi- iii^ grian glanoll, 
la m'Chumma fial fairend, 
Felicula in lanraith 
Fandila main molaim, 

Cruimthir^ cain, [is] t>CairelI.'* 

^ 6a;h 6 Sl^/bh Beiha. "^ abb Q\iiati2^ m«V Nois fri re se 

vc^iMadan decc. 

6 Cliiain Tioprat. 

* man. rcc. a ttir Rois. 



14. d. 

eliseus, Eucheir, 
Ualer lem rom lessaib, 
rath tend for a thassib. 
Cumman^ la Nem naemda, 
mar diegar ni disfir, 

Ciaran Belaigh,^ Bassil. 

Cumman Becc Chille Cuimne i Tamhnacha. 

' .i. Dilin 

ua Liathain, 

15- e. 

Uitus, Modeist, Mercuir, 
Eadburga 6^ finnmor, 
Crescentia comlan, 
Esic, SinelP saethrach, 
Ouintian, Muchius mindnoem, 

mac Corordan Colman,- 
a tinol do^ treccud 

ni fetub,"^ ni fodmab. 
^ 6 Miliuc i nDartraic;hibh Coininnse. 


" MS. an. 
^' MS. fedub. 

16. f. 

Ciric mor in macan, 
lulitan na luigfind, 
Similian nach scchnaimm, 
Setna^ m«c tenn Treno. 
Aithcain^ nar' cloi chathgreim, 

Colman vaac Roi i Rechraind,*' 
Cet[h]cch,'' Lugh nach lugu, 
ar chrudu ni crenfaind. 

' [Inbir] Colptha. ^ Q^uop Phatraicc. 

^ MS. cairill. "^ MS. dom. 

•= MS. rcchioind. 


13- C. 
Damnat^ ever-living, gifted, ^Mac-nisse^ the pure-great sun, 
with my Gumma — a modest troop — Felicula of the plenteous 
grace, Fandila a treasure which I praise, beautiful Crumther"' and 

^ a virgin, from Sliab Betha. ^ abbot of Cluain maic Nois 

for the space of sixteen years. ^ from Cluain Tiprat. '' in 

Tir Rois. 

14. D. 

Helisaeus (EUsha the Prophet), Eucherius, Valerius be with 
me for my advantages : a strong grace is on his relics. Cum- 
man^ with hallowed Nem.'^ As is due — no feeble truth — Ciaran 
of Belach," Basilius. 

^ a virgin. Cumman the Little, of Cell Cuimne in Tamnacha. 
- i.e., Diiin. 

15. E. 
Vitus,c Modestus, Mercurius, Eadburga a fair-great virgin. 
Crescentia the complete. Hesychius, laborious Sinell,^ Ouin- 
tianus, Mucius (?) of the holy diadem, Corordan's son Colman-; 
to forsake their assembly, I shall not be able, I will not 

^ descendant of Liathan. - from Miliuc in Dartraige Coininse. 

16. F. 

Great Gyricu.s'' the child (and his mother) Julitta, by whom I 
would not swear. Similianus whom I shun not, S^tna^ strong 
son of Tren. Aithcain^ whom no battle-might vanquished : 
Roe's son Golman in (the island) Rechru. Gethech,'' Lugh who 
is not less, for herds I could not buy (them). 

' a bishop. "^ of Inber Colptha. ' Patrick's bishop. 

^ Meicness (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 

^ Nem mac hui Birn brigach, Fcl. Ocng. " Uitus maccan mirbail, 

ibid. '^ iiiGiric, Fel. Ueng. Ciricii (gen sg.), Drumm Kal. 



17- g- 
esca da cet coemnaem. 
mo-Chommoc^ cen chaere, 
Auit, Gundulf guidi, 
Colman mor m^?c Luachan, 
Aedan,^ Cellan* cride, 

Totholan den tuili,^ 
meic Nechtain*' in nuathaig,' 
Moling* Luachair'T' luigi. 

' m^c Dobhorchon. " 6 Laind vc\eiz Luachain i n-iarthar 

Midhe. ^ Dubh. * mrtc Fionain. * .i. d'iomat na 

naem, ^ Droma Bricce. ' .i. taigh nua nimhe. ^ epsc^/ 
7 conit%^QX, 6 Thigh Moling. 

i8. a. 

Marcillianb jg Marcus, 
Paula, Martia moroig, 
Tranquillin'-' sin caemfal, 
dpurudran^ beo, Boethan,^ 
firflait[h]e co firon, 

meic min maithe Moenan, 
mac Mi'ci coem Colman, 
ni forlan nos-foemab. 

^ abb Lainne Lere. ^ m 7narg. Furadhran 7 Boethan, meic 

Mhaonain iadsomh araon. 

19. b. 

Geruais primda, Protais, 
Ursicin ard alghen, 
Celsus, Euoid oebgel, 
Coelan^ caid is Colman,^ 
Failbe^ in monair morglain, 
CO soraid for soernem, 
senad Nece in naemraith 

do caemhflaith na cainfled. 

^ Daire [Choelain]. =* Droma lias. ' 6 Thobucht. 

=* leg. Luachra? '' MS. MnrcZ'illian. " MS. tran, quillin. 

'^ The 'Batchain' and 'Furitdran' of Driimvi. Kal. are obviously misread- 
ings or misprints of Baethain and Furudran. 


17. G. 

Two hundred and sixty dear saints : my Commoc^ without 
fieriness, Avitus, prayerful Gundulfus, great Colman^ son of 
Luachan. Aedan,^ cordial Cellan,'' Totholan of the floodtide'' : 
the sons of Nechtan" sons in the noble Abode/ Moling'' of 
Luachair (by whom) thou swearest^^ 

^ son of Doborchu. - from Land me/c Luachain in the western 

part of Meath. ^ the Black. * son of Finan. ^ i e. of the 

abundance of saints- " of Druim Bricce. '' i.e. in the noble house 
of heaven. ^ bishop and confessor, from Tech Moling. 

18. A. 

Marcellianus and Marcus ; Paula, Marcia, mighty virgins. 
Tranquillinus in the beautiful rampart : lively t'Furudran^ and 
Boethan,^ veritable princes, truly, Moenan's good and gentle 
sons. Dear Colman, son of Mice — it is not superfluous — I will 
receive him. 

* abbot of Land Lere. ^ Furadran and Boethan, sons of 

Moenan are they together. 

19. B. 

Excellent Gervasius and Protasius. Ursicinus high, gentle. 
Celsus, bright, beautiful Evotus, holy Coelan^ and Colman.^ 
Failbe^ of the great pure work (is) happily on noble heaven. 
Nicaea's synod of the saintly grace (convened) by the dear 
Prince of the beautiful banquets.^ 

of Daire (Coelain). "- of Druim has. ^ from Tobacht. 

* See infra, at Nov. 21. 

^ sanctorum confessorum Baithini et Furudrani, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

" Gorman means the first council of Nicaea, commemorated in Meiio- 
log. Graec. on 29 May, but which was solemnly opened, according to Hefele, 
on 14 June, a.d. 325. Is the ' prince' Constantine I. or Christ ? 


20. C. 

Ciriac noem, Nouatus, 
Paul, Felic, nit fanna, 
papa Silueir somma, 
Sincell/ Cassan,- Crispin, 
Faelan^ in breo balla, 

Gubsech* leo, mo Lomma.^ 

' ua Li'athain. - Cliiana Raithe. ^ amhlobhar, ir-Raith Erenn 
i n-Albain. * Chianz. Barenn. ^ Domhnaigh Imlech. 

21. d. 

Euseib leinn, Lcofridus, 
Rufus,^ Suibne^ sluagda, 
Dimetria fri digla, 
Cormac leir ua Liathan, 
Diarmait'^ coir diar caemna, 

ua Aeda Roin rigda, 
Ciriac caid con Choimdidh, 
i ndoidngib ron-didna. 

' epsri?/ Arda Macha. ^ abb Durmaighi 7 epsr^/, 7 ba 

hanchore beos an Coxhxwac sin. ^ eps^ri?/ Disirt Diarmata, ua 

. ledha Roin eisidhe. 

22. e. 

Alban mor in martir, 
Ni'cea diar naemad, 
bCronan^ friu nos-fuagheb : 
da n-ocht cet^ is Crunmael,^ 
Suibne-^ sona sdrfer, 

Paulin Nola nuaighel, 
Guairi* caemh for conair 
CO soraid sin sluaiged. 

1 .i. mo-Chiia Luachra, abb Ferna. "" mac Ronain 6 Bherrech. 

^ abb lae Qhohiwi cille. * Becc. 

=> Rufini (gen. sg.), Driimm Kal ^ Cronain (gen. sg.) Drumvi. 

KaL " MS. ced. 


20. C. 

Holy Cyriactis, Novatus, Paulus, Felix, they are not weak : 
wealthy pope Silverius, Sinchel!/ Cassan,^ Crispinus. Faelan^ 
the high (?) flame,^ Gubsech* with them (and) my Lomma.'^ 

^ descendant of Liadian. - of Cliiain Raithe. ^ the 

Dumb, in Raith Erenn in Scotland. ^ of Cliiain Bairenn. 

of Domnach Imlech. 

21. D. 

Eusebius be on our side, Leutfredus, Rufinus, hostful Suibne !^ 
Demetria against vengeances. Pious Cormac,^ Liathan's 
descendant : just bDiarmait'^ to safeguard us, grandson of royal 
Aed Ron : holy Cyriacus (who is) with the Lord protect us in 

'^ bishop of Armagh. - abbot of Durrow and bishop, and 

that Cormac was also an anchorite. ^ bishop of Di'sert Diarmata, 

Aed Ron's grandson was he. 

22. E. 

Great Albanus the martyr, Niceas to hallow us ; Cronan,^ 
to them I will knit him : sixteen hundreds, and Crutinmael,- 
happy Suibne,^ a great man ; fresh-white Paulinus of Nola ; 
dear Guaire"* on the path prosperously into the hosting.'^ 

' my Cua of Luachair, abbot of Ferns. ^ son of R6nan 

from Berrech. ^ abbot of Colomb cille's Hi. * the Little. 

Oengus calls him hi t-amlabar dn-sin ' that splendid mute.' 

Connaic ac Diarmata (gen. sg.) Dricmni. Kal. 

i.e. the raid into heaven made by Guaire : cf. Ft'l. Ocng. at May 17. 


23. f. 

Aine Eoin bauptist, 
Felic, loain, ogfir, 
mo-Choe' ciuin ciamair, 
Lucia leo, Fest//i', 
Arion, Faelan failid, 

Edeldrida^ diamair, 
clann Senchain is Senain,^ 
dom-erail ar m'fiadhain. 

abb Naondroma, Caolan a ainm fen. - .i. clann Senain. 

24. g. 

A rd-gein lohain baptist, 
-^^-Gillibert^ co nglaine, 

Agoard- cen fuba, 
Gabrein, Corbmac'' cunnail, 
Lon^ dathghlan cen duibhe, 

Tiu rathmar Rubha.* 

^ Over Gillibert is tvritten in a?i Itaiiaft hand Agilbert. " MS. 

Agoaid ivith Agoard superscribed in the same hand. ^ Senchoimheta. 

* i Cill Gobhrai. * ainm a baile : i n-Aird \]\ad\i ata. 

25. a. 

Sosip(?/^r, Simplic, 
Telle^ tuir naemh nemcrom,- 
moLuoc'' fial findchenn, 
li'th inghen maitli Minghuir : 
Elill'* aebh nach amthend, 

Gallican saer, Sinchell,^ 
Uindician fial fedil 

ocus Elig immthend. 
cardinail Eoin adbal 

mor talman ro thimchell.'^ 

' o Thigh Telle i n-airthiur Midhe. * .i. direch. _ ■'' Lis 

moir i x\-k\hain. * xaaz Seighein. ^ in t-6cc-Sinchell abb 

Glinne Achaidh. 

Scae. tetheldry(5e uirginis, Lcofr. Kal. ^ MS. thimchill. 


23. F. 
The vigil of John Baptist : Felix and Johannes, perfect 
men : my Coe'^ gentle, sad : Lucia with them and Festus. Arion, 
joyous Faelan, secret Etheldreda, Senchan's children and 
Sen^n's,^ to direct me for my leader. 

' abbot of Noendruim : Coelan was his own name. ^ that is, 

Senan's children. 

24. G. 

John Baptist's noble nativity-'^^ Agilbertus with purity, 
Agoard without hewing. Gabrein, sage Corbmac,'' pure- 
coloured Lon* without darkness, gracious Tiu of Ruba.' 

=* of Senchoimet. * in Cell Gobrai. * the name of his 

place : in Ard Ulad it is. 

25. A. 
Sosipater, Simplicius, Telli^ a holy, upright^ tower: my 
Luoc,^ modest, whiteheaded : the festival of Mingor's good 
daughters ; delightful Elill'* who was not unaustere : noble Galli- 
canus, bSinchell^ ; modest, constant Vindicianus, and Eligius the 
very strict : great cardinal Johannes, who went round many 

^ from Tech Telle in the eastern part of Meath. "■ i.e. straight- 
forward. ^ of Lismore in Scotland. *= * son of Segen. 
^ the Sinchell Junior, abbot of Glenn Achaid. 

^ Riggein lohain babtaisf, Fcl. Oettg. (Rawl. 505.) Natiuitas beati 
lohannis Baptiste, precursoris Domini, Mart. Chr. Ch. So also the Greek 
Church : To yeviOXiov rod 7rpo8p6fiov /cat npocprjTov 'Icoavvov. 

^ gen. Sincheill, Dmmtn, Kal. 

" In Britannia sancti confessoris Moluoc, Drumm. Kal.., sancti Lugudi 
abbatis et confessoris, Mart. Chr. Ch. 

124 FELIRE hCi GOKMAIN. [Junius. 

26. b. 

Paulus, lohain uasle, 
Saluius sruit[h] sin drungsa, 
ara chuinchimm cennsa, 
Soadbar^ sui epscoip, 
Maxentin mor mindsa, 

la Lachtein lor lemmsa : 
'na conne co coemhnem, 

Colman^ saergel sengsa. 

* eps^^. ^ proinntighe. 

27. c. 

Simporosa rathmar 
a secht meic cen mellad, 
Crescint, Aed na farrad, 
Zoilus^ leo lenius, 
Di'mman^ derrit dindfer, 

Brocan, Senic, Scandal. 


28. d. 

Papa Leo laindrech, 
Appolloin toi trebar, 
Plutarchus 'sin turim, 
hireneus epscop, 
Cruinimein^ rigda rogein, 

Ernin,^ Bicsech-'^ builid, 
oene* tenn mar thocbaim, 
focraim dona huilib. 

^ ^\)%cop i Lecain Midhe in Uibh meic Uais. "^ Cluana. finn. 

ogh, o Chill Bigsighe hi Midhe. ^ .i. uigil Pedair. 

Stolii(gen. sg.),Drumm. Kal. 


26. B. 

Paulus and Johannes, noble ones : venerable Salvius in this 
troop, from whom I entreat gentleness. Soadbar,^ a sage of a 
bishop. Maxentinus, this great diadem, with sufficient Lachtein 
be on my behalf : to meet' them unto dear heaven (went) this 
nobly-white, meagre Colman.- 

a bishop. "^ of the refectory. 

27. C. 

Symphorosa the gracious, and her seven sons without decep- 
tion ; Crescentius, Aed in their company, Zoilus who follows 
with them : mysterious Di'mman,^ a notable man. Broccan, Senic, 
and Scandal. 

a priest. 

28. D. 

Pope Leo the lightsome : silent, prudent Apollonius, Plutar- 
chus in the numbering, bishop Irenaeus: regal Crummein,^ a 
mighty birth : Erni'n,^ blooming Bicsech/ as I set up a severe 
vigil"* I proclaim (it) to them all. 

^ a bishop, in Lecan Mide in Hiii Meic Uais. ^ of Cluain 

Finn. •' a virgin, from Cell Bicsige in Meath. * i.e. the 

vigil of Peter.^ 

vigilia apostolorum Petri et Pauli, Driimm. Kal. 


29. e. 

"Detar, Pol ar primchind, 
-■- Marccill, Connan^ cridi, 

Caincomracf cain cara, 
Faeldobair dia fulliud, 
Cocha^ delb cen dubc, 

Mael-doid m^c Derb-dara. 

' epsr<7/ 6 Thigh Connain i cCremthannaibh. - 6 Disert Ciiin- 

clair. ^ Clochair. ^ Roiss Bennchoir. 

30. f. 

Inderiud luin ardPol, 
Luci'na gemm glanfind, 
la hOsti'an tend togaimm, 
Failbhe caid is Caelan/ 
Sproc^ sardrech di'an inill 

ingen craibdech Coluim, 
m6rchat[h] luin sech imnedh 
suas CO rindncm romhuind. 

in marg. Failbhe 7 Caelan i cCill E6. - inghen Choluim. 


29. E. 

Peter and Paul our leading- chiefs : Marcellus, cordial 
Connan.^ Cainchomrac,- a beautiful friend : Fael-dobair^ to add 
to him. Cocha/ form without darkness, Mael-d6id, son of Derb- 

^ a bishop, from Tech Connain in Cremthainn. ^ from Disert 

Cinnclair, ^ of Clochar. * of Ross Bennchoir. 

30. F. 

At June's end lofty Paul^ (is commemorated) : Lucina a 
pure-fair gem, with austere Ostianus whom I choose : holy Failbe 
and Coelan,^ great-faced Sproc,^ swift and safe, Colomb's devout 
daughter : may June's great battalion past tribulation (go) up 
before us to starry heaven ! 

Failbe and Caelan in Cell E6. "• Colomb's daughter. 

Celebratio iterum sancti Pauli apostoli, Drutnm. Kal. 

128 FELIRE Htl GOKMAIN. [luLius. 



FOR kalaz'nd luil Aaron, 
octauus Eoin athnid.a- 
Domitian co ndathrath, 
o Cluain Emaint, epscoip, 
Lugaid^ Sinell soichlech, 

Connan, Cummein,^ Cathbath, 
Barrfind, Ultan, Ailill," 

don fairind cen t>athbath.* 
Teodoirc, Epairch, Ernin, 

triur tennmin nar tac[h]rach.® 

' mac Lugei. ^ epsco/) Naendroma. ^ epsirop Arda macha. 

' cen adifas pene. ® .i. nar deabhtach. 


2, a. 

artiriian m^r, Proces, 
la triur miled molab, 
ir-R6imh na rath ramhor 
da coicciur i Campain, 
Suuithun co soimein, 

Monegundiss glanor, 
lith inghen caidh Cathbath/ 

Ternoc" dat[h]glan daghog. 

^ Airidh foda. ~ Cluana m6ir. 

3.b. ■ 

Grigoir, translait Tomais : 
papa Leo luaidmeit, 
PuHch, Brecnat bagmcit, 
Eolog, hi rein, Ultan. 
Tartinna^ caid coemlec, 
la hAnatoil almeit, 
Tirechan, is Trifon, 

Cillein- bithog bangreit. 

^ i Colli Aird 1 n-Uibh Garrcon.° * abb lae Chok/wcille ar 

Cilline Droichteach sin, 

'' MS. achnid. ^ leg. athbach? 

" ercain, Mar/. Tcvnl. ed. Kelly. 



I. G. 

On July's calends Aaron (is commemorated) : recognise ye 
the octave of John (the Baptist). Domitianusa- with bounteous (?) 
grace and Emaint from Cluain, bishops. Lugaid/ Sinell the 
hospitable. Connan, Cummein,' Cathbath, Barrfind, Ultan, 
Ailill'^ to the troop without a second death.* Theodoricus, 
Eparchius, Erni'n, a strong and gentle triad that was not conten- 

^ son of Luge. ^ bishop of Noendruim. ' bishop of 

Armagh. * without regrowth of pain.^ * i.e. that was not 


2. A. 

Great Martinianus^ (and) Processus, with a trio of soldiers^ 
whom I will praise. In Rome of the vast graces, two pentads 
in Campania. Swithun with a good mind : Monegundis pure 
gold ! The festival of Cathbad's^ holy daughters. Ternoc,'^ 
pure-coloured, a good virgin. 

' of Aired fota, "^ of Cluain M6r. 

Gregorius, the translation of Thomas^ : Pope Leo whom we 
mention. Paulicius (?), Breccnat whom we declare. Eulogius, 
Irenaeus, Ultan : holy Tartinna^ a lovable stone, with Anatolius 
whom we beseech. Ti'rechan and Trypho. Cillein^ the ever- 
virginal, a white champion, 

1 in Caill Ard in Hiii Garrchon. ' abbot of Colomb cille's Hi 

was this Cilline Droichtech (' Pontifex '). 

^ According to Mart. Rom. Domitianus was an abbot. ^ But see 

Apoc. 21, 8 : pars illorum erit in stagno ardenti igne et sulphure ; quod est 
mors sccitiida. "" riag mar Martiani, Fcl. Ocng. '^ Longinus, Megistus 

and Acestus. " tarmbreth Tomais, FH. Oeiig., translatio corporis 

sancti Tome apostoli, Driimm. Kal. 



4. C. 

"T^egorned mor Martain,^ 
-■-^translait a chuirp choelseing,^ 

Osseae, Aigg armimm, 
locundian leir, Laurean, 
Bolcan^ oebda 6rgemm, 

^Findbarr^ soerdha sargrind. 

^ i cCill Chiile. ^ mflc Aodha brathair do macaibh Aodha 

Atha Cliath, abb Innsi Doimhle oXir Ua Ceinnsel«4'h 7 "^^ Dese. 


Domitius sruit[h], Zoa, 
la Teodail nar' tiamda, 
Trifon, Agaith^ oebda, 
ho Hummigh in t-ardnoem, 
Etain^ findfial ogda, 

Fergus,^^ Cilh'en coemda. 

Thuama N6a i Maigh Luirg for bru Biiilie. 

6. e. 

Octauae na n-apstol : 
pri'mfaith De mar dlige, 
Isaias ar th'a[i]re. 
mo Ninne^ caid caillech, 
Fedchu- flaith diar fine, 

feil ingen'^ maith Maine, 
cetdola Phoil primdha 

ir-Roimh rigda ir-raibhe. 

' ogh, Slebhe Cuilinn.^ "^ Uamhadh Fubi. ' Airid 


^ T'AV&nixQ^mFel. Oen^.,Dagordanm6r Martain. '' MS. chaelseincc, 
' Finbairr (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. '' Agathus, Drtivwi. Kal. 

^ MS. fcrgas. ^ Mart. 7 ami. ed. Kelly, adds "quae et Darerca 

prius dicta est." 


4. c. 

Martin's great, good ordination^ (as bishop), the translation 
of his meagre body.^ Oseas (and) Aggaeus whom I reckon : 
pious Jocundianus, Laurianus : deHghtful Bolcan^ a golden gem : 
noble, right pleasant Findbarr.- 

^ in Cell Chiile. - son of Aed, brother to the sons of Aed of 

Ath Cliath, abbot of Inis Doimle between Hili Cennselaig and the 

5. D. 

Venerable Domitius, Zoe. with Theodorus (?) who was not 
timid. Trypho, delightful Agathus. Huammach's descendant, 
the high saint. Etain^ fair-modest, virginal. Fergus, lovable 

of Tuaim N6a in Mag Luirg on the brink of BiiilL 

6. E. 

The octave of the apostles (Peter and Paul). Bear in mind, 
as thou oughtest, God's chief prophet, Isaias.^ My Ninne^ a 
holy nun. Fedchu- a prince of our kindred. The vigil of 
Maine's good daughters.'^ The first wending of excellent Paul 
into royal Rome wherein he dwelt. 

^ a virgin : of Sliab Cuilinn. - of Uam Fubi. ^ of Aired 


^ As to keeping this commemoration on July 4 (instead of Nov. 24), see 
Warren, Leopic Missal, p. 29, note. 

'' The translatio corporis Martini is commemorated in Leofr. Kal. on 
July 3, but in .Mart. Rom. on July 4. 

'^ In Leofr. Kal. this commemoration is kept on July 5. 

K 2 

132 F Alike hCu gormAin. [Iumus. 


IVT icoscrait, Clauid, Castor, 
•^ ^ Uictor, Simpoir, soera, 

Pantenus fri troge, 
Ethelburga, Hedda : 
Maelruain^ ndem con naeimhe, 

Fiadhabhair- ron-fore ! 
Trigmech'' doig is drongemm : 

da oig, Comgell,'* Crone.^ 

* esp^^ Tamhlachta. - Uachtair Achaidh i cCenel Liiachain. 

■' eps^<?/. * inghen Diarmata. * Bee. 


A quil, Priscill, P;'<?coip, 
-^^-Grimbald glan ria fegad 

a blad ni ro baded, 
Broccan^ delbda, Diarmait,^ 
Trea,'^ Colman* ci'mer 

imramha non-aleb ; 
la Tadc is Aed emhech 
Cele Clerech'"' cadfer. 

' senbhnidh 6 Maothail Bhroccain i nDeisibh Mumc;/. "^ in 

marg. Diannait Glinne hUisen i nUibh Bairrche. ^ ogh." 

* .i. Colman iomramha o Adiain Bice in Inis Eoghain. ^ epsr^?/. 

in marg. Cele cler^A eps^«y/, Aodh ocus Tadg dochuadar sidhe 'na 
ttn'ur i martra isin Almain in Uairseburg.'^ 

9. a. 

'76non caid is Cirill, 
^--'triur da cet ce;/ chinaid 

ar deich milib molaid : 
Anatholia, Audaic. 
Onchii^ oen nar n-anaig, 

Broccaid- soar di'an-soraid, 
Garban^ tuir co tromrath, 

la Condmach* diar cobair. 

' nirtc Blathmheic i nDal cCais .i. 6 Raith Blathm^/c. - Iniligh 

Broccadha i Maigh 6e [leg. e'o]. ^ saecart, 6 Chinn tsaile leith 

aniir do Surd, no i r\-\a.r\.hur YAOin. * Atha Blair. 

^ Mart. Taml., ed. Kelly, adds : Aird Trea 'of Ard Trea.' 
^ According^ to Todd {Mart. Doiicg. p. 190, r\o\.€)., Mart. Tanil. has here: 
S. CeHani Scotti, martyris, cum suis fratribus Aedh et Tadg, et Amarma 
conjup^e regis Gothorum, truncati a pracposito domus regiae in ippodoronia 
[leg. hippodrome] palatii regis. 



Nicostratus, Claudius, Castorius, Victorinus, Symphorlanus, 
noble ones ! Pantenus against wretchedness. Ethelburga, 
(bishop) Hedda. Holy Mael-Ruain^ with saintliness, may Fia- 
dabair succour us ! Trigmech'' seemingly, is a strong gem : two 
virgins, Comgell* and Crdne.^ 

^ bishop of Tallaght. ^ of Uachtar Achaid in Cen^l Luachain, 

* a bishop. * Diarmait's daughter. ^ the Little. 

8. G. 

Aquilla, Priscilla, Procopius. Grimbald, pure to look at : his 
fame has not been swamped: shapely ^Broccan^ and Diarmait.^ 
Trea,^ radiant Colman^ of the Voyage^ whom I will beseech : 
with Tadg and opportune Aed, Cele clerech,^ a holy man. 

' a scribe : from Moethail Broccain in the Desi of Munster. 
- Diarmait of Glinn Uissen in Hui Bairrche. " a virgin. * Col- 

man of the Voyage, from Athan Becc in Inishowen. ^ a bishop. 

Cele clerech a bishop, Aed and Tadg, the three of them underwent 
martyrdom in Germany at Wlirzburg. 

9. A. 

Holy Zeno, and Cyrillus : praise ye ten thousand, two hun- 
dred and three crimeless ones,^ Anatolia (and) Audax. Unique 
^Onchu' who protects us : noble Broccaid^ vehement, happy, 
Garban'' a tower with weighty grace : with Condmach^ to help us. 

' Blathmac's son, in Dal Cais, i.e. from Raith Blathmaic. - of 

Imlech Broccada in Mag eo. ^ a priest : from Cenn saile to the west 
of Sord, or in the western part of Ireland. * of Ath Blair. 

"■^ Brocain et Diarmata (gen. sg.), Driimin. Kal. 

'^ Two Colm^ns were so designated. Cohiubt imrama i n-Othaiii Bic 
and Colindn imrama am Arainn, Book of Ballymote, p. 226'^, lines 38-40. 

•^ So in Mart. Rom. : Romae, Sancti Zenonis martyris, et aliorum decern 
millium et ducentorum trium. 

'' Onchon (gen. sg.), Dricmm. Kal. He is again commemorated at July 14. 

134 F^LIRE HCI GOKMAIN. [Iulius. 

lo. b. 

Cesad sund sec[h]t mbratharf^ 
ir-R6imh nar-ros^ n'gsaer, 
da oig fos is fi'ron, 
Felic, Enair, Ultan, 
fri cech merag moron, 

Cuan,^ Sen an sirog, 
cet[h]rar aile a hAffraic, 
CO fachraic di'a fi'nol. 

^ .i. na ngenelflA. ^ Ciian Airbhri i n-Uib Censelaigh, ocus as 

ionann 7 Ciian Maothla Broccain isna Deisibh Mumhan. 

1 1, c. 

Translait cuirp in clerigh 
B^;/edict as mbage, 
Pius papa Roma : 
mac Con-locha^ in 16c[h]arnd, 
Lonan,- Berran beodha, 

Colman mac caid Crona, 
Gabthene'^ fos finnaid 

dona minnaibh mora. 

^ Failbhe xc^ao. Conl6cha 6 Di'sert m^/c Conlocha i cCuircne in 
Jarthar Midhe. - Arda Cruinn. ^ 6gh. 

12. d. 

A nacleta ard-papa, 
-^*-Nason cian 6 c[h]intaib, 

Ermogoir fial fc;'/tail, 
Colman^ Cluana Bruchas, 
feil Dii ain fertaig, 

Ultan caid o Corcaigh. 


Sluind cdsad secht mbrdithre, Fel. Oefig. 


10. B. 

Here is the passion of seven brothers^ in Rome of the royal- 
noble pedigrees^ : two virgins^ moreover, that is true. Felix, 
Januarius, Ultan : great is he against every furious battle. 
Ciian,^ Senan the ever-virginal. Four others^ out of Africa, with 
the wage of their wine-draught. 

^ i.e. ot the genealogies. "^ Cuan of Airbre in Hiii Cennselaig, 

and he is identical with Ciian of Maethail Broccain in the Desi of 

II. C. 

The translation of the body of the cleric Benedict whom thou 
proclaimest. Pius a pope of Rome. d(3;i_iocha's son^ the lamp. 
Lonan,^ lively Berran. Colman, Cron's holy son. Know ye also 
Gabthene^ of the great diadems. 

^ Failbe son of Cii-locha, of Di'sert meiz Con-locha in Cuircne in 
the western part of Meath. * of Ard Cruinn. ^ a virgin. 

12. D. 

Anacletus the high pope. Naso far from crimes. Hermagoras 
modest, prevailing. Colman^ of Cluain Bruchais. The vigil of 
splendid wonder-working Dius, holy Ultan from Corcach. 

a priest. 

"" They were, according to Drumm. Kal., Januarius, Felix, Philippus 
Silvanus, Alexander, Vitalis, Martialis. ^ Rufina and Secunda 

•= Januarius, Marinus, Nabor and Felix, who drank the wine of martyrdom 
"^ Natale sancti confessoris Meic-Conloce, Drumm. Kal. 


13. e. 

T Ohel is Hestras, 
-■-Taurian, Eugen amdoid, 

Sileas sruith segmi'n, 
cruimthir Fintan/ P^innu,^ 
mo Siloc'^ cert comraid, 

Ultan,* Ere'' is Ernin,'' 
t'Aedoc" tarbech tendoc, 

do Grelloc'^ 'na gelgrib. 

^ Chilli Airthir. - mac Araith. ^ 6 Chill mo-Siol6cc in 

Uibh Ceinnsela4'"h- * niac Araid. ^ sacart. ® Innse 

Cain. ^ ■> 6 Thigh t'Aoddcc. ' Grell6g oeblech Tamhlachta 
Carna in Uibh Bresail airthir. 


14. f. 

ac Angein caid Colman, 
Heracleas and arim, 
F6ca fand nofoired, 
Onchu mac ban Blait[h]meic, 
epscop Id' non-aliub, 

narbo min acht m6[i]rfer. 

esp^^r Id 6 Ath Adhat il-Laighnibh. 

Tl^odhail apstal Isu, 
-^ Suuithun sruith sluagfer, 

a mathius ni maeded/ 
Pilip, lacop epscop. 
Uedaist saer di'ar snadudh,^^ 

dechenbhor naem naeden. 
meic Ercain- ar forran.i^ 

Ronan,^ Comman'' caemfer. 

' ni denadh maidhmighi asa maithius. ^ 6 Bruig L6eg. 

vi\ac Inagi.'= * mac Dimma[i]. 

•'' MS. snadadh. '' Compare ar ihctifta, Aug. 8. 

"■ leg. Mdgi, as in Mart. Tainl. 




13. E. 

Joel and Esdras Tthe prophets), Turianus, unsilly (?) Eugenius, 
venerable, strong, mild Silas. Presbyter Fintan,^ Finnu,^ my 
Siloc^ of the just converse. Ultan,* Erc^ and Erni'n.'^ Thy 
Aedoc^ profitable, a strict warrior. Thy Grelloc^ as a white 
grebe (?). 

^ of Cell Airthir. ^ son of Arath. 

in Hui Cennselaig. * son of Arad. 

Inis Cain. '' from Tech t'Aed6ic. 

Tamlacht Carna in Hui Bresail Airthir. 

^ from Cell mo Sil6ic 

^ a priest. ^ of 

Grell6c the sparkling, of 

14. F. 

Holy Colman, Angen's son. Heracleas there whom I 
reckon : feeble Phocas would succour, Onchu fair son of Blaith- 
mac : bishop Id,^ whom I will entreat, who was not puny, but a 
mighty man. 

bishop Id, from Ath Adat [leg. Fadhat ?] in Leinster. 

15. G. 

The distribution of Jesu's apostles^ : venerable Swithun, a 
man of hosts^ ; his goodness he would not boast.^ Philippus, 
bishop Jacobus : noble Vedastus to defend us : a holy decad of 
infants.^ Ercan's" sons for oppression,"^ Ronan,'' Comman,'* a dear 

* from his goodness he used not to make boasting. ^ from 

Bruig Loeg, ^ son of Mage. * son of Dimma. 

^ Missio apostolorum ad predicandum,^Z)r«^7;z;/z. Kal. So in Fel. Oejig., 
July 15: In dd apstal deac. . fos-dail . . Issu fo siK-daim ' the 12 apostles, 
Jesu distributed them throughout Adam's seed.' See Matth. xxviii, 19. Mark 

^ Does this refer to the translation of Svvithun's relics ? 
•^ infantum decern martyrum, Mart. Rom. 




1 6. a. 
TTilarian is Eustaich, 
•^ -*- Torpt[h]a^ ba caem crotha, 

Maelodar" mind flat[h]a, 
Scotlr^ Chliiana moir Moescna, 
Gobban* buan a bretha, 

Breccan Cluana Catha. 


6 Bri Molt. 



^ Becc.^ 

17. b. 

A 1-lathe lei'r li'tta 
•^^•na Scillitan scribamm, 

Cenelmz^j- an oebell, 
f^Flann/ Craebnat," Citinus. 
Sistan^ cen locht luademm 
a chorp robo coelseng. 

6gh. ^ saccrtrt for Loch Melge. 

^ nirtc Failbe. 
m«c Comhairde. 

abb Chums, me/c N6is. 

18. c. 

"Tamilian, Arnulf^j-, 
-■-^Gundenes co ndeghaeib, 

Eadburga domm orail, 
Mianach/ Failbe,^ Fintan,^ 
Dubogan'' la hEnair, 

Cellach,^ Cronan'' conaig. 

- mac Craicdibhigh.'' ^ sacart Focuilliche. 

^ mac Diinchada. ® mac ua Laigde, 

19. d. 

A rsein na nder ndichra, 
-^"^-Epafra nos-arem, 

Ossein coecae^ caemnar, 
lusta riu, Rufina, 
Colman/ Cobran,'' Ciaran,^ 

Fergus^ organ, Aedan.-'' 

^ Ossene 7 cdocca manach 6 Thengaidh. * mo Cholm6c. 

' Cluana. t'n viarg. man. rec. Cobran. vide an sit Auxilius socius s. 
Patricij. * 6 Thigh ua Gortig. * [abb] Lismoir. 

" Flainni Inber Bccce, Mart. Tainl. ed. Kelly. ^ ciuaichdibich, t'lu'd. 

" MS, fergas. 


16. A. 

Hilarianus and Eustachius. Torptha^ was fair of form. 
Maelodar^ a kingdom's diadem. Scoth'^ of great Cluain Moescna. 
Gobban,* lasting his judgments. Breccan of Cluain Catha. 

* a primate. ^ from Bri Molt. ^ a virgin. * the 


17. B. 
The pious festal day of the Scillitani let us write. Kenelmus 
a splendid spark, Flann,^ Craebnat,- Cythinus. Faultless Sistan/" 
let us proclaim his body, which was meagre. 

^ the Little. " a virgin. ^ a priest on Loch Melgi. 

18. C. 

Aemilianus, Arnulphus, Gundenes, with goodly beauty. 
Eadburga to direct me, Mianach,^ Failbe," Fintan.^ Dubogan'' 
with Enair, Cellach,^ affluent Cronan.*^ 

^ son of Failbe. ^ son of Cracdibech. ^ priest of Fochuillech. 
* son of Comairde. ^ son of Dunchad. ^ son of Laigde's 

descendant, abbot of Clonmacnois. 

19. D. 

Arsenius of the fervent tears : Epaphras, let us reckon him. 
Ossein with fifty^ dear modest (monks). Justa to them, and 
Rufina. Colman,- Cobran,'^ Ciaran.* Fergus an instrument (of 
God), and Aedan.^ 

' Ossene and fifty monks from Tenga. ^ my Colm6c. '^ of 

Cluain. * from Tech hiii Gortisr. ® of Lismore. 

140 FELIRE HUl GORMAIN. [luLius. 

20. e. 

T Oseph caid in chrandchoir, 
^ Ulmair, Sabin saerda, 

Margarit og airme, 
Caramn^n is ^Curbin,^ 
mo Loca^ leir ligda, 

Faelchu feig is Failbe. 

^ Cuirbin Craibhdech i n-Uib Fidgeinte i Muma/«. "^ Slebhe 


21. f. 

"T^aniel faith, fer airdric, 
-'^Praxedis, breo in ban-naem, 

Uictor fos sin findfal, 
epscoip tenna o Tomhnaig.^ 
Curcan^ ra toeb tendog, 

Lugan^ soer is Sillan.^ 

' .i. Tamhnach Buadha. ^ sacc^rt. ^ Duine Moir i nUibh 

Briuin Ciialann. 

22. g. 

Maire Magdalena, 
Plato, Sintic soerfot,^ 
mo Biu,' Meneil morfot,^ 
Ossein beo, do Boetoc,^ 
Lugbe, Colman, Caemoc, 

mo Recha,'' mo Ronoc,* 
Uandregisil delbda, 

in t-abb ergna 6gf6t.e 

' abb Innsi Cumhscra/Vh/ 2 ci^iana dd Bdet6cc. ' mac 

naem. ■* Droma Samhraidh. 

^ Curufini (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. Curiphin, Curphinc, Curufin 
craibdech, Fcl. Oeng. 

^ Curcaise (gen' sg.), Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly : Curcach, Mart. Don. 
= MS. soerot. '' MS. morot. "= MS. ogot. 

* cuscraid, causcraid, Fel Ocng. 


20. E. 

Holy Joseph (Barsabas) of the lot-casting,^ Vulmarus, noble 
Sabina.t* Virgin Margareta whom we reckon. Caramnan and 
Curbi'n.^ My Loca,- industrious, radiant : acute Faelchu and 

^ Curbin the Devout, in Hiii Fidgente in Munster. ^ of Sliab 


21. F. 

The prophet Daniel, a conspicuous man. Praxedis, the 
woman-saint is a flame ; Victor also in the fair fold : austere 
bishops from Tamnach.^ Beside them strict virginal Curcan, 
noble Lugan^ and Sillan.^ 

^ i.e. Tamnach Buada. ^ a priest. ^ of Dun M6r in 

Hiii Briuin Cualann. 

22. G. 

Mary Magdalen, Plato,^ noble-watchful Syntyches. My Bi'u,^ 
very vigilant Meneleus : lively Ossein, thy Boetoc^ : Lugbe, 
Colman, Caemoc, my Recha,^ my Ronoc^ : comely Wandregisiius'* 
the wise, virginal, watchful abbot. 

' abbot of In is Cumscraig. - of Cluain da Baet6c. ^ a boy- 

saint. * of Druim Samraid. 

■'' See Acts i, 23, 26. Druimn. Kal. commemorates Joseph the Just on 
July 19. ^ sic FcL Oeug. and Drziiiun. Kal. But according to Mart. 

ho7n. Sabinus. " The martyr. '^ The ' Mandregisih' (gen. sg.) 

of Driiinm. Kal. is probably a misprint. 

142 F^LIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Iulius. 

73 unach/ Fethchu, Fuillen[n],2 
•^^la Sinclitic sirfois, 

and AppoUinaris, 
Caencomrac^ is Cronsech, 
Lassar galgat gledes, 

Banbnat asro-bagis. 

^ Insi m6ire. ^ Atha ind eich. ^ epsir^/, 6 Inis Endoimh 

for Loch Ribh 

24. b, 

Uictor cai'd, Cristina, 
Niceit, Aquil ermor,^ 
Satanal co sarmein, 
Declan,^ Cronan, Crodne, 
Blathmec,^ Lugbe'* langrib, 

ComgalP mac tenn Tadein, 
mo Beoc'^ abb amra, 

roba calma a chadreim.a 

' .i. uasulmor. " Airde moire, eps^:^/ 7 confessoir. ' mac 

Flainn. * Droma b6. ^ 6 Cliiain Diamhair. ^ Termainn. 

25. c. 

IAcob apstol inmain, 
Cucufait diar coimdlii'n, 
la Cristofoir^^ comlan, 
Finnbharr/ Ninnio,^ Nessan/'' 
da Fiacra* na findmoir, 

Coelan, Critan, Colman/ 
mo Siloc" ard oeblech, 

ludoich tocdhlech tonnban, 

' saccrt!/t. ^ sen. ^ deochain 6 Mhungairit. * Fiachra Gael 
Cliiana Cactni indara n-ai. ^ iia Litain, docl///>. ^ dalta 

Moling Luachra. 

MS. chadreim. ^ MS. cristofair. 


23. A. 

Runach/ Fethchu, Fuillen,^ with Synclet^ca of lasting know- 
ledge, there (is) Apollinaris, Cainchomrac'^ and Cronsech. Lassar 
a bright comely champion. Banbnat whom thou hast pro- 

1 of Inis M6r, - of Ath ind Eich (' Horseford '), ^ a bishop, 

from Inis En-daim on Loch Rib. 

24. B. 

Holy Victor, Christina, Niceta and high-great^ Aquilina. 
Satanal with a mighty mind. ^Declan,^ Cronan, Crodne, 
Blathmac,'^ full-swift Lugbe,'* Comgall,^ Taden's austere son. 
My Beoc,*' a wonderful abbot, brave was his holy career. 

^ i.e. noble, great. "• of Ard m6r, bishop and confessor, 

son of Flann. * of Druim b6. ^ from Cliiain Diamair. 

of Termonn. 

25. C. 

James, a beloved apostle. Cucuphas to protect us, with com- 
plete Christophorus. Findbarr,^ Ninnio,'^ Nessan" : two Fiachras* 
the white-great ones : Coelan, Critan, ^Colman^ : my Siloc'' lofty, 
sparkling. Judocus, radiant, fair-skinned. 

^ a priest. "- the Old. ^ a deacon : from Mungairit. 

* one of the twain was Fiachra the Slender of Cluain Cachtne. 
° descendant of Litan, a doctor. ^ a pupil of Moling of Luachair. 

' Declain (gen. sg.), Dnimm. Kal. ^ mo-Colmoc, Driimm. Kal. 



26. d. 

Tarmchruthad Crist, caenscel, 
Eraist, lacint ale, 
Tomman,^ Emil oga, 
Teodoil, louian, Olimp, 
Simproin seng ron-soera, 

Furudran^ oremm gnoda. 


- Mungairti. 


27. e. 

Maximian is Malchus, 
Dionis nar' doebil, 
Marcian, loain eolaig,^ 
Constantin soer, Seraip, 
Luit- nal-lemaind, ^Diraid,^ 

Lassar,'* Brenainn,^ Beogain," 
Guarianb ^iu de roigneib 

cosin coibleid ceolaigh. 

^ eolcha fat. 
=* epsr<^/ Ferna. 
Maighe Bile. 

"^ 6gh, 6 Tigh Luta i Fothartaibh m6ra. 
Thiprat Rois rain. ^ Fobhair. ^ ab 

28. f. 

Pantaleo nach laimthi. 
Peregrin sruith, Samson^ 
Dolo m^ir,d dind flatha, 
Liuican ard, Usseoit,^ 
ComgalP cind in locha,^ 

Furadran rind ratha, 
Nazarius*^ fer fuillidh, 

Celsus cuinnid catha. 

1 6 Druim Uisseoit. ^ Gobhla Liuin in Dartraighe Choninsi. 

in jnarg. .i. Eirne, oir as a ccenn Locha Eirne ata. 

^ Uirad. Drumm. Kal. "^ Guari, Drumm. Kal. 

" In the MS. this line is the first of the stanza, and Pantaleo^ etc., the 
second. '' MS. dolomair. " MS. nazaiini. 


26. D. 

Christ's Transfiguration — a beautiful tale, Erastus, Hyacin- 
thus whom thou beseechest : Tomman/ Aemilius, virgfins : Theo- 
dolus, Jovianus, Olympius : may slender Sempronius free us ! 
Furudran- a famous gem. 

of Mungairit. ' a bishop. 

27. E. 

Maximinianus, and Malchus. Dionysius, who was not evil- 
mouthed. Marcianus (and) Joannes^ — wise ones ; noble Con- 
stantinus, Serapion. Luit^ whom I would not dare : Diraid;' 
Lassar/ Brenainn,'' Beogain*^: with them Guarian of the great 
births, unto the melodious banquet. 

^ wise were they, ' a virgin : from Tech Luta in Great 

Fotharta. ^ bishop of Ferns. ^ of Tipra Rois rain. * of 

Fobar. "^ abbot of Mag Bile. 

28. F. 

Pantaleo, who was not dared, venerable Peregrinus, Samson 
of great Dol,a a height of (heaven's) kingdom : lofty Liuican. 
Usseoit,^ Comgair- of the lake's head.^ Furudran, a star of grace. 
Nazarius, a man of increase, (and) Celsus, a champion of battle. 

^ from Druim Usseoit. ^ of Gobul Li'uin in Dartraige Coninse. 

i.e. Erne, for 'tis at the head of Loch Erne he is. 

The monastery of Dol in Brittany, where Bishop Samson died. 


145 FALIRE hOI GORMAIN. [Iulius. 

29. g. 

Octauus mor Maire, 
papa Felic fi'raeb, 
Faustin, Simplic soerfal,^ 
Beatrix 6^, o[l]laib, 
lustan,^ Bite^ buanog, 

Comman,* Commein/ Coelan, 
Lupus noemda a nemed, 
ni felfer nos-foeinab. 

* .i. daingen. - Lene.* ^ Inse Cumscra^^h, * mrtc 

Finnba[i]rr. ^ mac Airdi. ® Inse Celtra. 

30. a. 

A bdon soerda, Sennes,t> 
-^"^triur d'occaib ra n-imradh, 

la Sechnasach^ sengbhan, 
Maeltuile- saer, Saran, 
Febhrithe druing degmoir, 

Cobair'' vaaz GmW}^ German.'* 

^ Cind locha. '^ mac Nochaire, 6 Di'sert Maoile Tuile. 

•' in marg. ?nan. rec. Cobair forte Auxilius. * in marg. German. 

Orma Germanus.° 


31. b. 
erman epscop airdirc, 

'aiti Patraic primfir, 

meic Nadfraeich bat failid, 
Fallamoin^ friu, Papan, 
1(a) Colman^ ciuin cimer 

i ncleiriud luil alid, 
larnoc^ noem is Nattal,* 

cid athdal sind arimh, 
sluag luil uain fri forlonn, 

cruaid in rodrong radhidh. 

^ epsr^/. ' Colman esp^^, mac Dairine .i. mac Aengh?/j'a m^/c 

N;idfra6ich. in marg. man. rec. FoUamonuss, Papanus, Colmanus, 
\(i.xwQCus et Natalis sunt filij Aengusij regis filij Natfraichi. ^ uithir/' 
* 6 Chill na manach. 

' Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly, adds manach 'a monk.' '' sennen, Druinm. 

Kal. " Cobarchair Gulbain (gen. sg.) Guirt mac h. Gairb . . . 

German mac Guill, Mart. Taml. ed. Kelly. 

"^ ailithir ' pilgrim,' ibid. 


29. G. 

The great Octave of Mary (Magdalen) : pope Felix, truly- 
beautiful : Faustinus, Simplicius, a noble fence.^ Virginal, very 
lovely Beatrix. lustan,^ Bite,^ a good virgin. Comman,* 
Commein,^ Coelan.*^ Lupus, sacred is his sanctuary, no traitor, I 
will accept him. 

^ i.e. a fortress. ' of Lena. ^ Inis Cumscraig. * son of 

Findbarr. ^ son of Arde. ^ of Inis Celtra. 

30. A. 

Noble Abdon (and) Sennes, with slender-fair Sechnasach^ — 
a trio of warriors, meditate upon them. Noble Mael-tuile- (and) 
Saran. Febrithe of the good great troop. Cobair son of Goll, 

of Cenn locha. ' son of Nochaire, from Di'sert Maile Tuile. 

31. B. 

Germanus, a famous bishop, tutor of Patrick the excellent 
man : let Nadfraech's sons be joyful. Fallamain^ to them, Papan, 
with gentle, radiant t>Colman," at July's end beseech them : 
holy larnoc^ and Natal,^ though it is a second group in the 
numbering. July's host from us against oppression : hardy the 
great band, mention it. 

^ a bishop. ' Colman a bishop, son of Dairme,<= i.e. son of 

Oengus son of Nadfraech. Follamon, Papan, Colman, Iern6c and 
Natal are sons of King Oengus son of Natfraech. ^ the sickly. 

* from Cell na Manach. 

^ Perhaps we should read : Cobair maic Guill, German, and render thus : 
'the aid of Coil's son German': see Mart. Taml. cited p. 146, note c. 
^ Colmain (gen. sg ), Drumm. KaL " Dardne Fel. Ocng. 

L 2 




I. c. 

FOR "kaXaind eim Auguist,. 
Felice, Euseib inmhain, 

Petar fo chacht cuibrig, 
Mica,^ Subach,^ Saran,^ 
mo Rioc* for rindnem, 

Beccmarcach' co mbuidnib, 
tri meic Lussein" lana, 

meic mo Chaba cuimhnig, 
Lachtein, Nathi'' togaimm 

ri toeb Coluimm** cuibdig, 
Aruin,^ Sac[h]ell sirghlan 

diar ndidnad i nduilgib. 

^ Ernaidhe. * Corainn. ^ ab Benncair. * eps^^ 

Insi m^/c Ualaing.^ in marg. man. rec. Riocus. * ua Beice i Maighne. 

* .i. Liber, Failbhe, 7 Oilbhe, tri vaeio. Lussen Innsi M6ire. ' epsa/p 

Ciiile Fuitherbe. * mac Riangail,'' espucc. * ep^cop Ch/ana. Caoin. 

' mac Laisre. 

2. d. 

'Vefan papa primda, 
■^Teothota and airim, 

cousL macaib moraib, 
Atheluald leir, Lonan,^ 
Fechein,- Comgan^ caemfer, 

ri taeb Cobran'* coraig. 
^ sacart. ^ cele De. 

Cluana Cuallachta. 


3. e. 

'agbail taise Zefain'= 
is Gamaliel glemoir, 

la hAbibon ogan, 
is Nicodeim noemda, 
Feidlimid^ ard, Acdan,^ 

mo Chua,^ Trea^ toban, 
lith ingen fial Fachtna^ 

o nglanta cech goddl, 
Darbiled riam ronar, 

nos-molab, nos-morab 

' Chille Moire.'' - Cluana Cairbre. ^ .1. crocan.^ 

* 6gh inghen Chairthinn 6 Ard Trea. * .i. lith inghen Fachtna 6 


■' Lugein. Mori. Tajiil. (LL. 361'''). ^ Riaguil, ibid. ^ Invcntio corporis 
Zephani, Ibid. '^ Limmid Cilli mair[c], ibid. *" crochain, ibid. 



I. C. 

On August's active calends, Felix, beloved Eusebius. Peter 
(the apostle) under a chain's confinement.^ Mica,^ Subach,^ 
Saran.^ My Rioc* on starry heaven. Becc-marcach" with 
troops : three abounding sons of Lussen'^ : the sons of my Caba 
the mindful. Lachtein, Nathi'' whom I choose, beside har- 
monious Colomb,*^ Aruin,^ ever-pure Sachell to console us in 

^ of Ernaide. - of Corann. ' abbot of Bennchor. 

* bishop of Inis meic Ualaing. '" grandson of Becce, in Maigne. 

^ to wit, Liber, Failbe and Oilbe, three sons of Lussen, of Inis M6r. 
"^ bishop of Ciiil Fuitherbe. * son of Riangal, a bishop. 

^ bishop of Cluain Cain. 

2. D. 

Stephanus a leading pope,Theodota there whom I reckon, with 
her (three) great sons : pious Ethelwold, Lonan,^ Fechein,- the 
dear man Comgan,^ beside melodious Cobran.* 

' son of Laisre. ^ a priest. ' a Culdee. * of Cluain Cuallachta. 


The finding of the relics of Stephen^ and of bright-great 
Gamaliel, with virginal splendid Abibon and hallowed Nicodemus. 
Lofty Fedlimid,^ Aedan,^ my Cua,^ Trea^ silent and fair. The 
festival of Fachtna's modest daughters^ by whom every false 
assembly was purified. Darbiled, ever very bashful, I will praise 
her, I will magnify her. 

1 of Cell M6r. ^ of Cluain Cairbri. ' i.e. Pitcher. 

* a virgin, daughter of Caerthenn, from Ard Trea. * i.e. the festival 

of the daughters of Fachtna, from Ernaide. 

^ The allusion is to S. Peter ad vincula. Ad uincula sci. Petri, Leofr. 
Kal. *" Inuentio corporis Stephani mart., Leofr. Kal. 


4 f- 

A rlstarcus tenn-Poil, 
-^^mo Lua^ nach lamar, 
T^;lulin 'na thuirid, 
Florian buidhnech, Bachel, 
Midnat^ nemtar neimid, 
ocus Berchanb builid. 

- abb 6 Cluain Ferta mo Lua ocus 6 Sliabh Bladhma ocus 6 Druim 
Snechta i Fernmaisfh. 

1\ /Temmin, Herent, Osuald,^ 
IVl Plori'an, Affra imnar, 

Cassian tuir co tennbrig, 
Colman^ leo, mo Liba,^ 
^Ratnat,-'^ Fethi in finnmoir, 

Dunsech,'* Echi/ Ernin,^ 
Gormgal minn nos-molab 

do domhan 'ga degrigh/ 

^ m«c Baoith, 6 D?'uim Uaithe. " in viarg. Mo Lioba 6 Ghort 

Cirb. ^ Cille Rait. * 6gh for Loch Ciian in Ultoibh. ^ i7i marg. 
Echi Cille Glaissi. * in marg. F>rnin Cluana Railgech. ' /// marg. 

man. rec. Sacramentum quod praedico coram mundo suoque optimoRege. 

0. a. 

IN papa soer Sixtus 
la Felic na firbret[h], 
Agapib^i" aebdrech, 
Pastor, lustus, Enair, 
mo Chua^ breo baghach, 

6 Cluain Dolcan daenech, 
nom-berat leo is Lugid^ 
o cuirib na claenbreth. 

^ Cl//rt;;/a Dolcain, Cronan ainm ele d6. ^ Cluana Fobhair. 

■' cilli Lucinni, Mart. Taml. ^ Cluana Sasta, ibid. '^ Osuualdi regis 
ibid. *• Is this Rathnat Cilli Rat/maili, ibid, at 9th Aug. ? 


4. F. 

Strong Paul's Aristarchus,^ my Lua^ whom I would not dare. 
Tertullinus as a tower : troopful Florianus, Bachel (.'), Midnat 
unevil, heavenly, and blooming Berchan. 

^ an abbot, from Cluain Ferta mo Lua, and from Sliab Bladma, and 
from Druim Snechta in Fernmag.*^ 

5. G. 

Memmius, Herentius, Oswald,'^ Florianus, exceeding modest 
Afra, Cassianus a tower with strong virtue, Colman^ with them, 
my Liba,^ Ratnat'^ and Fethe the fair-great ones : Dunsech,* 
Eche,' Erni'n,*' Gormgal (who is) with her good King, a sacred 
thine I shall declare her to the world. 

^ son of Baeth, from Druim Uaithe. ^ my Liba from Gort Cirb. 

^ of Cell Rait. ^ a virgin, on Loch Cuan in Ulster. ^ Eche 

of Cell Glas. * Ernin of Cluain Railgech. 

6. A. 

The noble pope Sixtus,^ with Felix of the true judgments, 
Agapitus fair of face, Pastor, Justus, Januarius : my Cua^ victorious 
flame ! from populous Cluain Dolcain : may they and Lugaid^ 
bear me from the hosts of the wrongful judgments ! 

^ of Cluain Dolcain. Cronan was another name of him. ^ of 

Cluain Fobair. 

" See Acts xix. 29, xx. 4, xxvii. 2, Col. iv. 10, Philem. 24. 
^ He is called moLua mac Ocha ' son of Armpit ' in the Fclire of Oengus. 
" ardri Saxon soerdai ' overking of the noble Saxons,' Fel. Oeng. Osvaldi 
regis Anglorum, Drumm. Kal. " Sistan, Fel. Oeng. sci. syxti, Leofr. Kal. 

152 F£LIRE hOI GORMAIN. [Augustus. 


T)etar, lulian, Auseint, 
-'- Faustin, Donait dagfial, 

mo Loca^ dia lenab, ' 

Temnan,- Cilli'n, Cronan,'^ 
Hilarin gemm glanog, 

Aedan*seng, is Senan. 

' 6 Thul^/^h hOIaind. ^ Linne Uachaille.* ' Maighe 

Bile, ^ mrtc Mellain. 

T argus caid is Ciriac, 
■*-^Maragdus nar rognim, 

CO fic[h]it, ni forlan, 
ar thenna sunn Seueir. 
Beoan^ fertach fTintar,^ 

Dari," Curccach,^ Colman,* 
do din inc truaig truaighsi 

na sluaighsi co sogradh. 

^ eps^<?/, xixac Nesain 6 Fiodhcuilinn in Uibh Faolain. - 6gh. 

' ogh, 6 Chluain Lothair.'^ * eps<r^/, 6 Inis b6 finne i cConnifrniibh 

rnara i n-iarthar Conxiach^. 

9. d. 

Uigilia leir Laureint, 
Marcillian mind ordha 

la Fz>m//j-e flaith primda, 
cruimthir Nathi^ tcndmor, 
fri firagh, fri faebra, 

cruimthir Rigan^ rigda, 
Roman dena roighnib 

i ndoidhngib ron-diuhna. 
Fedilmid tcnn tcrmonn 

'sa degdrong fri digla. 

* 6 Achadh Chonaire i Luighne Chonnacht. 

" Linni Duachail, Mart. TaiiiL ^ MS. findar. ^ MS. an. 

'' Curchach C\ua/?n Lothur, Afarf. Taml. '^ MS. {r'wwus. 

' Riagdin (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml. 



Petrus, Julianus, Auxentius, Faustinus, good and modest 
Donatus, my Loca^ to whom I will cleave : Temnan,- Cilli'n, 
Cronan^ : Hilarinus, pure virginal gem, slender Aedan* and 

' from Tulach Olaind. " of Linn Uachaille. ^ of Mag 

Bile. * son of Mellan. 

8. C. 

Holy Largus and Cyriacus : modest Smaragdus, a great 
deed : with a score (of martyrs), not superfluous : for hardships 
here (is) Severus : let wonder-working Beoan^ be known. 
Dari,^ Curcach,'' Colman^ : these hosts with good love to protect 
this wretched wretch^ ! 

^ a bishop : Nessan's son, from Fidchuilinn in Hiii FaeMin. 
"- a virgin. ^ a virgin, from Cluain Lothair. * a bishop, from 

Inis b6 finde('the Island of the White Cow'), in Connemara in the western 
part of Connaught. 

9. D. 

The pious vigil of Laurentius, Marcellianus a golden diadem, 
with Firmus a leading prince : presbyter Nathi^ austere and great, 
against veritable battle, against sword-edges : royal presbyter 
Ri'gan. May Romanus of the great births console us in difficul- 
ties ! Fedilmid and his goodly troop, a strong sanctuary against 
vensfeances ! 

from Achad Conairi in the Luigni of Connaught. 

^ i.e. the poet himself. Compare the end of the stanza for March 6, 
supra p. 48. 

154 FELIRE HUl GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

10. e. 

T aureint mor a mart[r]a : 
-*-^de miledaib molaid 

sesca ar cet^ na ceilid, 
Blaan^ buadach Bretan, 
la Cummin^ rorogfir 

6 Dhruim B6 at-beirid. 

^ epsif^/, 6 Chinn Gharadh i nGall-ghaoidhealaibh. Dub Blaan a 
pnomhchathair. ^ abb, 6 Druim B6 in Ultoibh. 


II. f. 

augeric tend, Tibuirt, 
Taurin todil tuiridh, 

hErennan^ nar n-anaig, 
Banbnat,^ Indect,^ Athracht/ 
lith ingen s6er Senaigj^ 

la Liadain nach lamair, 
Mianach glac co ngile, 

Mi^cc cride^ diar cobair, 
banclann Dutu is Donnan,^ 

fri forran, fri fagail, 
n^emainm soer Susanna 

ra taeb Talla** tabair, 
ard6g Innse Daigre 

fri gairbe cech galair. 

^ 6 Tigh Erennai'n i Midhe, ocus ab Tamhlachla iar Maolruain. 
^ ogh. ^ 6gh. * 6gh, vighen T'lgernaigh 6 Chill Saile i cCn'ch 

CofiuWi. * .i. mac craidhe Mochta Lugmaidh^ ar ba dalta dil d6 

e. Aon^us a cedainm. ^ 6gh, 6 Inis Daighre. 

12. g. 

Hilair, Affra, Euplus, 
abb la maith morfinn 
Scighin/ flait[h] na forend, 
^Muiredach^ leo, Lasren,^ 
dias nach lac^ nos-luaidhemm, 
e^scop is abb ogseng. 

^ mac Fachtna, abb la Chol///w chi/Ic. ' f^^cop Cille liAladh. 

' .i. Laisren mac Decclain 6 Inis Muiredhrt-/^, Molaissi ainm aile 
dh6, 7 ab esidhe. 

^ MS. cdd. '' MS. soer seanaig, but the dots seem cancelled^ and the 
a scetns inserted, hy a corrector. "^ Ingcna T)utu. Ingena Senaich. 

Ingcna Donnain, Mart. Tavil. ^ Murchad, ibid. '' MS. lag. 


10. E. 

Laurcntius, great was his martyrdom. Of soldiers praise ye 
three score and an hundred, hide ye not. Victorious Blaan^ of 
Britain,fi with Cummin^ very choice and true, from Druim Bo, 
mention ye him. 

^ a bishop, from Cenn Garad in Gallg6idil (Galloway), Dumblane 
was his chief monastery. ^ an abbot, from Druim B6 in Ulster. 

II. F. 

Austere Gaugericus, Tiburtius, pleasant Taurinus, seek ye. 
bErennan^ who protects us. Banbnat,^ Indecht,^ Athracht.^ The 
festival of Senach's noble daughters, with Liadain, whom thou 
shouldst not dare. Mianach, a hand with whiteness. Mac-cridi^ 
(' Heart's son ') to help us. Dutu's woman-children and Donnan, 
against oppression, against plundering. Put Susanna's noble holy 
name beside Talla," the high virgin of Inis Daigri, against the 
roughness of every disease. 

^ from Tech Erennain in IMeath and abbot of Tallaght after Mael- 
Ruain. - a virgin. ^ a virgin. * a virgin, daughter of 

Tigernach, from Cell Saile in Cn'ch Conaill. ° i.e. Mochta of 

Louth's ' heart's son,' for he was a dear pupil of his. His first name 
was Oengus. ® a virgin, from Inis Daigri. 

12. G. 

Hilaria, Afra, Euplus : Segi'n,i the good, great-fair abbot of 
lona, the prince of the goodly stars. Muredach" with them 
(and) Lasren,^ twain that were not slack, let us proclaim them, a 
bishop and a virginal meagre abbot. 

^ son of Fachtna, abbot of Colomb cille's Hi. "- bishop of 

Cell Alad. =* Lasren, son of Declan, from Inis Muredaig. My 

Laisse was another name of his, and he was an abbot. 

^ in Britannia confessoris Blaain, Driimni. Kal. 

^ Airennan, Eireran, . . Aireran, Fcl. Ocng. Natale sancti confessoris 
Au'erain et sapientissimi, Drufiun. Kal. 

15.6 fALIRE HUI GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

13. a. 

Ypolit caid, Cassian, 
Radicuind noem nuaghel, 
mo Loca^ roli'mad, 
Dianland ban is Brigit,^ 
mo M[a]edoc mait[h] morfer, 

Lucan raith rorigad : 
for I'd^ sonna sardrem, 

occa armemm Imhar.* 

^ mac Cairthinn. ^ Cluana hAi. ^ .i. I'dh ainm in laithe 

mis grene for a filet. * ua hAedaccain. 

14. b. 

Uigilia mor Maire, 
Grigoir, Felic findfer, 
Euseib coir 'na commaid, 
meic Daigre la Dinil, 
Brocca[i]d bid 'na farrad, 

Fachtna^ r^ac min Mongaig, 
Eiclech,=^ Cummein, Caeman,^ 
ni caelfal in congaib. 

1 epsr;?/', ocus abb Dairinsi Maolanfaidh i nUibh Ceinnsel^r/X'b. 
^ in marg. Eichlech, Cuimmein et Caomhan tri meic Daighre. 7iia?i. rec. 
vel potius tri mic Ernin, de quorum duob//^ agit VL\t\\o\ogiu)n gen^a- 
logicum c. i. et 3° Eclodio vita s. Col///;/^(?6' et alij. 

15. c. 

Etsecht Maire moire, 
mathair Isu, ind^* fi'rogh, 
CO deimhin fris ndalab 
Tarsicc, Cornil, Colman, 
fecci limm in lanfial, 

Fer da crich^ seng,^ Saran. 

^ .i. epsr^/ Mrt-c Cairthinn 6 Clochar, 7 Fer da chrioch ainm ele 
d6 an tan rob abb Dairinnsi 6 thiis he. 

» MS. ciclec. Aicclig (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml ^ MS. an. 

^ MS. sencc. 


13- A. 

Chaste Hippolytus, Cassianus, holy, fresh-fair Radegunda : 
my Loca/ who was poHshed : fair Dianland and Brigit- : my 
Maedoc, a good great man ; gracious Lucan, who was crowned : 
a great throng here on the ides'^ (of August), with them let us 
reckon Imar.'* 

' son of Cairthenn. ^ of Cluain Ai. ^ i.e. ides is the 

name of the day of the solar month on which they are (commemorated). 
* descendant of Aedacan. 

14. B. 

The great vigil of Mary : Gregorius, Felix, a blessed man. 
Just Eusebius in their fellowship, Daigre's sons with Dinil. Let 
Broccad be in their company. Fachtna,^ Mongach's gentle son. 
Eclech, Cummein, Coeman,^ — no thin fence is the collection. 

^ a bishop and abbot of Mael-Anfaid's Dairinis in Hiii Cennselaig. 
''' Echlech, Cummein and Coeman, Daigre's three sons. Or rather 
Ernin's three sons, two of whom are treated of in the Me?iologiutn Genea- 
logiciDH, chap, i, and the third, Eclodius,'^ in the Life of Columba and 

15. C. 

The death of great Mary, Jesu's Mother, the true Virgin,'^ 
whom surely I shall meet : Tharsicius, Cornelius, Colman. Look 
thou with me at the right modest one, ^Fer da chrich,d the meagre : 

^ i.e. bishop Mac Cairthinn from Clochar, and Fer da Chri'ch 
(' man of two districts ') was another name of his, when at first he was 
abbot of Dairinis. 

^ Vigilia Assumptionis sancte Marie, Drumm. Kal. ^ Apparently 

the 'Eoglodius siue Eochodius Discipuh*!^- S. Columbae in ScotzV?,' of Colgan, 
Acta Sancioriun Hibernia:, p. 860, col. 1. " Assumptio sancte Dcigenitri- 
cis Marie ad angelos, Driimm. Kal. Commemorated by Oengus at 16 Aug., 
by Mart. Taml. at 14 Aug. "^ Fir da chrich (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 

He is commemorated as Mac Cairthinn at March 24, supra p. 60. 

iS8 F&LIRE H&I GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

1 6. d. 

A rion,^ Emil, Agnit, 
-^^■Ursaicc lem is Lugan, 

la Musa nos-molab, 
Tirsus, Arnulf, Eulail, 
tiDeda^ as daig dom erail, 
Serena caid, Conan. 

' eps^^/. 

17. e. 

Octauus Ian Laureint, 
abb Liberait lommleir, 
Ma[m]mes, T;'ansil,c Temnan,^ 
F^rtheith, Becan, Beccan, 
Senan, Tocha"^ tennmor, 

Maxim, lohan,^ Ernan, 
<r(?;zc[h]uire mo chaingen, 

rop daingen, rop degdal. 

' manach 7 mairtir 6 Linn Uachaille. " .i. Eoin m^c Carlain 

6 Thigh E6in i nUltoibh. 

18. f. 

A gapit^/j-, loain, 
-^"^Crisp/zj", Marcia molaim, 

Helena nach laimimm,*^ 
Ronan, Odran, Ernin,^ 
Colman^ fria mbaig benaim, 

la Daig^ m«c caid Cairill, 

' .i. Mernocc 6 Raith N6i in Uibh Garc/w;? .i. i Fothartoibh Laighen 
ocus 6 Gill Draighneach in Uibh Drona. '~ Guile. ^ c^uop 

6 Inis Gain Degha i cGonaillibh Murtemhne. 

■'' leg. Orion, as in Baeda's Martyrohghtm, or Adrion, as in Ft'I. Oeng. ? 

'' leg. Dcga .'' 

■^ leg. Trancill ? ^ Tuchai (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml. 

* MS. laniaimw. 


1 6. D. 

Orion (Adrion ?), Aemilius, Agnetus, Ursacius for me, and 
Lugan, with Musaeus (?), I will praise them, Thyrsus, Arnulf, 
Eulalia : Dega,^ who is keen (?), to direct me : chaste Serena, 

a bishop. 

17. E. 

Laurentius' full octave^ : abbot Liberatus, exceeding indus- 
trious : Mammes, Tranquillus (?), Temnan,^ Fortheith, Beccan 
and (another) Beccan. Senan, strong-great Tocha : Maximus, 
Johan,^ Ernan, a noble troop whom I supplicate,"^ let it be strong, 
let it be a goodly assembly ! 

^ monk and martyr, from Linn Uachaille. ^ i.e. Eoin son of 

Carlan, from Tech Eoin in Ulster. 

18. R 

Agapitus, Johannes, Crispus, Marcia whom I praise. Helena 
whom I dare not. Ronan, Odran, Erni'n,^ Colman,^ whom I 
entreat for their blessing,c with ^Daig,'' Cairell's chaste son. 

^ i.e. m'Ern6c (' my Ernoc ') from Raith N6i in Hiii Garrchon, to wit, 
in Fotharta Laigen, and from Cell Draignech in Hui Dr6na. 

- of Cuil. ^ a bishop, from Inis Cain Dega in Conailli 


=" Octauas sci. Laurentii, Leofi'. Kal ^ literally : (is) my supplication. 
" literally, word. ^ Dega (gen. sg.), Druinm. Kal. 

i6o Fl^LIRE HOi GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

19- g- 

1\ /Tochta^ 16c[h]rann Lughmaith, 
■^'^-'- Andreas, Magnus mordruin, 

Marian, Enan- oebgel, 
Donait, lulius, Ossuin, 
da mile a har agmar, 

da^ cet nocha ar noemhnem, 
CO ti a ndrong im dhailsea 

na rom-airsea oensleg. 

' epsr^/ Lughmrt/^h. - Droma Raithe in iarthar Midhe. 

20. a. 

Samuel faith lemm, Lassar,^ 
Leouigilt nach laimhther, 
Cristofoir caim cumthaig, 
^mo Thre[n]oc^ caid, Concand,^ 
dias cocertus carthair, 
Filibert^^j fhurpair. 

' ogh, 6 Chill Arcalgach for brii Locha Lebhenn. - m^c Aon- 
gh«j-a, 6 Rusccaigh.^ ^ .i. Coinchend, 6 Chaol-achadh. 

21. b. 

Anastais beo, Bonois, 
Q.'^scop Priuait primda, 
la Maxiam'i moerdha, 
Mogin sothig.e Senach,^ 
Uncan in main maerda,^ 
Masse- cain is Coelba." 

' epsr^/ 6 Cludin Foda Fine i Feraibh Tulach .i. Cluain Foda 
Libren, ocus com?^/'ba Finnein e. " ogh. ^ Caolbhadh 6 

Chill Caolbadh allatuaidh do Cheanann/zj-. 

'' leg. cole ? 2597 is the number of martyrs mentioned at this day by 
Usuardus, and in the Drutiiiiiond Kalendar and the Roman Martj'rology. 
The MS. which O'Clery transcribed probably had .u., which he mistook for 
ii. {(id). 

^ jVIothrianoc Ruscaig, Mart. Tavil. '^ MS. Riiaccaigh. 

'' leg. Maximiain.? or Maxima? ^ MS. sothicc. 

' MS. maorda. 


19. G. 

Mochta^ the lamp of Lugmad. Andreas, right shrewd Mag- 
nus. Marianus, beautiful bright ^Enan.' Donatus, Julius, Oswin.t> 
Two thousand from fearful slaughter, and two (leg. five ?) 
hundred and ninety for holy heaven. May their troop come to 
meet me, so that not a single spear may reach me ! 

* bishop of Lugmad. '^ of Druim Raithe in the western part 

of Meath. 

20. A, 

May Samuel the prophet be on my side ! Lassar^ (also) : 
Leovigild whom thou darest not. Christophorus of the woful (?) 
battle : my Tre[n]6c- the chaste and Concann,"' a pair that with 
justice are loved : Philibertus, who watches over you. 

' a virgin, from Cell Arcalgach on the brink of Loch Lebenn. ^ son 
of Oengus : from Ruacach. ^ that is, Coinchenn, from Coelachad. 

21. B. 

Lively Anastasius, Bonosus, bishop Privatus the leading one, 
with wondrous Maximian : comely Mogin, Senach.- Uncan, 
the weighty treasure : gentle Masse^ and Coelba.^ 

^ a bishop, from Cluain Fota Fine in Fir Tulach." i.e. Cluain Fota 
Libren, and he was a successor of Finden. ^ a virgin. 

^ Coelba from Cell Coelbad on the north of Cenannus. 

^ Enan Dromma raithe, Fel. Ocng. Rawl. B. 505. 

'' He should have been commemorated on 20lh August. 

*= In Fel. Oeng. Aug. 21, he is said to be of Clonard {Cluana Iraird). 


1 62 F^LIRE HUT GORMAlN. [Augustus. 

22. C. 

Octauus mor Maire, 
Timoith noemtuir nemhfand, 
Simphorian coa saigimm, 
Cuimmein, Sedrach, Sinche,^ 
Beogna^ frissa mbenaim, 

Bernard leir nach laimimm,^ 
dia mathaib meic Daigre 
na fairne fo failim[m]. 

^ inghen Annadha, 6 Chuil Bhenncair. ^ abb B^;mcair iar 


23. d. 

A rd Appollinaris, 
-^^-Theoin, Timoith toebgel, 

Zacheus co caenblaid, 
Donait, Claudius, Ciriac, 
^^scop ^Eogain^ armid, 

sect n-epscoip in Aelmaigh- : 
etrond 's cech n-olc uile 

inc cuire rob caemfraig. 

o Aid Sratha. " .i. in Domhnach Mor [Aelmaige]. 

24. e. 

Apstol caid in Coimdedh 
Bartholom fris mbenaimm, 
Patrici?/i'^ tend togaim[m], 
Seghen fos is Faelan, 
Abban, Gildard guidim, 

tri cetd martir mo]aim[m], 
Audoe[n] druin dathglan, 

e^scop rat[h]mar Rodaimm. 

^ .i. Seanphatraicc 6 Res Deala i Moigh Lacha. vt viarg. Ocus 6 
Ghlaiss^ na nGaoidheal. Cathair isidhe i ndeisctrrt Sax^;/ i n-aittreabh- 
daoi's Gaoidhil iar ndul di'a n-oilithre, ocus atat a thaisi i W'\Q\ad\\ 
Senpafaic in Ardmacha. 

" MS. lamaimm 

'' sancti confessoris et episcopi Cogani (leg. Eogani), Mart. Chr. Ch. 
''MS. an. '^ MS. ccd. *= leg. Glaistingibeira, as in tlie 

note to Jrel. Ocng. Aug. 24. 


22. C. 


The great octave of Maiy,^ Timotheusb an unvveak holy 
tower. Symphorianus to whom I go. Cummein, Sedrach, 
Sinche/ Beogna^ to whom I pray, pious Bernard whom I dare 
not. Daigre's sons (are) of the chiefs of the group under which 
I am. 

^ Annaid's daughter, from Ciiil Bennchoir. 
chor after Comgall. 

^ abbot of Benn- 

23. D. 

High Apolh'naris, Theonas, white-sided Timotheus, Zac- 
chaeus with fair fame, Donatus, Claudius, Cyriacus, bishop 
Eogan^ count ye, seven bishops in Aelmag.^ Between us and 
every evil may the whole troop be a lovable rampart ! 

of Ard Sratha. 

in Domnach Mor Aelmaige. 

24. E. 

The Lord's chaste apostle, Bartholomew to whom I pray : 
austere Patricius^ whom I choose, Segen also and Faelan. 
Abban, Gildardus whom I entreat : three hundred martyrs whom 
I praise. Audoen, shrewd, pure-coloured ; gracious bishop 

* .i, Old-Patrick from Ross Dela in Mag Lacha. And from Glas- 
tonbury of the Gaels : this is a city in the south of England wherein 
Gaels who had gone on their pilgrimage used to dwell. And his relics 
are in Old-Patrick's tomb in Arma2:h.<= 

' i.e. the octave of the Assumption of the l^lessed Virgin. 
, '^ He is called Paul's fosterling {daltai Poil) in Fel. Ocng. Aug. 22. 

" In Britannia natale sancti Patricii episcopi et contessoris, Drumin. 
Kal. Oengus calls him sen-Phatraic . . cocm-aite ar sratha " Old-Patrick, 
the dear tutor of our elder," i.e. S. Patrick, sci. Patricii senioris, Lcofr. Kal. 

M 2 

i64 F^LIRE HOI GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

25. f. 

Peregrin is Pontlan, 
Uinceint, Euseib olloeb, 
la Micen,^ ni mindal, 
da Genis im Geront, 
Ruffina fein findog, 

Broccan^ seim, is Sillan.^ 

1 6 Chill Michen i nAth cliath, ^ lomdhain.* ^ epsr^/ 7 

abb Maighe Bile. 

26. g. 

Zeferin soer slonnemm, 
Anastasius ogda, 
na da papa primda, 
Secuind, hiren, hAbuind, 
Comgall,^ Areid^ aebda, 

Bassus, Bassill brigda, 
Foelan*' flait[h] nach fannfer 
bid dangen fri dighla. 

lia Sarain. ' sac^rt. ' Cliiana M6escna. 

27. a. 

Marcillin raith, Ruffus^ 
Siagrius dian soraid, 
Uasaille^ nar n-anaig, 
Serapion fial, Felic, 
YqX.xus CO mbaig mbunaid,^ 

Ceprius caid diar cobair.d 

eps^^/ Corbmac mac ua Baird.^ 

=* Img-ain, Mart. Taml. . 

^ Ruffi (gen. sg.) Fd. Oeng. (Rawl. B.), Rufin, Rupliin in other copies. 
Baeda commemorates at this day both ' Rufinus and ' Ruphus.' 
<= leg. bunaid. ^ leg. cabair? 

^ Usailh mcic hiii in Baird, Afart Taml. 


25. F. 

Peregrinus and Pontianus, Vincentius, all-beautiful Eusebius, 
with Michen/ no small assembly. Thy Genesius with Gerontius. 
Rufina herself a fair virgin ; slender Broccan,- and Sillan." 

' from Cell Michen in Ath cliath (Dublin). ^ of Imdan (Imgan).? 
^ a bishop, and abbot of Mag Bile. 

26. G. 

Let us name noble Zephyrinus and virginal Anastasius, the 
two principal popes. Secundus, Irenaeus, Abundius, Comgall/ 
beautiful Aredius,^ Bassus, vigorous Basilius, Faelan,^ a prince 
who was no weakling, will be a stronghold against vengeances. 

Saran's descendant. ^ a priest. ' of CluainMdescna. 

27. A. 

Gracious Marcellinus, Rufus : vehement, happy Syagrius. 
Uasaille^ who protects us : modest Serapion, Felix. Petrus 
with an original blessing, t> chaste Cyprius (?) to help us. 

' a bishop : Cormac great-grandson of Bard. 

^ See above, at Jan. 9. '^ literally, word. 

i66 F Alike HUI GORMAIN. [Augustus. 

28. b. 

Aug^j-tin ind eccna, 
QT^scop uasal amra, 
Hermes uan fri demhna, 
Alaxander, lulian, 
Uiuiaii in raith rogda, 

Fedilmidh^ flaith ferda. 

^ .i. Feidhlim/^h mac Criomht[h]ain ri M.wma}i. 

29. c, 
"T^ichennad Eoin esbach,^ 
-'^Sabinat' dian soraid, 

Medericc mind senod, 
noe cet, Adeilph, Unniucc,^ 
dom breth co sid sogar 

is dom din ar Demon. 

^ 6 Tuighneta. 

30. d. 
'elic, Adaucht, Agil, 

Gaudentia dinon, 

diar cobair ar cruadhag, 
Fer da crich is Cronan,^ 
la Fiachraich^ flait[h] firian, 

I.oarn^ maith is Muadan.* 

^ Cluana Andobair."^ - di'threabhach, 7 ro bheanda/'j.'-h f6s isin 

Frainc. ^ sacctrrt, 6 Achadh m6r, ^ e^^cop, 6 Aireccal 




31. e. 

forba og Auguist 
Paulin, Optait amra, 
Arist, t^Aedan' ergna, 
dcochain Aed- ind ardgreit, 
Seisein;' Cillein'* cundla, 

muinUv Findein ferda, 
corom-cosna a congaib' 

fri drongaib na ndemhna. 

eps^:^/, o Inis Cathaig. ■ 6 Chiiil Maine. ' Atha Omna. 

* espci^. •''' in mi's. 

^ Passio lohannis Baptistae in Emisma [leg. Emissa] ciuitate Feniciae, 
Mart. Taml. ^ MS. asabin. "^ Andobor, ^[art. TamL 

^ sancti Edani episcopi et confessoris, Mart. Chr. Ch. In Gktstonia sci, 
Aidani episc, Leofr. Kal. 


28. B. 
Augustinus the wise, a noble, marvellous bishop.^ Hermes 
from us against demons. Alexander, Julianus. Gracious 
Vivianus the chosen. Fedilmid,^ a manly prince. 

to wit, Fedilmid son of Crimthann, a king of Munster. 

29. C. 
The vain Decollation of John (the Baptist). Sabina vehe- 
ment, happy. Medericus diadem of synods : nine hundreds, 
(of martyrs),t5 Adelphus (and) Unniuc^ to bear me to gainful 
peace and to guard me from the Devil ! 

^ from Tuignetha. 

30. D. 
Felix, Adauctus, Agilus, Gaudentia, that safeguard — to 
help us against hard battle. Fer da chrich and Cronan,^ with 
Fiachra," a righteous prince, good Loarn" and Muadan.* 

^ of Cluain Andobair. ^ a hermit, and he also blessed (con- 

secrated ?) in France. ^ a priest, from Achad Mor. * a 

bishop, from Airecul Miiadain. 

31. E. 

At August's perfect completion Paulinus, wonderful Optatus, 
AristideSjWise ^Aedan^: deacon Aed- the high champion. Seisein," 
prudent Cillein,* manly Finden's family, may the month's con- 
tents^ defend me from the troops of the demons ! 

^ a bishop, from Inis Cathaig. ^ from Cuil Maine. '' of 

Atli Omna. ^ a bishop. ^ of the month. 

'' Oengus {Fel. Ravvl. B. 505) calls him in t-airdirc a hAffraicc, 'the con- 
spicuous one out of Africa.' 

^ Sic Baeda : et aliorum nongentorum martyrum qui eodem die passi 
sunt. OenguSj too, has : la noi cet co n-huagi -wiik 900 with virginity or 

"^ Aedan . . Inse Medcoit, Fe/. Ocng. Edain (gen. sg.), Driimm. Kal. 

i6S F^LIRE HOI GORMAIN. [September. 


I. f. 

FOR Septimber VaXaind 
mac Nun lesu ollan 
is Gedion na ngellamh, 
Priscus, Egid, Anna, 
meic Cammene., Cummein,^ 
Lupp/^j'- leo la Scellan, 
Sixtwj-, Neman nemdrech, 
Uictor taidlech tennal. 

' mac Ciianach. ^ lobhar 6 Ardmacha. 

2. g. 

Anton, Justus, Elpid, 
Teothota suir^ soreid, 
Sinuna druin degfal. 
Mane, Genten^ guidimm, 
Colum^ nar faem anuain, 
Enan* saer is Senan.^ 

' erasa. ' sacrt'rt 6 Thir Guaire. ' nitre Blaan. 

ua Mago. ^ Laithrigh Briuin i n-Uibh Faelain. 

3. a. 

Febe sund, Sarabia, 
Antonin 6g inmain, 
Aruist, Colman^ cuimnig, 
epscop mor Mac nissi,^ 
Lon-garad^ caid comgel, 

feil Balloin^ bhain iDuidhnigh. 

' Cluana FVrta Mughaine i nUibh Failghe. ^ esp(9r Condoire. 

Aanghas a cedainm, Caeman Brec ainm ele d6. ^ 6 Sliabh Maircce 

no 6 Maigh Tuathat. * Tighe Saxon. 



On September's calends the great, ample Joshua son of 
Nun, and Gideon of the white hands. Priscus, Aegidius, Anna 
(the Prophetess), the sons of Cammene, Cummein.^ Lupus^ with 
them, and Scellan. Sixtus, bright-faced Neman, Victor, a 
splendid firebrand. 

^ son of Cuana. ^ a leper, from Armagh. 

2. G. 

Antoninus, Justus, Elpidius, easy, smooth Theodota,^ shrewd 
Sinuna (?) a good fence, Mane, Genten^ whom I beseech. Colomb'^ 
who accepted no great leisure (?), noble Enan'' and Senan.^ 

1 easy. ^ a priest, from Ti'r Guairi. * son of Blaan. 

* great-grandson of Mago. * of Laithrech Briuin in Hiii Faelain. 

3. A. 

Phoebe here, Serapia, Antoninus virginal and dear. Aristeus, 
remember Colman,^ the great bishop a-Mac-Nissi.^ tjLon-garad'"' 
chaste and white. The feast of Ballon^ fair and troopful. 

^ of Cluain Ferta Mugaine in Hiii Failge. ^ bishop of Connor : 

Oengus was his first name : Coeman Brecc was another name of his. 
^ from Sliab Mairge or from Mag Tuathat. * of Tech Saxon. 

* commemorated in Mart. Chr. Ch. on Sep. 2. 

^ In Drumm. Kal. Luin (gen. sg.) seems to denote Lon-garad. 

I70 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 


"n\' Augustin octauus, 
-L^Sarbile,^ Nes^ nemgand, 

Failbe, Ultair'* ollbarr, 
Moisi mor, Marcellz/i', 
Fiachraigh, Aedhan amhlond, 

Senan, Cuimmein,* Comhgall,^ 
translait Birin, Buichbirt 

is Cuitbirt sin comrand. 

^ 6 Fochaird \y[.Mxthenmi\. ~ Ernaidhe. ^ 6 Ard Brecain. 

■* abb Droma Snechta. ^ .i. m^c Y.chdach, 6 Boith Conais. 

5- c. 

B^rtinus^ abb uasal, 
Uictorin soer sruithcenn, 
Herculan diar n-aithnemm, 
deocain Indect^ eolach, 
Arcontius ciall comt[h]enn, 

Dub-scuili fial, Faithlenn,t> 
Briccin- toebgel Tuamma, 

rind uadha cach'^ n-aiffrenn. 

^ man. rec. 6 Kc\\ad B6 a n-Osm/^he. ^ 6 Thuaim Drecain i 

mBrefne Chonnacht. 

6. d. 

Zachair faith leir, Letus, 
"^mrtc Cuilinn^ soer soccrach, 

Donatian co ndrcchrath, 
Seethe^ caid is Colum,'* 
do Chunne slat soichlech, 

Colman m6r m^c Echdach, 
naeimh Roiss moir \x\az n-Aedha, 

in drong soerdha srcthach, 
nert inghen mait[h] Mechair 

fri cethaib, fri crcchbhrath. 

' eps^fT^ T.usca, Cuindigh a cedainm. ' Sciath, ogh 6 Fiort 

Sceithe i Muscrc?/X''he Tri Maighe i Mumhain. ' in marg. Coluim Rois 
Glanda. Glan ainm tioprat b6i ann n'a bPatraicc, ocus Domhnach M6r 
JMaighe lomchlair a ainm ani'u, i tTi'r E6g<///^ ata sidhe. 

=* MS. Vie7\Tniis. Sci. berhtini confessoris, Lcofr. Kal. 

^ Faithlenn dcchoin, Mart. Taml.., Sept. 2 (rectius 5). ' MS. gach. 

'' Maculini episcopi ct confessoris, Mart. Clir. Ch. 


The octave of Augustinus. Sarbile/ generous Ness.^ Failbe, 
great-crowned Ultan^: mighty Moses, Marcellus, Fiachra, Aedan, 
the gentle Senan, CuhTimein,-* Comgall.^ The translation 
of Bin'n, Puchbert (?) and Cuthbert (is commemorated) in the 
same stanza. 

^ from Fochard Murthemni. "^ of Ernaide. ^ from Ard 

Breccain. ^ abbot of Druim Snechta. * i.e. son of Echaid, 

from Both Conais. 

Bertinus a high abbot. Victorinus a noble, venerable chief. 
Herculanus to whom we commend ourselves : erudite deacon 
Indecht.^ Arcontius a powerful intellect, modest Dub-scoile, 
Faithlenn, white-sided aBreccin- of Tuaimm (Drecain) : pleasant 
from them is every mass. 

^ from Achad b6 in Ossory. ^ from Tiiaim Drecoin in Brefne 

of Connaught. 

6. D. 

Zacharias, pious prophet ; Laetus, Mac Cuilinn,^ noble, 
tranquil. Donatianus with a gracious councenance : chaste 
Seethe^ and Colomb.'^ Thy Cunne, a liberal branch: great 
Colman, son of Echaid. The saints of Ross mor mac nAeda 
(' the great Wood of Aed's sons '); the troop ennobled, arrayed. 
The virtue of Mechar's noble daughters against showers (of 
spears),^ against treacherous raiding. 

^ bishop of Lusk. Cuindig (Cuingid?) was his first name. 
- Sciath, a virgin, from Fert Scell^e, in Muscraige Tri Maige in Mun- 
ster. =^ Colomb of Ross Glanda. Glan (' Pure ') was the name of 

a well that was there before Patrick, and Domnach Mor Maige Imchlair 
is its name to-day. In Tyrone it is. 

^ He is called Brecc-buaid by Oengus. ^ Compare the end of 

the stanza for September 8. 




7. e. 

IOain, Euurt, Ultan, 
Anastais fri haimsi, 
mo Lasse lor millsi, 
Clodoald, Si6t,a Sillan,^ 
Toite- d'erail m'amsa, 
la hElair na hlnsi.^ 

' eps(r<?/. ^ Insi Toite for Loch Bec^ i Uibh Tuirtre. 

Inis Locha Cre. 

8. f. 

Noemghein Maire more, 
Teophil, Ammon ogdruin, 
Neuther for noemhnem, 
Adrian, Fintan,^ ^Pergus,^ 
meic Thalairc co trenmud, 

cruimmthir Catha coemgel, 
Moel Coisne^ nar' chossain 
fri frossaib na foensleg. 

- Arda Ca6in. 

^ Cruithnech. 

,i, mac Aongasa, 6 Cluain 

IN papa soer Sereig, 
Audomair druin, Di'man, 

Gorgoin, Findbarr,^ Fialan,'^ 
Mocta,'^ Conall,^ Cera,d 
Fer da chrich oeb fi'rog, 

mac in tsair^ caemh Ciaran.^ 
Mael Aithchein" tend, Tecce, 

Derercce nos-riarab, 
no^mhinghen og Enaig.f 

fri debaid, fri dianag. 

^ .i. Brodna" Cille Cunga. ^ Fialan Fertach. ' mrt-c 

Derccain, * mac Aeng?^i'[a]. ^ abb Cl//fl«a meic N6is. 

® eps^f?/ Maighe Bile. 

^ This should perhaps be corrected into Sifwif^ the Senoti, Zenoii, 
Se7iotii, of Oengus, Sep. 7. 

^ for loch Y^chach, Mart. Taml. " MS. Fergas. 

'' sancte Cerae, Afar/. Taml. ^ MS. an tsaoir. 

f noebingena Enaig L6eg, Mart. Taml. »•' Broednea, Mart. Taml. 


7. E. 

Johannes, Evurtius, Ultan. Anastasius against temptations, 
my Lasse abounding in sweetness, Clodoald, ^Zenotheus^ (?) 
Sillan, Toite^ to control the attack on me, with Elair of the 

^ a bishop. ' of Inis Toite on Loch Becc (' Little Lake ') in 

Hiii Tuirtri. ' i.e. Inis Locha Cre. 

8. F. 

Great Mary's holy nativity,^ Theophilus, Ammon, virginal 
and shrewd, Neotherius on holy heaven, Adrianus, Fintan,^ 
Fergus^ : Talarc's sons with valiant work : presbyter Catha the 
dear and bright. Mael-Coisne,^ who contended not against the 
showers of slanting darts.<= 

^ of Ard Cain. * a Pict. ' son of Oengus from Cluain 



The noble pope Sergius, shrewd Audomar, Dimman, Gor- 
gonius, Findbarr,^ Fialan,^ Mochta,^ Conall,* Cera, Fer da Chri'ch, 
beautiful, a true virgin. Dear Ciaran,^ the carpenter's son, 
strict Mael-Aithchein,^ Tecce, Der-erce, I will please her. Enach's 
holy virgin daughter against conflict, against vehement battle ! 

' i.e. Brodna of Cell Cunga. ' Fialan the Miraculous. 

' son of Dercan. * son of Oengus. ^ abbot of Clonmacnois. 

® bishop of Mag Bile. 

= The Zenoti (gen. sg.) of the Drummond Kalendar suggests that we 
have here a corruption of Zenotheus {Zi]v66ios) or, possibly, Zenodotus 
(Zr^i/dSoTos-). But Syiiodius (SwoSto?) may be the original nanie. 
'^ Natiuitas Mariae matris lesu, Mart. TamL, et sic Leofr. KaL 
'^ Perhaps an allusion to a voluntary martyrdom, otherwise unknown. 

174 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 

lo. a. 

Tl^lair airdirc papa, 
-'--'Findian^ cride in crabaidh, 

Maic^he Bile buadaig", 
^Senach,- Findbarr, Ferg//.?,^ 
Elbe,b Lucell langel 

docum nimhi nuaghlain, 
Odhran, Segin* soc[h]rach 

nar' tochrach fri truagaib. 
Atheluald ard athair, 

fri cathaib ro cruadaigh. 

^ ^\)%cop Maighe Bile. - mac Buidi. ^ m<TC Guaire. 

* mrtc lii Cuinn, abb Bendchair. 

II. b. 

P7'^tus, Iacinth,c Eulail, 
Ipolit fial findnoem, 
Seraip*^* sruith co sograd, 
mo Sinu leo, Loarn/ 
Sillan,- DanieF dagmor, 

la Conamail Colman,* 
'sin primnim i fuilet 

CO cluinet ar comrad. 

^ eps^^/. ^ in marg. Siollan 6 Imlech Cassain i cCuailgne. 

Qi^%cop Benncair. * e'^s,cop. 

12. C. 

IUuentus soer, Sirius, 
mac eNatfraich^ ro fromad, 
Lasrian cai'n cen chinaid, 
Mace Lasre,^ Fled"^ fuillem, 
do rindnim^ coa ragam 
Ailbe Imlig Ibair. 

^ .1. mo Laise Daimhinnsi. ' epsr^/ 7 ab Arda Macha. 

' Fledh 6gh, inghcn righ Laighen, 6 Thigh Y\edhc in Uibh Garrchon. 

^ MS. Seanach. ^' Ailbi (gen. s^.)Marf. Taml. " MS. iacmilh. 

''MS. seruip. * MS. nadfraoich. '' MS. rindncm. 


10. A. 

Famous Hilarlus the pope. Findian/ the heart of devotion, 
of victorious Mag Bile. Senach,^ Findbarr, Fergus.'' Elbe, full- 
white Lucell, unto fresh-pure heaven. Odran, profitable Segi'n,'* 
who was not urgent (?) towards the wretched. Ethelwold, ahigh 
father, who hardened against battles. 

^ bishop of Mag Bile.'' - son of Buide, ^ son of Guaire. 

great-grandson of Conn, abbot of Bennchor. 

II. B. 

Protus (and) Jacinthus : Eulalia, HIppolytus modest, fair 
and holy, Serapion an elder with good love. My Sinu with 
them (and) Loarn. t.3ii]^n^2 good great Daniel ^ : with Conamail 
(is) Col man.* In the chief heaven wherein they are, may they 
hear our converse ! 

• a bishop. ''■ Sillan from Imlech Cassain in Cualnge. 

bishop of Bennchor. * a bishop. 

12. C. 

Noble Juventius, Sirius : Natfraech's^ son, who was proven. 
Gentle, crimeless Lasrian. Mac Lasre,- cjrjecl^s ^^ increase. 
To the starry heaven whither we shall go (belongs) Ailbe of 
Imlech Ibair. 

^ i.e. mo Laise of Daiminis. ' a bishop and abbot of Armagh.'' 

' Fled, a virgin, daughter of the King of Leinster, from Tech Flede in 
Hiii Garrchon. 

^ Also of Mag Bile, according to Fel. Ocng. 

^ Sillan . . . i n-Imbliuch [Cassdin], ^Fel. Ocn_^. 

" Fleide (gen. sg.), Drimim. Kal. '' He is called Laisre'n by Oengus. 

176 F^LIRE hOi GORMAIN. [September. 

13. d. 

1\ /Taurilion nos molaimm, 
IVlpiiip^ Amait, idna, 

Mael Tolaig^ tenn fedma : 
fell inghen caid Coluimm," 
Naeman,^ Caemnech cunnla, 

Dagan* aebdrech ergna. 

' 6 Druim Niadh i nUltrt'//;h. - 6 Thigh Inghen Choluimm i 

cCremhtanda/<^h. ^ mac ua Duib.'* * 6 Inbher Daoile i nAir- 

ther Laighen. 

14. e. 

" I ^ocbail croiche caemh-Crist, 
•^ in meirge moir mindglain, 

in papa coir Cornil, 
mind Kartaigne Ciprian, 
Caeman Brec,^ brig bladmar, 

diar ndin ar na dodngibh, 
aen ar fichit die, 

at cade 'con Comdidh. 

^ 6 Ros Ech hi cCaille Follamhain i Midhe. 


Octaiiusb jjior Maire, 
Nicomeid saer sunna, 
m«zc Taidgc ara tenne, 
Ainmere cdid Cluana/ 
in caindlech nach cranna, 

Lassar- laindrech lennc, 
Corbmrtc Mumhan molta, 
cen docta, con denge. 

' ,i. Cluain Foda. * Chiana M6ir. 

" Neman vmjc \\ui Duib, Mart. Taml. ^ The s cancelled inan. rec. 

" MS. Taidcc. In inarg. man. rec. Leui«J senior. 


13- D- 

Maurilion, I praise him, Philippus, and Amatus the pure ones. 
Mael Tolaig^ of the strong effort. The feast of Colomb's"'^ 
chaste daughters, Noeman,^ prudent Coemnech, fair-faced, wise 

' from Druim Ni'ad in Ulster. - from Tech Ingen Coluimb in 

Cremthainn. ^ great-grandson of Dub. ^ from Inber D6ile in the 
eastern part of Leinster. 

14. E. 

The Exaltation of dear Christ's CrosSjb the great, pure- 
diademed standard. The just pope Cornelius. Cyprian, diadem 
of Carthage. c^oeman Brecc^ — famous vigour ! — to protect us 
from the hardships. One and twenty (martyrs)^ whom thou 
beseechest, who are holiest with the Lord. 

^ from Ross Ech in Caille Follamain in Aleath. 

15. F. 

The great octave (of the nativity) of Mary : noble Nicomedes 
here. Tadg's sons for their austerity, chaste Ainmire of Cliiain.^ 
Tlie shining one who is not decrepid, bright Lassar^ be for us : 
lauded Cormac of Munster,^ without niggardliness, without 
oppressiveness ij) 

^ i.e. Cluain fota. - of Cluain Mor. 

^ Dagain (gen. sg.), Z?r// ;//;;;. /w?/. ^ Exaltatio Sanctae Criicis, Z?r^/;;/w. 
Kal, Leofr. Kal. and Mart. Rom. " Coemain (gen. sg.), Druinm. Kal. 

'' They suffered, according to Usuard, along with Pope Cornehus. 

^ Probably Cormac mac Culenndin, King of Munster, bishop and martyr, 
whose day, however, according to Mart. Don.., is 14th September. 

178 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 

1 6. g. 

"C^ufemia lemm, Lucia, 
-L-'Geminian daig degmein, 

Anfadan caid co[m]lan, 
^Moenend^ leo, da Lasren,- 
Critan,'' Senan segmor, 

la Saran co sogradh, 
Auxilius riam rathmar, 

Coeman, Cathbad, Colman.'' 

^ epsr<^ Cluana Ct'/zaire i ttuaiscert Ua f Faelain. in marg. man. rec. 
Mo-nenn .i. id est Ninnianus o^^iscopus Candidae Casae. " in marg. 

Laisren ab la Cohiim cille. Laisren Mena .i. Mena ainm abhann fil il- 
Laoighis. fnan. rec. i Mordha. ^ Criotan Certronnach celloir Comh- 

uaill Bennchair. * lia Lonain. 

17. a. 

T Ustin, Laurein[t], Lambeirt,'^ 
-^Riaghuil,^ Grellan guidim, 

Broccan,^ Sanctin saigimm, 
Erc,^ Condere/ Cummein,^ 
Femme'' oeblan inill, 

ingen caemnar Chairill. 

' 6 Tigh Riaghla il-Leith Cathail. ' Ruis Tuirc i Maigh 

Raighne i n-Osraighibh. ^ &^scop Domhn^7/i,'-h Moir Damh- 

airne. ^ in marg. Condere Cuile Liacc. ^ i7i marg. Cuimmein abb 
Bennchair. '' 6gh 7 mairtir. 

18. b. 

Eutroip, Meiteit,c Methoit, 
ferr he ol[d]us rogein, 
Foendelach frith cobair ^ 
Enna, Gemma, Grellan,^ 
feil Fergna- moir molaid, 

ocics Mail choir Canaigh.^ 

^ Lainne. ■ Feargna sac^z-t. * Maol Canaigh 6 Ruscaigh 


•' Altered from Moinend : Monein (gen. sg.), Dru/nm. Kal. 

'' Sci. landberhti episc, Lcofr. Kal. 

" Medeti, Mar/. Taml. '' leg. cabair ? 


16. G. 

Euphemia be for me, Lucia, Geminianus keen (?), a good 
intellect : Anfadan chaste, complete : with them Moenenn,^ two 
Lasrens,^ Critan,^ ingenious (?) Sendn with Saran the amiable. 
Auxilius^ a gracious leader, Coeman, Cathbad, Colman.* 

' bishop of Cluain Conairi, in the northern part of Hui Faelam. 
My Nenn, i.e. Ninnian, bishop of Whithern. - Laisren, abbot of 

Colombcille's Hi (lona). Laisren of Mena, i.e. Mena, the name of 
a river which is in Laigis. ^ Critan the Justly-dividing, Comgall 

of Bennchor's cellarer. * descendant of Lonan. 

17. A. 

Justinus, Laurentius, Lambertus, i^RiaguiV Grellan whom I 
entreat. ^Broccan,^ Sancti'n whom I seek. Erc,'^ Condere,* Cum- 
mein,^ Femme,*' beautiful, ample, safe, Cairell's dear modest 

^ from Tech Riagla in Leth Cathail. ^ of Ross Tuirc in 

Mag Raigni in Ossory. ^ bishop of Domnach Mor Maige 

Damairne. ^ Condere of Ciiil Liacc. ^ Cummein, abbot of 

Bennchor. ^ virgin and martyr. 

18. B. 

Eutropius, Medetus, Methodius, better is he than a mighty 
birth. Foendelach, who was found a help. Enna, Gemma, 
Grellan.^ Praise ye the festival of great Fergna^ and of just 
Mael Chanaig." 

1 of Land. " Fergna, a priest. ^ Mael Chanaig from 

Riiscach of Cualnge. 

" This bishop and confessor (a quo Cell Ausailli, now Killossy, near 
Naas) is commemorated in Mart. C/if. Ch. on Oct. 19. 
^ sancte virginis Riegle, Dritnun. Kal. 
" Brocain (gen. sg.), Driinun. Kal. 

N 2 

i8o FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 

19. C. 

TIJ* na[i]r,''i Procul, Pilip, 
-'--'Festus, Eutic amlond, 

lin Felic nach folgem[m], 
G^wstaint aebhda, Achuit, 
Fintan^ saerban saingemm, 

Sechan caemhnar, Comgell.^ 

^ abb. - ogh. 

20. d. 

T Tigilia maith Matha, 
^ Dionis fris ndalaim, 

Priuait breo asa mbagimm,t' 
Euilais la hEulog, 
Fausta oebnar ogseng, 

Mogaid/ Aedan- alimm. 

saccdirt. " mac Oissi'n. 

21. e. 

1\ /Tatha apstol Isu, 

■^^ Pampil, Ciricc caraim, 

Clemeint, Claudus molaimm, 
Alexander airdeirc, 
Laud/^j-, Saran^ sogemm,^ 

m«c Tigernaig togaimm. 
rom-etlat sech imned 

CO rindnem mar rogaimm. 

' Saran mac Tigernaigh xneioy Maenaigh 6 Lesan i Sliabh Callann 
ocas o Cluain da acra isin Cechair, - .i. gemm maith. 

Enair, Fcl. Oens;. Sep. 19. '' MS. mbagaimm. 

Tigernain, Mart. Tainl. 


19. c. 

Januarius, Proculus, Philippus, Festus, gentle Eutyches r 
the train of Felix whom we hide not : beautiful Constantia, 
Acutus : noble fair Fintan/ a rare gem : dear modest Sechan 
(and) Comgell.^ 

an abbot. - a virgin. 

20. D. 

(The Apostle) Matthew's good vigil^ : Dionysius with whom 
I meet : Privatus, a flame which I announce : Evilasius with 
Eulogius. Fausta, beautiful, modest, virginal, slender : Mogaid,^ 
Aedan^ whom I beseech. 

a priest. ^ son of Ossi'n. 

21. F. 

Matthew, an apostle of Jesus. Pamphilus, Cyricus, whom I 
love. Clemens, Claudus whom I praise, conspicuous Alexander, 
Laudus, Saran,^ the goodly gem,^ Tigernach's son, whom 1 
choose : may they fly with me past tribulation to starry heaven 
as I ask ! 

' Saran, son of Tigernach, son of Maenach, from Lessan in Sliab 
Callann and Cliiain da Acra in the Cechair. - a good gem. 

Vigilia sancti Mathei apostoli, Drumin. Kal. 

i82 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 

22. f. 

Maurice^ sunna seisiur 
sesca se cett" curad, 
ar se milibh molaid, 
Barrfind^ mor, meic Ernin,^ 
Aed minog m^c Senaig, 

is Colum'^ dian comhaig, 
Colman* diada dathglan, 

m^TC Cat[h]bad diar cobair. 

1 mac Ernin. - 6 Inis mac nErnin for Loch Ce i cConnactaibh. 
■^ sacrtrt 6 Enach. ^ 6 Midhisiul.'^ 

2Z. g. 

Adamnan^ la ardabb, 
cia crabad nar caemfuill, 
i riAlbain, i ntierind? 
Saran, Co[e]mnat,'^ 6<3;/aing,- 
Tecla oengel alimm, 

for oebnemh co hebhinn. 

' Adamnan abb I'ae Chob^/w cille. do Chenel Conaill Gulba« mtv'c 
Neill d6 iar mbunadh?^j-. - mac Lucunain.'^ 

24. a. 

Compert loain uasail 
bauptist, fir na faemtha, 
Tir[s]z/j-, Felic, Faelchu/ 
luth ingen caid Cainnig,- 
Aiidoich saer co sirclii, 

Cellac[h]an^ caem, Caelchu.* 

^ Fionnghlaisi. - 6 Maigh Locha. " cluana Tioprat. 

■• 6 Lui Airthir. 

" Muric, Fel. Oeng. 

^ MS. ced. "^ o midisiul, Mart. Tanil 6 Mide isiul, Mart. Don. 

'' Coimnatan, Mart. Tatnl. 

'■ Conich [gen. sg.] meic Luachnain, ibid. 

September.] MAR TYRO LOGY OF GORMAN. 183 

22. F. 

Praise ye Mauricins here, with six thousand six hundred and 
sixty-six champions^: great Barrfind/ the sons of Ernin^ : 
gentle, virginal Aed, son of Senach, and Colomb,'' vehement, 
delightful (?), godly, pure-coloured Colman,** son of Cathbad, to 
help us ! 

' a son of Ernin. - from Inis Mac n-Ernin on Loch Ce in 

Connaught. ^ a priest, from Enach. * from Lower Meath. 

The lofty abbot Adamnan^ of lona, what devout practice 
did he not lovingly increase in Alba, in Erin ? Saran, Comnat, 
Conaing,- white Thecla whom I entreat (and who dwells) delight- 
fully in beautiful heaven. 

1 Adamnan, abbot of Colomb Cilia's Hi. Of the Kindred of 
C6nall Gulban, son of Niall, was he by origin. - son of Lucunan 

(Luachnan ?). 

24. A. 

The conception of high John the Baptist,b a man who was 
not received.^ Thyrsus, Felix, Faelchii^ : the festival of Cainnech's 
chaste daughters^ : noble Andochius with lasting renown, dear 
Cellachan," (and) Coelchu.* 

^ of Findglas. " from Mag Locha. ^ of Cluain Tiprat. 

* from Liii Airthir. 

-' Sci. mauricii cum sociis suis .vi. milibus .dclxvi., Leofr. Kal. 
'' Conceptio Ioh«;mis Baptz^Au', Mart. TamL Compert lohain uasail 
bauptaist, Fel. Oeng. 

" being martyrized by Herod ? 

i84 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September, 

25. b. 

Cleophas leir, Lup?/i-, 
mo Doe^ fri decraib, 
Ainmere^ fir m'fortail, 
Imchad,^ C[o]elan,"' Colman,"" 
Sinell,'' Senan' saigthir, 

Bairre" caid o Corcaig, 
rium suas cusixx^ sarthi'r, 

uair blaithmin fri boctaib. 

^ in Ailbhe. " 6 Ros Ua Chonna i Mughdornaibh. 

^ Chille droichit i nAird Uladh. * 6 Ech-inis. ^ .i. Colman 

Comhruire.'' ^ Droma Broan.'^ "^ epscop. ^ epscop 7 


26. c. 

Ciprian seim, Senator, 
lustina 6g ergrinn, 
Euseib, Faustin firseing, 
Colman^ alaind Ela,<i 
'com din 'na doss dalaimm, 
is Colman Rois^ rimeimm. 

abb. ^ .i. Ros Branduibh. 

27. d. 

Cosma, Damian degfir, 
Leoint,e Antim ergna, 

mac Coppain co cuibdi, 
Petar, Adulf, Eupreip, 
Fintan fein fri fogla, 

Ernin' seim is Suibne, 
Coluim ban^sui sarthend 

roba blathcenn buidne, 
tocbail Finniain epscuips 

in cnesbuicc it chuimne. 

ua Bn'uin. 

" MS. cusan. ^ comraire, Mart. Tavil. 

" Dromma Broon, ibid. ''MS. eala : elo, Mart. Tavil. 

*■ MS. Leoaint. 

' We should probalDly read Columb^n. The Mart. Taml. has here 
Columbani ehuatio. ^ MS. epscoib. 

September.] MARTYROLOGY OF GORMAN. 185; 

25. B. 

Industrious Cleophas, Lupus, my Doe^ against hardships : 
true Ainmire" my superior, Imchad,^ Coelan/ Colman.^ Sinell*"' 
Senan,' who is sought. Chaste ^Bairre^ from Corcach (went) 
before me up to the great country ,b for (he was) smooth and 
gentle to the poor. 

' in Ailbe. - from Ross Hua Conna in Mugdoirn. ■' of 

Cell droichit in Ard Ulad. "* from Ech-inis (' Horse-Island '). 

^ i.e. Colman of the Casket. ^ of Druim Broan. '^ a bishop. 

* bishop and confessor. 

26. C. 

Slender Cyprianus, Senator, Justina, a very lovely virgin : 
Eusebius, Faustinus the emaciated : beautiful Colman^ Ela, 
whom I meet, protecting me like a bush, and Colman of Ross^ 
whom I reckon. 

an abbot. " i.e. Ross Branduib. 

27. D. 

Cosmas (and) Damianus, good men ; Leontius, wise An- 
thimus : Coppan's harmonious son : Petrus, Adulphus, Euprepius. 
Fintan himself against plunderings, slender Ernin^ and Suibne, 
fair Coluimm (Columban ?), a very strict sage, who was the 
smooth chief of a troop. Let the elevation of bishop Finnian 
the soft-skinned be in thy memory. 

' descendant of Briun. 

^ sancti episcopi et confessoris Barri, Mart. CJu: C/i. 
^ i.e. heaven. 

j86 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [September. 



28. e. 
xsuper sruit[h], Salon, 

■ Faust, '^ Martial nar maidmech, 
Marceill, buan a brigrath, 
Zacheus, lanair, lunaillt" 
Fiachra/ caid in clerech : 

Diarmait- diansaim, Sinach.^ 
epsr^/. - m«c Luchrc?/^h, eps^ri?/ 6 Cluain FinnAighne/' 

6 Chruaich vcveic Daro. 

29. f. 
A Rchaingel mor Michel 

-^"^I'op sciat[h] dam fri demna 

do imdegail m'anma. 
Eutic, Colum, Comgall, 
Sedrach fialnar, febda. 

Murgal/ Ciaran^ cadla 
mac Cier, Nessan naemda, 

Colman oebda amra. 
mrrc Uinnedha, ah Reachrainne. - eps^(^/. 

30. g. 
*orbait mait[h]e in mis[s]ea 

CirinCi cruit coemhchiuil, 
Uictor, Ursus orchain, 
Comsid^ caid [is] Corcan,^ 
epsci)/ Lugaith'^ lanciuin, 

mo Bi,^ Bresal/ Bronchain.*' 
sind don cat[h]raigh caindlig 
leo don laindrig lorchain. 
'or in coemlo cetna<^ 
Brigit, Senan somind, 
Loegaire" nach lamaimm, 
Airmir*^ [og.] da Foelan,'' 
Daigre,^" Rotan rogaimm, 

mo Chonna^^ mar chanaimm. 
Lassar/^ Conind chuanna, 

Colman''* Cluana charai[m]m, 
maithe in mis diar snadadh, 
ar badad, ar baraind. 
^ sacrtrt 6 DomnaA Airis. " Ailithir, epsr<?/, ^ eps^^;/ 

Airthir Achaidh. * in marg. Mo Bii, caillech, Domnaigh broc. 

^ 6 Dherthaigh. " Leithett. ' o.^t'&cop, 6 Loch con. 

® 6 Brechmaigh. " Faelan Ratha Aidhne i nDal hxaid\iQ. 

'" 6 Cluain Accuir in Ardgail. '' Cluana. Airdne. '' ingen 

Lochain. '•' .i. Cluain tioprat. 

■■' MS. Paust. ^ lunaill, lunill (gen. sg.), F^f/. Oeng. " Cluain Fidnaige, 
Mart. Taml. '■ Sci. hieronimi praesbiteri, Leofr. Kal. "" MS. cedna. 



28. E. 
Venerable Exuperius, Salon, Faustus, Martialis who was 
not boastful. Marcellus, lasting (is) his vigorous grace. Zac- 
chaeus, Januarius, Junillus (?), Fiachra/ chaste was the cleric — 
■exceeding gentle Diarmait^ : Sinach." 

' a bishop. " son of Luchrad, a bishop from Cluain Find 

Aigne (Aidne ?). ^ from Cruach mic Daro. 

29. F. 
May the great archangel Michael^'^ be a buckler to me 
against devils to protect my soul ! Eutychius, Colomb, 
Comgall. Sedrach, modest, bashful, excellent. Murgal/ comely 
Ci'aran,^ son of Ciar (lar ?)b ; hallowed Nessan : beautiful, 
wondrous Colman. 

' son of Uinnid, abbot of Rechrann - a bishop. 

30. G. 

Nobles complete this month, Hieronymus,^ harp of de- 
lightful music ! Victor, gold-bright Ursus, chaste Comsid^ and 
Corcan.' Bishop Lugaid" the very gentle, my BiV Bresal,^ 
Bronchain^: may (we wend) with them to the shining City, to the 
splendid radiant King ! 

On the same dear day Brigit, Senan of the goodly diadem, 
Loegaire'' whom I dare not : a virgin f^Airmir,** two Faelans,'-* 
Daigre,^" Rotan whom I entreat, my Conna" as I sing. 
Lassar,^- fine Coninn : Colman of Cluain,^" whom I love, 
the nobles of the month to protect us from drowning, from 
wrath ! 

^ a priest from Domnach Airis. - the Pilgrim, a bishop. 

' bishop of Airther Achaid. * my Bii, a nun, of Domnach brocc. 

^ from Derthach. " of Leithet.*^ '' a bishop, from Loch con. 

* from Brechmag. '-^ Faelan of Raith Aidne in Dalaradia (was 

one of them). ^° from Cluain Accuir in Ardgal. ^^ of Cluain Airdne. 
'- daughter of Lochan. " i.e. Cluain tiprat. 

^ Oengus (September 29th) refers to St. Michael's fight with the Dragon 
(Rev. xii. 7) and Antichrist. ^ meic ler episcopi, Mart. Taml. mac 

leir, epscop, Mart. Don. " Cirine b^n Bethil, 'fair Hieronymus of 

Bethlehem,' Fel. Oeng. '^ Airine, Mart. Don. ^ Bronchan 

Lethet, Mart. Dofi. 

i88 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [October, 


I. a. 


■'OR October VaXaind 
Uedastus grinn, German, 
Remig, Fintan forlan, 
aDoithnenach^ seim, Sinell,^ 
Fidarle^ flaith findban, 

Clothrann,* Colum,^ Colman, 
Bauon loigthech lanc[h]enn, 
in sarc[h]enn co sograd. 

' in inarg. Doithnenach Fedha Duin i nDisert Cluastan. - sacc^rt 
Maighi Bili 7 esp^ir Maighe Bile iarz^wh. ^ ua Suanaz>h, ab 

Raithne. * in marg. Clothra 6g, \wgen ConaiW 6 Inis duine.. 

^ abb Bennc[h]aii 


2. b. 

IN papa ard Euseib, 
la Leodagair luamda, 
Serenust' sruith soerdha, 
Eleuther leo Liadnan, 
Maeldub^ organ orda, 

Ere- is Odran^ aebda. 

' Mael<= dubh Becc, ab Fobhair. " epsco/>. ^ Letrech. 

Dionis, da Euuald, 
la Candid?/^'^ caidfer, 
Felic friu nos fuagebh, 
Marcillian is Madailb/ 
Colman Lainni lanfer, 

Ternoc,^ Nuadu," nuagel, 
epscoip Cluana Caa* 
al-laa nos-luadeb. 

^ epscop. • mac Raiti. ^ anchoiri. ^ secht n-epscoib' 

ChiansL Caa. 

"MS. Doithnenech. Daeilhnenach (misprinted Daethennach), Afari^ 
Don. Doithnennaig (geH. sg.), Mart. Taml. 

''MS. Sereneus. " MS. maeb. ^ Candida, Fel. Oeng. 



I. A. 

On the calends of October, pleasant Vedastus, Germanus, 
Remigius,''^ ample Fintan, slender Doithnenach/ Sinell,^ Fidarle^ 
a white-fair prince : Clothrann,^ Colomb/ Colman : Bavo, 
indulgent, b full-headed the great chief with good love. 

^ Doithnenach of Fid Duin in Di'sert Cluastan. - priest, of 

Mag Bile, and bishop of Mag Bile afterwards. ^ descendant of 

Suanach, (and) abbot of Rathen. * Clothru, a virgin daughter of 

Conall, from Inis diiine. ® an abbot of Bennchor. 

2. B. 

The high pope Eusebius, with piloting Leodegarius : Serenus 
venerable, ennobled : Eleutherius with them : Liadnan, Mael 
dub^ a golden instrument, Ere- and beautiful Odran,® 

^ Mael dub the Little, abbot of Fobar. - a bishop. '^ of 


3- C. 

Dionysius (the Areopagite), two Ewalds^ with Candidus a 
chaste man, and Felix : to them I will knit Marcellianus and 
Madailb.^ Colman of Lann, a full man. Thy Ernoc," fresh-fair 
Nuadu." The bishops of Cluain Caa,* their day I will mention. 

' a bishop. - son of Raite, ^ an anchorite. * seven 

bishops of Cluain Caa. 

^ Sci. remedii et germani, Leofr. Kal. ^ Mart. Don. gives Loight[h]each 
as a saint. But he is not mentioned in Mart. Taml., and loigthcch, 'indulgent,' 
is only an epithet for Bauo : see below at Nov. 7. '^ Baeda's ' Niger 

Heuuald ' and ' Albus Heuuald,' Hist. EccL, lib. v., cap. x. 

igo FELIRE HOI GOKMAIN. [October. 

4. d. 

Gaius, Crispz/i-, Colman,^ 
Marc?/j', Marcian moroig, 
fri rennaib is ri'gfal 
Aurea, Mars?/i-, Modgrind,^ 
muint^r mi'noc morfial, 
Senan,^ Finoc," Finan. 

* f^^cop. ' mac Caille. ^ vc\az Cu[a]cha. 

5. e. 

Placitus ard, Euticc, 
Appoloin glan gudimm, 
Baethalacht' fris m[b]enaimm, 
Sinche/ Firmait, Flauian, 
Fortech fotha inill, 

Dub da lochac lenaimm. 

Sinech mghen Fergna 6 Chruachan Maighe Abhna. 

6. f. 

Cast^^j, Emil, Enair, 
Di'uren, Aed eolach, 
Fidis, Baethin^ brighach, 
Fer da crich- sruit[h], Sagair, 
Luceir' subach sluagach, 

epscop '^Lugach'* ligach. 

' mac Alia.'- 6 Doire na Fland i n-Eoghanacht Chaisil.*^ ^ .i. 

Colman ab Cliiana Caoin. * 6 Chiiil Bhennchair i Lurg for brii 

Locha Eirne, ociis 6 Raith Muighe tuaisczVt i cCiarnf/^'-he Luac//ra, 

■' Modhgraidh, I\Iart. Don. Modgrinn, Mart. Taml. 
'' MS. la Baethalach. Baethellaig (gen. sg.), Mart. Taiiil. 
'^ Da locha. Duib, ibid. 

'' Luagach, Lugdach, F41. Ocng. " Fir da chiicli Daii i Eidnig, Mart 


4. D. 

Gaius, Crispus, Colman/ Marcus, Marcianus, great virgins r 
against spear-points a royal fence is Aurea, Marsus, Modgrinn. 
A young, gentle, exceeding modest family Senan,^ Fi'noc,''' and 
Fin an. 

' a bishop. - son of Caille. ^ son of Cuacha. 

5. E. 

High Placidus, Eutychius, pure Apollinaris whom I entreat, 
Baithalach to whom I pray. Sinche,^ Firmatus, Flaviana, 
Fortech,^ a safe foundation : Dub da locha whom I follow. 

^ Si'nech, daughter of Fergna, from Cruachan Maige Abna. 

6. F. 

Castus, Aemilius, Januarius, Diuren, wise Aed, Fides,^ 
vigorous Baethi'n,^ venerable Fer da chn'ch,^ Sagaris : happy, 
hostful LucelP : bishop Lugach^ (Lugaid .?) the bright-coloured. 

' son of Alia. - from Daire na Flann in the Eoganacht of 

Cashel. ^ i.e. Colman abbot of Ckiain Cain. ^ from Cuil 

Bennchoir in Lurg on the brink of Loch Erne and from Rdith Maige 
Tuascirt in Ciarraige Luachra. 

" Forirthich (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml. 

^ So Oengus. " (see. fidis uiig. mart.), Leofr. Kal. 

192 F ELI RE HUI GORMAIN. [October. 

7. cr 

T N papa mor Marc/zi', 
-■■ Bach?/i-, Apuil amgann, 

Marcell, lulia ollbharr, 
Sergius, Cart^j-, Concliat[h], 
la Faustin nach foilgem, 

Colman, Cellach/ Comgall,^ 
Osgidha 6^ findnar 

cen imrad ni fodhmam[m], 
fuillem Dubtac[h], Duibnech, 

Cu cuimnech 'sin comrann. 

' deochain, 6 Ghlionn da locha i nUibh Mail. - abb, /// niarg. 

Comgilla Abb [leg. Comgilli abbatis] 7 Oct. M.T. [i.e. Martyrologiiun 


«. a. 

'I'meon smith saeglac[h] 
'ro gab Isu ollan, 

ar gecaib a gellamh, 
Conamail is Ciaran,^ 
mo Critoc flaith findog, 

Faust/^i-,^ Ceolfrid, Cellan,^ 
B^n^dicta as mbaigt[h]er, 

ni traigt[h]er a tennal, 
Corcran clerech molai[m]m 

romainn fri each rennag. 

' abb Ratha Muighe ocus Tighe mo Finna. ^ sac^rt. 

9. b. 

A braham cend cretme, 
-^"^Dionis sruith si'rfial 

in chliat[h]sa ni craebhfal, 
hEleuther [ard], Rustic. 
Fintan/ Mi^c tail^ trenog, 

Dinertach- ail;'' Aedhan.* 

' ab. - Cli/ana. Moir. ^ nairec[hl. * mac ui Chuirn. 

•' Faustinus, I^c'L Oeng. 

'' Mart. Don. takes Mac tail to be in apposition with Fioimtain. Hut 
Mart. Taml. treats the names as belonging to separate saints. 


7. G. 

The great pope Marcus, Bacchus, generous Apuleius, 
Marcellus, great-crowned Julia, Sergius, Cartus,=^ ConcHath,t> 
with Faustinus whom we conceal not, Colman, Cellach,^ Com- 
gall,^ Osgitha, the white, modest virgin, we do not suffer 
(her to be) without consideration. Let us add Dubthach, 
Duibnech (and) Cu-chuimnech in the same stanza. 

a deacon, from Glenn da Locha in Hui Mail. - an abbot. 

8. A. 

Venerable, aged Simeon who received great ample Jesus on 
the branches of his white arms.c Conamail and Ciaran^ : my 
Critoc, a white virginal prince. Faustus,d Ceolfrid,^ Cellan.^ 
Benedicta who is proclaimed, her torch is not extinguished. 
Corcran the cleric v/hom I praise is before us against every 

^ of Raith Maige and Tech mo Finna. - a priest. 

9. B. 

Abraham head of belief. Dionysius, an ever modest elder ; 
this hurdle is no (mere) fence of branches : high Eleutherius 
and Rusticus. Fintan,^ strong virginal Mac tail. Di'nertach^ 
the bashful,'' (and) Aedan.^ 

^ an abbot. ^ of Cluain M6r. ^ modest. * maccu 


^ perhaps meant for Qaartus ; but the days of the martyrs so named are 
May 10, Aug. 6. 

^ sic in Martyr. Don. But perhaps we should read cuncJiliafh., 'a noble 
hurdle,' and treat this as in apposition with Cartus. Compare Oct. 9. 

'' ipse accepit eum in ulnas suas, Luc. ii. 28. '' i.e. faustinus 

" Mr. Warren {Lcofr. Missal, p. 32) says that Ceolfrith's translation is 
commemorated on this day in Bodl. Jun. A. 991, an Anglo-Saxon M.S. 


194 FELIRE HVI GORMAIN. [October, 


lO. c. 

ictor, Paulin, Puni't, 
Fintin, Floreint, Gerion, 
Cassiz/i-, Loth^ dia lenab, 
abb Droma in fial Fintan.^ 
ni mindam nach molab,^ 
Salsa, Sillan," Senan.'' 

' Droma hing i nUibh Segain. - acht mordamh molfat, 

^ abb. * epsrr?/, 

II. d. 

'T^ranslait cuirp in caemsuadh 
-*- Augustin, feil amra, 

^Cainnech^ ardabb ergna, 
Ethelburga^ bithog, 
Fortchern,- Lomman' lomda, 

cruimther follan Fergna, 
mo Chaidbeo caidh cobair 

fri doraid na ndemna. 

^ Achadh b6 a phn'mhcheall, ocus ata reccles aicce i cCill Righ- 
manadh i nAlbain. '" eps(r^^, deiscip;// Patraic, 7 6 Ath truim il- 

Laeghaire d6, ocus 6 Chill Ft'/'tceirn i n-Uibh DMna i Laighnibh. 
^ in marg. Loman esp^*^, descip/^/oile do '?\\{\Xraic, 7 6 Ath Truim d6 beds. 

12. e. 

"Dreccan, Becc, is Baithin, 
-L-'dFiachra/ Foelan fiala, 

Fiacc,^ Diarmaif don di'ni, 
Silnatan'* noem, Nanni,^ 
sectmogha ar chet saera 

cet is ceithre mi'li. 
mo Bi," Aedan ogthenn, 

Uu[i]lfrid'^ morchenn mini, 

^ 6 aoinchill 7 Fiacc. - epsr^/ Slebhte i Laighnibh. ^ epsi'r^/. 
* mac Cmimet. ^ Nainnidh Innsi Cais. " Clarenech, 6 

Ghlais-naoidhen i nCallaibh, for bru abann Life don leitli atuaidh, ocus 
Bd'^chan ainm oile d6. 

'' Loth prophetae, Ado. 

^ MS. Cainncach. Oengus has Cainnech mac hui Dalann. Kannich(gen. 
sg.), Driiiiiin. Kal. '^ See. acthelljurge uirginis, Leofr. Kal. 

'' MS. Fiachraig. •-' Sci. uuilfrithi episc, Lcofr. Kal. 


lo. C. 

Victor, Paulinus,^^ Pinytus, Fintin Florentius, Gereon, 
Cassius, Lot to whom I shall cleave : the modest Fiiintan/ abbot 
of Druim (Ingard). It is not a petty troop which I will praise-: 
Salsa (?), Sillan,^ Senan.* 

^ of Druim Ing'' in Hui Segain. - but a great troop which I 

will praise. ^ an abbot. ^ a bishop. 

II. D. 

The translation of the body of the dear sage Augustinus, a 
famous festival. Cainnech/ a high, wise abbot. Ethelburga 
ever- virginal. Fortchern,- stript Lomman.^ A sound presbyter, 
Fergna : my Caidbeo, a chaste help against the strife of the 

^ Achad b6 was his principal church, and he has an abbey-church 
at Cell Rigmonaid in Scotland. ^ a bishop, a disciple of Patrick, 

and from Ath Truim in Loeguire was he, and from Cell Fortcheirn in 
Hiii Dr6na in Leinster. ^ Lomman, a bishop, another disciple of 

Patrick, and from Ath Truim was he also. 

12. E. 

Breccan, Becc and Baithi'n, Fiachra,^ most modest Faelan, 
Fiacc,- Diarmait^' of the tribe, holy Silnatan,* Nanni^ : a hundred 
and seventy nobles, a hundred and four thousands'^ : my Bi','"' 
virginal-strong Aedan, Wilfrid, great chief of gentleness. 

^ from the same church as Fiacc. " bishop of Sletty in Leinster. 
^ a bishop. * son of Cruimet. '" Naindid of Inis Cais. 

" Clarenech (' table-face ''^), from Glasnevin in Fingal on the river 
Liffey's brink, on the north side, and Berchan was another name of his. 

•'' Sci. paulini hrofensis episc, Leofr. Kal. '' Fintan Dromma Ingaird, 

Fel. Oeiig. = Some mistake here. The number in Ado, Usuard anclJ/rt;V. 
Rom. is 4976. '' beatissimi et venerabilis viri mo-Bi, qui absque naso et 

oculis plana facie natus de mortua ut fertur femina et conceptus, Druiiun. Kal. 
See Dr. Todd's note, Mart. Don., pp. 354-5. 

O 2 

196 I'ELIRE HOI GORMAIN. [Octoher. 

13. f. 

Faust/^j- mor is Martia[l], 
Teopil CO tendbrig, 
Enair, Carpz/J comlan, 
Musa, Marcia, Marc[e]ill, 
Uenantiz/j- aeb anfoil, 

Findsec[h]^ caemh, is^ Comgan.- 
> 6gh, 6 Sliabh Guaire i nGailengaibh. - 6 Cliiain G^/moidhi 



14- g- 

'alixt//jt) cain papa 
Euantiusc abb aebda, 
atcuinnid 'nar cle[i]nii. 
Furtunait leo, Lucian, 
Colum^ glormar gribda 

do Loch morghlan Meilge. 

' sacrt-rt, Insi Cain for Loch Meilghe. 

15. a. 

Sebaist, Antioig, Aufid, 
mo Lua leo col-lere, 
Furtunait ron-forne, 
Maeld cosne tenn, Tom[m]ein, 
Baithin^ borrslat baga, 

Ciian, Corbmac, ®Cr6ne,^ 
Finti'na caid, Colman, 
'nar comrad co core. 

' Lesi. - ogh. 

16. b. 

Satirian mor, Martian/ 
sccht ndcich da chets cacmfer 
a hAffraic ran-airem, 
Riaguil/ Critan, Colum, 
Colman,^ Cera'' cimer, 

la Cobncsach'' caidfer, 
Eogan/ Caeman, Cacmgen," 
Toict[h]ech oebgel a[i]lcb. 

^ ab Muicinsi for Loch Dcrgderc. ■ ep.s<r(^/ Cille Riiaidh i nDdl 

Araidhe, for bru Locha Laigh i n-UItoibh. •' inmarg. Cera mathair 

cloinne Duibh i Maigh Ascad. ■* cpsr^^/. •' Lis m6ir. " Brec. 

■' Comgani cole De, Mart. Taml. Contain— leg. Comgain (gen. sg.), 

Drumm. Kal. '' Calisti, Celesti (gen. sg.) Fcl. Ocng. " MS. 

evancus. '' iVLS. maol. *= Coronae virginis, Mart. Taml. ^ MS. 

martlan. *=' MS. chcd. 


Great Faustus and Martialis, Theophilus with strong virtue, 
Januarius, complete Carpus, Miisaeus (?), Marcia, Marcellus : 
beautiful, shrewd (?) Venantius: dear apindsech' and Comgan- 
(the culdee). 

^ a virgin, from Sliab Guairi in Gailenga. " from Cluain Connaid 
in Cuircne. 

14. G. 
Bright pope Calixtus,'^ Evantius a beautiful abbot, entreat 
them (to be) in our company. Fortunatus with them, Lucianus 
(and) glorious, pleasant (?) Colomb^ of pellucid Loch Meilge. 

a priest, of Inis Cain on Loch Meilge. 

15. A. 
Sebastus, Antiochus, Aufidius : with them my Lua the pious ; 
may Fortunatus succour us ; austere Mael-cosne, Tomein, 
Baethin,^ a proud scion of battle, Ciian, Cormac, Crone^ : chaste 
Fintina (and) Colman be with justice in our converse ! 

of Les. 

16. B. 
Great Satirianus, Martianus, two hundred and seventy dear 
men out of Africa, let us reckon them. ^Riaguil,^ Critan, Colomb, 
Colman,- radiant Cera," with Cobnesach'* a chaste man. Eogan,'^ 
Coeman, Coemgen,*' beautiful-white Toicthech whom I will 

• abbot of Mucc-inis on Loch Derg. " bishop of Cell Ruaid 
in Dalaradia on the brink of Loch L6ig in Ulster. •' Cera, mother 
of the children of Dub, in Mag Ascad. ^ a bishop. ■' of Less mor. 
" the Speckled. 

* Finsiche (gen. sg.), Drunun. Kal. ^ leg. Callistus ? 
" Riagla (gen. sg.), Drinnin. Kal. 


17. C. 

Siluan, Uictor, Uinceint, 
Nicomeid nar nemleir, 

Heron, Cresceint comlan, 
Agna, Laureint, Lupus,^ 
Moenach- banmin, bladmor, 

v^ao. Clarin, coir comdal, 
in degog ron-didna 

Edeldrida dronban, 
^Cu Bretan'' co bet[h]aidh 

dodechaid don domnan. 

' in marg. v'xdetur Kongiimis kwctus dicere <\uo^ hie S. Lupus sit 
Hibernus, et 'S,ancta e\.ia?n Agna. - mac Clariii abb Lainne Lere. 

^ anchore, Maighe Bile. 

18. d. 

Scribnid seel in Choimded, 
Lucas, ler a lebor, 
mo Luanen^ nach lamar, 
Asclepiad 6g, Iwsius, 
Teca^ uain a hinad, 

Trifonia'^ fuair galar, 
mac Cortcid*^ ard urgna, 

Colman,'^ cumra a canad. 

' Tamlachta i niBairche. - ogh, 6 Rviscaigh i cCuailnge. ^ abb. 


J 9. e. 

'oluim, Lucius laindrech, 
Pelagia nos-luadeb. 
Beronic fri bronag, 
cet[h]racha naem nonbar, 
ar daingne bid di'nfal, 

dMaigne, Crinan,^ Cronan," 
barrFaelan na fi'rfir 

at milid fri morgdd.'' 

' ab Cille Maighnenn. - Chule Conlaing/ * Thua[m]n a 


'■'■ Con Britt (gen. sg.), Mart. Taml. 

'' Treofonia, Trifoniae, Trofimae (dat. sg.), Fcl. Oenq. 

■^ Coirtgid, Mart. Taml. 

■' Magniu, Mart Tarn' ^ MS. morgad. 

^ Cule L.agin Mart. Taml. 


17. c. 

Silvanus, Victor, Vincentius, Nicomedes who was not un- 
devout. Heron, complete Crescentius, Agna, Laurentius, Lupus.^ 
Moenach^ fair-gentle, famous, Clari'n's son, a just convention. 
May the good virgin solace us, firm-fair Etheldreda ! Cii Bretan^ 
to life (eternal) went from the wretched world. 

^ Oengusius Auctus^ seems to say that this saint Lupus is Irish, and 
also saint Agna. - son of Clan'u and abbot of Lann Lere. ^ an 

anchorite, of Mag bile. 

18. D. 

The writer of tidings of the Lord, Lukeb — pious is his book 
— my Luanen,^ who is not dared. Virginal Asclepias, Justus. 
Teca,^ (far) from us (is) her place. Tryphonia who suffered*^ 
illness. High, wise Colman,'" son of Cortched — sweet is what 
he used to sing. 

^ of Tamlacht in Bairche. - a virgin, from P.iiscach in Cualnge. 

^ an abbot. 

19. E. 

Ptolomaeus, radiant Lucius, Pelagia, I will proclaim them. 
Beronicus against mournful battle, forty saints and nine, for 
strength will be a protective fence : Maigniu,^ Cri'nan,^ Cronan,' 
the crown of Faelans, the true men, they are soldiers against 
great danger. 

^ abbot of Cell Maignenn. - of Cuil Conlaing. * of 1 uaim 


■^ i.e. the scholia on the Franciscan copy of Fel. Oeng. 
^ Sci. luce euangelistae, Lcofr. Kal. " literally, ' found.' 

200 f£:LTRE Htl GORMAIN. [Ociober. 

20. f. 

1\ /Taximian caid, Caprais, 
^^^ Saula, Martha mine, 

Aurelius ard age, 
Fintan^ Maeldub- molaimm, 
Mael Eoin^ na haebe, 

la hAedan* co n-ane. 
Colman caid in t-erlam 

6 Tuaim gleglan Grane.-'^ 

^ Fintan Maeldubh do Eoghanacht Chaisil, ociis oc Dermaigh ua 
nDuach i tuaiscd'rt Osra4''he. ~ 6 Cluain lommorrois. ^ eps- 

cop 7 anchoire. ^ Ingeldi,^ Maighe Eo. ^ .i. grene. 

-7 T CT 

TV /Tunna^ mor 'sa manaig, 
■^^ ^ tricha da chet'^ comchoir. 

Mael Aithcen cen amcheil, 
oenmili diac derbog,- 
Sillan" flait[h] nach felcruaid, 

mo Cuoc^ mait[h], Maincein.^ 

^ epSiTi?/ 7 ab Cluana hEidhn/]£^h il-Laighis, Fionntain ainm oile do^ 
Tulchan ainm a athar.° - in inarg. vian. rec. adest Ursula^' cum xi mille 
sociabus. ^ Sillan maigistir .i. m^c lia Gairbh, abb Maighe Bile. 

* lia Li[a]t[h], ^ lobhar. 

22. a. 

TDilip, Euseib, Hermeit, 
^ Saloma gaeth glemor, 

Seueir smith fris ndalab, 
Leogaid mait[h], Marc«.v, 
dias thend findeim firen 

Cillen scng is Saran. 

" Aidani sancti. INgell Maigi eo, Mart. Tainl. 

'' MS. da ced. '^ Fintan (.i. mac Tulchain) cum suis monachis qui 

sub iugo eius fuerunt, ccxxxiii. quos non uret ignis iudicii, Mart. Taml.., 
where their names are given in the gen. sg., and the following note added ; 
Haec est familia Mundu. '' MS. usurla. 


20. F. 

Chaste Maximianus, Caprasius, gentle Saula and Martha : 
Aurelius, a high column : =^Fintan^ Maeldub^ whom I praise. 
Mael Eoin" of the beauty, with splendid Aedan^ : chaste Colman 
the patron, from bright-pure Tuaim Grane.'' 

^ Fintan Maeldub of the Eoganacht of Cashel, and at Dermag Hiia 
nDuach in the northern part of Ossory. " from Cluain Immorrois. 

•' a bishop and anchorite. ^ Ingelde, of Mag Eo. ^ of (the) 


21. G. 

Great Munnu^ and his monks, two hundred and thirt}- just 
ones. Mael-Aithcen without folly. Eleven thousand sure 
virgins.^ Sillan," a prince who was not evil and cruel, my good 
Cuoc,* (and) Manchein."' 

' bishop and abbot of Cluain Eidnig in Laigis. Finntain was 

another name of his. Tulchan was his father's name.'' - Here is 

Ursula with eleven thousand female companions. ■* Sillan the 

Master, i.e. great-grandson of Garb, abbot of Mag bile. ^ descendant 
of Liathan. " a leper. 

22. A. 

Philippus, Eusebius, and Hermes : wise, bright-great Saloma : 
venerable Severus with whom I shall tryst : good Leugatus,. 
Marcus, Two strong, fair-active righteous ones, Cillen the 
slender, and Saran. 

" Fintain (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 

^ Oengus {Fcl. Oct. 21) calls him Fintan mac Taulchain (or Telcham). 

F ELI RE HCi go R main. [October. 

23. b. 

Teodorit saer, Seruaint, 
German uli ardmind, 
Mael tuli^ diar tarcem[m] 
Edelfleda firog. 
Gillian- ccn ceim fordaill, 

Dalbach'* leir is Laidcenn, 
Seuerin tend tairbirt, 

Roman airdirc ardgemm. 

' m^c Thi'an.^ - mac Dodnain.'' ' Ciiile FoUaing.'' 

24. c. 

TI7pscop^ loain, Audaicht,'i 
-L-'Gaeti,- Ere" is Enair, 

Furtunait, ni forad, 
Martan, Finngan,* Felic, 
Maxima gem glanog, 

da Liba"' lem, Lonan," 
da Golman riu rimid, 

na minfir nos-molab. 

^ Cilli airthir. - eps^r^?/. ^ 6gh, ingheti Sinill, 6 Miliuc. 

'' mac Airc[h]innigh 6 Dhiammair. ' in viarg. da Liba, 6 Chuil 

nWc Lurchaire. ** Cluana Tibhrinne i cCloinn Cheallrt?irh. 

25. d. 

Crispinian is Grispin, 
Helair, Frontoin fosta, 
Beoc leir is La[i]sre,^ 
cethracha maith miled, 
Maelodhor caem ciste, 

Lasren mczc naem Naisce/ 
Dut[h]ract," '^CoiiSic'' cadgcl, 
Gorman'' ailgen aiste. 

' mac Coluim 6 Dniimliac. - 6 Ard ni^vc Nassca for brii 

Locha Laigh in Ultoibh. •' Leanihcaille. ■* 6cch. ^ i cCill 

Germain in airthiur Laighen. 

"" Tiain, Mart. Tavil. ^ doidnain, ibid. " Culc Colla, ibid. 

'' MS. audaicth. " Condc (misprinted Conach), Mart. Don. 


23. B. 

Noble Theodoritus, Servandus, Germanus — all lofty diadems. 
Mael-Tuile^ to defend us : Ethelfleda a true virgin, Gillian" without 
a step of straying, pious Dalbach'' and Laidcenn. Severinus a 
strong birth, Romanus renowned, a noble gem. 

^ son of Tian. - son of Dodnan. ^ of Ciiil Follaing 

<Collainge ?). 

24. G 

Bishop loain,^ Audactus, Goeddi,^ Ere" and Januarius, For- 
tunatus, no small saying, Martinus, Findgan,* Felix, Maxima 
a pure virginal gem : thy Liba'^ on my behalf, Lonan," two 
Golmdns reckon ye with them, the gentle ones, I will praise 

^ of Cell airthir. - a bishop.^ ^ a virgin, daughter 01 

Sinell, from Miliuc. * son of Airchinnech, from Diammair. ^ thy 

Liba from Cuil meic Lurchairi. "^ of Cluain Tibrinne in Clann 


25. D. 

Grispinianus and Grispinus. Hilarius (and) Fronto, steadfast 
ones (?), pious Beoc and Laisre^ : forty good soldiers : Mael-odor 
a dear treasure ; Lasren, Nasce's^ saintly son : Duthracht/ 
chaste-fair Gonac,* gentle Gorman^ of the metres. 

^ son of Colomb, from Druim Liac. ^ from Ard meic Nascai 

on the brink of Loch Laig in Ulster. ^ of Lemchaill. * a 

virgin. ^ in Cell Gormain in the eastern part of Leinster. 

■'' of Hi (lona), Ti^ernach 712. Four Masters 710. 

204 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [October, 



26. e. 
'eoan,^ Marcian, Mellan, 
'Amaind, Odhran- a[l]id, 

a mblad co buan biaid, 
Cruaid,'^ Darbile^ dagdias, 
feil inghen' seim sold, 

meicc aebda eim lair, 
Ernain/' Rectan'' radaigh 
do gabail fri gliaid. 
^ Beoan 7 Mellan 6 Thamhlacta Menainn in Uibh Eacdadi V)\ad\\. 
' 6 Leitreachaibh Odhrain i Muscr^'/o'he tire. ^ Cosfata 6 

Bala«a. ■* Achaidh cuilinn. '^ ceithre ingena'' meic lair .i. 

Dairinill, Darbelein,'^ Gael ocus Comghell i cCill na n-inghen i ttaobh 
Tamhlachta andes. "^ Midhluac/?ra icCill na saccart. ' o 


27. f. 
*or aene na n-apstol, 

Aug7^i"tin nar' amreid, 
ua Fiachrach caemh Colman/ 
secht meicc Stiallain- sunna, 
Abban,^ Cels//j- comleir, 

epsfT^/ Ere'' is Odhran,"' 
Erennan breo bunaid, 

is cubaid in comdal, 
Rectine*^ coa ragamm, 

fris canamm ar comhradh. 
' Colman ua Fiachrach 6 Senbotha in Uibh Cein[n]selrt'/[o-h. ^ 6 

Raith mrtc Stiallain in Ardghal. ^ Abban \\\ac lii Corbma/c i 

Maigh Arnaidhe in Uibh Ceinnsela^^'h 7 i cCill Abbain in Uibh Muire- 
dha/i,Vz. "* 6 Domhnach m6r Maighe Luadhat i ttuaisc^rt ua 

fFaolain. ^ /;/ marg. Odhran abb la, 7 o Tigh Airerain i Midhe.*-" 

® 6gh craibhdech. 

28. g. 
imon tend is Tatha, 

*Cirill, Colman, Paron, 
Marina nar, rodal, 
Dorbene^ seng, Suibhne, 
mo Beccoc main" molub, 
Nathe^ cain, is Conan. 
' abb lae Qo\uii)i cille, do chenel CoudciSS. QtvXhain d6. 
" in marg. man. rec. Main no Ma6n forte Mono. ^ eps<:^/. 

•'' written man. rcc. over meic. '' Darbellinn, Mart. Taml. 

*- Are not the words o Tigh Airerain i Midhe a gloss on ' Erennan ' ? of. 
Mart. Tanil. Airennain o Thig Airennain im-Midi. 



26. E. 
^Beoan/ Marcianus, t>]V[ellan, Amandus, Odran- entreat ye. 
Their fame will be lasting. Cruaid^ and Darbile* the goodly pair. 
The festival of the (four) slender subdued daughters^ of beautiful 
brisk Mac lair. Ernain'' and very keen Rechtan'' to keep (us) 
from battle. 

' Beoan and Mellan from Tamlachta Menainn in Hui Echdach 
Ulad. " from Lettrecha Odrai'n in Muscraige tire. ^ Long- 

legs, from Balana. ^ of Achad cuilinn. ^ Mac lair's four 

daughters, to wit, Dairinill, Darbelein, Coel and Comgell, in Cell 
na n-ingen beside Tamlachta to the south. '^ of Midluachair, in 

Cell na sacart. '' from Etargabail. 

27. F. 
On the vigil of the Apostles^ Augustin (of Bennchor) who was 
not unsmooth : dear Colman^ grandson of Fiachra : Stiallan's- 
seven sons here. Abban,^ pious Celsus : bishop Ere'' and 
Odran^ : Erennan a mighty flame : harmonious is the conven- 
tion ; Rectine'^ to whom we shall go : unto him let us sing our 

^ Colman grandson of Fiachra, from Senbotha in Hiii Cennselaig. 
2 from Raith mac Stiallain in Ardgal. ^ Abban great-grandson of 

Cormac, in Mag Arnaide in Hiii Cennselaig and in Cell Abbaia in Hiii 
Muredaig. ^ from Domnach Mor Maige Luadaf^ in the northern 

]Dart of H ui Faelain. ^ Odran abbot® of lona, and from Tech Airerain 
in Meath. ® a devout virgin. 

28. G. 
Austere Simon and Thaddaeus, Cyrilla, Colman, Pharo (and) 
modest Marina, a great assembly: slender Dorbene,^ Suibne, 
my Beccoc, a treasure- which I will praise : beautiful Nathi'^ and 

^ abbot of Colomb cille's Hi (lona) ; of the Kindred of Conall 
Gulban was he. - )nan. rec. (perperam) Main or Maon, perhaps 

Mono. ^ a bishop. 

■■^ Beoain (gen. sg.), Druinm. Kal. ^ Mellain (gen. sg.), Dricmm. Kal 

■^ Vigilia sanctorum Apostolorum Simonis et ludae, Mart. Rom. 

'^ Oengus (Oct. 27) calls this place Doiimach Mor incuncch ''irecism-ous 

Domnach Mor.' " A mistake : see Reeves, Alarf. Don. p. 286, note, and 

Vita Colu/nbae, pp. 283, 417. 

2o6 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [October. 

29. a. 

T^pscop Narcis noemfer, 
'*--' Lucius, Gr/-man glorda, 

Quint?/-?, laichinth oebda, 
Luran,' Foenir,^ Findcan, 
Tamt[h]inna" saer seghdha, 

Cuan,* Coelan^ coemhdha, 
Aed Glas, tuir cen temel, 

a nemed is noemhdha. 

' eps^:^/, 6 Dhoiri Lurain. - 6 Dhomhnach Faoinir. ^ 6gh.« 

* 6 Inis liacc. ^ 6 Thigh na manach. 

30. b. 

/^~^erman caid 6 Chapua, 
^^-^Seraip, Marcill milid, 

do Chonna sruith sarfer, 
Fedilmid^ 6^, bgi-nach,^ 
Colman^ Cammsa ci'mer, 

la hErcnaif* non-aleb, 
Fordeoir^ min nos-molaimm 

'ma colaind nir' cradhed. 

' Domhnaigh. - m^c Eichin. ^ abb 6 Chammas Comh 

gain for brii na Banna, n6 o Lainn mo Chohnoc. Mo-c mathar do 
mo Cohn6c na Lainne he. * 6gh, 6 Dun da En i ffiodhbhaidh 

DhalAraidhe. ^ 6cch. 


31. c. 

|uintin mor fri martra, 
,Nemeisc noemh co nglaine, 
Lucill, Comman^ cridi, 
brathair Fursa ^^Foelan,- 
oene foemaid'^ uile 

do noemhaibh ind nime, 
hi coemcrich in ci'ssa 

in mi's[s]ae cen mine, 
a morshlog'* me beraid 
iar nderaib com dih". 
^ ua Ciarain, a!) Lis m6ir. - abb. rofulaing-sidhc martra isin 

fFrainc/* ^ in mi's. 

'' Oengus (Oct. 29) calls her Taimthene, Tacmtheine, Tamthinc. 
"^ Airnich (gen. sy.), Mart. Tanil. '^ MS. Nemess. 

'^' Failani mart)ris, fratris Fursu, Mart. 'J'auil. Faclain (gen. sg.), 
Drtimtn. Kal. '^ MS. foemdid. 


29. A. 

Bishop Narcissus a holy man. Lucius, glorious Germanus, 
Quintus, beautiful Jacinthus, Luran/ Foinir,- Findchan. Tam- 
thinna,^ noble and stately. Cuan/ beloved Coelan.^ Aed the 
Grey, a tower without darkness, his sanctuary is hallowed. 

' a bishop, from Daire Liirain. " from Domnach F6inir. 

^ a virgin. * from Inis Liacc, ^ from Tech na manach 

C- the House of the Monks '). 

30. B. 

Chaste Germanus from Capua : Serapion, Marcellus the 
soldier : thy Conna a venerable great man : virginal Fedilmid,^ 
Ernach^ : radiant Colman*^ of Cambas, with Ercnat,* I will beseech 
them. Gentle Fordeoir^ I praise her ; as to her flesh she was 
not tormented.^ 

' of Domnach. - son of Echen. ^ an abbot, from 

Cammus Comgaill on the Bann's brink, from Lann rao Chohiioic.'^ A 
son of his mother was my Colm6c of the Lann. ^ a virgin, from Diin 
da En (' the Fort of two Birds ') in the forest of Dal Araide.*" ^ a 


31. c. 

Ouintinus great at martyrdom. Nemesius with purity. 
Lucilla, hearty Comman.^ Fursa's brother Faelan.- The vigil 
of the saints of heaven^ which ye all keep : this tax (is paid) 
at the dear end of this great month. Its mighty host^ will 
bring me after tears unto my loved ones. 

^ Ciaran's grandson, abbot of Lismore. - an abbot. He 

suffered martyrdom in France. •' the month's. 

"^ i.e. she did not suffer from fleshly lusts. 

^ Oengus (Oct. 30) calls him Colman mace hui [leg. maccu] Gualae. 

" already commemorated at January 8. 

'' vigilia omnium sanctorum, Drwnm. Kal. and Mart. Rom. 

2o8 FELIRE HUl GOKMAIN. [Nove.mbek. 


I. d. 

POR sruithlo na samna 
■*- in Commde fein fegaid, 

na hangeil drong diamair, 
ule noeim ind nime, 
sloigh CO nglaine glegil, 

ma Maire moir miadaig, 
B^mgnus blaith besaid, 

Uigoir, Cesair ciamair, 
Goran, Brenaind brighdha 

uain fri digla diabail. 

For in lith-sin Lonan/ 
Cronan,^ Colman" coemseng, 

Cronan/ Altin'^ alimm, 
Colman, Canan, Corpre,*^ 
Fintina/ Aedh^ fegaim, 

Brugaclv' BicilF'' baghimm, 
Dicoll, Martan" milla, 

meicc Dimma^- fris ndalimm, 
epscoip Cille Tidil,''' 

na sinfir co sargrind, 
Caemoc Chille Inse, 

isin rindse^^ radimm. 

' o Threoit i mBregaibh. - Tuania Grene. ^ mac 

Fionain o Ath lomglaisi. •* Maothla. " Altin ociis An 

inghen 6g 6 Ghill Innsi, ^ epsrr;/. ' 6g Chluana Guithbinn. 

•^ Aodh xwac Roi i Foibhren. '' cps^r;/, 6 Raith Mhaighe Aonaigh. 

'" iti marg. Bicill Tulcha. " 6 Rdith Innsi Edhnigh. '- tri meic 

Dima o Thigh mac Dimma. ^^ secht n-epscoip Dhroma'Tidil 
'- .i. i ndeiriudh an raind. 



I. D. 

On the venerable day of AUhallowtide behold ye the Lord 
Himself, the angels, a mystical band, and all the saints of heaven, 
hosts with clear white purity, around great honourable Mary.^ 
Benignus a smooth moralist (?), Vigorius, sad Caesarius, Goran, 
vigorous Brenainn (be) from us against the Devil's vengeances. 

On that festival Lonan,^ Cronan,^ dear, slender Colman.'" 
Cronan,* Altin^whom I supplicate,Colman,Canan.Corpre,*' Fintina,'' 
Aed® whom I see. Brugach,'^ BicilP*^ whom I proclaim — Dicholl 
(and) Martan,^^ mild ones (?), Di'mma's sons^^ whom I meet with. 
Cell Tidil's bishops,^'^ the aged men right pleasantly. Coemoc of 
Cell Inse in this stanza's close^* whom I utter. 

^ from Trefot in Biegia. " of Tuaim Grene. ^ son of Fi'nan, 

from Ath Immglaise. * of Maethail. ° Alti'n and An, a virgin 

girl from Cell Inse. ^ a bishop. '' a virgin, from Cluaiii 

Guthbinn. ^ Aed son of R6i in Foibren. '-* a bishop, from 

Raith Maige Oenaig. ^^ Bicill of Tulach. ^^ from Raith Inse 

Ednig. ^■- Di'mma's three sons, from Tech mac Dimm-a. 

" seven bishops of Druim Tidil. ^* i.e. at the end of the stanza. 

"■^ Haec Dei genitricis Mariae, et omnium sanctorum martyrum celebri- 
tas, a Bonifacio, summo Pontifice, ita instituta est, ut quotannis Romae 
ageretur ; sed Gregorius Quartus [ob. 844] Ludouici Regis [Louis le Debon- 
naire] rogatu, ad honorem omnium sanctorum, in universa ecclesia, earn 
perpetuo coli statuit, Mart. Rom. 



2. e. 

A /Tacc Oengusaa Aedan,^ 
-^ ' -^ Prudein, Ambrois idan. 

feil na marb din dlegar, 
Q^scop tiEirc- is GdXhcs, 
Dari,^ Lugaeth/ Lib^r/ 

Malachias*' sui senad, 
Anmere na hoeibi, 

Senach," Coemhi^ credal, 
Enostan^ cenn cainbreth, 

Eustaich taidlech trebar. 

^ Aedan \nac Aenghasa, 6 Chill M6ir Aedhain in Uibh Meith 
Menna. ^ Ere Slane eps^r^?/ Liolcaig, oais 6 Ferta fer Feicc i ttaebh 

Siodha Tniim aniar. ^ B6chana, fedb. * mac Aongh?^j-a 6 

Druim Incscclahin. ^ ifi marg. .i. Liber Martradaige. 

" .i. Maol mAodh6cc iia Morghair airdeasp(9(; chathaoire Patraicc. 
' sacrt^-t Cille moire. ® albanach, 6 Chill Coeimhi. ^ Cliiana 


Corconutan,^ Quartz/j, 
Murdebair^ mor molaim, 

Hilair, Coeman^ caraimm, 
Fer da crich is Caemlach,'* 
Ciricin na celimm, 

la Lappan^ nach lamaimm, 
Brugach, Brenainn," Dimma, 

Corrach ri'gda ragaimm, 
mo Ecca' in sruit[h] soerfbt,c 

mo Choemoc'^ mar chanaimm 
6't?«odhar" fial findsa, 

rimsa corop ralaind. 

^ 6 Dhoire Eidhnech .i. Doire na^fFlannin Eoghani?^/// Chaisil. 
- eccnaz'^h 6 Dhisert Muirdhebrach in Uibh Conaill Gabhra. 
^ 6 Eanach Truim il-Laighis in larthar Laighen, bratair do Chaoimh- 
ghin Glinne da locha. ^ 6 Raithin. *^ Cliiana Aithgen. 

" Glaissi da Colptha. "' Insi Conaill. ** ailithir. 

'^ abb Fobhair, 

MS. oengasa. ^ sci. a:rchi[conf., Lcofr. Kal. " MS. saerot. 


2. E. 

Aedan^ son of Oengus, Prudentius, pure Ambrosius. The 
Feast of the Dead^^ which is due from us. Bishop Eirc^ and 
Gallus. Dare," Lugaed,* Liber.'' Malachias'^ sage of synods. 
Anmere of the beauty. Senach/ pious Coeme.^ Enostan,^ chief 
of beautiful judgments. Eustachius, brilHant, prudent. 

^ Aedan son of Oengus, from Cell M6r Aedain in Hui Meith 
Menna. ~ Ere of Slane, bishop, of Lilcach and from Ferta Fer 

Feicc beside Sid Truim from the west. ^ of B6chain, a widow. 

* son of Oengus, from Druim Inesclainn. ^ i.e. Liber of Martra- 

tech. " i.e. Mael m'Aed6ic, grandson of Morgar, archbishop of 

S. Patrick's throne. ' priest of Cell m6r. * a Scotchman, 

from Cell Coemi. ° of Cluain Duma. 

3- F. 

Corconutan,^ Quartus, great Murdebair- whom I praise. 
Hilarius, Coeman^ whom I love. Fer da chri'ch and Caemlach.* 
Ciricin whom I hide not, with Lappan'^ whom I dare not. 
Brugach, Brenainn,*^ Di'mma. Royal Corrach whom I choose : 
my Ecca'' the noble, cautious elder, my Coemoc® as I sing. This 
modest, fair Conodar,'* unto me may he be very bright ! 

^ from Doire Eidnech, i.e. Doire na Flann in Eoganacht of CasheL 
- a wise man, from Disert Murdebrach in Hiii Conaill Gabra. 
^ from Enach Truim in Laigis in the west of Leinster, a brother of 
Coemgin of Glendalough. ^ from Rathen. " of Cluain 

Aithgin. ^ of Glas da Cholptha. ^ of Inis Conaill. 

® a pilgrim. ^ abbot of Fobar. 

^ commemoratio omnium fidelium defunctorum. Mart. Rom. 

P 2 


4- g- 

TJiem/j, Amaint, 

^ -'- Tigernach^ mind molub, 

la Clar?/i- rind ramor, 
Birstan,^ Procul primfer, 
ara mbaig fris mbenab 

Gildas caid is Canon.' 

Doire Melle. " epsr^/. ^ saccart. 

5. a. 

Zachair athair loain, 
Marcia, L[a]et?/j' ligda, 
Felic, Euseib aebda, 
Colman/ Flannan, Faelan, 
Gobban sainfer sluagda, 

Cuillend,- ^'^Cainer,^ Caenna. 

^ Glinne Delmaic in Osraighibh i Maigh Raighne dosonm/^h. 
Cluana hiiamanach. ^ inghen Caolam 6 Rinn hAUaidh. 

6. b. 

A drian, Enair, Atticc, 
-^~*-Maelan, Leonard lanfial, 

fri rennaibh, fri raenar, 
Cronan/ Felic, Fedbair,- 
Uinnocz^j- mor minaeb, 

m«c Colgan 6% Aedan.' 

' abb Benncoir. - 6gh, 6 Bhothaibh Eich Raichnigh i tTi'r 

Ratha. ' 6 Lainn Abaich in Ultoibh. 

7. c. 

TTerculan, Achilla,^ 

^ ^ Ruf/zj, Fintan feithmech, 

Colman^ lergrinn loigt[h]ech, 
Uuel[i]frod, Paul, Polls, 
Samuel nir dui debt[h]ach, 

Sodalach- sui soichlcch. 

ailithir Innsi mo Cholm6c. - anchoreta. 

■^ Cainder, Mart. Don. ^ MS. Herculan caid chilla. 


4. G. 

Hierius, Amantius, Tigernach^ a diadem which I will praise, 
with Clarus an exceeding great star, Birstan/ Proculus a chief 
man. For their blessing^ I will entreat them, chaste Gildas and 

' of Doire Melle.'' ' a bishop. ^ a priest, 

5. A. 

Zacharias, father of John (the Baptist), Marcia, shining 
Laetus. Felix, beautiful Eusebius, Colman,^ Flannan, Faelan, 
Gobban, a hostful, singular man. Cuillenn,^ Gainer,^ Coenna. 

^ of Glenn Delmaic in Ossory, in Mag Raigni (to speak) precisely. 
" of Cliiain Huamanach. ^ daughter of Caelan, from Rinn 


6. B. 

Adrianus, Januarius, Atticus, Maelan, full-modest Leonardus 
against spearpoints, against routing slaughter. Cronan,^ Felix, 
Fedbair.- Winnoc, great, gentle, beautiful, virginal Aedan/ son 
of Colgu. 

^ an abbot of Bennchor. - a virgin, from Botha Eich Raichnig. 

' from Lann Abaich in Ulster. 

7. c. 

Herculanus, Achillas, Rufus, attentive Finntan : Colman,^ 
delightful, indulgent ; Willibrord, Paulus, Polisius ; Samuel, who 
was not a quarrelsome fool. Sodalach,^ a generous sage. 

^ a pilgrim, of Inis mo Cholm6ic. - an anchorite. 

'' literally, word. *' Mella (was) his mother's name. Mart. Don. 

214 FELIRE HCI GORMAIN. [iNTovember. 

8. d. 

Nicostrait, Claud, Castor, 
Simproin, Simplic somind,^ 
la cethrar caem crobung. 
aBarr[f]ind^ aebda, Abdia,"' 
Findchan cain no caraimm, 

m«c Aeda Clain Colum[m].* 

^ .i. mind maith. ^ - mac Aedha i n-Achadh Chaillten in Uibh 

Drona fri Berba ani'ar in Uibh Rethe fn Lethglinn andes. ^ m<zc 

XJodac[h]. * Ciiile Damhain .i. Guile Briuin. 

9. e. 

Ursicinb toi, Teodoir, 
mo Conna^ ba ciuinboc, 
Benignus- cain caemslat, 
^Sinech,^ Findsech,* Fintan, 
for nem soerda, Sarnat,^ 
Lasse^ aebda, Aednat." 

' Becc. - eps^c'/!', deiscip?// YdXraic, ociis a comarba. 

^ ogh, 6 Chliiain Lethtengad. * 6gh, 6 Cruachan Maighe Abhna. 

* mghen Aodha i tTir Maine. " 6gh, Cliiana Lomain. ^ inghen 


10. f. 
TDapa maith Martin?/^-, 

-^ Tibeir, Modeist miadach, 

Dimetir nar dalach, 
do Liba seim, Senic, 
Cu-Boirne trice treorach, 

Aed^i Ti\ac Bric^ in bagach. 

Coel craibdech, mo Cruadoc,^ 
Grellan,^ Findmac* findnoem, 

la Laegaire' lomnan, 
^Fergus*' aebda, Osnat,'' 
epsf^/ Dergg-aedh degmor, 

Sodelb,** Ciaran"' comlan, 
Comman nar gand gartbrig, 

for quart-id a comdal. 

^ eps^(9/, 6 Chill Air i Midhe ocus 6 Sliabh Li'ag i tTir B6ghaine i 
cCenel cConaill. Do Chenel Fiacha^/^ m^'/c Ncill do. " Airdne 

Coluim. ^ 6 Crdoibh Ghreallain i cConn^zf/z/aibh i n-airther Mhaighe 

Luirg. * epsff?/. ^ epsiTi?/ Ckiana Creamha. ^ Insi Inesclainn 
for Loch Eirne. '' 6gh. ^ 6gh, Con ainm a baile i Maigh 

Conaille. " m marg. Ciaran e^^scop Tioprata mac n-Enna [Ndnna ?] 

'^ Barrinni (Latin gen. sg.), Dnimm. Kal. ^ MS. Urcicin. 

^ Sinche (gen. sg.), Dru/ntn. Kal. sancte uirginis Sinche, Mart. Chr. C/i. 
'' Oeda (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. " MS. fergas. 


8. D. 

Nicostratus, Claudius, Castor, Symphorianus, Simplicius, 
a goodly diadem,^ with a tetrad,''^ a dear cluster. Beautiful Barr- 
find,^ Abdia,-^ bright Findchan whom I love, and Colomb* son of 
Aed the Bent. 

^ i.e. a good diadem. - i.e. son of Aed, in Achad Caillten in 

Hiii Drona to the west of (the river) Barrow in Hui Rethe to the south 
of Lethglenn. ^ maccu Odach (?) * of Ciiil Damain, i.e. 

of Ciiil Briuin. 

9. E. 

Silent Ursicinus. Theodorus, my Conna^ who was soft 
and gentle : bright Benignus^ a dear scion. Sinech,'' Findsech,* 
Fintan. On noble heaven Sarnat,'^ beautiful Lasse** and Aednat.^ 

^ The Little. - a bishop ; (Saint) Patrick's disciple and his 

successor. •* a virgin from Cluain Lethtengad. ^ a virgin, 

from Cruachan Maige Abna. ^ daughter of Aed, in Tir Maine. 

^ a virgin, of Cluain Lommain. ' daughter of Lochen. 

10. F. 

A good pope Martinus : Tiberius, honourable Modestus. 
Demetrius, bashful, multitudinous : thy slender Liba, Senic, Cu- 
Boirne, quick, vigorous : the warlike Aed son of Brecc.^ 

Coel the devout, my Cruadoc,- Grellan,^ white-holy Findmac,^ 
with ample Loeguire,^ beautiful Fergus,'^ and Ossnat.'' Bishop 
Dergaed, good and great. Sodelb,^ complete Ciaran.^ Comman, 
whose generous vigour was not scanty — their convention is on 
the fourth of the ides.b 

^ a bishop, from Cell Air in Meath and from Sliab Liac in Tir 
B6gaine in Cenel Conaill. Of the kindred of Fiacha Niall's son was 
he. - of Airdne Coluimb. ^ from Craeb Grellain in Con- 

naught in the east of Mag Luirg. ^ a bishop. ^ ^ bisliop of 

Cluain Crema. ® of Inis Inesclainn on Loch Erne, '' a 

virgin. ^ a virgin. Cen is the name of her stead on Mag Conaille. 

^ Ciaran bishop of Tiprait mac n-Enna (Nenna?). 

"' Severus, Severianus, Carpophorus and Victorinus, the sancti quatuor 
coronati of Ado and Lcofr. Kal. '' quarto idus Novembris. 

2i6 F&LIRE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

II. g. 

Sanct Martan mor, Menna, 
epscc/* ^Coirpre^ cainfial, 
la Murgal- nos morab, 
Cruimthir^ leo la Duban,* 
Darerca aeb firog, 

Mael Odran caem, Cronan.^ 

* 6 Cuil Raithin. " .i. milidh Qxist. ^ Domhnaigh m6ir. 

* ill marg. man. ?-ec. Dubh duban a xiDomnach m6r Muighe hith. 
Betha Vadraic 1. 2, c. 58. ' mac Sinill. 

12. a. 

Emilian is Euseib, 
Manchein,' da Nem/ naemfir, 

bCummin," mo Cop* ciama[i]r, 
tri mcic' Erca, Ernin," 
Lonan/ Findchad'^ falid, 

SinelP mormrtc Mianaig, 
Angas,^" Duthracht^^ dathglan, 

Brig^- rathmar cor-riaghail, 
Methel CaeP" gee grindgel, 

for findnem eoa fiadain, 
Seigein sruithfer somin, 

a rorig ro riaraig. 

' abb Lis nioir. - 6 Druim lethan. ^ in marg. Cuimmin Foda 
mac Fiachna do Eoghanac/i^ Locha Lein, epscop Cluana F^rta Brenainn. 
Aodh a chedainm diles, ocus Druim da liter ainm a bhaile. ^ Cille 

m6ire. ^ 6 Dhermaigh. ^ mac Fionnchain, abb Leithglinne. 

' Chaille Uaillech. ** epscop o Chill Forgo. " 6 Claoininis 

for Loch .^'irne. ^" 6gh, ing/wn Rresail 6 Cruaich Anghais. " ogh. 
■'-' ifi marg. V>x\^,ociis Dut//racht, 6 Chill Muine d6ibh. ^^ 6gh, 6 

Disert Meiihle Caile i Feraibh Arda. 

^ Corbri (gen. sg.), Driunm. Kal. 

^ Cummini (gen. sg. of Cummine), Drwiim. Kal. 


II. G. 

Great saint Martin, Menna, bright and modest bishop Coir- 
pre/ with Murgal,- I will praise them : Cruimthir^ along with 
them, and Duban* : beautiful Darerca,^ a true virgin : dear Mael 
Odrain (and) Cronan.^ 

' from Ciiil Rathin. " a soldier of Christ. ^ of Doninach 

Mor. * Dub Duban^' in Domnach M6r Maige Itha, Patrick's Life,. 

1. 2, c. 58. '" son of Sinell. 

12. A. 

Aemilianus and Eusebius, Manchein^ and thy Nem,^ holy 
men. Cummin,'^ my Cop* the mournful. Era's three sons/'' 
Erni'n,® Lonan,'' joyous Findchad;^ Sinell,-' Mianach's mighty son. 
Angas,^" pure-coloured Duthracht,^^ and gracious Bri'g^- with a 
(conventual) rule. Methel the Meagre,^^ a lovely, white branch, on 
fair heaven by her Guide. Segein, a gentle, venerable man, 
who satisfied his great King. 

' abbot of Lismore. - from Druim lethan. ^ Cuimmin 

the Tall, son of Fiachna, of the Eoganacht of Loch Lein, bishop of 
Cluain Ferta Brenainn : Aed was his proper first name, and Druiin da 
liter the name of his stead. * of Cell m6r. ^ from Dermag. 

" son of Findchan and abbot of Lethglenn. '' of Caill Uallech. 

^ a bishop, from Cell Forgo. " from Cloen-inis on Loch Erne. 

'" a virgin, daughter of Bresal, from Cruach Angais. ^' a virgin. 

'■' Brig and Duthracht, from Cell Muine were they. '^ a virgin, 

from Disert Meithle c6ile (' Methel the Meagre's Hermitage') in Fir 

^ Perhaps we should read da Rerca ' thy Rerca ' here and at Jan. 15. 
•' apparently the Dudubae mac Corcain of the Tripartite Life, Rolls ed. 
p. 151. 

2i8 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

13. b. 

"Dricius, Barrfinn, Metin, 
-'-'Aldigundis glanmor, 

loain,^ Lassar^ lommnan, 
Findlug, F^rbrig, Failend,^ 
Odharnat* og, Ernin,^ 

Ninnid,'' Callin/ Colman,^ 
Mael ^deit''' cen duibe 

inmhain cuire comlan. 

^ Lis mh6ir. - Achaidh Beithe. ^ mglmi Eoghain. 

"* o Druim m«c Feradhaz^/z. ^ Mac Duibh. ^ eps^r;/ Cille 

Toma i Midhe, "' o Fiodhnach Maighe Rein do Ciiaillin mac 

Niatach. ® i Maigh Eo. ^ mac Droighin. 

14. c. 

'P'indachta^ fial flaithfer, 
-^ Clementin^ co cade, 

la Teodoit naem niamhda, 
Colman^ beo, mo Beccoc, 
Serapion sui sida, 

feil mo Chuti chialla, 
bat coemha na cruthglain 

tri meic Dubtaig^ diada, 
Constans'' Erni athnemm,c 

roba rathc[h]enn riaghla. 

^ Findachta mac Dunch(7^a, ri Y.xenn^ as e romaith an B6roniha. 

- Innsi mo Cholmoc i nUibh Fenechlais in iarthar Laighen. ' .i. 

Fachtna o Chill Toma. Gabran ocus Euhel an dias oile. * saca/l 
ociis anchoreta 6 Eo-inis for Loch Eirne. 

15. d. 

Epscop Uinfrid, Eugein, 
mo Cloine^ feig firglan, 
Felic seim co slognem, 
Fer da crich is Connaith,- 
Mogain'' cen beirt mbaeglaig, 
inghen E[i]rc in 6gben. 

' &^uop. " abb Lis m6ir. in 7narg. 7nan, rec. can-dath. 

6gh, \x\ghen Eire i Sleibh Dind. 

^ deith, Mart. Don. ^ Clemeint, Clemint, Pel. Oeng. " MS. atnem 


13. B. 

Bricius, Barrfind, Metm (?), pure-great Aldigundis : loain,^ 
replete Lassar,^ Findlug, Forbrig, Failenn,^ virgin Odarnat,* 
Erni'n,^ Ninnid,'' Callin/ Colman.^ Mael Deit^ without darkness 
— a dear complete band. 

^ of Less mor. ■ of Achad Beithe. ^ daughter of Eogan. 

* from Druim maic Feradaig. * son of Dub. ^ a bishop, of 

Cell T6mma in Meath. '^ from Fidnach Maige Rein was Caillin 

.son of Niata. ^ from Mag Eo. ^ son of Droigen. 

14. c. 

Findachta/ a modest, princely man, Clementinus the 
chaste, with holy shining Theodotus, lively Colman,^ my 
Beccoc. Serapion, a sage of peace : the feast of my Cuta the 
intellectual. Dear are the pure-formed, three godly sons of 
Dubthach.^ Constans* of Erne^'^ whom we recognise, who was a 
gracious chief of (monastic) rule. 

^ Findachta, son of Dunchad, King of Ireland. 'Tis he that 
remitted the Tribute.^ - of Inis mo Cholm.oic in Hiii Fenechlais 

in the west of Leinster. ^ i.e. Fachtna from Cell T6mma. Gabran 

and Euhel were the other two.° * priest and anchorite : from Eo- 

inis on Loch Erne. 

15. D. 

Bishop Winfrith, Eugenius, my Cloine^ keen and truly pure : 
slender Felix unto hostful heaven, Fer da chri'ch and Connaith.^ 
Mogain^ without a dangerous burden, Erc's daughter, the 
perfect woman. 

^ a bishop. - abbot of Less m6r. ^ a virgin, daughter of 

Ere, in Sliab Dind. 

'"' An addition to Mart. Don. makes a saint out of this lake-name. 

^ i.e. the Borovia. See Revue Celtiqiie XIII. 106. 

'^ trium fratrum Gabran, Eoil et Fachtne, Dficnun. Kal. 

220 FELIKE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

1 6. e. 

Gelchlu mor is Mida,^ 
la Fintan,^ nit fanna 
rochachtsat a colla 
Eucherius, Curcach,^ 
nocha caelfal cranna 

meic Coelan,^ mo Chonna.-"' 

^ nirtc Moil. [A recent hand has cancelled viida and substituted 
rida^ ~ Lemhcaille. ^ Greccraighe. ^ 6 Muccurt mdr. 

^ mac Fionnlogha. 

17. f. 

Dioni's ard, Anian, 
Ammon, Duicuill^ diada, 
Electach ard age, 
Dulech^'^ craibdech Clochair.^ 
triar coemdos'J co caene 

Buadbeo, Oengos,^ Ane,^ 
Matrona tend tennal 
la Cellan co cade. 

^ mo Di'cu. - fri Faeldruim andes i Fine Gall. ^ 6 Chill 

mhdir airthir fini i ciunn Maighe hElta. 

18. g. 

Octauus mor Martain, 
Mac Eire, Roman ruanaid, 
Midnat^ bili as mbagaid,'^ 
Ronan m^c beo Beraigh,^ 
Esic, Critan^ caemfir, 

mo Conoc* in crabaid, * 

in^ papa glan Gelais, 

Hilda" in ghenais gradaig. 

^ 6 Gill Liuchaine. ^ 6 Druim Inesclainn i cConaillibh Mur- 

theimne. ^ o Tuaim meic Cau. •* Uamac[h]. In marg. 

jjian. rec. potius mo Con6cc o Gill Mucrois quia mo Gonocc Uamach 
colitur 19 Decembm. ^ banab 7 6gh. 

Dulech, DriDiiin. Kal. sancti Dulech confessoris, Mart. Chr. Ch. 
MS. caemdos. ^ MS. yEngas. '' MS. mbagit. " MS. an. 


16. E. 

Great Gelchlu^ and Mida,^ with Fintan," they are not feeble. 
They fettered their bodies, Eucherius and Curcach.'^ No slender 
slanting fence are Coelan's* sons and my Conna."' 

^ son of Moel. 
* from Muccart Mor. 

^ of Lemchaill. 
® son of Findluff. 

^ of Grecraisre. 

17. F. 

Lofty Dionysius, Anianus, Ammon, godly Duicuill.^ Elec- 
tach, a high column : devout Dulech of Clochar.^ Three dear 
bushes with brightness, Buadbeo, Oengus, and Ane." Austere 
Matrona, a torch, with chaste Cellan. 

^ my Di'cu. _ ^ to the south of Faeldruim in Fine Gall. 
Cell mor Airthir Fini hard by Mag Elta. 


18. G. 

The great octave of Martin 

Mac Eire, strong Romanus, 
Midnat,^ a sacred tree which ye proclaim. Ronan^ the lively 
son of Berach.^ Hesychius, Critan'^ dear and true, my Conoc'* 
of the devotion. The pure pope Gelasius. Hilda^ of the lovable 

^ from Cell Liuchaine. - from Druim Inesclainn in Conailli 

Muirthemni. ^ from Tuaim ra.eic Cau. * Cave-dweller. 

Rather my Con6c of Ceil Mucrois because my Conoc Uamach is 
venerated on the 19th December. ^ abbess and virgin. 

^ Misprinted Gelchii in Mart. Don. pp. 310, 311, 510. 

^ Ronain (gen. sg.), Drumin. Kal. So in Fel. Oeno^. Nov. 18 (Rawl. B, 
505) : meicc Beraich co n-uagi feil reil Ronain rigdai the clear feast of royal 
Rondn son of virginal Berach. 


19. a. 

"|\ /r axim^/j- caid, Crispin, 
^ ^ Exupeir os feraibh, 

Seuman dian soraid, 
Felician is Faustus, 
mo Chian noem nemid : 

Ael dabair oen foraib,^ 
N[o]emlug dena nemdaib 

fri demnaib in domain. 

^ .i. aen tuillte frisan Xv^cJit remhe. 

20. b. 

TDqntian papa, Basil, 

^ Eadmund leircen loc[h]ta, 

Siluest^r feig^ ferta, 
Esconnc fn'u la dFraechan,^ 
isat milsi a molta 

leo, Insi [maic] Erca. 

' eps^(?/. In marg. Esconn ocus Froechan i mBdchluain il-Laighis 
6 Cluain Eidhnech soir, no 6 Inis m^/c Erca. 

21, C. 

"D iifus, Maria, Maurus, 
-■-^Columban^ no caraimm, 

Camman,^ Garban guidim[m], 
Aedan,^ mo Chua,^ Colman,* 
Subach^ craibdech Coraind, 

feil mo Lua nach lu[i]gimm,'"' 
Di'ucoll mo din dangen^ 

ni fannfer fo fuilim[m].^ 

^ abb robhui isin Ettdil. ^ 171 marg. Aodhan xaac Concmidh 

o Cluain Eidhnech. ^ Cliiana Crainn. * m^/c Comain 6 

Arainn airthir. ^ 6gh. " in marg. man. rec. per [quern] non 

jure sed protestor. '' protector firmus. *^ cui subjectus sum. 

"" Ael dobhair, Mart. Don. ^ MS. feicc. 

Escon, Fe'L Oeng. '' Fraechani (Latin gen.), Drumm. Kal. 

" leg. Comman ? filii Commi, Drumm. Kal. 


19. A. 

Chaste Maximus,Crispinus, Exuperius above men : Severianus 
vehement and happy : Felicianus and Faustus ; my Cian, holy, 
heavenly : Ael-dobair (is) one in addition to them.^ Noemlug of 
the heavens (be) against the demons of the world. 

that is, one added to the folk before him. 

20. B. 

Pope Pontianus, Basilius, Eadmund, pious and faultless, 
Silvester keen, miraculous. Esconn^ to them, with Fraechan of 
Inis maic Erca — sweet they deem their praises. 

^ a bishop. Esconn and Froechan in B6-chluain in Laigis, from 
Cluain Eidnech in the east, or from Inis maic Erca. 

21. C. 

* Rufus, Maria, Maurus, Columbanus^ whom I love. Camman 
(and) Garban whom I entreat. ^Aedan," my Cua,^ Colman.* 
Devout Subach,*^ of Corann. The feast of my Lua by whom I 
swear not." DiucoU my strong safeguard' : no weak man is he 
under whom I am.* 

^ an abbot who dwelt in Italy.'' - Aedan, son of Conchrad, from 
Cluain Eidnech. '^ of Cluain Crainn. * son of Comman, 

from eastern Aran. ^ a virgin. " by Avhom I do not swear," 

but (of whom) I testify. '' a firm protector. ** to whom I am 


^ filii Congnaid [leg. Congraid], Driiniin. Kal. 

^ In Italia natale sancti Columbani scoti, Druiiini. Kal. Nov. 13. In 
Italia, monasterio Euouio [Bobbio] ; natalis sancti Columbani abbatis, 
Mart. Chr. Ch '^ See above, at June 16 and 17. 

224 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

22. d. 

Cicili'a 6^ airdirc, 
Maurus ci'an 6 cintaibh, 
Furudran^ co fertaib, 
lerluga^ 'sinn arim, 
Ultan'^ moerda moltair, 

Medb* noemda la Nechtain. 

' mac Garbhraethaigh. - eps^^/. ^ Innsi daimh. * Ard- 

achaidh. '" 6gh. 

23. e. 

IN papa caid Clemeint 
la Seumn sruithgel, 

Lucretia caem chart[h]air, 
Felicitas, Luca, 
fell Trudoin seim sochraid, 
is Roinni reidh rathmair. 

24. f. 

Colman druin Duib-chuilinn,^ 
Ciannan^ Breg co mbeobuaidh, 
Crissogoin cen clereim/'^ 
Mane,^ Boich/ Berchan,^ 
Maria, Flora, fi'roig, 

Colman^' m^c leir Lenein,'^ 
sinn 'na tech iar ternam 

cqc gleglan mar glegr^in. 

' 6 Dun isna Rendaibh, 7 o Bhelach Chonglais il-Laighnib, 7 o 
ionadaibh oile. - eps^^?/ Doimhliag i mBreghaibh. ■' vcvac 

\\ogain. ^ ■* maighistir. ^ Insi Rochla. '' mac Lenin o 

Chliiain Uamadh i n-Uibh Liathain isin Mumrt/V?. 

» MS. clerem. ^ MS. Lenin. " MS. go. 


22. D. 

Caecilia a famous virgin. Maurus, far from crimes. Furu- 
dran^ with miracles. lerluga^ in the numbering. Wondrous (.'*) 
Ultan^ who is praised : hallowed Medb* with Nechtain."^ 

^ son of Garbraethach. - a bishop. ^ of Inis daim. 

of Ard-achad. '" a virgin. 

23. E. 

The chaste pope Clemens, with Severinus white and venerable. 
Fair Lucretia who is loved. Felicitas and Lucas. The feast 
of slender, stately Trudo and of Roinne, smooth and gracious. 

24. F. 

Shrewd Colman of Dub-chuilinn/ Cianan^ of Bregia with 
vivid victory. Chrysogonus, whose course was not sinister. 
Mane,'^ Boich,"* Berchan^: Maria and Flora, true virgins : Colman,*' 
Lenen's pious son. May we be in their abode after escaping,* 
brightly and purely like the bright sun ! 

^ from Diin in the Renna and from Belach Conglais in Leinster, 

and from other places. - bishop of Doimliac in Bregia.'' ■' son 

of Eogan. ^ the Master. ° of Inis Rochla.*^ ^ son of 
Lenin, from Cliiain Uamach in Hui Liathain in Munster. 

^ i.e. from the body. 

^ etir Ath cliath 7 Droichet atha ('between Dublin and Drogheda'}, 
Mart. Don. 

"^ for Loch Eirne (' on Lough Erne '), ibid. 


226 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

2 5- g- 

"L^pscop Petar primda 
-^--'sesca se cet^- calma, 

dom din ar cech ndogra, 
Noe, t-Finnchua,^ Finan.^ 
mac Pipain flait[h] ferda, 

Catarina rogda, 
in drong soer dian, soraid 

diar cobair, diar comga. 

- 6 Bri Gobhann. ^ m«c Piopain, 6 Themp/*'/ Ratha i cCen^/ 


26. a. 

T N papa leir Lin?^^-, 

^ Faust^/i-, Ammon aebda, 

Dius, Petar primda, 
eps<:^/ Siric/ Seren, 
Marceill dagnar deoda, 

Paulus, Banban- brigda, 
nert Coibdenaig'^ credail 

diar ndedhail fri digla. 

* Maighe Bolcc i Feraibh Cul i niBreghaibh. ^ eps^^/ 

I.eithghlinne, do Chorcu Duibhne do. ^ eps^^/ Arda Sratha. 

27. b. 

Agricoil maith, Maxim, 
Uitalis cen temel, 
Marcil, mm a medar : 
SechnalP mor m^c uBaird. 
vaac Cairle saer Seuer, 

Euseib, Toca^ trebar, 
tinolc raith na rigsa 

dom dinsa ma dlegar. 

' 6 Doranach Seachnaill i ndeisc^rt Bregh. Do Longbarda/^h d6 
ocus Secundinz/^ a ainm. Mac do Liamhain siur YiXraic e, 7 ro bai 
ina priomhaidh i n-Ard Macha. ■ mac Ciiain. 

"MS. chet. '' Findchu, Findchii, Fel. Ocng. Nov. 25. sancti 

confessoris Finnchua Mari. Chr. Ch. Finchon (gen. sg.), DncDun. Kal. 
^ MS. tionol. 


25. G. 

Foremost bishop Petrus, with sixty and six hundred valiant 
(martyrs), to shield me from every sorrow. Noe, Findchua,^ 
Finan,^ Pipan's son, a manly prince, chosen Catharina. The 
noble, vehement, happy band to help us, to protect us. 

^ from Bri Gobann. - son of Pipan, from Tempul Ratha in 

Cenel Conaill. 

26. A. 

The pious pope Linus, Faustus, beautiful Ammon, Dius, 
foremost Petrus, bishop Siric,^ and Serenus. Marcellus, good, 
modest, godly. Paulus, vigorous Banban.- The virtue of 
believing Coibdenach" to separate us from vengeances ! 

^ of Mag Bolg in Fir Ciil in Bregia. ^ bishop of Lethglenn : 

of the Corco-Duibni was he. ^ bishop of Ard sratha. 

27. B. 

Good Agricola, Maximus, Vitalis without gloom. Marcellus, 
gentle his discourse, great SechnalP maccu Baird. Noble Mac 
Cairle, Severus, Eusebius, prudent Toca.^ The gracious 
assembly of these kings to protect me, if it be lawful ! 

^ from Domnach Sechnaill in the south of Bregia. Of the 
Lombards was he, and Secundinus^ was his name. He was a son of 
Liamai n Patrick's sister, and he was primate in Armagh. " son of 


In Hibernia sancti episcopi et confessoris Secimdini, Dnimin. Kal. 

Q 2 

228 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [November. 

28. C. 

'T^rophin^ seim, Sostenes 
^ dalta Foil in primfir, 

Mansuet/^i- cenn crabhaid, 
Papin reil is Rufej", 
romortha na milid, 

tri meic Boc[h]ra^ bagaig. 

' .i. Laidhcenn, Cainneach ocus Accobhran, o Achad Raithin in 
Uibh nWc Caille i iiDeisibh Mumhan. Bochra ainm a mathar. 

29. d. 

/^ene og do Andreas, 
^^da Saturnin senga, 

Mammes, Mauir, na minna, 
Sissinni/^j- beo, Baetan/ 
Fiadnat'J fegaim sunna, 

Cianan,c Brenainn^ Birra.'i 

' ni/^TC Erecain. - abb. 

30. e. 

A ndreas in t-apstal, 
-^"^•Traiane tuir noem niamda, 

Coemsech/ Cummein- coemda, 
Toman bithea/ Boethgz^i-. 
for deiriud ard ogda 

mis Nouemb/r noemda, 
in sluagsa dian soraid 

cech conair diar coemhna. 

' 6 Dermaigh Cuile Caenna. - 6 Chill Nair. 

^ Trophin, Tiofin, Trofini, Fel. Oeng. 
'' Fiadnate (gen. sg.), Drumrn. Kal. 

" Braendini (Lat. gen. sg.), Drwnm. Kal. '' Birra, Biroir, FcL Ocng. 

" leg. Troian ? 

'' Perhaps a proper name. I have translated it as if it were b'lthc^ agree- 
ing with Toman. Cf. Ultan bithi, supra, May 24. 


28. c. 

Fine Trophimus, Sosthenes pupil of Paul the chief man. 
Mansuetus head of devotion, clear Papinius and Rufus. The 
soldiers have been magnified : Bochra's three warlike sons.^ 

^ i.e. Laidcenn, Cainnech and Accobran, from Achad Rathin 
in Hiii meic Caille in Desi of Munster. Bochra is their mother's, 

29. D. 

The perfect vigil of Andrew^ : two slender Saturnini.^ 
Mammes, Maurus, the diadems : vivid Sisinnius, Baetan.^ 
Fiadnat whom 1 see here, Cianan, Brenainn^ of Birr. 

' son of Breccan. - an abbot. 

30. E. 

Andrew the Apostle. Trajanus a holy, brilliant tower. 
Coemsech^ and endeared Cummein,' womanly Tomman> 
Boethgus. At the high, virginal end of November's hallowed 
month may this vehement prosperous host be on every path to 
protect us. 

from Dermag Ciiile Caenna. ■ from CellNair. 

tres filii Bochrai, Di'uimn. Kal. 

vigilia sancti Andreae Apostoli, Mart. Rom. 

one martyred at Rome, the other at Toulouse. 

230 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [December. 


I. f. 

"P^OR December \ia\aind 
^ Crisaint, Dari'a diugaind, 

Marian, Elig fegaim[m], 
epscop mor m«c Cainne/ 
da Nessan^ na noemseing, 

Uinnian, Breccan,'^ Brenainn/ 
in tir tall fo thuli 

ra ngudi fo-gebainn. 

' 6 Ath da loarg i toebh Ceanannsa. '" Neassan Innsi Uladh. 

Inis Uladh .i. Inis Doimhle, uair \]\aid\\ aittreabhait i. Nessan 
Corcaighe aroile. ^ t^'icop. * Droma Liag. 

Secuir, Uiuian, U^rus,^ 
triur ro len do lommchoir, 
Agnes gaet[h] co nglanc[h]eil, 
Pomen, Pontian, Prinneint, 
la Nuadait^ nach nemhc[h]aid, 
Maelodran" is Manchein/ 
dechenbor cert curi, 

techt dia nguide is glanc[h]eim. 

' in marg. man. rec. potius legendum mdetur Secuir Victorinus. 
^ mac Duibh sleibe abb CXuami hEoais. ^ 6 Tuaim Inbhir i 

n-\sathar Midhe, 7 confessor e. * in marg. Mainchein .i. coicc 


3. a. 

IV /T aurz/fi", Claudius, Cassian, 
xVl ]y[ac oge^ ro morad, 

Colman,- Birin'' brigfer, 
Banban,* Beoan^ micrend,'^ 
drong cen clod o chrabad 

sechtmoga mor miled.t> 

^ abb Lis m6ir Mochuda. - Dub. ^ epsr*?/. * epsf<?/. 

* eps^^/. 

■' Mart. Don. (Brussels MS. 5095-6, fo. 68'') bisects this word into yl/zV 
rend, which O'Donovan renders by ' Sons of Renn.' 
^ MS. sechtmoda mor mihd. 



I. F. 

On December's calends Chrysanthus, Daria the plenteous. 
Marianus, Eligius whom I see : the great bishop Mac Cainne."^ 
Two Nessans,^ the holy slender ones. Vinnianus, Breccan,"' Bre- 
nainn.* I should obtain at their prayer the abounding^ country 

' from Ath da laarg beside Cenannus. - (One was) Nessan of 

Inis Ulad. Inis Ulad i.e. Inis Doimle, for Ulaid inhabit it. Nessan of 
Corcach was the other. ^ a bishop. * of Druim Liac. 

2. G. 

Securus, Vivianus, Verus/ a triad that clave to exceeding 
justice : wise Agnes with pure reason. Pomenius, Pontianus, 
Primentius, with Nuada^ who was not unchaste. Mael Odrain" 
and Manchein,"* a right decad, a troop ; to go to entreat them is 
a pure step. 

^ it seems we should rather read Secuir, Vidoriniis. " son of 

Dub sleibe, and abbot of Cluain Eoais. ^ of Tuaim Inbir, in the west 

of Meath, and he is a confessor. * Manchein i.e. Mochta's cook. 

3- A. 

Maurus, Claudicus, Cassianus. ^Mac oge^ who was magnified. 
Colman,^ Birin,^ a vigorous man. Banban,* Beoan,^ a glorious 
star.d A troop without change from devotion, a great seventy 
of soldiers. 

1 abbot of Less m6r mo Chuta. - the Black. ' a bishop. 

^ a bishop. ' a bishop. 

* literally, under flood. ^ i.e. heaven. 

" The ' Maceaige ' of Druinm. Kal. is probably a misprint for the gen. 
sg. Maic oige. 

^ see the Glossarial Index, s.v. micrend. 

232 FELIRE HUI GOKMAIN. [December. 


1\ /Terob,^ Claudic, Clemeint, 
^^ Suarlech^ sui soreici, 
la Milit, ni minfal,^ 
Berchan^ Cluana in coemfaid, 
Manchein mind nos-molob, 

Tomas,'^ Sinech, Siran. 
ditiu 1;enn na troghan 

ar moragh, ar minagh. 

^ mac Ci'arain, abb Lis m6ir. - eps^rc;/ ociis faidh De, 6 Chluain. 

Sosta i n-Uibh Failge. ■* Droma Cuicce. 

5. c. 

Crispina, luil, lustin, 
Dalmait, Niceit nemid, 
Potamia tend tredain, 
Colman ua hEirc oebgel, 
Senan^ findban fedil 

m«c Midran ce;/ mebail. 

mac Miodhrain, 6 Dheilccinis. 

6. d. 

Nicolaus noemhfer, 
Leontia findog, 
Datiua tenn tennal, 
Beretchert^ is Breccan,^ 
Gobban'^ in flaith finnfial, 

Nessan maith is Mellan.* 

* Tulcha Ldis. " epsr^/, Aird Brecain. ^ Chille Lamh- 

raighe in iarthar Osraighe in Uibh Caithrenn. Ab manach eisidhe, no 
gomad o Tigh da gobha in Uibh Eachach \!i\ad\\. Mile manach a 
coimhthion61, 7 i cCluain Eidhn^A atat a thaissi. * saccart. 

Merobus, Meropus, Morepus, Fcl. Ocnq. '^ MS. minal. 

December.] MARTYROLOGY OF GORMAN. 233:, 

4. B. 

Merobius, Claudicus, Clemens, Suarlech^ an equable sage, 
with Miletus, no small fence. ^Berchan- of Cluain, the dear 
prophet. Manchein a diadem, I will praise him. Tomas,'' 
Sinech, Siran, the strong protection of the wretches from great 
battle, from skirmish. 

^ son of Ciaran and abbot of Less m6r. - a bishop and God's 

prophet, from Cluain Sosta in Hiii Failgi. ^ of Druim Cuicce. 

5. C. 

Crispina, Julius, Justinus,Dalmatius, heavenly Nicetas, austere 
Potamia of the three days' fast : beautiful, bright Colman, Erc's 
descendant. Senan^ fair, white, steadfast, Midran's son without 

' son of Midran, from Delg-inis. 

6. D. 

Nicolaus a holy man^ : Leontia a fair virgin : austere 
Dativa a torch, Beretchert^ and Breccan.- cQobban'^ the fair 
modest prince, good Nessan and Mellan."* 

^ of Tulach Leis. - a bishop, of Ard Breccain. " of Cell 

Lamraige in the west of Ossory in Hui Caithrenn. Or maybe he was 
from Tech da Goba (' the House of two Smiths '), in Hiii Echach 
Ulad. An abbot of monks was he : a thousand monks were his com- 
munity, and his relics are in Cluain Eidnech. * a priest. 

sancti confessoris Fir[d]alethi seu Berchain, Dru?jnii. Kal. 
(Sci. nicholai archiepisc), Leofr. Kal. 
Gobbain (gen. sg.), Drunim. Kal. 

234 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [December. 

7. e. 

T^o Andreas octauus, 
-^-^Martain, Sauin saerdruin, 

ordned Ambrois firglain, 
Ollan, Colman, Cutlach, 
gein Choluim' chaid caemgil, 

feil Buiti^ bain brigmair, 
Agatho cen tobeim 

a romein de rigraid. 

' Chille. ^ .i. Buite m«c Br6naigh epsr«z}> Mainistrech. 

8. f. 

Compert Maire more, 
Baeth/ Brenainn cen baegal, 
la Machair nar' maedhed,^ 
Eutian ard, in papa, 
Euchair, Ichtbritt'T^ aliub, 

Finan Caue^" caemfer, 
iar ndol dam don doman 
a solad no saeleb. 

' .i. 6 Theach Baoith i cConnachtaibh. - 6 Diabhal. 


Cirilla lemm, Leucaid, 
Fedelm, Moghain^ milla, 
Furfuir fos ron-tore, 
Ciprian 6^, mo Segho,'^ 
frisna torsibh tara, 

mac Comsig co core. 

' Feidhlim 6gh ocus Moghain ogh, da inghin Ai//lla meic Dunlaing, 
.ociis Cill na n-inghen in iarthar Maighe Life ainm a mbaile. 

^ Ichtbrichtain (gen. sg.), Fd. Oettg. Dec. 8. In Hibernia Brichtain 
•confessoris Angli natione, Drumm. Kal. 
'' Cuae, Mart. Don. 
*- pronounce cgho., to alliterate with 6g. 


7. E. 

The octave of Andrew. Martinus, noble, skilful Savinus. 
The ordination of truly-pure Ambrosius. Ollan, Colman, 
Cutlach. The nativity of chaste, dear-white Colomb,^ the festival 
of ^Buite^ the fair and vigorous. Agatho of the kingfolk, with- 
out reproach is his great mind. 

^ of the Church. - i.e. Buite son of Bronach, bishop of Monaster- 

The conception of great Maryt>: Baeth,^ Brenainn without 
■danger, together with Macharius,^ who was not defeated: high 
Eutychianus the pope, Eucharius and Ecbyrht whom I will 
entreat. Fi'nan of Caue, a dear man. After I go from the world 
I shall expect their solacing. 

^ from Tech Baith in Connaught. - by the Devil. 


Cyrilla on my side, Leocadia : Fedelm and <=Mogain,^ mild 
•ones : may Porphyrius also succour us : may virginal Cyprian 
and my Sego son of Comsech with justice come"^ against the 
sorrows ! 

' Fedlim a virgin and Mogain a virgin, two daughters of Ailill, son 
of Dunlaing ; and Cell na n-Ingen (' the Church of the Maidens '), in 
the west of Mag Lifi, is the name of their stead. 

•' Buti (gen. sg.), Drtajiiii. Kal. 

^ Conceptio beatissimae uirginis Mariae, Mart. Rom. 

"" Fedelme et Mugaine (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. These are the two 
daughters of AiHll, di grem airthir Liphi, 'two suns of the east of Liffey,' 
commemorated by Oengus at Dec. 9. 

'^ tara for tora., 3d sg. j-conj. of doroc/nm. 




lo. a. 

/'"^arpofair uais, hAbuind, 
^^-^Eulalia na lamar, 

lulia caem nach celeb,a 
Conseint, Celsz/j-, Colman, 
Scanlach^ minocb molubh, 

cmo Di'moc- in degfer. 

^ Arda Scannlaighe i cCenel Ardghail. 
Aradh isin Munirt'/;/, &^^%cop 7 r(9«fessor. 

6 Chluain Cain 

II. b. 

"Dretextait is Pontian, 
■^ papa Damais dagfind, 

la hEmir coemh crobung, 
^Eltin/ Nad-froich,- Funech,^ 
Senan,e Senchan,^ sogemm/ 

Duinsech,*^ Crundmael/ Colum,^ 
tocbail Bute, Blaithm^c 

do thaithmet, mar thoghaim/ 

^ 6 Chionn tsaile i ndeiscciurt Erenn. - epsr.^/. ^ Cliiana 

Bronaigh. ^ in inarg. Seanchan eps^<;/ 7 abb 6 Imlech Ibhair. ° .i. 
gem maith. '' 6gh. ■ iii marg. Duinsech 6g 6 Chill Duinsighe i 

nUltoibh, 7 atat tn cealla aice ann. ' Baeth. * moc Aedha 

Claoin, o Chiiil Briuin, 

12. c. 

T^innian^ ardsui eccna," 
-*■ Paul, Epimaich almit, 

a n-impidhc iarmait. 
da Cholman," din chongaib, 
triur CO follan firdruit, 

Catan, Dronnan,"* Diarmait.^ 

' abb Cluana hEraird, oide naemh Yxenn ina aimsir. - iti inarg. 

man. rec. Archidoctor sapientiss(imiis). ' 

locha ocus Colman m^c lii Thelduibh. 
* e^%cop. 

"■ MS. celiub. '' MS. minoc. 

'' m'Eltoc, mo Elteoc, m'Eilteoc, Fe'/. Otrng. 
Drumm. Kal. 

^ Senoc, Fcl. Ocng. Mo-senoc, Druiinii. Kal. 

^ The end-words of lines 3, 6 and 8 should probably be corrected into 
crobang, Colamni and thogamm, ' we choose.' 

Colman eps^^/ Glinne da 
' eps("(^/, o Chill Dronnain. 

■ MS. modiomoc. 
Elheni (gen. sg. of Eltcne), 


10. A. 

Noble Carpophorus, Abundius, Eulalia who is not dared : 
dear Julia whom I will not hide, Consentius, Celsus, Colman : 
young gentle Scanlach^ whom I will praise : my Di'mmoc^ the 
STOod man. 

' of Ard Scannlaige (' Scannlach's Height ') in Cenel Ardgail. 
from Cliiain Cain Arad in Munster, a bishop and confessor. 

II. B. 

Praetextatus and Pontianus, pope Damasus good and fair, 
with Emer, a dear cluster. Eltin,^ Nat-fraich,^ Funech,^ Senan, 
Senchan,* a precious jewel,'' Duinsech,'' Crundmael," Colomb.*^ 
Buite's elevation, Blathmec^ to be commemorated, as I choose. 

^ from Cenn Saile in the south of Ireland. " a bishop. ^ of 

Cliiain Brdnaig. ^ Senchan a bishop and abbot, from Imlech Ibair. 

^ a good gem. ^ a virgin. Duinsech a virgin from Cell Duinsige 

(' Duinsech's Church ') in Ulster, and she has three churches there. 
'' the Foolish.'^ ^ son of Aed the Bent, from Cuil Briuin.'= 

12. C 

Finnian,^ high sage of wisdom." Paulus and Epimachus 
whom we beseech, and whose intercession we seek. Two 
Colmans'^ — a protective collection. A triad soundly, very closely, 
Cattan, Dronnan,* and Diarmait.^ 

^ abbot of Cluain Eraird, tutor of the saints of Ireland in his time. 
- a most sapient arch-doctor. ^ Colman bishop of Glenn da locha, 

and Cclman great-grandson of Teldub. * a bishop, from Cell 

Dronnain. ® a bishop. 

"^ I ioViow Mart. Don. in treating (5Az///^/;^(?^(=BIathmec, July24)as a proper 
name : it can hardly be a noun (' gentle youth ') in apposition with Bute. 
"^ per antiphrasin ? '^ already commemorated at Nov. 8. 

238 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [December. 

13. d. 

T ucia og, Autbeirt, 
-■-^ludaich, Suairlech^ sainglic, 

Brenainn,- bocc in borrslat, 
Colum'^ mor m^c Cremthainn, 
mo ''iBoe[than]^ fris mbenmait, 

Critan/ cruimthir Corbmac/ 
mo Senoc cend caidbreth, 

as craibhdech a comrac. 

^ sacrtrt. ^" Ettarchluana. ^ Thi're da ghlas. 

^ Cluana Fannabhair i nUibh Muredhaz]^//. ^ mac Liotain. '' o 

Thealaigh Indenn. 

14. e. 

"\T icais mor 'sa muint^r, 
^ ^ tri bColmain^ diar cobair, 

la Dalian- mar dlega[i]r, 
Maelan^ fi'al, is Fintan.'' 
Corbmac^ lenn im logaid, 

Ernin v^ac seng Senaig. 

^ in 7!iarg. Colman o Raith Maoilside,"^ Colman mac Fionntain ocus 
Colman alainn. - e^gscop 6 Aolmaigh. ^ mac Mechair. * mac 
Luinid. '" epscop. 

15. f. 

Ualerian fuair pianad, 
la Maximin minfial, 
Moghain^ fri cech moragh, 
Fethain^ is dplann'' Bennchoir, 
Colman co n-aib firoig. 

Udrin* caein, is Cronan. 

' ogh, 6 Chluain Bairenn. " o Chuil Grainc. ^ abb, 

^ mac Buachalla. 

^ Oengus' Boethan or Baethan. Baethain (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. 
^ MS. cholman. " Rathmelsigi, Bcda, H. E. III. 27. 

^ Flainn (gen. sg.), Druinin. Ka/. 


13- D. 

Lucia the virgin, Autbertus, Judoc, specially shrewd Suarlech.^ 
Brenainn/ tender was the noble scion : great Colomb" son of 
Crimthann. My Boethan* to whom we pray, Critan,' presbyter 
Cormac,'' my Senoc, head of holy judgments, devout is their 

' a priest. ^ of Etarchklain. ^ of Ti'r da glas. ^ of 

Cluain Fannabair in Hiii Muredaig. * son of Litan (Lithan ?). 

" from Telach Indenn. 

14. E. 

Great Nicasius and his family. Three Colmans'^ to help us, 
with Dalian^ as is due, modest Maelan'^ and Fintan.* Cormac'^ 
be on our behalf for indulgence, and Erni'n the slender son of 

^ Colman from Raith Maelsigi, Colman son of Finntan, and Colman 
Alaind ('Delightful'). - a bishop, from Aelmag. 

^ son of Mechar. ^ son of Luined. * a bishop. 

15. F. 

Valerianus who suffered=^ torturing, along with the gentle 
modest Maximinus. Mogain^ against every great battle. 
Fethain^ and Fland^ of Bennchor. Colman with truly virginal 
beauty, bright Udri'n* and Cronan. 

' a virgin, from Cluain Bairenn. " from Cuil Grainc. 

abbot. * son of Buachaill. 

■'' literally, found. 

240 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [December. 

1 6. g. 

A nanias, Azarias,^ 
-^^-Misael cen fuba, 

Ualentin tuir toga, 
'^mo Phioc^ tenn tinniu, 
cReodaide^ caidh cara, 

o Ghrellaig bhain bona. 

^ 6 Ard Camrois for brii Locha Carman i n-Uibh Ceinnselaz^h ocus 
o Ros caoin i cCluain Fergaile i nDelbna tire. - o Greallaigh 

bhuna tiir Tamhlachta ocus Cenann/zi'. 

17. a. 

nPranslait uasal Ignait, 
-'■ Lazair, Martha mini, 
carait Crist co cadhe, 
Senchad leo, mo Liac, 
CrunnmaeF bagaim beoda, 
Moedoc- alainn ale.'^ 

^ abb lae. - m^c Mursain. ^ a itche. 

18. b. 

Zo^vcivus reil, RuffV/i", 
^Maigniu/ Munis mingar, 

Caeman,- Cuimin^ caemgel, 
Segnat'' min, m^z'c Cathbad,'' 
Maeldub," Liban logmar, 

la Senan for saernem, 
Rignach/ Colman coemda, 

Emhin aebda, Aedgen,'' 
Diucuili;' Flannan^" flat[h]fir 

CO cathair na caenfled. 

' f^icop 7 abb Cille Maighnenn la taobh Atha cli'aLh. ' Ruis 

-Cruithnechain. ^ 6 Cluain moir. ^ 6gh, 6 Dhomhnath 

Ceirne. _* \weic Cathbadh, o Imleach." " o Cluain CohzXxq. 

' 6gh, ini^^/ieu Feradha;^//. '^ 6 Ard Londin. '■' i n-Inis 

Eogai'n, 7 ^6'/?fessor e. "' Flannan confessor, 6 Chill da Liia i nDal 


•' MS. Annaniaas Zacrias. 

'' mofioc, Drwnm. Kal. moPliioc, moBeooc, moBeoc, Fcl . Oaig. 
'^ Rodc'iighe, Mart. Don. 

'• MS. maignenn. Thc/V/. Oeng. (Rawl. B. 505) has Magniu 1. Magnenn. 
Magnenn (gen. sg.), Drunun. Kal. Maigneni, Mart. Chr. C/i. 
" 6 Miliuc, Mart. 7am/. 


16. G. 

Ananias, Azarias, Misael without hurt : Valentinus, a choice 
tower ; my ^Pioc^ a strong ingot (?). Chaste t>Reodaide- whom 
thou lovest. from fair GrcUach bona. 

* from Ard Camrois on the brink of Loch Carman in Hiii Cennse 
laig and from Ross Cain in Cluain Fergaile in Delbna Tire [da locha] 
^ from Grellach buna between Tamlachta and Cenannus. 

17. A. 

The noble translation of Ignatius : Lazarus and Martha, 
gentle ones, chaste relatives of Christ : Senchad along with them, 
my Liacc. CrundmaeF the vigorous whom I mention, my 
beautiful Aedoc^ whom thou entreatest.^ 

' abbot of lona. "^ son of Mursan. ^ his prayer. 

18. B. 

Clear Zosimus, Rufus, Maigniu,^ gentle-pious Muniss, Coe- 
man,^ dear fair Cuimin,^ gentle Segnat,* the sons of Cathbad.^ 
Maeldub," costly Li'ban, with^Senan in noble heaven. Rignach,'' 
endeared Colman, beautiful Emin, Aedgen.* ci^jcuju^o pi-Jncely 
^Flannan^" unto the City of the bright banquets.^ 

^ bishop and abbot, of Cell Maignenn beside Ath cliath (Dublin)/ 
- of Ross Cruthnechain, ^ from Cluain mbr. ■* ;i virgin, 

from Doranach Ceirne. ^ sons of Cathbad, from Imbliuch. * from 
Cluain Conairi. "^ a virgin, daughter of Feradach. ^ from 

Ard I.onain. * in Inis Eogain, and a confessor was he. '" Flan- 

nan, a confessor, from Cell da Lua in Dal Caiss. 

^ mofioc, Drumm. Kal. "" Rodaighe, Mart. Don. "^ DiucoU, 

Mart. Don. Diucolla (gen. sg.), Drumm. Kal. ^ Flannain (gen. sg.), 

Drumm. Kal. ^ i.e. heaven. "^ Already commemorated at October 19. 


242 FELIRE HUI GORMAIN. [December. 

19. c. 

Grigoir noemda, Nemeis, 
Darius din ar dhemhna, 
=^Samthand^ ind ogh amra, 
mo Conoc- uais uamach, 
Aed^ ma chara cunnla, 

Fimec[h]ta fri fagla, 
Anfadan^ coem, Comaig,^ 
togaid ara tarba. 

* Samthann 6gh, o Chluain Br6naigh i cCn'ch Choirpr/ i tTethba. 
- o Chill mucrois. in viarg. Mo Conocc uamhach e so 7 mo Conocc 
o Cill mucrois t8 Nou. ^ Lemchaille. * 6 Ros Cre. 

ogh, \K\g]un Ciarain-. 

20. d. 

Zenon, Ammon, Ingein, 
la Faethleg Ian luadmait, 
Eus^anan^ 'mo n-iadmait, 
sect meic Aedha o Echdruim, 
cruimthir Fraech- suir sirgreitt, 
Fedlimid druin, ^Diarmait.'* 

* o Ard Lecach i Maigh Ene. * o Cliiain Collaing.*" 

.i. urasa. * f^%cop. 

21. e. 

Tomas apstal Isu, 
loain, YcsUis fromtha, 
feil mo Lua^ nach laimthi, 
Fulartach^ mind maissech, 
Flann'' 'sin findfal figthi, 
la Sillan' co saigthi. 

^ 6 ungair[i']t. " mac Brie. =* vc^ac Ft^rcellaigh. 

* t^%cop Lis ni6ir. 

■^ MS. Samdind. Samdann, Samthann, Samthand, /t'7. O^v/^. Samthand, 
Mart. Taml Samthainne (gen. sg.), Driuiim. Kal. ^ Diarniato (gen. 

bg.), Mart Taml " ciillaig, Mart. Taml. at Dec. 19. 


19. C. 

Hallowed Gregorius, Nemesius, Darius a protection against 
demons. Samthand^ the marvellous virgin : my Conoc^ the noble 
cave-dweller. Aed^ my wise friend. Funechta^ against plunder- 
ings, dear Anfadan,* Comaig,^ choose ye for their profitableness. 

^ Samthann a virgin, from Cluain Br6naig in Crich Coirpri in 
Tethba. ' from Cell Muccroiss. in tnarg. my Con6c the cave- 

dweller is he, and my Con6c from Cell Muccroiss 18 Nov. ^ of 

Lemchaill. * from Ross Cre. ^ a virgin, daughter of Ciardn. 

20. D. 

Zeno, Ammon, Ingenuus, with full Faethleg whom we pro- 
claim, Euganan^ round whom we close. Aed's seven sons'^ 
from Echdruim : presbyter ^Fraech^ the facile,^ a constant cham- 
pion : shrewd Fedlimid, Diarmait.* 

^ from Ard Leccach in Mag Ene. * from Cluain CoUaing. 

easy. * a bishop. 

21. E. 

Thomas an apostle of Jesus. Joannes, proven Festus. The 
festival of my Lua^ who was not dared. Fulartach- a 
beauteous diadem. Fland^ in the fair woven fence, with Sillan* 
to whom ye fare. 

^ from Mungarit. - son of Brecc. ^ son of Forcellach. 

* a bishop, of Less m6r. 

^ Fuinneachta, A fart. Don. ^ Commemorated on 19 Dec. in 

Mart. Taml. " Commemorated on 19 Dec. in Mart Taint. Cruimthir 

Firaich (leg. Frdich), gen. sg. Drumin. Kal. 

R 2 

244 F A LI RE HCi GORMAIN. [December. 

22. f. 

Tua, Itharnaisc/ Emin,^ 
Berr, Currin^ diar cabair] 
Forandan* flaith enig, 
Congalach ard Aego. 
mo Chua, Uachall foraib, 

sect meic^ Dreitil, deghfir. 
Ultan raith ua Roeda 
ron-faema co fedhil. 

^ Tua ocus Itharnaisc, da naemh filet i cClaonadh .i. cell fil il- 
Laignibh n-Uibh Faolain do sonnradh. - epsr^/, o Ros glas 

for bru Berbha. ^ o Ros Aiss in Inis. * Cille Ae.* 

'" Insi iarthair. 

23. g. 

Sedrach, mo Chua,^ Colman,^ 
mo Ernoc nar' anmin,^' 

Mael-dub delbda deghreid, 
Ronan'' mor m^c Aeda, 
mo Goroc* co nglanbuaid, 

Anfadan^ is Ernein,^ 
mo Senoc leir, Luc[h]air,^ 

nar'bo duthain deghmein, 
mo C[h]ellocc ard erlam 

cod gleglan mar ghelgrein, 
ailithrig ro fesser 

da sesser co segreim, 
Feidilmid u^ir fortail 

fri holcaib, fri helbeim. 

' mac Aengh;/5a. - Cluana da fiach. ' o Achadh 

farcha, * Dheirgne.® * o Ros Ingite. ^ Chille 


" Forunnan Cilli Eac, Mart. Tatnl. ^ Opposite this line, in mar^. 

man. rec. is : v de Dist. 2. c. ij. lib. "^ MS. eirnin. Herneni (gen. sg.), 

Mart. Taml. '^ MS. go. ^ Dergene, Mart. Taml. ^ Luchair 

Cilii Delgraigi, ibid. 


22. F. 

Tua (' Silent '),a Itharnaisc/ bEmin.^ Berr and cCurri'n' to help 
us. Forandan* a prince of honour : high Congalach of Aeg. My 
Cua and Uachall in addition to them : seven sons^ of Dretell, 
good men. May gracious Ultan, descendant of Roed, receive us 

* Tua and Itharnaisc, two saints who are in Cloenad, a church in 
Leinster. in Hiii Faelain precisely. ^ a bishop, from Ross glass, 

on the bank of (the river) Barrow. ^ from Ross Aiss in Inis. 

* of Cell Ae. ^ of Inis iarthair."^ 

23. G. 

Sedrach, my Cua/ Colman,^ my Ernoc who was not 
ungentle ; shapely, orderly Maeldub ; great Ronan^ son of 
Aed : my Goroc* with pure victory : Anfadan^ and Ernein ; my 
diligent Senoc : Luchair^ whose good mind was imperishable : 
my Celloc high and ready, brightly and purely like the white 
sun. Pilgrims whom thou shouldst know, two hexads,^ with a 
vigorous career. Fedilmid since (he is) prevailing, against evils, 
against offence. 

* son of Oengus. ^ of Cluain da fiach. ^ from Achad 

farcha. * of Dergne. '" from Ross Ingite. ® of Cell 


'"■ '^ Tua mac hui Roida idem et Ultan Tigi Tua. Ideo Tua dicitur, quia 
lapis in labiis eius per omne tempus quadragesimae habebat ut non posset 
loqui. Mart. Tainl. ^ natale Tue, Hithernaiss et Einin (leg. 

Hitharnaiss et Emin), Drumm. Kal. "= Berr 7 Churennan, Afar/. 

Taml. Dec. 21. "^ secht vcveic Dretill Insi Uachtair, ibid. " da 

fer decc d'oilithrechaibh, 6 Inis Uachtair, Mart. Don. 




24. a. 

Uigilia na gene. 
Grigoir saccart s6er(5g, 
Temnen^ gaet[h] cen g6radh,^ 
mo Chua^ m^'C lor Lona[i]n : 
Lucian, FiadaP firfial, 

Senan, Cummein t>cr6bhan,* 
Mael Maire,' Mael Caithfir, 
na maithfir nos-m6rabh. 

' coic mo Liia O^uanz. ferta. ^ 6 Thigh mo Chda il-Laighis 

3 ab Chille achaidh droma Senain. ^ ban e i ccr6 in chxihhaidh. 

5 in marg. 7nan. rec. dar let as e an Maolmuire si B. Marianus Scotus 
Chronographus, de quo (\i(od in yi'axlyrologio Cassek^i"/' de^i-^" (?) Marty- 
xcAogio ^diXiAactensi, 

mflC Nemain. 

25. b. 

Noemgein m^/c moir Maire, 
Anastassia amra. 
Eugenia glan delbda, 
DiculP n\ac n6em Nema[i]n, 
Maelan® m6r cen merbe 
la hOedan^ 6^ ergna. 



26. c. 

Zeffan mind na martra, 
la Comman^ co coeme, 
Eugen,c mar in mora, 
mo Genoc^ caid, Cota^ : 
Lasrian leo, mo Liba/ 

mo Comm6c^ co cora, 
Dionis dil dathghlan, 

papa rat[h]mar Roma. 

' o Ros Commain for Magh A6i 7 o Leithglinn. - epsr^?/ o 

Chill Dhumha ghluinn i ndeisc^rt Bregh. ' in. marg. Cota" Droma 

tuirc. " Eanaigh Eallta" i n-Ultoibh. ' Cliiana daimh i n-Uibh 

Eachach Uladh. 

» MS gengoradh. '' MS. crobhan. " Eugeni perigrini, i1/<?r/. 

Tainl. '^ Cada, Mart. Taml. "= Enaig Elti, Mart. Taml. 


24. A. 

The vigil of the Nativity. Gregorius a noble, virginal priest : 
wise ^Temen^ without false speech : my Cua^ Lonan's ample 
son. Lucianus, FiadaP the truly modest. Senan, Cummein 
the death-pale,* Mael Maire,^ Mael Caithfir, the good men I 
will magnify them. 

' the cook of my Lua of Cluain Ferta. - from Tech mo Chua 

in Laigis. ^ abbot of Cell Achaid Droma Senain. * he was 

pale in the hut of devotion.'^ * it seems to thee that this Mael 

Maire is the blessed Alarianus Scotus, the Chronographer, concern- 
ing whom what (is found) in the Martyrology of Cashel is wanting to the 
Martyrology of Tallaght. 

[25. B. 

The holy Nativity of Mary's great Son : wondrous Anastasia : 
pure, shapely Eugenia: Dicuill,^ Neman's holy son: great 
Maelan,^ void of weakness, with virginal, wise Aedan.^ 

son of Neman. ' a bishop. ^ the Great. 

26. C. 

Stephen the diadem of martyrs, with ^Comman^ the lovable. 
Eugen — great the greatness — my chaste Genoc,- Cota,' Lasrian 
v/ith them: my Liba,* my Commoc^ with justice. Dionysius 
dear, pure-coloured, Rome's gracious pope. 

^ from Ross Commain on Mag Ai and from Leithglenn. ' a 

bishop, from Cell Duma gluinn in the south of Bregia. ^ Cota of 

Druim tuirc. ^ of Enach Elta in Ulster. ° of Cluain daim 

in Hiii Echach Ulad. 

"^ Temneoc, Temnioc, Fel. Oe7ig. Dec. 23, and mo Themnioc has tlie 
same day in Mart. 7 ami., Mart. Don. and Drumm. Kal. There is a second 
mo Themnioc in Mart. Tainl. Dec. 24. ^ Cummcni sancti Cliiana 

mair, et sanctorum ceterorum quorum Deus nomina nominauit et cjuob 
praesciuit et prjedestinauit conformes fieri iniaginis Fihi sui in uitam clernam 
in Christo lesu, Amen, Mart. Ta/nl. "■ Commain (gen. sg.), facsimile, 

Drumm. Kal. (misprinted Comain). 




' Maighe. Ratha. 

27. d. 

Primfeil loain apstoil, 
ordned lacoib imslain, 
is cubaid in comhdal, 
e'pscop morcluach Maxim, 
Tipraite^ fail findnoem, 

mo Fiac[h]a^ caid, Colman.* 

^ Fiacha mac ua CoxhTaaic. 

' mac Brearda.'' 

28. e. 

IN maccrad og airdirc, 
Domitian cen dolma, 
Castor,^ Cillein^ cunnla, 
Mael Cossne- and, Euticc, 
Sneidairle ce[i]m coibne, 
Fechin leir ua Lugba. 

^ o Ross Branduibh. 

29. f. 

Daui'd mor mac lesse, 
Trophin, Cresceint comcoir, 
la hEnan^ cen amceil, 
<^Aileran- is Eolaing,^ 
triur noemoc nach nemc[h]aid, 

Finnian,^ Moedoc,* Manchein, 
Tomas, tenn in trenfer, 

CO glenem 'na nglancheim. 

- Glinne Faidhle. ^ fer leighinn CVia?m hEraird. 

Lecain Midhe. * e])scoJ> Lis moir. 

•^ Castorii, Mari. Tnml. '' Dregdae, Mart. Taml Breghdai, Mart. 

Don. ' Eleraii, Auerdn, Ft'/. Oefiif. Ereardn, Mart. Don. Aircrain 

(gen. sg.), Dtumin. Kal. '^ Uinniauii senis, Mart. Taml. 


27. D. 

The chief feast of John the Apostle : the ordination of 
James^ the very sound — harmonious is the convention : far- 
famed bishop Maximus. Tipraite^ a fair, holy fence : my 
chaste Fiacha^ and Colman.^ 

^ of Mag Ratha, ^ Fiacha, great-grandson of Cormac. 

son of Dairchill. 

28. E. 

The virginal, famous Children^ : Domitianus without slow- 
ness. Castorius, wise Cillein/ Mael-cosne^ there, Eutychius, 
Snedairle a gentle kindred : diligent Fechi'n descendant of 

son of Bregda. ' from Ross Branduib. 

29. F. 

David, Jesse's great son.^ Trophimus, just Crescentlus, with 
reasonable Enan,^ Aileran^ and Eolaing.^ A triad of holy 
warriors that were not unchaste — Finnian, Maedoc,'* Manchein. 
Thomas, austere is the champion — unto bright heaven in their 
pure steps ! 

* of Glenn Faidle. "^ lector of Cluain Eraird. ^ from Lecan 

Midi. * a bishop, of Less m6r. 

^ ordinatio episcopalis lacobi fratris Dei, Drutntiu Kal. Assumptio et 
ordinatio lacobi apostoli (fratri)s lohannis, Mart. Taiul. 

"^ i.e. the Holy Innocents : in macain 6 Bethil, i^??. Oeng. Infantium pre 
Christo occisarum, Mart. Tanil. Passio sanctorum innocentunij Leofr. Kal. 

' Hierosolimis dauid magni regis, Leofr. Kal. 

250 f£:LIRE HOI GORMAIN. [December. 

30. g. 

Mansuet^/j" la Seueir, 
Sabin epscob amra, 
deochain Marcill molbda, 
Honorait fial, Flor[e]int, 
in-agaid aig Elbe,^ 

Uen?^j'tian caid, Connla.^ 

t^%cop o Rusccaigh. 

31. a. 


nda,^ Locheinb Lugna," 
'Siluest^r sruith sloinnimm 
ro thormaigh a thallaind 
iar tuirim in tromsluaig, 
reid at-chi'u mar chingimm 
adi'u ceim for kaWaind. 

For kaWaind.'^ 

^ in marg. Enda ocus Lochan o Chill na manach i n-Uibh Dun- 
chadha. ^ deochain. 

I. Cech noeb ro bui, bias 

for bith barrglass broenach 
gabat accam uile 

in^ cuire co coemhrath. 
5. IN sluag uasal inmhain, 
bee da lir in linsa, 
ar agh is ar erbhaidh, 

ar demhnaibh dom dinsa. 
9. Cuindcet dilghudh dhamhsa, 
aithrige ria n-eccaib, 
mo din ar cech nduilig 
'na cuirib, 'na cetaibh. 
13. Rom-ditnett ar Diabal, 
uair olc do-gres gnias, 
in tsui[d] saer co soas, 
cech noeb ro bui, bias. 

Cech n6eb.<^ 

•■* Ailbi episcopi Imlecha, Mart. Tavil. Ailbe, Elbi, Fel. Oc7ig. 

^ Lochan, Fdl. Ocng. Lochani, Mart. Taml. 

"^ Here Gorman observes the rule that the words with which an Irish 
poem ends should be the same as those with which it begins. See 
O'Donovan, Tracts relating to Ireland, p. 59. '' MS. an. ** MS. naem. 


30. G. 

Mansuetus with Severus, Sabinus a wonderful bishop : the 
praiseworthy deacon Marcellus, modest Honoratus, Florentius. 
Ailbe against battle, chaste Venustianus, Connlae.^ 

^ a bishop, from Riiscach. 

31. A. 

Ende,^ Lochein,^ Lugne.^ Venerable Silvester^ whom I 
name, who after the numbering of the mighty host increased its 
weight. Clearly I see as I go hence a step to the calends (of 

On the calends. 

^ Enda and Lochan from Cell na manach in HUi Dunchada. 
* a deacon. 


I. Let every saint who hath been, who shall be, in the green- 
topped mournful world, let all the dear and gracious host forgive 

5. The noble, beloved army — little of their sea is this 
number^ — to protect me from battle, from bane, (and) from 

9. In their hosts, in their hundreds, let them ask for me 
pardon, repentance before death, and protection of me from every 

13. May they guard me from the Devil, for he is always doing 
evil — the noble sages with knowledge, every saint who hath been, 
who shall be ! 

Every saint. 

The End. 

" Lochan et Ennq, facsimile, Drumm. Kal. (misprinted Locan et Enne). 
'" Sci. siluestri papae, Leofr. Kal. 

" Compare Oengus (ep. 41) In rigrad doruirmius, ol is loimm de romuir 
' the kings whom I have reckoned — and it is a sip from a great sea.' 



January 4. erglafi .1. uasalglan, 7. dagdois .1. maithe na doiss 

di'din I'ad. 8. mbin dlectain fris iidalab \. d'iarraidh impidhe forra 

ara moladh 7 ara ccuimhniugadh. 9. «7//;^;« .i. aitchim. 12. 

tochei?nm [leg. t6cheimm] .i. ceim t6i. 15. rimhe airmhe. 

27. CO nuabail .i. co mbail niia. 29. toethir .i. ti'r t6i nimhe. 
nar' borbaig ,i, na derna burba. 30. uais uasal. 

February 11. isin rindaird A. ainm na haistesea. 

March I. ^a^/a .i. cathalacda. 3. nar /aedend A. nar gresenn. 

10. dm turind do cruithnecht na naemh. 21. <^;'^^ tene. 

28. r^i^^ww geam maith. 31. ;;mr;;/rt/^ miir maighe mail. ^a^/?r 
far bagach mon ecclais. 

April 3. ollan Ian e co holl do maith. 15. datnfial .\. fi'al fri 

damhaibh. 16. aiia fertach. 18. certfir ind fir cheirt. 

24. airfemm airemhat. 29. finnbeb aebh alainn. 

May 3. ^ad^/fl catolocdha. 20. 7ur dichiiid .i. ni'r bhecc. 

25. renfia solasta iad. 31. do rififinim .i. co nemh na rann. 

June 5. iar ndegthdm .i. iar ndagh [leg. n-ec] maith. 7. sin 

ngormrbt .\/\ slighidh nimhe. 12. sodh A. soirbhe dia cholainn. 

17. in nuathaig A. taigh niia nimhe. 28. oe7ie A. uigil Pedair. 

July I. cen athbath .i. cen athfas pene. nar tac\}{\rach A. nar daabh- 
tach. 10. nar-ros .i. na nganelach. 15. ni maeded A. ni 

denadh maidhmighi asa maithius. 24. ertnor A. uasalmor. 

27. ^<:'/i2/^ eolcha iat. 29. j'(9^;^fl/ .i. daingen. 

August 13. for id A. idh ainm in laithe mis grene for a filet. 

September 2. j-z^/r erasa. 21. sogemm A. gemm maith. 

October 9. ail nairec[h]. 10. ni mindatn nach niolab acht 

mordamh molfat. . 20, grane A. grene. 

November I. isin r/wi/i-d' .i. i ndeiriudh an raind. 8. somind A. 
mind maith. 19. oen foraib A. aen tuillte frisan Xwcht remhe. 

December 8. nar' viaedhed 6 dA2\i\i's\. 11. sogemm A. gQ.VL\ 

maith. 20. suir A. urasa. 24. crobhan ban e i ccro in 







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*^* For words not found in this Index, see Prof. Windisch's Worterbuch, 
Irische Texie, Leipzig, 1880. 

abb, abbot. See ard-abb, ban-abb. 

acbeil, terrible, ace. Ap. 30, et v. LL. 86'' 36. aicmeil, O'Dav. 82 s. v. ecal 
Hence acbeile, ' terribleness,' LL. 85* 35, et v. O'Don. supp. s. v. aicbeile. 

achad, yf^^/rt', gen. achaid, March 26, gl. 3, 6. 

acra, acre. gen. dual, Cluain di acra, Sep. 21, gl. i, 

adiu, hence, Dec. 31. fri sonnach adiu . . . fri sonnach denall, LL. 23'' 
18. adiu 7 anall, hence and the?tce, LL. 127^ 15. adiii [leg. adiu] 7 
anall 'on both sides,' FM. 1452, p. 976. dind leith adiu, LL. 291'' 34. 
The -diu may be cognate with Gr. bewa, O. Bactr. ace. di-m. 

ad-riug, I upraise, atom-riug neurt tren, / upraise myself by a mighty virtue, 
scil. the invocation of the Trinity, Patr. h. t-pret. atracht. s-fut. and 
conj. sg. I an atamm-re[s]sa (gl. exsurgente me), Ml. 31'' 14. sg. 2 
atrde extolle te. Ml. 126'' 3. pi. 3. ad-d-reset, Ap. 22. See Ascoli gl. 
pal. hib. cxcv-cxcvi. 

aeb, aebda. See oeb, oebda, 

aene, aine, ainim. See oene, oenim. 

ag, battle, gen. ^ig, Dec. 30. dat. ig, ep. 7. See bron-dg, cruad-%, dian- 
ig, fi'r-ag, mer-ig, min-£g, renn-dg, tromm-ig. 

age, Oc. 20, Nov. 17. Seems dige .i. calma 'valiant,' Fel. Oeng. Prol. 119. 
But this gloss may be a scribal error for colma ' column.' We have 
also the glosses dighe .i. sail no gabhal ' prop or fork,' dighe .i. cnoc 
' hill,' and dighe .i. tuir ' tower.' See glossarial index to Fel. Oeng. 

agmar, fearful, from dg ' fear ' (or perhaps warlike, from dg ' battle '), Aug 
19 : pi. n. coin etecha ingnecha dgmara iarnaide, LU. 33'' 28. 

ail, bashful, shamefast, Oct. 9. .i. ndireach, O'Cl. 

ainm, name. See noeb-ainm. 

aired, ered, gen. airid, dat. airiud, a corii-field? liporos ? or tillage ? See Index 
of Places. 

aiste, a metre, a i)oem, Pref. pi. gen. Oc. 25. pi. n. na haisti, dat. arna 
haistibh, Ir. Texte 3te ser. 23. 

mXs., fosterer, tutor. See coem-aite. 

1. aithnim, 1 commend, better aithenim. pres. ind. pi. i aithnemm, June 4, 

Sep. 5. pi. 3 aithnit dia muinteraib nar' fogluaister a cuirp, they recom 
mend their families not to move their bodies, BB. 256''. Cognate with 
aithne, Sg. 203. 

2. aithnim (corruptly aichnim. May 27) foraith-gnim, T recognise, pres. ind. 

pi. I athnemm, Nov. 14. imper. pi. 2 athnid, July i. Cognate with 
aithne (gl. recognitio, gl. agnicione). 


albanach, a Scottish Highlander, Nov. 2, gl. 8. 

algasach (better ailgesach), importunate, Mar. 29, gl. 5. 

allatuaid, 07i the tiorth side, Aug. 21, gl. 3, := don leitli atuaid, Oct. 12, gl. 6. 

am-chiall, senselessness, ace. amcheill, Oc. 21, Dec. 28 (W. ammhwyll is = Ir. 

am-dess, ugly, ni hamdess, LL. 156^, 21, but nirb amdeiss, LL. 157'' 35, 
dat. sg. f. amdis, Jan. 7. In the Togail Bruidne da Choca amdess is an 
epithet for.' hand' and means un-right, left ; Suidhis Fiacha mac Fir 
abha isin [fjochla feinedha da laimh alaind aimdeis in righ. 

am-doid, July 13, seems a compound of the neg. prefix am- and doid'- 
meaning obscure. 

am-gand, unscanty, liberal, Jan. 31, May 10, Oct. 7. 

am-lond, un-rough, gentle, Jan. 31, May 10, Sep. 4, 19. 

amnois, by-form of amnas, difficult, hard, severe, etc., Jan. 7. 

am-thend, not austere, June 25. 

amrdn, a song. May 10, derived from amhar .i. ceol music, O'Cl. perhaps = 
W. afar ' mourning.' 

amsa, war service, Sep. 7, derived from amus ' soldier.' 

dn, splendid. See 6g-^n. 

^na (MS. ana), wealth, treasure, Ap. 16, where it is glossed by fertach 
'wonder-working.' But compare the Annals of Ulster, 1223 : Tadhg o 
Baighill ana thuaisceirt Erenn, ' the wealth (or treasure) of the north of 
Ireland.' Compare also the use of the synonymous nuiin. 

anaicim, anaigim, I protect (v. Ascoli gloss, pal. hib. xxxvi.) sg. 3 narn-anaig, 
Jan. I, ig, July 9, Aug. 11,27. rel. pres. anges, Mar. 31. subj. pi. 3. core 
ancet, Mar. 13. pret. sg. 3, ron-anaig, Jan. 25. See further the glos- 
sarial index to Fel. Oeng. p. ccxv. The verbal noun is anacul. 

an-bdil, very great, Feb. 24, where it rimes with fagbdil : coccadh anbhail, 
a very great war, FM. 1491. iota anbhail, great thirst. Mart. Don. 
at Jan. 27. adv. rofubad Find co hanbail, LL. 193"^ 32. A sister-form 
ajtbhal .i. romhor, O'Cl. anbal c&ch anecnaid, LL. 344* 56. gen. cluana 
. . anbail, Fel. Oeng. (LB.) at Feb. 17. 

anchore, Ap. 11, gl. 5. June 11, gl. 2. Oct. 17, gl. 3. anchoiri, Oct. 3, gl. 2. 
anchoreta, Feb. 8, gl. 5. Nov. 7, gl. 2. anchoreta, Nov. 14, gl. 4, an 

an-foil, Oct. 13, is perhaps for anfoill, 'great.' LB. 129^ 15 (tria didcell 

anfoill), foill .i. beag, ' little,' O'R. 
an-foiss, unsteady, Jan. 7. 

an-uain, Sep. 2, meaning doubtful, as uain means either ' leisure ' or ' loan.' 
dn-greit, a splendid champion. Jan. 7. 

Apreil, April, gen. sg. Ap. i, Ap. t,o, where it rimes with acMl. 
ar, prep. = for, Mar. 24, Aug. 19. 

dr, slaughter. See roen-dr, tren-dr, tress-dr, tromm-dr. W. aer. 
arc M. an ark, arcc gl. ab area, H. 3, 18, p. 65% in t-arc, Jan. 1 1. Borrowed 

(like W. arch F.) from Lat. area. Note the change of gender, 
ar-chelim, I take away, pret. pass. sg. 3, ar-ro-ccled, Feb. 19. 
ard, high, lofty, noble, etc. See find-ard. Compounded also in : 
ard-abb, high abbot. Sep. 23, Oc. 11. 
ZTdi-iiAih., high prophet. Ap. 10. 


ard-gein, a high birth, June 24. 

ard-gemm, a noble gem, Oct. 23. 

ard-greit F., high champion, Aug. 31. 

ard-mind, a ftoble diadem, Oct. 23. 

ard-noeb M. a high saint, Ap. 20, July 5. an t-ardnoebh, Lism. 

Lives 735. 
ard-6g, high virgin, Feb. i, Aug. 11. 
ard-sui, high sage, Dec. 12. 
2. ard, a. the assonance of the final syllable. ^. the assonating final 
syllable. (Thurneysen, Rev. Celt. vii. 89.) See rind-ard infra. 

;irem, direm F. number, March 31, July 31. In ran-direm, Oct. 16, dircm 
seems the 2d sg. imperative of diriniin. 

ar-n, ar-, infixed personal pron. pi. i. See diarn-, narn, nar, nar-. This 
pronoun, found only in Middle-Irish, is taken from the possessive pron 
ar-n, originally a gen. pi. ^sarom (Thurneysen.) 

arnaid, hard, severe, cruel, O'R. ace. Mar. 13. gen. ingen rig Ossairgi 
arnaid, LL. 138^ 38. Cuan mac Amalgaid arnaid, LL. 140'' 13. Rag- 
nailt ingen Amlaib arnaid, LL. 141* 36. adv. co harnaid, LL. 207^ 6. 

ar-thenn, very strict or austere. Mar. 4, June 6. 

as for is ' est,' Jan. 6. A scribal error. 

as-bdgimm, / declare, proclaim, as-am-bagimm, Sep. 20. as-m-bdgimm, 
Feb. II. asmbdgaimm, Ap. 6 (to rime ^\\h dlaiiid). asmb^ge, July 11. 
asambdgem, Mar. 27. asmb^gaid, Ap. 22, June 8, Nov. 18. as-ro- 
bdgis, July 23. asmbdigther, Oct. 8. Compounded of as = ex, and 
bdgimm, a denominative from I. b^g. 

^Xiox\\., they are. Mar. 4. Before (/the / becomes (^ : arf-^/irim. Mar. 22. So 
in Old-Irish : acZ-i/rogdunesiu, Wb. i'' 10, manuf^-rt^legar, Wb. 32^ 18, 
cert'-ffuronath, Wb. 33"^ 15. ond rd\d d€\rz, Sg. 49^ 10. So in LL. ']']'' 6, 
cona tarart^ Z)air. 

atcuinnid, Oct. 14, either for ath-d-cuingid, impv. pi. 2 of ath-chuingim, 
or for at cuingid, who are champions. 

ath-bath, a second death. ' La seconda morte,' of the Divina Commedia, Inf 
i. 117. ace. July i, where it has the same gloss as O'Clery's athbach, 
(' renewal of pain '), which is, perhaps, the true reading. 

ath-dal, a second assembly, July 31. 

ath-fer, an itnnianned person, gen. athfir, LL. 72'^ 18, pi. nom. athfir, Ap. 16. 

auguist, August, gen. sg. Aug. i, 31. 

baeglach, dangerous, perilous, O'Br. ace. £ baeglaig, Nov. 15. Derived 
from bdegul ' danger.' 

baethe, stupidity, folly, ace. Ap. 24 : derived from bdeth 'foolish.' 

1. bag, F. a word, a blessing. Cognate with Gr. ;3afa), fid^is. dat. bdig, Aug. 

27, Nov. 4. ace. Aug. 18. Perhaps however in Aug. 27 bdg has its usual 
meaning of battle. 

2. bag, battle, gen. baga, Jan. 23, Oct. 15. See deg-bag. 

bdg-fer, battle-man, warrior. Mar. 31. 

bagach, warlike, Aug. 6, Nov. 10. gen. msc. Mar. 17. pi. nom. m. Nov. 28. 

b^gaimm, bdgimm, I mentioti, Nov. i, Dec. 17. A denom. from i. bdg. A 
deponent bagur occurs in LL. 308'', 24. 

bail, speech, bail no bil .i. urlabra, O'Dav. 60. dat. Jan. 27, gl. 5. gen 


mfbail, without deceit, LL. 134% 47. See ntia-bail mhsi, or is it bail .i. 
m?L\i\i\\is, goodness, O'Don. sup. 
bail. See an-b^il. 

balla, lofty? Feb. 9, June 20. balla .1. ard no liasal, H. 3. 18, p. 624. Per- 
haps the same as ballda, balda, Salt. 1903, 4978. 
ban, female, replaces ben in composition : 

ban-abb, abbess, Jan. i, gl. 9. banab (gl. abatissa), In Gl. 22. 
ban-chland,y^;«(3:/^ children, Jan. 6, May 24, Aug. 11. 
ban-noeb, a female saint, July 21. 
ban-6g, a feinale virgin, Jan. 18, gl. 3. 

ban, white, pale. See cro-bAn, donn-ban, dron-bdn, find-bdn, mind-b^n, 6^- 
ban, seng-ban, sir-ban, soer-ban, to-b^n, tond-ban. 

bdn-greit, a white champion, July 3. 

hi.Yi.-rs\\n, fair-gentle, Oct. 17. 

banb, pig (W. banw), gen. bainb, Mar. 4. 

bar, estisf estotef Jan. i. Seems abstracted from negative forms such as 
narbar 'be ye not,' Salt. 4842, nibar 3641, nibur{n) 4871, nibfor ^2>72, 
nifof{n) 'ye are not' 1235, 1238. Similar strange forms are ar, ar-n, 
dar 'we are,' Salt. 1482, 3583, 3612, apparently abstracted from negative 
expressions like nidar-n 'vi^e are not,' Salt. 1609, 3626. 

barann. ace. baraind, Feb. 4, Sep. 30, is glossed by biubannas (leg. bidbanas), 
O'Dav. 59, and by ccraiii in H. 4. 22, p. 6i^ It seems to mean hostility, 
unfriendlitiess in this Martyrology, but at Feb. 4 it may be the ace. sg. 
of bara ' wrath.' 

barr, top, Oct. 19. See cloth-barr, oll-barr. 
\i2LXx-<^'X!\, pure-crowned, Jan. 3. 

barr-glass, green-topped, Ep. 2 (p. 250 supra), an epithet for the 
world. So ri betha barrglais, Salt. 1033. 

bdt (bat?) Ap. 28, July 30, Nov. 14, for O. Ir. bdtar. So in Coir Anmann, 

s.v. Oilill Cethach : bat mora a bheiminna. 
bath, death, \. bis no marbhadh, O'Cl. See ath-bath. 
bauptist, baptist, gen. sg. June 23, Sep. 24. 
beim, a blow. Corn, bom, Bret, bocm, bom. See cl-beim. 
beit, sint, Ap. 3, 27. 
beithe, a birch tree, Nov. 13, gl. 2. 
bem, simus, Ap. 21, June 2. 
ben, woman. See find-ben, 6g-ben. 

benaim .i. bualaim, I strike, O'Cl. fria mbdig benaim, Aug. 18. Beogna 
frisa mbenaim, Aug. 22. Imitated from the late-Latin use oi pulso for 
rogo : cf Matth. vii. 7, pulsate et aperietur nobis : pulsauit .i. roail. 
Ml. 19^^ 10. Patricio Dominum pulsante, Bk. Arm. iS*^ 2. See ff-is- 
benim infra. 

beo, livitig, lively ( = Lat. vivus, W. byw). March 23, June 3, 18, July 22, 
Aug. 21, Nov. 14, 18. 

beo-blad, living ox vivid fame. Mar. 15, May 31. 
beo-buaid, vivid victory, dat. Nov. 24. 

beoda, vivacious, vigorous, Ap. 2, May 10, 19, July 11, Dec. 17. Glossed by 
maith no scnamail, H. 3. 18, p. bo^, LL. 54' 6, 7. 


berdait (leg. bertait as in LU. 41^ 41, LL. in'' 36, 1 12* 48, 112^ 3), they will 
bring, June 3. For the form cf. gebtit, Wb. 26^ 8 =:.gebtait, Feb. 9 and 
LU. 56'', 26, me'rtaii, LU. 35"" 2)3-, scerdait, LL. 79^ 49. The azV in beri- 
ait is probably a suffixed personal pronoun (Zimmer K.Z. 28, 322) in the 
nom. \x\. gebtit, Wb. 26^ 8 (from gebat-iat?) the pron. is in the ace. — 
the meaning being ' accipient eas, scil. Legis ueteris institutiones.' 
bert F. burden, load, ace. beirt, Nov. 15. pi. gen. loman carr 7 heart, a rope 

for carts and loads, Laws i. 140, 1. 3. 
besaid, Nov. i, a moralist? derived from bes 'mos'? Or is it the imperative 
pi. 2 of a verb, meaning declare ye, from *bans cogn. with Ir. besciia 
' language,' ' nation,' Skr. bha)tati, ' says ' ? 
bfam, I shall be, Ap. 28, Ep. i, 16. bias 'qui erit,' Ep. i, 16, bid 'erit,' Jan. 

6, June 3, Aug. 20. 
bil, mouth f \. bel, O'Cl. See doi-bil. 
\i\\\,poor? bille .i. bocht, O'Cl. See d^i-bill. 
bind, melodious, etc., (Bret, banri), v. cad-bind, ciuin-b., grdd-b. 
bith, ep. 2, world, in composition ever : 
bith-eim, ever-active, June 3. 
bith- 6g, ever-virginal, July 3, Oct. 11. 
bithe, womanly. May 24. Nov. 30 : bithe .i. bannda, O'Cl. 011a setig Sdim 
bldith bithi, LL. 136'' 38. commdm Domnaill, bithi in ben, LL. mc^ 
21. bithi brigach in ben barrdub, LL. 141* 14. ace. f i mbaig mbithi, 
LL. 197* 40, where it rimes with cichi. pi. dat. briathraib bithib, Salt. 
5814. See also Meyer's Aislinge, p. 160. 
\AdA, fame, July 8. gen. blaide, March 12. dat blaid, LL. 258*^ 41. See 
beo-blad, brath-b., brig-b., cdin-b. 

blad-oU, great-fained, Mar. 2. gen. sg. m. blad-uill, Feb. 6. 
hladsich, famous, ace. f bladaig. May 13. See Meyer's Aisl. p. 160. 
h\adma.r, famous, Sep. 14, Salt. 29, 315, etc. rop hi in choiced ben bladmar 

LL. 194'' 58. 
hladmor, famous, Oct. 17. See Meyer's Aisl. 160. 

bldith, blaith (from mMith, mlaith), smooth, soft. Nov. i. Compounds : 
bMith-chenn, a smooth chief, Sep. 27. 
bldith-fidl, soft-modest, Jan. 12. 

blaith-mfn, smooth-gentle, Sep. 25 ; and see the name Blaith-mec. 
bocc, soft, tender. See ciuin-boce, enes-b., 6g-b. 
borbaigim, / act rudely or ignorafttly. pret. sg. 3 nar-borbaig, Jan. 29. 

A denominative from borb. 
borr-slat, a proud or noble rod or scion, Oct. 15, Dec 13. borrslat baeth na 

bairddni bind, LL. 139'' 24. slat, Sep. 6. 
brath, deception, treachery. W. brad.ixom. mrath. See crech-brath. 

brath-blad, deceptive fame. Mar. 23. 
breith, a taking, verbal noun of berim : dat. bre[i]th, Aug. 29. See cdt-breith. 
bre6,yZi;w^, Aug. 6, where it seems disyllabic. In March 11, April 18,20, 

and Oct. 27, it is a monosyllable, 
breth, judgment (W. bryd). pi. n. bretha, July 16, dat. brethaib, Jan. i. 

See cdd-breth, cdin-b., cl6en-b., fir-b., Idn-b., ro-b., s^r-b. 
brig, vigour. See gart-brig, tend-b. 

brig-blad F. mighty fame, dat. brigblaid. Mar. 9. cf brig maith 
blaide. Mar. 12. 

S 2 


brfg-fer, a vigorous man^ Dec. 3. 
brig-rath, vigorous grace, Sep. 28. 
brfgda, vigorous, Jan. 6, Mar. 4, Ap. 22, May 7, June 9, Aug. 26, Nov. 1,26. 
brigmar, vigorous, powerful, brioghmhar, O'Br. gen. msc. brig-mair, 

Dec. 7. 
brf-grus, seems to mean a fault caused by anger, ace. May 30, from bri 

'anger,' axid g'n^s 'transgression.' Corm. s. v. fogamur. 
brocc, a badger, pi. gen. brocc, Sep. 30, gl. 4. 
broenach, Ep. 2 (supra, p. 250) an epithet for the world. So in LL. 133^ 

29: for bith broenach. Braonac/i .i. bronach 'sad, sorrowful,' O'Cl., 

seems the same word. pi. n. msc. ropsat broenaig a daigfir, LL. 

156'' 23. Derived from broen ' a shower ' ? 
bron-dg, mournful battle, Oct. 19. 
brug. See find-brug. 
bruinnim (bruindim ?), / smelt, I purify, ' I boil, smelt,' O'Don. Supp. pret. 

pass. sg. 3, ro bruinned, May 23. The verbal noun, bruiji7icd^ occurs in 

a gloss on Amra Senain, LB. 241% dat. iarna mbruinniud 7 iarna 

nglanad tria tenid mbrdtha, LU. 34'' 31. 
biiaid, victory, W. budd. See beo-biiaid, deg-b., glan-b. 
buaine, lastijtgttess, dat. June 12. 

buan, goodl lasting} July 16 (where buan should be buan[a]), Sep. 28. 
buan-6g, a good virgin, or perhaps lastingly virginal, July 29. 
buan-rath, lastiftg grace, gen. sg. Mar. ir. 
buidnech, troopful, Aug. 3, eland Breogain buidnech, LL. 134", 46. gen. m. 

buidnig, Sep. 3, and LL. 134^ 27. dat. ar bhith buidhnech, Reeves, 

Cohnnba, p. 274. ace. fon mbith mbuidnech, Fel. Oeng. at Oct. 15. 

Derived from buiden ^= W. byddin. 
bulid, blopjning, beautiful, Jan. 29, May 26, builid, June 28, Aug. 4. gen. m. 

nemfeodaigecht in blaith bulid boladmair, LB. 221*' 66, dat. doratadh 

arccat is or don chuire bhuiligh [leg. bhuilidh] bhreacnihor, Cormacdn 

Ecces, 145, 146. voc. a be ban bulid, LL. 256'' 7. See also Salt. 1893, 

3903, 7247. A sister-form builcacli in O'Don. Supp. Cognate with 

folium and ^vKKov. 
bun, bottom, riverjuout/t, gen. bona, Dec. 16. 
bunad, origin, foundation, seems used in the gen. sg. bunaid, to denote 

something essential, primary, leading or superior, deoehain bunaid, Jan. 

23. CO mbaig bunaid, Aug. 27. breo bunaid, Oct. 27. So diinarus 

bunaid, LU. 42'' 45. 
bunadus, origin, Sep. 23, gl. i. 
cabair, help, for cobair (Ap. 25, July 9), homoeoteleufi gratia, ]^n. 25, Ap. 17, 

June II. So the cognate verb ron-cabra, May 3, is for ron-cobra. 
cacht, confinemejit, dat. Aug. i. 
cachtach, abstinent, Feb. 5, derived from cacht .i. troseadh, O'Cl. .i. gorta, 

Lee. Voc. 
cachta m = Lat. capto, s-pret. pi. 3, rochachtsat, Nov. 16. 
edd, holy, chaste. Compounded in : 

cdd-bind, holy-melodious. May 8. 

cdd-breth, a holy judgment, Dec. 13. 

cdd-chenn a chaste (or holy) chief pi. n. Ap. 24. 

cd,d-fer, a chaste (or holy) ma7i, July 8, cdidfer, Jan. 26, Oct. 3, 16. 


c^d-fis, /lo/y ktiowledge, gen. Feb. 14. 

cdd-gel, chaste (or holy) andfair^ Oct. 25, voc. cdidgil, Ap. 14. 
cid-gemm, holy gem, Ap. 9. 
cdd-reim, holy course, July 24. 
c^d-seng, holy (or chaste) slender, Feb. i. 
c^das, respect, ace. Mar. 25. cddhas ' friendship [?], honour, privilege,' O'Br. 
c^de, chastity, holiness, Adit. Nov. 14, 17, Dec. 17. caidhe, f Aaj/z/y, ^«n/y, 

O'R. Derived from cad q.v. 
cadla, cojnelyl Jan. i, Mar.i, Ap. 11, May 3, Sep. 29. cadhla .i. cdomh no 
dlainn, O'Cl. See Meyer Aisl. 163. pi. n. f. cadlai, F^l. Oeng. at Dec. 
9. adv. CO caidle, LL. 157'' 31. 
c^dnech (gl. tutelaris — perperam ?) Feb. 3. For the suffix cf. degnech, grAdnech. 
Caere, ace. June 17 : prob. for caire, blame, LL. 162'' 10 (= W. caredd). 
chaerem, June 3, seems iox chairim, 'whom I love,' an <7-verb, whence the 
perf sg. 3 cair in the Franciscan Liber Hymnorum, Ir. Texte, i. 322, and 
the redupl. fut. cechrat, Wb. 30'' 4. The initial is aspirated to denote 
the relative, as in thuirmthir, Jan. 30. charaim, Feb. 6. charaimm, 
June 5. thogaimm, Feb. 6, Ap. 10. fagdeim. May 15. sifiitn. 
May 22. fhurpair, Aug. 20, foemaid, Oc. 31. charthair, Nov. 23. It 
cannot be a superlative — cf samchorgus «<? gemchorgus asa cairem glds, 
LB. 261'' 76, where for cairem 23 N. 10 (a MS. in the library of the 
R.LA.) has gaenem : cf. gaoine ' good ' O'R. — for this would leave unex- 
plained the aspiration of the initial c. 
cdid. See lomm-chdid, rem-chdid, oU-ch., tend-ch. 

Gain, bright, beautiful, gentle, mild. Mar. 1 1 — W. cain ' candidus, pulcher. 
See lor-chain, 6r-ch. Compounded also in : 
ci\n-\A2id, fair fajne, dat. Aug. 23. 
cdin-breth, a beautiful judgment, pi. gen. Nov. 2. 
ciin-fial, mild-modest, Nov. 11. 

cdin-fled, a bright banquet, gen. pi. June 19, Dec. 18. 
edin-sc^l, a beautiful tale, July 26. 
caindlech, shining, lustrous, Feb. 23, Mar. 11, May 26, Sep. 15, dat. i. caindlig, 
Sep. 30, pi. caindlecha, LL. 239^ Derived from caiftdel borrowed (like 
W. cannwyll) from Lat. candela. 
cdine, brightfiess, gentleness, mildness, dat. Nov. 17, seems a derivative cf 

ciin bright. 
caingen, F. supplication, Aug. 17. ace. beir gusin Coimdid mo chaingin 
Mael-isu, Battle of Ventry (Oxford 1885), p. 89. doridh liom caingean 
ndeh gann do dheanamh, he desired me to make no poor or sparing petition, 
O'Br. citing Betha Margret. 
cim, battle, contest, gen. caim, Aug. 20. cam .i. r(o)e no comrac, O'Dav. 64. 
caam, Bk. Arm. 13^ i : 'lignum contensionis quod uocatur ^a<2W apucl 

cam-fer, champion, gen. edimfir Mar. 17 where it rimes with fdilid. 
camm (W. Corn, and Bret, cam) i. crooked. 2. squinting, Ap. 7, gl. 2. 
camm-achad, a crooked field, gen. Mar. 31, gl. 2. 

camm-rd,d, a crooked speech, wrong saying. May 9, where it rimes with 
Sanctdn. Camm-rand a crooked stanza, Bk. of Fenagh (Dublin 
1875), P- 69, u- 7- 
cardinail, a cardinal^ June 25. 


caih, a battle (W. cad., Gaul. catu). See mor-chath. 
caih-gr6\mn\, datt/e-//ii£-At, June i6. 

catolacda, catholic, Jan. i, gl. 6. cathalacda, March i, gl. 9. catalocdha 

May 3, gl. 4. 
cathdir, borrowed from cathedra or W. cadeir : gen. cath^ire, Nov. 2, gl. 6. 
echair, mire, Sep. 21, gl. i, isin cechair, LL. 117'' 35. 
c^im, gentle? Dec. 28 (where it rimes with leir\ c^imh .i. caoin, O'R. 
cdimm, a step (W. cam), Dec. 31. See gar-chdimm, glan-ch., ra-ch., to-ch. 
celloir, a cellarer, Sep. 16, gl. 3, ace. romarbhsat celloir mor reiclesa Daire, 

Annals of Ulster, 1214. O'Br. and his copyist O'R. explain this word as 

' the superior of a cell or monastery.' But it seems borrowed from 

celldrius ' cui potus et escae cura est,' qui celiac vinariae et escariae 

praeest,' Ducange. 
can prep, without, Jan. 16, Feb. 22, etc., is used idiomatically in ba col cett a 

chaemna, ' 'twas a sin not to defend him,' March 1 5. cen olc d'imrdd 

' who thought no evil,' Ap. 4, lit. ' without evil to think.' 
cenn, head, chief (W. ■penn), Jan. 14. Feb. 2, 24, 25, Oct. 9. See bMith- 

chenn, c6em-ch., find-ch., flaith-ch., Wn-ch., mor-ch., prim-ch., rath-ch., 

sdr-ch., s6er-ch., sruith-ch. 
ceol, music. See coem-cheol. 
ceolach, musical, ace. sg. f ceolaig, July 27. 
cert. Just, right (Lat. certus), gen. sg. m. ceirt, Ap. 18, gl. 4. 
cert-fer, a right or just man, gen. A p. 19. 
ce.ri-Yom\a.cln., justly parting or dividing, Sep. 16, gl. 3. 
certaigim, / correct, impv. pi. 3 certaiget, p. 4. 

certa.s, justice (ceartas, O'R.), dat. certus, Aug. 20. Derived from cert ' right.' 
cix-, first, Gaul. ci?ttu-s. 

cdt-breith, a first taking, Feb. 2. 
c^t-dola, a first going, July 6. 
cethern F., a bajtd (of light infantry), cethern discir druit, LL. 29'' 42. dat. 

May 27, where it is applied to seven saints, cethirn comlain. Salt. 3538. 

ace. Ap. 21. Hence Eng. kerne, and O'Br.'s ceithearnach 'a soldier, a 

sturdy fellow.' 
ciall (:=W. pwyll), sense, ititellect, also cial, Jan. 2. See am-chiall, glan-ch. 
cialla, intellectual? Nov. 14, also in LL. 140'' 2, seems for ««//^i!'a ' rational,' 

derived from ciall ' intellect.' 
ciamair, sad, June 23, Nov. i, 12. The nom. pi. ochna aidbli chiaiiira toir- 

secha, LB. 140'' 59, seems from a sister-stem cianiar. As a noun it occurs 

in LL. 146*^ 44, dochuaid ar ciabair (leg. ciamair) mo chiall : so in Salt 

1439 etc. O'Br. has an adjective (?) ciamhaire ' sad, weary.' 
cichech, breasted, June 4. Derived from cich ' pap.' 
cimer, bright, radiant? Jan. 21, where it rimes with primfer and miled. 

Feb. 22 (rimes with mingel). Ap. 22, July 8, 31, Oct. 16, 30. Root k't, 

ski, whence also tri-chem in trichemruad redly blazing and sciam ' bright.' 
cing, warrior, champion, gen. sg. and pi. cinged, Feb. 27, Ap. 3. 
cinte, Feb. 22, for cinnte ' certain, assigned, appointed,' pret. part. pass, of 

cinnim ' I determine, decide, appoint.' 
cintech, for cinntech, appointed, gen. m. cintig. Mar. 19, compar. cintigi^ LL. 

240'', cognate with cinte q.v, and the verb cinfitigim : cinntigid 7 

comaillid na deich timna, LB. 123' 27 


ciste, a chesty casket^ treasure^ Oct. 25, a treasury or treasure, O'Br. 
cith, a shower, pi. nom-ceatha, O'Br. dat. cethaib, Sep. 6, where it probably 
means showers of tears ; cf. cithech (gl. flebilium), Ml. 130'^ 15 ; cf. also 
cithach, LL. 13'' 7. 
divim., gefttle, June 23, July 31. 'meek, still, quiet,' O'Br. See lanchiuin. 
ciuin-bind, getitle-inelodious, Ap. 9. 
ciuin-bocc, gentle-soft, Nov. 9. 
eland, children (W. plant). See ban-chland. 

cldr-nem, the plntjt of heaven, dat. Ap. 14. clar, W. clawr=i KXrjpos. 

cle-rdim, a sinister or evil course. May 24, Nov. 24, cM .i. cldon, ^rZ/.i. olc, 

O'Cl., dat. du chli (g^l. ad sinistram), for laim chli (gl. a sinistris). 

Old Welsh cled, Goth, hlei-dunia. 

cliar F., an assembly, baftd, troop, cliar coibne, Feb. 16. dat. 'con chleir, 

Jan. 14, archleir na n-apstal, Salt. 7813. pi. dat. fo chliaraib, Salt. 2166. 

clod, turning, cha7toe, ace, Dec. 3, clodJi 'variety, change,' O'Br. Seems 

=0. Ir. cloud prosternere, dat. do chlod, LL. 300"^ 2, ace. BB. 42'' 24. 
cloen, wrong. Compounds : 

cloen-breth, a W7'0?tg, partial, or prejudiced, judgment, Aug. 6. 
cloen-uall F., wrongful pride, ace. May 24. 

cloth-barr, haznng a famous crowti or helmet, June 4. A compound of cloth 

fame (W. clod) cognate with kXvtos, in-clutics. 
clu, fame (W. clyw, KXeFos). See coem-chlu, sir-chlu, and in the Index of 

persons, Gel-chlii. 
cliiach, famous. See mor-chluach. p). n. coimhthionoil cluacha, 'famous 

congregations, O'Don. supp. s. v. clothra. 

cnes-bocc, soft-skimted, gen. sg. m. Sep. 27. cnes-=Corn. knes (misprinted 

hues), kfteys, ktiesen. 
cnesta, modest, meek. May 11, bacaur cnesta cocriche, LL. 197'' 32. BB. 373*4, 

cneasda and cneasta ' modest, meek, well-tempered,' O Br. 
CO, a compound prep., for oc-6, oc-ua, at, along with, Jan. 19. coa, at her, 

by her, Nov. 12. com atmy, Sep. 26. 
cobled ( = con-fled) F., a banquet, LL. 229^6. gen. coiblede, coibleide, LL. 
229% tech coiblidhi. Trip. Life, p. 556. dat. Ap. 21. ace. coibieid, 
July 27. fled is = W. gwledd and cognate with Gr. eXdofiai. 
coel ( = W. cul) slender. See lomm-choel. 

coel-fdl, a slender or small fold, a tJiin fence or hedge, Nov. 16. 
coel-seng, thin-slender, leaft, meagre, July 4, 17. 
coem ( = W. cu. Corn, cuf Bret, cuff), dear, kind, gentle, etc. 

coem-aite, dear fosterer, lovable tutor. Mar. 19. The same expres- 
sion is applied in Fel. Oeng., Aug. 24, to Sen-Plidtric. 
coem-chenn, a dear chief. May 16. 
coem-cheol, delightful music, gen. Sep. 30. 
coem-chlu, dear fame. May 23. 
coem-chn'ch, a dear end, Oct. 31. 

coem-doss, a dear bush, Jan. 20, Nov. 17 (where it rimes with 
Oengos), May 30 (where it rimes with JSoergos), pi. n. 
coemdois, Feb. 23. 
coem-druin, dear and shrewd, Mar. 9. 
coem-fdith, a dear prophet, Dec. 4. 


c6em-fdl, M. a dear fence ^ -wall or hedge, Mar. 14, dat. Feb. 12, 

June 18. 
coem-fer, a dear man, Ap. 16, July 15, Aug. 2, Dec. 8, pi. n. Nov. 18. 
coem-fertach, dear-miraculous, May 14. 
c6em-fial, dear-modest, Mar. i, Ap. 26. 
coem-find, dear-fair, Ytb. i, May 26. 
coem-flaith, a dear prince, June 19. 
coem-fraig, a dear wall, Aug. 23 : cf. roemf^l supra, 
coem-fuillim, I lovingly increase, Sep. 23. 
coem-gel, dear-bright, Feb. 16, Mar. 24, Sep. 8, Dec. 18, gen. sg. 

msc. coemgil, Dec. 7. 
c6em-lecc, a dear stone, July 3. 
coem-ndr, dear-modest, July 19, Sep. 17, ig. 
coem-nem, dear heaven, Ap. 13, June 26. 
coem-noeb, a dear saint, pi. gen. June 17. 
c6em-6g, ^ijar virgin or virginal. May 4, June 9. 
coem-rath, dear grace, Feb. 3, dat. Ep. 4 (p. supra). 
c6em-seng, dear-slender, rsfined. Mar. 3, Nov. i, gen. sg. m. May 5, 
c6em-slat, a dear scion, Nov. 9. 
coem-sui, a dear sage, gen. coemsuad, Oct 11. 
coem-thend, dear-strong, Ap. i. 
coemda, July 5, Oct. 29, Nov. 30, Dec. 18, synonymous with coem. 
coeme, dearness, loveliness, {z= W. cuedd, affection), Dec. 26, dat. Cormac 

CO c6eme chrotha, LL. 28'' 49. 
J. c6^xi\n?i., good cheer, comfort, Feb. 19, c£ LL. 279'' 8, and LB. 218*' 54, gen. 
niptis formtig caemnai neicb. Rev. Celt. xiii. 395, dat. drond dia caemnu 
cui.t, LL. 29*" 43. 
2. coemna, protection, defettce^ dzX. June 1,21, Nov. 2)'^, don bith-choemna, 
Fel. Oeng. at Mar. 13, ace. Mar. 15, ... cen nach cdenina, LL. 181'' 27. 
183* 47. lith cen chaemna, LL. 184^ 40. Perhaps the same word as 1. 
coibne, (= con-fine?) kindred, relationship, Ap. 28, gen. Feb. 16, Dec. 28, 

dat. May 15. 
co'xm-desSf handsome^ Jan. 7, daL iarsin charddine choir chomdes, LL. 134'' 21. 
co\m-din, protection^ July 25, 
coimge, safeguard, protection. May 27 := comga q.v. For examples see 

O'Don. Supp. and Meyer's Aisl. 167-168. 
c6\r, proper. Just. See com-choir, lomm-ch. 
coke, Justice, right, O'R. gen. core, Feb. 25. dat. core, Dec. 9, but cora, 

Dec. 26. 
com for ocom, .Sep. 26. 

comad, assembly ? Mar. 24, for com-sad ' consessus ' ? 

comaig, Jan. 25, .Sep. 22. The same (or a similar) word occurs in an obscure 
passage in LU. 102'' comaig Idech arabi lecht liac. It is also the name 
of a virgin. Meaning doubtful. Perhaps from com- and -aig, Urkelt. 
*agi, cogn. with Ir. dil 'pleasant' (from *pagli), and with Qo^. fagrs. 
com-choir, quite Just, June 5, Oct. 21, Dec. 29. 
com-dath, co-colour, dat. Feb. 23. 
comga, protection, dat. Mar. 14 Nov. 25. = coimge, q.v. 


com-gel, brilliant, very white, Sep. 3, voc. m. Ap. 21. 

com-rand, a co-stanza, isin com-rand, iit the same stanza, Sep. 4, Oct. 7. 

comrar, a casket, gen. comraire, Sep. 25, gl. 5. 

com-seng, meagre. May 21. See seng. 

com-sod, conversion, Jan. 25. comhshodh, Lism. Lives, 234. O. Ir. 

com-thend, austere, powerful, June 4, Sep. 5. adv. co comthenn, Salt. 

coni-ig, affluent, ]\i\y 18. conaichi (gl. felicior), Ir. Gl. 1128: derived from 
condch ' prosperity, affluence,' O'Br., conach ' luck, fortune,' O'Don. supp. 
and cognate perhaps with W. cyitog ' a chief, leader or principal' 

con for ocon, Jan, 14, June 21, Aug. 17, Sep. 14. 

confessoir, a confessor, July 24, gl. 2. confessor, March 5, gl. i. June 17, 
gl. 8. Sep. 25, gl. 8. Dec. 2, gl. 3. Dec. 12, gl. 21. Dec. 18, gl. 10. For 
the four technical meanings of confessor, see Ducange. 

con-gaib, a collection, Aug. 14, 31. In Dec. 12, perhaps we should read 

din-chongaib a protective collection. 
conuent, cojtvent, dat. p. 2. Borrowed, like W. cwfaint. 
coraib = co-ro-b', may it be, Ap. 14. corop, Jan. 3, Nov. 3. 
coraigim, I arraiige, dispose : imperat. sg. 2, coraig Aug. 2, where it rimes with 

corbam = co-ro-bd.-m, that I may be, Feb. 1 7, Ap. 6. 
corcach F. a marsh, Jan. 14, gl. 3, etc. 
craeb seilbe. See Craeb in Index of Places, 
crdeb-fil, a fence or hedge of branches, Oct. 9. 
cranna, bowed, decrepid, Sep. 15, Nov. 16. ni cranna is cuman, LL. 137^ 46. 

crannda, decrepid, fear crannda a decrepid, stooping man, O'Br. 

CTa.nn-chur, a lot-casting, crannchur. Ml. 29'^!, gen. cranndchuir, July 20, ace. 

focherdsam crandchur, LL. 108"^, dorinneadar crannchur air they cast lots 

for it, O'Br. ; and see B. of Ventry, p. 102, pi. nom. inna cranchur (gl. 

sortes). Ml. yj^ 15. 
crech-brath, a treacherous raid ox prey, Sep. 6. 
credlach, ^^/zVz^zVz^, Feb. 23, Fel. Oeng. Oct. 21, Dec. 23, gen. sg. m. credlaig 

(.i. cretmig), Fel. Oeng. Feb. 25. Derived from credal 'devout,' Jan. 21, 

Nov. 2, 26, which seems borrowed from W. credol 'giving faith to,' 

' believing.' 
crem, wild garlic, gen. crema, Jan. 8, gl. 5. Feb. 6, gl. 3. compd. Cremchaill, 

May 31, gl. 2. 
crich, e?id. See coem-chrich. 

cride adj. cordiall March 12, May 7, June 29. I have translated this as if it 
were an adj. cognate with cride ' heart.' But it may be the gen. sg. 
of that subst. Or it may be used elliptically for cride in crdbaid ' the 
heart of devotion,' Sep. 10. Or again it may be the opposite oi ancriae 
Unrecht, Corn, ancres, Bret, encres. 

crinna, sage, prudent, wise. Mar. 9, crionna, O'Br. 

cro-bdn, death-pale, Dec, 24, where the glossator takes it to mean hut-white 
{i.e. grown pale in the cro 'hut,' W. craiu, of an inclususi). But the first 
element is more probably aS .i. bds, Corm. Also in cro-phian death- 
pain, dat. cropein (leg. crophein), Jan. 12, 


crobung, F. a cluster^ Nov. 8, Dec. ii, dat. May 15, but crobuing, Hy 
Fiachrach, p. 178, a sister-form or corruption of crobaftg, LL. S*" 10, 
45^ 9, and see Rev. celt. ix. 471, note i. The pi. dat. crobhungaib is 
given by O'Br. as if it were a nom. 

cromm, bowed, Jan. 24, gl. 2. (W. crwtn). See nem-chromm. 

criiach, a roimd hill, (W. crug), gen. cruaiche, Ap. 21, gl. 2. dimin. 

cruachdn, Ap. 25, gl. i. 
criiad, hard, cruel (Lat. crudiis). Compounded in : 

criiad-dg, hard or cruel battle, ace. Mar. 6, Aug. 30. 
cruad-gae, cruel spear, dat. Mar. 15. 
cn'iadaigim, / harden, pret. sg. 3, Sep. 10. A denominative from criiad. 
criiaid, hard, cruel. See fel-chruaid. 
cruth, form (W. pryd). Compounded : 

crut\i-ge\, fair-fo7'med, bright-shaped, Mar. 23, Ap. 30. 
cru\.h.-g\a.n, pure-formed, pi. n. Nov. 14. 
ciiallacht (ex cuan-luchtj .i. cuideachta, O'CL, gen. ciiallachta, Aug. 2, gl. 4. 

In Texte II, 2, 112. 
cuanna,yf«^, handsome. May 30, Sep. 30. 
Q.\xCodi&,fit7iess, decency, concinnitas, dat. Sep. 27, ar a chuibde 7 ar a chos- 

maili intib fdin, LU. 36^ 4. Derived from «^(^^zV/ ' concinnus,' LU. 74'' 

41,44. cubhaidh 'decent, becoming,' O'Br. 
cuibdech, harmonious, meet, decent? Aug. i. 
cuilenn, holly (W. celyn), gen. cuilinn, May 21, gl. 4. 
cuimne, memory, rejnembrance, Ap. 28, Sep. 27, cuimnech, mindful, Feb. 26. 

gen. sg. m. cuimnig, Aug i. 
cuimnigim, / ?'£';//^;;/(^^r, imperat. sg. 2 cuimnig. Mar. 27, Sep. 3. Verbal noun, 

cuimniugud, Jan. 8, gl. 9. 
cuindmid, gl. hospitalis, Feb. 3, seems a compound of conn ' sense, reason ' 

and */>iid {=:■ Skr. madhu) 'sweet,' which we have perhaps in O'R.'s 

miochair (leg. miodchair), ' loving, affable,' and in mid-chaire, 

'benevolence,' AU. 1203. 
cuinged, warrior, pi. gen. May 23. Perhaps in at a/innid, Oct. 14, we have 

the nom. pi. Or it may be cinged (Ap. 3) misspelt for sake of rime. 

cuinnid, warrior, July 28, dat. May 3 = cuingid, Bk. of Fenagh 330, 342 ; and 
see Glossarial Index to Togail Troi, Calcutta 1881, p. 149. 

cuire, M. troop, host, Aug. 23, Nov. 13, Dec. 2, Ep. 4, dat. sg. Aug. 17 dat. pi. 
dat. cuirib Aug. 12. Goth, harjis. Germ. Heer. 

cumr a., fragrant, Ap. 21. In Oct. 18 it is applied to Colm.-in's song, and should 
probably be rendered ' sweet ' ; cumhra, O'Br. blath-chumhra ' blossom- 
sweet,' O'Don. Gr. 336. arni cumrae ' sweet sloes,' Lism. Lives p. 326. 
1. 13. 

cumthach, woeful, mournful, gen. m. cumthaig, Aug. 20. am cumthach dia 
eis, LL. 147' 29. ba caintech cumthach rabai, LL. 202^ 57. Derived from 
the /-stem cuma ' woe,' gen. cumad, dat. cumaid. 

cunn\a, prudent, Jan. i, Feb. 4, Dec. 19, cundla, Aug. 31. Elsewhere, cundla 
or connla is a fem. subst. mQ-xrixxi^ prudence, wisdom. O'Don. Supp. dia 
na cundla, LB. 182-'' 34, derived from cundil \Nh. 31*^ 3. O'Br. renders 
ctinnla by ' modest,' which seems a bad guess. 

cur, a cast. See crann-chur. 

dag, good (W., Corn, and Bret, da, Gaul, dago-s). Compounded : 


A2i%-^t'=?>^ good-comely, Mar. 31. 

dag-dias, F. a good pair, Oct. 26. 

dag-doss, a goodly bush, pi. n. Jan. 7. 

dag-fer, a good }na?t,_\A. n. daigfir Mar. 4 : so in LL. 1^6^ 23 : ropsat 

broenaig a daigfir. 
dag-fial, good-7nodest, Jan. 30, Aug. 7. 
dag-find, ^(3£'^3/rt/r, May 15, Dec. 11. 
dag-mein, a good mind, dat. sg. Jan. 26. 
dag-mor, ^^^^rt'-^r^a/, Sep. 11. 

dag-ndr, good {a7id) bashful. Mar. 26, May 9, Nov. 26. 
dag-nem, ^^^^ heaven, ace. June 5. 
dag-6g, a ^<?c>^ virgin, July 2. 
dag-rdd, well-speaking. May 17. 
dag-rand, a good stanza, dat. sg. Jan. 31. 
ddi-bill, bad-poor? May 8, seems a compd. of ddi = (firr^/ ' malus,' O'MolIoy. 
Gramm. Latino-]iiber7nca, 43, and bill cogn. with /^z7/^, ' poor,' Fel. Oeng. 
Aug. 8. But perhaps it is misspelt for doibil, q.v. or for duibell .i. 
utmall, O'Dav. T}^. 
ddig, primarily, keen ? and then with the secondary meanings, harsh ? quick ? 
Sep. 16. tasc daig, Jan. 18. daig diar degdin, Feb. 21, where it rim( s 
with cdid. ddig dom erail, Aug. 16. See radaig infra, and cf. Dor. ^ayw, 
/ sharpeft. 
dail, in the phrases 'mom diil, near me, Ap. 3, 27. im d^il. Mar. 22, im 

dail-sea, Aug. 19, 'nar ndailne, Jan. 11, Ap. 8, 'mor ndalaib, Ap. 22. 
dal, assembly (W. dadl). See ath-d^l, deg-ddl, go-ddl, min-dal, ro-dal. 
ddlach, multitudiiious? Nov. 10, derived from dal, assembly: so in Fel. 
Oeng. Jan. i. The same word, wrongly explained, occurs in H. 3. 18, p. 
539'' : dalach .i. diail .i. nemdlighthech ' unlawful.' 
dam, F. a troop (cogn. with Sa/xo<r, 8fjfj.os). pi. dat. d^maib, Ap. 1 5, gl. 3. 
Compounded in min-dam, q.v. and 

dam-iia.\, generous to troops (of poets etc.), Ap. 15. 
diZxXscidi, a yearling bull, gen. dartada, Feb. 12, gl. 9. Seems derived from 

dart {dairt ?) in Drui'm da dart. May 22, gl. 6. 
dath, colour. See com-dath. 

dath-glan, ;^//'r^-(:(7/<5'z/r£'^, Feb. 16, Ap. 15, 16, ^o, June 2, 24, July 2, 
Aug. 24, Sep. 22, Nov. 12, Dec. 26, dat. i. don tuaith dathglain, 
Salt. 5447. 
dath-rath, July i, seems a compound of dath, 'gift,' O'R. (cf dathadh .i. 

tiodlacadh, O'Cl.), and, if so, may mean 'bounteous grace.' 
deac, ten, Jan. 26, Ap. 16, diac, Oct. 21, where it is a monosyllable, not, as in 

Old Irish, a disyllable. 
debthach, quarrelsome, contentious, combative, July i, gl. 5, Nov. 7, dat. 
'con cuire doidgheal deabhthach, Cormacdn eces, 30, pi. n. batar 
debthaig fri Saul, Salt. 6264. Hence debthaige, combativeness, LL. 
134" 24. 
decair (decar?), difficulty, hardship, fri decraib, Sep. 22. deacair and 

deaclach ' hard, difficult,' O'Br. 
december, December, gen. sg. Dec. i. 

dedlaim, I separate, Ap. 20, verbal noun, from dedai', Nov. 26. 
deg-, good, a sister-form of dag-, q.v. 


deg-bdg, a goodjight, or perhaps a good word {dlesstng),da.t. May 12. 

deg-buaid, a good victory, Feb. 24. 

deg-ddl, a good assanbly, Aug. 17. 

deg-di'as, F. a good pair, Feb. 11. 

CLfg-diXVi, good protection, Feb. 21. 

deg-doss, a good bush, Mar. 3, May 18. 

deg-drong, a ^£i(?^ <^a«^ or troop, Aug. 9. 

deg-druin, good and shrewd, Ap. 5. 

deg-fdl, a good fence, wall or hedge, Sep. 2. 

dtg-i€i\, a good festival, Jan. 18. 

deg-fer, .« _^c'C'^ ?«««, Feb. 19, June 12, Dec. 10, gen. sg. Mar. 5, 

pi. n. Ap. 22, Sep. 27, Dec. 22. W. dewr? 
deg-lann, gen. deglainn, Feb. 19, a compound of deg, good and 
lann .i. cumdach, O'Cl. This explanation accords with the 
marginal gloss ; but deglainn may possibly be an adj. in the 
nom. sg., compounded of deg and laind ' splendid.' 
deg-mein, a good mind, Sep. 16, Dec. 23, dat. May 12. 
d&g-TC\m, good-gentle, Jan. 11. 

deg-mcr, good-great, May 20, Nov. 20, gen. sg. m. July 30. 
deg-nert, good strength. Mar. 20. 
deg-6c, a good warrior, May 18. 
deg-oeb (MS. deg-aeb) Y. good beauty, dat. July 18. 
deg-6g, a good virgin, Jan. 6, Oc. 1 7. 
deg-ordned, good ordifiation, consecration, July 4. 
deg-rath, _g-^(3^_^r«£-^, dat. Feb. 26. 
deg-reid, ^^c^-^w^)^//;, Dec. 23. 

deg-ri, a good h'ng, dat. degrfg, Aug. 5, dat. (ace?) degrig, Jan. 26. 
deg-thdm, a good death, June 5. 
degnech, excellent. Mar. 13. For the suffix cf. cadnech, grddnech. 
dein, pure, .i. glan, O'Dav. y^, O'Cl. ' clean, neat,' O'Br. dat. Salt. 1943, ace. 

Salt. 1803, pi. n. deni, Ap. 16. 
de\h-g\a.r\, pure-shaped, Jan. 19. A compd. of delb (=W. delw), June 29. 
denge, oppressiveness ? dengge dath. Salt. 911, dinge .i. toirneamh, lowering, 
O'Cl. cen dinge a hiiaile, LL. 223'', for-dengat 'opprimunt,' ro-dingestar 
' oppressit.' 
deoaid, e/id, fo deoaid, Feb. 24 ^fo deoid, LU. 27^ 30'''. W. diwedd. 
derach, tearful, repentaiit, Feb. 17, d^arach, sad, O'R. Derived from der 

' tear ' = W. dagr. 
derb-6g, a sure virgin, surely virginal, May 20. 
derc, eye. See laeb-derc. 
dess, now deas ' fair, elegant, handsome.' See am-dess, coim-d., dag-d., 

gl^-d., Idn-d. 
dian, violent, vehement, swift, June 30, Aug. 27, Nov. 30. Compounds : 
dian-dg, violent battle, ace. sg. Jan. 5, Sep. 9. 
dfan-sdim, exceedi7ig pleasant, Sep. 28. 
di'arn, perhaps for dian-arn — diarn aithnemm, to whom we commend us, 

June 4, Sep. 5. 
dias, a pair. Mar. 27, Aug. 12, Oct. 22. See dag-dias, deg-d., noeb-d. 
di-chuid, petty, May 20. diochuid .i. beag, O'Cl. who cites Gorman thus : 


Crom diothraibh ar domhnan, nir dhiochuid achd deaghmhdr .i. nir bho 

beag achd ba mor. 
didnaim, / console^ solace^ enclitic of dodonaim : subj. sg. 3, ron-didna, 

June 21, Aug. 9, Oct. 17. Verbal noun dfdnad, Aug. i. 
dil, dear, Mar. 31, Dec. 26. pi. ace. dili, Oct. 26. See to-dil, 
dimb^g, F. grief, sorrow. ba dimbdg laisium anisein, LL. 92'' 48. dat. 

fo dimaig, LL. 65^ 49. ace. dimb^ig, Ap. 3, May 17. dio»tbdgh, 

'grief, sorrow,' diomddg/iac/i, ' sorrowful, mournful,' O'Br. 
^vci, protection, Feb. 3, Mar. 5, 8, 14, 16, Nov. 21, 25, 27. See coim-din. 

din-fdl, a protective fence, wall or hedge, Oct. 19. 
dind-fer, a Jiotable man, compounded of di7jd, a 'notable place, a height,' July 

27, or a delightful man, June 27. dinn .i. aibhinn, O'Dav. 79, a thoirm 

dind, Salt. 2160. dind-gel, delightful-fair, gen. sg. m. May 10. 
dfsert (=desertum), herniitage, Feb. 2, gl. 3, gen.disirt, June 21, gl. 3. 

diss-fir,ytV<^/7 true or an insignificant truth, June 14. diss .i. deroil, Corm. 

cen doimme diss. Salt.. 3347. adv. ni teig cotdiss, Salt. 5953. Or disfir 

may be nom. pi. oi dxsi^r a feeble man. 
*dlechtu, lawful debt, ace. (dat. ?) dlechtain Jan. 8. Hence the adj. 

dlechtanach lawful, legitimate, dat. fem. i meit dlechtanaig, LU. 35^ 

dochta, closejtess, niggardliness, ace. Sep. 15. So brig cen docta, LL. 2^ 57 : 
clu cen dochta, LL. 133'' 46, and see Meyer, Aisl. 173. 

doctuir, doctor, July 25, gl. 5. 

dodaing, difficulty, dafiger, .i. doilidh, O'Cl. ace. Jan. 22, Feb. 2, 28. Also 
spelt dodoing, LL. 2)3^^ 7, and doduing, LL, I38''' 35. It is also an adj. 
compar. doidngiu, LL. 183^ adv. in-dodaing (gl. difficulter). Ml. 61^21. 
Opposite of sodaing, pi. dat. soidngib. Salt. 4539. Or this last might 
come from soidhgc, the opposite of doidnge, q.v. 

6.6enec\i, populous. Aug. 6. =; doinech, Salt. 990, daoineach, O'Br. 

doibil, May 9, daibil June 8, doebil July 27, seems a compound of dai = 
daoi .i. malus, O'Molloy 43, and bil .\. bcl 'mouth,' O'Cl. See daibill. 

doid. See am-doid, Maeldoid. 

doidnge F. difficulty. May 27. ace. is huas neurt dom ar a doidngi est 
supra vim meant ob eiiis difficultatem, Z-. 1023. dogni doidngi. Ml. 37'' 
10, pi. dat. doidngib, June 21, Aug. 9, dodngib, Sep. 14 : derived from 
dodaing q.v. 

dola, a going. See cet-dola. 

dolma, slowness, delay, ace. Mar. 14, Dec. 28, cen dolmai, Fel. Oeng. Ep. ic;i. 
cen dolma dein, Salt. 187, can dolma, LL. 27* 47, dolmha delay, loiter- 
ing, O'Br. Derived from dolam 'slow.' 

delta, Jan. 31, seems from the context to be a part. pass, meaning 'told, 
' related,' and cogn. with Eng. tell, Germ, zahlen. But it may be (as 
Strachan suggests) for daltai gen. sg. of dalta fosterling, pupil. For 
the rime with molta cf March 5. 

domm, to my, April 10, July 18, where the hard m is unexplained. 

domndn, a paltry world. May 20, dat. Oct. 17, dimin. oi domun. 

donn .1. ri, king, H. 3. 18, p. 63 s''. Compounds : 
dior\r\-hi.n, princely-fair, Mar. 10. 
donn-g&\, princely-bright, Feb. 18. 

doss, bush, June 10 (from '''dusto-, cognate with Lat, di'imus from ^dustnus ?), 
See coem-doss, dag-d., deg-d. 


do-theidm, pestilence. May 27, a compound of the prefix do- = Svs- and 

teidm, ' disease,' pi. ace. tedmann, Feb. 7. 
draignech, thorny, Aug. 18, gl. i. 
drech, countenance. See nem-drech, 6eb-dr., s^r-dr., s6er-dr. 

drech-rath, a gracious countenance, dat. Sep. 6. 
dreim. See ra-dreim. 

dremm, a band, Jan. 26, Ap. 27. See sdr-dremm. 
dron,^r;«. dron .i. daingean, O'Cl. 
Axoxi-h^xi, firm-fair, Oct. 17. 
dron-gel,j'fr;«-ay/«V^, Jan. 2. 
dron-gemm, « strong gem, July 7. 
drong, rt party, a troop. May 9, July 30, Sep. 6, 26. gen. druing, May 10. 

dat. drung, Feb. 14, June 2, dat. pi. drongaib, Aug. 31. See deg-drong, 

ro-d. Low Lat. drimgus, Byzantine Spovyyos'. 
drain, shrewd, Jan. 19, Mar. 21, 26, Aug. 24, Sep. 2, Dec. 20, .i. glicc. Lecan 

vocab. See coem-druin, deg-d., mor-d., 6g-d., seng-d., s6er-d. Hence 

druine, LL. 229"^, and rodruine. 
druit, close, firm, trustworthy, LL. 29*^ 42. See fi'r-druit. From "^druzdi, of. 

Germ, trost, O.N. traustr (Strachan). 
dm, fool, dunce (from *du-vet, opposite to siii, 'sage,' from*su-vet), Nov. 7. 
duibe, blackness, darkness (W. duedd), June 24, Nov. 13. dube, June 29. 
duilig, difiiciilty. ace. duilig, Jan. i, Ep. 11, pi. dat. duilgib, Aug. i. 

Elsewhere (e.g. LL. 221'') an adj. 
duma, mound, gen. Jan. 31, gl. 8. leth-duma, March 30, gl. 4. 
du-sdim (dusdm ?) unpleasantness, ace. Ap. 26. 
ebinn, for oebinn, Sep. 23. So the name Ebnat for Oebnat. 
ecaib, May 14, Ep. 10. pi. dat. of ec death, but may be used of one person : 

lia n-dcaib LL. 269^8. iar n-ecaib a athar, LL. 288'^ 3. 
egeptaeda, Egyptiaft, Ap. 9. 
eidnech, ivied, gen. sg. m. eidnig, Feb. 17, gl. i. 
eim, active. Mar. 18, Aug. i, Oct. 26, e'imh .i. esgaidh, luath, ullamh no 

maith, O'Cl. c'im, Fel. Oeng. July 19, an-cim ' slow,' Conn. Windisch's 

eim wants the mark of length. Liden, assuming loss of initial p, com- 
pares O.N. 7f;;;r ' nimble, agile.' Compds. see bith-eim, find-eim, ler- 

eim. Hence dime ' quickness.' 
eirbe, a fence, Jan. 10, also spelt airbe. 
elbeim, offence. May 12, Dec. 23. Generally spelt ailbcim or oilbcim, a compd. 

oi ail 'disgrace' and beim 'a blow.' Hence the verb oilbeininigim, / 

offejid, Three Fragments, p. 74. 
elgna, noble} May 11. ^/^and elga are other forms, 
emech, opportune, Ap. 12, July 8 : so in Ml. 27'' 5. 
enach, a tnarsh, gen. enaig, Jan. 4, gl. 3. May 17, gl. i. Dec. 26, gl. 4. dat. 

enach, Feb. 18, gl. 3. 
enair (from Low "LaX. J e?tarius), January, Jan. i. 
engach, dangerous 1 Mar. 13, seems an adj. cogn. with or derived from, 

^wg peril, dat. ing, Hy. 1. 8. in trath erges Aed engach, Bk. of Fenagh, 

eolach, expert, k?iowing, erudite, Sep. 5, Oc. 6, Salt. 1786, pi. n. eolaigh 
pref supra p. 4. Derived from eol .i. eolas, O'Cl. inn eol duib ? LL. 1^2^ 
9, gen. iuil, LL. 187'' 42. 


epiphain, epiphany^ dat. Jan. 5. 

er-bad F. bafte, ace. erbaidh, Ep. 7, urbaid, March 31, cen erbaid, Salt. 3430, 
ar cech n-erbaid, ibid. 7478. pi. n. urbada, LL. 171^ 31. ace. erbada, Fi's 
Adamndin. Cogn. with urbhaidhe bane^ rum, destruction, O'R. A 
nom. sg. erdatd (e^ *are-bati-) occurs in Trip. Life, 38, 1. 15. 

er-dom, portico, gen. erdoim, Feb. 8, gl. 8. erdaim Ap. 8, gl. 6. 

er-glan, very pU7'e, Jan. 25, Salt. 1468. ace. f. la claind n-irglain, Salt. 5136. 

er-gna, Jan. i, Feb. 8, 28, Ap. 21, May 3, July 22, Sep. 13, 27, Oct. 11, Dec. 
25. urgna, Jan. 20, Feb. 4, Oct. 18, '• intellige7tt, learned^ 0'''R.. and see 
Windisch Worterb. s.v. i ergna. But in the Irish Life of Fursa 
= Baeda's Hist. Eccl. lib. iii, c. xix, ergna 6 fertaib 7 o mirbuilib corres- 
ponds with egregiis insignis virtutibus, and in Gorman's Martyrology, 
May 13 (where it is an epithet for tempicP) it obviously means ' insignis.' 

er-grinn, very lovely, Sep. 26. 

er-mor, the greater part, gen. ermoir, March 6, gl. 2. 

er-mor, high-great, July 24 (er = uKpos), 

esbach, use/ess, June 7, vain, Aug. 29. Derived from esba, as the synonymous 
easbadhach, B. of Ventry, p. 103, from esbaid. 

escair, a ridge, gen. escrach, Mar. 18, gl. i. 

ess, a cataract, gen. essa, March 8, gl. 3. 

etlaim, rom-etlat, Sep. 21. Meaning obscure. 

ettal, pure. See Glossarial Index to Fel. Oeng. and add Samuel 6%, ettal, 
imnar. Salt. 5370. ba hettal i n-aurgabail, ibid. 7398, anhettail, ibid. 950, 
pi. n. m. ettail, Feb. 22. Hence an-etal, ain-etal, an impure person, 
O'Don. Supp. 

f prothetic : foirbe, Jan. 15. fuaigeb, Mar. 29. Faeldobair, June 29. 

fachraic for fochraic, fochric, wage, July 10. 

fagdini for *fogdim (enclitic of fo-guidim), / beg, supplicate, pres. pi. i, 
fagdeim, May 15. The verbal noun is faigluihe, Lism. Lives 1425, 
1488, O. Ir.Joigde F. ' mendicatio,' Wb. 25^ 8, 9, 11. 

fail, a ring, Dec. 27, where it rimes with cdid. ace. foil (gl. armillam), Pr. 
64'' 17, dual dat. co ndib failgib oir, Chron. Scot. 290. 

i&^\^, joyous. Mar. 17, June 23, July 31, falid, May 16, Nov. 12, adv. co failid, 
(gl. letus) Gild., compar. failtiu (gl. laetiorem). Ml. 47*^ 17. 

failim, / am, Aug. 22 := fuilim, Nov. 21. pi. 3 failet, LU. 27'' 7 = fuilet 
Sep. II. filet, Aug. 13, gl. 3. 

faith, prophet (Lat. vates), Jan. 15, Feb. 13. See ard-fdith, c6em-f., prim-f. 

ii\, fence, rainpart. See coel-fdl, coem-fal, cri,eb-fdl, deg-fdl, din-fdl, find-fdl, 
min-fal, rig-fal, soer-fal. 

fann, weak ( = W. gwann). See nem-fann. 

fann-fer, a feeble nuin, Aug. 26, Nov. 21. 

farcha, thunderbolt, Dec. 23, gl. 3. 

febda, goodly, distinguished, excellent, June 11, Sep. 29. febda, febdae, 
febdai. Salt. 36, 455, 2250 etc. O'Clery explains this word as a subst. 
feabhdha .i. feabhas ' goodness.' Cf. febla, Feb. 5, gl. 3. 

febru, February, gen. s. Feb. i, better Febrai, Fel. Oeng. at Feb. i, 28. 

fedil, steadfast, Jan. i, Dec. 5, adv. Jan. 6, Dec. 22. O'Brien explainsy^zV//«V 
hy just, true, faithful, chaste. 

i€g-2Ji\., keen-pleasant ? Feb. 11. or imper. sg. 2 of fegaim I behold, with 
suffixed pron. of sg. 3 ? 

i€\\, feast (W. gwyl). See deg-feil, prim-f. 


feithmech, attentive^ rvatchful^ Jan. 12, June 9, Nov. 7. adv. go feithmech .i. 
go coimheadach, Ode to Brian na Miirtha, 126. Derived from fethetn 
' observation, contemplation,' Fel. Oeng. Ep. 266. 
fel, evil, treacherous, feal .i. olc, O'Cl. 

fel-chruaid, evil-cruel, Oc. 21. So fel-braighde 'viles obsides,' AU. 

fel-fer, a treacherous man, July 29. 
fel-6g, a pseudo-virgijt, pi. n. feloig, Jan. 18. 
fellaim, / deceive, defraud, pret. sg. 3. nar-fella, Jan. 4. nfr-fella, June 5. 
isse rafell for Neptuin, LL. 2I7^ sg. i rofellus fair, BB. 481'' 5, ni fealla 
[leg. fellfa] me ort, / will not fail thee, O'Br. nisfellub ar mo thigerna, 
LB. I If'* 57. pass. pres. sg. 3, dia felltar for m'fiachaib, LB. 2i6'* i. 
fer M. ma7t, (W. gwr). . See ath-fer, bdg-fer, brfg-fer, c^d-fer, Ccirn-fer, cert- 
fer, coem-fer, daig-fer, deg-fer, dind-fer, fann-fer, fel-fer, find-fer, fi'r-fer, 
flaith-fer, glan-fer, Mn-fer, maith-fer, rnin-fer, mor-fer, noeb-fer, 6g-fer 
prim-fer, rath-fer, sain-fer, sdr-fer, sen-fer, sluag-fer, sruith-fer. 
ferda, manly, Jan. 20, Feb. 16, May 3, Aug. 28, 31. dund sil ferdu, Ml. 44"* 

ID. feardha, male, also ma?tly, O'Br. 
fertach, miraculous, Feb. 5, Ap. 16, gl. i, Aug. 8, Sep. 9, gl. 2. gen. ms" 
fertaig, July 12. voc. a Chaillin fertaig, Bk. Fen. 166. Compd. see coem 
fertach. Compound with ;;/(?>: a Michil mor-fertaig, Maeli'su's hymn to 
S. Michael. Derived from firt = virtus, gen. pi. ferta, Nov. 20, dat. 
fertaib, Nov. 22. 
fiach, a rave7i, (disyllabic in O. Jr.), gen. fiaich, Ap. 5, gl. i. 
fiadu, dat. fiadain, June 23, Nov. 12. Meaning doubtful. Windisch con- 
jectures ' Fiihrer.' Hence the 2A]. fiadnach : na .x. plagha foillsi fiadh- 
nacha, BB. 17^ 45. 
ffal, modest (W. gwyl). See bMith-fial,. c^in-fial, cdem-f., dag-f., d^m-f., 

find-f., fi'r-f., Idn-f., mm-f., mor-f., sir-f. 
fial-n^r, modest-bashful, Sep. 29. 
fian. See fros-fian. 
fichthech, adj. boiling. May 6. usee fichthech, LL, 305^^ 31. Also spelt 

figthech. Derived from yf^/■^/^«^' a boiling,' LU. 8o\ 
{^x\^i, white, fair, blessed (W. gwyn?t). _ See coem-find, dag-f., glan-f., grad- 
f., min-f., mor-f., 6g-f., rig-f., s6er-f. 

{\nd-^.rd, fair-high, gen. sg. msc. findaird, Feb. 11. 

find-b^n, white-fair, Oct. i, Dec. 5. 

find-ben, a fair woman. May 8. 

find-brug, a white burgh. Tan, 3. 

find-chenn, white-headed, or perhaps a fair chief, June 25. 

^wdL-€\vc\, fair-active, Oct. 22. 

find-f^l, a fair fence, wall ox hedge, dat. Mar. 27, July 21, Dec. 21. 

find-fer, a fair ma?!, Aug. 14. 

fmd-i\2i\, fair-modest. Mar. J 8, July 5, Dec. 6. 

find-lecc, a white stone, May 1 1. 

find-m6r, white-great, Feb. 27, June 15. finnm6r. Salt. 7566, pi. 

n. m. findmoir, July 25, Aug. 5. 
find-nc^r, fair-modest, Oct. 7. Salt. 3700, 4950, ace. f fri Eua 

findndir, Salt. 2030. 
^x\(^-x\i^\-x\, fair- heaven, dat. May 10, ace. Nov. 12. 


find-noeb, /rt:/r-,^(9/j/, Sep. 11, Nov. 10, Dec. 27. 

i\nd-6&h, fair-beauiiful, Ap. 29. 

find-6g, a fair virgin, Aug. 25, Oct. 8, Dec. 6. 

find-sluag, a white (or blessed) host, Ap. 30. So in Fel. Oeng. 

at May 23. 
find-tech, a luhite (or blessed) house, dat. Mar. 19 =^ W. gzuyn-dy ' a 
blessed house, an episcopal residence,' Pughe, '■"gundy ^ .? a 
White House, a Court," ^<7^/6 ^ Llan da7', edd. Evans and 
Rhys, p. li. 
^r\e, family, July 6. See coibne. 

fi'n-61, (H wine-draitghf, July 10 (61 ^ the O. Ir. disyllabic 60I). 
fintar (MS. findar), Aug. 8, seems imperat. pass. sg. 3 of findaim, I know, 
whence finnaid, July 11, and fintar a n-anmand ar oen, LL. 137'^' 46. 
finntar, findathar, is known, O'Don. supp. 
fir, true (W. gwir, Lat. virus). See diss-f ir, grind-fir. 
fir-dg, veritable battle, ace. Aug. 9. 
fir-breth F. a trice judgment, pi. gen. Aug. 6, pi. nom. firbretha, Salt. 

i\x-A.x\x\.\., veritably close ? truly trustworthy ? Dec. 12. 
fir-fer, a true man, pi. n. Oct. 19. W. gwiriwr 'a verifier.' 
fir-fial, truly modest, Dec. 24. 

fi'r-flaith, a true prince. Mar. 12. gen. primadbar ind firflatha. 
Salt. 6244. ace. cosin firflaith, Salt. 18 12. 

fir-glan, truly pure or fi7te. May 8, Nov. 15. gen. msc. firglain, 

Dec. 7. pi. gen. coica foss fledach fi'rglan, LL. 28'' ^^Z. 
fir-grind, truly lovely ox pleasant, Ap. 9, May 8, 28. 
fir-oeb (MS. firaeb), truly beautiful, July 29. 

fir-6g, a true virgin, truly virginal. Mar. 31, Aug. 15, Sep. 9, Oct. 23, 
Nov. II. dat. i. firoig, Dec. 15. pi, n. firoig, May 24, Nov. 24. 
fir-oll, truly great. Mar. 27. 

fir-6r, true gold. Mar. 29. Fel. Oeng. at Oct. 21. 
fir-seng, veritably slender, emaciated, Sep. 26. 
fir-soer, truly noble. Mar. 16. la forggal Fiadat firsaer, Salt. 7568. 
fi'r-thenn, truly austere, Ap. 24. ace. f. roscar fri fele firthind, 
Salt. 3216. 
fire, truth i^ . gwir edd), gen. Jan. 15, Feb. 13. 
fis, knowledge, gen. fesa, p. 2. See cdd-fis. 
?i2L\ih., prince, Aug. 28. See coem-flaith, fir-f. 
flaith-chenn, a princely ckief June 4. 

?i?i\t\).4er M. princely man, Nov. 14. gen. May 4. pi. n. Dec. 18. 
The cognate Welsh word, gwladwr, means ' countryman.' 
fled, banquet (y^ . gwledd). See cdin-fled, cobled. 
fliuchaine, wet land, Nov. 18, gl. i, where Cill Liuchaine should be Cill 

fliuchaine. Derived from flinch = W. gwlyb. 
fobar, a well, gen. fobair, July 27, gl. 5, Aug. 6, gl. 2. 
fodlach, discerning? discreet? Feb. 23, Mar. 13. 
foelab, Mar. 31, an inorganic (5-future formed {\o\x\foels-,\\\ft stem of the redupl. 

s-ivX. oi fula7igiin, ' I endure.' 
foemaim — faomhaim, ' I assent, bear with, yield, incline,' O'R. b-fut. dia 


foemab, Mar. 31. nos-foemdb, Mar. 16, June 18, July 29. I assent, 
bear with, O'Br. Verbal noun, foemad, May 2. 
foen-sleg, a slanting dart, pi. gen. Sep. 8. foen, Br. ch^ouen, Lat. supinus. 

fo-gabim, I find, get, obtain, pi. 3, fogobat, Trip. Life, 92, 1, 18, subj. sg. i. co 

fagbar, Jan. 3. pi. i. co fogbamm, May 10. redup. fut. sg. i. fogeb, 

Jan. 14, fogebainn, Dec. i. 
foil. See an-foil. 
foir (ex *f6-reth-' succurrere '), kelp, relief, \. foiridhin, deaghfoir, .i. deaghfoir- 

ithin, O'Cl. gen. ind fored, (leg. forid). Ap. 18. cf. for the phrase 

Attgustiii i7id ecna, Aug. 28 n. 
foirbe, a latid {= f-orbe, O. In orbe, heritage), gen. foirbi, Jan. 15. pi. dat. 

asna forbib 7 asna ferannaib, LL. 232^ : generally s'^oh forba, as in Salt. 

foiss, steady. See an-foiss, sir-foiss. 
fo-rad, a paltry saying, Oct. 24, where the prefixy^?-, W. gwo = Gr. vno-, 

somewhat, a little. 
forbaim, / complete, I perfect, pres. ind. act. pi. 3, forbait, Feb. 28, Mar. 31, 

Ap. 30, May 31, Sep. 30. Either a denominative h-on\ forbe ' perfectio,' 

Z'^. 874, or a Middle- Irish formation suggested by ro-forbad, perf pass. 

^ndfoirbthe, part. pass, oi forbenim. 
for-biur, I grow, pres. ind. sg. 3 forpair (for forbair), Aug. 20. 

fordall, error, straying, fordal .i. do-eol .i. seachrdn, O'Cl. gen. fordaill, Oct. 23. 
Hence the adj. fordallach ; iar tabairt imthusa fordallaig forsin sliiag, 
LU. 57'' 31. A sister-form fordid, occurs in LU. 16'' 40. O'Cl. has 
also defordal .i. seachrdn m6r, where de- is intensive. 

fo-rend (rimes with ogseng,) Aug. 12. gen. pi. of a compound oi fo 'good 

and re7id ' star.' 
fo-rethim, / succour, imperat. sg. 3 = no[m]-f6ired, July 14, s-conj. sg. 3, 

ronfore, July 7, Oct. 15, Dec. 9. 
for-ldn, overfull, sui)erabundajit, superfluous, Ap. 14, June 18, Aug. 8, Oct. i. 

gen. topur ind hordain forldin, Salt. 994. W. gorlawn 'overfull, 

forrdn, assault, oppression, Jan. 28, nf coir forran no forlond no forbrissiud 

d'imbirt fair, LB. 69"* 45. gen. fer forrana 'a robber,' Laws i. 144, 1. 12, 

ace. dobert forran for Tam^r, Salt. 6710. 
fossad, stable, steadfast, steady, fal fossud, Salt. 986. voc. a hEua fossad, Salt. 

1906. pi. n. fosta Oct. 25. fossad i. fossuid i. manens in loco, H. 2. 16, 

col. 112. ace. coica fer ina sessam conoitis in fael fossad, ffty men up- 
standing zvho would protect the steadfast 7volf {i.e. their King), LL. 28'' 

39. Hence fosta 2indfostacht. 
fot, watchful. See mor-fot, 6g-f6t, soer-fot. 
fraig, wall (cf Skr. vrajd, Gr. e'lpyai). See coem-fraig. 
fr^m, root. See nua-fr^m. 
fris-benim, literally, / strike or beat against {ci. frisben att in the first spell 

in the Stowe Missal), in this poem always seems to mean, I pray to. 

See benaim supra, fris-m-benaimm, Aug. 24, Oct. 5. fris mbenmait, Dec. 

13. fris-m-benab, Nov. 4. 

{r\s-dA\a\m, I tneet. i. frisa nddlamm, Mar. 21. fris-n-dalaim, 
Sep. 20. fris nd<4Iimm, Nov. i, fut. fris n-ddhib, Jan. 8, Aug. 15, Oc. 22. 

frit, Sep. 18 (where \\\efrithcobair oi the MS. ?,\\o\.\\Ahe. frit chobair), a com- 
bination of the prep. /r/ and the possess, pron. of sg. 2. 


fromtha, proven, tried, Jan. 15, Dec. 21, pret. part. pass, of fromaim, 

borrowed from Lat. /r^^c, with/" for and mh for bh. 
fros-fian, a dark chanipioit, ace. frosfein, May 3 : fros 'dark, obscure,' O'Br. 

Cognate perhaps v^'\\hfros 'shower' ■=■ Skr. varshd, Gr. Fepa-r}. 
fuba, hewi)2g, cutting, O'Don. Supp. ace. cen fuba, June 24. A cognate verb, 

fubthaitis, occurs in LL. 254'' 20. 
fuilHni, I i7tcrease, I add: imperat. pi. i. fuillem, Sep. 12, Oct. 7. Seecoem- 

fuiUim. Verbal noun fuilled, May 23 (but fuilliud, Jan. 13), gen. fuillid, 

May 3, July 28, dat. fulliud, June 29. 
fuitherbe, Aug. 7, gl. 7 = foithirbe .i. imaire ('a ridge') no gort no achad 

('afield'), H. 3. 18, pi. 61, col. 2. 
furpair, Aug. 20, for forbeir, pres. ind. sg. 3 of forbiur, 1 grow, or r(7forbair, 

pret. sg. 3 of the same verb, 
gd-bad, watit, danger, gen. gdbaid, Jan. 27, Ap. 25. Different from, but 

probably cognate with, the u-stem gdbiid. 
gabaim fri, / resist, [f]ris na gabat dibergaig, LL. 262'' 3. Verbal noun, 

gabdil fri, Oct. 26. 
gabaim la, / take up with, fut. pi. 3, gebtait linni, Feb. 9. 
gabaim oc, I ittdulge, forgive, imperat. pi. 3 gabat acam, Ep. 3. 
gdd, daftger 'peril, want,' O'R. in ni6r-gdd. gdd is guba, LL. 49^^ 20, gen. 

gdid, LL. 46'' 4, ace. bat din ar gdd 'sar guba, LL. 193'' 39. Cognate with 

Gr. x^C^) 'XJF^^') X'^p'^^1 ^tc., Lat. he-res, Skr. hdfiis. 
gae, spear. See cruad-gae, sdr-gae. 
gairbe, roughness, harshness, O'Br. (= V^ . garwedd), ace. Aug. ii,dligid cen 

gairbe, cen gol, LL. 157'' 2. 
gal. See gleo-gal. 

gangait, falsehood, deceit, gen. gangda (for gangta), Ap. 25, gangaid, 'false- 
hood, deceit,' O'Br. ace. gan mhiongam gan ghangaid, O'Don. Supp. s.v. 

gann, gand scanty, Nov. 10. See am-gand, nem-gand. 

1. ga.r,piot{s. See min-gar and, perhaps, gle-gar. 

2. gar, prof t. See so-gar. 

3. gar, short, gar .i. gairid, O'Cl. gar-ch^im, a short step, Jan. 2. 
garg-noeb, aiistere-holy. May 14. 

gart-brig, ^^^;?£'r(?/^j- 7//^^z^r, Nov. 10. A similar compd. is gart-gloir. Salt. 
4527 : gart .i. feile, Corm. gart.i. tidnacul no eneach H. 3. 18, p. 61 5^ 

gasrad, F. a bachelry, company of striplings, May 19. gasraid, BB. 461'' 21. 
gen. gasraidi, LL. 220'', 235% pi. dat. gasradaib, LL. 240'' : derived from 
gas .i. g€g ' branch,' O'Cl. 

gebtait (from gdbat-iat), they will take, Feb. 9. See bcrdait supra. 

gein, birth. See ard-gein, grdd-g., maith-g., noeb-g., ro-g. 

gel, bright, white {cL yikav'Xdinrew, Hesych.). See cid-gel, coem-gel, com-gel, 
cruth-gel, dind-gel, donn-gel, dron-gel, glan-gel, grind-gel, Idn-gel, mer- 
gel, min-gel, nua-gel, oeb-gel, oen-gel, soer-gel, sruith-gel, toeb-gel, tond- 

gel-grfb, July 13, meaning obscure. Cormac has grib 'griffin,' voc. 
LL. 257'' 40, pi. griba, LL. 135'' 27 and O'R. ha.s gribh 'finger,' 
borrowed, apparently, from Yr. griffc 'claw.' Can grib (here 
riming with -min and Emin) be = Eng. grebe 'a diver' 
(colymbus) ? 

T 2 


gel-lam, a ivJiite hatid, pi. gen. Sep. i, Oc. 8. 
g&\-6c, fair-young, Mar. ii. 
gemm ( = Lat. gemma), Mar. 28, gl. i, Sep. 21, gl. 2. See ard-gemm, 

cdd-g., dron-g., 16r-g., 6r-g., ro-g., sain-g., so-g. 
genas, chastity, gen. genais, Nov. 18, but O. Ir. genso. 
gile, whitness, Aug. 11. Derived from gel, q.v. 

glan,/zcm See barr-glan, cruth-g., dath-g., delb-g., er-g., fe'r-g., gle'-g., lomm- 
g., mind-g., mor-g., niam-g., nua-g., 6eb-g., prim-g., ser-g. 

gla.n-bua.\d, pure victory, Ap. 4, dat. Dec. 23. Salt. 2278, 2688, 5094, 

7162, 7430, ace. F^l. Oeng. Jan. 27. Salt. 4798, 5262. 
glan-chdimm, a pure step, Dec. 2, 29. 

glan-chiall, /z^;r reason, dat. glan-cheil(l) Jan. 2, Dec. 2. glancheil, 
Salt. 1582, 3306, ace. glancheil, Salt. 4106, 6122 — always with 
single /. 
glan-fer, a pure ox fine man, Feb. 16. pi. gen. cathir glan glerib 

glanfer, LL. 28*^ 12. 
^■&Xi-S\xidi, pure-white, June 30, pi. n. m. Ap. i. 
g\a.r\-gG[, pure-bright, June 5. 

g\3.r\-g\6Ye:, piire abundance, May 28. glere gle, Salt. 6403. dat. do 
gleri nam-mac, LU. 72'' 12 : gleire .i. iomad O'Cl., .i. imat, 
O'Dav. 96. much, plenty, a great deal, O'Br. 
glan-greit, a pure champion. May II. 
^?iVL-vvi6r, pure-g7-eat, Nov, 13. 
glan-6g, a pure virgin, Feb. 13, Aug. 7, Oc. 24. 
g\a.n-o\\, pure great. May 15, June 13. 

g\2iXi-6r, pure gold, July 2, gen. sg. glanoir, Fel. Oeng. July 26. 
gXdLXY-r^.'Cn., pure grace, gen. sg. Jan. i. 
glass, ^;w;z (W. glas 'blue, pale, grey, green') Feb. 16. See barr-glass. 
gle, b7-ight (W. gloew ' bright, transparent '), compounded in 
gle-dess, bright-comely, July 23. 

gle-glan, bright-pure. May 19. Salt. 3820, gen. coica n-unga n-6ir 
gleglain. Salt. 4327. ace. triana gnim gleoir ngldglan, Salt. 
7402. adv. go gl^glan, Nov. 24, Dec. 23. 
gle-grian, a bright sun, ace. glegrein, Nov. 24, Dec. 23. 
gle-mdin, a bright mittd. May 24. 

gld-mor, bright-great, Oct. 22, gen. sg. m. glemoir, Aug. 3. 
gle-nem, bright heaven, ace. Dec. 29. 
gle-rath, bright grace, dat. Feb. 17. 
glegar, noise? dat. Jan. 25. Hence apparently the adj. glegrach, noisy? 
glechrach, LL. 133'' 30, 146'' 26. O'Clery has a subst. glcaghrach i. gl^- 
ghdir i. g^ir follas. But perhaps we should read glegar, and render this 
' bright-pious.' The line 6 Lis glegar Gabuil would then be an exact 
parallel to 6 Tuaim gleglan Grdnc, Oct. 20. 
gleo-gal, war-blast? pi. gen. May 31. The dat. sg. i 7igleogai I occurs in LB., 
but I omitted to note the place. g\&6, a fight, uproar, tumult, O'Br. 
ace. Fel. Oeng. at Sep. 29. gal is explained in the dictionaries as i. 
vapour, 2. gale (gal gaoithe), 3. fiame (gal suip), and 4. valour, batik. 
glere, abundance, gleire descad, LL. 172'' 34. See glanglere. 
gVxcQ, prudent, O'Don. Supp. See ler-glicc, sain-g. 


glonn, a calf? gen. gluinn, Dec. 26, gl. 2. 

^6xdi2L, glorious, Feb. 19, May i, 24, Oct. 29. gairm nglorda, Mar. 4. Alex- 
andir glorda a gal, LL. 133'' 6, for glorda a gnim, LL. 140^38. pi. n. 
glordai, Salt. 475, 4367, gen. aeb na ndagfer nglorda ngarg, LL., 41'' 12. 
Derived from glor, LL. 154'^ 18, gen (mor) gluare, LL. 87*^ 22. pi. gen. 
no nglor, LL. 4^ 38. 
^6xvLV?iX, glorious, Oct. 14. glormhar, O'R. 
gnis, custo7?i (W. naivs). See irgnas. 

^nim, deed, action. (W. ^^^wz/"' toil '). See mer-gnim, ro-gnim. 
gnoda, famous ? July 26. cogn. with gno .i. oirdeirc ' conspicuous,' O'Cl. s.v. 

dionn, Bret, gnoti, Lat. {i-)gnavics. etc. 
go, false. ( W. ^(5:/^). Compounds : 

go-ddl, a false assembly, Aug. 3. 
go-rad, false speech, ace. Dec. 24. 
gorm, blue (W. gwrm). Compounds : 
gorm-nem, blue heaven, Jan. 2. 

gorm-rot, a blue road, ace. June 7. rot borrowed from O.W. '^raul 
or rot in rodguit, rhodwydd ford, Rev. Celt. xv. 97. 
gr^d, love. See mor-grcid, so-grdd. 

grdd-bind, love-melodious, May 28. 
grdd-find, love-white, Feb. 11. 
grdd-gein, a loveable birth, Ap. 17. 
gr^idnech, /iCT/^a^J/^ .? Mar. 11. 

grd,ne, gen. sg. the sun, Oct. 20 : the nom. sg. may be a neut. ^--stem 
*grdn, or a fem. z«-stem *grd?te. Cognate with Ir. grian *■ sun,^ grojui 
' firebrand,' and Gaulish (Apollini), granno. 
grefel, gen. grefil, Jan. 27. ' a breaking, a breach,' O'R. ferr gremm grefel, 
better an attack than a defeat, LL. 345*^ 54. Hence the adj. greiflech, 
LL. 28^ 49. 
greimm, might? See cath-greimm. 
greit, champion, but gret. May 23, where it rimes with becc. See dn-greit 

ard-g., bdn-g., glan-g., mor-g., sdr-g., sir-g., s6er-g. 
grellach, F. a mi^y place, dat. grellaig, Dec. 16, gl. 2. 
gressim, / incite, rogreis, gresset, p. 4, nar-gresenn Mar. 3, gl. 7. 
gri'an, sim. See gle-grian. 
grib, grebe ? griffin ? See gelgrib. 
gri'b (grib ?) swift ? See langrib. 

gribda, Jan. 22, Oc. 14., mnd glana gribda, LU. 38'' 25. gillai gribdai grada, 
LL. 201'' 19. ui sloind senchas tre gnim ngribda, LL. 141'' 17. gribhdha. 
Rev. Celt. xii. 320. Meaning doubtful. K. Meyer, Aisl. 180, renders 
gribda doubtfully by ' pleasant.' In Salt. 938, it seems a deriv. of grib 
' a griffin.' 
grinn, lovely, pleasant, O'R., but grinn .i. glan ' pure,' O'Cl. See er-grinn, 
fir-g., lin-g., ler-g., sdr-g. 

grinn-fir, pure-true. May 23. 

%x\rin-%&\, pure-white, Nov. 12. a ceol ngrinngel, Salt. 59o7- 
grinne, a band or compafzy (of warriors, saints, devils, etc.), ace. June 5, 7. 
pi. dat. May 31. grinde (gl. fasce), grinnenu (gl. idSC^oXd.'i), grinnidh 
.i. cruinnighidh ' collects,' O'Cl. 


grus. See brigrus. 

gus, desire? See mer-gus. 

lat, they, Ap. 29. See berdait, isat. 

id, Aug. 13, borrowed from Lat. idus. dat. sg. Fel. Oeng. at Nov. 13. a ec i 

n-id Nouembir, AU. 1063. i prid-id Auguist, AU. 1105. pi. n. idae, 

ida, Fel. Oeng. prol. 305. See quart-id infra, 
ilad, a tomb, Aug. 24, gl. i. 

ilmdin, many treasitres, dat. Feb. 24. pi. dat. iolmhaoinibh, O'R., who gives 
it as a nom. In Fel. Oeng. ibnain is an adj. Hence ibndinech, 
' opulent.' 

immin for immdin, a driving, dat. May 17. 

immldn, compar. iomlaine, p. 2, compd. of imm and hhi or of imm and 

imm-ndr, very modest or shamefast, Aug. 5. Salt. 3314, 5370, 6830. A 
sister-form, imjiindir, occurs : dond aithiusc airdairc imnair, Salt. 4792. 
Hence imndre 'great shamefastness,' LB. 31^ 

immorros (■=: imm-for-ross ?), Oct. 20, gl. 2, some kind of wood {ross) or 
promontory i^ross'). 

imm-rdd for immradud, cogitatiofi, consideratio?t, dat. Ap. 4, ace. July 30, 

Oct. 7. 
immrul for immroU, error, straying, ace. sg., Jan. 3. iomroll .i. seachrdn, 

imm-sMn, qteite whole, imsMn, Trip. Life 14. imsMn, LL. 22cf. gen. sg. msc. 

Feb. 27, Dec. 27, dat. f. o AtTraic imslain, Salt. 5246, ace. m. heirg isin 

n-ethar n-imslan, Salt. 2482. ace. fem. in n-Afifraic n-uasail n-imslian. 

Salt. 2658. 

imm-thend, very strong or strict, June 25. cathir imairdirc imthend, LL. 
28'' 16. pi. dat. ar biastaib . . . imthennaib, LU. 15'^ 14. 

ind-fethim, / consider, meditate, bear in mind, imperat. pi. 2, indfethid, Feb. 
2. bd infeiti (gl. esset intenta), Ml. 28'' 17 : verbal noun indfethem, 

inesclann, a swift or strong stream (Corm.), Nov. 2, gl. 4, Nov. 10, gl. 6, 

inn, us, June 3, from simi, q.v., with loss of initial s. 

ir-gnas, noble habit = ergnas, LU. 91'' 19, dat. irgnus, May 18. 

isat, they are, Nov. 20 =: iss + iat ? 

iss, and, Ap. 19, generally written is, sometimes es, and (with apocopated i)s. 

Thus 'sa and his, Mar. 25, Ap. 17, May 29, Aug. 9, Oct. 21, 'sar, May 27, 

'sin, May 30, 'seech, Aug. 23. It aspirates : is Chota, Feb. 4, is Cholaim, 

Feb. 6, is Feradaig ingen, Mar. 23. 
\u\\,/uly, gen. sg. July i, 31. 
nun,/une, gen. sg. June I, 30. 
kalaind, calends, sg. dat. Jan. i. See Fel. Oeng. glossarial index, s.v 

kalendar, calendar, pi. dat. kalendaribh, Pref 21. Hence calladdir, FM. 

1 1 36, 'the keeper of the calendar, the calculator of the festivals,' O'Don. 

laa, Id, day, Oct. 3 (where it is disyllabic), dat. lo, Jan. 6, Mar. 25. See 

\, squint-eyed, Jan. 16, gl. 2. ^ Laebdcrg, LL. 312*^ 39. Here, as in 


laeb-chosach, BB. 257^ 26, and laeb-ladracha, LL. ii;*" 16, laeb seems 
borrowed from Lat. laevits? 

laedim (loedim ? ), / incite, exhort, nar' laedend .i. nar gresend, Mar. 3. 
Verbal noun, laided, Salt. 6645. laidiud, B. Magh rath, pp. 154, 182. 
laoidhedh .i. greasacht, O'Cl. Cogn. with Gr. XmSpdy and AotSopeco. 

lagat, stnaHness, feloness, p. 4. 

laimim, / dare, Mar. 22, Aug. 22 =: O. Ir. deponent {rti)laiinur (gl. audeo.) 
passive sg. 3 nach laimthir (leg. -ther), Mar. 23, nach laimther, Aug. 20. 
2dy pres. sg. 3 laimthi (leg -the), July 28, Dec. 21. 

laind. See deg-laind, ra-laind =: lainn .i, solus no taithnemach, O'Dav. 
Cognate with Lat. splendor. 

laind-ri, a splendid kitio;, dat., Sep. 30. 
laindrech, bright, effulgent, lucid, Mar. 11, June 28, Sep. 15, Oc. 19. Fel. 

Oeng. Gloss. Index s.v. laitinrech. 
laithrech, ruins of att old house, O'Br. gen. laithrig, Sep. 2, gl. 5. 
lam, hand, arm. See gel-ldm. 

lamaim, lamaimm, I dare, Jan. 17, Sep. 30. Old Ir. deponent {xo)lomur. Ml. 
z\^ 5. redupl. 2dy fut. lemaind, July 27. Pass. pres. ind. sg. i nach 
lamar, Mar. 24, Aug. 4, Oct. 18, na lamar, Dec. 10. In Jan. 19 and Aug. 
1 1 we have (for sake of rime) nach lamair. 
lan/////(W. llawn, 1.3.1. pie nus). See for-lan, 6eb-Mn, olldn. 

Idn-breth, a full judgment, Feb. 3, pl.-gen. Mar. 11. W . llawnfryd. 

\?in-ch.enn, full-headed, Oc. i. 

\ixi-c\n\x\n, ftill-gentle, Sep. 30. 

\i.n-d.&ss, full-lovely , Feb. 14, Salt. 3350. 

lan-fer, a full man, Oc. 3. 

\ks\-i\?i\, full-modest, Feb. 12, Aug. 15, Nov. 6. 

Ian-gel, full-white, Sep. 10, gen. sruth loga lemnacht langil, Salt. 

Idn-grib {-gxihl:) full-swift 1 July 24. 
\i.n-gnx\n, full-pure. May 22. 

Idn-less, full benefit, dat. May ya, ace. furri alim mo lanles, Salt. 
1 192. 

\iin-x2i\h, full grace, gen. sg. Jan. 31, June 13. 

Idn-rind, a full star, dat. May 28. 
lea, with her, Feb. 6. 

lecc, stone. See coem-lecc, find-1., mor-L, 6r-l. Hence 
leccach, stony, Dec. 20, gl. i. 
leir, iitdustrious, pious. See lomm-leir, nem-leir. 
lem, elm : compds. lem-chaill, Ap. 22, gl. 4. lem-mag, Feb. 19, gl. 2. 
ler — lear, much, a great deal, O'Br. 

ler-eim, very active. May 24. 

ler-glic, very acute, Ap. 23. 

ler-grinn, very pure, Nov. 7. 
less, benefit, pi. dat. lessaib, June 14. Compd. Mn-less. 

liath, grey [.?] or boggy land (Todd, Lib. Hymn. 132, note d.), gen. le[i]th, 
Jan. 24, note 2. So Liath mor, or Liath mo ChaemJwg, Fel. Oeng. at Mar. 
13. Probably cognate with lia .i. fleachadh .i. tuile a flood, O'Cl. 


liniaim, I file, polish^ pret. pass, ro-limad, Aug. 13, part, lanna li'mtha lassamna, 
LL. 240'^, et V. B. of Ventry, p. 105. Borrowed, like W. llifio, from Lat. 

li'tta, festal, July 17, lithtai (gl. festiui) Ml. 131'' 3. pi. dat. litaib, Ml. 62'' 
18. Derived from lith, June 25, July 2, Aug. 3, 11, Nov. i, pi. ace. lithu, 
Ml. 47'' 2 = Br. ///, lid, ' fete,' and cognate with Gr. Xetroupyoy and 
XrjTfjpes'Upoi (rr((f)avo(j)6poi., Hesych. 

loarg, a fork, Dec. i, gl. i ^ loargg, LL. 29*^ 34, loarcc. Trip. Life, 318. 

lochtach, fiiiltful, criminal, Feb. 5. lochdach, O'Br., derived from locht 

' crimen,' Ascoli Gl. pal. hib. clxxvii. Fel. Oeng. Gloss. Index, s.v. 

logaid, remissio7i, indulgence, Dec. 14, as sister-form oi logad ox logod, q.v. 
logod, ?i forgiving, remitting, indulgence, verbal noun o{ logaim, May 21. 
logthech, forgivifig, indulgent, May 6, 21. loigthech, Oct. i, Nov. 7, derived 

from logod. 
loisse F. flame, Ap. 19, loise, O'Br. gen. fath na loisi, Lism. Lives, 1043. 

ace. cen lossi without a blush, LB. 66^ cen loisi, Lism. Lives, 1694. 

lomm, bare (W. Ilium), used as an intensive prefix in : 
lomm-chdid, very chaste, Jan. 16. 
lomm-choel, very slender, meagre, June 5. 
lomm-choir, very just, Jan. 2, but in Dec. 2 it is a subst. 
lomm-glan, very pure. 
lomm-leir, very industrious, Aug. 17. 
lomm-noeb, very holy, Mar. 26, May 9. 
lomm-6g, very virginal, Ap. 29, May 17. 
land, fierce, bold. See amlond. 
lor (O. Ir. lour, W. llawer), sufficient. 

lor-chdin, sufiiciently beautiful, Sep. 30. 
lor-gemm, an ample gem. May 28. 
lorda, ample. May 22, 24. Hence lordatu, Alex. 864 = O. Ir. lout\dci\tu. 

Ml. gSi^ 9. 
luaidim, luaidimm, I mention, speak, Jan. 9, 24, Feb. 9, pi. i. luaidmeit, July 
3. imperat. pi. i, luademm, July 17. nos-luaidemm, Aug. 12. b-fut. sg. i, 
nosluadeb. Mar. 29, Oc. 3, 19. Denom. of /z^a^f ' mentio, sermo,' Ascoli 
Gloss, pal. hib. clxxx. Fel. Oeng. Gl. Inde.x, s.v. luad. 

luamda, lit. piloting, abbatial, June i, Oc. 2 ; derived from luani 'pilot,' .i. 

abb, O'Cl. Fel. Oeng. Dec. 3. 
lubra, labour, gen. sg.. Mar. 31, gl. 5. 

liith, strength, vigour, virtue, Ap. 24, and Ascoli Gloss, pal. hib. clxxxii- 
clxxxiii, liith ingen, Ap. 26 := nert ingen. Mar. 6. 

m infixed pers. pron. sg. i. ro-m-gabat, June 8. no-m-berat, Aug. 6. coro- 
m-cosna, Aug. 31. nd-m-cuirther, Jan. 12. nd ro-m-air-sea, Aug. 19. 
ro-m-etlat, Sep. 21. ro-m di'tnet, Ep. 13. 

ma for mo jny, Dec. 19. 

mace, son (O. W. map), March i, pi. nom. meicc. Mar. 15, Ap. 13. See mor- 

maedhed, Dec. 8, where Jtdr' maedhcdx?, for nd rde-mdhed^=nd-ro-memadcd, 
redupl. pret pass, of maidiin, I defeat : cf the pret. act. cor-roe-mid a 
druim, LU. 98'' 31, co rde-mid in cholcid, I U. 127-' 27. 


maerda, grave., digmjied, stately ? Jan. 16, May i, Aug. 21. moerda, Feb. 22, 
June 9. 

maethail, soft or spongy land {]oyc& 449), July 8, gl. i. gen. maethla, Nov. 
I, gl- 4- 

mai, May, gen. sg., May i. 

mdidmech (moidmech ? ) boastfid, vain-glorioiis., Sep. 28. sotal .i. m^oidh- 
mheach, O'Cl. Hence mdidmige ' boastfulness, vainglory,' O'Clery's 

maigistir, master, Feb. 28, gl. 2. Oct. 21, gl. 3. Nov. 24, gl. 6. 

main, treasure, Mar. 7, Ap.. 13, June 13, Aug. 21. See il-mdin. 

mairt, March, gen. Martai, Mar. i. Marta, Fel. Oeng. Mar. i, 31. W. 

maissech, beauteous, Dec. 21. Cain 7 Alaind 7 Massech a tri rigna, LL. 30"*. 
fullon ainm do mhaissi. Inde Nuadha Fullon dicitur .i. Niiadha 
maissech, H. 3. 18, p. 585^ deilbh .i. maiseach, O'Cl. Derived from 
inaisse 'beauty,' dat. maisii, Fel. Oeng. Ep. 218, 334. 

maith, good (W. mad). Mar. 12, Aug. 30, a noble, pi. n. mathe. Mar. 31. 
See min-maith, mor-maith, sdr-m. 

maith-fer, a good man, pi. n. Dec. 24. 
maith-gein, a good birth, Ap. 30. 

maithmech, slackening, intermittent. May 6. Derived from maithem 'abate- 
ment, Fel. Oeng. Nov. 28. So in Ite's poem, Isucan oc, mo bithmaith, 
ernid ocus ni maithmech, young Jesukin, my eternal good, gives and is 
not slack, Fel. Oeng. xxxv, where it is wrongly rendered. Hence maith- 
inighe. Eg. 1782, fo. 24*^ i .i. ferr do bas d' fagail 'na maithmighe do 
denum rena naimdib. 

maroen is. May 30, seems for the usual niarden fri, ' along with,' ' at the 
same time as.' 

martiroloig, martyrology, sg. dat. Pref. 12. pi. dat. martirologib, Pref 21. 
An older form is martarlaic, Fel. Oeng. Ep. 140. 

martra-tech, relic-house, Nov. 2, gl. 5, nmrtyria, martyrum ossa, reliquiae, 

math, I. good, 2. a chief, by-form of maith. pi. dat. mathaib, Aug. 22. ace. for 
moethla matha .i. forna maithli maithi .i. mess 7 torad, Rawl. B. 502, fo. 
61'' 2. Compounded with a verb, mad-genair, Fel. Oeng. prol. 251. 
matuluid, ibid, at July 12. 

mathigim, I forgive, pret. sg. 3 romathig. May 4. 

medar, discourse, utterance. May 6, Nov. 27. Salt. 2899, 5445, 5949- mead- 
hair .i. caint no urlabhra, O'Cl. In May 27 am-medar should perhaps 
have been rendered by ' the talk about them.' 

mein, the mind, O'Br. See deg-mdin, gle-m., ro-m., s^r-m., soi-m. Cognate 
with O.H.G. ineiften, meinan, A.S. met nan, Eng. to mean. 

mellad, deception, defraudi7tg, June 27, verbal noun of mellaim, ' I deceive,' 

whence rot-tnellad-su, LL. 307^ 9. 
mer, mad, insane, O'Don. Suppl. Fel. Oeng., at June 13. 
Taer-6ig, furious battle, July 10. 
mer-gnim, a foolish deed, ace. Ap. 14. 

mer-gus, ;;z<^(f desire. May 18, gus .i. aigneadh, O'Cl. 'Qnt gus is 
also glossed by gniomh ' deed,' and hy fea?g ' anger,' either ot 
which would make sense at May 18. 
merbe = meirbhe, weakness, dubiess, O'Br., ace. Dec. 25. Mesca Ulad, p. 18 


Or is it O'Clery's meirbhe .i. breg 'falsehood,' ineirbhe .i. mearbhall 
' mistake ? ' cen merbai, Fel. Oeng. Ep. 1 50. 
mer-gel, white-fingered, gen. m. June 2. 
mesta, esteemed, respected, May 11, pret. part. pass, of mesaim, whence 

meastar, meiser, is estimated, O'Don. Supp. 
miadach, honourable, noble (.i. uallach, O'Dav. 104), Jan. 16, Ap. 20, Nov. 

10, gen. sg. m. miadaig, May i. ace. sg. f. miadaig, Nov. i. 
micrend, Dec. 3, seems a compound of rend ' star ' and mic or fnec, cognate 
with dimiccem 'contempt,' di-})iecci)n ' I despise,' and W. ;;z/^ ' honoured, 
glorious.' In the compound name Blaith-mec, July 24, Dec. 11, this mec 
seems the second element, 
milla, Nov. i, Dec. 9, pi. nom. of mill, rimes with Dimma ; meaning 
obscure ; may come from an Urkelt. meldo-, and be cognate with Eng. 
mild, Goth. Jiiildeis. Ablaut e : e. 
vci'A's,^, sweetness, O'Br., gen. sg., Sep. 7 = W. melysedd. Derived from milis 

' sweet ' = W. melys. 
min, small, cogn. with Lat. minuo, Gr. ^ivvda, 
min-dg, small battle, Dec. 4. 
min-dal, a small assembly, Aug. 25. 
min-dd.m, a sinall band, Oct. 10. 
min-fdl, a small fence, wall, hedge, Dec. 4. 
min, geiitle, smooth, fine. Mar. i, 13, Nov. 27, See bin-min, bldith-min, 
deg-min, seg-min, seng-min, tend-min. 

min-oeb (MS. m\na.&h), gentle-beautiful, Nov. 6. 
min-fer, a gentle man, Oct. 23. 
min-iial, gentle-modest, Dec. 15. 
min-iind, gentle-fair, Mar. 21. 
min-ga.r, gentle-pious. May 29, Dec. 18. 
mm-gel, gentle-fair, Feb. 22. 

min-maiih, gentle-good, pi. n. min-maithe, June 18. 
min-oc, ^entle-yoting, Oct. 4, Dec. 10. 
min-6g, gentle-virginal, Sep. 22. 
min-seng, gentle-slender, refined, Jan. 24. 
mind, a diadem ( = O. W. mi7in gl. sertum) Dec. 26. a holy relic, Aug. 5. 
See ard-mind, so-m. 

v!\\nA-ha.n, fair-diade7ned, Jan. 13. 

m\nd-g\2ix\, ptire-diademed, gen. Sep. 14. So 7nindndr, Salt. 12 10. 
mind-noeb, holy-diademed, June 15. 
mine, smallness, ace. May 7, Oct. 31. Derived from min,<\.v. 
\vl\vl&, gentleness, Jan. 17, Oct. 12. Derived from min, q.v. 
'm6, 'ma, a compound prep, for immoa. 'mo mebrugud, Pref 1 16. 'ma Maire, 
Nov. I. With art. moin dlechtain, Jan. 8. With poss. pron. 'mom dail, 
Ap. 3, 27. 'momh inad. Mar. 19. 'mor ndalaib, Ap. 22. 'ma eolaind, 
Oct. 30. With rel. pron. 'mo n-iadamm. Mar. 3. 
mo-chen, welcome, mochean (gl. bene venias), Vita S. Cainniei, cited by 

Hogan, Todd lectures, V. pref. v. mochcn-6n, Jan. 6. 
mod, work, modh .i. obair, O'Cl. See tren-mod. 

moerda, June 9, Aug. 21, Nov. 22, wondrous} cognate, perhaps, with 
Lat. minis, Skr. smera-s ? or is it another spelling of mderda, q.v. ? 


molbda, praiseworthy^ Dec. 30, perhaps a corruption of molbihach, Ap. 25. 

gen. molbthaig, Salt. 4946, dat. molbthach, ibid. 7810. 
mor, great (W. mawr, Gaul, maro-s). See dag-mor, deg-m., er-m., find-m. 
glan-m., gle-m., ra-m., ro-m., seg-m., tend-m., tromm-m. 
m6r-d.g, a great battle, Dec. 4, ace. Dec. 15. 
mor-chath M., d great battle, June 30. in morchad, Salt. 6492. 
mor-chenn, a great chief , Oct. 12. 
mor-chluach, great-famed, Dec. 27. 
mor-d^m, a great band, Oct. 10, gl. 2. 
mor-druin, very shrewd, Aug. 19. 
mor-fer, a great man, July 14, Aug. 13. 
mor-fi'al, very modest (or hospitable f), Sep. 4. 
mor-imd, great-fair, Aug. 12. 
mor-fot, z/^rj/ ii:atchfid, July 22. 

mor-gM, ^ri?a/ da)iger, ace. Mar. 8, Oc. 19. gen. a sciath a 16 
gdidh nir' gheis, his shield never roared o?t a day of danger, Lism. 
165'' 2. See _cr^f</ supra. 
n\6x-'g\'dji\, great-pure, gen. sg. m. June 19. Salt. 4568, dat. Oc. 14. 
mor-grad, great love. Mar. 8, dat. mathius com-morgr^d, Salt. 6470. 
mor-greit, a great champion, Ap. 6. 
mor-lecc, a great stotte, Jan. 10. 
mor-macc, a great son, Ap. 22, Nov. 12. 
mor-maith, greatly good, Ap. 6, Salt. 7500: as a subst. biaidh isin 

mhormhaith sin, Lism. Lives 2782. 
mor-og, a great virgin, pi. n. moroig, June 18, Oct. 4. 
mor-slog, a mighty host, Oct. 31, pi. n. morsludig, Fel. Oeng. Sep. 
mora, greatness} Dec. 26, seems an abstract from mor, identical with W. 
mawredd from, niaivr. In Mar. 5 and April 2, mora seems the nom. pi. 
fem. (used as nom. pi. masc.) of the adj. mor : cf. soera, July 7. 
morda is explained by diumsach, ' haughty,' and so in Fel. Oeng. at Mar. i, and 
LL. 345"= : nirbat ro-morda ; but in Feb. 22 and May i it seems to mean 
' majestic' Hence mordatu ' haughtiness,' ace. mordataid, LL. 343% and 
mordatus, Bk. of Fenagh, p. 370. 
mothaigim, I feel {lust), Feb. 2, cf. ni mothaig ni itir, Fel. Oeng. xxxii. 
murbolg, a sea-inlet (Joyce, 138), gen. murbuilg. Mar. 24, gl. 2. 
n infixed personal pron. 3d. sg. no-n-^le, Jan. 15. ro-n-anaig, Jan. 25. 
no-n-dlem, Feb. i. no-n-dleb, July 8 =: no-n-aliub, July 14. Assimi- 
lated : ndl-lemaind, July 27. 
n infixed personal pron. i pi. ro-n-bera, Jan. 2. ro-n-cabra. May 3. ro- 
n-di'dna, June 21, Aug. 9, Oct. 17. ro-n-fore, July 7, Dec. 9. ro-n-forne 
(leg. ron-fore), Oct. 15. ro-n-soera, July 26. ro-n-faema. Dee. 22. 

n {in before b) infixed pers. pron., 3d pi. fris-n-dalab, Jan. 8, Aug. 15. ra- 
n-direm, Oct. 16. no-n-^leb, Oct. 30. fris-m-benab, Nov. 4. 

na, in his, for inna, Jan. 7, Feb. 1 1, or ina, May 3. 

na, nom. pi. masc. of the article, Feb. 23, Mar. 4, 31, Ap. i, 22, 24, 28, July 
25, Aug. 8, Oct. 24, Nov. I, 28, Dec. i, 24. 

na, nom. dual of the article, Aug. 26. 

nad for ndt, who are not, Ap. 16. 


na-n for ina-n, in t/ieir, Jan. 26, Ap. 21, 28. June 8, 26, 27. 
nar, nam ^ the verbal prefix no -\- the infixed pers. pron. ar-7i ' us ' : nar- 
laedend, Mar. 3. nar-foemad, Ap. 18. nar-benann (leg. nar m-benann ?) 
May 21. narn-anaig, Jan. i, 19, July 9, Aug. 11, 27. 
'nar-n for in-ar-n, itt our, Jan. 11, Ap. 8, Oct. 14, 15. 

ndr, bashful. See coem-ndr, dag-n., fi'al-n., find-n., imm-n., 6eb-n., 6g-n., ro-n. 
ndr for nd-ro : ndr-fella, Jan. 4. nar' borbaig, Jan. 29. nar' mothaig, 
Feb.. 2. nar' cload, Ap. 19. nar' char, May 9, 24. nar' cloi, June 16. 
nar' faem, Sep. 2 : for ndrb =: ndrbo, July 14, Dec. 23, n^-ro-bo, ' non 
fuit,' nar' anbfois, Jan. 7 ; et v. Feb. 5, May 8, 9, 13, 25. July i, 5. 
-nech, a Middle-Irish suffix, v. c^dnech, supra, cf also fdiltnech. Tog. Troi. 
^ibnech, Salt. 5174. loiscnech, Lism. Lives, 3662. uaisnech, Dindsen- 
chas of Uisnech, and the proper names Coemnech, Duibnech. 
nem, hea7>e7t. See clar-nem, coem-nem, dag-nem, find-nem, gle-nem, gorm- 
nem, noeb-nem, oeb-nem, prim-nem, reid-nem, rind-nem, slog-nem, soer- 
nem-, negative prefix (O.-Ir. neb-, neph-). 

nem-chdid, unc/iasfe, imholy, Dec. 2, 29. 
nem-chromm, unbowed, upright, June 25. 
nem-fann, unweak, May 21, Aug. 22. 
nem-gand, unscanty, generous, liberal, Sep. 4. 
nem-leir, inactive, uftdevout, Oct. 17. 

nem-th^r, imevil, June 5, Aug. 4. tar .i. olc, Corm. ro-thar .i. ro-olc, 
nemda, pi. dat. nemdaib, Nov. 19, heaveiily 07ies? or heavens, as in Trip. 
Life, 60, 1. 19. 

nem-drech, brightfaced, Sep. i. See niam-glan. 

1. nemed, a sanctuary, a chapel, July 29, Oct. 29 (gl. sacellum), Sg. 13*", Gaul. 

7iemeton. gen. nemid. Trip. Life, 240, 11. 4, 19. dat. do neimeadh 
coicidh Connacht, Lism. Lives, 4780. ace. ni racrdid chill na nemed, 
LL. 303'' 39. neimheadh, a sa7tctuary, O'Don. Supp. Compds. ard- 
nemed, Bk. of Fenagh, 46. fid-nemedh, BB. 470'' 25. 

2. nemed, a 7toble, pi. n., Ap. 25, pi. ace. neimtiu, neimthiu. Laws i. 260, 

lines 14, 16, where it is rendered by ' persons of distinction.' 
nemid, Apr. 25, Nov. 19, Dec. 5, neimid, Aug. 4 = neimhidh, ''divine, 

heave7ily^ O'R. 
nert, strength, virtue (W. nerth). See deg-nert. 
Ti\\a.m-g\2in, shining-pure, pure-coloured f May 31. niam. Salt. 4315- 
nir- = ni + ro. ni-r-fella, June 7, ni-r-craded, Oct. 30 : nir. May 6, 20 ^ 

nir'b, ni-r-bo. May 29, ni-ro-bo. 
nit (:= ni it) they are 7iot, Jan. 18, June 20, Nov. 16. 

noeb, holy. See ard-noeb, ban-n., c6em-n., find-n., garg-n., lomm-n., mind-n. 
noeb-ainm N., holy na7/ie, Aug. 11, Fel. Oeng. Prol. 99, 109. 
noeb-dias, a holy pair, Jan. 27. 

n6eb-fer,«/z<?/j/ ;««;/, Oct. 29, Dec. 6, gen. sg. May 9, pi. nom., Nov. 12. 
noeb-gein, a holy birth, Sep. 8. 
. noeb-nem, holy heaven. Mar. 29, Aug. 19, Sep. 8, Salt. 128. gen. 

noemnime. Salt. 7488. dat. do noebnim, Salt. 312, 6842, 71 16. 
ace. nocbnem, Salt. 7000, 7186, 7802. 
noeb-oc, holy warrior, pi. gen., Dec. 29. 


noeb-rath, holy grace, gen., June 19, dal. Idn do noebrath, Salt. 7154- 
noeb-seng, holy-slender, pi. n. msc, Dec. i. 
noeb-thuir, a holy tower, Aug. 22. 
nua, I. new, fresh (Lat. novus), 2. strong {.\. Midir, O'Cl.). 
nua-bail, strong speech ? dat. Jan. 27. 
nua-frem, afresh (or strong!) root. Mar. 29. 

n\ia.-g&\, fresh- (or strong-1) bright, May 2, June 22, Aug. 13, Oct. 3. 
nua-glan,yr^j'^-/2/r^, Sep. 10. 

nua-thech, a strong house, dat. niiathaig, June 17, where it is applied 
to heaven. 
6c (0-Ir. oac, W. iouenc), i. young, 2. a warrior, Jan. 24, pi. dat. occaib, 

July 30. See deg-6c, gel-6c, min-6c, noeb-oc, s6er-6c, tend-6c. 
octaua, an octave, Jan. i. octauae, Jan. 2, July 6, octauus, Jan. 13, July i, 29, 

Aug. 17, 22, Sep. 4, 15, Nov. 18, Dec. 7. 
October, October, gen. sg. Oct. i. 

oeb F., beauty, oiph Wb. ']^, gen. na hoeibe, Nov. 2. dat. dib, Dec. 15. 
Compds : see deg-oeb, find-oeb, fi'r-oeb, min-oeb, oll-oeb, tend-oeb. 

oeb-gel, beautifulfair. Mar. 29, Ap. 13, 17, June 19, Aug. 19, Oct. 16, 

Dec. 5. 
oeb-drech (MS. aebdrech), having a beautiful face, Aug. 6, Sep. 13. 
oeb-glan (MS. aebglan), beautiful-pure, Ap. 8. 
6eb-Mn, beautiful-ample, Sep. 17. 
oeb-ndr, beautiful-modest, Sep. 20. aebndr, May 5. 
oeb-nem, beautiful heaven, Sep. 23. 
oebda, beautiful, Feb. 19, 22, Mar. 4, June 9, July 4, 5, Sep. 29, Oct. 29, Nov. 26. 
aebda, Jan. i, 6, 16, 22, Mar. 15, Aug. 26, Sep. 19, Oct. 2, 14, Nov. 
5, 9, 10. compar. oebdu, LL. 197-^ 210''. 
oen-gel, u)tiquely wliite, Sep. 23. oen-sleg, a single spear, Aug. 19. 
oene, a fast, a vigil, Ap. 25, June 28, Oct. 31, Nov. 29. aene, aine, Jan. 5, Oct. 
27. Generally regarded as coming from *joinia, cognate with Lat. jejil- 
niuin and the Plautine jajunus (Solmsen, Studien, 59 n.). But it may 
descend from '^{p)oinid cognate with Gr. Trelva, neivrj 'hunger.' 
oenim (MS. aenim), I fast, May 5. Winter is kept fasting, O'Don. Supp. 
og) perfect, virginal. See ard-6g, bith-6g, buan-6g, c6em-6g, dag-6g, deg-6g 
derb-6g, find-6g, fir-6g, glan-6g, lomm-6g, min-6g, mor-og, seng-6g, sir- 
6^, s6er-6g, tend-6g, tren-6g. 

6g-dn, virgin-splendid, Aug. 3. 
og-hAn, perfect-fair. Mar. 8. 
6g-ben, a perfect wo]iuin, Nov. 15. 
6g-bocc, virgin-soft, Ap. 6. 
6g-druin, virginal-shrewd, Sep. 8. 
6g-fer M., a perfect man. May 2. pi. n. ogfir, June 23. 
6g-find, virginal-fair. May 22. 
6g-f6t, virginal-watchful, July 22. 
6g-ndr, virginal-bashful, Feb. 20. , 

6g-seng, virginal-slender, Aug. 12, Sep. 20. 
6g-thend, vifginal ?lx\6. strong or strict, Oct. 12. 
ogda, virginal, Jan. 16, Ap. 8, May i, 22, July 5, Aug. 26, Nov. 30. ogdae, 


uagdae, Fel. Gens'. July 29, Dec. 10. ogdai, Salt. 4227. ogda6558. gen. 
i mbrii na ogda Ebraide, 7516. 

61 (O.-Ir. disyllabic 60I, Salt. 1944, dat. oul Ml. 94^= 12), a drmk. See fin-61. 

o\\, great {cogn. with hat. pollere). See blad-oll, fir-oll, glan-oll, tren-oll. 

olldn (i.e. o\\-\clvl), great-full, Ap. 3, Sep. i, Oct. 8. 

o\\-h?Lrr, great-crowned, May 10, Sep. 4, Oct. 7. 

oll-chdid, exceeding chaste, Jan. 2. 

oll-oeb, exceeding lovely, Aug. 25. ollaib, July 29. 
on, suffixed demonstr. pronoun : mochen-6n, Jan. 6. dm-6n, Mar. 14, Ap. 

26, Aug. 30. CO fir-6n, June 18. is fir-6n, July 10. mor-on, July 10. 
or, ^(?/^(like W. aiir, borrowed from Lat. auruni). See fir-6r, glan-6r, prim-6r. 

6r-chdin, gold-bright, Sep. 30. 

6r-gemm, a golden gem, July 4. 

6r-lecc, a golden stone, Ap. 6. 
or' := 6 ro March 1 5. 

ordil, command, direction, injtmction, for erdil, Aug. 6, or urdil, July 18. 
aurail, erail, Fel. Oeng. at Mar. 3. 

ordned, Feb. 22, Jan. 18, P'eb. 22, Dec. 7, 27, verbal noun of ordnim I ordain : 
compd. dag-ordned. 

organ (W. orgajt), orgait, instrument, Feb. 27, July 19, Oc. 2. Y€\. Oeng. 
at Mar. 12, dat. con-organ. Salt. 6671. Borrowed irom o?ganu}n. 

papa, M. (W. pdb) pope, Jan. 10, papa 20, Mar. 4, 28, Ap. 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 20 
21, 22, 26, May 7, 24, 28, 30, July 29, Sep. 9, 10, 14, Oc. 7, 14, Nov. 23, 
26, Dec. 8, II, 26. pi. nom. papae, May 25. dual : na da papa, Aug. 

pian (W. poen, borrowed from Lat. poena). See cro-phian. 

pianad, tormenting, verbal noun oi ^^xixidxca., I cause pain, I ptuiish, ace. Dec. 

pirait, a pirate, pi. pioraiti, Ap. 17, gl. 3. Borrowed from h?L\.. pirata. 

poiplech, Ap. 20, populous (W. poblog), or popular (W. poblogaidd), derived 
from popul (W. pobl), a loan from Lat. populus. 

prim- (W. prif), borrowed from 'Liii. primus : 
prim-chell, chief church, Oct. 11, gl. i. 
prim-chenn, chief head, pi. n. June 29. Hence prim-chinnecht, Salt. 

prim-faith, a chief prophet, July 6, Salt. 7132. primhfhaidh, Lism. 

Lives, 1798, 3342. dat. do primfaith. Salt. 5388. 
prim-feil, chief festival, Dec. 27. 
prim-fer M., a chief man. Mar. 12, Ap. 8, Nov. 4. gen. primfir, July 

31, Nov. 28. 
prim-glan, /r/OTi?-/?^r^, Mar. 9. 
prim-nem, chief heaven, dat. Sep. II, ace. Ap. 17. 
prim-6r, prime gold, Ap. 26. 

pn'mdid, a primate, July 16, gl. i, Nov. 27, gl. i, sometimes spelt primfdid, 
from an erroneous etymology. 

quart-fd, fourth of the ides, Nov. 10. dat. i quart-id Febre, AU. 1121. So 
pridi'd, AU. 1086, quintid, LB. 30'' ( = cingtid, Lism. Lives, 740), 
quintid lanair, AU. 1125, septid, LB. 3r\ Lism. Lives, 805. 


ra = fri-a, June 6. ra-n, ra := fria-n, Mar. 4, June 5, July 21, 30, Dec. i. So 
r<2 for /r/^ Aug. 11, Fel. Oeng. Ep. 266 (Rawl. and LB.), ra ingnathchi 
imdruingi, LL. 220^. 
ra- for ro- ■=■ pro, intensive prefix. 

ra-breth, a great judgj/ienf, pi. gen. Mar. 28. 

ra-cheim, a great step, June 3. 

ra-ddig, very keen ? Oct. 26. 

ra-dreim, a great multitude. May 1 5. 

ra-laind, very pleasa7tt, Nov. 3, where it rimes with cdraiinm, 

Idinaiinm, rdgaimin, chdnaiinm. V. supra s.v. laind. 
ra-mor, very great, July 2, Nov. 4, romar, romor, Fel. Oeng. Jan. 31, 
Ep. 236. 
rad, speech. See camm-r^d, dag-r., fo-r., go-r. 
raibe,/z«/, July 6. 

raithnech, a ferny place, dat. raithnich (MS. raichnich). May 3, gl. 8. 
ra-n, for ro + n, infixed pron. pi. 3. ra-n-^rem recko7t them, Oct. 16. 

rand, stanza, quatrain, gen. raind, Nov. i, gl. 14. See com-rand, dag-r, 

rath, grace. See bn'g-rath, buan-r., c6em-r., dath-r., deg-r., drech-r., glan-r., 
gle-r., l£n-r., noeb-r., tromm-r. 

rath-fer, a gracious man, gen. sg. Feb. 2. 
rath-chenn, a gracious chief , Nov. 14. 
rebach, featful, dat. f. May 13. ir-rigi rebach, LL. 185*2. Derived from 
reb F. LL. 76=* 30 = LU. 78* 8. pi. n. reba, LL. 97* 42, 266'' 33 .i. cleass, 
' trick, feat,' O'Cl. 
reccles, Oct. 11, gl. i, a hybrid of the intensive prefix ro- and ecclesia the 

principal church (^ eKKkqaia) of a city ? 
reid, smooth, level. See deg-reid. 

reid-nem, level heave?!, dat. June 2. 
r^im, course. See cdd-reim, cle-r., seg-r. 

rem, Jan. 26, for frem :=fri -f m the suffixed possessive pron. of sg. I. 
rend, star. See mic-rend. 

renn-ig, a fight with points (of spears or swords), ace. Feb. 7, Oc. 8, gen. pi. 
rend, LU., 79* 40, 

ri for fri, Feb. 2, Aug. t, 2. rimsa for frimsa, Nov. 3. rium for frium, Sep. 

25, riu for friu, July 19, 27. 
riam, a leader? Aug. 3, Sep. i6. W. rhwyf? 
riaraigim, I satisfy, submit to, pret. sg. 3, roriaraig, Nov. 12. 
riaraim, I satisfy, submit to. riarmait, Jan. 10. no-s-riarab, Sep. 9. 
rig-, nom. sg. ri, king ( = rex). See deg-ri, laind-ri, ro-ri. 

rig-fdl, a royal fence, wall, or hedge, Oc. 4. 

n'g-soer, royal-noble, July 10. 

rig-find, having a white forearin. Mar. 3. Cf. rig-derg and rig-tren in 

Windisch's Worterb. 
I. rind, star. See Ian-rind. 

rind-nem, starry heaveft, gen. rindnime, Salt. 510, 7050, rinnime 
8221. ace. Mar. 23, June 3, 30, Aug. i, Sep. 21. dat. May 31, 
Sep. 12. 


2. rind, the end of a stanza, dat. sg. Feb. 6, Nov. i. 

rind-ard mor, great rindard, the metre in which Gorman wrote his niartyr- 

ology. Pref. dat. isin rindaird, Feb. ii. 
ro prep. = ra (q.v.) =fri : ro each oen, Salt. 1989, rot, rut = friut, Salt. 2031. 

With possess, pron. rom lessaib, June 14. rot chlaind. Salt. 2031. 
ro- intensive prefix = irpo. See reccles and the following : 
ro-ddl, a great assembly, Oct. 28. 
ro-drong, a great band, July 31. 
ro-gein, a great birth, Mar. 24, Ap. 13, June 28, Sep. 18. pi. dat. 

roigneib, July 27, roignib, Aug. 9. 
ro-gemm, a great gem, Mar. 28. 
ro-gnim, a great deed, Aug. 8. 
ro-mein, a great mind, Dec. 7. 
ro-mor, ramor, Ap. 7. dat. sg. f. romoir Jan. 18, riming with onoir 

and cor dill. gen. sg. m. Feb. 13. 
ro-ndr, very modest, Aug. 3. 
ro-rand, a great stanza, gen. roraind, Feb. 6. 
ro-ri, a great kijig, sg. ace. ro-rig, Nov. 11. 
rob, sit. Mar. 5, Aug. 23 = rop, Aug. 1 7, Sep. 29. 
roen-dr, a routing slaughter, ace. Nov. 5. pi. gen. Mar. 14, 31. 
rogaimm, I choose, Sep. 21, 30. rogaimm, Nov. 3. pret. part. pass, rogda, 

Nov. 25. Cogn. with Lat. rogo. 
rog-fir, Aug. 10, gen. sg. or nom. pi. of rogfer, a choice man ? 
xo\n^,y\.2iy -^x, before us? romaind, Feb. 2, 7. romainn, Oct. 8, Mar. 31. 

romuind, June 30. romund. Mar. 28, May 15. 
ron- = the verbal prefix ro + n the infixed pron. of pi. i : ron-bera, Jan. 2. 

nd. ron-dedla, Ap. 26. 
ronnach, dividing. See certronnach. 
ro^a. fuit. May 24, roba, July 24, Sep. 27, robo, May 30, July 17, pi. ropdar, 

June 9. 
ros, genealogy, pedigree, -^X. gen. July 10. Cogn. with Goth, frasts '' chWd' 

rot, road (W. rod). See gorm-rot. 
riiscach, marshy, Feb. 12, gl. 10. 

s infixed pers. pron. 3d sg. masc. and neut. no-s-molaimm, Feb. 6, Sep. 13. 
no-s-foemab, Mar. 16, June 18, July 29. no-s-luadeb, Mar. 29, Oc. 3. 
ro-s-bendaig. May 13. no-s-fuageb, June 22, Oc. 3. no-s-drem, July 19. 
no-s-molab, Aug. 5. no-s-molob, Dec. 4. ni-s-celainn, Jan. 9. 

s infixed pers. pron. 3d sg. fem. no-s-molub. Mar. 7, Aug. 3. no-s-fuaigeb, 
Mar. 29. no-s-morab, Aug. 3. no-s-riarab, Sep. 9. no-s-luadeb, Oc. 19. 
no-s-molaimm, Oc. 30. 

s infixed pers. pron. 3d pi. ro-s-tocaib. May 14. no-s-focmab, June 18. 

no-s-luademm, Aug. 12. no-s-molab, Aug. 15, Oc. 23. no-s-morab, 

Nov. II, Dec. 24. 
-sa,-sea, demonstr. sufiix used Tuithout the article: triar soer-sa, Feb. 25. 

feil Assdin b.-lin bind-sea, Ap. 27. mor mind-sa, saergel seng-sa, 

June 26. Conodhar fial find-sa, Nov. 3. 

'sa, 'sar, 'sin. See iss. 


saball, a barn., Ap. 29, gl. 3. Borrowed from Lat. stabuhtin., spelt sabuhim 

(Reeves Col. 88). 
saeglach, aged, Oc. 8. saeghlach, Lism. Lives, 946. Derived from saegul, 
and this borrowed from Lat. saeciilum. [So W. liocdlog from hoedl 
'duration of life,' Old-Celtic ^a/Z/ti- = Lat. saeL{ic)hiin\ Hence O.-Ir. 
saiglaige in sb\^s\aiglaigi ' longaevitatem,' Ml. 78'= 12. 
saim (from *sz'ad//i/, cognate with svadu, i)dvs and siitn'is), pleasant, 

delectable. See dian-sdim, du-saim. 
sain, diverse, other = W. /lan, ' separate.' 

sain-fer, a rare or singular ox distinguished man, Nov. 5. 
sain-gemm, a rare gem, Sep. ig. 

sain-glicc, specially shrewd, Dec. 14. Salt. 2861, 4091. 
sam, sorrel, gen. sg. saimh and samha (Coneys), gen. pi. Jan. 16, gl. 2. 
sar, violent (W. haerl), as a prefix, ^r^cr/. 

sar-breth, a great judgment, pi. gen. na sairbreth, Jan. 9, where it 

rimes with crdibdech. 
sar-chenn, a great head or chief, Oct. i. 
ssLT-drech., great-faced, Feb. 2, June 30. 
sdr-dremm, a great throng, Aug. 13. 
sdr-fer, a great man, June 22, Oc. 30. ddr' ort in sarfer tar linn, H, 

3, 18, p. 593*', where sarfer rimes with dordidhedh. 
sdr-gae, a great spear, ace. May 22. 
sdr-greit, a great or mighty champion, Ap. 23. 
sdr-grind, right pleasant, July 4. adv. co sargrind, Nov. i. 
sdr-maith, exceeding good, Jan. 31. 
sdr-mein, a great mind, dat. July 24. 
sdr-seng, very slender, meagre. Mar. 27. 
sdr-thend, very strict, Sep. 27. 

sdr-thir, a great country, Sep. 25 (where it is applied to heaven), 
seel, a tale (W. chiuedl). See 
scelec, a rock, gen. scelic, Ap. 28, gl. 5. 
scellan. kernel, see Index of Persons. Cognate with Lat. scilla, Gr. a-KiXXa. 

ScelMn, wild mustard, is probably a different word, 
sechtan, sechtmisid, a seven-months' child, Ap. 24, gl. 5. 
seg, strong (mis-spelt sedh, seadh). 

seg-mm, strong-gentle, Jul\- 13. 

seg-mor, strong-great. Mar. 26, Sep. 16. sruth seaghmar, B. of 

Ventry, 807. 
seg-reim, a strong course, a vigorous career, Dec. 23. 
sen, oldiyj. hen). Mar. 10, pi. n. sin. Mar. 31. 

sen-fer, an aged man ( = W. henwr), pi. n. sinfir, Nov. i. 
sen-lebar, an old book, pp. 2, 4. 

sen-Phol, Paul senior, an Egyptian monk, Jan. 10. gen. sen-Phoil, 
Fel. Oeng., Jan. 19, Mar. 2. 
seng, slender ( = O.-N. st/angr), Ap. 1 1, June 26. See cad-seng, coel-s., coem- 
s., com-s., fir-s., min-s., noeb-s., 6^-s., sdr-s. 
seng-bd,n, slender-fair, July 30. 
seng-druin, slender-shrewd. Pel). 18. 


seng-min, slcnder-sDiooth., refined. Mar. 30. 
seng-6g, slender-virgmal , Jan. 28. 
septimber, September, gen. sg., Sep. i. 

sidach, peaceful, tranqicil, Ap. 20, derived from sid, as W. keddaws' from 

"sin, 'sind, 'sinn, for i-sin, i-sind, i-sinn, zV? f/ie, into the, Jan. i, Mar. 27, Ap. 

6, May 12, June 7, 18, 22, 28, July 31, Nov. 22. 
sinn, sind, sinne, we, Feb. 18, June 5, Sep. 30, Nov. 22. 
sfr, long, in compounds, ever (W. Jtir, Lat. seriis). 

sir-b^n, ever-fair, Jan. 10. 

sir-chlii, lasting renowji, dat. Sep. 24. 

sir-fial, eiter-niodest, Oct. 9. 

sir-foiss, ever-stable, steadfast, Feb. 14, Mar. 25, July 23 

sir-glan, ei'er-pm-e, Aug. i. 
- sir-greit, a lasting or constant c/iainpion, Dec. 20. 

sir-6g, ever-virginal, Ap. 26, July 10. 
siur, gen. sethar, a spiritual sister, a pricsfs housekeeper (subintroducta), 
March 22, gl. i, May 2, gl. i, Nov. 27, gl. i. A real sister is derbsiur, 
pi. ace. (used as nom.) deirbhseathra, Jan. 6, gl. 7. 
sMn, sound, healthy. See imm-sMn. 

slat, scion, rod (W. lldth), Sep. 6. See borr-slat, c6em-s., s6er-s. 
s\eg, javelift. See foen-sleg, oensleg. 
sluag, slog, host (W. llu). See find-sliiag, mor-slog, tromm-sliiag. 

slog-nem, hostfid heaven, ace. Nov. 15. 

sluag-fer, an arnty-nian, July 15. 
sliiagda, hostful, June 21. 

snam, a swiniviing-place, gen. sndma, Ap. 2, gl. 3. 
soccrach, tranquil, Sep. 6 = socrach, easy, free, demure, O'R. 
sochrach, profitable, June 10, Sep. 10. Derived from sochor, gen. sochair, 

Lism. Lives, 743. 
sod (sod ?) .i. soirbhe, ease? ace. June 12. O'R.'s sodJi ' happiness, content.' 

O'B.'s sogh, prosperity, 
sod, O.-Ir. soud, a turning. See com-sod. 
so&r, free, noble. See fir-soer, n'g-soer. 

soer-bdn, noble-fair, Sep. 19. 

soer-chenn, a noble chief Ap. i. 

soer-drech, having a noble coi/ntenance. Mar. II. 

soer-druin, noble-shrewd, Dec. 7. 

soer-fdl, cz noble fence, wall or hedge, July 29. 

soer-find, noble-fair. Mar. 27. 

soer-ioi, noble-watchful, July 22, Nov. 3. 

soer-gel, noble-bright. May i, June 26. 

soer-greit, <« ;z<?<J/^ champion, Jan. 10. 

soer-nem, w^^/t" heaven, Feb. 16, Mar. 24, June 19, ace. Dec. 18. 

s6er-6c, a noble warrior, ]a.n. 31. 

s6er-6g, nob/y virgiital, Dec. 24. 

soer-slat F. a noble rod or scion, Ap. 5. 



soer-thend, noblc-shong^ May 16. 
so-, a laudatory prefix (W. Jiy-^ Skr. sii-). 

so-gar, good profit, dat. Mar. 24, soghar .i. gar maith, O'Cl. In sid 
sogar, Aug. 29, sogar is an adj. and perhaps in Mar. 24 co sogar 
is an adverb, 
so-gemm, a good gem, Sep. 21, Dec. 11. 

sogxAd^good love, tender affectio7J, gen. sogrdda, Salt. 8283, dat. Feb. 
21, Aug. 8, Sep. 1 1, 16, Oct. I. Yi^nc^ so-grddach ' amiable ' and 
so-grdidt/n ' I love exceedingly.' 
s,o\-ch\Q:ch,/iospttabte, genef Otis, liberal, July i, Sep. 6, Nov. 7, opposed 
to (f(9/t7//a7i' niggardly.' Hence JfJ/V/z/Zi,'-^, 'hospitality, generosity,' 
LL. 343^. 
so-id, Oct. 26 Cwhere it is a disyllable), seems = W. hywedd ' accus- 
tomed to the yoke {g%vedd), tame.' 
so-mein (MS. soimein), a good mind, July 2. 
so-mind, a goodly diadem, Sep. 30, Nov. 8. 

so-thig, comely, Aug. 21 (= W. /lydeg) a compound of so (= W. 
/ly-) and //cV/, //^ 'beautiful,' LL. 138^ 11, 197-'' t,t„ 216'' 55 = 
W. /.-. 
so-ra\d, happy, successful {O^Y^r.), prosperous? July 9, Aug. 29, Nov. 
19, 25, 30. CO soraid happily, prosperously, June 19, 22. rop 
soraid dam, Goid. 171. corup soraid damsa, LB. 65"^ : from so- 
and reid ? or from so- and reti- ? 
•snnnim {soinim, O'Br.), / sound. May 23, 29. A denom. from son7i : cele- 
brad each tratha cenmotha i sond celebration at every canonical hour 
besides aloud. Rev. Celt. xv. 491. Borrowed from Fr. somier ? 
sort, borrowed from Eng. sort, ' kind,' p. 2. 

srethach, <7;n7;/^c/, ranked, 'Sit.'^. 6. sreathach laid out in rows, O^"^. cimas 
srethach, LL. 237^, sciath srethach, 'striped,' LL. 241''. Derived from 
s}eth 'a rank.' pL ace. sretha, Fel. Oeng. Ep. 238. 
sruith, old, venerable, Oct. 2)°, ' an elder, a sage,' Fel. Oeng. Gloss. Index, 
sruith-chenn, a venerable head or chief, Sep. 5. 
sruith-fer M. a venerable nmn, Ap. 16, Nov. 12. 
sruith-gel, venerable-zvhitc, Nov. 23. 
sruith-M, a venerable day, dat. sruithlo, Nov. i. 
sui, a sage (from ^su-vet-), June 26, Sep. 27, Nov. 2, 7, 14, Dec. 4. See 
ard-siii, c6em-s. 

suir .i. erasa, easy, Sep 2, Dec. 20. Perhaps from *su-ret, cognate with suiridh 

.i. esgaidh 'active' O'Cl. (compar. soirthiu gl. expeditior), ^ W. hyred, 

' easily running.' 
tachrach, contentious, July i. Derived from tachar.x. deabaidh no comrac, O'Cl. 
tagaim, / t/z^<9J-^, Jan. 17, Feb. 4 {homocoteleuti gratia) iox X.o'g^xm, Jan. 22, 

Dec. II, toguimm, Mar. 22. 
tairbirt, a delivery, a birth? Oct. 13. do oen-tarbairt rucad iat, Bk. of 

Lecan, p. 502^. tairbirt : is d'aen toirb/rt rue a bhen fat d Eochaig, H. 

3. 18, p. 576. D'aen toirb/;t rug Fuinchi lat a triur do Mhac con, 

iljid. p. 588', toirbhirt, tairbhirt, delivering, giving up, handing over, 

O'Don. Supp. 
tam, death, .i. bd,s, O'Dav. (cogn. with Lat. tabes). See deg-thdm. 
tamnach F. a green field, Jan. 23, gl. 2. June 14, gl. i. July 21, gl. i. 

U 2 


tar, evil, .i. olc, Corm. ace. cen tar, LU. (Sgl.), pi. tara, Dec. 9. ro-thar .i. ro- 
ok, Corm. See nem-thar. 

tara fortora, 3d sg. s-conj. of dorochim, I come, Dec. 9 

\?L\\it<i\ profitable ? July 13. is tairbech in fer, LU. 16'' 6. Derived perhaps 
from tairbhe ' profit, advantage ' O'B., but there is a iai7'becli = tah-pech^ 
the meaning of which is obscure. 

tarcemm, a defe/idin^i^? dat. Oct. 23. From fo-arc-, cognate with Ir. ath-coin- 
arc 'bulwark,' Salt. 408, pi. n. -aire, ibid. 461. du-ess-iirr, dii-imm-iin\ 
ad-are^ Gr. dpKfco, Lat. areeo, and means a defending. 

tarla, ca)iie to pass, Jan. i, enclitic oi dorala. 

tarm-chruthud, transfiguration, Jan. 26, Fel. Oeng. at July 26, gen. tairm- 
chrutto. Z-. 184, usually tanncJirutJiugud. 

tecbat, let them upIift,VL7v:. 6, imperat. pi. 3 oi do-aith-gabim. Infin. teebail. 

Trip. Life 44, 1. 12, 260, 1. 6. 
tech, house (W. ty, Gr. riyos). See find-tech, martra-tech, niia-thech. 

teclaim, / muster, collect, May 12, for teclamaiin, and this for do-ecmallaim. 
Mar. 6, imperat. pi. 3, teclat, verbal noun, teclaim, Trip. Life 238^ 1. 19, 542, 

1- n- 

teidm, disease, ace. pi. tedmann, Feb. 7. See do-theidm. 

tend, tenn, stro?ig, strict, austere, etc. May 12, 14, 15, 17, June 28, 30, pi. 

tenna July 21. See am-thend, ar-th., c6em-th., com-th., fir-th., imm-th., 

6g-th., sdr-th., s6er-th. 

tend-brig, strong, rigid or austere vigour or virtue, dat. Jan. 26, Aug. 

5, Oct. 13." 
tend-chaid, austere-holy, Ap. 7. 
tend-min, strong-gentle, Ap. 12, June 4, July i. 
tend-mor, austere-great. Mar. 30, Aug. 9, 17. 
tend-6c, a stern warrior, Feb. i, July 13. 
tend-oeb (MS. tend-aeb), austere-beautiful, Jan. 28. 
tend-6g, strong-virginal, Ap. 3, May 7, July 21. 
tend-Phol, rigid Paul, gen. sg. Aug. 4. 
tend-tresse, rigid strength, Ap. 19. 
tennad, violence, O'Br., pi. dat. tentaib, March 19. 

termonn, a sanctuary, Jan. 28, gl. 3, Aug. 9 (corruptly tarman, tearnuin, O'Br.), 

gen. termuind. Trip. Life, 234, 1. 6. Borrowed from Lat. ternio, termoniSy 

and see Ducange s.v. Termonlandes. 
tig, beautiful. See so-thig. 
tinniu, Dec. 16, meaning obscure. Perhaps it is a sister-form of tinnc (gl. 

chalybs) Z-. 765 Or it may be the compar. (here used for the superl.) of 

tenn q.v. 
tir, land (W. tir, Osc. tecrinn). See sdr-thir, toe-thfr. 
to, silent. to-hAn, silent-fair, Aug. ;^. t6-chc'\mni, a sile//t step, }i\n. 12. 
tocbail, elcvatio, Sep. 14, 27, Dec. 11. 
tochrach, exigent, urgent ? Sep. 10. Derived from tocJira : oca tochra 

' wooing her,' LU. 42'' 4, cogn. with to-clniiriur ? 

X.o-d\\,pleasant ? Aug. 1 1, seems compounded of the prefix to- and dil gratus ? 
or should we read to-dil ? 

toeb-gel, white-sided, Aug. 23, Sep. 5. Salt. 7594, gen. sg. f tocbgile, Trip- 
Life, 480, 1. 2, voc. m. a Dauid toebgil, Salt. 6366. 


toe-thir, a silent laiid^ Jan. 29, toi, silent, dumb, Ap. 10, June 28, Nov. 9. 
tond, skin (W. tonn ' crusta, cuticula, cutis'). 

tond-b^n, xvJdte-skinned, July 25. 

tond-gel, 7vhite-skinned, Jan. 3. 
translait, translation (of relics), Jan. 9, May 9, July 3, 4, 11, Sep. 4, Oct. 11, 

Dec. 17. 
\.rtha\r&, prudence, discretion, March 31, gl. 5. 
tren, strong, valiant (W. treti). 

tren-ar, strong slaugJiter, reference omitted. 

trcn-mod, valiant work, dat. Sep. 8. 

tren-6g, strong-virginal, Jan. 5, Mar. 14, Oct. 9. 

tren-oll, strong-great, Mar. 21. 
tress-ar, a slaughterous C07ijlict, ace. Mar. r 5. 
tresse, strength (= W. trechcdd). ace. tanic gan tren gan treisi eisti, AU. 

1297. See tend-tresse. 
trogda, miserable. Mar. 15, corruptly tros^ha, O'Br. Derived from trog, trua;^' 
= W. tru. 

1. tromm, aii elder-tree, gen. truim, Feb. 17, gl. 5, gl. 7. 

2. tromm, heavy (W. trivni). 

tromm-dg, serious battle. 

tromm-ar, heavy slaughter, ace. Feb. 7. gen. ac tarrngaire an trom- 

dir, B. of Ventry, 741. 
trom-mor, heavy-great, Mar. 18. 
tromm-rath, weighty grace, July 9. 
tromm-sliiag, a mighty host, gen. Dec. 31. 
tniagan, ivretchock, trogdn (gl. misellus), ace. Mar. 6, pi. gen. Ap. 1 5, trogan 

Dec. 4. W. truan. 
tiiaimm, a place, gen. tuamma, Oct. 19, gl. 3, Nov. i, gl; 2. 
tuillmech. Mar. 14, meaning doubtful. The word occurs at least thrice in 

LL. : Feradach darbo thuillmech tir hHerenn, 151'' 43 : ba tuillmech 

tairm, I55'' 32, tuillmecha augrai, 344'' 11. O'Reilly has tuilmcach 

' meritorious ' and tuilmcach ' augmentation ' — mere guesses, probably. 

Derived from tuillem ' recompense ' .'* 
tuir, tower, Feb. 26, Mar. 21, 31, gl. 4, Ap. 3, June 25, Aug. 5, Oct. 29, 

Nov. 30, Dec. 16, sg. dat. tuirid, Aug. 4, pi. nom. turid, tuirid, Ap. 13, 29. 

See noeb-thuir. 
uain. See an-uain. 
udis .i. uasal, /^/y, O'Cl., noble, Jan. 10, ^o, Feb. 8, May 15, Dec. 10, ig. 

huais. Salt. 117, 3074, uais 4280, 7586, ace. 6021, 7937. 
\\2lA, pride, arrogance, Ascoli gl. cxxxiii. See cloen-uall. 
uamach, divelling in a cave, Dec. 19. Derived from nam ' cave, den,' July 6, 

gl. 2. 
ub in Cathub, April 6, 8 = ubli .i. dias cloidhimh, siuordpoint, O'Cl. 
uigilia, vigil, Aug. 9, 14, Sep. 20, Dec. 24. uigil Pedair, June 28, gl. 4. 
uinche .i. cath 'battle,' O'Cl. gen. May 12, gl. i. 
iiinsenn, an ashtrcc, June 2, gl. i. Derived from uinnius 'fraxinus.' 
urlann = urlonn 'accompaniment,' O'Don. Supp. tir urlann, Lism. Lives 

xxiv. pi. dat. edir corpaib 7 urlannaibh, Testimony, p. 2, 1. 4, where it seems 

to mean the preface, glosses and epilogue to Gormans Alartyrolog)'. 



Achad aball (' field of apple-trees '), Mar. 26, gl. 6, now Aghowle, co. Wicklo-v\-. 
Achad beithe (' field of birches '), Nov. 13, gl. 2, now the parish of Aghavea, co. 

Achad bo or Achad bo Cainnig, Mar. 8, gl. 7, Sep. 5, gl. i, now Aghabo, 

Queen's co. Adamnan's Achad bou ' campulus bovis.' 
Achad Caillten in Hiii Drona, Nov. 9, gl. 2. 
Achad cinn, Ap. 6, gl. 2, not identified. See FM., A.D. 554, Reeves, Eccl 

Ant. 89, note a. 
Achad Conairi, Aug. 9, gl. i now the diocese of Achonry, in the cos. of Sligo. 

and Mayo, Bk. of Rights, p. 103 n. 
Achad cuilinn C field of holly'), Oct. 26, gl. 4. 
Achad Dubthaig, now Aghadowy, west of the J^ann, in the barony of 

Coleraine, Jan. 9, gl. i, Jan. 22, gl. 4, Bk. of Rights, p. 123 n. Reeves, 

CoIt07is Visitation, 80, note w. 
Achad duma ('field of mounds'), Jan. 31, gl. 8. 
Achad farcha, ('the field of the thunderbolt '), Dec. 23, gl. 3. See FM. A.D. 

503. Trip. Life 618. 

Achad ferta ('field of graves'), Jan. 14, gl. 2. 

Achad Findich[e], May 11, gl. 5, gl. 6, in Hiii Dunchada, on the banks of 
the Dodder, Top. Poems, p. xiv. 

Achad fota ('long field'), Jan. 6, gl. i. 
Achad gobra (' field of the horse '), Feb. 22, gl. 2. 
Achad mor (' great field '), Aug. 30, gl. 3. 
Achad na cro ('the field of the huts'), June 12, gl. 4. 
Achad raithin ('field of fern'), in Hiii meic Caille, Nov. 28, gl. i. 
Achad ur, March 19, gl. i, now Frcshford, bar. of Crannagh, co. Kilkenny. 
Aego, Jan. 12, gl. 3. Ap. lo, gl. 2. InisAego, Ap. 29, gl. 5. 
Aelmag ('limestone-plain'), Aug. 23. Dec. 14, gl. 2. Domnach mor .^.d- 
maige, Bk. Arm. cited Trip. Life, 348. The Aelmag mentioned at Aug. 
23 is now Donaghmore, barony of Dromahaire, co. Leitrim. The 
Aelmag mentioned in Dec. 14, gl. 2, may be in co. Tipperary, see FM. 
A.M. 3790, A.D. 781. Top. Poems, p. Ixxvii. 
Ailbe, Sep. 25, gl. i, in Leinster, now Clonalvy? Four Masters, A.D. 528. 

As to Magh nAilbhe in Kildare, see Bk. of Rights, pp. 16, 203. 
Ailech F., June 10, gl. i, now Elagh or Grenan Ely, barony of Inishowen, 

CO. Donegal, an ancient seat of the Kings of Ulster. Rev. celt. .\vi. 41. 
Airbre, in Hiii Cennselaig, July 10, gl. 2. 
Airdne, Mar. 8, gl. 6. May 30, gl. r. According to .)/r?;-/. Tainl. the Airdne 

at May 30, gl. i, is Airdne Dairinse. 
Airdne Coluim, now Ardcolum, Nov. 10, gl. 2. 


Airdne Dairinse, Mar. 26, gl. 5. 

Airecul Miiadain (' Miiadan's oratory'), Aug. 30, now Errigal, co. Monaghan. 

See Aricul. 
Aired Bainne, July 6, gl. 3. Here and in the following place-names aired 

(which is not in the dictionaries) probably means ' cornfield ' or ' till 

Aired Brosca, on Loch Erne, May 11. 
Aired (MS. eired) Cassain, Jan. 28, gl. 2. 
Aired fota, July 2, gl, i. 
Aired Indaich, Jan. 6, gl. 8, not identified. 

Aired Locha Con, Ap. 8. Now Errew, parish of Crossmolina, co. Mayo. 
Aired (MS. eired) Muilt, at Loch Erne, Feb. 28, gl. i. 
Aired Uird (Suird ?), Feb. 23, gl. 3. 
Airgeill, gen. pi. Airgiall, dat. Oirgiallaib, p. 4. May 27, gl. i. Anglicised 

Oriel : the present cos. of Louth, Armagh, and Monaghan, Three Frag- 

incjtts of Irish Annals, Dublin, i860, p. 34 n. 
Airisnae, Mar. 19, gl. 3. 

Airther achaid, Sep. 30, gl. 3. Not identified. 
Airther maige, Jan. 16, gl. 6, now Armoy parish, co. Fermanagh, Reeves, 

Feci. Ant. 80 n., 243. 
Alba, gen. Alban, dat. Albain, Scotland, Ap. 21, gl. i. June 9, gl. i. June 

20, gl. 3. June, 25 gl. 3. Oct. II, gl. I. 
Almoin, Germany (Alemanni), July 8, gl. 5. 
Anmag, Ap. 22, gl. 3. 

Apur crossan, Ap. 21, now Applecross, in Ross-shire, Scotland, AU. 672. 
Ard, gen. Arda, Feb. 23, gl. i, gl. 5. Either Ardmagilligan,co. Londonderry, 

or the Ards, co. Down. 
Ard-achad ('high field'), now Ardagh, co. Longford, Feb. 6, gl. 2. Nov. 22, 

K-1- 4. 
Ard bo (' cows' height'), Feb. 21, now Arbo, in Tyrone. 
Ard Breccain (' Breccan's height'), Sep. 4, gl. 3. Dec. 6, gl. 2. Now Ard- 

braccan, near Navan, co. Meath, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. 142. 
Ard Cain, Sep. 8, gl. i, now perhaps Ardkeen parish. Reeves, Feel. Ant. 

21 n. 
Ard Camrois, on the shore of Wexford haven, Dec. 16, gl. i. 
Ard carna. Mar. 8, gl. 2, now Ardcarne, barony of Boyle, co. Roscommon, 

Chron. Scot. 40, 360. 
Ard CoemAin, June 12, gl. i, now Ardcavan, co. Wexford. 
Ard Cruinn, July 11, gl. 2. 
Ard Leccach ('stony height'), Dec. 20, gl. i, in Mag Ene, near Ess Ruaid, 

Mart. Don., Dec. 20. 

Ard Lonain (' Lonan's height 'j, Dec. 18, gl. 8. 

Ard fgen. Arda) Macha (' Macha's height'), now Armagh, Jan. 13, gl. i. 
Mar. 24, gl. 6. Mar. 31, gl. 4. Ap. 6, gl. r. Ap. 1 1, gl. 3. May 24, gl. 2. 
June 21, gl. I. July i,gl. 3. Aug. 24, gl. i. Sep. i, gl. 2. Sep. 12, gl. 
2. Nov. 27, gl. I. Rev. celt. xvi. 44. 

Ard meic Nasca, Oct. 25, gl. 2. Probably, thinks Reeves, Feci. Ant. 273, 
' an ancient name of Holywood, on the county of Down side of Belfast 


Ard mor ('great height'), or Airde moire, July 24, gl. 2, now Ardmore, in 

the barony of Decies with Drum, co. Waterford. 
Ard Scannlaige, Dec. 10, gl. i. 
Ard Sratha, Aug. 23, gl. i. Nov. 26, gl. 2. Now Ardstraw, near Strabane 

CO. Tyrone. Reeves, Coltoiis Visitatio/i, 9, note q. 
Ard Trea, now Artrea, in Tyrone, July 8, note a. Aug. 3, gl. 4. 
Ard Ulad, now the Ards, co. Down, May 29, gl. 3. June 24, gl. 5. Sep. 

25, gl- 3- 
Ardgal, gen. Ardgail, dat. Ardgal, Sep. 30, gl. 10. Oct. 27, gl. 2. 
Aricul, May 15, gl. 5. Perhaps the 'Aregyll' of CoHflii's Visitation, 80, 

anciently, according to Reeves, Aireacal Adhamhndin^ in the townland 

Aru (gen. Arann, dat. Arainn), Mar. 21, now Aranmore, in Galway Bay. 
Aru airthir, Nov. 21, gl. 4, the most eastern of the Aran Islands, in Galway 

Bay. AU. 866, 917. Chron. Scot. 154, 360. 
Ath Blair, July 9, gl. 4. 
Ath cliath ('hurdleford'), now Dublin, Feb. 12, gl. i. May 15, gl. 4. July 

4, gl. 2. Aug. 25, gl. I. Dec. 18, gl. I. Adamndn's Vadicm died. 
•\th dd loarg ('ford of two forks'), Dec. i, gl. i, near Kells, co. Meath, FM. 

Ath Duirn ('ford of Dorn'}, Feb. 2, gl. i, probably in the parish of Kells, co. 

Ath Eguis, June i, gl. 2. 
Ath Fadat,July i4,gl. i, now Ahade, barony of Forth, co. Carlow. Rev. celt. 

XV. 423. 
Ath ferna ('alder-ford'), Feb. 11, gl. 4. See FM. a.d. 1030. 
Ath imglaise, Nov. i, gl. 3. 

Ath ind eich (' the ford of the horse '), July 23, gl. 2. 
Ath liacc ('ford of flagstones'), Feb. 7, gl. 7, now Athleague, on the river 

Suck. ALC. ii, 527 (or ' Lanesborough, co. Longford,' C// ;'<?//. .SV<5/. 361). 
Ath omna ('oak ford'), Aug. 31, gl. 3. 
Ath truimm ('ford of the elder-tree'), Feb. 17, gl. 5, gl. 7. Oct. 11, gl. 2, gl. 

3, now Trim, on the river Boyne, co. Meath. 
Athan becc, July 8, gl. 4 = Othain beg, FM. A.D. 716, in Inishowen, Reeves, 

Colto){s Visitation, 66, note s. O'Don. Three Frags. 20 n. 
Balana, Oct. 26, gl. 3. Is this for Balne (=Balla q.v.), AU. 779? 
Balla, a village in the barony of Clanmorris, co. Mayo, Mar. 30. See FM. 

A.D. 637. Lism. Lives 285. 
Banba, Ireland, Mar. 27. 

Banna F., the river Bann, in Ulster, Jan. 9, gl. i. Jan. 22, gl. 3. Oct. 30, gl. 3. 
Becc-ere, Ap. 23, gl. i, now Beggery Island, co. We.xford. 
Belach Conglais, Nov. 24, gl. i,now Baltinglass,co. Wicklow. Rev. celt. xv. 421. 
Belach Duin, June 14, now Castlekieran, near Kells, in Meath. See FM. 

845. Lism. Lives 164. 
Belach Febrat, Mar. 12, gl. i. 
Bennchor (gen. Bennchuir) Ulad, now Bangor in Ulster, Yeh. 28. Ap. 8, gl. 

5, Ap. 21, gl. I, gl. 4. Ap. 22, gl. I. May 10, gl. i. May 16, gl. 5, 
June II, gl. I. June 12, gl. 3. Aug. i, gl. 3. Aug. 22, gl. 2. Sep. 10. 
gl. 4. .Sep. II, gl. 3. Sep. 16, gl. 3. Sep. 17, gl. 5. Oct. i,gl. 5. Nov. 

6, gl. I ; et V. Reeves, Ecct. Ant. 94 n., 200. 


.^erba, the Barrow river, in Leinster, Feb. 8, gl. 5. Dec. 22, gl. 2. Rev: 

celt. XV. 304. 
Berrech, June 22, gl. 2. 

Bethech, Bethrech ? Mar. 11, gl. 6, is perhaps an epithet, not a place-name. 
Bethil, Bethlehem, Jan. 27. 
Bochana, gen. sg. Nov. 2, gl. 3, et sic Mart. Don., should perhaps be 

B6-chluain ('cow-meadow'), Nov. 20, gl. i, two miles west of Mar)-l5orough, 

Queen's county, Reeves, Col ton's Visitation, 120 n. 

Boind, gen. Boinne, the river Boyne, May 2, gl. i. Rev. celt. xv. 315. 

Both Chonais, Sep. 4, gl. 5, in the barony of Inishowen east, co. Donegal, 
AU. 851, 1049, FM., 850, 987, 1049. 

Botha eich Raichnig C'huts of Raichnech's horse'), Nov. 6, gl 2 =1 Both 
Roichnig, LL. 353, col. 2, cited Lism. Lives, 336. 

Brechmag ('wolf-field'), Sep. 30, gl. 7, now Breaffy, barony of Carra, co. 

Brefne, Feb. 12, gl. 10, now cos. Cavan and Leitrim, Brefne Connacht, Sep. 

5, gl-2. 
Breg, gen. pi. (Bregaib, dat. pi.) latinised Bregia, the eastern part of co. 

Meath, Ap. 10, gl. i. June 6, gl. 3. Nov. i, gl. i. Nov. 24, gl. 2. 

Nov. 26, gl. I. Nov. 27, gl. I. Dec. 26, gl. 2. 
Bretain, Britons, Bntain, gen. pi. Bretan, Ap. 21, gl. 5. Aug. 10. The dat. 

Brethnaib, May 16, gl. 7, points to a nom. *Brethain. 
Bri Ele, Ap. 25, gl. i, now the Hill of Croghan, King's co., FM. 468. 

See Cruachan Bri Eile infra. 
Bri gobann ('the smiths' hill'), Nov. 25, gl. i, now Brigown, near 

Mitchelstown, co. Cork, Lism. Lives, 235, 347. 
Bri molt ('hill of wethers'), July 16, gl. 2. 
Britt, a Briton, Mar. 11. 

Bruig loeg ('the mark of calves'), July 15, gl. 2. 
Buill, gen. Biiille, July 5, gl. i, a river, now the Boyle. 
Caill (MS. Coill), Aird, in Hui Garrchon, July 3, gl. i. 
Caill Cola, June 11, gl. 2. 

■Caill Uallech, Nov. 12, gl. 7, now Killcovelagh, Trip. Life, 76. 
Caille Follamain, Sep. 14, in the barony of Moygoish, co. Westmeath. Sec 

AU. 850, FM. 882, 890, 1016, 1017, 1 159. Bk. of Rights, p. 182 n. 

Fel. Oeng. p. cxlv. 
Cairbre, Cairpre, Coirpre, Jan. 7, gl. i, 28, gl. 4, now Carbury, co. Kildare. 

Cairbre Droma cliab, Jan. 6, gl. 5. June 12, gl. 3, now the barony of 

Carbury, co. Sligo, so called because Druim cliab, a monastery founded 

by St. Columba, was there situate. 
•Cairbre hua Ciarda, Jan. 8, gl. 4. Mar. 5, gl. 2. June6, gl. 3 = Cairbre, q. v. 
Caisel na rig (' stone fort of the Kings '), now Cashel, co. Tipperary. See 

Eoganacht Caisil. 
Caisel Irroe, June 8, gl. 2, a stone fort near the town of Sligo, now Killes- 

pugbrone {Cell espuig Broin). 
■Camm-achad ('crooked field'), Mar. 31, gl. 2. 
•Cammus (gen. Cammsa) Comgaill, Oc. 30, gl. 3, Adamndn's Cainbas, a 

monastery founded by Comgell on the banks of the Bann. See Reeves, 


Coltoji's Visitatioit, 83 note j. Camas is said by Todd, Wars xxxvi^ 
to mean a bend in a river. Camus ' a winding stream,' Joyce. 
Campdin, * Campania,' dat. sg. July 2. 

Candida Casa, Sep. 16, gl. i, now Whithern, on the shore of Galloway^ 

Petrie, Round Towers, 140. 
Carn Furbaidi, Mar. 6, gl. 5, ' now Carn townland in the parish of Kilglass,. 

barony of Abbeyshrule, co. of Longford,' O'Don. Supp. Rev. celt. xvi. 38. 
Casan Linne, Mar. 30, gl. 3, a river near Dundalk, co. Louth, probably now 

called the Clyde, Reeves, cited lluirs Ixiii note, o Boainn co Cossan,. 

AU. 921. i Cassan linne, AU. 1045. 
Caue, gen. sg. Dec. 8. 

Cechair (' a quagmire'), dat. sg. Sep. 21, gl. i. 
Cell Abbain (' Abbdn's church '), Mar. 16, gl. 6 : Oc. 27, gl. 3, now Killabban,. 

in the barony of Ballyadams, Queen's co. Bk. of Rights, 214 n., where 

O'Don. says that l/i Mtdredaigh in the glosses just referred to is a 

mistake for Ui MuigJie. 

Cell Achaid, Mar. 26, gl. 3, now Killeigh, in King's co., about four miles 

south of Tullamore. 
Cell Achaid Droma Senain, Dec. 24, gl. 3. 
Cell Ae, Dec. 22, gl. 4. 

Cell Aedain in Ulster, Ap. i, gl. i, FM. 1149. 
Cell Afifein, June 3, gl. 5, near Glendalough, Mart. Don. 
Cell Aine, Mar. 9, gl. 3, in Sliabh Bregh, Mart. Taml, Mart. Don. Now Killaney ? 
Cell Air, Nov. 10, gl. i, now Killare in Westmeath, spelt Cell fair (with 

prothetic/), AU. 1184. 
Cell Aird, Mar. 14, gl. 3. 
Cell Airthir ('cella orientis'), July 13, gl. i. Oct. 24, gl. i, in Ulster, Trip. 

Life, 74,1. 25. 

Cell Alaid, Aug. 12, gl. 2, now Killala, co. Mayo, Trip. Life, 134. 

Cell Arcalgach, Aug. 20, gl. i, on the shore of Loch Lebenn in Westmeath. 

Cell Ausailli (or Uasailli), now Killossy or Killashee, barony of Naas, co. 

Kildare, Sep. 16, note a, AU. 828. 
Cell Barrfind, May 21, gl. 4, now Kilbarron, barony of Tirhugh, co. 

Cell becc ('little church '), gen. Cille bicce, Feb. 21, gl. i, in the parish of 

Kilmore, barony of Erris, O'Don. Hy Fiachr. 484. 
Cell Bicsige (' Bicsech's church '), June 28, gl. 3, now Kilbixy, co. Westmeath. 
Cell Cheli Christ, in Hiii Dunchada, Mar. 3, gl. 6. 
Cell Chere, Jan. 5, gl. 3, now Kilkeary, near Nenagh, co. Tipperary, Bk. 

of Rights, 29 n. 
Cell Chobrainne, May 3, gl. 2. 
Cell Choelbad, Aug. 21, gl. 3, north of Kells. 
Cell Choeme, Ap. 4, gl. 4. Nov. 2, gl. 8. 
Cell chomarthae ('the church of the token'), May 19, gl. 4. 
Cell Chuaca, Jan. 8, gl. 4, now perhaps Kilcock, co. Kildare. 
Cell chuilinn, now Old Kilcullen, co. Kildare, Jan. 28, gl. 4. June 11, gl. 

3 = Cellola Cuilinn, Bk. Arm. fo. 15'' i. 
Cell Chuimne in Tamnacha, June 14, gl. i, now Kilkevna, in the barony of 

Gallen, O'Don. Hy Fiackrack, 485. 


Cell Chunga, Ap. 11, gl. 2. Sep. 9, gl. i, not identified. 

Cell Crone, Jan. 27, gl. 3, 

Cell chiile, Mar. 9, gl. i. July 4, gl. r, now perhaps Killcooley, a parish 

in the barony and county of Roscommon, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. \. 277. 
Cell d^ less, May 9, gl. i. Fel. Oeng. Ixxxv., not identified. 
Cell da Lua, Dec. 18, gl. 10, now Killaloe, on the Shannon, co. Clare. 
Cell dara ('cella quercus'), now Kildare, Jan. i, gl. 9. Jan. 6, gl. 6. Feb. i, 

gl. I. Feb. 19, gl. 6. May 3, gl. i. 
Cell delga, Jan. 31, gl. 7, now Kildalkey, in the barony of Lune, co. Meath. 

See the fourth Charter in the Book of Kells, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. 137. 
Cell draignech (' thorny church '), Aug. 18, gl. i, now Kildreenagh, a townland 

in the barony of Idrone East, co. Carlow, Reeves, Cohanda, 26 n. 
Cell droichit (' church of the bridge')? Sep. 25, gl. 3, somewhere in co. Down, 

but now unknown, Reeves, EccL Ant. 380, note d. 
Cell Dronnain, Dec. 12, gl. 4. See FM. 1040. 
Cell Duinsige, Dec. 11, gl. 6, ' Duinsech's church' in Ulster, 'and she has 

three churches there,' Mart. Don. p. 332. 
Cell duma gluinn, Dec. 26, gl. 2, now Kilglinn, co. Meath. See AU. 834. 

FM. 834, 841. Trip. Life, 68, 335. 
Cell Elge, Mar. 22, gl. 3. 
Cell Elgraige (leg. Delgraige .?), Dec. 23, gl. 6, near Kells, LL. 358, left 

margin, Lism. Lives, xxvii. 
Cell eo (' church of yews'), June 30, gl. i. 
Cell Findche, Feb. 2, gl. i, now Killinny, in the barony of Kells, co. 

Kilkenny. See FM. 836, O'Curry, MS. Materials, 302. 
Cell Findmaige, Ap. 29, gl. i, in Hiii Feneclais. 
Cell Forgo, Nov. 4, gl. 8, now Killarga, co. Leitrim, ALC. ii. 542. Mart. 

Don. Nov. 12. 
Cell Fortcheirn, in Hiii Drona, Oct. 11, gl. 2. 
Cell glass (gen. Cille glaisse), Aug. 5, gl. 5, now Kilglass, barony of 

Ardagh, co. Longford, * to the south of Ardachad in Tethba,' Trip. 

Life, 82, line 13. 
Cell gobail, June 5, gl. 2. Perhaps Cell i!,-almtl between Assaroe and 

Donegal, Mart. Don., June 5. 
Cell gobrai, June 24, gl. 4. 
Cell GormAin, Oc. 25, gl. 5, now Kilgorman, a parish in the barony of 

Corey, co. Wexford. 
Cell Ilin, Jan. i, gl. 11, north of Faughard, co. Louth. 
Cell ingen Lenin, Mar. 6, gl. i, nov/ Killiney, co. Dublin, Joyce 545. 
Cell inse, Nov. i, now Killinchy, co. Down, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 10 n. 
Cell Lamraige, Dec. 6, gl. 3. Now Killamery, barony of Kells, co. Kilkenny, 

FM. 1004. Reeves, Ecel. Ant. 107-108 n. 
Cell liuchaine, Nov. 18, gl. i (better Cell fliuchaine, 'the church of the wet 

land ') : cf. an Fliuchaine, Anglicised Lui^hinny (co. Kilkenny), Lui^h- 

anagh (co. Galway), and Liiffany (co. Kilkenny), Joyce, 28, 52. 
Cell Lommchon (' Lommchu's church'), Jan. 9, gl. 6, in Ulster. 

Cell Luaithrenn (' Luaithriu's church'), June 8, gl. 4, in the territory of 

Corann, co. Sligo, Three Frags. 32 n. 
Cell Lucrid, Ap. 29, gl. 7. 


Cell Maignenn (' Maigniu's church'); *^ct. 19, gl. i, Dec. 18, gl. 1. Now 

Kilmainham, near Dublin. 
Cell meic Duach, Feb. 3, gl. 3. Now Kilmacduagh, co. Galway. 
Cell Meilchetair, May 14, gl. 2. Now Kilmalkedar, on the east of Smerwick 

Harbour, co. Kerry. 
Cell Michen in Dublin, Aug. 25, gl. i. 

Cell moLaisse, Jan. 17, gl. 4. Now Kilmolash, five miles south-east of 
Lismore, in Munster. Todd, Wars xxxix. 

Cell mona, May 21, gl. i. Now Kilmona, "near Rath Aedh [now Rahugh] 
mic Brie in Westmeath," FM. 1382. Cell mona, AU. 969. 

Cell mor, gen. Cille moire. May 25, gl. 3. Aug. 3, gl. i. Nov. 2, gl. 7. 

Nov. 12, gl. 4 := Cell mor Aedain, Nov. 2, gl. i. Now Kilmore, near 

the town of Monaghan, Bk. of Rights, 149 n. 
Cell mor airthir fine, Nov. 17, gl. 3, somewhere between Dublin and Hovvth, 

perhaps in the barony of Coolock, where the townlands of Kilmore Big 

and Kilmore Little are situate. \i so, fine is for Fhie Gall. 

Cell mor ua NialMin, Ap. 4. Now Kilmore, barony of O'Neilland West, co. 

Armagh, FM. 1120, 11 50, 1199, 1251. ALC. II, 542. 
Cell mo Siloic, July 13, gl. 3, in Hui Cennselaig, now Kilmichaelog, Mart. 

Don. p. 193. 

Cell muccroiss, Nov. 18, gl. 4. Dec. 19, gl. 2. 

Cell muine, Mar. i, gl. i. Nov. 12, gl. 12. Menevia, now St. David's, in 

Cell Naile, Jan. 27, gl. 4. Now Kinawley, co. Fermanagh, FM. 1387, 

AU. 1378, where the gen. sg. is written Cillc Naaile. 
Cell N^ir, Nov. 30, 

Cell na n-ingen ('the church of the girls '), Oct. 26, gl. 5. Dec. 9, gl. i. 
Cell na manach ('the church of the monks'), July 31, gl. 4. Now Kilna- 

managh, co. Kilkenny (FM. 1438, = Cell manach droichit, Lism. Lives, 

Cell na manach in Hui Dunchada, Dec. 31, gl. i. Now Kilnamanagh in the 

parish of Tallaght near Dublin. 
Cell na sacart ('the church of the priests'), Oct. 26, gl. 6, near Jonesborough, 

CO. Armagh (FM. 714, note m.), where there is a pillar-stone bearing 

the following inscription : In loc so taninnnairni Ernohc mac Ccran 

bic er cul Peter apstel, " this place thy Ernoc [ = Gorman's Erndui] 

son of Cer^n the Little bequeathed it under the protection of Apostle 

Peter." See CJuistian Insn'iptions in the Irish Language, ii, 27. 
Cell Rait (Raith, Mart. Don.), Aug. 5, gl. 3. 
Cell Rigmonaid, Oct. 11. Now St. Andrew's in Scotland. .See Reeves, 

Columba, 220, 385, 463. 
Cell Roa, Ap. 15, gl. 2. Perhaps the Cell 7-oe more of Trip. Life 140. Now 

Killroe, co. Mayo. 
Cell roiss, Jan. 28, gl. 3. Now Kilrush in co. Clare. 
Cell ruaid. Now Kilroot parish, co. Antrim, FM. Oct. 16, gl. 2, 1122. 

Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 60 n., 245, 246. 
Cell saile, Aug. 11, gl. 4. Now Kilseily (co. Clare)? 
Cell Scire, Mar. 24, gl. 4. Now Killskecry in Meath, Misc. Ir. Arch. 

Soc. 135. 
Cell Segin, Jan. 21, gl. 3. 


Cell Tailten, May 18, gl. 6. Now Teltown Church, in Meath, FM. 
1 1 56, 1 170. 

Cell tarsna, Jan. 20, gl. 4. A transverse church, one whose orientation is 
north and south, not east and west. 

Cell Tidil, Nov. i, Trip. Life, 208. Probably Kilteel, barony of Salt, co. 
Kildare (Hennessy). 

Cell Tuamma, Mar. 16, gl. 3. Cell Toma, Nov. 13, gl. 6, Nov. 14, gl. 3. 

Now Kiltoom, barony of F'ore, co. Westmeath, AU. 812, 850. 

FM. 746, 763, 808, 849, 883. 
Cell Uinche, ('church of the battle'?) May 2, gl. i. Not identified. 
Cella Hua Maigech, Feb. 11, gl. 7. 
Cen, Nov. 10, gl. 8, somewhere in co. Louth. 
Cenannus, gen. Cenannsa, Aug. 21, gl. 3. Dec. i, gl. i, Dec. 16, gl. 2.. 

Now Kells in co. Meath, Reeves, Col. 278. 
Cenel Ardgail, Dec. 10, gl. i, FM. 742, 795. 
Cenel Conaill. Now the co. of Donegal, Feb. 8, gl. 7. May 22, gl. 5. 

May 25, gl. 2. Sep. 23, gl. i. Nov. 10, gl. i. Nov. 25, gl. 2. 
Cenel Eogain = Tir Eogain, Tjrone, Ap. 21, gl. i. See Reeves, Colitmba, 

33, note f. 

Cenel Fiachach, Nov. 10, gl. 2. Now Kinelea, in the barony of Moycashe), 

Westmeath, Top. Poems, viii. 
Cenel Liiachain, July 7, a tribe and territory in co. Leitrim, FM. 1390. 

Cenn Etig, Ap. 7, gl. 2. Now Kinnity, in King's co., FM. 850, 884, 903, 
Three Frags. 210. 

Cenn Garad, now Kingarth in Bute, Feb. 18, gl. 5. Mar. i, gl. 6. Aug. 10, gl. u 

Cenn locha ('head of the lake"), Mar. 8, gl. i. July 30, gl. i. Now perhaps 

Kinlough, co. Mayo. 
Cenn sdile ('head of the brine'). Now Kinsaley, north of Dublin, Feb. 26, 

gl. 3. July 9, gl. 3. Cenn s^ile in the south. Now Kinsale, co. Cork^ 

Dec. II, gl. I. 
Cera. Now Carra, co. Mayo, Mar. 31, gl. i. 

Ciannachta of Glenn Gemin. Now Keenaght, co. Londonderry, Jan. 3, gl. 3. 

Jan. 8, gl. 8. 
Ciarraige Luachra, the northern part of co. Kerry, Sep. 6, gl. 4. Trip. 

Life, 426. 

Claenad. Now Clane, co. Kildare, May 18, gl. 2. Dec. 22, gl. i. 

Clann Chellaig, Oct. 24, gl. 6. Now Clankelly, a barony in the east of 
CO. Fermanagh, FM. 764, 956. Top. Poems xxii. 

Clochar (' a stony place'), gen. Clochair. Now Clogher in Tyrone, Mar. 21, 
gl. 4. Pvlar. 24, gl. I. June 29, gl. 3. Aug. 15, gl. i. Adamnan's 
' Clocherum filiorum Daimini' = Clochar mac nDaimen, AU. 868. 

Cloen-inis ('sloping island'), Nov. 12, gl. 9. Now Cleenish in Loch Erne. 

Cliiain, gen. Cliiana, Ap. 26, gl. i. June 4, gl. 4. July 19, gl. 3. Now 
Clonmacnois, on the Shannon, in the barony of Garrycastle, King's co. 

Cliiain Accuir in Ardgal, Sep. 30, gl. 10. 

Cliiain Aeda Aithmet in Luigne, June 5, gl. i. 

Cliiain Ai, Aug. 13, gl. 2. 

Cliiain Airb, May 17, gl. 4. 

Cliiain Airdne, Sep. 30, gl. 11, F.M. 713. 


Cliiain Aithgein, Nov. 3, gl. 5 r=: Cluain Aithchein, Fel. Oeng. liii, civ, said to 
be Clonkeen in Queen's co. 

Cluain andobair, Aug. 30, gl. i, FM. 507, 843, 938, 942, 'the plains round 
Killeigh, King's co.,' Todd, Wars, Ixii, note. AU. 844, where the name 
is in the dat. pi. {pc Cluanaib andobinr). 

Cluain arathair (' the meadow of the plough'), Ap. 25, gl. 6. 

Cluain ard mo Beccoc, May 26, gl. 2, FM. 687, 689. Now Kilpeacon, 
CO. Limerick. Todd, Wars xl. AU. 689. 

Cluain bainb (' pig's meadow '), March 4 and gl. 2. Not identified. Perhaps 
Clonbonniff, a townland in King's co. 

Cluain Bairenn. Now Cloonburren, in the parish of Moore, barony of 
Moycarn, co. Roscommon, Feb. 9, gl. 3. June 20, gl. 4. Dec. 15, gl. i. 
AU. 777, FM. 577, 748. 

Cluain Braein, May i, gl. 3. 

Cluain Bronaig, Dec. 11, gl. 2. Dec. 19, gl. i. Now Clonbroney, co. 

Cluain Bruchas, July 12. 

Cluain Caa, Oct. 3, wrongly spelt Cluain cua, Progs. R.I. A. Irish MS. 

series i. 100, loi, where Hennessy locates it in Queen's co. 
Cluain Cachtni, July 25, gl. 4. 
Cluain Cai in Eoganacht, Jan. 21, gl. 2. Cluain Cai, Ap. 21, gl. 3. May 24, 

Cluain Caichne (MS. cainchne). May 10, gl. 2. 
Cluain cain. Now Clonkeen, co. Louth, Feb. 7, gl. 2. Ap. 26, 2. May 11, 

gl. 7. June 6, gl. I. Aug. i, gl. 9. Oct. 6, gl. 4. Rttxes, Cohnnba, 

47 n. 
Cluain cdin arad in Munster, Dec. 10, gl. 2. 
Cluain cdin Finnabrach, Jan. I, gl. 11. 
Cluain Cairbri, Aug. 3, gl. 2 
Cluain catha, July 16. FM. 1236, now Cloncha, barony of Inishowen, co. 

Donegal, Reeves, Coltonh Visitation, 67. Coluinba Ixiv. Now ' 15attle- 

field,' 'barony of Corran, co. Sligo,' Hennessy, ALC. ii. 546. O'Don. 

Hy Fiachr. 486. 
Cluain Cichmaige, Ap. 24, gl. 2. 
Cluain Coirpthe, Feb. 15, gl. 3, now Kilbarry, near the Shannon, in the 

parish of Termonbarry, co. Roscommon, FM. 916, 1128, 1238, p. 294, 

and 1405, p. 783- 
Cluain Collaing, Dec. 20, gl. 2, in Muinter Eolais : now Cloone, co. Leitrim. 
Cluain Conairi, now Cloncurry in the barony of East Ofifaly, co. Kildare, Sep. 

16, gl. I. Dec. 18, gl. 6, AU. i. 256, note 5. 
Cluain connaid ('meadow of firewood'), Oct. 13, gl. 2, in Cuircne (West- 

meath), Mart. Don. Oct. 13. Bk. of Rights, 182 n. 
Cluain crainn ('meadow of the tree'), Nov. 21, gl. 3. 
Cluain Credail, Jan. 15, gl. i, now Killeedy {Cell ita\ co. Limerick. 
Cluain crema ('meadow of wild garlic'), Nov. 10, gl. 5, now Clooncrafif, near 

Elphin, in co. Roscommon? AU. 75') 814- FM. 1405, p. 783. Or 

Cloncrew in Limerick ? 
Cluain cuallachta, Aug. 2, gl. 4. 
Cluain dd acra ('meadow of two acres'), Sep. 21, gl. I. 



Ckiain da Bdetoc, July 22, gl. 2, in Fanait, Tirconnell, Mart. Don. July 22. 
Now Clondavaddog, in co. Donegal. 

Cluain dd fiach ('meadow of two ravens'), Dec. 23, gl. 2 ; perhaps the place 
so called in Ciannachta of Glenn Gemin, Mart. Don. Dec. 23. 

Cluain daim ('meadow of the ox'), Dec. 26, gl. 5, in Hui Echach Ulad, Mart. 
Don. Dec. 26, now the parish of Clonduff, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 1 15 n. But 
Todd, Wars Ixx. says that the place is now unknown. 

Cluain DalMin, Ap. 2, gl. 3, now the parish of Clonallan, co. Down, Reeves, 
Eccl. Ant. 114 n. 

Cluain dartada, Feb. 12, gl. 8, gl. 9. 

Cluain Deochra, Jan. 11, gl. 5, now Clondara, co. Longford, FM. 977, note 

m. Chron. Scot. 225, 370. AU. 769. 
Cluain Diamair ('secret meadow'), July 24, gl. 5. 
Cluain Dobtha, Mar. 3, gl. 4. 

Cluain Dolcain, Aug. 6, now Clondalkin, near Dublin. 
Cluain Domail, June 2, gl. 3, at Almain, Mart. Don. June 2. 
Cluain duma, Nov. 2, gl. 9. 
Cluain eich ('horse's meadow'), Ap. 28, gl. 3. 
Cluain eidnech (' latibulum hederosum'), now Clonenagh, Queen's co., Feb. 

17, gl. I. Feb. 2 1, gl. 2. Mar. 3, gl. i. Oct. 21, gl. i. Nov. 20, gl. i. 

Nov. 21, gl. 2. Dec. 6, gl. 3. 
Cluain Eoais ('meadow of Eos') Ap. 4, gl. i. Dec. 2, gl. 2, = Cluain Auis, 

AU. 777, now Clones, co. Monaghan. 
Cluain Eossdin, Sep. 8, gl. 3. 
Cluain Eraird, now Clonard, co. Meath, Feb. 8, col. 7. Feb. 12, gl. 6. Mar. 

29, gl. 4. Dec. 12, gl. I. Dec. 29, gl. 2. 
Cluain escrach. Mar. 18, gl. i. 
Cluain Fannabair, in Hui Muredaig, Dec. 13, gl. 4. 
Cluain Fergaile in Delbna tire (dd locha) Dec. 16, gl. i. 
Cluain ferta Brenainn, now Clonfert, co. Galway, Feb. 21, gl. 2. Mar. i, gl. 4. 

May 16, gl. 4. Nov. 12, gl. 3. See Christian Inscr. ii, 51 — 51. 
Cluain ferta mo Lua, Jan. 12, gl. 5. Aug. 4, gl. i. Dec. 28, gl. i. Now Clon- 

fert-mulloe, in Ossory, O'Don., now Kyle near Borris-in-Ossory, Queen's 

CO. Todd, Wars, lix. 
Cluain ferta Mugaine, Sep. 3, gl. i, now Kilclonfert, in the barony of Lower 

Philipstown, King's co., FM. 1079, Bk. of Rii^/its, t^^. 216-7 n. AU. 

788, where the gen. is erroneously Cluano fertae Moijgain. 
Cluain find, June 28, gl. 2. 
Cluain find Aigne, Sep. 28, gl. 2. 
Cluain fobair (' meadow of the well '), Aug. 6, gl. 2. 
Cluain fota ('long meadow'), Feb. 11, gl. 2. Sep. 15, gl. i, now Clonfad 

barony of Farbil, co. Westmeath. 
Cluain fota Fine, Aug. 21, gl. i, in Fir Tulach, now Clonfad. 
Cluain fota Libren, Mar. 11, gl. 2. Aug. 21, gl. i. O'Donovan makes this 

identical with Cluain Fota Fine. 
Cluain geisse ('swan's meadow,') Ap. 25, gl. 2. 
Cluain Grencha, Jan. 18, gl. 3. 
Cluain Guithbinn, Nov. i, gl. 7. 
Cluain hi, Mar. 19, gl. 2, now Clooney, FM. 1197. 


Cliiain Immorrois, Oct. 20, gl. 2, the old name of a townland in the parish of 

Killeigh, near Geshill, King's co., FM. 1406, p. 788, note a. Bk. of 

Rights, 217 n. 
Cluain Lethtengad, Nov. 9, gl. 3, FM. 596, Fel. Oeng. clxviii. 
Cliiain loig (' calf s meadow '), Mar. 24, gl. 24, now Clonleigh, a parish in 

the barony of Raphoe, co. Donegal, Reeves, Col ton'' s Visitation, 61 n, 
Cluain Lomm^in, Nov. 9, gl. 6. 

(Jliiain Lothair, Aug. 8, gl. 3, in Brefne hiii Ruairc, Mart. Don. Aug. 8. 
Cluain maic Feicc, June 5, gl. 3, gl. 4. 
Cluain MaeMin, Mar. 20, gl. 2. 
Cluain maic Nois, now Clonmacnois, King's co., Feb. 26, gl. i. Mar. i,gl. 5.. 

Mar. 6, gl. 2. Ap. 6, gl. 3. Ap. 29, gl. 7. June 13, gl. 2. July 18, gl. 6. 

Sep. 9, gl. 5. 
Cluain Mind, Ap. 19, gl. 2. 

Cluain Moescna, in Fir Tulach, Jan. 9, gl. 3. July 16. Aug. 26, gl. 3. 
Cluain mor (' great meadow '), now Cloyne, co. Cork (Todd, Wars Ixi). May 

23, gl. 2. July 2, gl. 2. Sep. 15, gl. 2. Oct. 9, gl. 2. Dec. 18, gl. 3. 
Cluain mor Fer nArda, Jan. i. gl. 4, now Clonmore, co. Louth, Reeves,. 

Coluniba, 281. 
Cluain mor in Offaly, Jan. 16, gl. 5. 
Cluain mor m'Aedoic, Feb. 8, gl. 6. Ap. 11, gl. i. This is called C. m. il- 

Laignib, at March 16, gl. 4. Now Clonmore in co. Carlow. 
Cluain Railgech, Aug. 5, gl. 6, now perhaps Cloonrollagh near Athlone. 
Cluain Raithe, June 20, gl. 2, now perhaps Clonraw, co. Cavan ? Clonrah in 

King's CO. 
Cluain Sosta, Ap. 30, gl. 2. Dec. 4, gl. 2, now Cloonsost, King's co. 
Cluain Tibrinne in Clann Chellaig, Oct. 24, gl. 6, now Cloontivrin in Fer- 
managh, FM. 740. 
Cluain tiprat ('the meadow of the well'), June 13, gl. 3. Sep. 24, gl. 3, 

Sep. 30, gl. 13. Now, perhaps, Clontibret, co. Monaghan. 
Cluain liamad ('the meadow of the cave'), in Hiii Liathain Nov. 24, gl. 6,. 

now Cloyne, in Munster. 
Cluain huamanach, Nov. 5, gl. 2. Can this be a mistake for the Cluain na 

jnanach of Trip. Life, 80, 1. 23 ? or an alias for Cluain liainad q.v. ? 

Cluain uinsenn (' the meadow of ashtrees '), June 2, gl. i. Not identified. 
FM. 871, note m. 

Cnoc Brenainn, May 14, gl. 2, now Brandon Hill, in Kerry. 

Cnoc na nApstol ('the Hill of the Apostles' — Paul and Peter), now Knock, 
CO. Louth, p. 4. See Petrie, Rouitd Towers, 361. 

Cocl in Hi'ii Echach Ulad, Ap. 2, gl. 3, for Coeluisce, 'the Narrow water, 
CO. Down. 

Coel-achad (' narrow field '), Aug. 20, gl. 3. A CoclacJuid occurs in the third 
charter in the Book of Kells. 

Coirpre and Coirpre ua Ciarda. See Cairbre. 

Coloin, Cologne, Ap. 11, gl. 4, on the Rhine, where there was an Irish monas- 
tery, FM. 1042, 1052. Colonia, AU. 1027. Colanea, ib. 1052. 

Conailli Murthcmni, the part of the co. Louth which extends from the Cooley 
mountains to the Boyne, Jan. 16, gl. i. Ap. 30, gi. 4. May 2, gl. i. 
Aug. 18, gl. 3. Nov. 18, gl. 2. See FM. A.M. 2859. Top. Poems, p. 22 n. 


Condere, now Connor, a bishop's see in Ulster, Jan. 6, gl. 9. Alay 1 5, gl. 2, 

Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 85 n. 237-243. 
Condere Ciiile Liacc, Sep. 17, gl. 4. 
Condoire, Sep. 3, gl. 2 = Condere, supra. 
Congbail Glinne Suilig'e (' the habitation of Glen Swilly ') .i. Cenel Conaill, 

Feb. 8, gl. 7, now Conwal in Donegal ? 
Conmacne, June 1 1, gl. 4, the tribes inhabiting the present co. Leitrim and part 

of Longford, Chron. Scot. 373, the bishopric of Ardagh. 
Conmacni mara, now Connemara, in Connaught, Aug. 8, gl. 4. 
Connachta, gen. Connacht, dat. Connachtaib, now Connaught, Feb. 8, gl. 6. 

Feb. 15, gl. 3. Mar. 8, gl. 2. Mar. 30, gl. i. Aug. 8, gl. 4. Aug. 9, 

gl. I. Sep. 5, gl. 2. Sep. 22, gl. 2. Nov. 10, gl. 3. Dec. 8, gl. i. 
Corann, June 8, gl. 4. Aug. i, gl. 2, now the barony of Corran, Sligo? 
Corcach ('marsh'), gen. Corcaige, dat. Corcaig, now Cork, Jan. 14, gl. 3. 

Mar. 17, gl. 3. July 12. Dec. i, gl. 2. 
•Corco-Duibne, Ap. 7, gl. 2. Nov. 26, gl. 2, now the barony of Corcaguiny, co. 


Corpre hua Ciarda. See Cairbre. 

Craeb Grellain (' Grelldn's branch'), Nov. 10, gl. 3, a place in Connaught, so 
called from the branch {cracb shcilbc) which King Duach and S. Patrick 
presented to S. GrelMn in token of possession {selb)^ O'Don. Hy Many 8. 
Hennessy thought it was Creeve, barony of Ballymoe, co. Roscommon. 

Craeb Laisre, Jan. i, gl. 7, a place near Clonmacnois, King's co., FM. 681, 

882. Three Frags. 88 note n. AU. 682, 884. 
Criibech, Jan. 15, gl. 9. Mar. 3, gl. 5. Perhaps Creevagh in the parish of 

Clonmacnois, King's co. 
Crem-chaill ('wild-garlic-wood'), May 31, gl. 2, now the parish of Cranfield, 

CO. Antrim, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 87 n. 
Cremthainn, Ap. 5, gl. 2. June 29, gl. i. Sep. 13, gl. 2. FM. 1036. Perhaps 

Colgan's Criiiitltainnc in the barony of Slane, in Meath. Creinthtnne 

(gen. sg.), Bk. Arm. 17'^ 2. 
Crich Cairbri (MS. Coirpri), ' Cairbre's district,' in Tethba, Dec. 19, gl. i. 
Crich Conaill, Aug. 11, gl. 4, now the co. of Donegal. Trip. Life, 148, 166. 
Cruach ('heap, rick,' W. crug) gen. Cruaiche, Ap. 21, gl. 2. Perhaps Croagh 

Patrick : see Trip. Life, p. 400. 
Cruach Angais, Nov. 12, gl. 10. 
Cruach mic Daro, Sep. 28, gl. 3. 
Cruachan Brigh Ele, Ap. 25, gl. I. Now Croghan Hill, in King's co. Bk. of 

Rights, 221 n. 
Cruachan Maige Abna, Oct. 5, gl. i. Nov. 9, gl. 4. Now Crohane, in the 

barony of Slievardagh co. Tipperary, Three Frags. 134, note y, where 

AbJuia is misspelt Eainhna. 
Cruthnech, a Pict., Sep. 8, gl. i. pi. dat. Cruithnechaib, Mar. 11, gl. i. 
Cualnge, Sep. 11, gl. 2. Oct. 18, gl. 2. Now Cooley, co. Louth. 
Ciian ('haven'), Ap. 2, gl. 3, beside the Narrow Water, co. Down. 
Ciiil ('recess, corner,' W. c//), gen. Ciiile, Aug. 18, gl. 2. Now Carnmoney 

parish, in which is ' Coole church,' Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 67 n. 
Ciiil Bennchoir, Aug. 22, gl. i. Now Coolbanagher, Queen's co. 
Ciiil Bennchoir i Lurg, Oct. 6, gl. 4, Fel. Oeng. civ. : in the north of co 



Cuil BriLiin, Nov. 8, gl. 4. Dec. 11, gl. 8. 

Ciiil Conlaiwg, Oct. 19, gl. 2, where I should perhaps have read Chiile Con- 

Laigen ' of Cii-Laigen's recess.' 
Cuil Corra, Jan. 17, gl. i. FM. 648. Cuil Corre, Trip. Life no, 'now 

Coolarn, near Galtrim, co. Meath,' Chron. Scot. 375. 
Cuil crema (' recess of wild garlic '}, Jan. 8, gl. 6. Now perhaps Coolcrafif, a 

townland in the parish of Abbeylara, co. Longford. 
Cuil Damain, Nov. 8, gl. 4. 
Cuil Drebni, June 10, gl. 5 = Ciiil Dremni, Trip. Life, 514, 552. Hy FiacJn; 

488. gen. Cule Drebene, Adamnan, Vita Col. \. 7. Somewhere between 

Drumcliff and the town of Sligo. 

Cuil Follaing, Oct. 23, gl. 3. 

Ciiil Fuitherbe, Aug. i, gl. 7 : somewhere in Dalaradia, Reeves, Reel. Ant. 

379, note z. 
Ciiil Grainc, Dec. 15, gl. 2. 
Cuil Maini, Aug. 31, gl. 2, now Clonmany, in Inishowen? Reeves, Coltofis 

Visitation, 67 note u ; or is it the present Collooney, co. Sligo ? See 

Chron. Scot. yib. 
Cuil m«c Lurchairi, Oct. 24, gl. 5. 
Ciiil rathin ('secessus filicis '), Nov. 11, gl. i; now Coleraine, in Ulster. 

Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 75 n., 247. 
Cuil ruscach ('marshy recess') in Brefne, Feb. 12, gl. 10. 
Cuillenn, Jan. 14, gl. 3, near Cork. 
Cuircne, July 11, gl. i. Oct. 13, gl. 2, comprised, according to O'Donovan, 

the barony of Kilkenny West, in Westmeath [and part of the parish of 

Forgney, co. Longford. See AU. 821]. 
Cunga, Ap. 17, gl. i. June 8, gl. 3, now Cong, co. Mayo. 
Daire Calgaig (' Calgach's oakwood '), now Londonderry, Mar. 8, gl. 5. Ap. 

7, gl. I. May 13, gl. 2. May 29, gl. 3. 
Daire Bruchaisi, Mar. 29, gl. i, now Derrybrughis or Killyman, co. Armagh, 

FM. 688. This is Daire miarhaisi (leg. niriichaisi'i) in AU. 688. 
Daire CaechAin (' Caechdn's oakwood') in Ddl Riata, Jan. i, gl. 5. 
Daire Coluim chiile, June 9, gl. I, now Londonderry. 
Daire Coeldin, Jan. 19, gl. i. Now perhaps Derrycallan, in the barony of 

Kiltartan, co. Galway. 
Daire da Chonna, in Ulster, Ap. 12, gl. i ; also called Daire mo Chonna, or 

Daire Disirt da Chonna, Chron. Scot. 376. Not identified. 
Daire echdroma ('the oakwood of the horseridge'), in Mag Mucraime, May 

7, gl. 2. 
Daire eidnech (' ivied oakwood '), m Eoganacht Caisil, Nov. 3, gl. i. FM. 795. 

Daire Lurdin, Oct. 29, gl. i, now Derryloran, in co. Tyrone. FM. 1123. 

Daire Melle, Nov. 4, gl. i. FM. 805. 

Daire mor ('great oakwood'), May 20, gl. i, now Derrymore or Kilcolman, 

King's CO. FM. 1014. li'afs 316. But Hennessy thought it was Der- 

rimore, in Eliogart)-, co. Tipperary. 
Daire na Flann, in Eoganacht Caisil, Oct. 6, gl. 2. Nov. 3, gl. i. 
Dair-inis (' oak-island '), Jan. 31, gl. 3. Mar. 8, gl. 8. Aug. 1 5, gl. i. Dairinis 

Maelanfaid, Aug. 14, gl. i,now Molana, on the Blackwater, ui Munster. 

Dairinis Cetne, Ap. 15, gl. i. 


Dal Araide, Jan. 8, gl. 2. May 7, gl. 2. Sep. 30, gl. 8. Oct. 16, gl. 2. Oct. 
30, gl. 4, a territory in the east of Ulster, e.xtending from Newry to Slem- 
mish mountain. See Reeves, Eccl. Aitt. 334 et seq. 

Dal niBuinne, May 29, gl. 3. FM. 1130, 1176. Anglicised Z>a/^^_y;7, latinised 

Dalniujjia, ' the tract of country lying on either side of the river Bann, 

from Spencer's Bridge, near Moira, to the Drum Bridge, near Belfast,' 

Reeves, Ecc/. Ant. 44, 233. 
Dal Cais, the descendants of Cormac Cas, in north Munster, Mar. 30, gl. 2. 

May 21, gl. 6. July 9, gl. i. Dec. 18, gl. 10. 
Dal Riada, now the Route, co. Antrim, Jan. i, gl. 5. Mar. 24, gl. 2. May 7, 

gl. 2. Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 318 et seq. Dalreudini, Baeda, H.E. i. i. 
Dam-inis ('ox-island'), gen. Daminse, Jan. 6, gl. 7. Jan. 27, gl. 4. May 17, 

gl. 2. Sep. 12, gl. I, now Devenish in Loch Erne, co. Fermanagh. 
Dartraige, Jan. 4, gl. 4, now the barony of Rossclogher, co. Leitrim, Chron. 

Scot. 277- 
Dartraigi Coininse, June 15, gl. 2. July 28, gl. 2, now Dartry, co. Mona- 

ghan [Fermanagh ?], Top. Poems xxii. 
Delbna tire, Dec. 16, gl. i. i.e. Dealbhna tire da loc/ia, so called from its 

situation between Loch Corrib and Loch Lurgan (the Bay of Galway), 

Top. Poems 195 n. 
Delg-inis ('thorn island'), Dec. 5, gl. 2. Deilginis Cualann, Three Frags.., 58, 

now Dalkey, near Dublin. 
Dergne (gen. sg.), Dec. 23, gl. 4 ^ Deilgne mo Goroc, now Delgany, co. 

Wicklow, AU. 102 1, ALC. i. 20, ii. 553. 
Dermag', dat. Dermaig, Ap. 19, Nov. 12, gl. 5. Durmag, gen. Durmaige 

June 21, gl. 2, now Durrow, in King's county, Adamnan's ' Dairmag' and 

' Roboreti campus.' Baeda's ' Dearmach ' lingua Scottorum. hoc est 

Campus roborum, H.E. iii. 4. 
Dermag Ciiile Caenna, Nov. 30, gl. i. Trip. Life 82. 
Dermag hiia nDuach, Oct. 20, gl. i, now Durrow, in Idough, on the border 

of Queen's co. and Kilkenny, FM. 11 56. 
Derthach ('oratory'), dat. Derthaig, May 18, gl. 3. Sep. 30, gl. 5. 
Desi, July 4, gl. 2, the Desi Muman, q.v. See Top. Poems Ixii. 
Desi Muman, now Decies, in co. Waterford, Jan. 17, gl. 4. Feb. 9, gl. 2. 

Mar. 26, gl. 2. July 8, gl. i. July 10, gl. 2. Nov. 28, gl. i. 
Diammair, Oct. 24, gl. 4. Perhaps Diamor in the barony of Fore, co. Meath. 

See Petrie, Round To^uers, 383. 
Disert (borrowed from Lat. desertum), Feb. 2, gl. 2. 
Disert Cinnclair, June 29, gl. 2. 
Disert Cluastan, Oct. i, gl. i. 

Disert Diarmata, June 21, gl. 3. Now Castledermot, co. Kildare. 
Disert Fulartaig, March 29, gl. 4. Now Dysart, barony of Carbury, co. Kil- 
Disert Maele Tuile, July 30, gl. 2. Now Dysart, in Westmeath. FM. 1033. 
Disert maic Ciluirn in Laigis Laigen, Jan. 2, gl. 4. 
Disert maic Conlocha in Cuircne, July 11, gl. i. 

Disert Meithe Coile, Nov. 12, gl. 13, in the barony of Ferrard, co. Louth. 
Disert Muirdebrach, in Hiii Conaill Gabra, Nov. 3, gl. 2. 
Disert Tola, March 30, gl. 2. Now Dysart O'Dea, co. Clare. 
Doim-liac, Nov. 24, gl. 2. Now Duleek, in co. Meath. 

X 2 


Dol, July 28, in Brittany (Ille-et-Vilaine). 
Dotnnach ('church'), gen. Domnaig, Oct. 30, gl. r. 
Domnach Airis, Sep. 30, gl. i. 

Domnach brocc (' church of the badgers ' ? ' of St. Broc,' Joyce), Sep. 30, 

gl. 4. Now Donnybrook, near Dublin. 
Domnach Ceirne, Dec. 18, gl. 4. 
Domnach Foinir, Oct. 29, gl. 2. 
Domnach imlecha, June 20, gl. 5, 
Domnach mor, gen. Domnaig moir, May 20, gl. 3. Nov. ii,gl. 3. Perhaps 

the Domnach mor of Trip, Life, p. 132, 1. 19, now the parish of Donagh- 

more. Reeves, Eccl. Ant. in n., 306. 
Domnach mor Aelmaige, Aug. 23. Bk. Arm. 18'' 2. 
Domnach mor maic Laithbe in Mugduirn, May 27, gl. 3. 
Domnach mor Maige Damairne, Sep. 17, in Magheramorne, co. Antrim. 
Domnach mor Maige Ene, Jan. 16, gl. 7. See Mag Ene, infra. 
Domnach mor Maige Imchldir, June 4, gl. 2. Sep. 6, gl. 3, now Donaghmore, 

barony of Dungannon, co. Tyrone, Christian Inscr. II, 113. 
Domnach mor Maige hlth[a], Nov. 11, gl. 4, now Donaghmore, barony of 

Raphoe, co. Donegal. 
Domnach mor Maige Luadat, Oct. 27, gl. 4, now Donaghmore, barony of 

Salt, CO. Kildare. 
Domnach Sechnaill (' Sechnall's church'), Nov. 27, gl. i, now Dunshaughlin, 

CO. Meath. 
Dornbuide, Feb. 2, gl. i, a hill on Mag Raigni. 
Dothair, gen. Dothra, May 11, gl. 5, now the river Dodder, near Dublin. 

Dothar .i. abann, O'Cl. 
Druim ('ridge'), gen. Droma, May 30, gl. 2. Perhaps Drumbeg parish, 

CO. Down, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 46 n. 
Druim ailche in Dartraige, Jan. 4, gl. 4. 
Druim Airbelaig, Jan. 15, gl. 8, now Drumreilly, co. Leitrim. 
Druim airbrech (leg. dairbrech ? ), Ap. 30, gl. 3. 
Druim ata (leg. fata?), Ap. 24, gl. 7. Mart. Don. has Droinmato, apparently 

gen. sg. oi*Drommait. 
Druim bairr, Jan. 16, gl. 4, in Fermanagh, FM. 1395. 

Druim Bertach, Feb. 18, gl. i, now perhaps Burt, barony of InishowenWcst, 
CO. Donegal. But Mart. Don. has D. Bcrthach. 

Druim bidg, Jan. 17, gl. 3. 

Druim bo, July 24, gl. 4. Aug. 10, now the parish of Drumbo, co. Down, 
Trip. Life, 222, 626, ' CoUum Bovis,' Bk. Arm. 6'' i. Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 
44 n., 235. 

Druim Bricce, June 17, gl. 6, probably one of the townlands now called 
Drumbrick in Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim and Roscommon. 

Druim broan ('ridge of the quern'), Sep. 25, gl. 6. Perhaps Drumbrone, a 
townland in co. Monaghan. Cf Rcidh na /?r(>n,neiir Limerick, Joyce, 20. 

Druim cliab, June 9, gl, 4. June 12, gl. 3. Now Drumcliff, co. Sligo. 

Druim crema ('ridge of wild-garlic'), Feb. 6, gl. 3. Perhaps Drumcramph, 
the name of two townlands in co. Fermanagh. 

Druim cuicce, Dec. 4, gl. 3. 


Druim cuilinn ('ridge of holly'), May 21, gl. 4. Now Drumcullen, bai-ony 

of Eglish, King's co., FM. 721, 740. AU. 744. 
Druim da dart, May 22. 

Druim da liter ('ridge of two letters '), Nov. 12, gl. 3. 
Druim Dallain, May 3, gl. 7. 
Druim dresa, Feb. 18, gl. 2. 
Druim Druith, Jan. 12, gl. 2. 
Druim enaig (' ridge of the marsh '), May 17, gl. i. Perhaps one of the four 

townlands called Drumenny, in the co. Tyrone. 
Druim fertain ('ridge of the little grave'), Mar. 5, gl. 2, in Carbury, co. 

Druim fesse, May 17, gl. i. 
Druim inesclainn ('ridge of the rapid stream'), Nov. 2, gl. 4. Nov. 18, gl. 

2. Now Druminisklin or Drumiskin, in co. Louth, FM. 788. 
Druim ing, Oct. 10, gl. i. Now Dromin, near Dunshaughlin, in Meath, 

AU. and FM. 834. 
Druim lara, Mar. 7, gl. 3. Should perhaps be Druim IdracJi (' mare's 
ridge'), now anglicised Drumlarah (co. Cavan), or Drumlara (cos. Leitrim 
and Monaghan). 
Druim lethan ('broad ridge'), Nov. 12, gl. 2. Now Drumlahan or Drum- 
lane, CO. Cavan? FM. 1246. 
Druim liacc ('ridge of stones'), Oct. 25, gl. i. Dec. i, gl. 4. Drumleck (co. 

Monaghan) ? Drumleague (cos. Cavan and Leitrim) ? 
Druim lias ('ridge of cattle-sheds'), June 19, gl. 2. Now the parish of 

Drumlease, co. Leitrim. 
Druim licce, Feb. 9, gl. 5. Perhaps Drumleck, co. Louth. 
Druim Lommdin, Feb. 4. Now Drumloman (co. Gavan), Drumlumman (co. 

Cavan, co. Leitrim), or Drumlummin (co. Tipperary) ? 
Druim mic Feradaig, Nov. 13, gl. 4. 
Druim mic Ublai (leg. Druim maccu Blai ? ) March 9, gl. 2. Trip. Life 240, 

248, FM. 830. 
Druim mor mo Cholmoic, June 7, gl. 3. Now Dromore, in Iveagh, Reeves, 

Eccl. Ant.., 104 n. 
Druim niad (' champion's ridge '), Sep. 13, gl. i. 

Druim raithe, Aug. 19, gl. 2 = Druim Raithne, Fel. Oeng. cxxxii. Now 

Drumraney, barony of Kilkenny West, co. Westmeath, Chron. Scot. 380. 

The Dridin Raithe of Mar. 6, gl. 3, may perhaps be Drii/nrat^ a parish 

in the barony of Corran, co. Sligo. See AU. 1017, note 10. 

Druim samraid ('ridge of summer'), July 22, gl. 4. Now Drumsawry or 

Summerbank, in co. Meath. 
Druim snechta ('ridge of snow'), Sep. 4. gl. 4 Now Drumsnatt, co. 

Monaghan. Druim snechta in Fernmag, ibid. Aug. 4, gl. i. 
Druim Tidil, Nov. i, gl. 13. 
Druim tuirc ('boar's ridge'), Dec. 26, gl. 3. Probably one of the two 

townlands called Drumturk, in the co. Monaghan. 
Druim Uaithe, Aug. 5, gl. i. 
Druim Uisseoit, July 28, gl. i. 
Dub-Blaan(forDum-Bldain, Dun Bldain?), Duinblanc in Scotland, Aug. 10, 

gl. I. 
Dun in the Renna, Nov. 24, gl. i. 


Dun Blesci, Jan. 3, gl. 2. So called, ace. to Mart. Taml., from Blesca, 
son of the King of Hiii Cuanach's swineherd. Now Doon in the 
barony of Coonagh, co. Limerick, Reeves, Coluinba, 136 n. 

Diin dA En ('fort of two birds '), Jan. 8, gl. 2. Oct. 30, gl. 4. Now Duneane, 

in Antrim, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 300. 
Dun Gemin, Jan. 8, gl. 8. Now Dungiven, co. Londonderry. See Reeves, 

Colton^s Visitation^ 41 n. 
Dun mor ('great fort'), July 21, gl. 3. Now Dunmore, in Hui Briuin 

Diin na nGall (' the Scandinavians' fort '). Now Donegal, in Tirconnell, p. 2. 

As to the origin of the name, see Petrie, Irish Penny Journal, p. 185. 

Dun Tige Bretan (' the fort of the Britons' house '), Jan. 7, gl. 2. 

Durmag, see Dermag. 

Echdruim Brecc^in (' Breccdn's horse-ridge'), May 7, gl. i, gl. 2. Now 
Aughrim, co. Galway. 

Echfarad, Ap. 11, gl. 6. 

Ech-inis ('horse-island'), Sep. 25, gl. 4. Anglicised Aughinish, in cos. Clare 
and Limerick, and Aughnish in co. Donegal. 

Ednen, Ap. 23, gl. 2, gl. 3, gl. 4. An unidentified church near Slane in 
Meath. See Three Frags. 186, 187, where O'Don. prints Suairlech 
Ineidnein ' Suairlech of Inedhnen,' as if the i)i were not the article. See 
also FM. 868, AU. 869, and Chroti. Scot. 870, where Hennessy says 
that Tempul mo Laga in Cork is called in the Bk. of Lismore, the 
Eidlincn of mo Laga. 

Egipt, Egypt, Jan. 7. 

Ego, Ap. 17, gl. 3, the island Eig, off the coast of Inverness, in Scotland. 

Eired. See Aired. 

Emissa, a city in Syria, Aug. 29, note a. 

Enach ('marsh'), glen. Enaig, Jan. 4, gl. 3. Sep. 22, gl. 3. ' Somewhere in 
the barony of Strabane {^Srath bdn\ county of Tyrone,' Top. Poems, p. 

Enach Eir (Ceir ?), May 19, gl. 3. 

Enach Elte, in Hui Echach Ulad, Feb. 18, gl. 3. Dec. 26, gl. 4. 

Enach truim (' elder-tree-marsh '), Nov. 3, gl. 3. Now Annatruim in Queen's 


Eoganacht of Caisel, Jan. 21, gl. 2. Mar. 5, gl. 2. Oct. 6, gl. 2. Oct. 20, gl. i. 

Nov. 3, gl. I. The tribe-name of the Hiii Donchada, anciently in Mag 

Femin, co. Tipperary, afterwards in the barony of Magunihy, co. Kerry, 

Top. Poems, Ixii. 
Eoganacht Loch Lein, Nov. 12, gl. 3. In the south-east of co. Kerry, YVi. 

1009. Top. Poems, 60 n. 
Erard lia nDrona, May 2, now Ullard, west of the river Barrow, Top. Poems, 

212 n. 
Erdam ('porticus '), gen. Erdaim, Erdoim, Feb. 8, gl. 8. Ap. 8, gl. 6. 

Eriu, gen. Erenn, Irela>td,'p. 4, Feb. i, Feb. 11, gl. i. Mar. 6, gl. 2. July 9, 

gl. 3. Nov. 14, gl. I. Dec. 12, gl. I. 
Ernaide, now Urney, in Tyrone, Feb. 11, gl. 8. Aug. i, gl. i. Aug. 3, gl. 5. 

Sep. 4, gl. 2. See FM. 876. 
Ernaide mo Chua, Jan. 25, gl. 3. 
Espdin, Spain, dat. May 1 5. 


Ess mac nEirc (' cataract of Erc's sons ' ), Mar. 8, gl. 5. Now Assylin {Ess I'/i 

Fhloinn) on the river Boyle, co. Roscommon, FM. 748. Also called 

Ess da C/ionna, ' rapid of thy Conna,' who was a son of Ere. 
Ess Ruaid, Assaroe (Eas Aedha Ruaidh), Mar. 8, gl. 3, May 21, gl. 4. A 

cataract on the river Erne, near Ballyshannon, co. Donegal, in which 

Aed Ruad was drowned. Rev. Celt. xvi. 31. 
Etdl, Italy, dat. Ettail, Nov. 21, gl. i. 
Etarchluain, gen. Etar chluana, Dec. 13, gl. 2. 
Etargabail (' between the prongs of a fork formed b)' rivers '), Oct. 26, gl. 7. 

Now probably Addergool, a townland in co. Mayo, FM. 788, 1134. 
Ethais Cromm, Jan. 24, gl. 2. 
Faeldruim ('wolf-ridge'), Nov. 17, gl. 2. Now Feltrim, a hill near Swords, 

CO. Dublin. 
Fathan Mura, gen. Faithne, Jan. 3, gl. i. dat. Faithin, Mar. I2,gl. i. Now 

Fahan, co. Donegal ; gen. Othna Mura, Three Frags. 10. The f is 

prothetic. See Reeves, Colioiis Visitation, 66, note s, and Athan Becc 

Ferna (gen. Fernann and Ferna). Now Ferns, co. Wexford, Jan. 31, gl. \. 

June 22, gl. I. July 27, gl. 3. 
Fern-mag (' alder-tree plain '), Aug. 4. Now Farney, co. Monaghan. 
Ferta fer Feicc ('the graves of Fiacc's men'), Nov. 2, gl. 2. Near Slane, in 

Fert Seethe, Sep. 6, gl. 2. Now Ardskeagh, 'a parish in the barony of 

Fermoy, co. Cork,' Top. Poems, Ixix. 
Fia (=: W. g^My in river-names ?), name of a well, Ap. 5, gl. i. 
Fid-chuilinn ('wood of holly'), Aug. 8, gl. i. Now Feighcullen, in tlie 

northern half of the co. Kildare. 
Fid (gen. Feda) Duin, May 18, gl. 5. Oct. i, gl. i. Now Fiddown, co. 

Fidnach Maige Rein, Nov. 13, gl. 7. Now Fcenagh, co. Leitrim. 
Findabair aba. May 2, gl. i. Now Fennor, on the Boyne, near Slane, in 

Findglaiss, gen. Findglaise, Jan. 21, gl. i. Jan. 27, gl. 7. Sep. 24, gl. i. 

Findglaiss Cainnich, May 15, gl. 4. Now Finglas, near Dublin, 

Three Frags. 174. 
Findmag i Fothartaib, March 3, gl, i. 
Fine Gall ('family of the foreigners'), Jan. 20, gl. 3. Nov. 17, gl. 2. Now 

Fingal, the part of co. Dublin lying north of the Liffey, Joyce, 92. 
Fir Arda, Jan. i, gl. 4. Nov. 12, gl. 13. Now Ferrard, a barony in co. Louth. 
Fir Bile, Feb. 11, gl. 2. Now Farbill, a barony in co. Westmeath. 

Fir Cell (' viri cellarum seu potius ecclesiarum,' O'Don.), June 10, gl. 4, in 
King's county, comprising the baronies of Fircall, Ballycowan and 
Ballyboy, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. .i. 289, Top. Poems vi. 

Fir Ciil Breg, Ap. 5, gl. i = Fir Cul i niBregaib, Nov. 26, gl. i, in co. 
Meath, 'nearly coextensive with the barony of Kells,' O'Don. 

Fir Tulach ('viri collium,' O'Don.), Jan. 9, gl. 2. Aug. 21, gl. i. Now 
Fartullagh, a barony in co. Westmeath, Top. Poems, vii. 

Fobar('a well'), gen. Fobair. Now Fore, in Westmeath, Jan. 20, gl. i. 
Feb. 5, gl. 4. Mar. 27, gl. 2. May i, gl. 6. June 10, gl. 3. July 27, gl. 5. 
Oct. 2, gl. I. Nov. 3, gl. 9. See Rev. Celt, xv, 320, note 5. 


Fochard, Jan. i, gl. ii. Fochard Murthemne, Sep. 4, gl. i. Now Faughardy 

CO. Louth, about two miles north of Dundalk, Three Frags. 59 n. 
Fochuillech, July 18, gl. 3 = Fochaillech, LL. 373' 17. 
Foibrdn, Nov. i, gl. 8, in Crich Graicrighe, i.e. in co. Sligo or co. Roscommon,. 

FM. 811, AU. 758, 815. 
Foigde, Mar. 8, gl. 4. Is this a place-name? 
Fortuatha Laigen, Ap. 29, gl. i. A territory in the co. of Wicklow, comprising 

Glendalough and the neighbouring districts (FM. 707, 890, etc. Top. 

Poems, p. Iv, Three Frags. 212). Hennessy held that it also included 

the southern part of co. Dublin. 

Fotharta, Mar. 3, gl. i. Fotharta Laigen, Aug. 18, gl. i. Now the barony of 
Forth, CO. Carlo w, FM. 663, 969, etc. 

Fotharta mora, May 12, gl. 2. July 27, gl 2. dat. i Fot[h]artaib maraib, LL. 

Frainc (dat. sg.), Frajtcc, Aug. 30, gl. 2. Oct. 31, gl. 2. 

Gailenga, Oct. 13, gl. i. Now Morgallion, in the north of Meath, and also in 
the barony of Clankee, co. Cavan. 

Qj?iSS.^ foreigner : before the 12th century, Scandinavian: since then English- 
man, pi. n. Gain, gen. Gall, dat. Gallaib, Oct. 12, where it stands iox Fini 
Gall. Now Fingal, north of Dublin. 

Gall-Goidil, ' Dano-Irish,' Aug. 10, gl. i. See FM. 854, 856, 11 54, Reeves, 
Columba., 306, 390, 407, and TJirec F7'agnients, 4, 128, 138, 140. They 
seem to have been Irish who had relapsed into paganism, and li\ed 
in Man, Arran, Bute, Galloway, Cantire, and the western coast of 
Scotland. See also Wars of the Gaels and Gaill, xxx, and AU. 855, 
1034. Skene, Chron. Fids and Scots., pref. Ixxix, Ixxx, suggests that 
Gallovidia (whence Galloivay) is formed on the Welsh Galluyddyl 
= Ir. Gallgoidil. 

Glan (' pure '), name of a well at Ross glanda in Tyrone, Sep. 6, gl. 3. 
Glass (gen. Glaisse) dd. Cholptha (' stream of two shinbones '), Nov. 3, gl. 6. 
Glas noiden, Oct. 12, gl. 6. Now Glasnevin, north of the Lififey, whei-e v 

takes the place of a dental. 
Glastingbera, Glastonbury., Aug. 24, gl. i. Frequented by Irish pilgrims. 

There was a ' compact of fraternization ' between Glastonljury and St. 

Swithin's, Winchester. Hence perhaps the number of Winchester 

saints commemorated by Gorman. 
Glenn achaid ('glen of the field'), June 25, gl. 5. 
Cilenn Aesa, Feb. 26, gl. 2. 
Glenn dA locha ('glen of two lakes '). Now Glendalough, co. Wicklow. Jan.. 

8, gl. 7. Jan. II, gl. 3. Feb. 10, gl. i. Ap. 22, gl. i. May 3, gl. 5. 

June 3, gl. I, gl. 5. Oct. 7, gl. I. Nov. 3, gl. 3. Dec. 12, gl. 3. 

Glenn Delmaic, Nov. 5, gl. i, in Mag Raigni, q.v. 

Glenn Faidle, Dec. 29, gl. i. Now Gleneely, co. Wicklow. 

Glenn Gemin ('vallis pellis'), Jan. 3, gl. 3. Now (ilengiven in co. London- 
derry, FM. 563, 693, Ree\es, Cotton's Visitation, 41 n. AU. 694. 

Glenn medoin, Feb. 18, gl. 4. 

Glenn mona ('glen of the bog'), Feb. 12, gl. 4. 

Glenn Rige, Feb. 4. Now Glenree, the valley of the Newry ri\er. 

Glenn Sechis, Ap. 2, gl. 2, is, according to Reeves, Eccl. Ant. p. 315 n., the 
ancient name of Kilbrone)-, co. Down. 


Glenn Suilige, Feb. 8, gl. 7. Now Glenswilly, in Donegal, near Letter- 

kenny, a valley through which the river Suilech flows. 
Glenn Uissen, a valley near the town of Carlow, Jan. 27, gl. i. Feb. 27, gl. 3. 

The church of G.U. is now Killushin. 
Glenn Uissen in Hui Bairrche, July 8, gl. 2. Now Killeshin, barony of 

Slievemargy, Queen's co. 
Gobul Liuin, July 28, gl. 2. Now Galloon in Fermanagh. 
Goidil, the Gaels, Feb. 12, gl. 3. Aug. 24, gl. i. See Gall-goidil. 
Gort Cirb, Aug. 5, gl. 2. Now, probably, Gortgrib, a townland in Lower 

Castlereagh, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. pp. 11, note k, and 379, note a. Gort ( = 

Xoproi, hortus), ' a measure of six acres,' Reeves, Cotton's Visitatloiiy 


Granard, in co. Longford, Jan. 24, gl. i, Trip. Life, 90. 

Grecraige, Nov. 16, gl. 3. There were Grecraige both in Connaught (barony 

of Coolavin co. Sligo) and in Munster. 
Grellach bona ('the miry place of the river-end'), Dec. 16. Now Girley, a 
parish near Kells, Misc. Ir. Arch. Sac. 134. See Reeves, Cotton's 
Visitation 68, note z. 
Hui Bairrche, July 8, gl. 2. They possessed the barony of Slievemargy, 
Queen's county, and other tracts in that neighbourhood. Top. Poems, 
212 n. Reeves, Coluniba., 164 n. Three Frags. 212. 
Hiii Bresail Airthir, July 13, gl. 8. Ar Uibh Breasail Oirthir dird | ui Lorcain, 
crodha a connairg. Top. Poems, p. 32. Perhaps Clanbrassil, in the 
barony of O'Neilland East, co. Armagh, ibid, xxiii. 
Hui Briuin Cualann, Mar. 6, May 26, gl. 2. July 21, gl. 3. FM. 738, 1021, 
etc. They occupied the greater part of the barony of Rathdown, co. 
Dublin, and part of the north ot co. Wicklow. 
Hiii Caithrenn, Dec. 6, gl. 3, in the west of Ossory. 

Hiii Cennselaig in co. Wexford, Jan. 30, gl. 2. Mar. 16, gl. 6. Ap. 23, gl. i, 
July 4, gl 2. July 10, gl. 2. July 13, gl. 3. Aug. 14, gl. i. Oct. 27, gl. i, 
gl. 3. Dec. 16, gl. I. 
Hui Conaill Gabra, Nov. 3. Now the baronies of Upper and Lower 

Connello, co. Limerick, FM. 883, 901, etc. 
Hiii Dega, Jan. 30, gl. 2. Perhaps the Ui Deadhuidh of FM. 11 51, or the Ui 

Deaghaidh (in Wexford), of Top. Poems, p. Iv., Three Frags. 212. 
Hui Drona, now Idrone, co. Carlow. Aug. 18, gl. 2. Oct. 11, gl. 2. Nov. 8, 

gl. 2. 
Hui Duach, Oct. 20, gl. i. Now Idough (or Odough), co. Kilkenny, AU. 

Hui Dunchada, Mar. 3, gl. 6. May 11, gl. 5. In co. Dubhn, between the 

Lififey and the Dublin mountains. 
Hui Echach (or Echdach) Ulad. Now the barony of Iveagh, co. Down, 
Feb. 18, gl. 3. Ap. 2,gl. 3. May 12, gl. i. May 22, gl. i. June 7, gl. 3. 
Oct. 26, gl. I. Dec. 6, gl. 3. Dec. 26, gl. 5. See Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 
348 et seq., where the dat. pi. uibh is mis-written for the nom. ui. 
Hiii Fdelain, Offelan, in the northern part of co. Kildare, May 17, gl. 2. Aug. 

8, gl. I. Sep. 2, gl. 5. Sep. i6, gl. 4. Oct. 27, gl. 4- Dec. 22, gl. i. 
Hui Failgi, Mar. 29, gl. 4. Ap. 25, gl. i. Sep. 3, gl. i. Now Offaly or 
Ophaly, in Leinster (parts of Kildare, Queen's county and Kmg's 
Hui Fenechlais, Ap. 29, gl. i. Nov. 14, gl. 2 : in the barony of Arklow, co. 


Hui Fiachrach IVIuaide, June 8, gl. 2 : in the cos. of Mayo and Sligo, 
Reeves, Colu/nba, 31. 

Hiii Fidgeinte, July 20, gl. i : in the south of co. Limerick, round Crooni, 
AU. 833, FM. 1 178, note m. 

Hiii Garrchon, July3, gl. i. Aug. 18, gl. i. Sep. 12, gl. 3. They occupied the 
parishes of Glenealy, Killaird and Rathnew, co. Wicklow, Reeves, 
Co/innba, 25. 

Hiii Liathain, May 15, gl. 8. Nov. 24, gl. 6. ' Nearly coextensive with the 
present barony of Barrymore, in the co. of Cork,' Top. Poems, Ixiv. 

Hui Maic CailIi,May 15, gl. 8. Nov. 28, gl. i. Now Imokilly barony, co. 

Hvii Mdil, Oct. 7, gl. I. Now Imaile, co. Wicklow. 

Hiii Maini, Feb. 9, gl. 3. The territory of the O'Kellys, in cos. Galway and 
Roscommon = Tir Maini, infra. 

Hiii Meith Macha, Jan. 26, gl. i. The barony and county of Monaghan, 
FM. 605, 893, 1 1 78, note o, Top. Poems, p. xxii. 

Hi'ii Meith Macha Menna, Nov. 2, gl. i. 

Hiii Muiredaig, Mar. 16, gl. 6. Oct. 27, gl. 3. Dec. 13. gl. 4. The southern 
half of CO. Kildare, Top. Poems, pp. xlvii, liii. 

Hui Rethe, Nov. 8, gl. 2. South of Lethglenn (now Leighlin), co. Car- 

Hiii Segain, Oct. 10, gl. i. Trip. Life 184. North of Ardbraccan, co. Meath, 

Top. Poems, p. xxiv. 
Hiii Tuirtri, Sep. 7, gl. 2 : in the baronies of Upper and Lower Toome, in co. 

Antrim. Adamnan's nepotes Turtrei. See Top. Poems, p. xx. Reeves, 

EccL Ant. pp. 82, 292-297, and Co/umba, 52 ; Trip. Life, 168, 542, 630, 

FM. 668. 
I (generally Hi, gen. lae, la, dat. Hi) Coluim chille, now called lona, 

from a misreading of /^^//'^c, Jan. 11, gl. i. Mar. 2. Mar. 10, gl. i. Mar. 

II, gl. 5. Mar. 22, gl. 5. May 25, gl. 2. June 9, gl. i, gl. 2. June 22, 

gl. 3. July 3, gl. 2. Aug. 12. Sep. 16, gl. 2. Sep. 23, gl. i. Oct. 27, 

gl. 5. Oct. 28, gl. I. Dec. 17, gl. I. 
Imdan, Aug. 25, gl. 2, should probably be Imgan, cf Broccain Imgain, 

LL. 361, col. 7. 
Imdual, Mar. 28, gl. 2, dat. Imduail, Trip. Life 234, 1. 23. 
Imlech (O.-Ir. iinbliuch\ Dec. 18, gl. 5. Now Emly, co. Tipperary, where, 

however, ImlccJi is perhaps a mistake for Miliuc ' low marshy land.' 
Imlech Broccada, July 9, gl. 2. Now Emlech, barony of Costello, co. 

Imlech Cassdin in Cualnge, Sep. 11, gl. 2. Now probably Emlagh, a town- 
land, barony and parish in co. Louth, 
Imlech Fiaich, Ap. 5, gl. i. Imbliuch Fia, Fel. Oeng. Ixxiii. Imlech Pich, 

AU. 687, Imlech Fea, AU. 746. Now Emlagh, near Kells, co. Meath, 

Misc. Jr. Arch. Soc. 148 n. 
Imlech Ibair, Dec. 1 1, gl. 4. Now Eml)', co. Tipperary. 
Inber Colptha, June 16, gl. 2, the mouth of the Boyne, in Meath. Trip 

Life, 40, 278, 424. 
Inber Doile, Sep. 13, gl. 4. Now Enncreilly, near Arklow, co. Wicklow. 
Inber Meilge, Jan. 27, gl. 2. 
Inber Noele, Jan. 27, gl. 4, in Tir Boghuine in Cenel Conaill, Mart. Don., 

where B(^?ghuine is misprinted for Ik'ghuine. 


Inis ('island'), Dec. 22, gl. 3. Now the parish of Inch, co. Down, Reeves, 

Ell I. A lit. 44, 92, 232. In Feb. 6 the gen. innse stands for I/tsc Patric. 
Inis Aingm, Jan. 7, gl. 7. Now Inchinneen, or Hare Island, on Lough Ree, 

CO. Westmeath. 
Inis Bdithm, May 16, gl. 8. May 22, gl. 3. Now Inishboheen (Ennisboyne?) 

CO. Wicklow. 
Inis bo findQ, ' Insula vaccae albae,' Aug. 8, gl. 4. Inis-bou-finde, id est 

'insula vitulae albae,' Baeda H.E. iv, 4. Now Inisbofin, or Boffin 

Island, off the west coast of co. Mayo. 
Inis c^in (' beautiful island'), Jan. 10, gl. 3. Ap. 13, gl. i. July 13, gl. 6. 
Inis c^in, now Inishkeen on Loch Erne, Mar. 29, gl. 6. 
Inis cdin, now Inishkeen on Loch Meilge, Oct. 14, gl. i. 
Inis c^in Dega, Aug. 18, gl. 3. Now Iniskeen, co. Monaghan, Reeves, 

Coheinba, 238, note c, co. Louth, Hennessy, Progs. R.I.A. Irish M.S. 

series i. 114 n. 
Inis Cais, Oct. 12, gl. 5. 
Inis Cathaig ('island of [the monster] Cathach'), Jan. 28, gl. 3. Mar. r,gl. 2. 

Aug. 31, gl. I. Now Inishcathy, or Scattery Island, in the Shannon, 

opposite Kilrush, co. Clare. For Cathach see Lism. Lives, li. 2200-2236. 
Inis Celtra, Mar. 24, gl. 5. July 29, gl. 6. Now Iniscaltra on Lough Derg 

CO. Galway. 
Inis Clothrann, Jan. 10, gl. 4, Ap. 20, gl. 3, AU. 719. Now Iniscloghran 

or Quaker's Island, on Lough Ree, co. Longford. Hennessy gives the 

present name as Inchcleraun, AU. 870, note 7. 
Inis coil ('narrow island'), May 22, gl. 5. Now Inishkeel, an island in the 

barony of Boylagh, co. Donegal, AU. 740. 
Inis Conaill, Nov. 3, gl. 7. Now perhaps Inishconnell, a townland in co. 

Inis craind (' the island of the tree'), May 20, gl. 4. 
Inis ere. See Loch Inse ere. 
Inis Cumscraig, July 22, gl. i. Julyag, gl. 3. Now Inishcourcy, co. Down. 

See Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 44 n., 92-93 n. 
Inis Daigri, Aug. 11. Now Inishterry, an island in the river Boyle, co. 

Inis daim (' the island of the ox '), Nov. 22, gl. 5. Now perhaps Inishdafif, 

a townland in co. Mayo. 
Inis Doimli, Jan. 30, gl 3. Mar. 3, gl. 3. July 4, gl. 2. Dec. i, gl. 2. Now 

called the Little Island, near Waterford. 
Inis Di'iine, Oct. i, gl. 4. Now perhaps Inchydoney, an island in the bay of 

Clonakilty, CO. Cork, Misc. Celtic Soc. 24, where dilinc 'arcis' seems 

mistaken for dfiini ' hominis.' 
Inis Ednig. See Rdith Inse Ednig. 
Inis Endaim (' the island of one ox or stag'), July 23, gl. 3. Now Inchenagh 

or Inishenagh, in Lough Ree, near Lanesborough. 
Inis Eogain (' Eogan Gulban's island'), July 8, gl. 4. Dec. 18, gl. 9. Now 

Inishowen, co. Donegal, between Lough Foyle and Lough Swilly. 
Inis Faithlenn, Mar. 15, gl. 2. Now Ireland's Eye, near Howth, co. Dublin. 
Inis Faithlenn, Mar. 16, gl. 4. Now Innisfallen, an island in the Lower 

Lake of Killarney, co. Kerry. 
Inis iarthair, Dec. 22, gl. 5, is perhaps an error for Inis Uachtair, the 

reading of Mart. Don. 


Inis inesclainn ('island of the rapid stream'), on Loch Erne, Nov. lo, gl. 6. 

Inis Hacc ('island of stones'), Oct. 29, gl. 4. Now perhaps Inishleague, a 
townland in co. Fermanagh, or Inishleague, a townland in co. Mayo. 

Inis Locha Cre, Sep. 7, gl. 3. Now Monahincha, near Roscrea, co. Tipperary.. 

Inis mace nErnen, Sep. 22, gl. 2. Now Church Island, in Lough Key. See 
O'Donovan's note //, FM. 1229. 

Inis maccu Cuinn, Feb. 7, gl. 8. Now Inchiquin, in Lough Corrib, co. 

Gal way. 
Inis maccu Dartada, May 21, gl. 2. 
Inis maicc Erca, Nov. 20. 
Inis maicc Ualaing, Aug. i, gl. 4. Now Inis-Bofin in Loch Ree, Hennessy, 

Progs. R.I.A. Ir. MS. series, i. 115. 
Inis Maige Sam ('the island of the plain of sorrels'), Jan. 16, gl. 2. Now 

Inishmacsaint, in Lough Erne, co. Fermanagh, FM. 1530. 
Inis Matoc, see the Index of Persons, s.v. Matoc. 
Inis Menoc, Mar. 20, note d. Perhaps the British name of the islet south of 

Lindisfarne, to which S. Cuthbert retired. See Baeda's I'ita S. CutJihcrli 

c. 17. 
Inis mo Cholmoic, Nov. 7, gl. i. Nov. 14, gl. 2. In the barony of Arklow, co. 

Wicklow, Top. Poems, 196 n. 
Inis Mochta, Mar. 26, gl. 4. Now Inishmot, co. Meath. 
Inis mor, (' great island'), gen. Inse moire, Jan. 14, gl. i. Jan. 15, gl. 4, gl. 6. 

July 23, gl. I. Aug. I, gl. 6. Now Canon Island in the Shannon, IVars, 

Inis mor in Hiii Liathain, May 15, gl. 8. 
Inis Muiredaig, Aug. 12, gl. 3. Now Inishmurray, about five miles off the 

coast of CO. Sligo, FM. 747. 
Inis Pdtraic, Jan. 13, gl. 3. Feb. 6, gl. 5. Now Inishpatrick, or Patrick's 

Island, near Skerries, co. Dublin. As to the Inis Patraic in Mann (now 

Holm Peel or Peel Island ), see Todd, Wars, xxxv. 
Inis Picht, Ap. 7, gl. 3. Inis Pich, FM. 821, where O'Donovan says that the 

name is now obsolete. But is it not Spike Island in Cork Harbour.? 

Reeves, Coluniba, 245, note 1. 
Inis Rochla, Nov. 24, gl. 5, is said in Mart. Don. to be an island on Lough 

Erne. An insola quae uocatur Rochiiil retro montem Lapidum \^SUab 

Liacc\ Bk. Arm. 11'^' i, is now called Rathlin O'Birne, and is adjacent 

to the parish of Glencolombkill, co. Donegal. 
Inis Setna, Mar. 16, gl. 5. This is Inis Dctna in Mart. Taml. 
Inis Toite, Sep. 7, gl. 2. An island in Loch Beag, near Toom Bridge, co. 

Antrim, Top. Poems, 124 n.. Reeves, Colioifs Visitation, ^t,, note h. 
Inis Uachtair, Mar. 5, gl. 2. An island in Lough Sheelin, co. Cavan. 

Inis Ulad, Dec. i, gl. 2. O'Don. FM. 951, says that Inis Ulad is near Slieve 
Gadoe in co. Wicklow, but our glossographer makes it another name for 
Inis Doimle, q.v. 

Kartaigne, Sep. 14, gen. sg. of the Irish equivalent of Carthago. 

Laigin, gen. Laigen, dat. Laignib, Leinstcr/ncn, Lcinstcr, Jan. i, gl. 3, gl. 4. 
Ap. 29, gl. I. May 16, gl. 8. May 18, gl. 2. May 22, gl. 3. June 12, 
gl. 3. July 14, gl. I. Sep. 13, gl. 4. Oct. ii,gl. 2. Oct. 12, gl 2. 
Oct. 25, gl. 5. Nov. 3, gl. 3. Nov. 14, gl. 2. Nov. 24, gl. i. Dec. 22,. 
gl. I. See the dindsenchas. Rev. Celt. xv. 299. 


Laigis Laigen, now Leix, a territory in Queen's county, Jan. 2, gl. 4. Laigis, 

Feb. 17, gl. I. Miar. 3, gl. i. Sep. 16, gl. 2. Oct. 21, gl. i. Nov. 3, 

gl. 3. Nov. 20, gl. I. Dec. 24, gl. 2. See Top. Poems, Hi. 
Laithrech Briuin, in Hui Faeldin, Sep. 2, gl. 5. Now Laraghbryan, co. 

Land (=W. llann)^ gen. Lainde, Sep. 18, gl. i. Now Lynn, co. Westmeath ? 

ALC. i. 114, ii. 571. 
Land Abaich (leg. Abaic ?), Nov. 6, gl. 3. Now Glenavy, co. Antrim, Reeves, 

Eccl. Ant. 44 n., 47 n., 236. 
Land Bechairi (' the church of the beeman '), Jan. 20, gl. 3 =: Land Becuir, 

Fel. Oeng. xxxvii. ' a little north of Balbriggan,' co. Dublin, Joyce 146. 
Land Lere, June 18, gl. i. Oct. 17, gl. 2. Now Dunleer, barony of Ardeer, 

CO. Louth, Chron. Scot. 391, Todd, Wars., xl. 
Land maic Luachain, June 17, gl. 2. hi West Meath, FM. 929, 1122. 
Land mo Cholmoic, Oct. 20, gl. 3. Now the parish of Magheralin, Reeves, 

Eccl. A}tt. p. no n. 
Land Rondin find. May 22, gl. i. Now Magheralin, co. Down. 
Land Turu, May 28, gl. i. 

Lecan Midi, June 28, gl. i. Dec. 29, gl. 3. Now Leckan, in Westmeath. 
Lem-chaill ('elmwood'), gen. Lemchaille, Jan, 13, gl. 5. Ap. 22, gl. 4. Oct. 

25, gl. 3. Nov. 16, gl. 2. Dec. 19, gl. 3. i:\i& Lejnchaill 3X Jan. 13, and 

Ap. 22, is now Lowhill, Queen's co.; so possibly the Lemchaill at Oct. 

25, gl. 3, etc. But see Reeves, Coltoit's Visitation., 72, note r. 
Lem-mag ('elm-plain'), Feb. 19, gl. 2. The dat. sg. Lenwiaig, is anglicised 

Latniny, the name of certain townlands in Tyrone and Fermanagh. 

Secus Joyce, 491. 
Lene, July 29, gl. 2. 
Les, gen. Lese, Oct. 15, gl. i. 

Less Gabuil, Jan. 25, on Loch Erne, now Lisgool, co. Fermanagh. 
Less mor, gen. Liss moir, now Lismore, co. Waterford, Jan. 16, gl. 2. Jan. 

22, gl. 5. Feb. 4, gl. 4. Feb. 9, gl. i. Mar. 16, gl. 7. Ap. 17, gl. 2. 

May 14, gl. I. May 21, gl. 3. July 19, gl. 5. Oct. 16, gl. 5. Oct. 31, 

gl. I. Nov. 12, gl. I. Nov. 13, gl. I. Nov. 15, gl. 2. Dec. 4, gl. i. 

Dec. 21, gl. 4. Dec. 29, gl. 4. 
Less mor mo Chuta, ibid. Jan. 31, gl. 3. June i, gl. i. Dec. 3, gl. i. 
Less mor in Scotland, June 25, gl. 3. Now Lismore, an island in Argyleshire, 

between the districts of Lorn and Morvern, Reeves, Cohiinba, 371, note g; 

Skene, T/ie Dean of Lis more' s Book, iii. 
Lessd,n, Sep. 21, gl. i. Now Lissan, in Tyrone, AU. 743, FM. 739. 
Leth Cathail (' Cathal's half), Ap. 14, gl. 2. Sep. 17, gl. i. Now Lecale, the 

barony in which the town of Downpatrick is situate, Reeves, Ecci. Ant. 

26 n., 201. 

Lethduma, March 30, gl. 4. 

Lethglenn, gen. Lethglinne, now Leighlin, co. Carlow, Feb. 23, gl. 4. Ap. 18. 

Nov. 8, gl. 2. Nov. 12, gl. 6. Nov. 26, gl. 2. Dec. 26, gl. i. 
Letir ('a wet hillside '), gen. Letrach, Ap. 25, gl. 4. 

Letrecha Odr^in, now Latteragh, co. Tipperary, Oct. 2, gl. 3. Oct. 26, gl. 2. 
Liath-druim ('grey ridge'), now Leitrim, Feb. 8, gl. i. May 16, gl. 2. 
Liath Manchdin, Jan. 24, gl. 3. Now Lemanaghan in King's co. 
Liath mor, Mar. 13, gl. i, 2. Now Leamokevoge {Liath mor uio Chdcni6ic\ 

CO. Tipperary, FM. 655. Now Leigh, Todd, Wars., lix. 


Liathross, gen. Liathruis, in Conaille Murthemni, April 30, gl. 4. 

Life. Now the river Liffey, Oct. 12, gl. 6. 

Lifechar, Jan. 7, gl. 8. 

Lilcach, gen. Lilcaig, Mar. 12, gl. 3. Nov. 2, gl. 2, a place near Slane in 

East Meath, not yet identified, Three Frags. 43 n. Perhaps Bective 

Lindisfarne, May 5, gl. i, the Welsh and Irish I/tis Mckaiit, Mctcoit (see 

Reeves, Coluinba, 2,7 A n.), as P"arne is Inis Memk q.v. 
Linn Duachaille, Ap. 23, gl. 2, FM. 699, etc., was according to Reeves. 

(cited in Wars\yji\ n.), in co. Louth, south-east of Castle Bellingham. 

Hennessy (AU. 840) thinks it was ' most probably Dundalk harbour.' 
Linn Uachaille (= Duachaille) Alar. 30, gl. 3. Aug. 7, gl. 2. Aug. 17, gl. i,. 

AU. 925. 
Loch Becc ('little lake'), Sep. 7, gl. 2. Near Toom bridge, in Antrim, Top.. 

Poems, 124 n. 
Loch Bricrenn in Hui Echach Ulad, see Index of Persons, s.v. Mellan. 

Loch Carman (better Carman?), June 12. Dec. 16, gl. 2. Now Wexford 
Haven. Rev. Celt. xv. 428. 

Loch Ce, Sep. 22, gl. 2. Now Lough Key, near Boyle, co. Roscommon. 

Loch Con in co. Mayo, Ap. 8, gl. 3. Sep. 30, gl. 6. Errew, near Lough 
Con, represents the old bishopric. Rev. Celt. xv. 474. 

Loch Crd, Sep. 7, gl. 3. Now dried up. The bog near Roscrea, co. Tipper- 
ary, which represents the lake-bed, is called Monahincha {jiioin na hinsc), 
Todd, Ir. Nenniiis^ 216 n. 

Loch Cuan, Aug. 5. Now Lough Cone, or Strangford Lough. 

Loch Dergdeirc, May 12, gl. 4. Oct. 16, gl. i. Now Lough Derg, an expan- 
sion of the Shannon, between Killaloe and Portumna. Rev. Celt. xv. 461. 

Loch n-Echach. Now Lough Neagh in Ulster, Feb. 21, gl. 3. 

Loch Echim (Echfn ?), May 6, gl. i. 

Loch Erne. Now Lough Erne, in Fermanagh, Jan. i, gl. 3. Jan. 5, gl. 4. 
Feb. 28, gl. I. Mar. 29, gl. 6. May 11, gl. 3. July 28, gl. 3. Oct. 6, 
gl. 4. Nov. 10, gl. 6. Nov. 12, gl. 9. Nov. 14, gl. 4. Rev. Celt. xv. 483. 

Loch Geirc, Jan. i, gl. i. Now Lough Derg, in Donegal, Loch G^i?;y in FM. 
721, 1516. 

Loch Inse Cre, May 15, gl. 6. 

Loch Lebenn, Aug. 20, gl. i. Now Lough Lene, near Fore in Westmeath, 
Reeves, Cohnnba, 286, O'Don., T/irce Frags. 169 n. 

Loch Lein. Now the Lakes of Killarncy, Mar. 16, gl. 3. Nov. 12, gl. 3. 

Rev. Celt. xv. 451. 
Loch Loig (L^ig), Oct. 16, gl. 2. Oct. 25, gl. 2. Adamndn's \"ituli 

Stagnum. Now Belfast Lough. Reeves, Eai. Ant. 272, 273. Coluviba, 

214 n. 
Loch mac Nena, Ap. 13, gl. 4. Now Lough Macneane, on the borders of 

Cavan and Fermanagh. 
Loch Melge, Jan. 5, gl. i. July 17, gl. 2. Oct. 14. Now Lough Mclvin, in 

Leitnm and Fermanagh. FM., A.M. 4678. 
Loch Munremuir, Feb. 6, gl. 4. Now Lough Ramor, co. Cavan. 
Loch Orbsen, Feb. 7. gl. 8. Now Lough Corrib. 
Loch Rib, Jan. 7, gl. 7. Jan. 10, gl. 4. July 23, gl. 3. Now Lough Ree 

an expansion of the upper Shannon. Rev. Celt. xv. 481. 



Loch Silenn, Mar. 5, gl. 2. Now Lough Sheelin. 

Loch Techet, April 4, gl. 2. Now Lough Gara, co. Sligo. 

Loch Uair, Feb.7, gl. 3. Now Lough Owel, co. Westmeath. Rev. Celt. xvi. 80. 

Longbaird, dat. Longbardaib, the Lombards, Nov. 27, gl. i. 

Lothra, gen. sg. Ap. 15, gl. 5. Now Lorrha, barony of Lower Ormond, 

CO. Tipperary. 
Lua, June 2, gl. 2, the territory of Muscraige hui Floinn, in the barony of 

Luachair, gen. Luachra, June 22, gl. July 25, gl. 6. A district in the 

CO. Limerick, the name of which is preserved in Slieve Log/ic?; a 

mountain-range dividing Limerick from Kerry, and extending into Cork. 
Lugmad, Lugbad (gen. Lugmaid, Lugmaith), now Louth in the co. of Louth, 

p. 4. Mar. 24, gl. 3. Aug. 11, gl. 5. Aug. 19. 
Lui Airthir, Sep. 24, gl. 4. 
Luigne, June 5, gl. i. Now the barony of Lune, co. Meath, Misc. In 

Arch. Soc. 139. 
Luigne Connacht. Now the barony of Leyny, co. Sligo, Aug. 9, gl. i. 
Lurg on the bank of Loch Erne, Oct. 6, gl. 4. FM. 924 etc. 
Lusca (.i. teach talmhan, O'Cl.), Sep. 5, gl. i. Now Lusk, co. Dublin. 
Maethail BroccAin (' Broccan's soft land') July 8, gl. i. July 10, ol. 2. 

Nov. I, gl. 4. Now Mothel, co. Waterford. 
Mag nAbna, Nov. 9, gl. 4. Now Mowney, co. Tipperary. 
Mag Ai, Dec. 26, gl. i, FM. 236. Trip. Life 632 : a plain in co. Roscommon, 

also called Machaire Connacht. Rev. Celt. xv. 469. 
Mag Arnaide, Mar. 16, gl. 6. Oct. 27, gl. 3. Now Moyarney, co. Wexford. 
Mag Ascaid, Jan. 5, gl. 3. Oct. 16, gl. 3. 
Mag bile ('the plain of the old tree'). Now Movilla, co. Down, Jan. 2 

gl. 2. Feb. 3, gl. 2. Feb. 11, gl. 4. Ap. 29, gl. 6. May 3, gl'. 3! 

May 31, gl. 3. July 27, gl. 5. Aug. 7, gl. 3. Aug. 25, gl. 3. Sep. 9, 

gl. 6. Sep. 10. Oct. I, gl. 2. Oct. 17, gl. 3. Oct. 21, gl. 3. Reeves, 

Eccl. Ant., 151. 
Mag Damairne, Sep. 17, gl. 3. Now Magheramorne, co. Antrim. 
Mag bolg, Nov. 26, gl. i. Now Moybolg in cos. Meath and Cavan. 
Mag Conaille, Nov. 10, gl. 7, a plain in co. Louth, the same as Conaille 

Mag duma, May 23, gl. i. Now Moydow, co. Longford. 
Mag n-elta ('plain of the flocks'), Nov. 17, gl. 3. Also called Scnmag n-elta, 

the territory between Dublin and Howth. 
Mag Ene, Jan. 16, gl. 7. Dec. 20, gl. i, FM. 1152 etc. Now Moy, a plain 

between the rivers Erne and Drowes, in the south of co. Donegal. 
Mag eo, or Mag eo na Saxan. Now Mayo, in Connaught, Mar. 13, ol. 2. 

Mar. 27, gl. 3. July 9, gl. 2. Oct. 20, gl. 4. Nov. 13, gl. 8. 
Mag eo i nDdl Cais, May 21, gl. 6. Now Moynoe, co. Clare. 
Mag ImchUir, in the barony of Dungannon, co. Tyrone, June 4, gl. 2. 

Sep. 6, gl. 3. FM. 1 199. 
Mag Lacha in the west of Bregia, June 6, gl. 3. Aug. 24, gl. i. Now 

Moylagh, co. Meath? See Top. Poems 178 n. Misc. Jr. Arch. Soc. 139. 
Mag Laigen, May 18, gl. 2, 'the Plain of Leinster,' a name for the territory 

of the Hui Faelain, i.e., the northern half of the co. of Kildare. See 

FM. 998, and Top. Poems 206 n. 222 n. 


jMag Li, Jan. 9, gl. i. The territory of the Fir Li, west of the river Bann. 

Top. Poems, 123 n., Reeves, Colmnba 52. 
Mag Lifi, Dec. 9, gl. i, ' the plain of Liffey,' in co. Kildare. Rev. Celt. .kv. 303. 
Mag Line, now Moylinny, co. Antrim. See Rdith Maige. 
Mag Locha, in the cast of Bregia, Ap. 10, gl. i. Sep. 24, gl. 2. Apparently 

identical with Mag Lacha, iarthar in June 6, gl. 3, being, as often, mis- 
written for airthcr. 
Mag Luadat, in the north of Hui FaeMin, Oct. 27, gl. 4. FM. 1160. 
Mag Luirg, July 5, gl. i. Nov. 10, gl. 3. Now Moylurg, in the barony of 

Boyle, CO. Roscommon. Rev. Celt. xv. 472. 
Mag maic Dodon, Feb. 22, gl. 3. For this Mart. Don. has Mag ^Vlennota 

(' Caemhan maighi mennota '). 
Mag mell ('pleasant plain'), Mar. 31. 'One of the mythological names of 

the Elysium or Fairyland of the ancient Gael,' O'Curry, Sickbed of 

CiicJmlainn., 380. See also the dindsenchas of Tond Clidna, Rev. Celt. 

XV, 437. 
Mag Mucraime, May 7,gl. 2,aplain near Athenry,co. Galway. Rev. Celt. .xv. 470. 
Mag Niad, in Tuath Rdtha, Jan. 16, gl. 8. 
Mag Oenaig. See Rdith Maige Oenaig. 
Mag Raigni, Feb. 2, gl. i. Sep. 17, gl. 2. Nov. 5, gl. i. A plain in the 

barony of Kells, co. Kilkenny. Rev. Celt. xv. 434. 
Mag Ratha, Dec. 27, gl. 2, now Moira, co. Down ? or Moyra Glebe, in co. 

Donegal ? or Moyrath, in Meath ? or Moyra, in co. Longford ? 
Mag Trea, May 29, gl. 2. A scribe's mistake for Mag Trega, now Moytra, 

a plain in co. Longford. Lismore Lives, p. 336, 1. 35. 
Mag Tuascirt (' plain of the northern part '). See Raith Maige Tuascirt. 
Mag Tuathat, Sep. 3, gl. 3. 
Maigen F., Jan. 29, gl. 3. Ap. 18, gl. 2. May 22, gl. 2. Now Moyne, in 

the parish of Killala, barony of Tirawley, co. Mayo. Hy Fiaclir. 494. 
Maigne, Aug. i, gl. 5. In Mart. Don., Aug. i, the MS. has iMaighne^ not as 

printed, MaigJmc. 
Maignide, Mar. 14, gl. 2. 
Mainistir (gen. Mainistrech) Buiti (' Buite's monastery'), Dec. 7, gl. 2, now 

Monasterboice, co. Louth. 
Mainistir Foil ocus Petair, in Armagh, March 31, gl. 4. 
Martratech (gen. -taige), Nov. 2, gl. 5 = Martartech ' domus martyrum,' 

'house of relics,' Trip. Life, 194, 250, y^o, 46S. AU. 721, 1055. 
Mena, a river in Leix, Sep. 16, gl. 2. Hence I suppose Menadrochet, now 

Monadrehid, in the parish of Offerlane, Queen's co. 
Mide, now Meath, Feb. 11, gl. 2. Feb. 19, gl. i. Mar. 24, gl. 4. June 10, 

gl. 4. June 17, gl. 2. June 25, gl. i. June 28, gl. 3. July n, gl. i. 

Aug. II, gl. I. Aug. 19, gl. 2. Sep. 14, gl. I. Oct. 27, gl. 5. Nov. 10, 

gl. I. Nov. 13, gl. 6. Dec. 2, gl. 3. See the dindsenchas. Rev. Celt. xv. 297. 
INIide isel (dat. Mid[i] isiul). Lower Meath, Sep. 22, gl. 4. 
Midluachair, Oct. 26, gl. 6. See Slige Midliiachra, infra. 
Miliuc, June 15, gl. 2. Oct. 24, gl. 3. Now Meelick, in Dartry. The same, 

or another Miliuc^ is said to mean ' lands that lie on the margin of a 

lake or river,' Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 4 n. 
JMoin Maeldin (' Maelan's bog'), Feb. 7, gl. i, is Moin Miolain'm Mart. Don. 

Feb. 7. 


Mdin Milain (' Milan's bog'), Alar. 9, gl. 4. Ap. 16. 

Moin mor ('big bog'), Feb. 11, gl. i, now Moanmore, in Munster, Trip. Life 
526, KM. 1 151. 

Monu, Mar. 23, gl. 2, not identified. 

Miiad, gen. Muaide, June 8, gl. 2, the river Moy in the cos. Mayo and 

Muccart (dat. Muccurt) mor, Nov. 16, gl. 4. A place called Mucart is 
mentioned in ALC. i, 172. 

Mucc-inis ('pig-island'), in Loch Derg, in the Shannon, May 12, gl. 4. Oct. 
16, gl. I. FM. 743, 1584. Anglicised Muckinish. 

Mucsndm ('pig's swimming place'), gen. Mucnama (leg. Mucc-sndma ?), Ap. 
II, gl. 4. May 13, gl. I. Now Mucknoe, co. Monaghan, Joyce 353. 

Mugdoirn, dat. Mugdornaib, May 27, gl. 3. Sep. 25, gl. 2. Now Cremorne 
(i.e. CricJi Miigdorn)^ co. Monaghan. 

Mumu, gen. Muman, dat. Mumain, Minister^ Jan. 3, gl. 2. Feb. 9, gl. 2. 
Mar. 26, gl. 2. May 4, gl. 3. July 20, gl. i. Aug. 28, gl. i. Sep. 6, 
gl. 2. Sep. 15. Nov. 24, gl. 6. " Dec. 10, gl. 2. Latinised Momonia, 
Feb. 23, gl. 6. 

Mungairit, gen. Mungairte, now Mungret, co. Limerick. July 25, gl. 3. 

July 26, gl. I. Dec. 21, gl. i. 
Murbolg (' sea-inlet '), now Murlough, co. Down. See Rdith Murbuilg. 

Murmag, Mar. 31, gen. Murmaige, Ularf. Tainl. seems a place-name 

meaning ' sea-plain,' but according to the glossator is a name for heaven, 

suggested by Apoc. xxi, 12. 
Muscraige, the descendants of Cairbre Muse, Jan. 5, gl. 3. Now Muskerry, 

in Munster. 
Muscraige Breogain, May 26, gl. 2. FM. 899, iioo. Now comprised in 

the barony of Clanwilliam, co. Tipperary. 
Muscraige Tire, Oct. 26, gl. 2. FM. 913, 942, etc., now the barony of Lower 

Ormond and part of that of Upper Ormond, co. Tipperary. 
Muscraige tri maige (' M. of the three plains '), Sep. 6, gl. 2, now the barony 

of Orrery, co. Cork, Top. Poems, Ixix. 
Noendruim, gen. Noendroma, Jan. 7, gl. 3. Jan. 31, gl. 2. June 23, gl. i. 

July I, gl. 2. This seems the island in Lough Cuan (Strangford 

Lough), now called Inishmahee(//?/.f wc CJwi)^ or Mahee Island, Reeves, 

Eccl. Ant. 10 n. 
Nua-chongbail ('nova habitatio'), Jan. 19, gl. i. Now Noughaval, a parish 

partly in co. Longford, and partly in Westmeath, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. 

Oendruim (MS. Aen-), May 16, gl. 2. May 17, gl. 4. May be an error for 

Nooidruiin., see Reeves, JEccl. Ant. 63 n. : or for Caendruim, see Mart. 

Don., May 16. 
Oirgeill. See Airgeill. 
Ossraigi, dat. Ossraigib, anglicised Ossory, the western portion of Leinster, 

Feb. 2, gl. I. Feb. 13, gl. 2. Mar. 19, gl. i. May 18, gl. 5. Sep. 5, 

gl. I. Sep. 17, gl. 2. Oct. 20, gl. I. Nov. 5, gl. I. Dec. 6, gl. 3. 
Raichnech, May 3, gl. 8. Should perhaps be Raithnech, ' a ferny place.' 

anglicised Rannagh, in Clare and Donegal. 
Rdith, gen. Ratha, May 19, gl. 6. Now Maghera parish. Reeves, Eccl. Ant 

27 n. 


Rdith Aidne in DAI Araidi, Sep. 30, gl. 9. Perhaps = Raith Adine, Trip 
Life, 266. 

Rdith Blaithmeic in Dal cais, July 9, gl. i. Now Rath, barony of Inchiquin, 
CO. Clare. 

Raith Colptha, Ap. 14, gl. 2. Now Raholp, a townland in co. Down. 

Raith Dirthaige in Offaly, Mar. 20, gl. 3 =: Raith Derthaige, Franciscan 
Lib. Hymn. p. 41. 

RAith Eich, May 3, gl. 8. 

RAith Erenn in Scotland, June 20, gl. 3, is Rdith Era7j?i, in Mart. Don. 

Raith Inse Ednig, Nov. i, gl. 11. 

Raith Liphthen, in Fir cell, June 10, gi. 4. Now Rathlihen, barony of Balli- 
boy. King's co. 

RAith mac StialMin in Ardgal, Oct. 27, gl. 2. 

Rd.ith Maelsigi, Dec. 14, gl. i. Baeda's Rathmdsigi. 

RAith Maige, Oct. 8, gl. i. Perhaps for Raith mor Maige Line, now Rath- 
more, CO. Antrim, Rev. Celt. xvi. 48, or R. m. Oenaig, q.v. 

Rdith Maige Oenaig, Nov. i, gl. 9. In Tfr Enna, FM. 725, 779. Now 

Raymochy [or the church of Rath ?] in the barony of Raphoe, co. 

Rdith Maige Tuascirt, Oct. 6, gl. 4. Now Rattoo, co. Kerry, Petrie, Round 

Towers., 169. 
Rdith Murbuilg, Mar. 24, gl. 2. Trip. Life 123: '■hodixe Machaire Ratha,^ 

Colgan Acta SS. p. 743. Now Maghera, co. Down. Reeves, ^'rr/. Ant. 

27, 154. 
Raith na n-epscop ('the earthwork of the bishops'), Feb. 16, gl. i. Not 


RAith Noi in Hui Garrchon, Aug. 18, gl. i. Now Rathnew, co. Wicklow? 

Raith Ossein, Feb. 17, gl. 7 : a little to the west of Trim, co. Meath. 

Rathen (gen. Raithne, dat. Raithen), mo Chuta, now Rahin, in King's co., 
Mar. II, gl. I. May 14, gl. i. May 16, gl. 8. Oct. i, gl. 3. Nov. 3, 

Rechru, gen. Rechrainne (from a Mid. Ir. *Rechrann), dat. Rechrainn, June 
16. Sep. 29, gl. I. Either Rathlin, off the north coast of co. Antrim, or 
Lambay, north of Howth. In each of these islands there was a monas- 
tery. Reeves, EccL Ant.., 248-250, 288. Hennessy, AU. i. 281. 

Renda, pi. gen. Renn, dat. Rendaib, Nov. 24, gl. i, the Rinns in the 
barony of Boyle, co. Roscommon ? See ALC. ii. 367, 674. Echmarcach 
re.\ inna Renn, Mar. Scotus 1087. Concobur mac Diarmata ri Muighi 
Luirg ... 7 na Renn, AU. 1343. 

Rind Allaid ('Allad's Point'), Nov. 5, gl. 3. 

Rind Droichit ('the point of the bridge'), Feb. 22, gl. 5. 

Rom F. (gen. Roma, dat. Roim), Rome, Mar. i, 3. Ap. 16, 27. July 2, 6. 

Ross airthir, Jan. i, gl. 3, now Rossorry, in Fermanagh. 

Ross Aiss in Inis, Dec. 22, gl. 3. 

Ross bennchoir, June 29, gl. 4, in co. Clare : see Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 199. 

Ross Branduib, Sep. 26, gl. 2. Dec. 28, gl. 2. 

Ross cAin in Cluain Fergaile, in Delbna tire, Dec. 16, gl. i, would be 
anglicised Roskeen. 

Ross Commain, Dec. 26, gl. i, now Roscommon, co. Roscommon. 


Ross ere, Ap. 28, gl. 2. Dec. 19, gl. 4, now Roscrea, co. Tipperary. 

Ross Cruthnechdin, Dec. 18, gl. 2. 

Ross Cumalca, Jan. 9, gl. 7. 

Ross Dela, Aug. 24, gl. i, now Rosdalla, in the parish of Durrow, co. West- 

meath, FM. 1054. 
Ross ech, Sep. 14, gl. i, now Russagh, co. Meath, FM. 614, 821, 896. 
Ross enche, Jan. 31, gl. 6, probably a mistake for the Ros 11a ScaiicJicc of 

Mart. Taml. Jan. 31. 
Ross eo ('the peninsula, or wood, of the yewtrees'), Ap. 10, gl. i, now Rush, 

CO. Dublin. 
Ross Glanda, Sep. 6, gl. 3 ; now Donoughmore, in co. Tyrone, Reeves, 

Coliii/iba, 172 n. 
Ross glass, Dec. 22, gl. 2, on the eastern margin of Dundrum bay. Reeves, 

Eccl. AftL, p. ^2> n. 
Ross Ingite, Dec. 23, gl. 5. 
Ross Meinn, Mar. 16, gl.-i. 
Ross mor in Hiii Dega, Jan. 30, gl. 2, perhaps the Ros mor of FM. S39, 

Ross mor mac nAeda, Sep. 6. 

Ross Raithe, Feb. 13, where Mart. Don. has Ros Factna. 
Ross Tuirc ('boar's wood'), in Mag Raigni, Sep. 17, gl. 2 Not identified ; 

would be anglicised Rosturk. 
Ross ui Chonna in Mugdoirn, Sep. 25, gl. 2. 
Ruimenn, gen. Ruiminn, Mar. 17, gl. 4. This is written Ridmm in two MSS. 

of AU. 676, and Ruini in Mart. Don. Not identified. Can it be the 

island of Rum ? 
Ruscach (dat. Ruscaig), Aug. 20, gl. 2. Dec. 30, gl. i. Now Rooskagh, a 

townland in the barony of Moycashel, co. Westmeath, O'Don. Misc. 

Ir. Arch. Soc. i. 271. 
Ruscach Ciiailngi, Sep. 18, gl. 3. Oct. 18, gl. 2. 
Saball ('barn'), now Saul parish, CO. Down, Ap. 14, gl. 2. Ap. 29, gl. 3. 

Reeves, Eccl. Aftf. 40 n., and Ancient Churches of Armagh., p. 13. 
Saiger, Mar. 5. Now Seirkieran, in the barony of Ballybrit, King's co. 

AU. 787, CJiristitui Inscr. ii. 47. 
Sailbecc (Sailbech ?), Jan. 13, gl. 6, where the dat. sg. Sailbicc may be 

written for Sailbig. 
Sax, a Saxon, an E7iglishman, Jan. 9 : pi. n. Saxain, gen. Saxan, Saxons, 

Englajid, Mar. 13, gl. 2. Aug. 24, gl. i. Sep. 3, gl. 4. 
Scelec Micheil (' Michael's Rock'), Ap. 28, gl. 5. Now Skelligs, in Kerry, 

Wars xxxviii, where Dr. Todd says that it was common, from the fifth 

century, to dedicate such rocks to St. Michael the Archangel. 
Senbotha ('old huts'), Oct. 27, gl. i. Now Templeshanbo, in the diocese 

of Ferns, at the foot of Mount Leinster, Colgan, Acta SS. 21 1 ; Todd, Ir. 

Ne?tnitis, 218 n. 
Sen-choimet, June 24, gl. 2. 
Senchua, Jan. 11, gl. 2. Now Shancoe, barony of Tirerrill, co. Sligo. Trip. 

Life 94. 
Sid (gen. Sida) Truim ('the elfmound of the elder-tree') Nov. 2, gl. 2. A 

mound near Slane in Meath, FM. 512. 
Sldne, May 31, gl. i. Nov. 2, gl. 2. Now Slane, co. Meath. 

Y 2 


Slebte, Feb. 7, gl. 6. Oct. 12, gl. 2. Now Sletty, Queen's county. 

Sliab (gen. Slebe, dat. Sleib) Betha, June 13, gl. i, ' Bith's Mountain,' now 

Slieve Beagh, co. Monaghan. To the south-east lies Tedavnet {Tech 


Sliab Bladma, Ap. 7, gl. 2. July2o, gl. 2. Aug. 4, gl. i. Now Slieve Bloom 
Mountains, on the frontiers of the King's and Queen's counties. Rev. 
Celt. XV. 300. 

Sliab Callann, Sep. 21, gl. i. Now Slieve Gallion, east of the Bann, in 
Ulster. Rev. Celt. xvi. 53. 

Sliab cuilinn ('holly mountain'), July 6, gl. i. Now Slieve GuUion, co. 

Sliab dind, Nov. 15, gl. 3. 

Sliab Eiblinne, May 4. Now the Slieve Phelim mountains, co. Tipperary. 

Sliab Guairi, Jan. 25, gl. 3. Oct. 13, gl. i. Now Slieve Gory, a mountainous 

district in co. Cavan, Top. Poems, p. vi. 
Sliab h'ac ('mountain of flagstones'), Nov. 10, gl. i. Now Slieve League in 

the west of co. Donegal. 
Sh'ab Mairge, Jan. 2, gl. 3. Sep. 3, gl. 3. Now Slieve Margy, in Queen's 

county. Rev. Celt. xv. 426. 
Slige Midluachra, July 3, gl. i. A road from Tara through the Moira Pass 

into Ulaid. See Trip. Life, p. 218, 1. 12, LU. 50", Christian Inscr. ii, 


Sn^m ech ('horses' swimming-place'), Ap. 2, gl. 3. Now Carlingford Lough, 
'R.&ewes, EccL Ant. 11411. Also called Sndmh Aighnech, Three Frails. 

Sord (gen. Suird, dat. Surd), now Swords, in co. Dublin, Mar. t6, gl. 4. 
July 9, gl. 3. 

Sord Coluim chille, ibid. Mar. 29, gl. 3, AU. 1035. 

Srath Irenn, Feb. 14. 

Tamlachta, now Tallaght, co. Dublin, Feb. 25, gl. 3. Mar. 3, gl. i. 

July 7, gl. I. Oct. 26, gl. 5. Dec. 16, gl. 2. Also called Tamlachta 

Mael-Ruain, q.v. 
Tamlachta Carna in Hiii Bresail airthir, July 13, gl. 8. 
Tamlachta Findloga, Jan. 3, gl. 3. Seems ^'Tamlaght Finlogan ' adjoining 

Drumachose or Newtownlimavady, co. Londonderry. See Reeve.-, 

Coltnnba, 136 n. 

Tamlachta Gliad in Glen Rige, Feb. 4, gl. 5. 

Tamlachta in Boirche, Ap. i, gl. 2 ; in Bairche, Oct. iS, gl. i. In the town- 
land Lisnacree, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 207. 

Tamlachta Mael-Ruain, now Tallaght, near Dublin, p. 4, Jan. 5, gl. 2. Jan. 
28, gl. I. Aug. ii,gL I. 

Tamlachta Menainn, Oct. 26. gl. i. Now the townland Meenan in the parish 
of Aghaderg, Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 113 n. 

Tamlachta humail by Loch Bricrenn, see Index of Persons, s.v. Melldn. 

Tamnach, gen. Tamnaige, Jan. 23, gl. 2. Now Tawnagh, barony of Tirerrill, 

CO. Sligo, Hy Fiachr. 49''. 
Tamnacha, June 14, gl. i, Chron. Scot. 120. 
Tamnach Buada, July 21, gl. i. 
Tech Airerdin, Oct. 27, gl. 5. Now Tifarnan, in Westmeath. Also spelt 

Tech Erenndin, q.v. 


Tech Edith ('Baeth's house'), in Connaught, Dec. 8, gl. i. 

Tech Boethfn, Feb. 19, gl. i. Now Taghboyne in Meath. 

Tech Conaill in Hui Briuin Cualann, May 26, gl. 2. 

Tech Connain, June 29, gl. i. ' Probably situated in CriiiitJiami in Meath,' 

Tech dd goba ('house of two smiths'), Dec. 6, gl. 3. Now Seagoe {SiddJie 

Gobha), Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 107 n., 317 n. 
Tech Erennain, Aug. 11, gl. i. Now Tifarnan, co. Westmeath. Also spelt 

Tech Airerdin, q.v. 
Tech Eoin ('John's house'), in Ulster, Aug. 17, gl. 2. A place so called is 

now St. John's, on Loch Ree, co. Roscommon, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. 298. 
Tech Erndin, Jan. 17, gl. 2. 
Tech Flede (' Fled's house'), Sep. 12, gl. 2. 
Tech ingen Coluimm ('the house of Colomb's daughters'), in Cremthainn, 

Sep. 13, gl. 2. 
Tech ingen Fergusa, May 24, gl. 5. 
Tech Liita, May 12, gl. 2. July 27, gl. 2. dat. sg. i tig Liita i Fothartaib 

maraib, LL. 353''. 
Tech mac nDimma (' the house of Dimma's sons '), Nov. i, gl. 12. 
Tech Mael-Aithgein, June 6, gl. 3. 
Tech meic Findcdin, May 8, gl. i. 
Tech mo Chua ('my Cua's house'), Dec. 24, gl. 2. Now Timahoe, Queen's 


Tech mo Finna (' my Finnas house'), Oct 8 gl. r. gen. Tighe Mofionda, 

FM. 779. Now Taghmon, co. Wexford. 
Tech Moling, June 17, gl. 8. Now St. Mullin's, co. Carlow. 
Tech na Comairce (' the house of the sanctuary '), May 28, gl. 3, in the 

parish of Clonleigh, co. Donegal, Reeves, Coltoiis Visitation., 71 note o. 
Tech na manach (' the house of the monks '), Oct. 29, gl. 5. 
Tech Riagla (' Riaguil's house'), Sep. 17. Now Tyrella in Down. 

Tech Sacru, Mar. 3, gl. i. Anglicised Tassagard, nowSaggart, a village and 

parish near Tallaght, co. Dublin. See Joyce, 150. 
Tech Saxon (' house of Saxons '), Sep. 3, gl. 4. Either Tisaxon, barony of 

Tiaquin, co. Galway, or Tisaxon, barony of Kinsale, co. Cork. 
Tech Scuithm, May 23, gl. 3. Now Tiscoffin, co. Kilkenny. 
Tech tAedoic (' thy Aedoc's house '), July 13, gl. 7. 
Tech Tdlain, May 27, gl. i. Now Tehallan, co. Monaghan. Trip. Life, 

180, 466. 

Tech Telle, June 25, gl. i. Now Tehelly, near Durrow, King's co.. Three 
Frags. 174. 'domus Tailli filii Segeni,' AU. 671. 

Tech hUa Gortig, July 19, gl. 4. T. ;?a Gortigh (perperam ! ) Mart. Don. ed. 
Todd, p. 19^ 

Telach Indenn, Dec. 13, gl. 6. 

Telach Lis, May 11, gl. i. Now Tullylish, co. Down, Fel. Oeng. cclvii. 
Tempul Rdtha, Nov. 25, gl. 2, FM. 1566. Now Raymunterdoney, co. 
Donegal, Reeves, Columba, 376. 

Tenga ('tongue'), dat. Tengaid, July 19, gl. i. 

Termonn, gen. Termoinn, July 24, gl. 6. This is the TcruwiDi da Bcocc of 


AU. 1043, Tearmaiin da BJicog of the FM., now Termonmagrath, in 

the barony of Tirhugh, co. Donegal. 
Tethba, Feb. 6, gl. i. Dec. 19, gl. i. Rev. Celt. xvi. 79. Anghcised Tefifia, 

a territory in Westmeath and Longford, as to which see Top. Poems, p. 

ix. Reeves, Col. 23. 
Tipra Fachtna (' F.'s well'), Feb. 13, gl. 2. May 18, gl. 4. Now Tibraghny, 

CO. Kilkenny, FM. 1185. 

Tipra rois rain, July 27, gl. 4. Probably corrupt, Mart. Taml. ha\ing here 

Lasraifi Tiprat oss. 
Tiprait (gen. Tiprata) mac nEnna (Nenna ?), Nov. 10, gl. 9. 
Ti'r Aeda (' Aed's country'), Jan. 9, gl. 5. Now Tirhugh, in the south-west 

of CO. Donegal. 
Tir Bogaine, Nov. 10, gl. i. Now the barony of Banagh, co. Donegal. 
Tir da chraeb (' terra seu ager duorum ramorum '), Jan. 31, gl. 5. Now 

Teernacreeve, in the barony of Moycashel, in Westmeath, Reeves, 

Colujiiba, 153 n. 

Tir da glas (' terra duorum rivorum'), near the Shannon, in Tipperary, May 

I, gl. I. May 24, gl. I. May 26, gl. i. Dec. 13, gl. 3. Now Terry- 

glas, near the Shannon, in Tipperary. 
Tir Eogain ('Eogan's country'), Sep. 6, gl. 3. Now Tyrone, in Ulster. 
Tir Guairi, Sep. 2, gl. 2. 

Tir Maini, Nov. 9, gl. 5. O'Kelly's country, in cos. Gahvayand Roscommon. 
Tir Rdtha, Nov. 6, gl. 2. 
Tir Roiss, June 13, gl. 4. 
Tobacht, June 19, gl. 3. 

Trelecc, May 29, gl. i. Now Trillick, co. Tyrone, FM. 809. 
Treoit, Nov. i, gl. i. Now Trevet, a parish in the barony of Skreen, co. 

Meath, Reeves, Columba, 76 n. AU. 772)i 838. LU. 119. 
Tiiaim Atha, Mar. 7, gl. i. Now perhaps Tooma, a townland in the barony 

of Mohill, CO. Leitrim. 
Tiiaim dd Ualann, June 10, gl. 6. Now Tuam, co. Galway ' a variation of 

the name Tuaim-da-ghualainn,' Hennessy AU. i. 253 note. 
Tiiaim Drecon, May 9, note c, T. Drecain, Sep. 5, gl. 2. Now Toomregan, 

CO. Cavan. 
Tiiaim Grene, Oct. 19, gl. 3 = Tuaim Grdne, Oct. 20, Nov. i, gl. 2. Now 

Tomgraney, co. Clare. 
Tiiaim Inbir, Jan. 31, gl. 2. Dec. 2, gl. 3. FM. 916. 
Tiiaim m^ic Cdu, Nov. 18, gl. 3. 
Tiiaim Muscraige, Ap. 29, gl. 8. Now Tomes, barony of West Muskerry, 

CO. Cork. 
Tiiaim Noa, July 5, gl. i. 
Tiiath R^tha, Jan. 15, gl. 6, gl. 8. Now Tooraah, a territory in the barony of 

Magheraboy, co. Fermanagh. 
Tuignetha, Aug. 29, gl. i. Now Tynan \^Ttd^hneaji\ co. Armagh, Reeves, 

Progs. R.I.A. V. 58. 
Tuilen, May 16, gl. 7. Now Dulane, near Kells, in Meath. 
Tulach ('hill'), gen. Tulcha, May 20, gl. 2. Nov. i, gl. 10. Now Tullow, 

in CO. Carlow. Also called Tulach Foirtcheirn q.v. 
Tulach Carpait, Jan. 16, gl. i. Now Tullycorbet in the barony and county of 

Monaghan, Top. Poems, 149 n. 


Tulach Foii-tcheirn (' Fortchern's hill'), June 12, gl. 3. Now Tullow, co. 
Carlow, FM. 1050. 

Tulach Leis, Dec. 6, gl. i. Now Tullalease, co. Cork, FM. 804, 839 
Christian Inscr. ii. 52. 

Tulach mm mo Laca, Jan. 20, gl. 3, must have been near Mitchelstown, co. 

Tulach olaind, Aug. 7. AU. 710 = Tulach Ualainn, Jan. 23, gl. i. Telach 
Ualand, AU. 730. FM. 709. Not identified. 

Uachtar achaid (' upper part of a field'), July 7, gl. 2. Now probably Ough- 
teragh in the barony of Carrigallen, co. of Leitrim, Reeves, Progs. R.I. A. 
vii. 480. 

Uachtar aird, Mar. 8, gl. 11. Now Oughterard? co. Kilkenny. 

Uairseburg, July 8, gl. 5, Wiirzburg or Herbipolis, in Bavaria, FM. 1085. 

Uam Fubi (' Fube's cave '), July 6, gl. 2. 

Uard,n, Jan. 30, gl. 4. Now Oran, co. Roscommon. 

Ui. See Hui. 

Ulaid, Ulster^ gen. Ulad, dat. Ultaib, Jan. 9, gl. 6. Feb. 21, gl. 3. Feb. 28, 
gl. 2. Mar. 30, gl. 3. Ap. i, gl. i. Ap. 2, gl. 3. Ap. 12, gl. i. Ap. 14, 
gl. 2. May 10, gl. I. May 12, gl. i. May 14, gl. 2. May 22, gl. i. 
May 29, gl. 3. Aug. 5, gl. 4. Aug. 10, gl. 2. Aug. 17, gl. 2 Sep. 15, 
gl. I. Oct. 16. Oct. 25, gl. 2. Nov. 6, gl. 3. Dec. i, gl. 2. Dec. 11, 
gl. 6. Dec. 26, gl. 4. As to the ancient extent, and the Kings, of Ulster, 
see Reeves, Eccl. Aiit. 352-357. Dr. Elis Wadstein, a docent in the 
University of Upsala, thinks that the word Ulster is from UhtS-sttr, 
which he has found in an Icelandic saga. Here stir is = Ir. tir ' land,' 
with the prothetic s so common in the topographical names of cos. 
Dublin, Meath, and Louth. See Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 32, note p, O'Dono- 
van, FM. 1047, note u, and Joyce, 61. Similar etymologies may be 
given of Leinstcr and Muiister. 



Aaron, s. of Amram, July i. 

Abbacuc (Habacuc), proph., Jan. 15. 

Abbdn, maccu Cormaic, of Cell Abbdin, Mar. 16. Oct. 27. 

Aug. 24. gen. Abbdin, Mart. TaniL 

Abdia mac Uodach (leg. maccu Odach?), Nov. 8. If this be an Irish saint 

his name is' borrowed from Abdias. 
Abdon, July 30, mart, with Sennes at Rome. 
Abel, s. of Adam, Ap. 22. 

Abibon, s. of Gamaliel, Aug. 3. The forms Abibas and Abibus also occur. 
Abil (Abilius), Feb. 22, second bishop of Alexandria. 
Abraham, s. of Terah, Oct. 9. 
hAbuind (Abundius), Aug. 26, mart, at Rome with Irenaeus. 

Dec. 10, deac. and mart, at Spoleto with Carpophorus. 

Abundus (Abundius), June 8, presb. and mart, at Cordova. 
Accobr^n, of Cell Roiss, Jan. 28. 

s. of Bochra, of Achad Raithin, Nov. 28, gl. i. 

Achill (Achilleus), Ap. 23, deac. and mart, at Valence. 

Achilla (Achillas), Nov. 7, patriarch of Alexandria. 

Acilleus (Achilleus), May 12, mart, at Rome with Nereus. 

Achuit (Acutius), Sep. 19, mart. (Baeda). 

Adam, gen. Adaim, Ap. 22, the first man. 

Adamnan, s. of Ron^n, Sep. 23, ninth abb. of lona, a.d. 679-704. 

Adaucht (Adauctus), Aug. 30, mart, at Rome with Felix. 

Adeilph (Adelphius), Aug. 29, bp. and conf 

Adrian (Hadrianus), Sep. 8, mart, at Nicomedia. 

Nov. 6, in Nicomedia (Baeda). 

Adulf (Adulphus), Sep. 27, mart, at Cordova 'in persecutione Arabica.' 
Aed, bp., Jan. 4. Aedini episcopi, Mati. Taml. (LL.), Aediui ib. (Br.). 

bp. from Less Gabail, Jan. 25. 

bp., = Maedoc of Ferns, Jan. 31, gl. i. 

bp. of Slebte, Feb. 7. 

s. of Feradach, Feb. 12. 

Glas, bp. of R^ith na n-epscop, Feb. 16. 

of the Island, Ap. 7. 

of Echforad, Ap. 11. 

s. of Brecc, bp. of Cell air, May 4. Ob. 588. 

s. of Cormac, May 10. 

Ron, June 21, ancestor of Uiarmait. 

June 27. gen. Aeda, Mart. Taml. 

mart, at Wiirzburg with S. Kilian, July 8. 

:= Fer dd chrich and Mac cairthinn, Aug. 1 5. 

deac. of Cuil Maini, Aug. 31. 

s. of Senach, Sep. 22. 

Oct. 6. gen. Acdo, Mart. Taml. (LL.). 

Glas, Oct. 29. 

s. of Roi, in Foibren, Nov. i. 

Cloen, Nov. 8. 


Aed mac Bricc, bp. of Cell Air, Nov. 10. 

of Lemchaill, Dec. 19. 

seven sons of, Dec. 20. 

■ ua Caillaidhe, p. 4, bp. of Oriel, ob. 1182, ALC. i. 162, where his 

name is spelt Aedh .h. Caellaighi. 
Aedach, g.grandson of Elech, Ap. 9. 
Aedammair, virg., d. of Aed, Jan. 18, 
Aeddn, s. of Decell, Jan. i. 

of Cluain Dartada, Feb. 12. 

• bp. of Less mor. Mar. 16. 

— of Cluain Maelain, Mar. 20. ^ 

of Doire Bruchaisi, Mar. 29. 

of Cell Aed^in in Ulster, Ap. i. 

g.grandson of Duibne, Ap. 8. 

son of Garbdn, Ap. 17. 

of Cluain Domail, June 2. 

Dub, June 17. 

abb. of Lismore, July 19. 

of Cluain Cairbri, Aug. 3. 

s. of Mellan, Aug. 7. 

— — s. of Lugar, bp. from Inis Cathaig, Aug. 31. This is the apostle of 

Northumbria, and first bp. of Lindisfarne. See Baeda H. E., iii, 3, 5, 

AU. 650, and MarL Don. 

Amlonn, Sep. 4. 

s. of Ossm, Sep. 20. 

g.grandson of Conn, Oct. 9. 

Oct. 12. 

Ingelde, of Mag eo, Oct. 20. a.d. 650. 

s. of Oengus, of Cell mor Aedain, Nov. 2. 

s. of Colgu, of Lann Abaich, Nov. 6. 

s. of Conchrad, Nov. 21. 

mor, Dec. 25. 

Aedech, Ap. 6. 

Aedgen, bp. and abb. of Fobar, May i. Ob. A.D. 766. 

of Ard Londin, Dec. 18 = Aedghein, Mart. Don. 

Aedlug, of Aired Cassdin, Jan. 28. 

son of Camman, abb, of Clonmacnois, Feb. 26. Ob. 651. 

Aednat, d. of Lochen, Nov. 9. 

Aedoc, see Maedoc, T^iedoc. 

Ael dobair, Ael dabair, of Clochar, June 29, Ob. 701 : of Fobar ? Nov. 19. 

Affein of Cell Affein, June 3. 

Afifra (Afra), Aug. 5, 12, d. of S. Hilaria and mart, at Augsburg (Usuard). 

A.D. 304. 
Agabus, proph., Feb. 13. 

Agaib (Agapa), virg. and mart, at Nicea, Mar. 10. 
Agaip (Agapius), Ap. 28 = Agapetus, mart., iMtwL Rom. 
Agait (Agatho), Jan. 10, gl. i, pope. Ob. 682. 
Agaith (Agathus), July 5, =: Agatho, mart, in Sicily, Mart. Rom. 
Agapetus, Ap. 22, pope. A.D 535-536. 

Aug. 6, mart, at Rome. 

Aug. 18, martyr Praenestinus, Mart. Rom. 

Agapis, Ap. 3, virg. and mart, at Rome. 

Agatha, virg. and mart, in Sicily, Feb. 5. 

Agathc, mart, at Alexandria, Dec. 7. 

Agathobius ('A-ya^oiSioi), x^p. 2. ' In Thessalonica Macedoniac . . 

Agatophi,' {Hieron. Mart.) 


Agil (Agilus), Aug. 30, abb., son of Agnoald, educated at Luxeuil, flor. A.D. 

Agilbert, June 24, gl. i. 
Agna (Agnes), virg., Jan. 21, 28. 

virg.. May 18. Perhaps for Egina, Hieron. Maft. 

■ virg., of Druim dd dhart, May 22. 

Oct. 17. Perhaps the same as Anna, who is commemorated at this 

day in the Auctaria to Usuard. See, however, the gloss, supra p. 198. 
Agnes, Dec. 2. B. Agnetis secundae (Baeda). 
Agnit (Agnitus), Aug. 16. " Ipso die, sanctorum Orionis, Tirsi, Agniti," 

Auctaria ad Usuard. p. 373, col. i, of Migne's ed. 
Agoaid, Agoard, June 24, commemorated with Gillibert near Paris (Usuard). 
Agricoil (Agricola), Nov. 27. Martyred with his slave Vitalis (Gorman's 

Uitail) at Bologna (Usuard). 
Aichech, Ap. 23. Nothing seems known of him. 
Aidbe, bp. and abb. of Tir dd glas. May 24. 
Aigg (Aggaeus), proph., July 4. 
Ailbe of Imlech ibair, Sep. 12. Ob. 541. His metrical Rule is in the 

Brussels MS., 5100-4, p. 24. His Irish Life, 2324-40, fo. 33-^. 
(MS. Elbe), Dec. 30. Perhaps the S. Ailbe of Senchua nAilella, who 

died in 545. 
Ailerdn, lector of Clonard, Dec. 29 = Erearan, Mart. Don. Ob. 664. 
Ailgniad (MS. Elgniad), Mar. 8. 
Ailill, bp. of Armagh, Jan. 13, A.D. 525 {Marf. Doju), the eighth of S. 

Patrick's successors according to Laud 610, fo. 115. 

Ap. 1 1, of Mucnam, abb., died at Cologne A.D. 1042. 

s. of Segen, June 25. 

bp. of Armagh, July i, A.D. 535 {Ma7'f. Don.), the ninth of St. 

Patrick's successors, according to Laud 610, fo. 115 a. 
Ailithir of Muccinis, May 12 =: Elithir, Mart. Don. 
Ainmire of Ailech, June 10. 

of Cluain fota, Sep. 1 5. 

of Ross hiii Chonna, Sep. 25. 

abb. of Rdith Nuadha, Nov. 2. Ob. 778. 

Airbertach, Mar. 26, gl. i, where 'Erberte' is wrong. 
Airchinnech, f. of Findgan, Oct. 24, gl. 4. 
Airechtach of Inis mor, Jan. 15. 
Airenndn, Jan. 5. 

g.grandson of Oidab (leg. Fodub ?), Feb. i. 

Airmir from Brechmag, Sep. 30, is probably a scribal error for Airmer [= 

Airmfer ?], Mart. Taml. Airine, Mart. Don.., seems another scribal error. 
Aithbe, Ap. 4. Of him or her nothing seems known. 
Aithcdin of Inber Colptha, June 16. 
Aithmet, bp. of Clochar, Feb. 2. 
Albcin (Albanus) protomartyr of Britain, June 22. 
Aldeguind, Aldigundis (Aldegundis), virg. of Malbodium (now Maubeuge), 

on the Sambre, Jan. 30, Nov. 13. Ob. 684. 
Aldeilm (Aldhelm), May 25, abb. of Malmesbury. Ob. 709. 
Alexander, mart, at Edessa, Jan. 30. 

bp. at Alexandria, Feb. 26. 

mart, at Apamea, Mar. 10. 

bp. and mart, at Caesarea, Mar. 18. 

pope. May 3. Probably Ale.xander I, who succeeded Evaristus, A.D. 

109 or III. 

Aug. 28 (MS. Alaxander), bp. and conf, 'cuius religiosa precatione 

Arius Dei iudicio damnatus est,' Mart. Ro))i. 


Alexander, Sep. 21, bp. and mart, at Rome. 

Algeis (Algisus), June 2, mart, at Lyons (Auct. ad Usuardj. 

Almaich (Almachius), mart, at Rome, Jan. i. 

Altin, Nov. I, a bp. from Cell Inse according to Mart. Don. 

Amaind (Amandus), bp. and conf., Oct. 26. 

Amaint (Amandus), bp. of Maestricht and conf, Feb. 6. 

Amaint (Amantius), bp. and conf at Caesarea Cappadociae, Nov. 4. 

Am^it (Amatus), Sep. 13, presb. and abb., ' monasterii Romarici ' (Remire- 

mont, Vosges ?) 
Amalgaid, Jan. 22. 

s. of Eochaid, June 9. 

Ambrois (Ambrosius), of Milan, bp, and conf, death, Ap. 4 ; ordination, 

Dec. 7. 

abb., Nov. 2. 

Amnion, mart, in Cyprus, Feb. 9. 

mart, at Alexandria, Sep. 8. 

Nov. 17. In Nicomedia sancti Ammonis, Molan : cited in Usuard, 

ed. Migne, p. 707, col. 2. 

(Ammonius), mart, at Alexandria, Nov. 26. See Usuard. 

mart, at Alexandria, Dec. 20. 

Amos, proph.. Mar. 31. 

Amphadan (leg. Anphuddn, Anfudan?), bp., Jan. 11. 

Ampian (Amphianus), Ap. 2, mart, at Caesarea in Palestine. 

Ap. 5. 'Apud Caesaream Liciae, sancti Amphiani.' Usuard. 

An, virg. from Cell Inse, Nov. i, gl. 5. In Ma?'t. Don., pp. 290, 291, this 

name is printed an and omitted in the translation. 
Ana, virg., from Cliiain Grencha, Jan. 18. 

Anaclet (Anacletus), pope, July 12, also called Anencletus and Cletus. 
Ananias, Jan. 25, the disciple who restored St. Paul's sight. Acts ix, 17. 
Dec. 16, fdil na tri mac n-ennac, AU. 1 119. One of the three children, 

quorum corpora Babyloniae recondita sunt in specu quodam. Mart. 

Anastais (Anastasius), monk and mart, in Persia, Jan. 22, the day of the 

translation of his relics to Rome. 

mart, at Salona, Aug. 21. 

mart, at Aquileia, Sep. 7. 

Anastassia (Anastasia), mart, at Palmaria, Dec. 25. 

Anastasius, pope, Ap. 27. Ob. A.D. 402. 

pope, Aug. 26. Probably Anastasius II ; but as he died in Nov. 

A.D. 498, there seems some mistake as to the day of his commemoration. 
Anatholia, mart, at Tyre, July 9. 
Anatholian (Anatholianus), mart, in Auvergne, Feb. 6. Antholianus 

according to Ado, Usuard and Mart Rom. 
Anatoil (Anatolius), bp., July 3. Anatholius, ace. to Usuard. 
Andeoil, May i (Andeolus), deac. and mart. " in Gallia, apud Viuarienses." 
Andoich (Andochius), presb. and mart, at Autun, Sep. 24. 
Andreas the Apostle (translation), May 9, Nov. 29 (vigil), 2)0-, Dec. 7 (octave). 

-; mart, at Caesarea, Aug. 19. 

Ane, of Cell mor airthir Fine [Gall], Nov. 17. In Mart Don. pp. 312, 313, 

this name is printed as if were an epithet for Aongas (Aenghus). 
Anfaddn, Sep. 16. Misprinted Aufadhdn in Afart Do?i., p. 250. 

of Ross ere, Dec. 19. 

of Ross Ingite, Dec. 23. 

Angas, virg., d. of Bresal, Nov., 12. 

Angen, f of Colmdn, gen. sg. Angein, July 14. 

Anian (Anianus), bp., Nov. 17. 


Anicetus, Ap. 1 6, pope from a. D. 157 to 168, according to Eusebius: from 

A.D. 142 to 153, according to Dodwell. 
Aniss (Anesius), mart, in Africa, Mar. 31. 
Anmere. See Ainmere. 
Anna, prophetess, Sep. i. Luke ii, 36. 
Annaid (gen. Annada), f. of Sinche, Aug. 22, gl. i. 
Anpthin, virg. Jan. 2. Ainbhthen, Mart. Don. An Ainpthini ingen Mael- 

duin occurs in Mart. Taml. at Sep. 10. Probably cognate with Anfadan 

Ansbertus, bp. and conf at Fontanella, Feb. 9. 
Anteros, pope, Jan. 3, where 'Anter' should be Anter[os]. Ob. A.D. 

Anthia, mart, at Messina, Ap. 18. 
Antimus (Anthimus), bp. and mart, at Nicomedia, Ap. 27. 

presb. and mart, at Rome, May 11. 

Antim (Anthimus), Sep. 27, qui Cosmae et Damiani frater, una cum eisdem 

martyrium pertulisse dicitur. 
Antioig (Antiochus), bp. and conf at Lyons, Oct. 1 5. 
Anton (Antonius), the monk, Jan. 17. 

mart, at Alexandria, Feb. 14. 

(Antoninus), mart, at Apamea in Syria, Sep. 2. 

Antonia, mart, at Nicomedia, May 4. 

Antonin (Antoninus), Sep. 3, a martyr mentioned by Baeda and Ado. Accord- 
ing to Baeda he suffered in Syria and was a boy of twelve years of age. 

Ado and Usuard say he suffered at Capua (et sic Mart. Rom.)., and was 

twenty years old. 
Appollindris (Apollinaris), July 23, bp. and mart, at Ravenna. 

•f^ug. 23, mart, at Reims (Usuard). 

Appolloin (Apollonius), mart, at Nicomedia, Ap. 5 (Baeda). 

mart, at Alexandria, Ap. 10. 

the senator, mart, at Rome, Ap. 18. 

June 28, in Africa, Hicron. Mart. 

(Apollinaris), bp., Oct. 5. 

Appollonia (Apollonia), virg. and mart, at Alexandria, Feb. 9. 

Apronian (Apronianus), mart, at Rome, Feb. 2. 

Apuil (Apuleius), mart, at Rome, Oct. 7. 

Aquil (Aquila), wife of Severianus, mart, at Neocaesarea in Macedonia, 

Jan. 23. , 

husband of Priscilla, July 8. 

(Aquilina), virg. and mart, in Lycia, July 24. 

Aquilin (Aquilinus), mart, in Africa, Jan. 4. 

mart, at Rome, Feb. 4. 

mart, in Isauria, May 16. 

Arath gen. Araith, f. of Finnu, July 13, gl. 2. 

Arcaid (Arcadius), mart, in Mauritania, Jan. 12. 

Archilaus (Archelaus), May 5. Mart, in Africa, Hicron. Mart. 

Archinim (Archinimus), mart, in Africa, Mar. 29. 

Archippus, bp. and mart, in Asia, Mar. 20. 

Arcontius, mart, at Capua, Sep. 5. 

ard-Phol, June 30, the apostle. 

Areid (Aredius), presb. and conf. Aug. 26. Usuard (Bouillart). 

Argeus, Jan. 2, brother of Narcissus and Marcellinus, mart, at Tomis or 

Tomi on the Euxine. 
Arion, June 23 (' Aritionis.' Hieron. Mart.), of Nicomedia. 
Arion (leg. Adrion, Orion ?), Aug. 16. The Auctaria to Usuard, ed. Migne, 

have here Orionis in gen. sg. 


Arist (Ariston), Feb. 22, qui unus fuit de Ixxii Christi Domini discipulis, 

Mart. Rom. 
(Aristides), Aug. 31, the Athenian philosopher, said to have argued 

the cause of Christ in the presence of the Eniperor Hadrian. 
Aristarc[h]us, Aug. 4, unus e Ixxii discipuhs, Apamensium episcopus, Mart. 

Rom. socius seu potius s. Pauh concaptiuus, Coloss. iv, 10. 
Armogaist (Armogastus), mart, in Africa, Mar. 29. 
Arnulfus, bp. and hermit, July 18, Aug. 16, the famous bishop of Metz, and 

founder of the Carolingian race of kings. Ob. circ. 640. 
Arsein (Arsenius), an Egyptian monk, July 19. Gorman calls him ' Arsenius 

of the fervent tears,' because 'sudarium in manu semper habuisse legitur 

ad abstergendas lacrymas, quarum maximam vim profudit prae dolore 

peccatorum,' Mart. Rom. 
Aruin, of Cluain Cain, Aug. i. 

Aruist (leg. Arist = Aristeus), bp. and mart, at Capua, Sep. 3. 
Ascla, mart, in Egypt, Jan. 23. 

Asclepiad (Asclepias), bp. and mart, at Antioch, Oct. 18. 
Assdn, Ap. 27. Of him nothing seems known. 
Astoin, May 23. This is ' Aptoni' (gen. sg.), in Baeda's Martyrologium : so 

for Astoin., we should perhaps read Aptoin, an hibernicised Aphthonus., 

"AfjiBovos, ' unenvious,' or Aphthonius, as in Mart. Rom. Nov. 2. 
Athanas (Athanasius), bp. and conf., May 2. 
Atheluald, bp. of Winchester, Aug. 2. Commemorated in Mart. Rom. on 

Aug. I. His translation is commemorated by Gorman at Sep. 10, and so 

in the Auctaria to Usuard, ed. Migne, p. 458, col. i. 
Athracht, of Cell saile, virg., d. of Tigernach, Aug. 11. 
Attail (Attalus), Mar. 10 = the Attala, abbot of Luxeuil, of Mart. Rom. 

Bouillart adds to Usuard : Ipso die sancti Attali abbatis, discipuli 

sancti Columbani. 
Attal (Attalus), June 4, mart, at Nivedunum (Usuard). 
Atticc (Atticus), Nov. 6. In Phrygia Sancti Attici, Mart. Rom. 
Aucbertus (Hucbertus), bp. and conf. May 30. 
Audaic (Audax), mart, at Tyre, July 9. 

Audaicht (Audactus or Adauctus), presb. et mart, at Venosa, in Apulia, Oct. 24. 
Audoen (Audoenus), bp. of Rouen, Aug". 24. Ob. 686. Now St. Ouen. 
Audomair (Audomarus), bp. and conf., Sep. 9. Ob. 670. Now St. Omer. 
Aufid (Aufidius), Oct. 15. An African martyr, Hieron. Mart., Oct. 16. 
Augoir (Augurius), deac. et mart, at Tarragona, Jan. 21. 
Auguil (Augulus), Feb. 7, bp. and mart, at Augusta in Britannia {Mart. 

Rom.), i.e. London. 
Auguist (Augustus), mart, at Nicomedia, May 7. 
Augustm (Augustinus), Ap. 28. Not known. 

mart, at Nicomedia, May 7. 

archbp. of Canterbury, apostle of England, May 26. 

Aurelius, bp. and conf. Aug. 28, his octave, Sep. 4, translation, Oct. 1 1. 

of Bennchor, Oct. 27. Augustini Bendcair, Mart. Taml. Ob. 775. 

Auit (Avitus), abp. of Vienne, Feb. 5. Ob. 523. 

June 17, presb. and conf. at Orleans. 

Aurea, May 20, for Aureus, mart, at Rome, Hieron. Mart. 

virg., Oct. 4 (Usuard). 

Aurelius, mart, at Antioch, Oct. 20. 

Auseint (Auxentius), Aug. 7, a companion of S. Donatus the martyr, et 

eodem die coronatus. See Migne's obs. on Usuard, Aug. 7. 
Autbeirt (Autpertus), bp. of Cambrai and conf, Dec. 13. Ob. 779. 
Auxil CAuxaile, Drumm. Kal. = Auxilius), Mar. 19. This is the Auxilinus 

inserted, man. rec, in Mart. Taml. 


Auxilius, bp. and conf., Sep. i6. Auxilii (gen. sg.) Mart. Tumi. 

Azarias, Dec. i6, one of the three Children. 

Babill (Babylas), bp. and mart, at Antioch, Jan. 24. 

Bachel, Aug. 4. Unknown : cf. a mail bachal, Sg. 229''. 

Bachus (Bacchus), mart, with Sergius, Oct. 7. 

Baetdn, s. of Luge (Lugaid?), bp. of Inis mor, Jan. 14. In Mart. Don. 15, 

cpscop is wrongly rendered by ' abbot.' 

s. of Colman, Feb. 5. Mart. Doji. here has Baothan. 

maccu Cormaic, abb. of Clonmacnois, Mar. i. Ob. 663. 

of Monu, Mar. 23. 

s. of BrecCfin, Nov. 29. 

Bdeth, of Tech BAith, Dec. 8. In Mart. Don. p. 330, ' Brenainn 6 Tethbaith " 

should be corrected into ' Brenainn. [Baeth] 6 Tech-Baith.' 
Baethalach, Oct. 5. bp. of Ath Truim and a successor {coinarba) of Patrick, 

ace. to Mart. Don. where the name is spelt Baethallach, altered {man. 

rec. et ■perpe7'a}n) into Baethallaigh, as printed. , But the Four ^Masters, 

A.D. 751,, make Baethallach abbot (not bp.) of Ath Truim, and his name 

is not found in any of the lists of S. Patrick's successors. 
Bdethdn, son of Beccdn, Ap. 24. 
Bairre, bp. and conf, from Corcach, Sep. 25. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 2324- 

Baiss (Bassus), mart, at Alexandria with Antonius, Feb. 14. 
Baite, f of Ethne and Sodelb, Mar. 29. 
Baithin, s. of Nemnann, Jan. 12. 

s. of Findach, of Inis Baithin, May 22. 

• s. of Alia, Oct. 6. 

Oct. 12. Bditheni (gen. sg.), Mart. Tanil. 

Lesi, Oct. 15. 

Baldomer, Feb. 27. Lugduni, Sancti Baldomeris uiri Dei ; cuius sepulcrum 

crebris miraculis illustratur. Mart. Rom. 
Ballon, of Tech Saxon, Sep. 3, was, according to Colgan {Acta SS. Hib. p. 

602, note 5) brother of Geraldus (:= Garalt, 13 March), 'Berikertus' (= 

Beretchert, 6 Dec), and ' Hubritanus' {^=- Ecbricht, 24 Ap. or Echfritan 

27 May?) 
Baluina (Balbina) virg. and mart, at Rome, Mar. 31. 
Banban (son of Donngal ?) sac. May i. 

mo Banbdn ecnaid. May 9. 

bp. of Lethglenn, Nov. 26. 

bp., Dec 3. 

Banbnat, July 23. 

—virg., Aug. II. 

Bdnfota (' fair-tall ') Mar. i. Banfota, Mart. Taml. 
Bard, gen. Baird, St. Sechnall's ancestor, Nov. 27. 
Barnaibb (Barnabas) the Apostle, June 1 1. 
Barrfind (s. of Muredach ?) of Inis Doimle, Jan. 30. 

bp.. Mar. 16. 

bp. and abb., from Druim Cuilinn and Cell Barrfind, May 21. 

July I. Bairrfinn, Mart. Don. 

s. of Ernin, Sep. 22. 

s. of Aed, of Achad Caillten, Nov. 8. 

Nov. 13. 

Bartholom (Bartholomaeus) the apostle, Aug. 24. Hibcrnicised also as 

Basil (Basilius), June 14, bp. and conf at Caesarea Cappadociae : mart. Nov. 

20. Basilii (gen. sg.), Auctaria to Usuard, ed. Migne, p. 716. 
Basilla, virg. and mart, at Rome, May 20. 


Bassa, virg. Ap. 13. Misprinted Bascia in Mart. Don. edd. Todd and Reeves, 

pp. 100, lOI. 
Bassil (Basileus), mart, at Rome with lovinus, Mar. 2. 
Bassill (Basilla), Aug. 26. (Hieron. Mart.) 
Bassilid (Basilides), June 12, mart, at Milan. 
Bassilis (Basilissa), Jan. 9, the virgin-wife of lulianus, with whom Gorman 

commemorates her. 
Bassilla (Basilla), May 17, mart, at Alexandria with Victor. 
Bassus, Aug. 26. Not known. 
Bathild (Bathildis), Jan. 30. In territorio Parisiacensi Baltildis [leg. Bathildis] 

reginae, Bouillart, cited in Usuard, ed. Migne, Jan. 30, and see Bouillart's 

note, ibid. 
Baudelus (Baudelius), May 20, mart, at Nimes (Usuard). 
Bauon (Bavo), conf , Oct. i, of Ghent. Ob. 653. Mart. Rom. mentions his 

liberality to the poor, &c. 
Beatrix, virg. and mart. July 29, sister of the martyrs Faustinus and Simpli- 

cius, with whom Gorman commemorates her. 
Becc; Oct. 12, mac De, Mart. Don. Ob. a.d. 557. As to his so-called pro- 
phecies, see O'Curry, Ms. Materials 399, and LB. 263''. Lism. Lives, 

pp. xxvi, 171, 176, 248, 264, 350. 
Becdn Dall of Cenn saile, Feb. 26. 

of Ruimenn, Mar. 17. Ob. 675. 

s. of Ciila, Ap. 5. 

Beccdn, of Cluain, Ap. 26. 

in Cluain Ard mo-Becc6ic, May 26. Ob. 687. 

s. of Sar^n ? Aug. 17. Another Beccan, Aug. 17. 

Becce, mo-Becce in Trelec, May 29. 

ancestor of Beccmarcach, Aug. i, gl. 5. 

Becc-marcach hua Becce, Aug. i. 

Beccoc, mo-Becc6c, Oct. 28. Another mo-Becc6c, Nov. 14. 
Beda, Baeda, the Venerable, May 26. Ob. 735. 

Benedict (Benedictus), abb. of Monte Cassino, Mar. 21. Ob. 542. Transla- 
tion to Floriacum (Fleury), July 11. 

pope (the second of that name). May 7. Ob. a.d. 685. 

Benedicta, virg. et mart. ' in territorio Laudunensi,' Oct. 8. 
Benignus, presb. et mart, at Dijon, Nov. i. 
^ son of Sescnen, bp. of Armagh. Nov. 9. Ob. 468. Irish Life, 

Brussels MS. 4 1 90-4200, fo. 203^ His name was hibernicised as Benen, 

which points to a rustic Latin Ben^-gnus. 
Beo-aed, bp. of Ard-carna, Mar. 8. Ob. 523. 
Beodn, s. of Ness^n, bp. of Fidcuilinn, Aug. 8. 

of Tamlachta Menainn, Oct. 26. 

s. of Libren, bp., Dec. 3. 

Beoc, da Beoc, of Loch Geirg, Jan. i. = Beo-aed, q.v. 

mo Beoc, of Termonn, abb. July 24. 

Oct. 25, perhaps the same as da Beoc, supra, see Mart. Do?i. p. 157, 

note 5, p. 284. 
Beogain, abb. of Mag bile, July 27. 

Beogna, Beognous, second abb. of Bennchor, Aug. 22. Ob. 605. 
Beoin, virg., Feb. i. 

Beologo, sac, of Cluain Dartada, Feb. 12. 
Berach, abb. of Cluain Coirpthe, Feb. 15. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 419c- 


eighth abb. of Bennchor, Ap. 21. Ob. 663 (666 ?). 

f of Rondn, Nov. 18. 

Berch^n of Aego, Ap. 10. 


Berchan, of Cliiain C^i, May 24. 

of Cluain Aeda aithmet, June 5. 

of Cluain Sosta {Afart Taml.)^ Aug. 4. Dec. 4. 

Oct. 12, gl. 6, an alias of mo-Bi Cllrenech. 

of Inis Rochla, Nov. 24. 

Beretchert, of Tulach Leis, Dec. 6. Ob. 839. See FM. at that year, and 

Chris f tail Inscriptions II 52, where for ' Berikert,' in two places, read 

' Beretchert,' and for 'Tulach-lias' read Tulach leis. The name on Plate 

XXX, which has been read Berechttcire, rather seems Bcrcchtid?ie, Lat. 

abl. of the form which the A.S. Bercthun (Baeda, H.E. v. 2) assumed in 

Irish mouths. 
Bernard, Aug. 22. This must be S. Bernard of Citeaux, the first abbot of 

Clairvaux, though his feast is Aug. 20. He died in 11 53, about 20 years 

before Gorman wrote, 
Beronic (Beronicus), Oct. 19, martyred in Syria along with Pelagia and 

forty-nine others (Usuard). 
Berr, Dec. 22. Unknown. 
Berr^n, July 11. Also in Mart. TaniL 

f. of Maeldub, Mar. 6, gl. 9. 

Bertinus, abb. of St. Omer, Sep. 5. Ob. 709. 
Bi : mo-Bf, nun, of Domnach brocc, Sep. 30. 

Clarenech, of Glas noiden, Oct. 12. See Berchan. Ob. 544. 

Biccill, of Tulach, Nov. i = Bigill, Mart. Don. 

Biccsech, virg., of Cell Biccsige, June 28. 

Birin, Sep. 4, first bishop of the West Saxons. Sep. 4 is the day of the 

translation of his relics from Dorchester to Winchester. (See Hampson, 

Medii Aevi Kal, i. 430). Dec. 3 is the day of his deposition. 

Dec. 3, Baeda H.E. iv. 12. Ob. 560 or thereabouts. 

Birstan (Byrnstan), bp., Nov. 4. Hampson i. 445. Probably the ' Briscani 

episcopi et confessoris' of the Auctaria to Usuard, ed. Migne, at Nov. 4. 
Bite, of Inis Cumscraig, July 29. Bfti Insi Caumscraidh, Mart. Tain/. See 

Biu : mo-Biu, abb., July 22. Biteus .i. mo-Biu abb. Insi Cumscraigh, Mart. 

Don., see Bite. 
Blddn, bp. of Cenn Garad (Kingarth) in Bute, Feb. i, gl. 5. Aug. 10. His 

mother was S. Catdn's only sister Ertha [leg. Erca ?], quae aquam haus- 

tura domo forte progressa k inuene formosissimo sibique ignoto per uim 

est compressa : ex quo concubitu S. Blaanus natus, Colgan, Acta SS. 233. 

Ob. 510. 
Blaithmec, Blathmec, f. of Onchu, July 14. 

s. of Flann, July 24. 

Dec. II. 

Blandina, mart, at Lyons, June 2. 

Blassus (Blasius), bp. and mart, Feb. 3 (Usuard). 

Bldth, of Cluain Grencha, virg., Jan. 18. 

virg., Jan. 29. 

Blauius, bp. and mart, at Sebaste, Feb. 15 (Ado). Usually spelt Blasius. 

But see Migne in his ed. of Usuard, p. 765. 
Bochra, mother of SS. Laidcenn, Cainnech and Accobrdn, Nov. 28. 
Boethdn, son of Maendn, June 18. 
mo-Boethdn of Cluain Fannabair, Dec. 13 = mo-Baoi, Mart. 

Boethgus, Nov. 30. 
Boethi'n Cldrenech, Jan. 29 == Baithfnc, Ma)-t. Tanil. Baethin, Mart. Don. 

mac Cuanach, of Tech Boethi'n, Feb. 19. 

second abb. of lona, June 9. 


Boetoc, do-Boetoc of Cliiain da Boetoc, July 22. 

Boga, virg., Jan. 22, ace. to Mart. Don. a sister of Colma and Lasse or 

Laisri, and a disciple of Comgell of Bennchor. 
Boich maigister, Nov. 24 (where Boich is disyllabic). 
Boithin (leg. Bdithin ?), Jan. 9. Baitini, Mcvt. Taml. (Brussels MS.). Baoi- 

thin, Mart. Don. 
Bolcdn, bp., Feb. 20. 

of Cell Chiile, July 4. 

Bonefait, pope (Bonifacius IV.), May 13. Ob. 615. 
Bonifait (Bonifacius), June 5, mart, in Rome. 

June 5, bp. Winfrid, mart, in Frisia 

Bonois (Bonosus), mart, with Maximianus, Aug. 21. 

Bran Becc, from Claenad, May 18. 

Brandub, gen. Branduib, from Loch Munremair, Feb. 6. 

bp., June 3. 

Branwald (Branwalatr), Jan. 19, a Breton saint whose name (in voc. sg.) 

occurs as Bramvalatre in a tenth century Latin litany edited by Mabil- 

lon from a Reims MS., and reprinted by Haddan and Stubbs, ii. 81-85. 
Brecc Fele, of Belach Fele, Jan. 1 5. 
Brecc^n, bp. of Mag Bili, Ap. 29. 

bp. of Aran ? May i. 

of Echdruim Breccd,in, May 7. Misprinted Bercan, Berchan in Mart. 

Don.., pp. 120, 121. 

of Cluain Catha, bp. of Ard Breccdin and abb. of Mag Bili, July 16. 

Oct. 12. 

bp., Dec. I. 

bp. of Ard Brecciin, Dec. 6. 

Breccnat, virg., July 3. Breacnat, ogh. Mart. Don. 
Brelach, s. of Fidchellach, Feb. 17. 
Brenaind, Jan. 9. 

May 8. Perhaps Brenaind Biror, whom Mart. Taml. commem- 
orates at May 9. 

s. of Finding and abb. of Cluain ferta. May 16. Ob. 576. Irish Life, 

Lism. Lives, pp. 99-116. 

— of Tobar, July 27. 

— Nov. I. 

— of Glass dd cholptha, Nov. 3. 

— abb. of Birra, Nov. 29. Ob. 571. 

— of Druim Liac, Dec. i. 

— Dec. 8. See Baeth supra, 
of Etarcludin, Dec. 13. 

Bresal, from Derthach, May 18. Sep. 30, seventeenth abb. of Hi, who died 

May 18, A.D. 801. (796 FM.) 
Briccin, da-Briccin, May 9 = da Breccoc Tuama Dracon, Mart. Taml. LL. 

360'^ D reman, Brussels MS. 

of Tuaim Drecain, Sep. 5. 

Bricius (Briccius), bp. and conf. Nov. 13. S. Martin's successor at Tours. 
Brig, of Cairbre, virg. ? Jan. 7. 

virg. of Cell muine, Nov. 12. 

Brigit, virg., abbess of Cell dara, Feb. i, 'gloria Scottorum,' Hampson i. 


d. of Domma, Feb. 7. 

of Moin Milain, Mar. 9. Another Brigit, March 9. 

d. of Dimmdn, May 21. 

of Cluain Ai, Aug. 13. Another Brigit, Sep. 

Brittan, of Rdith, May 19. 



Briiin, gen. Briiiin, ancestor of Ernfn, Sep. 27, gl. i. 
Briunsech, virg., d. of Crimthann, May 29. 
Broccaid, of Imlech Broccada, July 9. 

(MS. Broccad) Aug. 14 = BroCcin mac Lugdach, Ma}-f. Tain!. 

I5roccdn, s. of Enda, Jan. i. 

Ap. 9. 

of Cluain maic Feicc, June 5. 

June 27. 

the scribe, of Moethail Broccdin, July 8. 

of Imgan, Aug. 25. Broccani .i. Maigin, Alarf. Tauil. 

of Ross Tuirc, Sep. 17. Brac^n, Mart. Don. 

Brodna (Broednea, Mart. Taml. ?) an alias for Findbarr, of Cell Chunga, Sep. 

9, gl- I- 
Brolch^n, grandf. of Mael-Isu, Jan. 16. 
Bron, bp. of Caisel Irroe, June 8. 
Bronach, virg., of Glenn Sechis, Ap. 2. 

f. of Buite, Dec. 7. 

Bronchain, of Leithet, Sep. 30. Bronchein Let[h]et Corcaighe, Mart. Tanil. 
Brugach, bp. from R^ith Maige Oenaig, Nov. i. 

s. of Setna '^. Nov. 3. 

Buachaill, ancestor of Riachuill, Ap. 13, gl. 3. 

f. of Udrin, Dec. 15, gl. 4. 

Buadbeo, Nov. 17., in Ethas (Methas?) cromm, Jan. 24. 

Bugna, in Wales, Ap. 21. Bugno i ti'r Bret, Mart. Taml. 

Buichbirt, Sep. 4, a corruption (for sake of the alliteration with Birin ?) of 

Siiicbcrct., the name of a missionary bishop sent to the Frisians (Baeda. 

H.E. V. ii.). His canonization, Birin, and the translation of Cuthbert were 

commemorated on Sep. 4. 
Buite, bp., son of Ikonach, Dec. 7 ; elevation of, Dec. 11. Ob. 519, 
Ciechin, gen. Caech^in, Jan. i, gl. 5. 
Cdem, see Coem. 

C^enchomrac, of Disert Cinnclair, June 29 : of Inis Endaim, July 23. 
C^erlan, bp. of Armagh, Mar. 24. Ob. 587. See Colgan, Acta SS. 744. 
CAerndn, Jan. 31. 

of Cluain Eich, Ap. 28. 

C^erthenn, f. of Trea, Aug. 3, gl. 4. 

Caeti (Coeddi), bp. at lona, Oct. 24. Ob. 710, ace. to FM. 

Cdidbeo, Oct. 11, mo Chaidbheo, Mart. Don. 

Cainer, virg., d. of Cruthnech^n, of Cell chuilinn, Jan. 28. 

d. of CoelAn, of Rind Allaid, Nov. 5. 

Cainnech, Jan. 23, Caindeach, Mart. Don. 

sac, s. of Hua Chil (or Uichel ?), Jan. 31. 

daughters of, Sep. 24. 

abb. of Achad bo, Oct. 11. Ob. 598. 

of Achad Rathin, Nov. 28, gl. i. 

Cdinneoc, May i 5. 

Cairbre (MS. Coirpre), Jan. 15. 

; — Cromm, Mar. 6, bp. of Clonmacnois. 

bp. of Mag Bile, May 3. 

bp., Nov. I. 

bp. of Ciiil Rathin, Nov. 11. 

Cairech Dergdin, virg., of Cluain boirenn, Feb. 9. 
Cairell, f. of Tuan, Ap. i. 

of Tir roiss, June 13. 

f. of Daig, Aug. 18. 


Calrell, f. of Femme, Sep. 17. 

Cairitan, of Druim Lara, Mar. 7. 

Calb, presb. of Tulach Carpait, Jan. 26. 

Calixtus or Callistus, pope, Ap. 16, Oct. 14. Is Gorman's epithet cdiii 
suggested by the meaning of Callistus ? In Mart. Rom. a Corinthian 
martyr Cahxtus is commemorated at Ap. 16, while pope Cahxtus' day is 
Oct. 14. 

Calh'n, s. of Niata, of Fidnach, Nov. 13. Irish Life in Bk. of Fenagh, Dublin, 

Cammdn, Nov. 2i=:Comman, iT^/czr/. Don. 
Cammene, Sep. i. 

Cammoc, mo-Chammoc, of Inis c^in, Ap. 13. moChaomocc, Mart. Don. 
Canin, Nov. i. 
Candidus, mart, at Carthage, Mar. 11. 

mart, at Rome, Oct. 3. 

Canon, sac, Nov. 4. Canan, Mart. Don. 

Cantius, mart., at Aquileia, May 31. (Usuard.) 

Caprais (Caprasius), June i : mart, at Agen, Oct. 20. 

Caradi'c (' amatus '), May 19, a Welsh saint ? 

Caramndn, July 20. Caramnani, Mart. Tainl. Carmnan, Mart. Don. 

Carist (Charisius), Ap. 16, mart, with Calixtus at Corinth. 

Carlan, f. of Eoin, Aug. 17, gl. 2. 

Carnech, bp., s. of Sdrdn, Mar. 28. 

of Tuilen, May 16, a British saint. 

Carpofciir (Carpophorus), presb. and mart, at Spoleto, Dec. 10. 
Carpus, bp. and mart, at Pergamus, Ap. 13. 

bp. and mart, at Troas, Oct. 13 (2 Tim. iv. 13). 

Carthach, s. of Oengus, Mar. 5, of Druim Fertain and Inis Uachtair. 
bp.,s. of Airbertach (yl/czrA Ta/nl.)^ Mar. 26, mac Erb^rte (misprinted 

Erbthaide), Mart. Don. 
Cartus (Quartus), mart, in Capua, Oct. 7 (Baeda). 
Cass, of Bennchor, Ap. 26. 

father of Dimma, May 12, gl. 3. 

Cassan from Imdual, Mar. 28. 

sac, June 4. 

of Cluain raithe, June 20. 

Cassian (Cassianus), bp. and conf. at Autun, Aug. 5. 

mart, in Fore Syllae, Aug. 13. 

(Cassianus), mart, in Mauritania, Dec. 3, mistaken for an Irish 

Cassan in Mart. Don. 
Cassin, s. of Nemdn, Mar. i. 

virg., of Druim dd. dart, May 22. 

Cassius, mart, at Verona, Oct. 10. 
Castor, mart, at Tarsus, Mar. 28. 

mart, at Tarsus, Ap. 27. 

(Castorius), mart, at Rome, July 7. 

(Castorius), mart, at Rome, Nov. 8. 

mart, in Africa, Dec. 28. 

Castuil (Castulus), mart, in Egypt, Jan. 12. Mart. Hieron. 

(Castula), June 5, mart, at Rome, Mart. Hieron. 

Castus, May 22, mart, at Carthage. Baeda, at Rome, Mart. Hieron. 

mart, at Capua, Oct. 6. 

Catarina (Catharina), virg. and mart, at Alexandria, Nov. 25. 

Catha, s. of Oengus, presb., Sep. 8. Crumthir Catha mac Oengusa i Cluain 

Eorainne, Mart. Taml. 
Cathbad, Sep. 16. 

Z 2 


Cathbad, f. of Colman, Sep. 22. 

Cathbath, July i. 

Cathchan, bp., Mar. 20, of Raith Derthaige, Mart. Don. 

Cathub, s. of Fergus, bp. of Achad cinn, Ap. 6. Ob. 544. 

bp., Ap. 8. 

Cattiin, Feb. i, S. BM^n's tutor. 

, Dec. 12. 

Caurndn Becc, Jan. 6, in Cell Churn^in, co. Limerick. CurnAn, Mart. 

Cele clerech, bp. and mart, at Wiirzburg, July 8. 
Cele Crist, bp.. Mar. 3. Ob. 721. 
Celerin (Celerinus), deac. and mart, in Africa, Feb. 3. 
Celestinus (Coelestinus I.), Ap. 7, the pope that sent Palladius to Ireland. 

Commemorated in Mart. Rom. on Ap. 6. 
Cellach, f. of Ossein, Jan. i, gl. 4. 

s. of Aedh, a successor of S. Patrick, Ap. i. Ob. 1 129. 

s. of Dunchad, July 18. Cellach mac Duncada regis, Mart. 


deac, Oct. 7. Cellagi saxonis diaconi in QMnn da locha. Mart. 


Cellach^n, Ap. 22. 

of CluAin Tiprat, Sep. 24. 

Cellan, hua Fiachrach, bp., May i. Irish Life LB. 272'', where he is called 

s. of Fincln, June 17. 

■ — sac, Oct. 8. Cellani ^res'^ytcri^ Mart. Tanil. 

; — Nov. 17. 

Celloc, mo Chelloc, of Tulach Ualainn, Jan. 23. 

Feb. I. Two other mo Chellocs, Mar. 7, Dec. 23. 

Celsus, bp. of Armagh, Ap. 6, gl. i. 

June 19, boy-martyr at Milan, Hieron. Mart. 

mart, at Milan along with Nazarius, July 28. 

— Oct. 27. Not known. 

Dec. 10. Not known. 

CenannAn, Mar. 26, gen. Cenannain, Afart. Taml. A church called 
Teampidl Ceafinanac/t (-a/o^?) in the middle isle of Aran (Colgan, 
Acta SS. 715, col. 2) is connected by Petrie (Round Towers 188-9) with 

Cenelmus (Kenelmus), July 17. Eodem die in Britannia, sancti Kenelmi 
martyris ... In Anglia, Kenelini [leg. Kenelmi] regis Merciorum et 
martyris, pueri septem annorum, Auctaria to Usuard, ed. Migne. 
Haddan and Stubbs, Councils^ etc.. Ill, 598 n. 

Cenna : mo Chenna, virg., Jan. 29. Spelt mo Chonna in Mart. Taml. 

Cennfaelad, abb. of Bennchor, Ap. 8. Ob. 704. 

Cennmar, May 9. Cenmar (perperam), Mart. Don. 

Ceolfrid, Oct. 8, probably the abb. of Jarrow and Wearmouth, whose day, 
however, in the English calendar, is Sep. 25. 'In Glasconia, depositio 
sancti Ceolfridi abl^atis et confcssoris,' Auct. to Usuard at Sep. 25. 

Ceprius (Cyprius ?), Aug. 27. Not known. 

Cera, virg., Feb. 5. Casra:. Orait [leg. 6 R;'iith] Moentich, Mar-t. Taml. 

virg., Feb. 8. Cere sancte uirginis, Mart. Taml. 

Sep. 9. Sanctai Cere iur<;in/s. Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

— — — mother of Dub's children, of Mag Ascad, Oct. 16. 

Cerclach, Jan. 6. Comparison with the LL. copy of Mart. Taml., which 
on Jan. 6 has Di^di clicni{ac/i), seems to show ih^t ccrclac/i ('circular'?) 
is an epithet mistaken by Gorman and O'Clery for the name of a saint. 


The Brussels copy has la CherclacJi., which should of course be La\ssair 

Achaid Fota. Digdi\ cJierdach. 
Cesair (Caesarius), deac. and mart, in Terracina, Nov. i. 
Cethech, S. Patrick's bp.,June 16. 
Cetfaid, May 9. Ob. 1056, according to FM. Another Cctfaid, abbot of 

Emly, died in the year 988. 
Cian, mo Chian, Nov. 19. 
Cian^n, abb. P>b. 25. 

Nov. 29. Of him nothing seems known. 

Ciannan (leg. Ciand,n), bp. of Daimliac, Nov. 24. 
Ciar, virg., of Cell Chere, Jan. 5. Ob. 679. 
Ciaran, s. of Aed, Jan. 5. 

of Ross Cumalca, Jan. 9. 

of Tamlacht Gliad, Feb. 4. 

of Uaim, Feb. 24. 

of Saigir, bp. and conf., March 5. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 4190- 

4200, fo. 139^ 

of Foigde, March 8. 

of Cluain Sosta, Ap. 30. 

s. of Colgu, May 19. 

of Belach I3uin, June 14. 

of Tech hiia Gortig, July 19. 

mac in tsdir, abb. of Clonmacnois, Sep. 9. Ob. 548. Irish Life 

Lism. Lives, pp. 11 7-1 34. 

bp., son of Ciar (lar ? ) Sep. 29. 

abb. of Raith Maige oenaig, Oct. 8. 

grandf of Common, Oct. 31, gl. i. 

bp. of Tiprait mac nEnna (Nenna ?), Nov. 10. 

Ciaroc of Echdruim Brecc^in, May 7. 

Cicilia (Caecilia), virg. and mart, at Rome, Nov. 22. 

Cillein, abb., Jan. 8. 

Jan. 16. 

of Inis Doimli, March 3. 

of Lilcach, March 12. 

— s. of Tolodrd.n, March 26. 

•^. of Lubnan, Ap. 14, abb. of Birr, Mart. Don. 

Uroichtech, fourteenth abb. of Hi, July 3. Ob. 752. 

■ — bp., Aug. 31. 

s. of Bregda (Bregaid?), Dec. 28. 

Cillen, Ap. 19, probably Cillene Fota, thirteenth abb. of Hf. Ob. 72G, 

Oct. 22. 

Cilli^n, s. of Dodnan, Oct. 23. 

Cillien (leg. Cillein ? Cillian ?), July 5. 

Cillin hua Colla, abb. of Athan, Jan. 3. Ob. 720. 

bp. of Tech Tallin, May 27. 

— Aug. 7. 

Cilornn, gen. Ciluirn, Jan. 2, gl. 4. 

Cinne, virg., Feb. i. 

Cionia (Chionia), virg. and mart, at Thessalonica, Ap. 3. 

Ciprian (Cyprianus), bp. of Carthage, Sep. 14. 

bp. and mart., Sep. 26. Martyred with Justina. 

alDb. of Terigord, Dec. 9. 

Ciriac (Cyriacus), Jan. 12, mart, in Achaia (Baeda). 
Jan. 20, mart, at Nicomedia {Hiovn. Mart.). 

March 16, mart, at Rome. 

May 4, bp. and mart. 


Ciriac (Cyriacus), June 20, saint at Tomi (Usuard). 

(Quiriacus), June 21, in Africa (Usuard). 

Aug. 8, mart, with Largus. 

(Quiriacus, Usuard : Cyriaca, Baeda), Aug. 23. 

Ciric (Cyricus), infant-martyr at Tarsus, June 16. 

Ciricc (Cyricus? Quiricus ? ), Sep. 21. Not found. 

Ciricin, Nov. 3. Seems a diminutive of Ciric, but is spelt Cairicin in Mart. 

Cirill (Cyrillus), bp. of Alexandria, Jan. 28. 

mart, at Sebaste, Mar. 9. 

bp. and mart, at Gortyna, July 9. 

(Cyrilla), d. of Decius Caesar, mart., Oct. 28 (Baeda). 

Cirilla (Cyrilla), Dec. 9. Not known. 
Ciri'n (Ouirinus), mart, at Rome, ?*Iar. 30. 

June 4, bp. and mart, at Siscia. 

June 12, mart, at Milan with Basilides. 

Cirine (Hieronymus), presb. and conf, Sep. 30. 

Ciri'nus (Cyrinus), mart, at Rome, Mar. 25. 

Cirion (Cyrion), presb. and mart., Feb. 14 (Usuard). 

mart, at Sebaste, Mar. 1 1 (Ado). 

Citinus (Cythinus), one of the Scillitani, July 17. 

Clann Sen^in, June 23. 

Clann Senchdin, June 23. 

Clar-enech, 'Table-face,' the, of Uruim Bidg, Jan. 17 : of Cliiain Cdin, June 6. 

Clarenig, three, Crondn, Segein and Boethi'n, Jan. 29. As to Mo Bi cldrcnech 

and the meaning of the word see Oct. 12, note d. 
Clarin, f. of Moenach, Oct. 17. 

Clarus, presb. et mart., in pago Vilcasino, Nov. 4 (Usuard). 
Claud (Claudius), Nov. 8. Mart, at Rome with Nicostratus, &c. 
Claudian (Claudianus), mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. 
Claudic ( =: Claudicus ? Fel. Oeng.), Dec. 4, where he accompanies Merob 

i.e. Merobius. In the Martyrology of Christ Church, Dec. 3, we have 

' In Nicomedia, natalis sanctorum Merobi., Clatidi et Felicis,' so that 

our Claudic may be identified with this Claudius. 
Claudius, mart, in Lycia, Aug. 23. 

mart, at Rome, Dec. 3. 

Claudus, Sep. 21. Here ' Claudus ' seems an error for 'Claudius,' the 

'Clemeint' with whom he is associated. Clemens was an Irish scholar 

of the eighth century, whom Colgan, Acta SS. 696, calls 'Claudius 

Clemens.' But see Lanigan, Eccl. Hist, of Ircla/ui, III, 207, 217, 219. 
Clauid (Claudius), Ap. 5. Claudianus, an Egyptian martyr, in Mart. Rom. 

mart, at Rome, with pope Marcellinus, Ap. 26. 

mart, at Rome, with Nicostratus, July 7. 

Clemeint (Clemens), presb. and conf, Jan. 20. 

Sep. 21. See Claudus, supra. 

pope and mart., Nov. 23. 

Dec. 4, presb. at Alexandria (Usuard). 

Clementin (Clementinus), mart, at Heraclea, with Theodotus, Nov. 14. 
Cleophas, Sep. 25. 'In oppido Emmaus, Jesu Christi Domini discipulus 

(Luc. xxiv, 18) in eadem domo, in qua mensam Domino paraverat, a 

ludaeis occisus legitur,' Mart. Rodi. 
Cletus, pope and mart., Ap. 26. Also called Anacletus. 
Clodoald, presb., Sep. 7, ob. 560 or thereabouts. Now called St. Cloud. 
Cloine, mo Chloine, bp., Nov. 15. 
Clothach ('famous'). May 3, perhaps only an epithet for Conlaed : gen. 

sg. Clothaig sancti. Mart. Taiiil. 


Clothrann, of Inis duine, virg. and d. of Conall, Oct. i. A sister-form of 

the ?2-stem Clothru. 
Cobair, July 30, is perhaps not a proper name, but a noun meaning ' help.' 

See note a, p. 147. 
Cobnesach, bp. Oct. 16. Better spelt Comnessach? 
Cobran, of Cluain, July 19, is Corbran Cluana in Mart. TainL 

of Cluain Ciiallachta, Aug. 2. 

Cocca (of Cell chocca ?), June 6. 

Coccnat of Ernaide, virg., Feb. 11. 

Cocha of Ross Bennchoir, June 29. 

Coe, mo Choe, abb. of Npendruim, June 23. Ob. 496. 

Coel, presb. of Cell Mor, May 25. 

virg. of Cell na n-ingen, d. of Mac lair, Oct. 26, gl. 5. 

craibdech, Nov. 10. 

Coel^n, of Daire, June 19. 

alias of mo-Choe, June 23. 

of Cell eo, June 30. 

July 25, gen. sg. Co[e]lain, Mart. Tainl. 

of Inis Celtra, July 29. 

of Ech-inis, Sep. 25. 

of Tech na manach, Oct. 29. 

Coelba, Celbae, Mart. Taiiil. gen. Coelbad, Aug. 21. 
Coelchii, of Liii Airthir, Sep. 24. 
Coelfind (' slender-fair '), virg., Feb. 3. 
Coeman, Feb. 14. 

of Mag niaic Dodon, Feb. 22. 

Mar. 14. Two other Coemdns, March 18, June 7. 

of Ard Coemdin, June 12. 

— s. of Daigre, Aug. 14, gl. 2. 

Brecc, bp. of Condoire, Sep. 3, of Ross Ech, Sep. 14. Ob. 614. 

— Sep. 16. Another Coemdn, Oct. 16. 

■ of Enach truim, Nov. 3. 

of Ross Cruthnechdin, Dec. 18. 

Coeme, virg. of Cell Choeme, Ap. 4, Nov. 2. Spelt Coema at Ap. 4, and at 

Ap. 4 Mart. Tainl. has Coine Cille Coine. 
Coemgein, abb., May 11. 
Coemgen, abb. of Glenn da locha, June 3. Ob. 618. Irish Life, Brussels 

MS. 2324-30, fo. i66\ 

Brecc, Oct. 16. 

Coemfn, of Inis Celtra, March 24. Metrical Irish Life, Brussels MS. 2324- 

40, fo. 1 56''. Ob. 656. 
Coemlach, of Rathen, Nov. 3. 
Coemnat, Sep. 23. 
Coemnech, Sep. 13. 
Coemoc (Caemoc), mo-Choemoc, Mar. 13, abb. of Liath mo Choemoic. 

— July 22. 

of Cell Inse, Nov. i. 

pilgrim, Nov. 3. 

Coemsa, virg., of Tamlachta, Feb. 25. 

Coemsech of Dermag Ciiile Cdenna, Nov. 30. 

Coenna (MS. Caenna), No\\ 5. 

Coennet, Ap. 24, seems = ' Coemnat Cula Cichmaig,' Mart. Taml. Ap. 34. 

So perhaps for Coennet we should read Coemnat. 
Coibdenach, bp. of Ard sratha, Nov. 26. Ob. 705. 
Coigitois (Cogitosus), Ap. 18, a monk of Kildare supposed to be the father 

of Muirchu maccu Machtheni (Trip. Life 271), and the author of a Life 


of S. Brigit printed by Colgan {Ti: Thauin. 518-526), Surius and the 

Coipp, virg., d. of Caern^n, of Cliiain Cichmaige, Ap. 24. 

d. of Dimmae, Ap. 28. 

Coirpre, Jan. 15. See Cairbre. 

Colamm (better Colomb) of Loch Munremuir, Feb. 6. 

Colcu maccu Duinechda, Feb. 20, lector of Clonmacnois. Ob. 794 (789, 

Colgu, gen. Colgan, f. of Taedoc, Jan. 31, gl. 8. 
Colla, ancestor of Cilh'n, Jan. 3, gl. i. 

mo-Cholla, virg., Mar. 23. 

d. of Dimma, May 25. 

Colma, virg., Jan. 22, was, according to ISTart. Don. a sister of Boga and 

Lassi or Laisri, and a disciple of Comgell of Bennchor. ' F^iliarum 

Comgaill [.i.] Lasii et Columbae et Bogae,' Mart. Tarn I. 
Colman, s. of Eochaid, Jan. i. 

Muilinn, of Daire Caechain, Jan. i. 

Cerr of Sailbecc, Jan. 13. Another Colmdn, Jan. 13. 

=1 mo-Cholmoc of Less mor, Jan. 22, gl. 5. 

mac Duach, Feb. 3. 

bp., Feb. 7. 

bp., maccu Telduib, Feb. 8. Ob. 652. 

alDb. of Cluain Eraird, Feb. 9. Apparently the same as the Colmdn 

at Feb. 8. Another Colman, Feb. 18. 

of Ard Bo, Feb. 21. Another Colman, March 5. 

of Cluain Tibrind, March 10. 

of Linn Uachaille, March 30. Ob. 699. 

• of Camm-achad, March 31. 

— Find, Ap. 4. 

Ap. 9. Another Colman, Ap. 14. Another, May 2. 

of Loch Echim, May 6. 

maccu Laigsi, May 15. 

bp.. May 18. 

of Daire mor. May 20. 

Cron, May 21. 

Lobor, of Mag eo. May 21. Another Colniiln, May 24. 

Stellain, May 26. Ob. 624. Another Colman, June i. Another, 

June 4. 

bp., June 6. 

— s. of Corodran, of Miliuc, June 15. 

— s. of Roe in Rechru, June 16. 
Mor, s. of Luachdn, June 17. 

s. of Mice, June 18. 

of Druim Lias, June 19. 

Proinntige, June 26. 

Imrama, 'of the Voyage,' July 8. 

— mac Crona, July 11. 

— sac, of Cluain Bruchais, July 12. 
- s. of Angen, July 14. 

— =1 mo-Cliolmoc, July 19. Another Colmdn, July 22. 

— hua Litdin, July 25. doctuir toghaidhe, FM. 725. 

— bp., s. of Oengus, July 31. 

— s. of Bcicth, of Druim Uaithe, Aug. 5. 

— bp. of Inis bo finde, Aug. 8. Ob. 674. Another Colman, Aug. 15. 

— Cuile, Aug. 18. 

— of Cluain Ferta Mugaine, Sep. 3. 


Colm^n, s. of Eochaid, Sep. 6. 

bp., Sep. II. 

hua Lonain, Sep. 16. 

s. of Cathbad, of Mide isel, Sep. 22. 

Comraire, Sep. 25. 

Ela, abb. of Lann Ela, Sep. 26. Ob. 610. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 

2324-40, fo. 6o^ 

of Ross Branduib, Sep. 26. Another Colman, Sep. 29. 

of Cluain Tiprat, Sep. 30. Another Colman, Oct. i. 

of Land (Cholmain ?}, Oct. 3. 

bp., Oct. 4. 

abb. of Cluain C^in, Oct. 6, gl. 3. Another Cohnan, Oct. 7. Another, 

Oct. 15. 

— bp. of Cell Riiaid, Oct. 16. 

— s. of Cortced, abb., Oct. 18. 

— of Tuaim Gr^ne (Grene), Oct. 20. Two other Colmdns, Oct. 24. 

— grandson of Fiachra, Oct. 27. Another Colman, Oct. 28. 

— of Cammas Comgaill, Oct. 30. 

— son of Findn, Nov. i. Another Colman, Nov. i. 

— of Glenn Delmaic, Nov. 5. 

— ■ pilgrim, of Inis mo Cholmoic, Nov. 7. 

— of Mag Eo, Nov. 13. 

— of Inis mo-Cholmoc, Nov. 14. 

— s. of Comman, of Aru airthir, Nov. 21. 

— of Dub-chuilenn, Nov. 24. 

— s. of Lenin, of Cluain Uamad, Nov. 24. Ob. 600. 

— Dub, Dec. 3. 

— hiia Eire, Dec. 5. Two other Colmdns, Dec. 7, Dec. 10. 

— bp. of Glenn da locha, Dec. 12. 

— descendant of Teldub, Dec. 12. 

— of Rdith Maelsigi, Dec. 14. 

— s. of Finntan, Dec. 14. 

— Alaind, Dec. .14. Two other Colmans, Dec. 15, Dec. 18. 

— of Cluain da fiach, Dec. 23. 
s. of Dairchill, Dec. 27. 

Colinoc : mo Cholmoc of Druim mor mo Cholmoc, June 7. 
Coloceir (Calocaerius), mart., Mar. 19. Caloserus, Mart. Rom. 
Columb cille, June 9, the day of his death, a.d 597 : Dec. 7, his birthday, 
A.D. 521, gen. Coluimb cille, Mar. 22. Irish Life, Lism. Lives, pp. 20 • 

Columm of Cenn Garad, Mar. i. 

of Loch Inse ere. May 15. 

presb., of Domnach mor Maige Imchlair, June 4. 

Goba and Columm manach, June 7. 

f. of Sproc, June 30. 

bp., s. of Riangal, Aug. i. 

s. of Blddn, Sep. 2. 

of Ross Glanda, Sep. 6. 

sac, of Enach, Sep. 22. Another Columm, Sep. 29. 

tenth abb. of Bennchor, Oct. i. Ob. 666. 

of Inis cdin, on Loch Meilgi, Oct. 14. Another Columm, Oct. 16. 

s. of Aed Cloen, of Cuil Damdin, Nov. 8, of Ciiil Briuin, Dec. 11. 

s. of Crimthann, of Tir dd. glas, Dec. 13. Ob. 548. 

Columba, d. of Baite, Mar. 25. 

s. of Faelgus, May 15. 

Columbdn, abb. of Luxeuil and Bobio, elevatio, Sep. 27, depositio, Nov. 21. 


Columndn, Feb. 23. 

Comgall, Comgilliis, first abb. of Bennchor, May 10, Aug. 22, gl. 2. Ob. 600. 

of Cluain Diamair, July 24. 

of Gobul Liuin, July 28. 

hiia Sardin, Aug. 26. 

son of Eochaid, of Both Conais, Sep. 4. 

abb., Oct. 7. 

Comgan of Glenn Uissen, Feb. 27, at Feb. 26 in Galba A. xv^iii. 

cdle De, Aug. 2. 

of Cluain Connaid, Oct. 13. 

Comgell, virg., d. of Diarmait, July 7. 

virg., Sep. ,19. 

d. of Mac lair, of Cell na n-ingen, Oct. 26, gl. 5. 

Commaig, virg.. May 27, of Sndni luthair, Mart. Don. 

■ d. of Ci'ar^n, Dec. 19. 

Common lobar, s. of Laigne, Jan. 28. 

maccu Temni, Feb. 27. 

bp., March 18. 

son of Domungen, Ap. 3. 

of Tech mic Findchain, May 8. 

son of Dimma, of Aricul, May 15, July 15. Another Comman, 

May 23. 

s. of Findbarr, July 29. 

hua Ci'arain, abb. of Lismore, Oct. 31. Another Comman, Nov. 10. 

of Ross Commain, Dec. 26. See O'Donovan, FM. 74^, note i, 1170 

note z. 
Commein, s. of Airde, July 29. Cuimmein mac Aride, Mart. Doit. 
Commoc : mo-Chommoc, s. of Doborchii, June 17 : of Cluain daim, Dec. 26. 
Comnat, abbess of Kildare, Jan. i. 
Comsech, i. of mo Sego, Dec. 9. 

Comsid, sac, of Domnach airis, Sep. 30. Coimsigh, Mart. Don. 
Condc, virg., Oct. 25, misprinted Conach in Mart. Don. 
Conaing, son of Lucunan (Luachutin ?), Sep. 23. 
Conall, gen. Conaill, Mar. 2. 

bp., Mar. 18. Another bp., March 28. 

• s. of Aed, of Cluain DalLlin, Ap. 2. 

Gulban, May 21, gl. 4. 

abb. of Inis coel, May 22. 

s. of Oengus, Sep. 9. 

f. of Clothru, Oct. I, gl. 4. 

Conamail, s. of Failbe, tenth abb. of lona, Sep. 11. Ob. 708. 

Oct. 8. 

Condn of Aego, Jan. 12. Another Conan, Feb. 13. 

mac Corre, Mar. 20. Three other Condns, Ap. 26, Aug. 16, Oct. 28. 

Condn-dil of Ess Ruaid, Mar. 8. See Lanigan II 222. 

Concand of Coel-achad, Aug. 20. 

Conchenn, Mar. 13. Coincheand, Mart. Don. 

na Conchinn, Ap. 28. 

of Coel-achad, Aug. 20. 

Conchraid, bp., Mar. 3. 

Concliath, Oct. 7. Coincliath, Mart. Don. 

Condere of Cuil Liacc, Sep. 17. 

Condmach of Ath Blair, July 9. 

Congalach of Aego, Dec. 22. 

Congus, gen. Congusa, f. of Lugaed, May 12, gl. 2. 

Conill, Mar. 3, probably a mistake for Conat/, the reading of Mart. Don. 


Confn, bp., Feb. 12. Coinin, Mart. Don. 
Conind, virg., Sep. 30. Coinind ogh, Mart. Don. 

Coningen, Ap. 29, an alias for Cuach of Cell Findmaige. According to Mart. 
Don. she was a pupil {daila) of Mac Tail of Cell Chuilinn, whence a 
scandal. See Fel. Oeng. p. Ixxvii. 
Conlaed, bp of Celldara, May 3. 
Conna Cuairne, of Inis Pdtric, Jan. 13. 

mo-Chonna, bp. of Lemchaill, Jan. 13. 

mo-Chonne, of Ernaide moChua, Jan. 25. 

do-Chonna, s. of Odrdn, Feb. 17. 

• virg., March 3. 

■ of Daire, Mar. 8. 

of Ess mac nEirc, Mar. 8. 

mo-Chonna, of Mayo, Mar. 27. 
abb. of Daire da Chonna, Ap. 12. Ob. 704. 

mo-Chonna, May 3. 

of Daire, May 13. Another, June 7. 

do-Chonna, bp. of Condere, May 15. Ob. 725. Another, Oct. 30. 

mo-Chonna, of Cluain Airdne, Sep. 30. Ob. 713. 

Becc, Nov. 9. 

s. of Findlug, Nov. 16. 

Oct. 30. 

Connaith, abb. of Lismore, Nov. 15. Ob. 755. Connait, Mart. Don. 
Connan, bp. of Tech Conndin, June 29. Another Connan July i. 
Conne, mo-Chonne of Cell Comarthae, May 19. 
Connla, bp., s. of Leni'ne, May 10. 

bp. of Riiscach, Dec. 30. 

Conoc, mo-Chonoc (of Cell Muccroiss ? but see Mart. Don.) Nov. 18. 

Uamach, Dec. 19. See Marl. Don. 

Conodar, abb. of Fore, Nov. 3. Ob. 705. 

Conon, mart, with his son at Iconium in Isauria, May 29. 

Conrach, presb., Feb. 23. 

Conseint (Consentius), Dec. 10. Hieron. Mart. 

Constaint (Constantia), Sep. 19, mart, with Felix at Nuceria in Campania. 

Constans of Erne, sac. et anch., Nov. 14. 

Constantin Britt, s. of the Pict Fergus, Mar. 11. 

(Constantinus), bp. of Vapincum {Gap)., Ap. 12. Flor. 517. 

mart, at Ephesus (Auctaria ad Usuardum), July 27. 

Cop, mo-Chop of Cell mor, Nov. 12. His mother was Ethne, d. of Conchrad, 

Mart. Don. 
Coppa, virg., d. of Baetdn, Jan. 18. 
Coppan, f. of Fintan, Sep. 27. 
Core, of Druim Lommain, Feb. 4. 

presb., of Cell mor hua Ni'allain, Ap. 4. 

CorcAn, bp., Jan. 7. Another Corc^n, Jan. 7. 

bp. and pilgrim, vSep. 30. 

Corconutan, of Daire Eidnech, Nov. 3. 

Corcran, Oct. 8. 

Corintha, mart, at Alexandria, Feb. 8. 

Cormac (sometimes Corbmac), bp. of Ath truim, Feb. 17. He was a 

comharba of St. Patrick, and died A.D. 496, according to Mart. Don. 

Mar. 26. 

sac. in Achad Findich, May 11. 

hua Liathain, abb. of Durrow, bp. and anch., June 21. 

of Senchoimet, June 24. 

mac hi'ii Baird, apparently an alias for Uasaille (Auxilius), Aug. 27, gl. i. 


Cormac Muman, s. of Culennan, Sep. 15, king, bishop and martyr. Slain 
A.D. 908. (903, FM.) Another Cormac, Oct. 15. 

presb. of Telach Indenn, Dec. 13. 

bp. of Aelmag, Dec. 14, of the kindred of Eogan, s. of Niall, Mart. 


Cornil (Cornelius), Feb. 2, the centurion, Acts x. i, bp. of Caesarea. 

Aug. 15. Not found. 

pope and mart., Sep. 14, the day of his death, A.D. 254. 

Corodr^n (Cororddn ?), f. of Colmdn, June 15. 

Corona, May 14, mart, in Syria. 

Corpre. See Cairbre. 

Corrach, Nov. 3. 

Cortched, Oct. 18, f. of Abbot Colmdn. 

Cosma (Cosmas), Sep. 27, mart, with his brothers Damianus, Leontius, 
Anthimus, Euprepius, in Cilicia. In the day Gorman agrees with the 
Latins and differs from the Greeks, who commemorate these martyrs 
on Oct. 27. 

Cota, of Druinn, Feb. 4. 

of Druim Tuirc, Dec. 26. 

Craebnat (' Branchlet '), virg., July 17. 

Craton, mart, in Rome, Feb. 15. 

Cremthann of Mag Duma, May 23. 

Cresceint (Crescentianus), May 31, mart, in Sardinia. 

Oct. 17, mart, in Mauritania (Baeda). 

(Crescentius), Dec. 29, bp. of Vienna. 

Crescentia, June 15, mart, in Sicily. 

Crescint (Crescens), June 27, 2 Tim. iv, 10. 

Crman, of Ciiil Con-laigen (Conlaing?), Oct. 19. 

Crisaint (Chrysanthus), Dec. i, mart, in Rome with Daria (Baeda). 

Crispin (Crispinus), June 20, at Tomi, Hieron. Mart. 

Oct. 25, mart, in Gaul with Crispinianus. 

bp. and mart, at Astyagis, Nov. 19. 

Crispina, Dec. 5, mart, in Africa. 

Crispinian (Crispinianus), Oct. 25, mart, in Gaul with Crispinus. 

Crispoil (Crispolus), May 30, mart, with Gabinus in Sardinia. 

Crispus, Aug. 18, presb., mart, in Rome with Joannes. 

Oct. 4, mart, at Corinth with Gains. 

Crissogoin (Chrysogonus), mart, in Rome, Nov. 24. 

Crist (Christus), His return from Egypt, Jan. 7 ; the beginning of His Lent, 
Jan. 7 ; first brought into the Temple, Feb. 2 ; wounded by Longinus, 
Mar. 15; His foster-father, March 19; His resurrection, Alar. 27; in- 
voked, Ap. 14, 21 ; the finding of His cross, May 3 ; His ascension, May 
5; His transfiguration, July 26 ; the exaltation of His cross, Sep. 14; 
relatives of, Dec. 17; His Nativity, Dec. 25 ; conversion of Paul to, 
Jan. 25. See Isu. 

Cristdn = Gilla Crist hua Morgair, bp. of Armagh, June 12. 

Cristina (Christina), virg. and mart, at Tyrus in Italy (?) July 24. 

Cristofoir (Christophorus), mart, in Lycia, July 25. 

mart, in Spain, Aug. 20. 

Critan, s. of Ddre, Feb. 7, gl. i. 

■ • s. of Iliad, of Achad Finnich, May 11. 

bp. of Oendruim, May 17. Ob. 63S. 

July 25. 

Certronnach, the cellarer of Comgell of Bennchor, Sep. 16. 

• Oct. 16. 

of Tuaim meic Cdu, Nov. 18. 


Critan, s. of Litdn, Dec. 13. 

Critoc : mo Chritoc, Oct. 8, wrongly Maelchriotog, Mart. Do?i., edd. Todd 

and Reeves, p. 260. 
Crodne, July 24. Corodni, Mart. Taml. 
Crom-di'thruib of Inis crainn, May 20. 
Cron^n Becc, bp. of Noendruim, Jan. 7. Ob. 642. Another Croddn, Jan. 


a cldrenech, Jan. 29. Another Cron^n, Jan. 2)(>- 

mac Nethsemon, Feb. 9, gl. 2. Two other Cronans, Feb. 12, Feb. 20. 

of Cell Becc, Feb. 21. 

of Glenn Aesa, Feb- 26. 

of Airdne, Mar. 8. Another Cronan, Ap. 26. 

of Ros Cre, Ap. 28. 

— — — ■ s. of Cuinnine, of Sliab Eiblinne, May 4. 

abb. of Lismore, June i. Ob. 716. Another Cronan, June 12. 

of Ferns, alias mo Chua, June 22. 

abb. of Clonmacnois, July 18. Another Cronan, July 24. 

of Mag Bile, Aug. 7. Ob. 649. 

of Cluain Andobair, Aug. 30. 

of Tuaimm Grene, Oct. 19, Nov. i. 

of Maethail, Nov. i. 

fifteenth abb. of Bennchor, Nov. 6. Ob. 691. (688, FM.) 

s. of Sinell, Nov. 11. Ob. 664. Another Cronan, Dec. 15. 

Cronbec, abb. of Clonmacnois, Ap. 6. Cronan Becc, FM. 692. 
Crone, virg., of Cell Crone, Jan. 27. 

virg. of Tamlachta, Feb. 25. 

Becc, virg., July 7. Another Crone, Oct. 15. 

Cronsech (Cronsech?), Ap. 4. 

July 23. 

Cruadoc, mo. Cruadoc of Airdne Coluimb, Nov. 10. 

Cri'iaid Cossfota (' Longshanks ') of Balana, Oct. 26. 

Cruimthir maccu Nesse, June 9: of Cluain Tiprat, June 13: of Domnach 

mor, Nov. 11. 
Crummein, bp. of Lecan Mide, June 28. 
Crundmael, of Berrech, June 22. 

■ — Baeth, Dec. 11. 

abb. of lona, Dec. 17. 

Cua : mo Chua, Jan. 18. 

mo-Chua, Jan. 25. 

of Cluain Dobtha, Mar. 3. 

Mar. 8. 

of Airisnae, Mar. 19. 

of Balla, Mar. 30. Ob. 637. Irish Life, Lism. Lives, pp. 137- 


croc^n, Aug. 3. 

of Cluain Dolciiin, Aug. 6, bp. and conf., Di'iiin. Kal. 

mo Chua of Cluain crainn, Nov. 21. 

Dec. 22. 

s. of Oengus, Dec. 23. 

s. of Lon^n, abb. and patron of Tech mo Chua, Dec. 24. Ob. 


Cuaca, virg. of Cell Chuaca, Jan. 8. 
Cuachnat, virg. of Ross raithe, Feb. 13. 
Cualen, do Chualen, s. of Guaire, Mar. 12. 
Cidn c^in. Mar. 2. 
daughter of, Ap. 26. 


Ciian, of Airbre, July lo. 

— — Oct. 1 5, of Cluain mor, Mart. Dof7. 

Oct. 29, of Inis Liacc. 

f. of Toca, Nov. 27, gl. 2. 

Ciiana, gen. Cuanach, f. ofLurech, Feb. 17, gl. 6. 

f of Boethin, Feb. 19. 

Cuancin Glinne, abb. of Mag Bile, Feb. 3. 

Cuangus, mac dall, abb. of Liath mor, Mar. 13. Ob. 746. 

Cuanna, abb. of Lismore, Feb. 4. 

Dall, Mar. 11. 

virg. of Ross E6, Ap. 10. Ob. 717 (FM.), 720 (AU.) 

Cuaran ind eccna, Feb. 9, also called mo Chuaroc. 

Cuasacht, s. of Milchu. Jan. 24 = Guasacht mace Milchon, Trip. Life 90, 

168. Gosacht, 'filium Milcon Maccu-Buain,' Bk. of Arm. 15'', i. To 

make an alliteration with cunnail Gorman has changed the G to C. 
Cii Boirne, Nov. 10. 
Cu Bretan, anch. of Mag bile, Oct. 17. 
Cii cathrach, f. of Ecnech, Ap. 24, gl. 6. 
Cii coigcriche 6 Clerigh, p. 2. 
Cucufait (Cucuphas), mart, in Spain, July 25. 
Cii-cuimnech (' mindful hound'), Oct. 7, is perhaps a variant (made to rhyme 

with DicibnecJi) of Cu cuimnc, ' hound of memory,' the name of the 

author of a hymn in praise of the B. V. Mary, printed by Todd, 

Lib. Hymn. 137. He died a.d. 747, (742, FM.). 
Cu-gaela, gen. Con-gaela, f. of Gurnim, Feb. 22, gl. 5. 
Cuimnech ('mindful'), Mar. 14. 
Cuindig (leg. Cuingid ?), Sep. 6, gl. i, the first name of Mac cuilinn, bp. of 

Cuinnine, f. of Cronan, May 4. 
Cuitbirt, see Cutbirt. 
Ciila, Becdn's mother, Ap. 5. 
CuUenn, bp. of Lemchaill, Ap. 22. 

of Cluain Huamannach, Nov. 5. 

Cii-locha, gen. Con-locha, f. of Failbe, July 11. 
Gumma, mo-Chumma of Druim Ailche, Jan. 4. 

of Noendruim, Jan. 31. Another mo-Chumma, June 13. 

Cumman, virg., d. of Aillen, May 29. 

Becc, of Cell Cuimne, June 14. 

Cummein, s. of Uub, of Druim Druith, Jan. 12. 

of Glenn Mona, Feb. 12. 

Find, seventh abbot of Hi, P^eb. 24. Cummeneus Albus, Adamn. 

Vita Col. 199. Ob. 668. 

s. of Baetdn, May 19. Another Cummein, June i. 

bp. of Noendruim, July i. Ob. 658. 

s. of Daigre, Aug. 14. Another Cummein, Aug. 22. 

son of Ciiana, Sep. i. 

abb. of Druim snechta, Sep. 4. 

ninth abb. of Bennchor, Sep. 17. Ob. 666? 

of Cell Ndir, Nov. yy. 

of Cluain mor, Dec. 24. 

Cummin, s. of Lugaid, of Inis maccu Dartada, May 21. 

alab. from Druim bo, Aug. 10. 

Fota, bp. of Clonfert, s. of Fiachna, Nov. 12. Ob. 661. Irish Life, 

Brussels MS., 2324-40. 

of Cluain mor, Dec. 18. 

Cunnc, do Chunne, Sep. 6. — t Chunni, Mart. Taml. do Chonna, Mart. Don. 


Cuoc, mo Chuoc hua Liathain, Oct. 21. 

Cuppa, mo Chuppa, Jan. 23. This is Moc7iopce in the facsimile of LL. 356, 

col. 5, last line, Mochnopce in the Brussels copy of Mart. Tainl. The 

names Mo-C/iop, Coppa and Coppdn may be cognate. 
Curbi'n crdibdech, July 20. Mart. Taml. has here the latinised Ciirifini 

(gen. sg.), which shews that the saint here commemorated was a man. 
Curcach, Mar. 8. Curchach Clukna lothor. Mart. Taml. The compilers 

of Mart. Don. conjecture that this Curcach was d. of Enna, son of 


virg., Aug. 8. Curcach Cluana lothur. Mart. Taml. 

of Grecraige, Nov. .16. 

Curcan, virg., July 21. Curcai;?e Cille Curcai;ze, Mart. Taml. {sic MS. Kelly 

has Curcaise, perperam). Curcach Cille Curcaighe, Mart. Don. 
Curitan, March 16, bp. and abb. of Ross Meinn ; or (according to Mart. 

Taml.) of Ross Tixaic Bairend. 
Currin of Ross Aiss, Dec. 22. 
Cutbeirt, Cuitbirt (Cuthbert), presb. abb. of Lindisfarne, Mar. 20 : translation 

of, Sep. 4. Ob. A.D. 687. Cudbertus, Hampson, i. 402. 
Cutlach, Dec. 7. 
Cuttu, mo Chuttu of Lismore, May 14. Carthagi .i. Mo chutu Lismoir, 

Mart. Taml. Ob. 636. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 2324-40, fo. 45\ 
da- (for do) thy. For names beginning with this prefix, see under the letter 

next following. 
Dadnan, bp. of Cell Cunga, Ap. ii. 
Dagair (Dagarius), Ap. 30. In Afrodiris . . . Dagari cum aliis duodecim 

(Hieron. Mart.). 
Dagin, bp., Mar. 12. 

of Inber Doile, Sep. 13. Ob. 642 (639, FM.). 

Dagilla, Feb. 15 ; if not Irish {da GJiilla) is perhaps Daoila^ a mart, under 

Genseric's persecution, or the fem. of a Gaulish Dagillus ? 
Daig, bp., s. of Nemnall, Feb. 19. gen. Dego maze Nemnai, Mart. Taint. 

s. of Cairell, bp. of Inis Cdin Dega, Aug. 18. 

Daigre, Aug. 14, 22. 

of Cluain Accuir, Sep. 30. 

Dairchell, bp. of Glendalough, May 3. Ob. 676. 

Dairine, July 31, gl. 2, maternal aunt of bp. Colman : see Mart. Don. at 

. JH^y 31- 

Dairinill, d. of Mac lair, Oct. 26, gl. 5. 

Dalbach of Cuil Follaing (Collaing?), Oct. 23. 

Dalldn mac forgail, from Maigen, Jan. 29, the author of the Amra Choluiiiili 
chille. According to the preface to that composition, his father was 
Colla, and mac forgail means 'son of testimony,' because he used to 
testify the truth (macno/(7;'^/^(i^firindi, Egerton 1782 fo. ). Again, it is 
said that Forgell was his mother's name : but then we should have had 
mac Forgilte. On the whole it seems best to assume that Forgell or 
Forgail was the name of Dalian's father. 

bp. of Aelmag, Dec. 14. 

Dalmait (Dalmatius), mart. ' Pedona in regione,' Dec. 5. 

Damais (Damasus), pope and mart., Dec. 11. 

Damian (Damianus), Sep. 27, marl, in Aegea with Cosmas. 

Damnat virg., of Sliab Betha, June 13. 

Daniel, bp. of Cenngarad, Feb. 18. Ob. 659. 

of Tulach, May 20. 

the prophet, July 21. 

bp. of Bennchor, Sep. ,11. 

Darbelein (-inn ?), d. of Mac lair, Oct. 26, gl. 5. 


Darbile, virg., of Achad Cuilinn, Oct. 26. 

I,>arbiled, virg., Aug. 3, is Derbiledh in Mart. Don. 

D^re, f. of Londn, Critdn and MaeMn, Feb. 7. 

Dar-erca (better Dererce), virg., Jan. 15, d. of Cairbre, Mart. Don. 

virg., Patrick's 'sister' [i.e. subintroducta), Mar. 22. Trip. Life, 82, 

uhere she is called his 'germana.' 

z= mo Ninne, July 6. 

virg., Nov. 1 1. 

Dari, virg., Aug. 8. Daire, Mart. Doni. 

Bochana, vid. Nov. 2, Dairi, Mart. Don. 

Darfa, Dec. i, mart, at Rome with Chrysanthus (Baeda). 

Darius, mart, at Nicea, Dec. 19. 

Datiua, virg. and mart, in Africa, Dec. 6. 

Dauid, bp. of Cell muine or Menevia, now St. David's, Mar. i. 

s. of Jesse, Dec. 29. 

DecMn, f. of Lugidon, Jan. 6, gl. 4. f. of da Finna, June 9. 

of Ard mor, bp. and conf., July 24. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 

Dega (MS. Deda), bp., Aug. 16, Degha, Mart. Don. 
Deg-itge ('good prayer'), virg.. Mar. 22. 

Denecc, of Inis Setna, Mar. 16, s. ' Denach Insi Detna' of Mart. Taml. 
Deoraith, Jan. 13, Deuraith, Mart. Taml. 
Derbdara (gen. sg.), f. of Maeldoid alias Falbe, June 29. 
Der-chairthinn, virg., of Uachtar Aird, Mar. 8 : dcr ' daughter ' cogn. with 

Der-erce ('filia solis'), Sep. 9. Sanctae Darercae, Mart. Taml. Darerce, 

Mart. Don. 
Derg-Aed, bp., Nov. 10. 
Der-Lugdach ('daughter of Lugaid'), second abbess of Kildare, Feb. i. 

Derlugach, Mart. Taml. 
Desider (Desiderius), bp. of Lyons, Feb. 1 1. 

bp. of Langres, May 23. 

Dia, God, May 14. 

Dianach, bp. of Domnach Mor Maige Ene, Jan. 16. 

Dianland, Aug. 13. 

Diarmait, s. of Eochaid, bp. Jan. 6. 

of Inis Clothrann, Jan. 10. His Cc/fair dic/iil/, LB. 262\ 

— sac, Jan. 15. 

s. of Mechar, bp. of Airther maige, Jan. 16. 

bp., Ap. 24. 

of Disert Diarmata, June 21. 

of Glenn Uissen, bp., July 8. 

bp. of Cluain Find-Aidne, Sep. 28. 

bp., Oct. 12. Two other Diarmaits, Dec. 12, Dec. 20. 

Diblene, Jan. 14. gen. Diblini sancti. Mart. Taml. 

Dichu of Saball (' orreum Patricii'), Ap. 29, son of Trichem. See Trip. 

Life 36, Bk. Arm. fo. 2^ i. 
Dicholl of Rdith, Nov. i. 

Dichuill, s. of Mael-duib, of Eired muilt, Feb. 28. 
Dichull of Achad na cro, June 12. 
Dichull, s. of NemAn, Dec. 25. Dicholl, Mart. Don. 
Didim (Didymus), mart, at Ale.xandria, Ap. 28. 
Digdc, Jan. 6. 

virg., Ap. 25. 

Dimetir (Demetrius), bp. and mart, at Antioch, Nov. 10. 
Dimetria (Demetria), June 21, virg. and mart, at Rome. 


Ui'mma Dub, bp. of Condere, Jan. 6. Ob. 658. 

Mar. 9, s. of Senach? (Mart. Don.) Another Di'mma, Mar. 22. 

s. of Cass, May 12. 

— sons of, Nov. I. Another Dimma, Nov. 3. 

Dimmdn of Inis Cain, Jan. 10. 

i. of Brigit, May 21, gl. 5. 

sac, June 27. Another Di'mman, Sep. 9. 

Dimmoc, mo Dimmoc, abb.. Mar. 3. 

of Ckiain cain, Ap. 26. 

bp. and conf , of Cluain c^in Arad, Dec. 10. 

Dmertach of Cluain mor, Oct. 9. 

Dinil, Aug. 14. Dinil mac in tsair. Mart. Taml. 

Diogin (Diogenes), mart, with Timotheus in Macedonia, Ap. 6. 

Dionis (Dionysius), Feb. 8, niart. in Armenia minor, with AemiHanus 

(Gorman's Einit) and Sebastianus {Sebaist). 

■ — March 16, mart, at Aquileia with Fehx and Largus. 

Ap. 8, bp. of Corinth and mart. 

May 12, uncle of Pancratius (Usuard). 

May 25, bp. of Milan and conf. 

July 27, mart, at Ephesus. 

Sep. 20, mart, with Privatus in Phrygia. 

^ — Oct. 3, the Areopagite, 

Oct. 9, bp. of Paris (S. Denis). 

Nov. 17, bp. of Alexandria. 

Dec. 26, pope. A.D. 259-269. 

Dioscoir (Dioscorus), mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. 

Dioscorus, lector, mart, in Egypt, May 18. 

Diraid or Diraith, bp. of Ferns, July 27. Ob. 690. 

Diuchaill Derg, s. of Nessan, March 15, gl. 2. 

DiucoU of Cluain Brdein, May i. DiuchoU, Mart. Don. 

Nov. 21. Diucholl, Mart. Don. 

Diucuill (MS. Duicuill), Nov. 17, also called Mo-Dic[h]u. 

conf, of Inis Eogain, Dec. 18. Diucholl, Mart. Don. This is 

mo-Dichu in Mart. Taml. 
Diuir, May 19, of Enach Eir (Ceir Mart. Taml., Eirr, Mart. Don.). 
Diuren, Oct. 6. 

Dius, gen. Dii, July 12, in Caesarea (Ado, Usuard). 
Nov. 26, presb., of Alexandria. A Dedius (Dius) occurs at this day in 

the Auctaria to Usuard, as martyred with bp. Peter. 
Doborchii, f. of mo Chommoc, June 17, gl. i. 
Doe, mo Doe, in Ailbe, Sep. 25. 
Doithnenech of Fid duin, Oct. i. 
Domitian (Domitianus), abb., July i, 'in diocesi Lugdunensi,' Mart. Rom. 

Dec. 28, deac. mart, with Eutychius {Euf/cc), at Ancyra. 

Domitilla, virg.. May 7, i.e. Flavia Domitilla, mart, at Terracina. 

Domitius, mart, in Syria, July 5. 

Domma, f. of Brigit, Feb. 7, gl. 4. 

Domnall, Ap. 26. 

Domnina, Ap. 14, virg. and mart. 

Domnion (Domnio), Ap. 11, bp. and mart, at Salona. 

Domnoc, mo-Domnoc ^= Domongin, of Tipra Fachtna, Feb. 13, gl. 2. 

May 18. 
Domnus, Mar. 20, mart, in Syria (Hieron. Mart.). 
Domongin (=: mo-Domnoc), Feb. 13, from Tipra Fachtna. 

■ bp. from Tuaim Muscraige, Ap. 29. 

Domongort, s. of Eochaid, from Rdith Murbuilg, Mar. 24. 




Donait (Donatus) Feb. 4, mart, at Rome, with Aquilinus, Gelasius, Geminus^ 
and Magnus. 

mart, at Concordia, Feb. 17. 

May 8, perhaps the abb. of Cork, FM. 759. 

Aug. 7, bp. of Arezzo and mart. 

presb. and conf , on Mount Jura, Aug. 19. 

mart, at Antioch, Aug. 23. 

Donatian (Donatianus), bp. and mart, in Africa, .Sep. 6. 
Donndn, sac, of Inis Aingin, Jan. 7. 

of Aego, Ap. 17. See Reeves, Col.., 303-9- 

sac, Ap. 29. 

Aug. II, probably a deacon, s. of Beoad, Mart. Don. 

Dorbene, abb. of lona, Oct. 28. Ob. 713. See Reeves, Cohanba, p. 379, as 

to Dorbene's appointment. In the colophon to the Schaffhausen codex of 

Adamn^n's Vita Coliinibae the name is latinised (in the abl. sg.) as 

Dorbbeftco. FM. call him S. Dorbaine Foda 'the Tall.' 
Dorn^n, gen., Feb. 22. 

Dorothea, Feb. 6, virg. and mart, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. 
Draigen, sons of, Ap. 15. 
Dronnan, bp. of Cell Dronn^in, Dec. 12. 

Drothoib (Droctoveus), abb. and conf., depos. at Paris, Mar. 10. 
Duach, gen. sg., f. of Colm^n, Feb. 3. 
DubAn, sac Feb. 11. Dubani sac. Mart. Taml. ; of Rinn Dublin, Mart, 


sac, Nov. II, of Leinster, Mart. Don. 

Dubda, Ap. 15. Dubta, Mart. Taml. 

Dub dA locha, Oct. 5. 

Dubogdn, s. of Comairde, July 18 (where the name rimes with Cronan) = 

Dub mac Comardae, Mart. Taml. 
Dub-scuile, Sep. 5. An abbot of Hi so named died in 959. 
Dubthach, sac, Feb. 5, s. of Dubdn, Mart. Don. 

Oct. 7. See Mart. Don. 

Duiblitir, abb. of Finglas, May 15. Ob. 796. 

Duibnech, Oct. 7. 

Duichaill Derg, March 15, gl. 2. 

Duichuill .i. mo-Dic[h]u, Nov. 17, for Diucoll? 

Duilech of Clochar, Nov. 17. 

Dunchad, eleventh abb. of lona. May 25. Ob. 717. Siisceperunt autem 

Hiienses monachi, docente Ecgbercto, ritus uiuendi catholicos sub abbate 

Duunchado, Baeda, H. E. v. 22. 
Dune, mo-Dune, May 29. 
Dunsech, virg., on Loch Cuan, Aug. 5. See Reeves, Eccl. Antiq. 186, 379. 

virg. of Cell Dunsige, Dec 11. 

Dunstan, bp. and conf. May 19. Ob. 988. 
Dura, bp., s. of Colomb, of Druim crema, Feb. 6. 
Duthracht of Liathdruim, May 16. 

of Lemchaill, Oct. 25. 

virg., of Cell muine, Nov. 12. 

Dutu, daughters of, Aug. 11. Diitu, Mart. Doji. 
Eadburga, virg., June 15. Another, July 18 (Auct. ad Usuard.). 
Eadmund, Nov. 20, East-Anglian underking, mart, by the Danes, .^.D. 871. 
Ebnat of Ross Enche, Jan. 31, is == Oebhnat Finn o Ros na seaijchit. Mart. 

Ecbricht (Ecgberct), monk and conf., Ap. 24. See Baeda, H. E. iii. 4, 27, v. 

22. Died at lona a. D. 729. 
Ecca, mo-Ecca, of Inis Conaill, Nov. 3, Mo-Ego, Mart. Don. 



Echfritan, May 27 = Echbritan mac Ossu, Mart. Tainl. See note to Mart. 

Don. p. 140. 
Eche, of Cell Glass, Aug. 5, and Trip. Life 82, 1. 10. According to iMart. Don. 

Darerca, St. Patrick's 'sister,' was her mother — a mdthair, not a 

m/idtkair, ' his mother,' as it is misprinted and misrendered. 
Echen, f. of Ernach, Oct. 30, gi. 2. 
Ecnech, s. of Cu cathrach, Ap. 24. 
Echtach, virg., Feb. 5. 
Edeldrida (Etheldrida), June 23, Oct. 17, the queen of Northumbria and 

abbess of Ely, who died June 23, A.D. 679. Oct. 17 is the day of the 

translation of her remains. 
Edelfleda (^thelflaede), virg., Oct. 23. Perhaps the abbess of Romsey, com- 
monly called Elfleda. 
Edilald (Ethelwald), Ap. 21. Perhaps Ethelwald, Cuthbert's successor ; but 

his day is March 23. 
Ednius, gen. Edniusa, May 22. 
Eduard, Mar. 18, king and mart. 
Effremm (Ephrem), Feb. i, deac. of the church at Edessa and mart. 

Egid (Aegidius), Sep. r, abb. and conf. ' in provincia Narbonensi.' 
Eglinna, virg., of Cluain Cai, Jan. 2r. 

Eiclech (better Aiclech ?), son of Daigre, Aug. 14, Echlech, Mart. Don. 
h-Eise, of Aii-ed Fota, Feb. 24. 
Elair (Hilarius), bp. of Parma and conf, Jan. 13. 

bp. of Aquileia and mart., Mar. 16. 

of Inis Locha Cre, Sep. 7. Ob. 802 according to FM. 

Sep. 10, pope from Nov. 19, 461, to Sep. 10, 467. 

Elbe (=: Ailbe) presb., s. of Ronin, Jan. 30. 

Sep. 10. gen. Ailbi ImWg, Mart. Tanil. (LL.). 

Electach, Nov. 17. Not known. 

Eleusip (Eleusippus), mart, at Langres, Jan. 17. 

Eleuther (Eleutherius), Ap. 18, bp. and mart, at Messina. 

May 25, pope. Commemorated in the Roman calendar on May 26. 

Oct. 2, mart, in Nicomedia. 

Oct. 9, deac. and mart, at Paris. 

Elfegus (^Ifheah ?), Mar. 12. In the Auctaria to Usuard an Elfragus (leo-. 

Elfeagus ?) or Elphegus, bp. of Winton and conf., is mentioned at this 

day, and see Hampson i. 424 (Sci. ^Elfeagi epi.), 

Ap. 19, archbp. and mart. 

Elgniad, see Ailgniad. 

Elig (Eligius), Dec. i, bp. of Noyon, 640-648, translation of, June 25. 

EliU, see Ailill. 

Elim (Elymas ?), Mar. 20. Perhaps the presbyter Elymas martyred in Persia 

during the Decian persecution. But his day is said to be Ap. 22. 
Elithir, Ailithir (' pilgrim '), abb. Jan. 7. Ailithri abbatis et druitrhl. Mart 

Taml. (LL.). 

of Cluain Gesse, Ap. 25. 

Elpid (Helpidius), Sep. 2, bp. and conf. at Lyons. 
Eltm, daughters of. Mar. 15. 

of Cenn sdile, Dec. 11. 

Eltene, s. of Maeldn, of Senchua, Jan. 11. 

Emant, July i. The ed. of Mart. Don. treats Emant as a saint ; but Mart. 

Taml. has here Ailella espuic Cliiana Emain, so that Einain {= Eniaint) 

is only part of a place-name. 
Emer, ace. Emir, Dec. 11. 
Emerentiana, virg. and mart, at Rome, Jan. 23. a.d. 304. 

2 i\ 2 


Emil (Aemilianus), mart, in Armenia, Feb. 8. 

(Aemilius), mart, in Africa, May 22. 

mart, in Sardinia, May 28. 

July 26. Wandelbertus Adrianum hoc die cum Acmilio et Maniano 

connectit, quorum postremi in Hieronymianis reperiuntur. Obs. in 

Usuard. ed. Migne, p. 299, col. 2. 

Aug. 16. Natale Simpliciani et S. Thyrsi, Orionis et Eiiiclii, Baeda. 

Oct. 6, mart, at Capua. 

Emilian (Aemilianus), mart, in Mysia, July 18. 

-; presb. and conf. 'in Hispania Tarraconensi,' Nov. 12. 

Emin, Jan. 7, Emeni sancti, Marf. Tmiil. 

Dec. 18, Emeni, Mart. Taml. 

bp. from Ross glas, Dec. 22, son of Eogan and lamnat, Mart. Do?i. 

Enair (Januarius), Ap. 13 (Baeda). 

July 10, mart, at Rome with his brother Felix. 

July 18. Henair, Mart. Do7t. 

Aug. 6, mart, at Rome. 

— Sep. 19, bp. and mart, at Puteoli. 

Oct. 6, mart, in Africa, Hieron. Mart. 

Oct. 13 = lanair, Sep. 28, mart, at Cordova in the Diocletian perse- 

Oct. 24, presb. and mart, in Apulia. 

(Januaria) Nov. 6, mart, in Nicomedia, Hieron. Mart. 

Enan, s. of Gemm^n, in Ross mor, Jan. 30. 

Mac Nissi, bp. Mar. i, Maic nisi episcopi, Mart. Taiiil. 

s. of Muad^n, Mar. 25. 

bp. of Inis Aego, Ap. 29. 

May 2, Enan, Mart. Do/i. Enani, Mart. Taml. 

of Druim Raithe, Aug. 19. 

mac lii Mago, Sep. 2. 

of Glenn Faidle, Dec. 29. 

Enda, f. of Broccdn, Jan. i, gl. 2. 

abb. of Aran, s. of Conall Derg, Mar. 21. Ob. 542. 

-; of Cell na manach, Dec. 31. 

Enna, Sep. 18, son of Nuadan, and abb. of Imlech Fota. 

Enostan, of Cluain Duma, Nov. 2. 

Eoban, bp. and mart, in Frisia, June 5 (Usuard). 

Eochaid, of Uisnech, Jan. i. Mart. Don. 

f. of Colmdn, Jan. i, gl. 10. 

bp. of Tamlachtu, Jan. 28. Eochaid epsr^/ 7 abb. TamlacA?;/, 

Mart. Taml. (LL.). 

abb. of Lismore, Ap. 1 7. Ob. 634. 

Eogan, Mar. 15, Sancti Eugenii, Mart. Taml. 

abb. of Movilla, May 31. 'Eogatt ep\scopus et sap/tv/j- Maigi Cremh- 

caill [leg. Bile], Mart. Taml. 

bp. of Ardstraw, Aug. 23. 

of Lismore, Oct. 16. 

Eohain (Johannes), Egyptian hermit, Mar. 27. 

Eoin (Johannes), Jan. 28. ' in Burgundia s. Joannis abbatis' (Baeda). 

the Baptist, finding head of, P>b. 24 ; nativity of, June 24 (vigil, June 

23) ; octave, July I ; decapitation of, Aug. 29. 

(John Chrysostom), bp. of Constantinople, Jan. 27, the day on which 

his relics were translated, a.d. 438 

June 25, perhaps Cardinal Johannes Paparo, FM. 1151 

Eoin, s. of Carlan, Aug. 17, 

p:olaing, of Lecan Midi, Dec. 29, Eulaing, Mart. Taml. (LL. 



Eolog (Eulogius), mart, at Constantinople, July 3. 

Epafra (Epaphras), bp. of Colossae, July 19 (Ado and Usuard). 

Epairch (Eparchius), a recluse of Egolisma (Angoulenie), July i. See Greg. 

Tun Hist. Franc, vi. 8, ed. Arndt, where he is called ' Ebarchius reclau- 

sus Ecolesinensis.' 
Epectitus, Alay 23 = Epitacius, Mart. Rom., bp. and mart, at .^mbratia, now 

Plasentia, in Estremadura. 
Epimaich (Epimachus), May 10, mart, at Rome with Gordianus. 

Dec. 12, mart, at Alexandria. 

cpscoip Cille Tidil ('bishops of Cell Tidil'), Nov. I. 

Cluana Caa, Oct. 3. 

6 Chluain Emaint, July i. 

6 Thamnaig, July 21. 

6 Thig na comairce, May 28. 

in Aelmaig, Aug. 23. 

Eraist (Erastus), July 26, bp. of Philippi, and see Rom. xvi. 23 

Erasmus, June 3, bp. and mart, in Campania. (Usuard.) 

Erbericht (Hereberht ?), Mar. 18. Probably some Sa\on saint who settled 

in Ireland. 
Ere, gen. Eire, f. of Lugaid, Ap. 17. 

Nasca, of Telach lis. May 12. Here Nasci .i. i Telaig lis, Mart. Taml. 

— sac, July 13. 

bp., Sep. 17, of Domnach mor maige Damairne (D. m. maige Coba, 

Mart. Taml.) 

Oct. 2. Here epscop, Mart. Taml. 

virg., d. of Sinell, of Miliuc, Oct. 24. 

bp. of Domnach mor Maige Luadat, Oct. 27. 

SMne, bp. of Lilcach, Nov. 2. Ob. 512. 

f. of Mogain, Nov. 15. 

Ercenualdus, Ap. 30, bp. of London and conf. 

Ercnat, virg., of Dun da en, Jan. 8, Oct. 30. 

Ereclach, Mar. 3, et sic Mart. Taml. Erecleach, Mart. Don. 

h-Erein (Irenaeus), Mar. 25, bp. of Sirmium and mart. 

(Irene), May 5, where the ' twoh-Erens' are two virgins named Irene, 

one martyred at Thessalonica, temp. Diocletian, the other at Ephesus. 
h-Erenis (Irene^, Ap. 5, virg. and mart, at Thessalonica. 
Erennan, of Tech Erenndin in Meath, Aug. 11. Airerain sapientis et 

abbatis Tamlachtan post M[a]elruain, Mart. Taml. 
Oct. 27. Airennain o Thig Airennain im-Midi, Mart. Taml. Hence 

it appears that the Erennan mentioned at Aug. 1 1 is the same as the 

Erennan at Oct. 27. 
Eretnat (MS. Erednat), Ap. 10. Herednat, Ma?-L Don. Eretnatan, Mart. 

Taml. (Br.). The 'Erednaton' of LL. is probably an error of the 

facsimilist. See Colgan, Acta SS. 11, 13, where she is identified with 

an ' Ernait ' d. of a king of Ciannacht. 
Ermedach, abb. of Craeb Laisre, Jan. i. Ob. 681. 

abb. of Cunga, June 8. 

Ermengilda (Eormenhilde), virg. and abbess of Ely, Feb. 13. 
Ermogin (Hermogenes), Ap. 19, mart, in Armenia. 
Ermogoir (Hermagoras), July 12, bp. and mart, at Aquileia. 
Ernach, s. of Echen, Oct. 30, gen. sg. Airnich, Mart. Taml. 
Erndin or Ernfn (Ernine, Mart. Taml.)., s. of Coeman, Jan. 1 1. 

of Cludin Deochra, Jan. 1 1. 

of Tech Ernain, Jan. 17. Enain 7 hErni'n o Thig Ultain, Mart. Taml. 

of Midluachair, Oct. 26 ^ t'Ernoc of Cell na sacart. Ob. 714. 

s. of Aed, May 16. 


Ernan, Aug. 17, of Torach {Tory Island), Marl Don. 
Ernen, bp., Jan. 26. 

Cass, of Lethglenn, Feb. 23. 

— Feb. 28. Ernini ingen Airchinn, eadem et Febair, Mart. Tnnil 

bp., Ap. 12. Erneni episcopi, Mart. Taiiil. 

May 12. 

of Cremchaill, May 31. 

Ernm, of Cliiain, June 4. 

— — — of Cluain find, June 28. 

July I. 

of Inis Cdin, July 13. 

of Cluain Railgech, Aug. 5. 

• of Rdith Noi, Aug. 18. 

sons of, Sep. 22. 

hua Bnuin, Sep. 27. 

s. of Findchdn, and abb. of Lethglenn, Nov. 12. 

s. of Dub, Nov. 13. 

s. of Senach, Dec. 14. Another Ernin, Dec. 23. 

Ernoc : mo Ernoc, s. of Decell, Dec. 23. 

Esconn, bp. of Bochluain, Nov. 20. 

Esic (Hesychius), June 15, mart, at Dorostorum, Nov. 18, mart, at Antioch. 

Esippus (Hegesippus), conf., Ap. 7, ' the father of Church history.' 

h-Estras (Esdras), prophet, July 13. 

Esudir (Isidorus), bp. of Antioch and mart., Jan. 2 (Ado, Usuard). 

Etdin, virg., of Tudim Noa, July 5. 

Ethchen, bp. of Cludin Fota, Feb. 11. Ethcen, Mart. Don. Ob. 577. 

Ethelburga (yEdilberg), virg. and abbess of Brie, July 7. Filia 'regis 

Orientalium Anglorum, cujus Beda meminit libro III ' [c. viii] (Auct. ad 


virg., abbess of Barking, Oct. 11. 

Ethirn, bp. of Domnach mor mac Laithbi, May 27. 

Ethne (MS. Etne), Feb. 26. Eithne, Mart. Don. 

Euagair (Euagrius), mart, at Tomi, Ap. 3. 

Euantius, abb., Oct. 14. Perhaps the archdeacon of Toledo fcirc. 720), whom 

Fabricius calls a Spanish abbot, and whose letter to the Judaizing 

Christians of Saragossa is printed by Migne, Pat. Lat. Ixxxviii. 719. 
Euchair (Eucharius), bp. of Trier or Treves, Dec. 8. 
Euchbrict, Edbrict (Eadberht), May 5. This, no doubt, is the Eadberht who 

succeeded Cuthbert in a.d. 688 as bp. of Lindisfarne, though his day is 

May 6 in the Roman calendar. 
Eucheir (Eucherius), bp. of Tours and conf., Mar. 27 (Usuard). 

June 14, not known at this day. 

Eucherius, Nov. 16, bp. of Lyons, in the 5th century. 

Eueint (Eventius), Feb. 4, perhaps a mistake for Aueint = Aventinus, whose 

day is Feb. 4. 

presb. and mart, at Rome, May 3. 

Eufemia (Euphemia), Mar. 31. Not known. 

virg. and mart, in Chalcedonia, Ap. 13 (Baeda). 

. virg. and mart, at Chalcedon, Sep. 16. 

Eufrais (Euphrosyna), virg. and mart, at Alexandria, Feb. 11. 

. (Euphrosius), mart, at Carthage, Mar. 14. 

Eufrasina (Euphrosyna), Jan. i, virg. mart, at Alexandria. 
Eugan (Eugenius), mart, in Africa with Aquilinus, Jan. 4. 

bp., Ap. 18. Eugeni episcopi. Mart. Tanil. Eogan, Mart. Hon. 

eccnaid, May 28, Eogan sapiens, Mart. Tanil., of Ard Leccach, Dec. 20. 


Eugein (Eugenius), Nov. 15, mart. ' in pago Parisiacensi ' (Auct. ad Usuard.). 
Eugen (Eugenius), Jan. 24, mart, with Mardonius, Muso and Metellus at 

— bp. of Carthage, July 13 (Usuard). 

a pilgrim, Dec. 26. 

Eugenia, virg. and mart, at Rome, Dec. 25. 

Eugenius, Mar. 20, mart, in Syria, with Paulus and others. 

I., pope, May 24. His day in the Roman martyrology is June 3. 

Euhel, s. of Dubthach, Nov. 14, gl. 3. 

Euilais (Euilasius), mart, with Fausta ' in Cyzico insula,' Sep. 20. 
Eulail (Eulalia), virg. and. mart, at Barcelona, Feb. 12. 

Aug. 16. Not known. 

Sep. II. Not known. 

Eulalia, Dec. 10, virg. and mart, at Emerita (Merida) in Spain. 
Eulog (Eulogius), deac. and mart, at Tarragona, Jan. 21. 

presb. and mart, at Cordova, Sep. 20. 

Eunus, Feb. 27, mart, with S. Julianus at Alexandria. 

Euoid (Evodius), May 6, bp. and mart, at Antioch. 

June 19. Not known, unless the 'Evoli' of Hicron. Mart, is a 

mistake for Evodi. 
Euolan (Epulonius), Jan. 24, one of the three boys martyred with S. Babylas 

at Antioch. 
Euphrosyna, see Eufrais, Eufrasina. 
Euplus, Aug. 12, deac. and mart, at Catania. 
Eupreip (Euprepius), Sep. 27, mart, at Aegea with his brothers Cosmas and 

Euproib (Euprobus), Ap. 30, bp. and mart, apud Sanctonas (at Saintes). 
Euseib (Eusebius) Palatinus, mart, at Antioch, Mar. 5. 

June 21, bp, and conf. at Caesarea Palestinae. 

bp. at Vercelli, Aug. i. 

presb. and conf. at Rome, Aug. 14. 

mart, at Rome, Aug. 25. 

pope and conf, Sep. 26 (sic Mart. Rom). Oct. 2 (sic Auctaria ad 

Usuardum), the date of his burial. 

Oct. 22, mart, at Adrianople. 

Nov. 5, monk and mart, in Campania. 

Nov. 12, in Caesarea Cappadociae (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Nov. 27. Probably the Syrian martyr at Nov. 28, Hicron. Mart. 

Eustaich (Eustachius), July 16, bp. and conf. at Antioch. 

mart, at Rome, Nov. 2 (Usuard). 

Eustais (Eustasius), abb. of Luxeuil, Mar. 29 (Usuard). Ob. A.D. 625. 

(Eustasius), abb. of Luxeuil, Ap. 2 (Usuard). Is this the same as the 

Eustais of Mar. 29 ? 
Eutaic (Eutyches), mart, at Rome, Ap. 15. 
Eutian (Eutychianus), pope and mart., Dec. 8. 
Eutic (Eutychius), June 4, mart, at Nivedunum (Usuard). 

— ■ (Eutyches), Sep. 19, mart, in Italy (Ado, Usuard). 

(Eutychius), Sep. 29, mart, in Thrace. 

Euticc (Eutychius), Oct. 5, mart, at Messina with Placidus. 

Dec. 28, presb. and mart, at Ancyra. 

Eutimus (Euthymius), deac. of Alexandria, May 5. 

Eutroip (Eutropius), Sep. 18. Not known. 

Eutruip (Eutropius), May 27, bp. and mart, at Arausio in (}aul. 

Euuald, da, Oct. 3. Baeda's ' Black Heuuald ' and ' White Heuuald.' 

Euurt (Evurtius), bp. of Orleans and conf., Sep. 7. 

Exsuper (Exsuperius), bp. and conf. at Toulouse, Sep. 28. 


Exupeir (Exsuperius), mart, at Vienna with Felicianus, Nov. 19. 

Ezechiel the prophet, Ap. 10. 

Fabian (Fabianus), pope and mart., Jan. 20. 

Fachtna, bp. of Nua-chongbail, Jan. ig. 

f. of Midu, Feb. 17, gl. 4. 

of Craebech, Mar. 3. 

daughters of, Aug. 3. 

son of Mongach, bp. and abb. of Dairinis, Aug. 14. 

— s. of Dubthach, of Cell Tomma, Nov. 14, gl. 3. 

i- aelan, of Cliiain Moescna, Jan. 9. Aug. 26. He is twice commemorated 

also in Mart. Taml. and Mart. Don. 

Mar. 31. Faelani fili Aeda, Mart. Taml. 

Find, of Cell Colmai, May 5. Two other Faelans, May 28, 

June 6. 

the Dumb, of Raith Erenn, June 20. Another FaeUln, June 23. 

Aug. 24. Nothing seems known of him. 

• of Rdith Aidne, Sep. 30. Another FaeMn, Sep. 30. 

Oct. 1 2, gen. Failain, Mart. Taml. 

— Oct. 19. Failani sancti. Mart. Taml. 

— Fursa's brother, abb. and mart., Oct. 31. See Foillan. 
Nov. 5. Of him nothing seems known. 

Faelchu, bp. Ap. 30, gen. Failchon episcopi. Mart. Taml. (LL.). 

May 23, gen. Fa.o\con, Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

July 20, gen. Faelcon, Ma7't. Taml. (Br.). 

■ of Findglais, Sep. 24. Ob. 758, gen. Failchon Findglasi, Mart. 

Fael-dobair, see Ael-dobair. The F is prosthetic. 
Faelend (Foelend ?), Mar. 3, Foilend, virg., Mart. Taml. (Br.), meaning 

'' sJie-wolf (cf. muirenn) ox gull f Failend, d. of Eogan, at Nov. 13. 
Faethleg, Dec. 20. Faoithleg Ian, Alart. Don. (misprinted Faoithlcghm). 
Falbe, F^ilbe, Jan. 11. 

of Erdam, Feb. 8. Ap. 8. Ob. 766. 

■ Becc ' Little,' Mart. Taml. Mar. 10, also called Fedlimid, who became 

(according to Reeves' Col. 385) coadjutor abbot of lona in 722. 

Mar. 22, s. of Pipdn, eighth abb. of lona. Ob. 679. 

Ap. 16, gen. Falbi, Mart. Taml. 

Ap. 29, gen. Falbi, in Inis, Mart. Taml. 

of Tobacht, June 19. 

s. of Derbdara, alias Mael doid, June 29. 

of Cell eo, June 30. 

s. of Ciilocha, of Disert mac Conlocha, July 1 1. 

s. of Crac dibech, July 18, mac Cruaich dibich, Mart. Taml. 

■ July 20, where Failbe rimes with dirmc, 

s. of Lussen, of Inis mor, Aug. i, gl. 6. 

s. of Rondn, Sep. 4. Failbhi, ma\c Ronain .i. Cluain Airbelaigh, 

Mart. Taml. 
Fililend, d. of Eogan, Nov. 13 = Faelend, q.v. 
Failtigern, virg.. Mar. 17. 
Fainche Garb, virg., of Ross Airthir, Jan. i. 

virg., of Cluain Cdi, Jan. 21. 

P^aithlenn, s. of Aed DamAn, June 4. 

deac, Sep. 5. See Mart. Don. 

Fallamoin, bp., July 31. Follamain, Mart. Don.., Follomon, lilart. Taml.., 

according to which he and Pdpdn were sons of Nathfraech. 
Fandila, June 13, presb. and mart, at Cordova. 
Fatuel, Ap. 5. Not identified. 


Faust (Faustus), Sep. 28, Oct. 13, mart, at Cordova with Martialis and 

Januarius {Ia?tair). 
Fausta, Sep. 20, mart, at Cyzicus with Evilasius. 
Faustin (Faustinas), mart, at Brescia, Feb. 15. 

bp. of Brescia, and conf., Feb. 16. 

July 29, mart, at Rome, with Simplicius his brother, and Beatrix his 


mart, at Milan, Aug. 7. 

Sep. 26, his natalis, Hicroit. Mart. 

Oct. 7. Prob. the mart, at Antioch in Hieroii. Mart.., Oct. 8. 

Faustus, May 20, depositio Vellesi et Fausti episcoporum, Hiero7t. Mart. 

■ Oct. 8, Faustinus, Fel. Oeng.., mart, at Antioch. 

Oct. 13. See Faust supra. 

Nov. 19, deac. and mart, in Spain, Hieron. Mart. 

Nov. 26, mart, at Alexandria with bp. Petrus and Dius or Didius. 

Febe (Phoebe), Sep. 3, the deaconess, Rom. xvi. i, 2. 

Febrithe, July 30. Febrithea, Mart. Taml. 

Fechein, sac, Aug. 2. Fechine sacart, Mart. Taml., Feichin, Mart. Don. 

Fechin, abb. of Fobar, Jan. 20, Fechini Fobair, Mart. Taml. Ob. 664. 

Irish Life, Rev. Celt. xii. 318. 

maccu Cdinche, of Lemmag, Feb. 19. 

sac, Feb. 22. Feicin sacart. Mart. Taml. 

ua Lugba, Dec. 28. Fechini vcxac hzn' Lugbe, Mart. Taml. 

Fedbair, virg., of Botha eich Raichnig, Nov. 6, and LL. 354'' 17. 

Fedchii of Uam Fubi, July 6 ; seems the ' Fedchon/z niadh ' of Mart. Taml. 

F'edelm, virg., Dec. 9, d. of Ailill, of Cellna n-ingen. 

Feidlimid (metathesis of / in Fedilmid), of Cell mor, Aug. 3. 

Dec. 20, gen. Feidelmtho, Mart. Don. (LL.) 

Fedilmid, Aug. 9, Feidhlimidh, of Cell mor dithruib, Alart. Don. 

■ son of Crimthann, Aug. 28. 

of Domnach, Oct. 30. 

Dec. 23, Feidhlimidh, Mart. Don. 

P^eithmech, of Cell Tuamma, Mar. 16. Episcopi Feithm^/c o Chill Tuamma, 

Mart. Zrtw/. (LL.) 
Felic (Felix), presb. and conf at Nola in Campania, Jan. 14. 

Jan. 20, mart, at Nicomedia, Hieron. Alart. 

Jan. 23, probably the Spanish mart, at Jan. 22 in Hieron. Mart. 

Feb. 21, mart, in Africa (Baeda). 

Mar. 16, bp. of Aquileia and mart. (Usuard.) 

— • Mar. 31, mart, in Africa (Baeda). 

Ap. 21, saint, of Alexandria. 

Ap. 23, mart, at Valence with Achilleus and Fortunatus. 

May 4, mart, in Africa (Baeda). 

May 5. Felicissima, mart, in Africa, Hieron. Mart. 

May 8, mart, at Milan, Hieron. Mart. 

May 18, bp., mart, at Spoleto. 

May 24, mart, in Istria with Silvanus. 

May 28, saint in Sardinia : commemorated with Priamus, Lucianus 

and Aemilius. 

■ May 30, pope and mart, at Rome. 

June II, mart, at Aquileia with Fortunatus. 

June 20, at Tomi, Hieron. Mart. 

June 23, presb. and mart, in Tuscany. 

July 10, son of Felicitas. 

pope and mart, at Rome, July 29. 

Aug. I, mart, at Gerona in Spain. 


Felic, Aug. 6, prob. the Roman martyr at Aug. 7 in Hicron. Ma?-t. 

Aug. 14, mart, in Aquileia (Baeda). 

Aug. 27, mart, at Cordova, a.d. 852. 

Aug. 30, presb. and mart, at Rome with Adauctus. 

Sep. 19, mart, with Constantia at Nuceria in Campania. 

Sep. 24, mart, at Autun. 

Oct. 3, mart, in Africa (Baeda). 

Oct. 24, mart, in Nicomedia (Baeda). 

Nov. 5, presb. and mart, at Tarracina. 

Nov. 6, mart, at Toniza in Africa. 

Nov. 1 5, bp. and mart, at Nola. 

FeHcidn (Fehcianus), Feb. 2, mart, at Rome with Fortunatus and Firmus. 

June 9, mart, at Rome with Primus. 

Nov. 19, mart, at Vienne with Exsuperius and Severus (-ianus?). • 

Fehcitas, Mar. 7, mart, at Tuburbo in Mauritania with Perpetua. 

Nov. 23, mart, under Antoninus. 

Fehcula, Feb. 14, mart, at Rome with Zeno and \'italis. 

June 13, virg. and mart, at Rome. 

Femdid, June 2, where it rimes with nia-gil. 

Femme, virg. and mart. Sep. 17. Mart. Don. calls her the d. of Cairell. 

She seems to have been confounded with S. Euphemia (virg. and mart. 

under Diocletian), whose day likewise is Sep. 17. "Euphemia .i. Feme 

vv. et martyres ambas (misprinted ambo), 16 seu 17 Septembrzj," 

Brussels MS. 5095-5096, fo. 115^ 
Femmor, virg., of Cliiain Grencha, Jan. 18. Femmair, Mart. Taml. 
Feradach, gen. Feradaig, f. of Aed, Feb. 12, gl. 7. 

d. of. Mar. 23. 

Fer da chrich (' man of two districts '), Mar. 30. 

■ May 18, gen. Fir da chrich. Mart. Taml. 

• May 31. 

— bp., Aug. 1 5 ; the name of bp. Maccarthinn of Clochar, when he was 

abbot of Dairinis {Mart. Don.). 

Aug. 30. Another Fer dd chrich, Sep. 9. 

of Daire na Flann, Oct. 6. Two others, Nov. 3, Nov. 1 5. 

Ferdomnach of Tuaim da ualann, June 10. 

Fer-fesa (' man of knowledge ') O Maoilconairc, p. 2, one of the Four 

Masters. Of him, says O'Donovan (FM. Introductory Remarks, p. 

xxviii), ' nothing is known, but that he was a native of the county of 

Roscommon, and a hereditary antiquary.' 
Fer-fugill ('man of judgment '), Mar. 10, gen. Firfuighill e-i^scuip., Alart. 

Taint.., of Clondalkin, bp. Ob. 783 or 789. See Colgan Acta SS. 577, 

FM. 784. 
Fergna, daughters of, Jan. 7. 

— Britt, Mar. 2, fourth abbot of lona. Ob. 623. 

sac, Sep. 18. See Mart. Don. 

f. of Sinech, Oct. 5, gl. i. 

presb., Oct. 11. Crumthir .i. Fergnae, Mart. Taml. 

Fergus, abb., Jan. 20. 

s. of Oengus, Feb. 15. ^Another Fergus, Mar. 23. 

— of (Inis ciiin on Loch) Erne, Mar. 29. 

Mar. 30, bp. of Druim Lethglaise, a.d. 583, Mart. Don. 

■ July 5, gen. Fergusa o hUamaigh, Mart. Taml. 

■ July 19, gen. Fergusa sancti, Mart. Taml. 

Cruthnech (' the Pict '), Sep. 8. 

s. of Guairc, Sep. 10. 

of Inis Incsclainn, Nov. 10. 


Festus, June 23, mart, at Rome with Lucia (June 24, Auct. Us.). 

Sep. 19, deac. and mart, at Naples with Januarius. 

Dec. 21, a saint in Tuscany, commemorated with Joannes. 

Fethaid, Mar. 31, gen. Fethaido, Mart. Taml. 

Fethain of Ciiil Grainc, Dec. 15. Fethan, Mart. Don. 

Fethchu, July 23 (= Fedchu, July 6?), gen. Espuic Fethcon, Mart. Taml. 

Fethgna, Feb. 12, a successor of S. Patrick, a.d. 872. 

Fethi, Aug. 5. 

Fiacc, bp. of Slebte, Oct. 12. See Bk. of Armagh, fif. 4'' 2, 18' 2, and Trip. 

Life, pp. 52, 190. 
Fiacha maccu Cormaic, Dec. 27. Mo Fhiacha mczr \\td Cormaic, Mart. 

Fiachna, ancestor of Aed^n, s. of Decill, Jan. i. 

Mar. 30, gen. Fiachnai, Mart. Taml. 

Ap. 29, Fiachnae, Mart. Taml. A monk of mo-Chuta's, Ma7-t. Don. 

Fiachra, Feb. 8, abb. of Congbail Glinne Suilige and Clonard. Plachra, abb. 

Iraird, Mart. Taml. 

May 2, abb. of Erard ua nDrona. 

July 25, Coel of Cliiain Caichtni. 

July 25, gen. Fiachrach, Mart. Taml. 

Aug. 30, hermit in Meaux. The Fr. fiacre comes from an image of 

this saint which was over the gateway of the house in Paris, where 

Sauvage set up his hackney-carriages in 1640. 

bp., Sep. 28. 

Oct. 12, son of Fiacc, q.v. Fiac et Fiachra eius filius cum eo i 

Sleibti, Mart. Taml. (LL.). 

gen. Fiachrach, ancestor of Colman, Oct. 27. 

Fiachraig, Sep. 4, dat. or instr. of Fiachra. 

Fiadabair, of Uachtar Achaid, July 7. 

Fiadal, abb. of Cell Achaid Droma Senain, Dec. 24, gen. P^iadaili, abbatis 

Cille Achaid, Mart. Taml. 
Fiadnat, virg., Jan. 4. Fiadnatan, Mart. Taml. 

Nov. 29. Fiadhnat, Mart. Don. 

Fialan Fertach, Sep. 9. 

Fidarle hua Suanaig, abb. of Rathen, Oct. i. Ob. 758 (FM.), 762 {Mart. 

Fidchellach, gen. -aig, f. of Brelach, Feb. 17, gl. 8. 
Fidis (Fides), virg. and mart, at Agen, Oct. 6. 
Fidmuine hua Suanaig, anch. of Rathen, and from Inis Bdithin, May 16, gl. 

8 : gen. Fidmuni, Mart. Taml. Ob. 750. 
Filibertus (Philibertus), Aug. 20, "abbot in the island of Herium in Oaul," 

Smith and Cheetham, Diet, of Christian Antiquities, p. 1631. 
Filoron (Philoromus), Feb. 13. This seems to be = Philoromus, a martyr 

in Egypt, whose day, however, is Feb. 4. 
Fi'n^n, s. of Rimid, bp. Jan. 8. Ob. 660 (659, FM.). 
Sax, Jan. 9. 

s. of Erenn^n, Feb. 12. Ob. 676 (674, FM.). 

of Druim, mart., Feb. 13, Mart. Don. 

Lobar, of Swords, Mar. 16. 

Camm, of Cenn Etig, Ap. 7. From him Derrynane {Doirc Fhinain) 

is named. 

s. of Fergna, Oct. 4. v. Colgan Acta SS. 352. 

s. of Pi'pan, of Rath, Nov. 25. 

Caue, Dec. 8. 

Finchell, virg. of Sliab Guairi, Jan. 25. 
virg.. Ap. 24. 


F'indachta, s. of Uunchad, king^ of Ireland, Nov. 14. 
Findbarr, May 21, Finnbarri Corcaigi, 'of Cork,' Mart. Taiiil. 

s. of Aed, abb. of Inis Doimle, July 4. 

sac, July 25, gen. Finnbairr sacairt. Mart. Taint. 

■ — Sep. 9, of Cell Cunga, alias Brodna (I)roednea, Mart. Ta»it.). 

Sep. 10. Findbarr Maigi, Mart. Tanil. (LL.) 

Findbeo, Jan. 27. Findbeo Inbir Melgi, Mart. Taint. 
Findchad, bp.. May 16. 

bp. of Cell Forgo, Nov. 12. 

Findchadan, of Ard, Feb. 23. 

Findchan, Mar. 11. Findcain aircisiremh [leg. airce sirem : tn inarg.'\ .i. 

Finchani qui fuit in cruciatibus diuturnis, Mait. Taint. 
bp., of Druim Enaig and Druim Fess, May 17, Epscuip Findchain 

Dromma Enaig 7 Dromma Feise, Mart. Taint. (LL.). 

June 4. Yiondchan, 3fart. Don. 

Oct. 29. Finchain, Findcani, Mart. Taint. Another Findchan, 

Nov. 8. 
Findche, virg., Jan. 25. Findche \irgo Slebi Guaire, Mart. Taint. 
Find-chua, of Bri Gobann, Nov. 25. Fionnchu mac Fionnlogha, Mart. 

Don. His Irish Life, Lism. Lives, pp. 84-98. 
Findcritan, of Craebech, Jan. 15. Findchritan Craibige, Mart. Taint. 

Finden, gen. Findein, May 17. Finnen, Mart. Taint. 
family of, Aug. 31, the death-day of Findn, a monk of Hi who 

succeeded Aidiln as bp. of Lindisfarne. 
Findgan, Oct. 24, s. of Airchinnech, gen. Findgain, Mart. Taint. 
Findicin (=Mael findidin), abb. of Inis P^tric, Feb. 6. 
Mar. 2. The Finniaui oi Mart. Taint, sug'^gests that this may be the 

same name as Adamndn's Vinniaiiies, Vita Cot. ii, i, where Reeves 

prints Vinniano for the Vinniaiio of the Schafifliausen MS. 

bp. of Mag Bile, Sep. 10. Also at Feb. 11, where he is called Finnia. 

Finnio mac hiii Fiatach, Mart. Taint. (LL.). Commemorated also at 

Feb. II, where he is called Finnia. 

bp. Sep. 27. Finniaui, Mart. Taint. 

— abb. of Clonard, Dec. 12. Ob. 548. His Irish Life, Lism. Lives, pp. 


Dec. 29. Uinniauii Senis, Mart. Taint. (LL.) 

Findlug, s. of Diman, of Tamlachta Findloga, Jan. 3 : of Dun Blesci, ace. to 
Mart. Taint. 

May II, gen. Findlogo, Mart. Taint. 

of Cliiain maic Feicc, June 7. Another Nov. 13. 

Findmac, bp. Nov. 10. 

P^indsech, of Sliab Guari, Oct. 13. 

virg., of Cruachan Maige Abna, Nov. 9. 

Fingen, s. of Odran Febla, Feb. 5. 

Finna, da Finna, s. of Deckln, June 9. 

Finnech Duirn, bp. of Cell Finnche, Feb. 2. 

Finni, of Druim licce, presb. Feb. 9 (Finnia? Finnu ?), Crumthir Finnai 

Droma licci. Mart. Taint. 
F'innia, bp. of Mag bile, Feb. 11. Finn(i)ani (i\>\scopi Maige bile. Mart. 

'Taint. Commemorated also at Sep. 10, where he is called Findidn. 
Finntain, bp. and abb., an alias of Munnu = mo Findu, Oct. 21, gl. i. Ob. 634. 
Finnu, s. of Arath, July 13. 

Fi'noc, s. of Cuacha, Oct. 4. Mo Finoc mac Cuacha, Mart. Taint. 
Fintan, s. of Eochaid, Jan. i. Fintan mac Echdach o Bealach, J/irir/. Taint. 
s. of Toicthech, Jan. i. Fintain m^/c Toichthig, Mart. Taml. 


Fintan, of Diin Blesci, Jan. 3. 

sac, of Cluain Cain, Feb. 7. 

hua Echach, abb. of Clonenagh, Feb. 17. 

Corach, bp. of Clonfert, Feb. 21. 

Bel na psalm, Mar. 27. 

of Cluain Ciiin, May 11. 

presb., of Cell airthir, July 13. 

sac, of Focuillech, July 18. 

of Ard Cain, Sep. 8. 

Sep. 19, abb., s. of Aed Finnliath, Mart. Don. 

s. of Coppan, Sep. 27. 

Oct. I. Fionntain, Mart Don. 

abb., Oct. 9. Fionntain mac Tail, Mart. Don. 

abb. of Druim Ing, Oct. 10. 

maeldub, Oct. 20, gen. Fintain maelduib, Mart. Tamt. (LL.). But 

Mart. Don. treats Fintan and Maeldub as the names of two different saints. 
Nov. 7. Fionntain, Mart. Don. 

Nov. 9. Fionntan, Mart. Don. 

of Lemchaill, Nov. 16. 

s. of Luined, Dec. 14. 

Fintin, Oct. 10. 
f^intina, Oct. 15. 

virg., of Cluain Guthbind, Nov. i. 

Firm (Firmus), Feb. 2, mart, at Rome with Fortunatus. 
Firmait (Firmatus), deac, depos. at Auxerre, Oct. 5. (Usuard.) 
Firmus, Jan. 9 := Firminus, mart, at Smyrna (Baeda). 

Ap. 6, mart, at Nicea (Baeda). 

Aug. 9, mart, at Verona (Baeda). 

Fland Find, of Cuillenn, Jan. 14. 

bp. in Findglass, Jan. 21. 

Ap. 20, gen. Flaind, Mart. Taml., said to be son of Mael diiin. If so, 

he was 24th abb. of lona, though Colgan, Tr. Thaiini. p. 481% n. 24, says 

that his festival was Ap. 24. 

Becc, July 17. In Mart. Taml. (Br.) this is Flainni Inber Becce. 

of Oentreb, abb. of Bennchor, Dec. 15. Ob. 728.^ (722, FM.) 

s. of Forcellach, Dec. 21, gen. Flaind va.eic FairchelAz/^, Mart. 

Fland^n, of Cell Aird, Mar. 14. 

Nov. 5. 

conf., of Cell da Lua, Dec. 18, gen. Flannain nxeic Tairdel/^cw]^, Mart. 

Taml. (LL.). 
Flauia, May 8. Not known. 
Flauian (Flavianus), Jan. 30, mart, at Centumcellae (Civita Vecchia). 

(Flaviana), Oct. 5, virg. and mart, at Auxerre with her br. Firmatus. 

Flauius, May 7, bp. and mart, at Nicomedia, with his brothers Augustinus 

and Augustus. 
Fled, virg. of Tech Flede, Sep. 12. 

Flora, virg. and mart, at Cordova, with Maria, Nov. 24. 
Floreint (Florentius), Jan. 3, eighth bp. of Vienne and mart. (Ado). 

(Florentinus), Ap. 6. (Hieron. Mart.) 

(Florentius), Oct. 10, mart, at Bonn with Cassius. 

Dec. 30. ' In Insula S. Florentii,' etc. (Baeda), when ' Insula ' means 

the country between I sere and the Rhone. 
Florian (Florianus), May 4, mart, in Noricum Ripense (Usuard). 

Aug. 4. Not known at this day. 

Aug. 5. (Hieron. Mart, and Baeda.) 


Florins (Florus), Jan. 23, mart, at Neocaesarea in Macedonia, along with 

his parents Severianus and Aquila. 
Foca (Phocas, ^cokost), Mar. 5, mart, at Antioch. 

July 14, bp. of Sinope and mart. 

Foelan. See Faelan. 

Foendelach, Sep. 18, Faoindealach, Mar/. Don. gen. Foindelaig, Mart. 

Foenir, of Domnach Foinir, Oct. 29, gen. Fonere Domnaig, Mart. Taint. 
Foillan, brother of S. Fursa, Jan. 16, = Baeda's Fidlanus (H. E. iii, 19), is 

spelt Foelan at Oct. 31. 
Forann^in, of Cell Ae, Dec. 22. Forannan Cille Eae, Mati. Taint. 
Forbrig, Nov. 13. 
Forcellach of Fobar, Jmie 10. 

f. of Fland, Dec. 21. 

Fordeoir, virg., Oct. 30, gen. Fordeorach, FM. 1025. 

Forond^n, abb. of Clonard, Feb. 12. Foranndn, Mart. Don. Ob. 740. 

s. of Aed, Feb. 15. Foranndn, Mart. Don. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 

Luae, June 

Fortchern, bp. Oct. 11. Foirtcern, s. of Fedlimid, Mart. Don. Lomman in 

Ath truim cum suis omnibus et Fortchern, Mart. Tanil. 
Fortech, Oct. 5. Fortach, Mart. Don.., gen. Forirthech (leg. Foirthich ?) 

Mart. Tanit. (LL.) 
Fortheith, Aug. 1 7, gen. Forthetho, Mart. Tanil. 
Fortunait (Fortunatus), Feb. 2, mart, at Rome with Firmus. 

June 1 1, mart, at Aquileia with Felix. 

Oct. 14, bp. at Todi. 

Oct. 15, saint of Rome. 

Oct. 24, lector and mart, at Venosa with Adauctus and Januarius. 

Fraech (leg. Froech ? ), presb., of Cliiain CoUaing, Dec. 20. 

Frimus (Primus), Jan. 3. Mart, at Peparethus in the Hellespont. 

Froechan, bp. of Inis maic Erca or of Bochliiain, Nov. 20. 

Frontoin (Fronto), Oct. 25, saint of Perigord ? 

Fronton, Ap. 14, abb. at Alexandria. 

Frossach, anch., Ap. 11 : gen. Frossaig anchoritae, Mart. Taml. (LL.) 

Fructuosus, Jan. 21, bp. and mart, in Spain with Augurius and Eulogius. 

Frumeint (Frumentius), Mar. 23, mart, in Mauritania. 

Fuidbech, son of Cillin, Feb. 4. 

Fuilen, of Drummfota, Ap. 24. Fuilen Drummfota meic Coelbad, Mart. 

Tanil. (LL.). 
Fuilgeint (Fulgentius), Jan. i,a bp. in Africa. 
Fuillen, Jan. 12. Fuillen, Mart. Taint. 

Fuillenn, of Ath ind eich, July 23. Fullenn Atha inn[e]ich, Mart. Tanil. 
Fulartach, s. of Brecc, bp. of Clonard, Mar. 29. Ob. 774. Dec. 21 anch. 

FM. 755. 
Funcch, of Cluain Bronaig, Dec. 11. 
Funechta, Dec. 19, gen. Funechtae, Mart. Tanil. 
Furfuir (Porphyrius), Dec. 9, mart, in Africa (Baeda). 
Furphair (Porphyrins), Aug. 20, teacher of Agapitus (Usuard). 
Fursa, abb. of Conailli Murthemni, Jan. 16, conf. at Peronne, which the 

Irish called Cathair Fursa, FM. 774. His Irish Life at Brussels (MS. 

2324-40, fo. 50') is a translation from Baeda H. E. iii. 19. See 

Furtunait (Fortunatus), Ap. 23, deac. and mart, at Valence, with Felix and 

Furudran, in Land Turu (Tuirriu, Mart. Taml.), May 28. 


Furudriin, abb. of Land Lere, June 18. 

bp., July 26. 

saint, July 28. Furudrani sancti, Mart. Tainl. 

s. of Garbraethach, Nov. 22. 

Fustais (Fausta ?), Feb. 6 ; seems a mixture of Faiista and Eulasius, names 
of martyrs at Cyzicus, commemorated on that day. 

Gabin (Gabinius), Feb. 19, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

Gabinus, May 30, mart, with Crispolus in Sardinia. 

Gabr^in, s. of Dubthach, Nov. 14, gl. 3. 

Gabrein, June 24, supposed to be a fellow-student of mo Chua of Balla. 

Gabthene, virg., July 11. 

Gaius Palatinus, mart. Mar. 4 (Usuard). 

Mar. 10, mart, at Apamea (Usuard). 

pope, mart, at Rome, Ap. 22. Name spelt Gaigus., Galba A. xviii. 

Oct. 4, mart, at Corinth with Crispus. 

Galla, May 5. Not known on this day. Perhaps the Galla martyred at Byzan- 
tium, whose day is May 8. 

Gallenic (Galenicus), Jan. 28, mart, at Apollonia with Leucius and Thyrsus. 

Galilean (Gallicanus), June 25, mart, at Alexandria. 

Gallus, of Loch Techet, Ap. 4. Gall Locha Teiget, Mart. Taint. 

■ Nov. 2. Perhaps another Irish (Sail. Or he may be Gallus the 23d 

bp. of Clermont, whose day, however, is Nov. i. 

Gamaliel, St. Paul's preceptor (Acts xxii, 3), Aug. 3, the day of the invention 
of his relics at Jerusalem. 

Garalt of Mayo, abb. and bp.. Mar. 13, = Geraldus, Colgan Acta SS. 599. 

Garb, gen. Gairb, Oct. 21, gl. 3, ancestor of Silldn. 

Garb^n, abb. of Achad Aball, Mar. 26, Colgan Acta SS. 750, 751. 

Ap. 17. Here Mart. Taml. has Aedait mac Garbain. We should 

therefore, perhaps, read Garbhdin gradgein., and translate ' Carbon's 
loveable offspring,' scil. AecMn. 

May 14. Garbani, Mart. Tainl. 

daughters of, May 17. 

sac, of Kinsaley, July 9. Another Garban, Nov. 21. 

Gaudentia, virg. saint at Rome, Aug. 30 (Usuard). 

Gaugeric (Gaugericus), bp. and conf at Cambray, Aug. 11 (Usuard). 

Gedion (Gideon), fifth Judge of Israel, Sep. i. 

Gelais (Gelasius), Feb. 4, mart, at Rome. 

■ — pope, Nov. 18. Ob. 496. 

Gelasius := Gilla mac liac, a successor of S. Patrick, Mar. 27. Ob. 1173 

(FM.)or 1 174 (ALC). 
Gel-chhi ('fair-fame'), Nov. 16. Nothing seems known of this saint, save 

that her name is misspelt in the edition of Mart. Don. 
Gemin (Geminus), Jan. 4, mart, in Africa (Usuard). 

Feb. 4, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Geminian (Geminianus), Sep. 16, mart, at Rome with Lucia. 

Gemma, Sep. 18. Not known. 

Genis (Genesius), a catechumen mart, at Aries, Aug. 25, ' in ripa fluminis 

Rhodani decollatus, martyrii gloriam, proprio cruore baptizatus, accepit,' 

Genoc, mo Genoc, bp. of Cell duma gluinn, Dec. 26. 

(jenovefa, patron-saint of Paris, Jan. 3. Ob. 512. Now called Genevieve. 
Genten, sac, of Tir (iuairi, Sep. 2. Colgan, Tr. Thaiini. 180 n., 149. The 

name seems Gentianus hibernicised. But Colgan identifies it with 

Genifhenn (leg. Getntene), Trip. Life 144 =: Geintine, Bk. Arm. 18'' 2. 
Georgius, Ap. 23, mart, at Diospolis in Persia (Nicomedia), the patron saint 

of England. Irish Life, Egerton 91, fo. ir\ 


Geran (Gerdn?), sons of, Ap. i. 

Gerion (Gereon), Oct. lo, mart, at Cologne (Baeda, Ado, Usuard). 

German, s. of Goll, bp. of Mann, July 30. German mac Guill, MiD't. 


(Germanus), Ap. 6. Not identified. 

bp. of Paris and conf., May 28. 

bp. of Auxerre and conf, tutor of S. Patrick, July 31. 

Oct. I, 'translatio sanctorum confessorum German! et Remigii, 

quorum prior Autisiodorensem, alter uero Remensem rexit ecclesiam,' 


Oct. 23, mart, in Spain with Servandus. 

Oct. 29. Mart, at Nicomedia, Oct. 30 {Hieron. Marf.). 

Oct. 30, bp. of Capua. 

Germanic (Germanicus), Jan. 19, mart, at Smyrna with Polycarp. 
Geront (Gerontius), Jan. 19, mart, in Africa (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Aug. 25, bp. of Italica, i.e. Sevilla la Vieja (Usuard). 

Gertrudis, Mar. 18, virg. and first abbess of Nivelle in Brabant. Her day in 

Baeda and Mart. Rom. is Mar. 17. Ob. circ. 660. 
Geruais (Gervasius), June 19, mart, with Protasius at Milan. 
Gilasius, Gelasius. See Gilla mac liac. 
Gildard, Aug. 24, presb. and conf of Luperciacum (Leurcy) in territorio 

Nivernensi (Nevers), Auct. ad Usuard. 
Gildardus, June 8, bp. of Rouen. 

Gildas, Nov. 4. Not known, probably some Irish saint. 
Gilla mac liac. Mar. 27, gl. 5. See Gelasius. 
Gilla mo Chdidbeo, Mar. 31, gl. 4. Also called Machabeus, abb. of the 

monastery of Paul and Peter, Armagh. Ob. 11 74. 
Gillibert, June 24, mart, near Paris. 
Glunsalach, June 3. 
Gobban, s. of Nasc, Mar. 17. Colgan, Acta SS. 63. 

abb. of Airdne Dairinse, Mar. 26, May 30. 

Mar. 30. Gobbain episcopi. Mart. Taml. 

Ap. I. Gobbani sancti, Mart. Taml. 

■ Becc, July 16. Another Gobban, Nov. 5. 

Find, of Cell Lamraige, Dec. 6. 

Gobbnat, virg., Feb. 1 1, where the glossator says that her church was at Moin 

Mor in the south of Ireland, i.e. probably Moanmore near Mallow. 
Goibnen, May i, Colmani .i. Gobnini, Mart. Taml. (LL.), as if Goibnen or 

Gobnfne were a nickname for Colman. 
Goibnenn of Tech Scuithin, May 23. 
Goll, gen. Guill, f. of Cobair ? July 3°- . 

Goran, Nov. i. Unknown. The name, like Garde, is a dimin. oi gor. 
(iordian (Gordianus), May 10, mart, at Rome with Epimachus. 
Gorgoin (Gorgonius), Mar. 12. Et A'ingelosini . . . L'j\.\Y<^on\, Hieron. 


Sep. 9, mart, at Nicomedia. 

Gormdn, of Cell Gormdin, Oct. 25. In Hibernia natale . . . Sancti Gonnani 

confessoris et peregrini et sanctissimi viri, Dntmm. Kal. 
Gormgal, Aug. 5, is perhaps the (jormghal mentioned by FM. A.D. 794, as 

the successor of Faendelach in the see of .A.rmagh. 
Goroc, mo Goroc, of Dergne (Delgany), Dec. 23. The name like Goran, is 

a dimin. oi gor. 
Grellan, son of Rotdn, Ap. 15. 

Sep. 17. (irellain episcopi .i. o Laind, Mart. Taml. 

of Land, Sep. 18. (irellain Lainni, JA?/-/. Taml. He seems to be 

the same Grellan as commemorated at Sep. 17. 


GrelMn, of Craeb GreMin, Nov. 10, v. O'Donovan, Hy Many^ Dublin, 1843, 
pp. 8-18. His Irish Life is in the Brussels MS. 4190-4200, fo. 83'^. 

Grelloc, do Grelloc, of Tamlacht Carna, July 13. The name, like Grelldn^ is 
a dimin. oi grell, borrowed ixoxngryllus 'a cricket or grasshopper,' Ir. 

Grigoir (Gregorius), pope, the second of that name, Feb. 13. Ob. 731. 

bp. of Nyssa, Mar. 9. 

Magnus, pope, Mar. 12. Ob. 604. Irish Life in Egerton 91, fo. 30''. 

May 5. Mart, in Africa, Hieron. Mart, 

of Nazianzus, May 9 (Ado, Usuard). 

July 3, Thaumaturgus, bp. of Neo-Caesarea. 

Aug. 14. One of the two presbyters who butied Eusebius in the 

cemetery of Calixtus, v. Mart. Rom., and Auctaria ad Usuard. 

twelfth bp. of Auxerre, Dec. 19. 

Dec. 24, presb. and mart, at Spoleto. 

Grimbald, July 8. In Ventano monasterio depositio sancti Grimbaldi 
monachi (Auctaria ad Usuardum). Wintonia ciuitate depositio beati 

Grimbaldi abbatis et monachi Sithiensis (ibid.). 
Guaire Becc, s. of Lusren, of Achad Dubthaig, Jan. 9. See Colgan Acta SS. 

223, c. 4. Another Guaire Becc, June 22. 
Guaire Mor, s. of Colmdn, of Achad Dubthaig, Jan. 22. 
Guariin, July 27. Of him nothing seems known. 
Guasacht, see Cuasacht. 
Gubsech of Cluain Bairenn, June 20. 

Gundenes (Guddene), July 18, virg. and mart, at Carthage (Ado, Usuard). 
Gundulf, June 17, bp. and conf near Bourges. 
Guntramnus (Gontramnus), Mar. 28, king of Burgundy. Ob. 593, See Greg. 

Tur. Hist. Fratic, iv. 3. 
Gurnim, virg. d. of Cu-gaela, Feb. 22. Gur;;/inni inghen Conghaili, Mart. 

Tainl., Gurnimh inghen Conghaela, Mart. Don.., where ' Gurnin ' is a 

H : for Irish, or Hibernicised names beginning with //, see under the following 

Hedda (Haeddi), July 7. The fifth bp. of the West Saxons (Baeda H. E. iv. 

12, V. 18). 
Helair (Hilarius), bp. of Gevaudan and conf., Oct. 25 (Usuard). 
Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, Aug. 18, where it is paroxyton, 

like '"EXivrj. 
Helias, Ap. 11, Irish abb. of S. Martin's, Cologne, alias Ailill. 

Ap. 17, presb. and mart, at Cordova with Paulus. 

Heliseus, June 14, the prophet Elisha. 

Heracleas, July 14, patriarch of Alexandria, A.D. 246 (Usuard). 

Herbert (Hereberht), Mar. 20, priest, anchorite and friend of S. Cuthbert. See 

Baeda, H. E. iv. 29. 
Herculan (Herculanus), Sep. 5, saint of Rome. 

Nov. 7, bp. and mart, at Perugia. 

Herent (Herentius), Aug. 5. ' In civitate Auxiopoli natale S. Eraclii et 

Erentii,' Baeda. 
Hermeit (Hermes), Jan. 21, in Africa {Hieron. Mart.). 

Oct. 22, mart, at Adrianople with Eusebius and Philip. 

Hermit (Hermes) Jan. i. Perhaps the exorcist and martyr commemorated 

on Dec. 31 (Usuard). 
Hermogin (Hermogenes), Ap. 17, mart, at Antioch with deacon Peter. 
Hermen, May 9, doubtless a scribal error for Hennas, the name of a 

supposed bp. of Philippi commemorated on this day. 
Hermenigild, Ap. 13. Visigoth catholic prince in Spain. Killed a.d. 585. 



Hermes, Aug. 28, mart, at Rome (Baeda, Usuard). 
Hermit (Hermes), Jan. i, in Raetia {Hieron. Alari.). 
Heron, Oct. 17, bp. of Antioch (Ado, Usuard). 
Hieremias the prophet, May i. 

Hierius, Nov. 4, presb. at Alexandria (Ado, Usuard). 
Hilair (Hilaria), Aug. 12, mart, at Augsburg (Ado, Usuard). 

(Hilarius), Nov. 3, deac. and mart, at Viterbo. 

Hilarian (Hilarinus), July 16, monk and mart, at Ostia (Baeda). 

Hilarin (Hilarianus), Aug. 7, deac. and mart, at Arezzo with S. Uonatus. 

Hilarius, May 5, bp. of Aries and conf. (Ado, Usuard). Ob. 449. 

Hilda, abbess of Whitby, Nov. 18 Ob. 680. v. Ann. Ult. 712. 

Honorait (Honoratus), Jan. 16, bp. of Aries. Ob. 429. 

Honorait (Honoratus), Dec. 30, perhaps a mistake for Honorius, an Alex 

andrian martyr commemorated on this day (Baeda). Or Gorman may 

have meant the martyr Honoratus, whose day is Dec. 20.J 
Humil (Humilis), Mar. 9. Not known at this day. 
lacint (Hyacinthus, lacinthus), July 26, mart, at Rome, 
lacinth, Sep. 11, mart, at Rome with Protus. 
laichinth, Oct. 29, mart, in Lucania, with Quintus and Lucinius (Gorman's 

' Lucius ' ?). 
I icob (Jacobus), Ap. 30, deac. and mart, at Lambessa with Marianus. 

May I, gen. lacoib, Dec. 27, the apostle, the Lord's brother. 

the Less, the apostle, s. of Zebedee, July 25. 

lacop (Jacobus), July 15, bp. of Nisibis in Mesopotamia. 

lanajr (Januarius), Sep. 28, mart, at Cordova with Faustus and Martialis. 

lar, ler, S^^d. 29. gen. meic ler episcopi, jMart. Tmnl. (LL.). 

daughters of, Oct. :'6, where lair (riming with biaid and gliaid) 

is disyllabic. This points to the loss of intervocalic v or s. 
Larlaithe, Feb. 11, third bp. of Armagh. Ob. 482. 
larloga, bp. and ab. at Lismore, Jan. 16. The name is an extension of 

larliigh., the form in Mart. Don. 
larnoc, s. of Oengus mac Natfraich, July 31, where the glossator calls him 

' the sickly.' In Mart. Tanil. he appears as Idrnoc ailit/iir, uagh in a 

curp, ' a pilgrim, virginal in his body.' 
I!)ar, bp. of Begery island, Ap. 23. Ob. a.d. 500 (FM.). The glossator 

adds 100 years to this saint's fabulous age, which is given as 304 in the 

Ichbritt, a scribal error for Icbrict = (Ecgberct). Dec. 8, a Saxon saint, who, as 

Oengus says, do-n-arlaid tar romuir ' came to us over a great sea.' 
Id, bp. of Ath Fadat, July 14. 

lerluga, bp., Nov. 22. Of him nothing seems known, 
lesse, f. of David, Dec. 29. 
lesu mac Nun, Joshua, s. of Nun, Sep. i. 

Iginus (Hyginus), pope, Jan. 10. His day in Mart. Rom. is Jan. 11. 
Ignait (Ignatius), Jan. 10, a supposed pope. 
Feb. I, bp. of Antioch and mart, at Rome. Translation to Antioch 

Dec. 17. 

Feb. 3, mart, in Africa with Celerinus. 

lUadan hiia Echach, bp. of Rdith Liphthen, June 10, Illadan vc\az Eacdach 

o Raith Liphiten, Mart. Tanil. 
Illathan from the Di'sert 'hermitage,' Feb. 2. Of him nothing seems known. 
Illin (leg. lUinn ? Ilinn ?), Mar. 22. Ilinni, Ilinn, Mart. Tai/il. 
I mar hiia Aedac^in, Aug. 13, of Kilmore, says O'Donovan, Mart. Don., p. 

218, note I. 
Imchad, of Cell droichit, Sep. 25. IMchad, Mart. Taml. lomchaidh, Maj-t. 



Indecht, virg., Aug. 11. Indectae uirginis, Mart. Tanil. Finneacht, Mart. 

Do?!.., where the F seems prothetic. 

deac, of Achad bo in Ossory, Sep. 5. 

Ingein (Ingenuus), Dec. 20, mart, at Alexandria with Ammon and Zeno. 

ingen Enaig, ' Enach's daughter.' Sep. 9. Of her nothing seems known. 

ingen Feradaig, ' Feradach's daughter,' Mar. 23. 

ingena Baiti (' Baite's daughters'), Mar. 29, Ethne and Sodelb, near Swords. 

ingena Cainnig, of Mag Locha, Sep. 24. 

ingena Cairbri, Jan. 15. Dorniitatio Itae et fiHarum Cairpre, Mart. Taml. 

ingena Cathbath, of Aired fota, July 2. Ingena Cathbad i nAiriudh, Mart. 

Taml. Wrongly Inghen [in the singular] Chathbath, Mart. Don. 
ingena Coluimb, of Tech ingen Coluimb, Sep. 13. In Mart. Taml. their day 

is Sep. 14 : Ingena Coluim i Cremthannaib. 
ingena Ciiain, Ap. 26 =^ Inghena Cuandin, Mart. Taml. Ap. 25 (Br.), 
ingena Donndin, Aug. 11. Ingena Donnain, il/c?^/. Taml. 
ingena (MS. banclann) Dutu, Aug. 11, Ingena Dutu, Mart. Taml. 
ingena Eltin, Mar. 1 5. The glossator's ' tri hinghena Eltin ' (' three daughters 

of Elti'n') seems a misreading of the ' Tiu (or Tui) ingen Eltine' ('Tiu 

(or Tui) a d. of Eltine ') of Mart. Taml. 
ingena Fachtna, of Ernaide, Aug. 3. Mart. Doft. commemorates only one 

daughter of Fachtna. 
ingena Fergna, Jan. 7. Ingena Fergnae, Mart. Taml. 
ingena Ferguis, of Tech ingen Ferguso, May 24 ^ secht n-ingena Fergasa in 

Inis Celtra, Mart. Taml.., which seems wrong, 
ingena Garbain, May 17. 
ingena Lasrein, June 11. 
ingena Lenin, of Cell Ingen Lenin (KiUiney), March 6. Inghena Lenini, Mart. 

Taml. They were Druigen, Luigen, Luicell, Macha, Rimtach. 
ingena Maicc lair of Cell na n-ingen, Oct. 26, where the gloss gives their 

names. Mart. Taml. locates them in Cell Maignenn (Kilmainham). 
ingena Maini, of Aired Bainne, July 6. Mart. Taml. gives their names as 

Dermor, Et[h]ne and Cumman. 
ingena Mechair, Sep. 6, Mart. Don.., commemorates only one daughter of 

ingena Minguir, June 25. 

ingena (banchlann) Nadfrdich, Jan. 6, i n-Enuch aird, Mart. Taml. 
ingena Oengois, Feb. 23. Ingena Oengassa, Mart. Ta)nl. 
ingena Ossein, of R^ith eich, May 3. Ingena Ossini, i^/ar/. Taml. 
ingena Senaig, Aug. 11. Ingena Senaich, Mart. Taml. 
Innocentius I, pope. Mar. 12, commemorated with Gregory the Great, 
loain (loannes), June 23, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

July 27, mart, at Ephesus with Maximianus, etc. 

■ — — — ■ Aug. 18, presb. and mart, at Rome with Crispus (Ado, Usuard). 

■ Sep. 7, mart, at Nicomedia (Ado, Usuard). 

the Baptist, invention of, Feb. 27 ; nativity of, June 24 ; decollation of, 

Aug. 29 ; conception of, Sep. 24 ; father of, Nov. 5. See lohain. 
bp. of Cell airthir, Oct. 24. Epscuip Eoain o Chill airthir, Mart. 


of Less mor, Nov. 13. 

Dec. 21. InThuscia sanctorum loannis et Festi, Mart. Rom. 

lohain, Dec. 27, the Apostle and Evangelist : octave, Jan. 3 : ad 

portam Latinam, May 6. 
lob, the Prophet, May 10. 

locundian (Jocundianus), July 4, mart, in Africa (Ado, Usuard). 
lohain (Johannes), Mar. 19, saint and conf at Spoleto. 
the Baptist, May 25, the day on which the Byzantine calendar com- 

2 B 2 



memorates one of the findings of his head. In the Auctaria to Usuard 
in the edition of Molanus (Lovanii, 1573) there is the entry : "inventio 
tertia pretiosi capitis praecursoris," given on the authority of Martyrolo- 
gium Graecorum. 
lohain (Johannes), May 28, pope, the second of that name. Ob. 535. His 
day in Mart. Rom. is May 27. 

June 26, Constantia's praepositus. 

lohan, i.e. Eoin mac Carlain of Tech Eoin, Aug. 17. 

lohanna. May 24. lohanna uxor ' Chuzae, procuratoris Herodis, quam 

commemorant Evangelistae ' (Usuard). Luke iii. 27. 
lohel (Joel) proph., July 13 (Ado, Usuard). 
lonill (lonilla), Jan. 17, mart, at Langres with Speusippus, etc. 
loseib (Josephus), Mar. 20, saint in Antioch (Baeda). 
loseph, Jan. 5, bp. of Tallaght. 

(Josephus), conf., Mar. 19, the spouse of the B. V. Mary. 

Barsabae, cognomento Justus, July 20. 

louian (lovianus). May 5, lector and mart, at Auxerre. 

July 26, is Baeda's Jobianus, 'in Laodicia Phrygiae.' 

louin (Jovinus), Mar. 2, mart, at Rome with Basileus (Ado, Usuard). 

Ipolit (Hippolytus), Sep. 11, mart, 'in portu urbis Romae,' Hiero7i. Mart. 

hirein (Irenaeus), July 3, deac. and mart, at Clusium in Etruria. 

hiren, Aug. 26, mart, at Rome with Abundius. 

hireneus (Irenaeus), June 28, bp. and mart, at Lyons. 

Isac, Ap. 26. Probably the patriarch, commemorated at Jan. 23, and also 

at intervals of 30 days reckoning from that date throughout the year. 
Isaias, prophet, July 6. 

isu. His Circumcision, Jan. i : His Baptism, etc., Jan. 6 : return from Egypt, 
Jan. 7 : His fast in the wilderness, Jan. 7 : in Egypt, Jan. 9 : His white (or 
blessed) house, Mar. 19 : His Conception and Crucifixion, Mar. 25 : 
Cetfaid's song sweet to. May 9 : distribution of Apostles of, July 15: 
mother of, Aug. 15 : apostles of, Sep. 21, Dec. 21 : taken by Simeon, 
Oct. 8. See Crist, 
ita, Ite, virg., of Cluain Credail, Jan. 15. Ob. 570. See Colgan Acta SS. 

Itharnais, of Achad ferta, Jan. 14. Itharnais in Achud ferta, Mart. Tainl., 

lotharnaisc, Mart. Don. 
Itharnaisc of Cloenad, Dec. 22. 
ludoc (Judocus), gen. ludoic, Jan. 9. An Armorican saint, perhaps identical 

with ' ludoich' and ' ludaich.' 
ludoich, July 25. Ipso die depositio B. Judoci egregii confessoris (Baeda). 
" In pago Pontino, inventio corporis sancti Judoci confessoris " (Auctaria 
ad Usuardum). 
ludaich, Dec. 13, priest and hermit in Brittany. Ob. 668. In the 
Auctaria ad Usuardum are cited four of Wandalbert's hexameters, 
ending Judoch pariter colerisque sacerdos Egregie, Oceani cedunt cui 
saepe procellae. 
luil (Julius), Dec. 5, mart, with Potamia at Thagora (Usuard). 
lulia. May 22, virg. and mart, in Corsica (Usuard). 

Oct. 7, virg. and mart, in the province ' Augusta Eufratesia ' (Usuard). 

Dec. 10, virg. and mart, at Merida with Eulalia (Usuard). 

lulian (Julianus), Jan. 9, mart, with Basilissa at Antioch. 
Jan. 28. Perhaps the bp. thus mentioned in the Auctaria ad Usuar- 
dum, Jan. 27 : ' Cenomannis {Le Mafis) depositio sancti Juliani episcopi 
et confessoris.' 

Feb. 16, mart, in Egypt. 

Feb. 27, mart, at Alexandria. 


lulian, Mar. 6, bp., deposition at Toledo. 

Mar. 9, mart, at Sebaste, Auct. ad Usuard., where Julianiis is mis- 
printed Jubanus. 

Mar. 23. ' Civitate Caesarea sancti Juliani,' Auct. ad Usuard. 

Ap. 2, mart, at Thessalonica, Hieron. Mart. 

Aug. 7, mart, at Rome. 

Aug. 28, mart, at Clermont. 

luliana, Feb. 16, virg. and mart, at Cumae (Baeda, Ado, Usuard). 
lulianus, Feb. 19, mart, in Africa (Usuard). 
lulitdn (Julitta), June 16, mart, at Antioch. 
lulius, Feb. 19, mart, in Africa, Hieron. Mart. 

pope and mart., Ap. 12. 

Ap. 13. Probably the martyr at Caesaraugusta commemorated by 

Usuard at Ap. 16, and by Ado at Ap. 15. 

May 27, mart, at Dorostorum in Moesia. 

Aug. 19. Senator and mart, at Rome. 

lunaill (Junillus ?), Sep. 28. Not known elsewhere save in Fel. Oeng. 
lusta, July 19, mart, at Hispalis (Seville) in Spain (Usuard). 
lustdn, of Lene, a monk, July 29. lustan Lene, manach, Mart. Tainl. 
lustin (Justinus), Ap. 13, philosopher, mart, at Pergamus, with Papirius, 

Carpus, &c. 

Sep. 17, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

Dec. 5. Perhaps the ' Jussi' oi Hieron. Mart. 

lustina, Sep. 26, virg. and mart, with Cyprian. 

Justus, May 4, fifth bp. of Vienne (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Aug. 6, mart, with his brother Pastor at Complutum (Alcala de 

Henares), Usuard. 

Sep. 2, thirteenth bp. of Lyons (Ado, Usuard). 

Oct. 18, mart, at Beauvais (Usuard). 

luuenail (Juvenalis), May 3, bp. and conf at Rome, 
luuentus (Juventius), Sep. 12, conf. with Syrus at Ticino (Usuard). 
Lachdin, Ap. 22 : Saignen 7 Lachain Armaige, Mart. Tainl. (LL.). 
Lachtain, Mar. ig, s. of Torben, of Achad ur and Belach Febrat. Ob. 622. 

Lachtnain, FM. 
Lachtdin, June 26. Another Lachtein Aug. i. Lacteni Fothirbi, Afart. 

Ladgenn s. of Bdeth, of Cluain fertu mo Lua, Jan. 12. Laidcend mac Bdith 

(.i. mac Brenaind), Mart. Taml. Ob. A.D. 660. Colgan, Acta SS. 57. 

Also spelt Laidcenn (q.v.). 
Laebdn of Ath Eguis, June i. 
Laetus, Nov. 5, presb. at Orleans (Usuard). 
Laidcenn, May 20, gen. Laidcind, Mart. Taml. 

Oct. 23, gen. Laidcinn, Mart. Taml. 

s. of Bochra, of Achad Raithin, Nov. 28, gl. i. 

Laigne, s. of Garbdn, Jan. 12. 

Lambeirt (Lambertus, Lantbertus), Sep. 17, bp. of Maestricht and mart. 

(Baeda, Ado, Usuard). 
Ldmruad (' red hand '), May 9, gen. Lamruaid, Mart. Taml. 
Lappdn, s. of Ciardn, Feb. 11. 

of Cluan Aithgen, Nov. 3. 

Largus, Mar. 16, Aug. 8, mart, on the Salarian way, whence his relics were 

translated to the Via Ostiensis. 
Lassair, virg. of Glenn Medoin, Feb. 18. Sanctae Lasre \\\\ginis in Gli'nn 

medhoin, Mart. Taml. (Br.). 
virg.. May 7. Lassar, ogh, Matt. Don. Lasrae uxx^inis^ Mart. 




Lassair, May ii, Lassar, ogh, Mart. Don. 
Lassar, of Achad Fota, Jan 6 

d. of Finntan, Mar. 23. 

virg., Mar. 29. d. of Fergus, Lassar, ogh, Mart. Don. 

virg., of Maigen, d. of Eogan, Ap. 18. Lassar ingen Eccain 6 Maigin, 

Mart. Taml. Another Lassar, May 14. 

July 23, gen. Lasre, Mart. Taml. 

of Tipra Roiss rain, July 27. Lasrain Tiprat oss. Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

virg., of Cell Arcalgach, Aug. 20. 

of Cliiain Mor, Sep. 15. 

d. of Lochdn, Sep. 30. 

of Achad Beithe, Nov. 13, d. of Rondn, Mart. Don. 

Lasse, of Cell mo Laisse, Jan. 17. 

maccu Necte, Jan. 19. 

(Laissi), virg., Jan. 22. Laisri, Mart. Don.., according to which she 

was a sister of Boga and Colma, and a disciple of Comgell of Bennchor. 

mo-Laisse, s. of Aed, Mar. 8. Mo Laisi mace Aeda, Mart. Taml. 

virg., of Cluain Mind, Ap. 19. 

mo-Lasse, Sep. 7. 

mo-Laisse, abb. of Daiminis, Jan. 6, gl. 7, Sep. 12, gl. i. moLass 

mac Nadfraich, Daminsi, i1/<rzr/. Ta^nl. Ob. 563. Irish Lives, Brussels 

MS. 4190-4200, fo. 91% Mus. Brit. Addl. 18, 205. 
virg., of Cluain Lomm^in, Nov. 9. 

Lassre (MS. Laisre), s. of Colomb, from Druim Li'ac, Oct. 25. 

Lassren (also mo Laisse and da Laise), abb. of Lethglenn, Ap. 18, s. of Cairell, 

Ob. 638. mo Lassi Lethglinni, Mart. Taml. 

daughters of, June 1 1. 

(also mo Laisse), Aug. 12, s. of Deccldn, of Inis Muredaig, Mart. 

third abb. of Hi, Sep. 16. Lasriani abbatis in Hi, Mart. Taml. Ob. 


■ of Mena droichit, Sep. 16. Ob. 600. 

s. of Naisce, of Ard maic Nascai, Oct. 25. Lasriani filii Nasci, Mart. 

Lassridn, s. of NatfrAech, of Daminis, Sep. 12. mo Lassi maic Nadfraich 

Daminsi, Mart. Taml. 

■ Dec. 26. Lasriani abbatis. Mart. Taml. 

Latharnais, of Achad Ferta, Jan. 14, Latharnaisc, Ma7't. Don. 

Laudamair (Laudomarus), presb. and abb. in pago Dorcasino (at Dreux), 

Jan. 19. Also spelt Launomarus, as by Usuard. 
Laudus, fifth bp. of Coutances and conf, Sep. 21. Ob. circ. 569. Also 

Laudo onis (Auct. ad Usuard.). Hence the place-name St. L6. 
Lauredn (Laurianus), July 4, mart, in territorio Bituricae civitatis [Bourges] 

Laureint (Laurentius), Aug. 10, vigil of, Aug. 9, archdeacon of Rome and 

mart. a.d. 258, octave of, Aug. 17 : his nocturnal visit to Justinus Sep. 17. 

Romae, Justini presbyteri, ad quem beatus Laurentius in vico Patricii 

nocte venit, Obs. ad Usuard. ed. Migne. 
Oct. 17. No Laurentius is known at this day. Can Gorman for sake 

of an alliteration have put Laureint for Floreint (Florentius), eighth bp. 

of Orange, commemorated on Oct. 17? 
Laurentin(Laurentinus), mart, at Rome, Feb. 3. 
Lazair (Lazarus), Dec. 17, brother of Mary and Martha, and first bp. of 

Ledn of Cell Gobail, June 5. 
Leander bp. of Seville, Feb. 27 (Usuard). Ob. 600. 


Leccdn, bp., Ap. 27. 

Legoint (Legontius), Feb. 18, twelfth bp. of Metz and conf. 

Leo, Feb. 12, pope, i.e. Leo L Also at Ap. 11, the day of his translation. 

May 25, conf., at Troyes (Usuard). 

June 28, pope Leo IL 

July 3, pope. This, again, is Leo IL 

Leodagair (Leodegarius), Oct. 2, bp. of Autun and mart. 

Leofridus (Leutfridus), June 21, abb. of the monastery of La Croix St. 

Leufroy, near Evreux. 
Leogaid (Leugatus), Oct. 22. Passio sancti Leugati, Mart. Hieroti. 
Leoint (Leontius), Jan. 20, mart, at Nicomedia with Cyriacus (Hieron. Mart.) 

Sep. 27, mart, with Cosmas and Damianus (Baeda). 

Leonard (Leonardus), conf., Nov. 6, disciple of S. Kemigius. 

Leonill (Leonilla), Jan. 17, mart, in Cappadocia (Baeda). 

Leontia, virg., Dec. 6. Not known. 

Leouigilt (-gild), Aug. 20, monk and mart, at Cordova with Christophorus. 

Letus (Laetus), Sep. 6, bp. of Leptina in Africa, and mart. (Ado). 

Leucaid (Leocadia), Dec. 9, virg. and mart, at Toledo. 

Leucius, Jan. 11, conf. at Alexandria. 

Leuic (Leucius), Jan. 28, mart, at Apollonia (Usuard). 

Liac, mo Liac, Dec. 17. Mo liacc, Mart. Don. 

Liadain, Aug. ii,d. of Eochaid, Mart. Don.., widow and abbess, ib. p. 432. 

Liadndn, abb. of Fobar, Feb. 5. 

abb., Oct. 2. Maelduib Bic et Liadnain abbatum. Mart. Tanil. 

Liamain, S. Patrick's ' sister,' May 2, gl. i. Nov. 27, gl. i. 

Liathin, ancestor of Cormac, June 21 : ancestor of mo-Chu6c, Oct. 21, gl. 4. 

Liba, mo Liba, bp. of Glendalough, Jan. 8. 

of Enach Elte, in Hiii Echach Ulad, Feb. 18, gl. 3. 

of Gort Cirb, Aug. 5. 

of Enach Elta, Dec. 26. 

da Liba, of Cuil meic Lurchairi, Oct. 24. 

■ — do Liba, Nov. 10. 

Libdn, Dec. 18. d. of Eocho, s. of Mairid, but Libani, Mart. Taml. A'^so 

called Muirgen, Muirgeilt and Fuinche, see LU. 39*^, 41^ 
Liber, March 8, abb. of Aghaboe. Ob. 618. 

of Lethduma, Mar. 30. 

s. of Lussen, of Inis mor, Aug. i, gl. 6. 

of Martratech, Nov. 2. 

Liberait (Liberatus), abb. and mart., Aug. 17 (Usuard). 

Librdn, Mar. 8. Libra;2ni sancti. Mart. Taml. 

abb. of lona, Mar. II. gen. Librani, yJ/«r/. 7<2/«/. Identified, without 

sufficient ground, with Adamndn's Libranus harundineti ( Vita Col. ii. 39) 
Libren, of Cluain Fota, Mar. 11. 
Linus, pope and mart., Nov. 26. 
Lith, d. of Garbdn, May 17, is probably a mistake for lith 'festival ot 

Garbdn's daughters.' See infra. Additional Notes. 
Lithgen, of Cluain Mor, Jan. 16. Lithgein Cluana moir in YiiUb Falgi, Mart. 

Liuicdn, July 28. 

Loarn, sac, of Achad mor, Aug. 30. 
Sep. II, bp. of Cell Chunna, and s. of Darerca, S. Patrick's 'sister,' 

Mart. Don. 
Loca, mo-Loca, of Lifechar, Jan. 7. moLocae Liphechair, Mart. Taml. 

moLacca, Mart. Don. 

s. of Colman Find, Mar. 22. 

Mar. 26. moLocga .i. Lilchaig, Mart. Taml. 


Loca, of Sliab Bladma, July 20. 

of Tulach Olaind, Aug. 7. Loce .i. o Tilaig Olaind, Mart. Taml. 

s. of Cdirthenn, Aug. 13. 

Lochait, abb. of Mag bile, Jan. 2. 

Lochdn, f. of Lassar, Sep. 30, gl, 12. 

Lodiein, Jan. 12, Locheni o Chill airiss, Mart. Taml. 

s. of Duib-dliged = mo- Loca, Jan. 20. 

of Cunga, Ap. 17. Locheni Cuhgi, Mart. Taml. 

June 12. Loichein, Mart. Don. 

of Cell na manach, Dec. 31. Lochan, Mart. Don. 

Loe, da-Loe or da-Lua, of Diin tige Bretan, Jan. 7. 
Loegaire, bp. of Loch con, Sep. 30. 

bp. of Cliiain Crema, Nov. 10. 

Lomma : mo Lomma of Domnach Imlech, June 20. 
Lommdn, of , Loch Uair, Feb. 7. 

bp. of Ath truim, Oct. 11, a disciple of S. Patrick. 

Lommchii, of Cell Lommchon, Jan. 9. 
Lon of Cell Gobrai, June 24. 
Londn Find, Jan. 22. 

s. of Dare, Feb. 7, gl. i. Another Lonan, June o. 

of Ard Cruinn, July 11. 

s. of Lasre, Aug. 2. 

of Cliiain Tibrinne, Oct. 24. 

■ of Trefoit, Nov. i. 

of Caill Uallech, Nov. 12. 

Lon-Garad, Sep. 3, of Disert Garad in the north of Ossory, Mart. Don. 234, 

where ttuaiscert is misprinted ttuaircert. 
Longinus, Mar. 15, thesoldier who pierced our Lord's side: mart, at Caesarea. 
Loppan, Mar. 26. Lappdn, Afart. Taml. and Mart. Don. 
Loth (Lot), nephew of Abraham, Oct. 10. The Awroy of Josephus would 

explain the th. 
Lua, do Lua, see Loe. 
mo- Lua mac oche, abb. of Clonfert, Aug. 4. Ob. 605. As to the 

origin of his strange name (meaning ' my kick, son of armpit ') see Fe'L 

Oeng. cxxviii. 

Oct. 15. Another mo Lua, Nov. 21. 

of Mungairit, Dec. 21. 

Luachan, f. of Colmdn, June 17. 

Luadrenn, May i = Luaithrend, Mart. Don. 

virg. of Cell Luaithrenn, June 8. 

Luanen, mo Luanen of Tamlachta, Oct. 18. 

Li'iath, gen. Liiaith, f. of Siatal, Feb. 12, gl. i. 

Luca, Nov. 23, a mistake for Lucian = Lucianus, Nov. 24, Hieron. Mart. 

Lucan, of Tamnach, Jan. 23. 

sac.,, Jan. 27. Lucann sacart, Mart. Taml. (LL.), Luacann, ib. (Br.). 

of Anmag, Ap. 22. Another Lucd,n, Aug. 13. 

Lucas, the evangelist, Oct. 18. 

Lucell, great grandson of Ciar^n, Mar. 21, gen. Lucill maic hih' Chiara {sic), 
Mart. Taml. Luicheall, Mart. Don. (perperam). 

Sep. 10, gen. Lucill, Mart. Taml. 

Oct. 6, an alias for Colmdn, abb. of Cliiain Cdin. 

Lucella (Lucilla), Mar. 25, mart, in Nicaea (Baeda). 

Luchair, of Cell Elgraige, Dec. 23, Luchair Cilli Delgraigi, Mart. Taml. 

Luchta, of Ath Ferna, Feb. 1 1 : sic A fart. Taml. 

Lucia, June 23, mart, at Rome with Festus. 

Sep. 16, mart, at Rome with Geminianus. 


Lucia, Dec. 13, virg. mart, at Syracuse. 

Lucian (Lucianus), Jan. 7, presb. and mart, at Nicomedia. 

• Jan. 8, bp. and mart, at Beauvais. 

May 28, mart, in Sardinia. 

June 5. 

Oct. 14, mart, in Cappadocia. 

Dec. 24, mart, at Tripoli. 

Lucill (Lucilla), Oct. 31, d. of Nemesius, mart, at Rome. 
Lucina, June 30, natalis at Rome. 
Lucius, March 4, pope and mart. 

May 6, bp. and mart, at Cyrene. 

Oct. 19, mart, at Antioch. 

Oct. 29, mart, in Lucania. 

Lucretia, Nov. 23, virg. and mart, at Merida (Usuard). 

Lucrid, abb. of Clonmacnois, Ap. 29. Luccraid Cilli Luccraide, Mart. Tmnl. 

(LL.). Ob. 748. 
Lug, June 16. 
Luga, May 7. Not known, and perhaps we should read la Lasair nach liigu 

' with L. who is not least' : cf. Lugh nach lugu, June 16. 
Lugach of Ciiil Bennchoir, Oct. 6. Lugech sancti, Ma7't. 7 ami. 
Lug-aed, s. of Eochaid, Jan. 31. Lug Tire da craebh .i. mac Eachach, 

Mart. Taml. (Br.) 
Lugaeth, s. of Congus (Oengus ?), of Tech Luta, May 12. Lugaeth mac 

Oengusa, Mart. Taml. Lughaeth mac Aenghusa, Mart. Don. 

s. of Oengus, of Druim Inesclainn, Nov. 2. 

Lugaid of Ciiil Ruscach, Feb. 12. 

sac, Mar. 2. 

of Cell Cule, Mar. 9. 

s. of Eochaid, of Cliiain Loigh, Mar. 24. 

s. of Ere, Ap. 17. 

sac, Ap. 24. Lugaid presb. Mart. Taml. 

i. of Cummin, May 21. 

s. of Luge, July i. Lugidic raaic Lugei, Mart. Taml. 

Lugair Lobor, May 11. 

Lugaith, bp. of Airther achaid, Sep. 30. 

Lugdn, sac, July 21. 

Lugba, grandfather of Fechin, Dec. 28. 

Lugbe, Jan. 14. Not known. Another Lugbe, July 22. 

of Druim bo, July 24. 

Lugei, f of Baet^n, gen. sg. Jan. 14. 

Lugid of Cliiain Fobair, Aug. 6. Lugaid, Mart. Taml. 

Lugidon, bp., s. of Decldn, Jan. 6. 

Lugna, sac, of Cell tarsna, Jan. 20. Lugna crumthir. Mart. Taml. 

of Lettir, Ap. 25. Lugna Lettrach, Mart. Taml. 

deac, Dec. 31. Lugnei diaconi. Mart. Taml. 

Lug-thigern, great grandson of Trath, Ap. 28. Luchthigem maccu T;-atho, 

Mart. Taml. (LL.), Lucthigem mac Cutrito, ib. (Br.). 
Luigsech, May 22. Luigsech virgo, Mart. Taml. 
Luit, virg., of Druim Airbrech, Ap. 30. 

virg., of Tech Liita, July 27. 

Luoc : mo Luoc of Lismore in Scotland, June 25, alias Lugaid. Ob. 591, 

(Tigernach), 588 (FM.). 
Lupicinus, Mar. 21, abb. and mart, in the territory of Lyon (Usuard). 
Lupus, July 29, bp. of Troyes and conf Ob. 479. 
(mo-Luppus), Sep. i, bp. and conf. at Sens (Usuard). Ob. circ. 623. 

The glossator makes him a leper at Armagh. 


Lupus, Sep. 25, bp. and anch. at Lyon (Usuard). 

Oct. 17. Andegavis (Angers), Sancti Lupi episcopi, Auct. ad Us. 

Liirdn, son of Condn, June 2. 

bp. of Daire Lurdin, Oct. 29. 

Lurchaire, gen. Oct. 24, gl. 5. 

Liirech, s. of Guana, Feb. 17. 

Machabeus, Mar. 31 = Gilla mo Ch^idbeo, q.v. 

Mac caille, bp., of Cruachan Bri Ele, Ap. 25. 

Mac Cainne, bp., of Ath dd laarg, Dec. i. 

Mac Cairle, Nov. 27. Not known. 

Mac cdirthinn, bp., of Clochar, March 24. Also called Fer dd chri'ch, Aug 

15, gl- I- 
Mac Con-locha, July 11. See Failbe. 
Mac Coppdin, Sep. 27. See Fintan. 
Mac cridi, Aug. 1 1, i.e., Oengus, pupil of Mochta. 
Mac cuilinn, bp. of Lusk, Sep. 6. Ob. 497. 
Mac Eire of Cell achaid, Nov. 18. Mart. Don. 
Mac Laisre, abb. of Bennchor, May 16. Ob. 645. 
Mac Laithbi of Domnach mor. May 20. 
Mac Lasre, Sep. 12, bp. and abb. of Armagh, A.D. 610-623, ^ Laisren, Fcl. 

Mac-liacc, bp. of Liathdruim, Feb. 8. 

of Daire, Ap. 7. 

Mac Lubndin, leech. Mar. 29. Mac Lumnain liaich, Mart. Taml. 
Mac nisse. Mar. i. See Enan. 

abb. of Clonmacnois, June 13. Ob. 589. 

bp., of Condoire, Sep. 3. Also named Oengus and Coeman Brecc 

Ob. 513. 
Mac-6ge, s. of Eochaid, of Loch Melgi, Jan. 5. 

of the Ednen, Ap. 23 

abb. of Lismore, Dec. 3. 

Mac Tdil, bp. of Cell chuilinn, June 11, Oct. 9. Ob. 548. 

Maccu-Arti, June 7, gl. 3 : Maccu-Baird, Nov. 27. Maccu-Beonnae, Jan. 

22, gl. 5. 
Maccu-Necte, Jan. 19, gl. 3 : Maccu-Nesse, June 9. 
Machabeus, March 31, alias of Gilla mo Chaidbeo, q.v. 
Machair (Macarius) Alexandrinus or Urbanus, abb. Jan. 2. 

■ — Jan. 15, presb. and abb. in Scithis. 

■ Jan. 23, mart. (Baeda). 

Feb. 28, commemorated with Rufinus (Usuard). 

— Dec. 8, commemorated at Alexandria. 

Machutus. See Mochutus. 

Macidonius (Macedonius), Mar. 13, presb., commemorated in Nicomedia 

(Hieron. Mart.). 
Madailb, bp., Oct. 3. Modoilbh epscob, Mart. Don. 
Maedoc (=m'Aed6c), bp. of Ferns, Jan. 31. Ob. 624. Irish Life, Brussels 

MS. 2324-40. 

of Cluain Escrach, March 18. 

of Cluain mor Maedoc, Ap. 11. 

s. of Mursan, Dec. 17. 

bp. of Lismore, Dec. 29. 

Mael Aithchein, of Tech Mael-aithgein, June 6, bp. of Mag bile, Sep. 9. 

Oct. 21. Maol Aithghein, Mart. Don. 

Mael-anfaid, abb. of Dairinis, Jan. 31. 

Mael-Brigte, Feb. 22, s. of Torndn, abb. of Armagh and lona. Ob. 927. 

(925 FM.) See Reeves, Col. 392. 


Mael Caithfir, Dec. 24. Tvlaol Caithir, Mart. Don. 

Mael Canaig of Riiscach, Sep. 18. 

Mael-Chetair, s. of Rondn, May 14. 

Mael-choisne, Sep. 8, s. of Oengus, of Cluain Eossain, gen. Maeli caisni, 

Mart. Taml. 

Oct. 1 5, gen. Maele coisni, Mart. Taml. 

Dec. 28, of Ross Branduib, gen. M[a]ele coisni, Mart. Taml. 

Mael chorgais, Mar. 12. gen. Sancti Maele corgais, Mai't. Taml. 
Mael-deid of Less mor, May 21, where deid is disyllabic. Maeli doid o Lis 

mor, Alart. Taml. 
Mael deit, s. of Droigen, Nov. 13, where dett (leg. deith? dcidT) is disyllabic. 
Mael Doborchon, bp. of Kildare, Feb. 19. Ob. 707. 
]\lael-d6id, of Mucnam, May 13 : s. of Derbdara, June 29, gen. Maeli doid, 

.i. Falbhe mac Dara, Mart. Taml. 
Mael-dub, s. of Berrdn, March 6. 

Becc, abb. of Fore, Oct. 2. 

of Cluain Conairi, Dec. 18, gen. Mael[e]duib, Mart. Taml. 

Dec. 23. Perhaps s. of Enan, Mart. Don. 

Mael-duin, June 10. 

Mael-Eoin, bp. and anch., Oct. 20. 

Mael Findidin, abb. of Inis Patraic, Feb. 6, gl. 5. 

Mael-isu hua Brolchdin, Jan. 16. Ob. 1086. See Goidil. pp. 174, 175. 

Mael m'Aedoic hua Morgair, Nov. 2, archbp. of Armagh, 11 32- 11 36, died 

1 148. See Colgan T7ias Thaum. p. 303. His day is Nov. 3 in Mart. 

Mael-Maire hua Gormdin, abb. p. 4. His day is July 3 in Mart. Don. 

Marianus Scotus, Dec. 24. 

Mael-ochtraig, Ap. 20, gen. Maeli ochtraig, Mart. Taml. 
Mael-odar, of Bri Molt, July 16. 

Oct. 25. Maeluidir, Mart. Taml. 

Mael-Odrdin, Jan. 10. 

of Slane, May 31. 

Nov. II. Maol Odhrain, Mart. Don. 

conf., of Tuaim Inbir, Dec. 2. 

Mael-Riiain, of Druim Raithe, Mar. 6. 

■ bp. of Tallaght, July 7 ; et v. p. 4, and Jan. 5, gl. 2. Ob. 792 {jZ"]^ 

Mael-Ruba, abb. of Bennchor, and patron of Aporcrossan, Ap. 21. Ob. 721 
Mael-snechta, f. of Ult^n, May i, gl. 5. 
Mael Tolaig, of Druim niad, Sep. 13. 
Mael-tuile, May 29, gen. Maele tuile, Mart. Taml. See Mart. Don. p. 444. 

s. of Nochaire, of Disert Maele tuile, July 30. 

■ s. of Ti'an, Oct. 23. 

MaelAn of Enach, Jan. 4. 

- — — - s. of Ddre, of Moin Maeldin, Feb. 7. 

of Achad Gobra, Feb. 22. 

Nov. 6. Probably a mistake for Melan = Melanius, bp. of Rennes, 

whose day in the Leofric Kalendar is Nov. 6, though in Mart. Rom. it is 

Jan. 6. 

■ — ■ s. of Mechar, Dec. 14. 

bp., Dec. 25. Maelani episcopi, Mart. Tai/d. 

Magnus, Feb. 4, mart, at Rome. 

■ Aug. 19. Otherwise Andreas, mart., Hieron. Mart, and Usuard, who 

omits the place of martyrdom. 
Maigniu, gen. Maignenn, bp. and abb. of Kilmainham, Oct. 19, Dec. 18 

Incomplete Irish Life in Egerton 91, fo. 49". Silva Gadelica i. y]. 


Mairc (Marcus), Mar. 13, mart, at Nicaea. 

Mairc, Mar. 19, the Evangelist, mart, at Sorrento, Ap. 25. 

Maire (B. V. Maria), the report of her Assumption, Jan. 18. The Purification, 

Feb. 2. The Annunciation, March 25. The Pantheon dedicated to. 

May 13. The vigil of the Assumption, Aug. 14. The Assumption, 

Aug. 15. Its octave, Aug. 22. Her Nativity, Sep. 8. Its octave, Sep. 

15. On All Saints' Day, Nov. i. Her Conception, Dec. 8. Her Son's 

Nativity, Dec. 25. 
Maire Egeptacdha (Maria Egyptiaca), Ap. 9. In Mart. Rom. her day is Ap. 2. 
Maire Magdalena, July 22, the day of her death. Octave of, July 29. 
Malachias, for Mael m'Aedoic hiia Morgair, q.v. Nov. 2. 
Malchus, Mar. 28, mart, at Caesarea in Palestine. 

July 27, mart, at Ephesus. 

Mammert (Mamertus), May 11, eighteenth bp. of Vienne and conf. 
Mammes, Aug. 17, mart, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. 

Nov. 29. Not known. 

Manachen (Manahen), May 24. Herod's foster-brother, commemorated at 

Antioch (Usuard). 
Manchin, of Liath-manchdin, Jan. 24. Ob. 664. 
Manchein, of Disert maic Ciluirn, Jan. 2. 
of Moethail, Feb. 14. Manchani Maethla cum sociis suis, Mart. 


■ Mar. 23. Not known. Another Manchein, May i. 

lobar, Oct. 21. Mancheni lobor. Mart. Taml. 

abb. of Lismore, Nov. 12. 

S. Mochta's cook, Dec. 2. Two other Mancheins, Dec. 4, Dec. 29. 

Manchfn, s. of Collan, Jan. 13, in the Corann, Mart. Don. 

Mane, Sep. 2. Maine, Mart. Don. 

son of Eogan, Nov. 24. 

Manna, mo Manna, virg.. Mar. 21. Not known. 

Manndn, of Aired uird (suird ?), Feb. 23. 

Mansuetus, Feb. 28, mart. {Hieron. Mart.). 

Nov. 28, bp. and mart, in Africa. 

Dec. 30, mart, at Alexandria. 

Mapalicis (Mappalicus), mart, in Africa, Ap. 17. 

Maragdus (Smaragdus), mart, at Rome with Largus : his depositio, Aug. i : 
his passio, March 16, but not in Gorman's martyrology. 

Marceill (Marcellus), Jan. 2, is Marcellinus, brother of Argeus and Nar- 
cissus, in Mart. Rom. 

pope and mart., Jan. 16. Another Marceill, Feb. 14. 

mart, in Africa, Ap. 2. 

bp. et conf, Ap. 20. Marcellinus in Mart. Rom. 

June I, saint at Paris (Usuard). 

June 29, mart, at Strassburg. 

Sep. 28. Not found on this day elsewhere. 

mart, at Rome, Oct. 7. 

Oct. 13, mart, at Chalcedonia. 

Oct. 30, centurion and mart, m Tangier (Usuard). 

Nov. 26, mart, in Nicomedia. 

(MS. Marcil), Nov. 27, mart, in Nicomedia. Another Marceill, Dec. 30. 

Marcellus, Sep. 4, mart, at Chalons-sur-Saone. 

Marcia (Martia), Aug. 18. Not known. 

Oct. 13, mart, at Cordova. 

Nov. 5, mart, in Campania. 

Marcian (Martiana), Ap. 5, mart, in Egypt with Nicanor (Gorman's 
Nicandrus), Hieron. Mart. 


Marcian (Martianus), Ap. 17, mart, at Antioch. 

May 8, mart, at Constantinople (Hieron. Mart.). 

July 27, mart, at Ephesus. 

Oct. 4, mart, in Egypt (Usuard). 

Oct. 26, mart, in Nicomedia (Hieron. Mart., where the gen. sg. is 

spelt Mardiani). 
Marcillian (Marcellianus), June 18, mart, at Rome with Marcus. 

Aug. 9, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Oct. 3. Not known. 

Marcillin (Marcellinus), Ap. 26, pope and mart. (Usuard). 

June 2, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

Aug. 27, tribune and mart, at Tomi, Hieron. Mart. 

Marcis (Marcisus), Ap. 2. Not known at this day. There is a Marcisiis 

in Hieron. Mart, at Oct 4. 
Marcus, June 5, mart, 'apud civitatem Cebliensem vel Celliensem,' Auct. ad 


June 18, mart, at Rome with Marcellianus. 

Oct. 4, mart, in Egypt. 

Oct. 7, pope and conf. 

Oct. 22, bp. of Jerusalem and mart, at Adrianople. 

Mardoin (Mardonius), Jan. 24, mart, at Neocaesarea in Mauritania. 
Margarit (Margarita), July 20, mart, at Antioch in Pisidia. 
Maria, May 4. Not known. 

Nov. 21, virg. Neocorensis (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Nov. 24, virg. and mart, at Cordova with Flora. 

Marian (Marianus), Ap. 30, reader and mart, with Jacobus, at Lambessa 

May 8, a mistake for Martian = Martianus, mart, at Constantinople, 

Hieron. Mart. 

Aug. 19, conf, depositio in Berry (Usuard). 

Dec. I, deac, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Marina, Oct. 28, a mistake for Mariana, mart, at Antioch (Hieron. Mart.). 
Marius, Jan. 19, mart, at Rome. His day is Jan. 20, according to Hieron. 

Mart, and Usuard, but Jan. 19, ace. to the modern Mart. Rom. 
Marsus, Oct. 4, presb. and conf at Auxerre (Hieron. Mart.). 
Martain (Martinus), Dec. 7, abb., at Sanctonas (Usuard). 
Martan (Martinus), bp. of Tours, his consecration and translation, July 4 ; 

his natalis, Nov. 11 ; Octave, Nov. 18. Irish Life, Rev. Celt. H, 


(Martinus), Oct. 24, abb. of Vertavum (Vertou)in Armorica (Usuard). 

bp. of Rdith Inse Ednig, Nov. i. Ob. 768. 

Martha, Jan. 19, mart, at Rome (Hieron. Mart.). 

Oct. 20, mart, at Colonia with Saula (Usuard). 

Dec. 17, sister of Lazarus, translatio (Usuard). 

Mania (leg. Marcia?), June 18. Not known. 
Martial, Sep. 28, Oct. 13, inart. at Cordova (Usuard). 
Martian (Martianus), Jan. 4, mart, in Africa (Usuard). 

Oct. 16, mart, in Africa with Satirianus (Usuard). 

Martina, Jan. i, virg. and mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Martinian (Martinianus), July 2, mart, at Rome with Processus (Usuard). 
Martinus, pope and martyr, Nov. 10. His day in Mart. Roui. is Nov. 12. 
Masse ('beauty'), virg., Aug. 21. 

Matha (Matthaeus), S. Matthew the Apostle, Sep. 20, 21. 
Mathias (Matthias), Jan. 30, bp. of Jerusalem : the apostle, Feb. 24. 
Matoc, Ap. 25, pilgrim, brother to bp. Sanctdn, both Britons. See the 
preface to Sancton's hymn, Lib. Hymn. 19^ Goidil. p. 147. From him 


is named Inis Matoc (or Inis Maddoc, Sg. 194''), an island in the lake of 

Templeport, co. Leitnm. 
Matrona, Mar. 15, mart, at Thessalonica (Usuard). 

Nov. 17, mart, in Asia (Hieron. Mart.). 

Mauir (Maurus), Jan. 15, abb. of Glannafolium (Glanfeuil), Angers (Usuard) 
Feb. 2. Probably a mistake for the equivalent oi Marinus or Maricus, 

both of which saints are found at this day in Hieron. Mart. 
Nov. 29, mart, at Rome. 

Maurice (Mauricius), Sep. 22, mart, at Agaunum, now St. Maurice. 
Maurilion (Mauritius), Sep. 13, fourth bp. of Angers, and conf (Hieron. Mart.) 
Maurus, Jan. 29, mart, at Rome with Papias (Usuard). 

Nov. 21, mart, in Histria (Usuard). 

Nov. 22, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Dec. 3, mart, at Rome with Claudius (Usuard). 

Maxent (Maxentius), June 26, presb. and conf in Poitou. 
Maxiam (Maximianus ?), Aug. 21, mart, with Bonosus (Usuard). 
Maxim (Maximus), Feb. 14, mart, at Alexandria. 

Feb. 18, mart, at Ostia 

— Ap. 14, mart, at Rome with Tibertius and Valerianus. 

May 8, presb. at Constantinople. 

Aug. 17, mart, in Africa (Usuard). 

• Nov. 27, Regiensis, bp. and conf 

Dec. 27, bp. and mart, at Alexandria. 

Maxima, Mar. 26, mart, at Antioch. 

Oct. 24, perhaps a mistake for Maximus, mart, at Rome, whose day, 

however, is Oct. 25. 
Maximian (Maximianus), July 27, one of the Seven Sleeperr of Ephesus. 

Oct. 20. Possibly meant for Maximus, deac. and mart, at Amiens. 

Maximin (Maximinus), Dec. 15, abb. of Misay, in the territory of Orleans 

Maximus, Ap. 15, mart, at Cordula in Persia. 

Nov. 19, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

Mechar, gen. Mechair, f. of Maeldn, Dec. 14, gl. 3. 

Medard (Med^rdus), June 8, bp. of Noyon and Tournai. 

Medb, virg. Nov. 22, of Ard-achad, Mart. Don. 

Medericc (Medericus), Aug. 29, presb. and abb. at Paris (Usuard) circ. 700. 

Medoc : mo Medoc, March 23, = mo Medoc Feda Duin .i. Midui mac 

Midgna, Mart. Taml. 

May 18, where Medoc rimes with degoc. 

Medrdn, June 6. 


c Aeda (' sons of Aed') from Echdruim, Dec. 20. 

c Ailella, of Druim bairr, Jan. 16. 

c Baethdin, Ap. 24. 

c Bochra, of Achad Raithin, Nov. 28. 

c Caelbad, Ap. 24. 

c Cathbad, of Imlech (Miliuc ?), Dec. 18 

c Cammeni, Sep. i. 

c CoeMin of Muccart Mor, Nov. 16. 

c Daigri, Aug. 14. 

c Dim na of Tech mac nDimma, Nov. i. 

c Draigin of Cell Roa, Ap. 15. 

c Dretill of Inis larthair, Dec. 22. 

c Dubthaig, Nov. 14. 

c Echdach, May 22. 

c Edniusa, of ATaigen, May 22. 

c Eogain, May 19. 


meic Erca of Dermag, Ap. 19, Nov. 12. 

meic Ercain of Bruig Loeg, July 15. Also at Aug. 9 in Mart. Don. 

meic Ernin of Inis mac nErnin, Sep. 22. 

meic Findchritan of Druim Airbelaig, Jan. 15. 

meic Gerain, Ap. i. 

meic Luissein of Inis mor, Aug. i. 

meic Mochaba, Aug. i, the Machabeorum Infantes of Stowe Missal, fo. 31^ 

meic Natfriich, July 31. The four saints here referred to were grandsons, 

not ' sons ' of Natfraech. 
meic Nechtain of Druim Bricce, June 17. 
meic Ness^in of Inis Faithlenn (Ireland's Eye), Mar. 15. 
meic Stialldin of Rdith mac Stialldin, Oct. 27. 
meic Thaidg, Sep. 15. 
meic Thalairc, Sep. 8. 

meic Therchuir of Loch mac Nena, Ap. 13. 
meic Thormain, March 10, gl. 3. 
meic hui Slainge (Guaslainge ?), May 17. 
Meilge, Oct. 14. 

Meiteit (Medeteus), Sep. 18, in Nicomedia(Baeda), Medacus (Hieron. Mart.). 
Meithchern, Ap. 23, Meithcearn, Mart. Don. 
Mel, bp. of Ard-achad, Feb. 6, s. of Darerca, one of S. Patrick's ' sisters.' 

Ob. 488. 
Melasip (Melasippus), Jan. 11, mart, at Langres (Usuard). 
Melciaid (Melciadis, Melchiades), Jan. 10, bp. and conf at Rome (Hieron. 

Mart, Usuard). 
Mella of Cluain Hi, March 19. 

MelMn of Inis maccu Cuinn, Feb. 7. S. Fursa's anmchara (Mart. Don.). 
Oct. 26. One of three British saints, whose church was in Hui 

Echach Ulad at Tamlachta Umail by Loch Bricrenn, Mart. Taiiil. 
sac, Dec. 6. 

Memmin (Memmius), Aug. 5, bp. and conf. at Chalons-sur-Marne (Hieron. 

Mart, and Usuard). Gorman seems to have had Memininus. 
Meneil (Meneleus), July 22, abb. and conf in Auvergne (Usuard). 
Menna (Mennas), Nov. II, mart, at Cotyaeum in Phrygia. He was spoken 

of as ' Magnus ' : so perhaps we should take Gorman's 7n6r with Mcnna, 

and translate : ' S. Martin, great Mennas.' 
Mercuir (Mercurius), June 15, mart, at Beneventum. 
Merob (Merobius), Dec. 4, mart, at Laodicea (Hieron. Mart.). 
Meteill (Metellus), Jan. 24, mart, at Neocaesarea (Usuard). 
Methel Choel, virg., of Disert Methle Coile, Nov. 12. 
Methoit (Methodius), Sep. 18, bp. and mart, at Chalcis (Usuard). 
Metran (Metranus), Jan. 31, mart, at Alexandria. 

Metin, Nov. 13. Not known. Probably a virgin, Mettin : cf Mctidn infra. 
Mettdn, virg. of Tuaim Atha, Mar. 7. A dimin. (like Metin., supra) irom 

meta ' timid ' ? 
Mianach, s. of Failbe, July 18. Another Mianach, Aug. 11. 

f. of Sinell, Nov. 12. 

Miannach, abb. of Linn Duachaille, Ap. 23. 

Mica, virg., Jan. 17. Depositio sancte Micze, Mart. Taml. 

of Ernaide, Aug. i. 

Mice f. of Colmdn, June 18. 

Miche (Michael), archangel, Sep. 29, Michaelmas. Apoc. xii, 7. 

Michel O Clerigh, p. 2, one of the Four Masters, and transcriber of the 

Martyrology of Gorman. He was born in Donegal about 1575, 

baptised Tadg in tslebe, and died, about 1644, a lay-brother of the 

order of S. Francis. 


Michen of Cell Michen, Aug. 25. 

Michias (Michaeas), proph., Jan. 15. 

Mida, s. of Moel, Nov. 16. Of him nothing seems known. 

Midabair, of Rind droichit, Feb. 22, d. of Nemnainn, Mart. Don. 

Midgus, Ap. 10, gen. Sancti Midgusa, Mart. Taml. 

s. of Ere, May 18, of Cell Taillten (Tech Taillten, Mart. Don). 

Midnat, Aug. 4.. Midnat Cilli Lucinni, Mart. Taml. 

of Cell fliuchaine, Nov. 18. 

Midr^n, f of Sendn, Dec. 5. 

Midu, s. of Fachtna, Feb. 17. 

Mi'Mn, of Moin Mi'Min, Ap. 16. 

MiHt (Militus), May 8, at Milan (Hieron. Mart.). 

(Meletius), Dec. 4, bp. and conf in Pontus. 

Mingor, daughter of, June 25. 

Misael (Mishael), Dec. 16. In the day of the commemoration Gorman 

agrees with Usuard and the modern Mart. Rom. rather than with 

Hieron. Mart. (Ap. 24). 
mo ' my.' For names beginning with this prefix, see under the following 

Mochaba, Aug. i, better Machaba, Maccabaeus. 
Mochta, bp. of Fouth, Mar. 24, Aug. 19. ' proselytus Brito, homo sanctus, 

S. Patricii episcopi discipulus Maucteus nomine,' Adamn^n, Vita 

Cohimbae, Praef ii. Ob. 534. Latin Life, Colgan Acta SS. 729. 

of Inis Mochta, Mar. 26. Ob. 922. 

s. of Dercan, Sep. 9. Mochotae mac Dergdin, Ma7't. Taml. 

Mochutus, Nov. 14, better Machutus {— Machud, Mart. Don.), otherwise 

Maclovius, bp. of Aleth in Brittany, now called St. Malo. His day in 

Mart. Rom. is Nov. 1 5. 
Modeist (Modestus), Jan. 12, mart, in Africa (Hieron. Mart.). 
(Modesta or rather Modestia), Mar. 13, mart, at Nicomedia with 

Patricia and Macedonius (Hieron. Mart.). 

(Modesta), Ap. 6, mart, in Africa (Hieron. Mart.). 

(Modestus), June 15, mart, in Sicily. 

(Modestus), Nov. 10, mart, at Agde with Tiberius. 

Modgrind, Oct. 4. Modhgraidh, Mart. Don. 

Moelan. See MaeMn. 

Moenach, abb. of Land L^re, Oct. 17. Ob. 781 (776 FM.). 

Moendn, sons of, June 18. 

Moenenn bp., of Cluain ferta Brenainn, Mar. i. Ob. 570. 

bp., of Cluain Conairi, Sep. 16 = Ninnian of Candida Casa, Sep. 16, 

gl. I. 
Moenna, Feb. 26, bp. of Clonfert. Ob. 571. Moennae, Mart. Taml. 

Maonna, , Mart. Don. 
Moenuccln, of Ath liacc, Feb. 7. Maenucan, Mart. Taml. 
Mogaid (' servant'), sac, Sep. 20. 
Mogain, virg. d. of Ere, in Shab dind, Nov. 15. 

virg., d. of Ailill, Dec. 9. 

of Cluain Bairenn, Dec. 1 5. 

Mogin, Aug. 21. Not known. 

Moinni, May 21. Mo inne. Mart. Don. In Mart. Taml. (Br.) Moenmd 

seems the corresponding name. 
Moise (Moses), Ap. 6. In Nicomedia (Hieron. Mart.). 

the prophet, Sep. 4. 

Moiseit (Moisetis), Feb. 7, bp. of the Egyptians. 

Moling Luachra, bp. and conf., of Tech Moling, June 17. Ob. 697 : 

' dormiuit inter Britones ' (Tigernach). 


Monegundiss (Monogundis, Monegunda), July 2, nun at Tours (Usuard, 

and Marl}. Rojit.). 
Mongach, f. of Fachtna, Aug. 14. 
Monoa, virg. of Mag niad, Jan. 16. Monua Maigi niad, Mart. Tainl 

Better, perhaps, mo Nua. 
Mont^n, sac, Mar. 2. The name borrowed from Montdmis. 

(Montanus), Mar. 26, presb. and mart, at Sirmium with his wife 


Morgar, gen. Morgair, Nov. 2, grandfather of Mael m'Aedoic. 
Muaddn, Mar. 6, bp. of Carn Furbaidi. 

Aug. 30, bp. of Airecul Muaddin. 

Muadnat, virg. of Grille, Jan. 6. 

Muccin ('pigling') of Maigen, Nov. 4. v. Colgan, Acta SS. 457. 

Macchius, June 15. 

Mucian, June 5. Mutiana, mart, in Caesarea, Hieron. Mart. 

Muire, B.V. See Maire. 

Muiredach hua Dubthaig, archbp. of Connaught, May 15. Ob. 11 50. 

Aug. 12, bp. of Cell Alad. 

Muirgen, abb. of Glenn Uissen, Jan. 27. 

Muniss, Dec. 18, bp. in Forgnaide (Fergnaidi, Mart. Tanil.), s. of Darerca, 

one of S. Patrick's 'sisters.' 
Munissa, s. of Nessan, March 15. 

Munna, Mundu (= mo Findu), bp. and abb. of Glonenagh, Oct. 21. Ob. 634. 
Murchu maccu Mactein, June 8. Another Murchu, June 12. 
Murdebair, Nov. 3, a sage, of Disert Murdebrach. 
Murgal, abb. of Rechrann, Sep. 29. Ob. 764. 

Nov. II, is described here and in Mart. Dott. as 'a soldier of 

Ghrist.' So Adamndn i, 2, calls Oisseneus, 'Ghristi miles,' Dante, Par. 
31, 2, calls the saints 'la milizia santa,' and Milites Ghristi sese inscribe- 
bant Templarii, Ducange. 

Muric (Mauricius? Muricus?), June 5. 

Muru, abb. of Fathan, Mar. 12. Ob. cir. 645. Golgan, Acta SS. 587. 

Miisa (Musaeus?), Aug. 16. Not known. ' 

Oct. 13. Not known. 

Musceint (Moscentius), Jan. 12, mart, in Achaia {Hieron. Mart.) 

Muson (Muso), Jan. 24, mart, at Neocaesarea (Usuard). 

Nabor, June 12, mart, at Milan. 

Naisce, f. of Lasren, Oct. 25. 

Nandid, of Griiach, Ap. 21 : of Cliiain Uinsenn, June 2. 

Nanni ^ Naindid, of Inis cais, Oct. 12. 

Narcis (Narcissus), Jan. 2, mart, at Tomi with Argeus and Marcellinus. 

Oct. 29, bp. of Jerusalem (Usuard). ■ : 

Nason (Naso), July 12, mart, at Cyprus (Usuard). 
Nastair (Nazarius), mart, at Milan. 
Natal, abb. of Cell na manach, July 31. 
Nat-choime, abb. of Tir dd glas, May i. Ob. 584. 
Nat-frdich, daughters of, Jan 6. 

bp., Dec. II. 

Nathi, Aug. i, bp. of Cuil Fuitherbe. 

Aug. 9, presb. of Achad Gonairi. 

bp., Oct. 28. 

Nazarius, July 28, mart, at Milan. See Nastair. 

Neapolis (Neopolis), May 2, mart, at Rome, with Saturninus. 

Neccdn, May 3, gen. Neccain, Mart. Taml. ; 

Nechtain, virg., of Dun Gemin, Jan. 8. 

maccu Baird, Ap. 22. 



Nechtain, son of Liamain, one of S. Patrick's 'sisters,' May 

\''\rg., Nov. 22. 

Nechtdn, sons of, June 17. 
Nechtlecc (MS. nectlic), bp., May 23. 
Nem, bp. of Druim bertach, Feb. 18. 

bp. in Druim Dal'^in, May 3. , 

maccu Bim, June 14 : abb. of Aran. Ob. 654. 

da Nem of Druim lethan, Nov. 12. 

Nem^n, f. of Cassin, Mar. i. 

bp. of Dairinis, Mar. 8. 

Sep I, bp. of Cell Bia, Mart. Don. 

Nemeis (Nemesius), Oct. 31, deac. and mart, in Rome with his d. Lucilla. 

Dec. 19, mart, in Egypt (Usuard). 

Nenn, deac. of Cluain arathair, Ap. 25. Dechonen Cluana Arathair, Mart. 

Taml. Deochain Mend, Mart. Don. 
Neon (Neo), Jan. 17, mart, at Langres with Leonilla and lonilla (Usuard). 
Nereus, May 12, mart, at Rome with his brother Achilleus, eunuchs. 
Ness, of Ernaide, Sep. 4. Maccu-Nesse, June 9. 
Ness^n, sons of, Mar. 15. 

of Cork, Mar. 17. 

deac, of Mungairit, July 24. Ob. 551. 

— - f of bp. Beoan, Aug. 8, gl. i. 

of Ulaid, Sep. 29. 

— of Inis Ulad (Inis Doimle), Dec. i. 

of Cork, Dec. i. Another Nessdn, Dec. 6. 

Nessluqr. s. of Nessan, March 15, gl. 2. 

Nestoir ('Nestor) Feb. 26. H- and mart, at Pergen Pamphiliae (Usuard). 

Nestor, Mar. 7, mart, in Thrace {Hieroii. Mart). 

Neth semon, gen. sg., f. of Crondn, Feb. 9, gl. 2. 

Neuther (Neoterus), Sep. 8, mart, at Alexandria {Hicron. Mart.), Neotherius, 

Niad (leg. Nia ?), of Cluain Aeda Aithmet, June 5. 
Nica, bp., Ap. 2. Not known. Mart. Don. treats him as Irish. 
Nicais (Nicasius), Dec. 14, bp. and mart, at Reims with his sister Eutropia 

Nicandrus (Nicanor), Ap. 5, mart, in Egypt with Martianus, and Apollonius 

{Hiero?t. Mart., Usuard). 
Nicanor, Jan. 10, deac. (Acts vi), mart, at Cyprus (Usuard). 
Nicea (Niceas), June 22, bp. of Romatiana in Dacia. 
Nicet (Nicetius), Ap. 2, abp. of Lyon, a.d. 573. 
Niceit (Nicetius), May 5, bp. of Vienne (Usuard). 
Niceit (Niceta), July 24, virg. and mart, in Lycia. 

(Nicetius), Dec. 5, abp. of Treves (Usuard, spelt Nicecii). 

Nicodeim (Nicodemus), Jewish doctor, Aug. 3, the day of his inventio at 

Jerusalem (Usuai'd). 
Nicofoir (Nicephorus), mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. Usuard spells 

the name Nicnforus. 
Nicoil, gen. sg. (Nicolaus), May 9, the day of the translation of Nicolaus, bp. 

of Myra temp. Constantine, who is commemorated by Gorman on Dec. 6. 
Nicomeid (Nicomedes), June i, presb. and mart at Rome. 

presb. and mart, at Rome, via Numentana, Sep. 15. 

Oct. 17. Hicrott. A fart, has here [In] ' Nicomedia Ale.\andri,' and 

Gorman seems to have mistaken the name of a town for that of a saint. 
Nicos'rrait, Nicostrait (Nicostratus), July 7, Nov. 8, mart, at Rome with 

Clnudius, etc. 
Nil (Nilus), Feb. 20, bp. and mart, at Tyre. 


Ninne, mo Ninne, virg., June 3 : of Sliab Cuilinn, July 6. Ob. 517. 

Ninnianus, bp. of Candida Casa (Whithern), Sep. 16, gl. i. 

Ninnid Laebderc of Inis Maige sam, Jan. 16, gen. Ninnida LaebdzV'cc 

Mart. Tainl. His day in Mart. Don. is Jan. 18. 

of Cluain Cai, Ap. 21. 

bp. of Cell Tomma, Nov. 13. 

Ninnio, Ap. 18. Mo-Ninnsen o Mainistir, Mart. TaniL, where Ninnsen 

seems a mistake for Niitnen gen. of Ninnio. 

sen, July 25. Ninnio senior, Mart. Tainl. 

Nochaire, f. of Mael tuile, July 30. 

Noe of Findglas, Jan. 27. Another Noe, Nov. 25. 

Noele of Inber Noeli, Jan. 27, afterwards abb. of Cell Noeli and Daminis, 

Mart. Don. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 4190-4200, fo. 124^ 
Noemdn maccu Duib, Sep. 13. 
Noemlug ('holy-small'), Nov. ig. Naemhlugh, Mart. Don. better spelt 

Noeblug. Not known, 
noib Roiss moir mac nAeda, Sep. 6. The names of these saints seem 

Nouatus, June 20, br. of Timothy, depos. at Rome. 
Nuada, bp. Feb. 19, gen. Nodtat (leg. Nodat), Mart. Taml. (Br.). 
Nuadu, anch., Oct. 3. 

abb. of Clones, Dec. 2 (ace. Nuadait). Ob. 750 (746, FM.). 

Nun, f. of Joshua, Sep. i. 

Octide, Jan. 19, gen. Ochtidi sancti. Mart. Tainl. 
Odarnat, virg., of Druim maic Feradaig, Nov. 13. 
Odrdn, gen. Odrdin, Feb. 17, gl. 2, f. of Conna. 

Feb. 19, of Tir oenaig, Mart. Taml., Mart. Don. 

Mar. 6. Odrani sancti. Mart. Taml. 

sac. May 16, s. of Beoaed. Two other Odrans, Aug. 12, Sep. 


of Lettir, Oct. 2 : of Lettrecha Odrain, Oct. 26. Ob. 548. 

of Tech Airerdin, Oct. 27, the first monk that died in Hi : see Reeves. 

Col. 203, 417. 
Oebldn, Mar. 1 1, grandfather of Oengus, author oi Fe'l. Oeng. Oengusa episcopi 

\iici Oibleain, Mart. Tatnl. (LL.) 
Oengus, bp. of Cell tarsna, Jan. 20. But according to Mart. Tainl. and Mart. 

Don., Lugna was priest of Cell Tarsna, and ace. to Mart. Don. Oengus 

was bp. of Coindere. 

bp. Feb. 16. Oengas esp^^: Ratha na n-espcȣ-. Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

Feb. 18, bp. of Druim Ratha, Mart. Don. 

hua Oeblen, bp.. Mar. 11, cele De, p. 4. 

Nov. 17, of Cell mor airthir Fine, Mart. Don.., where Biiaid beo is 

given as an alias for this Oengus. 
Oilbe, s. of Lussen, of Inis mor, Aug. i, gl. 6. 
Oissin, f. of Aed^n, Sep. 20, gl. 2. 
Olimp (Olympius), July 26, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 
Olimpiad (Olympias), Ap. 15, mart, at Cordula in Persia with Maximius 

OMn, Dec. 7. Unknown. 
Onchu mac ind ecis of Connaught, Feb. 8. Hua ind ecis. Mart. Taml. 

(Br.) Colgan, Acta SS. 276-7. 
s. of Blaithmec, in D^l Cais, July 9, 14, gen. Onchon, Oncon, Mart. 

h-Onesim (Onesimus), disciple of S. Paul, Feb. 16. 
Optait (Optatus), Aug. 31, bp. at Auxerre (Usuard). 
Orthinis, bp., Jan. 11. Seems from the ' Carthinisii' of Mart. Taml., to ht a. 

2 2 


corruption of Carthinis, an abbreviation of Carthin-Isic. See Dr. Todd's 

note, Mart. Don. pp. 12, 13. 
Osgidha (Osgitha), Oct. 7, virg. and mart, of the East Saxons. 
Ossan, bp. of R^ith Ossein, Feb. 17. Ob. 686. 
Osseae (Rosea), proph., July 4. 

Ossein, s. of Cellach, of Clulin mor Fer nArda, Jan. i. 
May I, abb. of Cluain Eraird, Reeves, Col. 22. Ob. 652, FM., by 

whom he is called Oissene Fota. 

of Tenga, July 19. 

July 22. Oiseni &\>iscopi, Mart. Taml. 

Ossnat, Jan. 6, virg. and sister of moLaissi. 

virg., Nov. 10. Asnad is given as a variant in Mart. Don. 

Ossuin (Oswin), Aug. 19, s. of Osric, and devout prince of Deira. Slain 

Aug. 20, A.D. 651. 
Ostian (Ostianus), June 30, presb. and conf. in Vivarois. 
Osuald (Oswald), Aug. 5, king of Northumbria, and donor of Lindisfarne to 

S. Aiddn. 
Pacomius (Pachomius), May 14, Egyptian monk and founder of the monas- 
teries of Tabenna. 
Palatinus, i.e.., Gaius Palatinus, Mar. 4, epithet mistaken by Gorman for the 

name of a separate saint. 
Palmait (Palmatius), consul and mart.. May 10 (Usuard). 
Pampil (Pamphilus), June i, mart, at Caesarea. 

mart, at Rome, Sept. 21. 

Pampilius, mart, at Caesarea, Feb. 16. The ending -ins is perhaps due to a 

confusion with Pamphius., name of a fellow-martyr. 
Pancratius, Ap. 3, bp. of Tauromenium and mart. 

May 12, mart, at Rome with Nereus and Achilleus. 

Pantaleo (Pantaleon), July 28, mart, at Nicomedia (Baeda). 

Pantnus (Pantaenus), July 7, commemorated at Alexandria. 

Pdpdn, s.g. Oengus mac Natfraich, July 31, i Sentreibh, Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

Papias, Jan. 29, soldier and mart, at Rome. 

Feb. 22, bp. of Hierapolis (Usuard). 

mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. 

Papin (Papinius), Nov. 28, bp. and mart, in Africa. 

Papirus (Papirius), Ap. 13, deac. and mart, at Pergamus. 

Paragoda (Paracodes), Jan. i, seventh bp. of Vienne, and mart. 

Parmena (Parmenas), Jan. 23, one of the seven deacons, and commemorated 
at Philippi. 

Paron (Pharo), Oct. 28, bp. of Meaux and conf. 

Parthen (Parthenius), May 19, eunuch, mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Pastor, Aug. 6, mart, with his brother Justus at Complutum in Spain. 

Patian (better Pacian = Pacianus), Mar 9, bp. of Barcelona. 

Pdtraicc (Patricius), s. of Calpurnius, first bp. of Arniagh, p. 4, Mar. 17 : tutor 
of, July 31. Irish Lives, see Trip. Life and Lism. Lives 1-19. 

Patricia, Mar. 13, mart, at Nicomedia, with her husband Macedonius and her 
d. Modesta. 

Patricius (Sen-PhAtric), of Ross Dela and Glastonbury, Aug. 24. 

Patroculus (Pairoclus), Jan. 21, mart, at Troyes. 

Patrocus (Petroc), June 4, abb. at Padstow in Cornwall. 

Paul(Paulus), lip. of Athens, Jan. 21. Not known. Some confusion perhaps 
with Pubiius, the second bp. of Athens, who was a disciple of S. Paul. 

June 20, at Tomi (Usuard). 

Nov. 7. Not known. 

Dec. 12. Paulus Sergius, bp. of Narbonne. 

Paula, Jan. 27, of Bethlehem, S. Jerome's friend. 


Paula, June 18, virg. and mart, at Malaga. 
Paulin (Paulinus), June 22, of Nola, bp. and conf, 

Aug. 31, bp. of Treves and conf. 

Oct. 10, bp. of York and conf. 

Paulus, Feb. 16, mart, in Africa {Hiero/i. Mart.). Another Paulus, 
Mar. 31. 

Ap. 17, monk at Cordova. 

May 17, at Nevers. 

June 26, Constantia's primicerius. Another Paulus, Nov. 26. 

Pelagia, Oct. 19, Peccatrix, mart, at Antioch with Beronicus. 
Peregrin (Peregrinus), July 28, presb. at Lyon. 

Aug. 25, mart, at Rome with Eusebius. 

Perfectus, Ap. 18, presb. and mart, at Cordova. 
Pergentinus, June 4, mart, at Arezzo. 
Perpetua, Mar. 7, mart, in Mauritania with Felicitas. 
Perpetuus, Ap. 8, bp. of Tours (Usuard). 

Petar, gen. Petair, the Apostle, Cathedra Romana, Jan. 18 : Cathedra 
Antiochena, Feb. 22 : celebration of, June 29 : ad Vincula, Aug. i. 

(Petrus), Jan. 11, mart, at Alexandria with Severus and Leucius. 

Mar. 14, mart, in Africa (Usuard). 

Ap. 17, deac. and mart, at Antioch with Hermogenes. 

June 2, exorcist, mart, at Rome (Usudrd). 

Aug. 7, mart, at Rome with Julianus. 

Sep. 27, bp. of Metz and conf. (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Nov. 25, bp. of Alexandria and mart. (Usuard). 

Nov. 26, another Petrus {Hierojt. Mart.). 

Petronella (Petronilla), Roman virg.. May 31. Attn. Ult. 740. 

Petrus, Aug. 27, soldier and mart, at Tomi. 

Pheleas (Phileas), Feb. 4, bp. of Thumis and mart. 

Pigmen (Pigmenius), Mar. 24, presb. and mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Pilip, bp. of Cluain bainb, Mar. 4. 

(Philippus), Ap. II. 

the Apostle, commemorated with S. James the Less, May i. 

deacon, June 6. 

July 15, commemorated at Alexandria. 

Sep. 13, bp. and mart, at Alexandria. Another Pilip, Sep. 19. 

Oct. 22, a bp. of Adrianople (Usuard). 

Pincto, May 23. Not known. Can it be for Quintus, an African mart, at 

this day in Hieroft. Mart. ? 
Pi'oc, mo Phioc of Ard Cammroiss and Ross Cdin, Dec. 16. 
Pion (Pionius), Feb. I, mart, at Smyrna. 
Pius (I.), pope and mart., July 11. 
Placitus (Placidus, Usuard, but Placitus, Hieron. Mart-), Oct. 5, mart, with 

Euticius in Sicily. 
Plato, July 22, mart, at Ancyra. 
Plutarchus, June 28, mart, at Alexandria. 

Pol, gen. Poil, the Apostle, Conversion of, Jan. 25. Celebration of, June 29, 
30: his going to Rome, July 6. Sosthenes, pupil of, Nov. 28. See ard- 
Phol, tenn-Phol. 

(Paulus), Mar. 20, mart, in Asia with Eugenius, etc. 

June I, presb. and mart, at Autun. 

bp. of Constantinople and mart. His day in Usuard is June 6. 

PoMn of Cell mona, May 21. 

Policarpus (Polycarpus), Jan. 26, bp. of Smyrna and mart. 

Feb. 23, presb. and conf 

Polis (Polisius), Nov. 7, mart, in Nicomedia (Auct. ad Usuard.). 


Pomen, Dec. 2, possibly a mistake for Pimen = Pimenius (Baeda), or 

Pigmenius (Auct. ad Usuard.). 
Pontian (Pontianus) Jan. 19, mart, at Spoleto. 

Aug. 25, mart, at Rome. 

Nov. 20, pope and mart. 

Dec. 2, mart, at Rome. 

Dec. 1 1, mart, at Rome with Praetextatus. 

Pontius, Mar. 8, deac. and mart, at Carthage. 

May 14, bp. and mart, at Cimela, in Gaul. 

Potamia, Dec. 5, mart, with Julius at Thagora. 

Potentiana, May 19, virg. and mart, at Rome. 

Praxedis, July 21. Commemorated also (but not by Gorman) on May 19. 

Preiectus (Praejectus), Jan. 25, bp. and mart, at Auvergne. 

Pretextait (Praetextatus), Dec. 11, mart, at Rome with Pontianus. 

Priaim (Priamus), May 28, mart, in Sardinia, with Lucianus, Felix and 

Prilidian (Prilidianus), Jan. 24, mart, at Antioch with bp. Babylas, etc. 
Primeint (Primentius ?), Dec. 2, mart, at Rome with Pontianus (Baeda). 
Primus, June 9, mart, at Rome with Felicianus. 
Prisca, Jan. 18, virg. and mart, at Rome. 

Priscill (Priscilla), July 8, marl, in Asia Minor, with her husband Aquila. 
Priscus, Jan. i. Not known. 

Mar. 28, mart, at Cassarea in Palestine. 

Sep. I, disciple of Christ, mart, at Capua. 

Priuait, Aug. 21, bp. and mart, in the diocese of Gabala (Mende). 

Sep. 20, mart, in Phrygia with Dionysius. 

Proces (Processus) July 2, mart, at Rome with Martinianus. 
Procoip (Procopius), July 8, mart, in Palestine. 

Procoir (Procorius), Ap. 9, h^. and mart, at Nicomedia in Bithynia. 
Procul (Proculus), Sep. 19, deac. and mart, with Januarius at Naples. 

Nov. 4, bp. and mart, at Autun. 

Protais (Protasius), June 19, mart, with Gervasius at Milan. 

Protid (Protida), Mar. 31, mart, in Africa, with Felix and Anesius {Hiero/t. 

Protus, Sep. 11, eunuch, mart, at Rome with Jacinthus. 
Prudein (Prudentius ?), Nov. 2. Not known. 
Pulich (Paulicius ?) July 3. Not known. 
Puiii't (Pinytus), Oct. 10, bp. of Gnossus in Crete and mart. 
Puplius (Publius), Jan. 21, bp. of Athens. 

Feb. 19, commemorated in Africa with Julianus. 

Quadrait (Quadratus), Mar. 10, mart, at Corinth. 

May 26, mart, in Africa. 

Quartilla, Mar. 19, commemorated at Sorrento, with Quintus, Quintillus and 

Marcus (Usuard). 
Quartus, Nov. 3, disciple of the apostles (Ado), in Africa (Hieron. Mart.) 
Quinid (Quinidius), Feb. 15, bp. of Vaison (Usuard). 
Quintian (Quintianus), June 15, mart, in Lucania. 
C^uintil (Quintillus), Mar. 19, commemorated at Sorrento (Usuard). 
Quintin (Quintinus), Oct. 31, mart, in Gaul (Baeda, Usuard). 
Quintus, Jan. 4, mart, in Africa with Geminus and Aquilinus. 

Mar. 19, mart, at Sorrento. 

Oct. 29, mart, in Lucania, with Hyacinthus. 

Quirin (Quirinus), June 5, bp. and mart, at Siscia, Usuard at June 4. 
Rachel, June 3, prob. Jacob's wife, but her day in Auct. Us. is Sep. 30. 
Radicuind (Radegundis), Aug. 13, queen and nun at Poitiers (Usuard). 
Ragnulf (Ragnulfus), May 27, mart, in Artois (Usuard). 


Ratnat (leg. Rathnat?) virg., of Cell Raith (Rathnaite ?), Aug. 5. 

Reat, deac, Mar. 3. Name seems borrowed from Lat. rcatiis. 

Recha (Roecha ?), mo Recha, a boy-saint, July 22 =mo Roecha mac noeb, 

Mart. Tauil. 
Rechtan, of Etargabul, Oct. 26. 
Rechtme, virg., Oct. 27. 
Reguil of Bennchor, June 11. 
Remeid (Remedius), Feb. 3, bp. of Gap (Usuard). 
Remig (Remigius), Jan. 13, bp. of Rome (Usuard). 

Oct. I. See German (Ciermanus). 

Reodaide of Grellach bona, Dec. 16. 

Rethech, s. of Coem^n, June 10. 

Riachuill maccu Buachalla, Ap. 13, better Riaguil, Mart. Tainl. 

Riaguil of Tech Riagla, Sep. 17. 

abb. of Muccinis, Oct. 16. Colgan, Acta SS. -^yj., c. 7. 

Riangal, f of bp. Colomb, Aug. i, gl. 8. 

Richell, virg., May 19, d. of Athracht, Mart. Don. 

Ri'gdn (Riagan ?), presb., Aug. 9, gen. crumthir Riaghain, Mart. Ta/iil. 

Rignach, virg., d. of Feradach, Dec. 18, gen. Rignaige, Mart. Taml. 

Rioc, mo Ri'oc, bp. of Inis maic Ualaing, Aug. i. 

Robartach of Inis Mor, Jan. 15, gen. Robartaig i n-Inis moir. Mart. Taml. 

Rodaimm, bp., Aug. 24 ; Roddn, Mart. Don. 

Rodon (Rhodo ?), Jan. 3, mart, at Tomi, Hieron. Mart. 

Roe, f. of ColmAn, June 16. 

Roed, gen. Roeda, ancestor of S. Ultan, Dec. 22. 

Roibne, abb., Feb. 16 ; gen. Robni, Mart. TaniL 

bp., Feb. 17. 

Roigne, Feb. 28. 

Roinne, Nov. 23. Roinni, Mart. Don. 

Romdn (Romanus), Feb. 28, abb. in Mount Jura. 

May 4, mart, in Africa, Hieron. Mart. 

Aug. 9, soldier and mart, at Rome. 

Oct. 23, a bp. and conf (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Nov. 18, monk and mart, at Antioch. 

Romuil (Romulus), May 4. Not known. 
Rondn, Jan. 11. Another Rondn, Jan. 13. 

■ bp. of Lismore, Feb. 9. Said to have died A.D. 763- 

s. of Fergus, Ap. 8. 

of Liathross, Ap. 30. Two other Ron^ns, May i. May 21. 

■ — find of Land Rondin find. May 22. Reeves, Eccl. Ant. 313, 378. 

s. of Mage, July 15. Another Rondn, Aug. 18. 

s. of Berach, of Druim Inesclainn, Nov. 18. Ob. 664. 

■ s. of Aed, of Achad farcha, Dec. 23. 

Ronoc, mo Ronoc of Druim Samraid, July 22. 

Rotiin, Jan. 18, Ap. 15, gl. 4 ; Sep. 30. 

Ruaddn, abb. of Lothra, Ap. 15. Ob. 585. Irish Life, Brussels MS. 

4 1 90-4200. 
Ruaidre Ua Conchobair, p. 4, overking of Ireland. Ob. A.D. 1 198. 
Rufin (Rufinus), Feb. 28, mart. (Usuard). 

bp. of Glenn da Locha and Bennchor, Ap. 22. 

Rufina, July 19, mart, at Seville (Usuard). 

Ruffina, Aug. 25 = Rufinus mart, in Capua {Hieron. Mart.). 

Ruffus (Rufus), Aug. 27, mart, at Capua. 

Dec. 18, niart. at Philippi (Usuard). 

Rufus (Rufinus), June 21, mart, at Syracuse. 

(Rufus), Nov. 7, bp. of Metz and conf (Auct. ad Usuard.). 


Rufus, Nov. 21, mart Mentioned by S. Paul, Rom. xvi. 13. 

Nov. 28, mart, at Rome (Usuardi. 

Ruithche, virg., Feb. 8. 

Runach of Inis mor, July 23 

Russen of Inis Picht, Ap. 7. 

Rustic (Rusticus), Oct. 9, presb. and mart, at Paris. 

Rutuil (Rutulus), Feb. 18, cleric and mart, in Africa. 

Sabin (Sabinus), July 20, mart, at Damascus. 

Dec. 30, bp., mart, at Spoleto. 

Sabina, Aug. 29, virg. and mart, at Rome. 

Sacell, Aug. I = Soicheall, Mart. Don. Sacaille, Mart. Taml. Sachellus, 

Bk. Ann.., 9^, etc. The name seems borrowed from or cognate with 

the Lat. sacelhun, a shrine for receiving relics. 
Sacru : Mo sacru, s. of Benndn, Jan. 8. 

Mo saccra, abb. of Cluain eidnech, Mar. 3, s. of Senan, Mart. Tanil. 

Sagair (Sagaris), Oct. 6, bp. of Laodicea, disciple of S. Paul (Usuard). 
Saignel, of Anmag or rmag, Ap. 22. 

Saloma (Salome), Oct. 22, Christ's disciple (Ado, Usuard). 
Salomon, Feb. 8, mart, at Cordova (Usuard). 

Feb. 26. Not known at this day. 

Salon, Sep. 28, bp. and conf at Genoa. 

Salsa, Oct. 10, in Africa {Hieron. Mart.). 

Saluius, June 26, bp. of Angouleme (Usuard). 

Samson, of Dol, July 28, bp. and conf (Usuard). 'Armonicus [leg^. 

Armoricus] pastor Samson quinisque kalendis,' Hampson i. 410. 
Samthand, virg., of Cluain Bronaig, Dec. 19. Ob. 734 (FM.), 738 (AU.) 
Samuel, Hebrew prophet, Aug. 20. 

Nov. 7. Not known. 

Sancton, bp. of Cell dd les. May 9. 

bp., June 10. 

Sanctin, Sep. 17. Not known. 

Sarabia (Seraphia), Sep. 3, virg. and mart, at Rome (Usuard). 

Sardn of Cuil Crema, Jan. 8. 

bp., Jan. 13. Saraini episcopi, Mart. Taml. 

Jan. 20, of Tech Sardin {Mart. Don.\ gen. Sarain, Mart. Taml. 

Ob. 661. 

bp., Mar. i. 

s. of Archar, of Inis mor, May 15. Another S^r^n, July 30. 

abb. of Bennchor, Aug. i. Ob. 742. Two other Sdrdns, Aug. 15, 

Sep. 16. 

s. of Tigernach, of Lessen and Cluain dd acra, Sep. 21. 

Sep. 23. Another Sdrdn, Oct. 

Sar-bile, of Fochard Muithemni, Sep. 4. Sairbili viro-^. Fochairde 

Mnrtkemfii., Mart. Taml. (LL.). 
Sarnat, of Dairinis Cetne, Ap. 15. 

d. of Maelan, abbess, May 3. 

d. of Aed, in Tir Maini, Nov. 9. 

Satanal, July 24. Unknown. 

Satirian (Satirianus), Oct. 16, mart, in Africa with Martianus. 

Satul (Satullus), Mar. 30. Commemorated at Ap. 2, in Hieron. Mart. 

Satur (Satyrus), Jan. 12, mart, in Achaia (Usuard). 

Saturni'n (Saturninus), Jan. 31, mart, at Alexandria. 

Feb. 5, mart, at Catania, Hieron. Mart. 

Ap. 2, Hieron. Mart. 

May 2, mart, at Alexandria with Neopolis. 

Nov. 29, mart, at Rome with Sisinnius. 


Saturnin (Saturninus), Nov. 29, mart, at Toulouse, of which he was first bp. 

Sauin (Sauinus), Dec. 7. Passio s. Savini episcopi {Hieron. Alart.). 

Saula, Oct. 20, virg. and mart, at Cologne (Usuard). 

Scandal of Cell Cobrainne, May 3. Another Scandal, June 27. 

Scannlach, virg., of Ard Scannlaige, Dec. 10. 

ScelMn, Ap. 1 1. S. Coel of Cell Cromglaise, Mart. Don. In the table of this 

martyrology, p. 472, Sgeallaji is explained by the Latin Jiiideus., not 

Nucleus as there misprinted. 

Sep. I, the Leper, of Armagh, Mart. Don. 

Seethe, virg., Jan. I, a sister-form of Sciath., of Fert Seethe, Mart. Don. The 

arrival of her relics at Tallaght is commemorated at Sep. 6 (adventus 

reliquiarum Scethi filiae Mechi ad Tamlachtain, Mart. Tainl. LL.). 
Sciath, virg. See Seethe. 

Scillitain (Scillitani), July 17, twelve martyrs at Carthage. 
Scire, virg., of Cell scire, Mar. 24. 

Scolastica (Scholastica), Feb. 10, virg., sister of S. Benedict. 
Scoth, virg., of Cluain Grencha, Jan. 18. 

virg., of Cluain Moescna, July 16. 

Scuithin of Tech Scuithin, in Sliab Mairge, Jan. 2. 
Sebaist (Sebastianus), Jan. 20, mart, at Rome. 

Feb. 8, mart, in Armenia Minor. 

(Sebastus), Mar. 9, the day of the forty martyrs of Sebaste, which town 

Gorman has mistaken for a saint. 
Oct. 15. Not known. 

Sech^n (Sequanus .?), Sep. 19, perhaps meant for Sigo presb. and conf, 

Hieron. Mart. 
Sechnall maccu-Baird, of Domnach Sechnaill, Nov. 27, alias Secundinus. 
Sechnasach, abb. of Cenn locha, July 30. 
Secht mbrdthir, ' seven brothers ' in Rome, July 10. 
Secht noeb-oga, Ap. 9, the seven holy virgins martyred at Sirmio. 
Secht n-epscoip, seven bishops of Spain, May 15. 

of Tech na comairce, May 28. 

Secht^n, Ap. 24. Not known. 

Secuind (Secundus), Aug. 25, leader of the Thebaean legion and mart. 

Secuir (Securus), Dec. 2, mart, in Africa with his brother Verus (Usuard). 
Secundin (Secundinus), Feb. 21, mart, at Adrumentum with Verulus or 

Secundin (Secundinus), bp., Ap. 29, mart, at Alexandria, Hieron. Mart, at 

Ap. 30. 
Secundinus, bp. and conf, Nov. 27, gl. i. See Sechnall. 
Sedrach, Ap. 20. Sancti Sedrac episcopi, Mart. Ta7nl. 

Aug. 22. Sedrach episcopi. Mart. Tainl. Sedrach, Mart. Do?t. 

Sep. 29. Sedrac cum suis reliquiis, Mart. Taml. 

Dec. 23. Not known. 

Segein, one of the three Cldr-etiig, Jan. 29. Na tri Clarenig .i. Baitheni 7 

Segeni 7 Cronani, Mart. Tainl. 

bp. of Armagh, May 24. Ob. A.D. 687. 

Nov. 12. Unknown. 

Segen, Aug. 24. Seighein, Ma?-t. Don. Not known. 

Segin, of Cell Segin, Jan. 21. Segain Cille Segain, Mart. Taml. 

s. of Fachtna and fifth abb. of lona, Aug. 12. Ob. 652. 

maccu Cuinn, abb. of Bennchor, Sep. 10. Ob. 662. 

Segnat, virg., of Domnach Ceirne, Dec. 18. 
Sego, mo Sego, s. of Comsech, Dec. 9. 
Senach, sac, of Cella hiia Maigech, Feb. 11. 


Senach, the Smith, of Aired Brosca, May ii. 

— daughters of, Aug. 1 1. 

bp. of Cluain fota fine, Aug. 21, but Sinachi episcopi Cluana Iraird, 

Mart. Taml. et sic Fel. Oeng. and FM. Ob. 587. 
s. of Buide, Sep. 10. gen. Senaig Gairb no ma/c Buidi, Mart. Tanit. 

Senach Garb, abb. of Clonfert, died 620. 
sac. of Cell mor, Nov. 2. His mother was Broinnfinn [in the 

translation Broinsec/i] Brecc, Mart. Doti. 
f. of Erni'n, Dec. 14. 

Sendn, bp. of Inis Cathaig, Mar. i. Mar. 8. Irish Life, Lism. Lives., pp. 54- 


bp., Ap. 7. Senani abbatis, Mart. Taml. 

Ap. 9. Not known. 

two Sendns, Ap. 1 1. Not known. Only one in Mart. Taml. 

Ap. 26, gen. Senain, Mart. Taml. 

May 5. Two other Sen^ns, June 2, July 10. 

Aug. 7, gen. Senain, Mart. Taml. Another Sen^n, Aug. 17. 

Sep. 2, of Laithrech Briui'n. 

Sep. 4, gen. Senain, Mart. Taml. Three other Sendns, Sep. 16, 25, 

30- . . 

Oct. 4, s. of Caille, according to the gloss. But in Mart. Taml., Se?2ain, 

Mate caille appear to denote different saints. 

— bp., Oct. 10. Not known. 

— s. of Midrdn, of Delg-inis, Dec. 5. 

— Dec. 1 1, is perhaps the same as Mo-Senocc Mughna, ^1/^zr/. Do7t. 

— Dec. 18, gen. Senain Cluana md[i]r. Mart. Taml. 
Dec. 24. Sena[i]n episcopi. Mart. Taml. 

Senator, Sep. 26, mart, at Albano (Usuard). 

Senberech of Cuil Drebni, June 10 

Senchad, Dec. 17. Senchaid idem et Cail, o Dubad, Mart. Taml. 

Senchdn, bp. and abb. of Imlech Ibair, Dec. 11. Ob. 781 (776, FM.). 

Senic, June 27. Another Senic, Nov. 10. 

Sennes, July 30, mart, at Rome with Abdon. 

Senob (Zenobius .■'), Feb. 20, presb. and mart, at Tyre with Tyrannius (-io ?). 

Senoc, Jan. 10. mo Senoc, Mart. 1 ami. 

Bethech [leg. Bethrech .?], Mar. 11. Mo Senoc no Senani Bethrech, 

Mart. Taml. 

mo Senoc, Dec. 13. Not known. 

Dec. 23. Not known. 

Senoir, s. of Mael da Lua, primate of Armagh, Ap. 11. Probably Senach, 

who died A.D. 609. 
sen-Phatraic (' Patricius senior'), of Ross dela and Glastonbury, Aug. 24, gl. i. 
sen-Phol, Paul the Hermit, Jan. 10. Now at Jan. 15. 
Septim (Septimius), Ap. 18, mart, at Salonae. 
Seraip (Serapion), mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. 

July 27, one of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. 

Sep. II, conf in Sicily. 

Oct. 30, bp., commemorated at Antioch (Usuard). 

Serapion, Mar. 21, anch. and mart, at Alexandria. 

Aug. 27, mart, at Tomi with Marcellinus. 

Nov. 14, mart, at Alexandria. 

Sereig (Sergius), Sep. 9, pope from Dec. A.D. 687 to Sep. A.D. 701. 

Sereim — leg. Serein ? — (Serenus), Feb. 23, mart, at Sirmio. 

Seren (Serenus), Nov. 26, mart, at Nicomedia with Petrus and Marcellus 

(Baeda at Nov. 27). 
Serena, Aug. 16, mart, at Rome, 'uxor quondam Diocletiani augusti.' 


Serenus, conf., Oct. 2. (Usuard). 

Sergius, Feb. 24, mart, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. 

Oct. 7, mart, with Bacchus and JuHa in Euphratesia (Usuard) 

Seruaint (Servandus), Oct. 23, mart, with Germanus in Spain. 

Seruihan , (Servihanus), Ap. 20, mart, with Sulpicius at Rome (Usuard). 

Sesein, of Ath Omna, Aug. 31. Seems to correspond with the ' Senan Atha 

Omna ' of Mart. Tainl. Seissen, Mart. Don. 
Setna of Druim mic Ublai (maccu Blai ?), Mar. 9., 
of Cell Ame, Mar. 9. Setna Chilli Ane i Sleibh Bregh, Mart. 


bp., Mar. 10. Sancti Setnae, Mart. Tainl. 

bp., s. of Treno, June 16. 

Seuer (Severus), Jan. 11, conf at Alexandria. 
Seueir (Severianus), Jan. 25, bp. at Gavala. 

(Severus), Aug. 8, presb. and conf at Vienne. 

(Severinus), Oct. 22, vigil of ' Severin,' q.v. 

(Severus), one of the quatuor coronati, Nov. 8. 

(Severinus), Nov. 27, Parisiis, depositio sancti Severini monachi et 

solitarii (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

(Severus), Dec. 30, at Alexandria (Baeda). 

Seuerian (Severianus), June i, and mart, at Autun = the Reverianus of 

Nov. 19, mart, at Vienne with Exuperius and Felicianus. 

Seuerin (Severinus), Jan. 8, bp. and conf at Naples. 

Feb. II, abb. monasterii Agaunensis (Usuard). 

Oct. 23, bp. of Cologne and conf 

Nov. 23, hermit and conf. at Paris. 

Seuir (Severianus), Jan. 23, mart, with his wife Aquila at Neocaesarea in 

Mauritania. Severus, Hampson, i. 398. 
Seuerin (Severinus), F'eb. ,11, abb. of St. Maurice (Usuard). 
Siatal, bp., s. of Luath, of Ath cliath, Feb. 12. Siatal epi. Mart. Taml. 
of Cenn Locha, Mar. 8. gen. Siadail Chinn locha, Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

Ob. 794. 
Siagrius (Syagrius), Aug. 27, nineteenth bp. of Autun. Ob. about 600. 
Sileas (Silas), July 13, companion of Paul and Barnabas (Acts xv, 22, 32). 
SilMn of Cell Delge, Jan. 31. 

bp. of Glenn da locha, Feb. 10. 

Feb. 28, the Master, abb. of Bennchor, also called moSinu mac \\iii 

Mind, Mart. Taml. Ob. 606. 

Mar. 27, translation of 

bp. of Daminis, May 17. Ob. 658. Another Silldn, May 24. 

of Dun mor, July 21. 

— bp. and abb. of Mag bile, Aug. 25. Ob. 618. 

— bp., Sep. 7. 

— of Imlech Cassain, Sep. 1 1. 
— - abb. Oct. 10. 

— the Master, abb. of Mag bile, Oct. 21 
bp. of Lismore, Dec. 21. 

Sillen, bp., June 3. 
Silnatdn, s. of Cruimet, Oct. 12. 

Sfloc : mo-Sil6c of Cell mo Sfloic, July 13. Mo Siloc Cluana Dsetcain 
Mart. Taml. Corruptly mo Thi'olocc in Mart. Don. 

Moling's pupil, July 25. 

Silu^n (Silvanus), Feb. 18, mart, in Africa (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

■ Feb. 20, mart, at Tyre (Usuard). 

May 24, mart, in Histria. 


Siludn, Oct. 17, mart. (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Siluanus, bp., May 4, bp. of Gaza and mart. 

Silueir (Silverius), June 20, pope, 536-8. 

Siluestar (Silvester), Jan. 13. Not known. 

Siluester, Nov. 20, bp. and conf. at Chalons-sur-Saone (Usuard). 

Dec. 31, pope and conf. a.d. 314-335. 

Siluius, Ap. 21, mart, at Alexandria (Usuard). 
Simeon Stylites, Jan. 5, at Antioch. 

Feb. 18, 'the Lord's relative,' second bp. of Jerusalem and mart. 

Ap. 21, bp. of Seleucia and mart. (Ado, Usuard). 

senex, Oct. 8. Luke ii. 25. 

Similian (Similianus), June 16, bp. of Nantes and conf. 

Simon the apostle, Oct. 28. 

Simplic (Simplicius), Mar. 2, pope and conf. (A.D. 468-483). 

June 25, bp. and conf. at Autun, (June 24, Usuard). 

July 29, mart, at Rome with Faustinus and Beatrix. 

Nov. 8, mart, at Rome with Nicostratus, etc. 

Simphorian (Symphorianus), Aug. 22. Martyr at Autun. 

Simpoir (Symphorianus or Symphronianus), July 7, mart, at Rome. 

Simporosa (Symphorosa), mart, with her seven sons at Tibur, June 27, her 

day according to Usuard, but July 18 according to Mart. Rom. 
Simproin (Symphronius), July 26, mart, at Rome with Olympius. 
Simproin (Symphronianus), Nov. 8, mart, at Rome, 
sin Murmaige, 'the seniors of Murmag,' Mar. 31. 
Si'nach of Srath Irenn, Feb. 14. 

of Inis Clolhrann, Ap. 20, gen. Sinaig, Mart. Tainl. Ob. 719. 

of Cruach mic Daro, Sep. 28. 

Sinech, Nov. 9, virg. of Cluain Lethtengad. 

Sinche, virg., d. of Annaid, Aug. 22. Sanctae Sinche, Mart. Taml. 

virg., d. of Fergna, of Cruachan Maige Abna, Oct. 5. For Alma 

in the lithographic facsimile of LL. p. 363% read Ab7ux. 

Sinchell, the elder, abb. of Cell Achaid, Mar. 26. Ob. 548. 

hiia Liathain, June 20. 

junior, abb. of Glenn Achaid, June 25. 

Sinclitic (Syncletica), July 23. Not known. 
Sinech, virg., of Cluain Lethtengad, Nov. 9. 

Dec. 4, d. of Erndn 1 Ma?'t. Don. ' 

Sinell, Jan. 12, s. of Tigernach, Mart. Don. 

hiia Liath?lin, June 15. 

^ July I. Sillini (gen. sg.), Alart. Taml. 

of Druim Broan, Sep. 25. 

— sac. and bp. of Mag Bile, Oct. i. Ob. 603. 

f. of Ere, Oct. 24, gl. 3. 

of Cloeninis, Nov. 12. 

Sinoc, mo-Sinoc of Cluain Cainchne (Caichni ?), May 10. 

Sintic (Syntyche), July 22. Phil, iv, 4 : commemorated at Philippi (Usuard). 

Sinu, mo Sinu, Feb. 28 = Mo sinu macumin[d] scriba et abbas Bennchuir, 

Wurzburg codex, Mp. th. f. 61. Also called SilMn. 

of Imlech Cassdin, Sep. 11. 

Sinuna (Zeno), Sep. 2. In Nicomedia natalis sanctorum Zenonis . . . 

Theodotae cum filiis suis (Hieron. Mart.). Sancti Zenonis cum duobus 

pueris (Auct. ad Usuard.). 
Slot — leg. Senoit ? (Senotus), Sep. 7. Senoti (Hieron. Mart.). 
Sirdn, Dec. 4. Sfordn, abb., Mart. Don. 
^iric, Nov. 26, bp. of Mag Bolg, according to the gloss. But on this 

day, according to Baeda, a bp. Siricus is commemorated at Rome. 


Sirius (Syrus), Sep. 12, conf. with Iventius at Ticino (Usuard). 

Sissinnius (Sisinnius), Nov. 29, deac, commemorated at Rome with Satur- 

ninus and Mammes. 
Sistdn, sac, on Loch Melgi, July 17. ^ 

Sixtus III, pope and mart.. Mar. 28 (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

II, pope and mart., Aug. 6. 

I, pope, Ap. 6. 

Sep. I, first bp. of Reims (Usuard). 

Sneidairle, Dec. 28. Sneidai(rle) vi\ac Comrig, Mart. Tainl. (LL.), Snedairle 

vciac Corbmaic no Comrisi, Mart. Tainl. (Br.), Snedhairle mac Comrisi, 

Mart. Don. 
Soadbar, bp., June 26. 

Sobarthain, bp., Ap. 20. sancti Sobarthein, Mart. Taml. 
Sodalach, anch., Nov. 7. 

Sodelb {Evfi.op<pLa), d. of Baite, March 29, gl. 3 : virg., of Can, Nov. 10. 
Soergusof Druim, May 30, gen. Saergusa Bile, Mart. Tainl. (Br.). 
Sosipater, June 25, at Pyrrhi Beroea, a disciple of S. Paul. 
Sostenes (Sosthenes), disciple of S. Paul, commemorated at Corinth, June 1 1, 

Nov. 28 (Usuard). 
Sother (Soter, Swdj/j), pope, Ap. 21. In Mart. Rom. his day is Ap. 22. 
Speusippus, Jan. 17, mart, at Langres, with Eleusippus and Melasippus. 
Sproc, d. of Colum, June 30, Sporoc, Mart. Taml. 
Srafan of Cliiain mor. May 23. Strofan Cluana moir. Mart. Taml. (Br.\ 

Sraffdn, Mart. Don. 
Stefain, Zeffan (Stephanus), the protomartyr, Dec. 26 : his octave, Jan. 2. 
Stefan, May 8, mart, in Egypt with Victor (Usuard). 
Stelldn, June i. 
Stenon (Zeno), Ap. 12, bp. of Verona, and mart, in Italy (Auct. ad 

StialMn, seven sons of, Oct. 27. 

Suaibsech, virg. of Tir Aeda, J?n. 9. Suaibsigi uirginis, Mart. Taml. 
Suanach, ancestor of Fidmuine, May 16. 

Suarlech, bp. of Fobar, Mar. 27, Suairlech, Mart. Taml. Ob. 745. 
abb. of Linn Duachaille, Ap. 23. Soairlech isind Ednen (.?) Mart. 

Taml. (LL.). Soardlech, Mart. Tainl. (Br.). 

abb. of Lismore, s. of Cidrdn, Dec. 4. 

sac, Dec. 13. Suairlech, Mart. Don. 

Subach of Corann, Aug. i. 

virg., Nov. 21, of Corann, Mart. Don. Hence it would seem th^t 

this saint is the same as that commemorated at Aug. i. 
Subne, Suibne, s. of Cuirtre, sixth abb. of lona, Jan. 11. Ob. 657. 

s. of Eogan, Jan. 19. 

of Scelec Michil, Ap. 28. Suibni in Scelic, Mart. Taml. 

bp. of Armagh, June 21. 

sixteenth abb. of Hi, June 22. Ob. 772 (767, FM.). 

Sep. 27. Suibni sancti. Mart. Taml. 

Oct. 28, gen. Suibni, Mart. Taml. 

Suicbert (MS. Buichbirt), bp. of Kaiserwerth and conf, Sep. 4, the day 

of his canonisation (Auct. ad Usuard.). 
Suidbrect (Suidberct), May 23. Probably the ' Suicbertus,' bp. and mart 

in the Auct. ad Usuard., May 29. 
Sulpic (Sulpicius), Jan. 17, bp. commemorated at Bourges. 

Ap. 20, mart, at Rome with Servilianus. 

Susanna, Aug. 11, mart, at Rome with Tiburtius. 

Suuithun, bp. of Winchester, deposition, July 2 : translation, July 15. 

Tadc (better Tadg?), July 8, mart, with S. Kilian at Wurzburg. 


Taden, gen. Tadein, July 24, f. of Comgall. 

Taedoc ( = to-Aedoc) ; da Thdedoc, s. of Colgu, Jan. 31. 

Tdedoc, of Tech T^edoic, July 13. 

Talla, virg., of Inis Daigre, Aug. ir. 

Talmach, Feb. 26. Mar. 14, Sancti Talmachi, Mart. Taml. 

Talulla, virg., abbess of Kildare, Jan. 6. Tulilatha abbatissa, Mart. Taml. 

(LL.), Tuili latha {ib. Br.). 
Tdmthinna, Oct. 29. Taimthinae uirginis, Mart. Taml. 
Tarsicc (Tharsicius), Aug. 15, acolyte, mart, at Rome. 
Tartinna of Caill Ard, July 3. 
Tassach, bp. of Rdith Cholptha Ap. 14. 
Tatha (Thaddaeus), apostle, Oct. 28 (Baeda). 
Tatian (Tatianus), Mar. 16, deac. at Aquileia with Hilarius. 
Taurian (Turianus), July 13, bp. and conf in Brittany. 
Taurin (Taurinus), Aug. 11, first bp. of Evreux and conf. 
Teca, virg., of Ruscach, Oct. 18. 
Tecce, Sep. 9. Not known. 

Tecla (Thecla), Sep. 23, virg. and protomartyr of Iconium. 
Teldub, Feb. 8, gl. 3, ancestor of bp. Colmdn. 
Telesporus (Telesphorus), pope and mart., Jan. 5. 
Telle, of Tech Telle, June 25. 
Temndn, of Linn Uachaille, Aug. 7. 
monk and mart, of Linn Uachaille, Aug. 17. Perhaps the same as 

the Temndn at Aug. 7. 
Temnen, mo Lua's cook, Dec. 24. mo Teimhneocc, Mart. Don. Dec. 23. 
Teodail, July 5, a mistake for Teodoit = Theodotus, July 5, or Teodoir = 

Theodorus, July 4. 
Teodoil (Theodulus), May 3, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

July 26, mart, at Rome. 

Teodoir (Theodorus), Mar. 26, bp. of Pentapolis in Libya. 

(Theodora), Ap. i, mart, at Rome. 

(Theodorus\ Nov. 9, mart, at Amasea. 

Teodoirc (Theodoricus), July i, conf at Rheims. 

Teodoit (Theodotus), Jan. 4, mart, in Africa with Aquilinus. 

Nov. 14, mart, at Heraclea with Clementinus (Usuard). 

Teodora (Theodora), Mar. 13, mart, at Nicaea. 

Teodorit (Theodoritus), Oct. 23, presb. and mart, at Antioch. 

Teodosia (Theodosia), Ap. 2, virg. and mart, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. 

Teogin (Theogenes), Jan. 26, mart, (at Smyrna?). 

Teophil (Theophilus), Feb. 6, mart, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. 

Sep. 8, mart, at Alexandria. 

Teopil (Theophilus), Oct. 13, bp. of Antioch. 
Teoseit (Theuseta), Mar. 13, mart, at Nicaea. 
Teothota (Theodota), Aug. 2, mart, at Nicaea. 

Sep. 2, her natalis in Nicomedia (Hieron. Mart.). 

Terchor, sons of, Ap. 13, mai'c Tairchair, Mart. Taml. 
Ternoc ( = to-Ernoc?) of Uardn, Jan. 30. 

anch., Feb. 8. 

Feb. 28, of Aired Muilt, Mart. Taml. 

of Cliiain Mor, July 2. 

s. of Rait[h]e, Oct. 3. mac Rethi, Mart. Taml. 

Tertulin (Tertullmus), Aug. 4, mart, at Rome (Usuard) 

Tetgal, Ap. 16, s. of Colbrand, Mart. Ta?nl. Perhaps the Tethghal, bp. of 

Lann Ela, who died (according to FM.) on Ap. 16, 709. 
Theoin (Theonas), Aug. 23, patriarch of Alexandria (Usuard). 
Tian, Tiaan, of Aired suird, Veb. 23. Tiawan Airid suird, Mart. Taml. 


Tibeir (Tiberius), Nov. 10, mart, in the district of Agde. 

Tibuirt (Tiburtius), Ap. 14, mart, at Rome. 

Aug. II, son of Chromatius and mart, at Rome. 

Tigernach, sac, Mar. 17, bp., Mart. Taml. 

bp. of Clones, Ap. 4 : in Mart. Rom. Ap. 5. Ob. 548. 

of Boirche, May 13. 

f. of Sdran, Sep. 21. 

of Daire Melle, Nov. 4, abb. of Cell Achaid. Ob. 8ro (805, FM.) 

Tigernin of Aired Locha con, Ap. 8. 

Tigrid (Tigrides), Feb. 3, bp. commemorated at Gap with Remedius 

Timoith (Timotheus) Jan. 22, disciple of St. Paul. 

Ap. 6, mart, with Diogenes in Macedonia. 

Aug. 22, mart, at Rome. 

Aug. 23, mart, at Reims with Apollinaris. 

Timon, Ap. 19, one of the seven deacons, mart, at Corinth. 

Tipraite of Mag Ratha, Dec. 27. 

Tirannus (Tyrannius, Tyrannic, Usuard), Feb. 20, mart, at Tyre. 

Ti'rechan, July 3, bp. and author of the Annotations on St. Patrick in the 
Book of Armagh, ff. (f 2-16^ i. 

Tirsus (Thyrsus), Jan. 28, mart, at Apollonia. 

Aug. 16. In Perside, natale s. Tyrsi cum sociis suis, Hicroi. Mart. 

Sep. 24, mart, at Autun. 

Tithic — leg. Tichic ? (Tychicus), Ap. 29, deac, disciple of St. Paul, commem- 
orated at Paphos (Usuard). 

Titian (Titianus), Jan. 16, bp. of Opitergium (now Oderzo) and conf. 

Titus, disciple of St. Paul, Jan. 4. 

Tiu, of Ruba, June 24. 

Toca (leg. Tocha?), s. of Cu^n, Nov. 27. 

Tocha, Aug. 17. 

Tochomra[cht], virg., of Conmacne, June 11. 

Toicthech ('latosus'), f. of Fintan, Jan. i, gl. 12. 

Oct. 16, gen. Taicthig, Mart. Taml. 

Toite, of Inis Toiti, Sep. 7. 

Tola, bp. of Disert Tola, Mar. 30. Ob. A.D. T},t, (FM.), ■]^:,^ (AU.) 

Toluim (Ptolemaeus), Oct. 19, mart, at Alexandria with Lucius. 

Tom^s, Feb. 9, mart. (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

the apostle, Dec. 21. Octave of, Dec. 29 : translation of, July 3. 

of Druim Cuicce, Dec. 4. 

Tomma, Ap. 22, of Bennchor, Mart. Taml. 

Tomm^n, bp., Mar. 18. 

of Mungairit, July 26. 

sac, Nov. 30. 

Tommein, a successor of S. Patrick, Jan. 10. Baeda's Tomianus, H. E. ii, 19. 
Tomini Arda Macha, Mart. Taml. Ob. 661. Colgan, Acta SS. 53, 54. 

Oct. 1 5. Sancti Tommeni, Mart. Taml. 

Torannan (MS. Tarannan), abb. of Bennchor, June 12. 

Torben, f. of Lachtain, Mar. 19, gl. i. 

Toria : mo Thoria of Druim cliab, June 9. 

Tormdn, s. of Cruaiden, Mar. 10. 

Torpeit (Torpes), Ap. 29, mart, in Tuscany (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Torpet (Torpes), May 17, mart, in Etruria. 

Torptha, primate, July 16. 

Totholan, June 17. 

Traian (Trojanus), Nov. 30, bp. of Saintes (Usuard). 

Tranquillin (Tranquillimus), June 18. 


Transil (Transilla), Aug. 17. LL. 363"^. 
Trea, virg., July 8. 

d. of Caerthenn, of Ard Trea, Aug. 3, 

Treno March 22, s. of Deth, of Cell Elge, Treno m^/c Deeid, Mart. Taml. 

the Trian of Mart. Don. 

June 16, f. of Setna. 

Trenoc mo Threnoc, s. of Oengus, of Ruscach, Aug. 20. mo Thrianoc ■ 

Ruscaig, Mart. Taml. 
Trianlug, gen. Trianlugo, June 3. 
Trifon (Trypho), Jan. 4, mart, in Africa. 
Trifon, Feb. 3. Not known. 

July 3, mart, at Alexandria. 

July 5. Tripho mart, in Sicily, Hieron. Mart. 

Trifonia (Triphonia), Oct. 18, wife of Decius Caesar (Usuai-d). 

Trigmech, bp., July 7. Sancti Tiugmaich (leg. Trigmaich ?) episcopi, Mart. 

Taml. (Br.). 
Trophin (Trophimus), Nov. 28, mart, in Syria (Hieron. Mart.). 

Dec. 29, disciple of St. Paul and first bp. of Aries (Usuard). 

Trudon, gen. Trudoin (Trudo, St. Truyen), Nov. 23, presb. and conf. at 

Hasbanium (Haspengavv). 
Tua (' silent'), of Cloenad, Dec. 22, an alias for Ultan of Tech Tua. 
Tuan, s. of Cairell, of Tamlachta, Ap. i. 
Tulchdn, f of Fintan alias Munnu, Oct. 21, gl. I. 
Uachall, Dec. 22. Of him nothing seems known. 
Ualeir (Valerius) Jan. 29. Bp. of Treves, disciple of S. Peter. 
Ualentin (Valentinus), Feb. 14, presb. and mart, at Rome. 

Dec. 16, mart, at Ravenna. 

Ualer (Valericus), Ap. i, abb. of Amiens and conf. 

(Valerius), June 14, mart, near Soissons (Usuard). 

Ualerian (Valerianus), Ap. 14, mart, at Rome with Tiburtius and Maximus. 

Dec. 1 5, bp. and conf. in Africa. 

Uammach, gen. U[a]mmig, ancestor of Fergus, July 5. 

Uandregisil, July 22, conf. near Rouen (Usuard). Ob. 667. 

Uarburo-a (Werburga), Feb. 3. Abbess of Weedon and Hanbury. 

Uasaille (Auxilius), maccu Baird, Aug. 27, bp. of Cell Ausailli, associate of 

St. Patrick and Iserninus. Ob. circ. 460. The 'Corbmac' in the gloss 

seems a clerical error. 
Udrin Feb. 18, of Druim Dresa, or ' Dresna,' as in Mart. Taml. (Br.). 

^s. of Buachaill, Dec. 1 5. 

Uedaist (Vedastus, now Vaast), Feb. 6, first bp. of Arras and Cambrai : his 

relatio, July 15 (Auct. ad Usuard.) : his translation, Oct. i, where he is 

called Uedastus. Ob. circ. 540. 
Uenaint (Venantius), Ap. i, bp. and mart. 
Uenantius, Oct. 13, abb. at Tours. 
Uenustian (Venustianus), mart, at Spoleto, Dec. 30, the festival of his 

Uerulus, Feb. 21, mart, at Adrumentum in Africa. 
Uerus Dec. 2, mart, in Africa with his brother Securus (Usuard.) 
Uictor, Jan. 22, mart, at Embrun. 

Feb. 2, mart, at Nicomedia (Usuard). 

Feb. 25, mart, at Diospolis in Egypt. 

(Victurius) Feb. 28 (Hieron. Mart.). 

. Mar. 6, mart, at Nicomedia (Usuard). 

— pope and mart., Ap. 20. 

Ap. 30, mart.? (Hieron. Mart.). 

Maurus, May 8, mart, at Milan (Usuard). 


Uictor, May 8, in Egypt (Usuard); 

May 14, mart, in Syria with Corona. 

May 17, mart, at Nivedunum (Mart. Rom.j. 

(Victorinus), July 7, mart, at Rome. 

(Victor), July 21, soldier, mart, at Marseilles. 

July 24, soldier, mart, at Merida. 

(Victorinus), July 7, mart, at Rome. 

(Victor) July 24, mart, at Merida. 

(Victorius), Sep. i, bp. of Le Mans circ. 690. 

Sep. 30, of the Thebaean legion, mart. 

Oct. 10, mart, in the territory of Cologne. 

Oct. 17, mart, at Rome. 

Uictorian (Victorianus), Mar. 23, mart, in Africa. 
Uictorin (Victorinus), mart, at Diospolis in Egypt, Feb. 25. 

Ap. 15, mart, in Italy. 

Sep. 5, mart, at Rome. 

Uigoir (Vigor, Vigorius), Nov. i, seventh bp. of Bayeux. 

hUiltbrith (Wilfrid), Ap. 24, bp. of York. 

Uinceint (Vincentius), Ap. 19, mart, at Caucoliberum (Colibre), in Spain. 

Aug. 25, mart, at Rome. 

Oct. 17, presb. and conf. 'in territorio Nivemensi' (Auct. ad Usuard.). 

Uincentius, Jan. 22, mart, at Embrun. 

Uindiciin (Vindicianus), Mar. 11, June 25, eighth bp. of Cambra and 

Arras. Ob. 712. 
Uinfrid, Nov. 1 5, sixth bp. of Mercia. 
Uinnian (Vinnianus), Dec. i. Perhaps, as Reeves thought, the same as the 

Finnia commemorated at Feb. 11. 
Uin,n6cus (Winnocus), Nov. 6, a Breton, first abb. of Wormhoult in Flanders. 
Uitalis, Feb. 14, mart, at Rome with Felicula and Zeno. 

Ap. 28, mart, at Ravenna. 

Nov. 27, mart, with Agricola at Bologna. 

Uitus, Jan. 23. Not known at this day. 

June 15, mart, in Sicily. 

Uiuian (Vivianus), Aug. 28, bp. of Saintes and conf. 

■ (Viviana), Dec. 2, mart, at Rome. 

Ulmdir (Vulmarus), July 20. Depositio S. Vulmari abbatis (Baeda). Tres- 

decimis [hjausit Vulmarus pocula uitae, Galba A. xviii. He was a French 

abbot, near Boulogne. 
Ultan, s. of Etechtach, Jan. 17, where the glossator makes him son of 

'Etechtach.' But in Mart. Taml. (LL.) Mac Ethechtaig seems the 

name of a separate saint. 
Mar. 14, of Maighnide, perhaps a corruption of the 'hui Aignig' of 

Mart. Taml. 

Ap. 4, s. of Caite, mac Caitte, Mart. Taml. Another Ultan, Ap. 16. 

Ap. 27, brother of Fursa : gen. Ultain, Mart. Taml. 

May I, s. of Mael snechtai. But in Mart. Taml. Osene (not Ultdn) 

s. of Mael snechtai. 

May 24, s. of Aedgen. 

July I. In Mart. Taml. two Ultans are commemorated at this day. 

Nothing seems known of either. Two other Ultans, July 3, 10. 

of Corcach, July 12. 

s. of Arad, July 13. 

of Ard Breccdin, Sep. 4, mac hz// Concobair, Mart. Taml. Ob. 656. 

Sep. 7, gen. Ultain, Mart. Taml. 

of Inis Daim, Nov. 22. 

hua Roeda, Dec. 22. 



Uncan, Aug. 21. Uncan Tugneda, Mart. TamL 

Unniucc, Aug. 29, corruptly for Uuinnoc or Vindoc, see Reeves, Ecd. Antt. 
339? 379) 3.nd Colgan Trias TJiaiaji. pp. 27, c. 71, and p. 34). He may- 
have been the bp. P'indech a quo Rath epscuip \_F\i?-idich i iir Oe nDarca 
chei7i of the Tripartite Life, p. 164, 1. 15. 

Urban (Urbanus), Jan. 24, mart, with Babylas at Antioch. 

May 25, pope and mart. See Uudn. 

Ursaicc (Ursacius), Aug. 15, conf. at Nicaea. 

Ursicin (Ursicinus), Ap. 28, physician, mart, at Ravenna. 

June 19, mart, at Ravenna. 

Nov. 9, bp. of Bourges and conf. 

Ursmair (Ursmarus), Ap. 19, bp. and conf. in the monastery of Lobbes 
(coenobio Laubiis), Usuard. 

Ursula, Oct. 21, gl. 2, mart, with 11,000 virgins at Cologne. 

Ursus, Sep. 30, mart., of the Thebaean legion, commemorated at Solothurn. 

Usaille (Auxilius), Feb. 7. Perhaps the same as Uasaille, q.v. 

Usseoit of Druim Uisseoit, July 28. 

Uudn, Feb. 3, seems a mistake for Uruan = Urbanus, mart, at Rome with 
Celerinus. So Baluina = Balbina. 

Uuel[i]frod (Willebrord), Nov. 7, bp. of Utrecht, commemorated in Frisia. 

Uu[i]lfrid, Oct. 12, perhaps Wilfrid Junior, a relative of the 'Huiltbrith' 
commemorated at Ap. 24, and, like his namesake, bp. of York. 

Ypolit (Hippolytus), Jan. 30, Romanus, mart, at Antioch. 

Aug. 13, mart, at Rome. 

Zachair (Zacharias), June 2, presb. and mart, at Lyons. 

(Zacharias), prophet, Sep. 6. 

f. of John the Baptist, Nov. 5. 

Zacheus (Zacchaeus), Aug. 23, bp. of Jerusalem. 

Sep. 28. Is this the 'Stacteus' of Hieron. Mart, and Usuard.^ 

Romae, natalis sancti Stactei. 

Zefan (Stephanus), Ap. i, mart, in Egypt. 

Aug. 2, pope after Lucius, and mart. 

gen. Zefain, Aug. 3, discovery of the relics of the protomartyr. 

Zeferin (Zephyrinus), Aug. 26, pope and mart. 

Zeffan (Stephanus), the protomartyr, Dec. 26. See Stefain, Zefan. 

Zenon (Zeno), Feb. 14, mart, at Rome with Felicula and Vitalis. 

July 9, mart, at Rome with 2,203 others. 

Dec. 20, mart, at Alexandria. 

Zoa (Zoe), July 5, mart, at Rome. 

Zoilus, June 27, mart, at Cordova. 

Zosimus, Dec. 18, mart, with Rufus at Philippi. 


p. lo, note b. A 'Gilla Digde' occurs in AU. 1079. 

P. II, note a, a^i^aine chorgais ron-din Crist isin dithrub, LB. 261''. 

note b, add And so in Galba A. xviii, ' Memphiticis Dominus ternis 
deducitur arvis,' and in the Berne codex of Mart. Hieron. eductio ihu. de 

P. 14, Jan. II. Perhaps arcc may here stand for arg^ dp^o^- If so, trans- 
late it by ' champion.' 

P. 17, Jan. 15, after gloss 3 insert ^ with meekness. 

P. 18, Jan. 17, 1. 9, is hypermetrical. ' Neone' should be ' Neon.' 

P. 26, Jan. 29, lines 2 and 6. Here ' Cronan ' and ' Ualeir,' should obviously 
be transposed, the three cldrenig being, according to Mart. Taml. 
Baithine, Segine and Crondn. Hence in the translation, p. 27, for 
Crondn read Valerius, and /(?r Valerius read Q,x6r\kx\.. ro siacht toethir 
'who reached the silent land,' reminds one of Salis-Seewis' touching 
song, which begins, Ins stille Land ! Wer leitet uns hiniiber? 

P. 27, note b, add The ' unintelligible ' verse in Hampson i. 398, should be 
corrected thus : Ast Jani fines signat Aed famine Ferna, ' Maedoc of 
Ferns sains the end of January with his blessing,' where signat must be 
read as a spondee. 

P. 29, note b, add ' En quadris Christus Templo deducitur archus ' [i.e 
ap;Cos-], Galba A xviii. 

P. 33, Feb. 8. Fdilbe of Erdam is commemorated also at Ap. 8. 
note b. For Kelly's ' egais' the MS. has ecis. 

P. 34, Feb. 6. It is possible that feg-ait may be the 2d sg. imperative of 
fegaim with the suffixed pron. it which we have in O. Ir. triit 'per 
eum.' If so translate ' behold him,' and compare yira, Aug. 1 5. 

P. 36, Feb. 14. The last two lines would perhaps be better rendered thus : 
' of the troop to thee, O man, be all whom thou hast entreated.' 

P. 38, Feb. 17. Fintan is thus commemorated in Galba A xviii : Tres 
decimis felix P'intan migravit ad aulam. 

P. 41, note d. ' Gurnin ' is one of the many misprints or misreadings of the 
edition oi Mart. Don. The MS. has Gurnimh. 

P. 49, March 5, gloss, 1. 3, before Inis insert (he also has). 

P. 53, note c. addY^A Grigoir, AU. 1014. 

P. 55, note c, after Usuard insert and 3Iart. Hieron. 

P. 58, March 20, 1. 4, celir ' is hidden.' Perhaps a reference to Coloss. iii, 3. 
(vita vestra est abscondita cum Christo in Deo). 

P. 60, March 22, gl. i. Here, as in May 2, gl. i, and Nov. 27, gl. i. siur., 
gen. sethar, probably means subintroducta, a-vvfLO-aKTOi., or priest's 
house-keeper. So in Trip. Life, pp. 82, 88, lines 22, 88, lines 22, 31 
(where fair and siur are wrongly rendered). See Mr. Olden's paper 
On the Consortia of the First Order of the Irish Saints. Proceedings 
of the Royal Irish Academy. Third Series, vol. Ill, p. 415. 

P. 62, March 25, 1. 3. Perhaps dimiis is dimes 'contempt,' misspelt to 
make an assonance with Cirimis. 

P. 74, Ap. II. Pope Leo is already commemorated at Feb. 12. Ap. 11 
seems the day of his death : ' Idibus in ternis pastorque Leo quievit,' 
Hampson, i. 403. 

2 D 2 


P. 78, Ap. 16. Here Gorman mistakes Calixtus, the Corinthian martyr, 

for Calixtus the pope, whose day is Oct. 14. 
P. 92, May 9. The translation to Constantinople of St. Andrew's relics is 

here commemorated. See Usuard. 
P. 96, May 1 5. The 'seven bishops out of Spain' were, according to Usuard, 
Torquatus, Tesiphon, Secundus, Indalecius, Cecilius, Esicius and 
P. 98, May 17. As Mart. Taml. has at this day, Ingena Garbain, m the 
plural, we should probably correct line 7 thus : lith ingen nglan 
nGarbain, and then translate, ' the festival of Garbdn's pure daughters, 
to speak of it well is no sorrow.' 

May 18. Domnoc seems already commemorated at Feb. 13. 
P. 106, May 30, Gobbdn is already commemorated at Feb. 13. 
P. no, June 4. It is possible that aithnemm here and at Sep. 5 may be a 
verbal noun (like tarcemm., Oct. 23) in the dat. sg. If so, translate diar 
n-aith7iemni by ' to recognise us ' or ' to commend us.' 
P. 123, note c. <3;^c/0bitus Lugide Lis moer, AU. 591. 

P. 124, June 26, 1. 5, should perhaps be corrected thus : Maxent in mor 
mindsa ' Maxentius this great diadem.' 

June 27, 1. 3. If we correct na farrad into ^7ia farrad, ' in his 
company,' we get the alliteration now lacking. 
P. 125, June 27, 1. 2, /t>r who follows read {whom) I have followed. 
P. 126, June 29, 1. 4. If we omit the prosthetic / of Faeldobair we get the 

alliteration now lacking. 
P. 127, June 29, 1. 2, r^«(^/ Ael-dobair : 1. 3, omit to. 

P. 130, July 5. As this Fergus was Huammach's descendant we should 
translate lines 4 and 5, as if they were transposed : ' Etdin, fair, modest, 
virginal : Fergus, the high saint, Huammach's descendant.' 
P. 131, note b, addh.\s natalis, infra Nov. 11. 
P. 134, July 1 1. This Benedict is commemorated at March 21. 
P. 136. This line as it stands is ungrammatical. Read : Foca fand 

no[m]foired, ' let feeble Phocas succour me.' 
P. 136, July 15, 1. 8. Common is already commemorated at May 15. 
P. 138, July 16, 1. I. Hilarian seems a copyist's error for Hilarin 3= Hilarinus. 
July 19, ]. 4. The alliteration now lacking will be got if we correct 
rill mtofriu. 
P. 148, Aug. 3, 1. I. To get the necessary alliteration we might alter 

Fa^bail to Tocbail ' elevatio.' 
P. 152, Aug. 7, 1. 5. 7%7ar/Vz. should probably be Hilarian ^.Hilarianus. 

Aug. 10, 1. 5,y"^r rorogfir we should perhaps read ro rogfir ' very much 
of a choice man,' and thus get the alliteration (with rogfir) and 
internal rime (with bo)^ which are now lacking. 
P. 156, Aug. 15, 1. 5, limm should certainly be corrected to lemm, assonating 

with seng. 
P. 160, Aug. 19. Mochta is already commemorated at March 24. 

Aug. 20, 1. 6, f hurpair should certainly be corrected into Furphair 
^ Porphyrins. 
P. 162, Aug. 24, 1. 8. I now see that Roddimin is the gen. sg. of Rodamm=^ 
Rodoiiiuin^ one of the forms which Rotomagus assumed, in the Middle 
Ages, and that it should accordingly be rendered by ' of Rouen.' The 
Roddn of Mart. Don. at Aug. 24 is probably due to mistaking this 
place-name for the name of a saint. 
P. 164, Aug. 26, 1. 7. Foelan is already commemorated at Jan. 9. 
P, 167, Aug. 30, 1. I. Adaucht = Adauctus. The origin of this strange 
name is thus explained in Mart. Rom. : Felix, Diocletiano et Maxi- 
miniano Imperatoribus iam equuleo tortus, cum ad necem, via Ostiensi 


ducitur, ei obuiam factus, quidam Christianus, libera uoce dixit, se lesum 
Christum colere, itaque beatum Felicem osculatus, cum eo securi feritur, 
Quoniam uero eius nomen ignotum esset, Adauctus uocatus est, quia 
ille se adiunxit ad martyrii societatem. 

P. 170, Sep. 4, 1. 7. Buichbirt altered from Suicbert to alliterate with Birin. 
According to Ado, Suicbert's canonization (not his translation) is com- 
memorated on this day. In Anglia, commemoratio sancti Birini 
episcopi Dorcacensis at confessoris. Eodem die, translatio sancti 
Cuthberti episcopi Lindisfarnensis. Item, canonizatio sancti Suicberti 
episcopi Verdensis [i.e. of Kaiserwerth] et confessoris. 

Sep. 6, 1. 4. Scathe is already commemorated at Jan. i. Sep. 6 is 
the feast of her translation. Aduentus reliquiarum Scethi filiae 
ad Tamlactain, Mart. Ta7}il. 

P. 172, Sep. 8, 1. 7. nar chossain yields no satisfactory meaning. But if 
(with Prof. Strachan) we delete the ^ as a scribal error, and regard 
the -ar as the infixed pers. pron. of pi. i, the expression would mean 
'who defends us.' Note c in p. 173 should then be cancelled. 

note a, add But Hieron. Mart, has at Sep. 8 ' Benevento civitate, 
natalis sanctorum Senoti, Januarii, Fisti, Acuti, Desiderii.' Can the 
name be the same as that of Senuti, an Egyptian anchorite of the fifth 
century, once famous for his opposition to the heretic Nestorius ? 

P. 174, Sep. 10, 1. 2. This Findian is already commemorated at Feb. 11. 

Sep. 12, 1. I. Gorman's ' luuentus,' 'Sirius' should apparently be 
' Eventius,' ' Syrus.' 

P 178, Sep. 18, 11. 2, 3, are corrupt. Perhaps 1. 2 (which lacks an alliteration) 
should be ferr he ol is findgein, ' best is he because he is a blessed birth,' 
and 1. 3 should certainly be Foendelach frit chabair. 

P. 184, Sep. 27, As Fintan was Coppin's son {Mart. Tatnl.), lines 4 and 5 
should be transposed. The translation would then run thus : " Coppln's 
harmonious son, Fintan himself against plunderings, Petrus," etc. 

P. 186, Sep. 30, 1. 6. This Bresal is already commemorated at May 18. 

1. 14. Perhaps we should read mo Chonna tndr chanaimm 
'my great Conna whom I sing.' So with the passage, Mo Choemoc 
mar chanaimm, Nov. 3. 

P. 188, Oct. 2, 1. I. This Eusebius is already commemorated at Sep. 26. 

P. 196, Oct. 15, 1. 2. Mo Lua is already commemorated at Aug. 4. line 3, 
ron-forne should certainly be corrected into ron-fore. 

P. 198, Oct. 19,1. 4. So Usuard : In Antiochia Syriae sanctorum martyrum 
Beronici, Pelagiae, et aliorum quadraginta novem. 

P. 200, Oct. 22, 1. 3. Seueir. Here Gorman probably means the vigil of 
Severinus, whom he commemorates (as Seuerin) at Oct. 23. 

P. 204, Oct. 26, 1. I, Marcian. Is this meant for Mardianus ? 1. 2. Odhrdn, 
already commemorated at Oct. 2. 

Oct. 27, 1. 5, Abbdn, already at March 16. 1. 7, Erenn^n, already at 
Aug. II. 

Oct. 28, 1. 2. ' Marina ' seems meant for Mariana. 

P. 208, Nov. I, 1. 12, Crondn, already at Oct. 19. 

P. 209, Nov. I, 1. 4. I would now regard be'said 2iS a verb in the imperative 
pi. 2 and translate : ' smooth Benignus, declare ye.' But this is a mere 
guess. See the Glossarial Index. 

P. 214, Nov. 8, I. I, Nicostrait, already at July 7, where the corrupt form 
Nicoscrdit is found. 

Nov. 10, 1. I, Martinus' day in the Roman Martyrology is Nov. 12. 

P. 216, Nov. 12, 1. 4, tri ineic Erca, already at Ap. 19. 

P. 226, Nov. 26, 1. 2. ' Ammon,' probably meant for the Ammonius of Auct. 
ad Usuard. Nov. 27, 1. 4, inacti 'greatgrandson' seems borrowed either 


from W. maccwy ' puer ' or from a W. *7nap cii : cf. tad cu ' grandfather,' 

main gu ' grandmother.' 
P. 230, Dec. 3, 1. 3, Birin is already at Sep. 4. 
P. 232, Dec. 6, 1. I. Nicholaus. His translation has been commemorated 

at May 9. Line 2 wants both an alliteration and a syllable. Read 

Leo7ttia \^fial'\fi7id6g^ ' modest Leontia, a fair virgin.' 
P. 234, Dec. 7, 1. 3. Ambrois. See at Ap. 4. 
P. 242, Dec. 19, 1. 4, ua?nach. As to the use of caves by Celtic saints, 

see Bp. Forbes, Lives of SS. Ninian and Keniigern, 1874, pp. 214, 

345, and Lisin. Lives., p. 250, 1. 10. 

Dec. 21, 1. 4. Fulartach, already at March 29. 
P. 250, epilogue, 1. 2. The expression bith broeitach., literally 'world full of 

showers' (of tears), is a curiously close parallel to the worlde wete, 
tearful world,' of Pearl, ed. I. Gollancz, stanza 64. 

1. 10, eccaib, literally 'mortibus.' Here the dat. plural oi e'c is used of 
the death of one person. So in Sophocles, O.T. 496, eiviKovpos 
abrjkmv BavaTwv. El. 2o6, Bavaro-vs alKfis 8i8vtiaiv xeipoiv. 
P. 260, 1. 2, insert brigmaith, March 12. 
P. 264, 1. 12, insert coemmac, Ap. 5. 
P. 265, crem. Add the Boeotian Kpefivov. 
P. 272, 1. 22, after virtus i?tsert Marc. vi. 5. 
P. 274, 1. 9 from bottom, after root insert May 3. 
P. 275, 1. 30, add Or is gangda the gen. sg. of a *ga7tgaid ' litany,' cognate 

with the Church Slavonic gangnati 'to murmur'? If so, translate oe7ie 

in ga7tgda gabaid hy 'sing ye the fast of the (Greater) Litany,' i.e. the 

Litania Major instituted by S. Gregory the Great, and compare 'et 

indictu(m) ieiuniu(m) de letanza maior/,' Martyr. Hieron, add. De Rossi 

et Duchesne, p. 49, col. 3, and 'Rome, letania maior ad sanctum Petrum 

celebratur,' Kal. Dru77i7ii. Ap. 25. 
P. 285, 1. 28, add 6&s\-iig, Mar. 16, and oen-laa, Jan. 6. 
P. 286, pdpa. Add references to Jan. 5, June 20, July 11, 12, Aug. 2, 6. 
P. 287, 1. 32, after See i7isert fo-rend. Line yj add Gaul. Re77ii (Reims), 

Lat. ■pri77ius. 
P. 288, after 1. 5, insert ro very much, Aug. 10. 
P. 291, before \. 7 from bottom i7tsert t^idlech (toidlech ?) shi7iing, radiant, 

Sep. I, Nov. 2. See Glossarial Index to Fel. Oeng. cccxxiv. 
P. 315, 1. 10 from bottom. Inis Ednig, add now probably Inishnee in the 

mouth of the Owenmore river, in the west of the co. of Galway, F.M. 

A.D. 768, note m. 
P. 322, after 1. 41, insei-t Rodamm, Aug. 24, = Rodomum, Rotomagus, now 

P. 326. Tiiaim Inbir, add an ecclesiastical establishment in Westmeath. 

The name occurs in an eighth century poem {Irische Texte, i. 318), 

which begins thus : M'airiuclan i Tuaim Inbir ' my little oratory in 

Tuaim Inbir.' 
P. 336, 1. 39, add mart, in lona, A.D. 825. His day on the Continent is 

Jan. 19. 
P. 343, 1. II, add In Vita Kentigerni c. i, 7/wchohe is glossed by the Latin 

care 7/ii. Hence it seems that coe is := W. cu. 


p. 7, Jan. 2^ for Marcellus read Marcellinus : for 'tis read^v^xW. be. 
P. 8, Jan. 3, 4, for Octavae read Octauae. 
P. 9, 1. b,for Faithne read Fathan. 

Jan. 4, for doth not betray us read betrayed not. for Eugan read 
P. II, 1. lififor Airiud read Kxx^di. 
P. 14, Jan. 12, 1. 3,/(7ric ropein read\ cropein. 
P. 15, Jan. 12, 1. 2, /(7r great pain r^a^f death-pain. 

1. 4, after whose insert still. 
P. 16, Jan. 14, 1. 5,y(7r (Twzchleir read ^con chleir. 
P. 17, 1. $,fora. noble merciful band read \v\ih this band of chiefs. 
P. 19, Jan. 17, for Meleusippus, Neone read Melasippus, Neo. 
Jan. 1 8, y^r treacherous read false virgins. 

Jan. 19, for Laudamair [leg. Laudomarus? Laudomarcus ?] read 
Laudomarus. In gloss i dele (Navan). 
P. 23, Jan. 24, for Mausonius read Muso. for young (and) dear read a. dear 

Jan. 2^, for defends us r^Sif defended him (scil. St. Paul, see Actsix.), 
17. Por the noise of read bright-pious. 
P. 25, Jan. 2y,for noble r^^:;^ strong. In gl. 5, for noble read strong. 

Jan. 28, for Eoin r^rai^ Johannes. 
P. 27, Jan. 31, 1. 2, for Ebnait read Oebnat. 

P. 29, Feb. 2, 1. 3, for bear ye read ye bear. L. 4, for perceives us read felt 
not (lust). 

Feb. 2, for Avianus ? Tigris read Urbanus ? Tigrides. 
Pp. 30, 31, Feb 4. The gloss-numbers in the text and its translation are 
wrong. Gloss 3 is on Chota (I. i) : gloss 4 is on Cuanna (1. 9) ; gloss 5 
is on Ciaran. 
P. 31, Feb. 6, 11. 6, 7, for the stanza is my great portion read my great 

P. 32, Feb. 9,/<9r Ausbertus r^a^ Ansbertus. 
P. 32y Feb. 7, for Moenacan, Moyses read Moenucdn, Moysetis. 

Feb. g,for Ausbertus read Ansbertus. 
P. 34, Feb. II, 1. 7,for^ read" line 12, for Inna read mna.. 
P. 35, Feb. 1 1, 1. 6, for Ina read as. 
P 41, Feb. 22, 1. 4, for Mac read The son of Line 5, for the colon put a 

comma. Gloss 5, /cr daughters r^^i^ daughter. 
P. 43, Feb. 23, 1. 3, for Ernen read Ernin. Gloss 4, for Lethglinn read 

P. 44, Feb. 28, last Ime, read dodaing. 

P. 45, Feb. 28. The last sentence should be : Its great assembly which I 
praise (be) against the hardship of the devils ! Gloss i, for Eriud 
read Aired. 
P. 47, March 3, 1. 3, for royal-fair rm<^of the white fore-arm. 
P. 51, March 8, gl. 5,/c;rn-Eire read n-E'irc. 
P. 52, March 12, 1. 2. Perhaps here and at June 29, cara is a verb, meaning 

'thou lovest': gl. ^,for Faithin read Fathan. 
P. 55, March 14, 1. i, defore a band insert that is. Line 3, for Eufrasius read 


P. 55, March 15, 1. 2, /<7r without (any) defence thereof read not to defend 

P. 57, March 17, gl. 5, for Naise read Nasc. 

P. 59, March 19, 1. i, y^r burnings read outrages, and cancel the note. jFor 
Colocerus read Calocaerius : /or Quintilla read Quintillus. 
March 21, 1. 2, for firm ones read shrewd one. 
P. 61, March 22, /or in my company read near me. 
March 2%/or Maedoc 7-ead Medoc. 

March 24, 1. 3, /or whom I should not dare read who is not dared, 
1. /^,/or for read on. 
P. 63, March 26, gl. \,/or Erbert r^-^if Airbertach. 
March 27, 1. i,/or Mindful read Remember. 
P. 65, March y>,/or Fola r^a^^Tola. 

/or Satul (?) read Satullus. 
P. 67, March 31, 1. 3, /or Protadius read Protida. For Faelan, Mac Aeda 

read¥die\i.n, son of Aed. 1. 5, /^r Those r^a^The. 
P. 69, Ap. 2, /or Marcis (?) read Marcisus. For Nicetas read Nicetius. In 
gloss 3, before Cael insert the 

Ap. 3, for Agape read Agapis. For in my company read near me. 
P. 70, Ap. 5, 1. \i/or Herenis rrac/ hErenis. 

Ap. 6, gl. 2, /or cihnn read chmn. 
P. 71, Ap. 5, for Marcianus read Martiana. 
Ap. (i,/or Modestus read Modestia. 

/or that band for which I contend read the band which I 
P. T^, Ap. 7, read Caelestinus. 

Ap. ?>.,/or in our company r^<2^near us. 
P. 77, Ap. 14, /or may I be, O holy, white Christ, in an assembly read O 
holy white Christ, may our meeting be 
Ap. ii„/or Maximus read Maximius. 
P. 79, Ap. 16, 1. 2, /or Carisius read Charisius : /or which is no blame read 
who are not unmanned. 

Ap. 17, 1. 2, /or we reckon read reckon ye. 
P. 80, Ap. 12, 1. 5, dele the hyphen. 
P. 81, Ap. 21, /or Soterus read Soter. 
P, 83, Ap. 22, 1. 4, I'ead Agapetus. 

Ap. 23, L Aifa^ let them r^^^they. 
P. 85, Ap. 15, 11. 3, 4, /or deacon Nenn — nobles read heavenly deacon 

Ap. 27, 11. 3, 4, for around my assembly readnedLX me. 
P. 87, Ap. 28, 1. 2, /or are read were. 

Ap. 29, 11. 3, ^.^/or these columns, etc., readxhey are a safeguard to all, 

the towers against serious battle. 
Ap. 30, 1. 2, /or Dagair read Dagarius. 
P. 89, May I, 1. 4,/<?r Andeoil r^a^ Andeolus. 
May 2, 1. I, read Neopolis. 

May 3, 1. 2, read Theodulus. L. 4, /or root of addition read an 
additional root. 
P. 91, May 6, 11. 2, l^/or their forewarning read the talk about them. 
P. 95, May \2^/or with Dimma of the good fight r^a^/ besides Dimma with a 

good blessing. 
P. 97, May 13, 1. I, /c'r belonged read been (dedicated) 

May 15,1. ^1 /or I entreat the noble Spirit read The noble Spirit 
whom I entreat (be) 
Pp. 98, 99, March i8,/or M[a]edoc, Maedoc read Medoc, Medoc. 
P. 100, last line,/<?r Dall read Dal. 


P. 103, May 23,7^^ Astonius r^'a^ Aphthonius. 

May 24, 1. \for I beseech read vi\\.ox^ thou beseechest. 
P. 104, May 28, 1. 7, read glan glere. 
P. 105, May 27, for to safeguard us read our protection. For (belongs) to 

read (is) by. 
P. 106, May 30, 1. 2)1 fo^ Cuanna read cuanna. 
P. 107, May 20,/or Cuanna r^c^^fine. 

May 31, 1. 3, for Crescentius read Crescentianus. L. 4, for convey 
read (fare) before. 
P. 109, June 2, 1. 2, /or Algeis read Algisus. Line 3, for we reckon read 
reckon ye, gl. i,for Uincenn read Uinsenn. 

June 3, 1. I, for seek read love. L. 4,_/^r 'tis r^a^ 'twill be. 
P. Ill, June 5, 1. 3,/or (may they bring) us read (may) we (go). 

June 6, 1. 3,/or his read their. 
P. 113, June 7, 1. I should perhaps be ' Bishop Paul, though it be useless (ta 
say so), his reward failed not.' Cancel notes a in pp. 112, 113. L. 3,/or 
death read a band. 

June 8, 1. 4, /or proclaim ye him read whom ye proclaim. 
P. 115, June 10, I. 2, /or a read the. 

June 12, 1. I, /or Basilis r^a^/ Basilides. 
P. 119, June 17, 1. 2, /or fieriness r^rt:i:/ blame. For prayerful Gundulfus read 
Gundulfus whom thou entreatest. L. 4, /or sons in the noble abode 
read in a strong abode. Gloss 7, /or noble read strong. 
June 18, 1. 3,/or truly read that (is said) truly. 
P. 121, June 21, 1. 4,/or protect r^ir?^ console. 

June 22, 1. 4, for that host read the hosting 
P. 123, June 23, 1. 3,/or Edildrida read Etheldreda. 

June 24, read Gilbertus, Agoadus. 
P. 129, July I, 1. 3,/or and Emaint from Cluain, bishops read bishops from^ 

Cluain Emaint. 
P. 132, July 9, gl. I, /or Blathmaic read Blathmeic. 
P. 133, July 7, 1. 2, read Pantaenus. 

July 8, 1. 3,/or whom r^a^him. 
July 9, gl. I, /or Blathmac's r£'<^?^ Blathmec's. 
P. 137, July 13, 1. 4,/or strict r^a^ stout. 

July 14, 1. I, omit I. Line 2, read Blathmec. Line 3, /or whom 
readhivax. July 15, gl. 3,/or Inage (? Mage?) read Mdge. 
P. 139, July 17, 1. 3, /^r proclaim his body, which was read proclaim : his 
body was, July 19, 1. i, omit let us. 
July 18, read Dubogdn, Crondn. 
P. 143, July 24, 1. 3, rm^ Blathmec. 
P. 145, July 26, 1. 3,/or Sempronius rt'a^ Symphronius. 

July 27, 1. \,/or Maximinianus read Maximianus. Line 2, /or Mar- 

cianus read Martinianus. Line 3,/or whom read h\m. 
July 28, 1. 4,/or of increase read more. 

July 31, I. 2, /or let Nadfraech's sons be r^a^ Nad-frdich's sons were. 
P. 148, Aug. I, 1. 8, /or mo Chaba read Mochaba 
P. 149, Aug. I, 11. 4, 5, read remember the Maccabaean sons 

Aug. 2, 1. I, Of/lit I. Line 2, y^r beside melodious read arrange beside 
Aug. 3, 1. 2, read Ah'ihon. Line 5,y^r ever read a leader. 
P. 151, Aug. 4, 1. I, /or whom I would not dare t cad \Mho is not dared. 
Aug. 5, 1. 4, /or her read his : I. ^, /or her read him. 
Aug. 6, 1. 2, read Agapetus. For victorious read warlike. Line 4, 
after me iftsert with them. 
P. 153, Aug. 8, 1. 2, /cr hardships read straits. 
Aug. 9, 1. 4,/or protect read console. 


P. 155, Aug. 10, 1. 2,/6'rhide ye not read which ye hide not. L. 3,/<?rand true 
read men. 
Aug. 1 1, 11. 3, 4,/(7r whom thou shouldst not dare, read^\iO is not dared. 
P. 157, Aug. 14, 1. 3, 7'ead Broccaid. 
P. 159, Aug. 17, 1. 4,/(?r a noble readiht.. 

Aug. 18, 1. I, r^a^ Agapetus, line 3/or battle read hXess'mg, and cancel 
note c. 
P. 161, Aug. 19, 1. 4, /or for read on. 

Aug. 20, 1. 2, for whom thou darest not, read who is not dared. 
Line 4, /or watches over you read Porphyrins. Gl. 2, for Ruacach 
read Riiscach. 
P. 162, Aug. 22, gl. 2, rm(f cComhgall. 
P. 163, Aug. 24, 1. 5, for ; gracious bishop Rodaimm read, the gracious 

bishop of Rouen. 
P. 165, Aug. 26, for Basilius r^^^f Basilla. 
P. 169, Sep. 2, 1. 2, for Sinuna 

Sep. 3, 1. I, for Serapia read Seraphia. 
P. 171, Sep. 4, 1. 2, for Fiachraig read with Fiachra. L. 4, read Birin, 

Suicbert. Sep. 5, 1. 4, read Briccin. Sep. 6, 1. 3, /or branch r^a^rod. 
P. 173, Sep. 7, 1. 3, for control the attack on me read direct my war-service 
{i.e. as one of Christ's soldiers). See Windisch's Worterbuch, s. v. 
amsa Kriegsdienst. 
P. 175, Sep. 12, 1. 2, for Lasrian. Mac Lasre, Fled an increase read 

Lasridn, son of Lasre, Fled, let us add. 
P. 177, Sep. 13, 1. 2, /or of the strong effort rm^ strong of effort. 
P. 178, Sep. 17, gl. 3, after Moir i7isert Maige. 
P. 179, Sep. 18, 1. 2, /or who was found a help read to help thee. 
P. 181, Sep. 19, for ' Eutyches,' and ' Acutus ' read ' Euticus ' and ' Acutius.' 

Sep. 21,1. 2, for Claudus read Claudius. 
P. 183, Sep. 23, 1. 2, read Coemnat, gl. i,/or Conall rm^ Conall. 
P. 185, Sep. 25, 1. 4,/or before read {rom. 
P. 187, Sep. 28, 1. 2, Zacchaeus. Stacteus, probably is meant. 
P. 191, Oct. 6, for Sagaris read Sagar. 
P. 193, Oct. 8, 1. 5,/or is read (be). 

P. 195, Oct. 10, 1. 3, after will insert not. Line 4 dele (?) 
Oct. II, 1. 4, read my chaste Caidbeo, a help. 
Oct. 12, 1. I, read Fiachra (and) Faeldn, the modest ones. 
P. 197, Oct. 16, 1. 2 omit let us. 
P. 199, Oct. 17, 1. 2, rm^ Crescentianus. 
Oct. 18, 1. 3, r^ai^ Triphonia. 

Oct. 19, 1. I, /or them read her. Line A^for they 7-ead who. 
P. 201, Oct. 21, 1. 2, read Mael-Aithchein. 
P. 205, Oct. 26, 1. 2,/or be lasting read endure lastingly. Lines 4—5, for 

keep (us) from read resist. 
P. 211, Nov. 2, gl. 8, /or Scotchman r^a^/ Scotchwoman. 
P. 213, Nov. 4,/or Birstan read Byrnstdn. 
P. 215, Nov. 8, 1. I. We should probably read Castorius, Sympronianus. 

gloss 2, read Lethglenn. 
P. 217, Nov. 1 1, 1. I, read Mennas. Line 2,/or praise r^a^ magnify. Cancel 

note a. 
P. 218, Nov. 14, 1. 6, /or mo Chuti read Mochuti. 
P. 219, Nov. 13, 1. I, r^^o!' Aldegundis. 

Nov. 14, 1. 3,/or my Cuta read Machutus.. Line 4,/or are read were. 
Pp. 220, 221, Nov. 18, gl. I, /or Liuchaine rcr^^ [fjliuchaine. 
P. 225, Nov. 24, 1. 4, for be in read (go) into. gl. 6, for Uamach read 


P. 229, Nov. 28, 1. 3, read Bochra's. Nov. 29, 1. 3, dele whom. 

Nov. 30, 1. i,yj7r Trajanus r^a^ Trojanus. 
P. 231, Dec. 2,/<7r Vivianus r^a^^Viviana 

Dec. 3, 1. 2, for Birin read Birin. 
P. 233, Dec. 4, 1. 2, for Miletus read Meletius. 

Dec. 5, 1. I, for Nicetas read Nicetius. 
P. 234, dele note c. 

P. 237, note a. Omit from ' it can ' to the end. 
P. 245, Dec. 22, 1. 2, read Aego. 
P. 2^17, Dec. 24, 1. 2, read Temnen. 
P. 255, s.v. I. aithnim. I think now that aithne7nm must be a verbal noun 

like tarcemm^ Oct. 23. See Additional Notes, supra, p. 404. 
P. 261, 1. 19, deXe fhurpair, Aug. 20, and ior foemaid x&a.6. foemaid. 
P. 262, 1. 6, read cechair. 

P. 266, dele 1. 25, and in 1. 26, after Mar. 27 insert Aug. i. 
P. 267, second line from bottom, dele from 
P. 273, 1. 6 from hottom, for flinch ^'^a^fliuch. 
P. 274, dele line 21. 
P. 275, 1. 14, dele Ap. 25. 
P. 280, 1. 2 from bottom, y^r pret. ?r«</perf. 
P. 287, 1. 20, for organ read orgci.r\^ as appears from the assonances organ, 

Comhghdn, Feb. 27 ; Cobhrdn, organ, July 19 ; organ, Odhran, Oct. 2. 
P. 318, 1. 6 from bottom, /(7r Melge read Melgi. 
P. 388, 1. 'io^for Pantnus read Pantenus. 
P. 391, dele 1. 22. 



ST. martin's LANE. 




The Bishop of Salisbury. 


The Bishop of Durham. 

The Bishop of Edinburgh. 

The Dean of Carhsle. 

Rev. The Hon. Stephen W. Lawley, M.A. 

Rev. F. Procter, M.A. 

Monsieur Leopold DeHsle. 

Henry Hucks Gibbs, Esq., F.S.A. 

Whitley Stokes, Esq., D.C.L. 


Rev. E. S. Dewick, M.A., F.S.A., Hoti. Treasurer. 

Rev. John H. Bernard, D.D. 

W. J. Birkbeck, Esq., M.A., F.S.A. 

Rev. W. C. Bishop, M.A. 

Rev. F. E. Brightman, M.A. 

Rev. Walter Howard Frere, M.A. 

W. H. St. John Hope, Esq , M.A. 

M. R. James, Esq., Litt.D. 

F. Jenkinson, Esq., M.A. 

F. Madan, Esq., M.A. 

J. T. Micklethwaite, Esq., F.S.A. 

Rev. F. E. Warren, B.D., F.S.A. 

Rev. H. A. Wilson, M.A. 

Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, M.A. 

Dr. J. Wickham Legg, F.R.C.R, F.S.A., Hon, Secretary. 

List of Works already issued or preparing. 


fasc. i. Edited by Dr. J. VVickham Legg, F.S. A. 8vo. 

[Dec. i8gi.] 

III. THE MARTILOGE, 1 526. Edited by the Rev. F. PROCTER, 
M A., and the Rev. E. S. Dewick, M.A., F.S.A. 8vo. 

[May, 1893.] 


THE FIRST, 1626. Edited by the Rev. Chr. Wordsworth, 
M.A. 8vo. [Dec. 1892.] 

F. E. Warren, B.D., F.S.A. Part I. containing complete 
facsimile in collotype, with historical and palaeographical 
introduction. 4to. [^ug. 1893.] 


fasc. ii. Edited by Dr. J. Wickham Lego, F.S.A. 8vo. 

[Aug. 1893.] 

H. A. Wilson, M.A. 8vo. [Aug. 1893.] 


Defensorium DiRECTORii and Crede Michi. Edited by the 
Rev. Chr. Wordsworth, M.A. 8vo. [Oct. 1894.] 

Howard Frere, M.A. 8vo. [Nov. 1894.] 

1895. IX. THE MARTYROLOGY OF GORMAN. Edited by Whitley 

Stokes, D.C.L., Foreign Associate of the Institute of 
France, 8vo. [J^b') i'^95-] 

X. THE BANGOR ANTIPHONARIUM, Part II. containing an 
amended text with liturgical introduction, and an appendix 
containing an edition of Harleian MS. 7653. Edited by the 
Rev. F. E. Warren, B.D., F.S.A. 4to. [Nearly ready.] 

For future years the following Works are in active preparation : 
taining an appendix giving certain Offices from Westminster MSS. 
in the Bodleian Library and the British Museum, together with full 
indices, notes, and a liturgical introduction. Edited by Dr. J. Wickham 
Legg, F.S.A. 8vo. [In the Press.] 


a MS. in the Public Library at Rouen, by the Rev. H. A. Wilson, M.A. 
8vo. [In the Press.] 

THE IRISH LIBER HYMNORUM. Edited from MSS. in the Libraries of 
Trinity College, and the Franciscan Convent at Dublin by the Rev. John 
H. Bernard, D.D., and Dr. Robert Atkinson. 8vo. [In the Press.] 

Sir E. Maunde Thompson, K.C.B., LL.D., D.C.L., F.S.A. 8vo. 

[In the Press.] 

THE HEREFORD BREVIARY. Edited by the Rev. W. Howard 
Frere, M.A. Svo. [In the Press.] 

MISSALE ROMANUM, Milan, 1474. (The first printed edition of the 
Roman Missal.) Edited by the Rev. Robert Lippe. 


THE LITURGY OF ST. JAMES. Edited by the Rev. F. E. Bright- 
man, M.A. 



The Canon of the Mass, and its variants. Edited by the 
Rev. H. A. Wilson and Dr. J. Wickham Lego. 

An Edition of Bodleian MS. Liturg. Misc. 345. Edited by 
the Rev. H. A. Wilson. 

An Edition of a Bodleian MS. (Wood MS. 17) Langforde's 
Meditatyons for Goostly Exercyse in the tyme of the Masse. Edited 
by Dr. J. Wickham Legg. 

A Reprint of Instructio sen Alphabetiim Sacerdotum. Edited by 
Dr. J. Wickham Legg. 

Jtily, 1895. 

*^* Those wishing to join the Society are requested to communicate with 
the Hon. Secretary, Dr. J. Wickham Legg, 47, Green Street, Park 
Lane, London, W. ; or with the Hon, Treasurer, the Rev. E. S. Dewick, 
26, Oxford Square, Hyde Park, London, W. 

The books are issued to members in return for an annual subscription 
of one guinea, payable at the beginning of each year. 


Princeton Theological Seminary-Speef Lit 

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